Showing logs for date: 2021-04-17
06:25:22 <123> Daisy
06:37:37 <Kat> Good morning! Joe, I'm going to do the 0700-0900 shift for Linda this morning.
06:38:22 <spa> OK, it is yours
06:40:08 <Kat> Have a good day!
06:41:37 <spa> you also, possible Bee at 0421 (steam drift) cannot say for sure.
06:43:23 <Kat> OK thanks, I'll keep an eye out
06:43:42 <Kat> Cold this AM
06:45:35 <spa> Yes, also my riverside was smaller than expected so you may glance there predict was 0646
06:46:14 <Kat> :)
06:47:02 <Kat> Bulger
06:47:09 <spa> nice
06:50:32 <spa> nice sunrise
06:50:47 <Kat> Sun is coming up!
06:52:48 <Kat> Beautiful!
07:00:54 <Kat> Wow!
07:05:47 <linda> morning, thought I'd watch some breakfast geysers
07:05:57 <linda> beautiful
07:06:06 <Kat> OF
07:06:40 <Kat> Gorgeous!
07:15:34 <linda> looks like riverside now
07:16:00 <linda> maybe not
07:16:20 <linda> not big enough
07:16:29 <linda> Kat, hi
07:17:21 <Kat> Joe thought he saw Riverside earlier but was small so not sure How are you?
07:17:48 <Kat> Looks like it to me but still samll -end?
07:18:02 <Kat> small*
07:18:51 <linda> I'm ok.
07:20:20 <spa> the 0627 was bigger with a plume but I expected more :)
07:32:10 <JarnoO> LS ie
07:50:55 <Kat> Wonder why the pic has become so pixelated ....hmmm
07:53:08 <spa> not pixelated on YNP dashboard
07:53:58 <spa> Bulger
07:54:21 <spa> minor
07:55:05 <Kat> spa, thx
07:57:47 <JarnoO> first TB note of the season
07:59:36 <spa> very nice to have in basin reporting again.
08:03:01 <Kat> It's great!
08:07:26 <spa> the camera works very good at night, with ~25% moon illumination last night it was very good, the other cam at ~42% you could forget about seeing anything.:)
08:08:50 <spa> I am anxious to see the e-times and how they compare to what i posted :)
08:09:46 <Kat> spa, :)
08:17:15 <JarnoO> another swarm at Mauna Loa last night
08:18:11 <JarnoO> Grand
08:18:19 <JarnoO> D0
08:23:21 <JarnoO> I think that was Aurum on 0821 static frame
08:26:20 <Kat> I think so too
08:28:18 <JarnoO> Bulger
08:29:40 <JarnoO> D0/G1C 9m50s
08:30:33 <Kat> May miss Daisy - off to OF
08:30:40 <JarnoO> Fluffball 0828 ie
08:33:56 <AB> well Fluffy was a long based on how it is ending
08:34:31 <AB> since short duration eruptions just end
08:35:09 <JarnoO> this Loa swarm also had a couple of quakes at the summit
08:35:23 <JarnoO> will be interesting how that develops
08:36:49 <JarnoO> I've seen a few shorts which wouldn't underdo for a long at their end. Though in most cases it's water below the vent opening, a couple of jets in an attempt to continue and then it's done
08:38:13 <KorbenC> Morning all.
08:38:24 <JarnoO> morning Korben, Kevin
08:38:36 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin
08:38:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi
08:40:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Chilly morning
08:40:41 <Kat> Kevin L™ 🌵, Morning
08:40:51 <JarnoO> Bulger
08:42:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like Grotto too.
08:42:18 <JarnoO> Bulger major
08:47:13 <JarnoO> Daisy
08:47:29 <JarnoO> obscured by Crested, so might've been going for a bit already
08:52:37 <Kat> Hi Tom
08:52:58 <TomK> Hi all
08:53:05 <JarnoO> morning Tom
08:53:07 <KorbenC> Good morning Tom
08:53:12 <KorbenC> Lion ie
08:53:13 <JarnoO> hi Lion
08:55:06 <JarnoO> large MGB plume
08:57:40 <TomK> And now the fun begins... CAUTION: Student driver!
08:57:51 <KorbenC> TomK, lol
08:58:08 <JarnoO> Lion ini
08:58:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hope you have your seat belt on!
08:58:27 <Kat> TomK, I'm signing out and will be back later have fun !
08:58:58 <TomK> Thanks, Kat. Later
08:59:41 <TomK> I'm going to take the tour, hang on
08:59:54 <KorbenC> Good luck
09:00:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Beautiful Aurora pictures:
09:03:20 <Kat> TomK, I'll see at you 1300 - I'm doing Michelle's shift until she gets her credentials completed.
09:03:46 <Kat> Yeah - bison!
09:05:49 <linda> So far so good :)
09:08:46 <TomK> Getting the feel of it. Next window is OF at 0951.
09:08:57 <TomK> Any requests?
09:09:30 <KorbenC> Can we maybe zoom in on the Bee/BSB area for a bit to see if we have any steamers?
09:09:40 <linda> stare at aurum for a while?
09:09:49 <KorbenC> linda, went 48m ago.
09:09:50 <JarnoO> 0821 static
09:09:57 <linda> bummer
09:10:20 <KorbenC> LS ie
09:10:31 <linda> well then just enjoy the moving steam
09:10:32 <TomK> 22 hours since last Bee, I'll zoom in n that area
09:10:56 <Lati Dough> Cascade
09:11:39 <JarnoO> AB ie
09:11:51 <KorbenC> Lati, I would like Cascade to erupt, thats for certain :)
09:11:56 <Lati Dough> that's a request
09:12:13 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
09:15:04 <KorbenC> BH went overnight
09:15:26 <TomK> sorry, I can't find the button to start Cascade. :)
09:15:42 <KorbenC> TomK, can we zoom in on GF for a second? :)
09:16:04 <spa> BHI 0415, BH 0421, thought I saw them but waited for GOSA overnight capture to be sure.
09:16:18 <JarnoO> Atomizer late steam
09:16:35 <spa> AURUM
09:16:45 <KorbenC> .
09:16:46 <KorbenC> ..
09:16:46 <KorbenC> .
09:16:46 <KorbenC> .
09:16:46 <KorbenC> .
09:16:46 <KorbenC> .
09:16:49 <TomK> Ya Shur
09:17:09 <JarnoO> must've been Pump then @ 0821
09:17:15 <KorbenC> JO, are you sure that 0821 wasn't pump?
09:17:36 <linda> :)
09:18:00 <KorbenC> We should have listened to Linda when she said to zoom in on it
09:20:00 <linda> KorbenC, :thumbsup:
09:20:45 <JarnoO> 0916:24 within ±5s of start
09:20:53 <JarnoO> >1m28s
09:21:02 <spa> linda, Knows, never doubt her
09:21:12 <linda> :)
09:21:23 <linda> kevin must be with the chickens
09:25:35 <spa> TomK FYI this camera will do BH and OF nicely.
09:26:11 <TomK> :lol:
09:26:43 <linda> this is let's torture the tourist time
09:27:16 <linda> hehe I dare you to walk past
09:28:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Double nickels!
09:36:12 <JarnoO> AB
09:51:27 <TomK> OF window
10:34:14 <TomK> Daisy window
10:43:29 <spa> TomK, Can you find what the Rangers had for a Castle E-time?
10:44:21 <spa> Looks like theirs was much eariler than my post
10:46:32 <TomK> Just a sec, I'll check with the VC
10:46:46 <spa> thanks
10:53:38 <TomK> Rebecca hasn't been out yet, but will post the e-times when she gets them, probably bfore noon
10:53:56 <spa> thank you
11:03:15 <JarnoO> Daisdy
11:03:35 <TomK> Daisy
11:04:45 <TomK> JarnoO, you beat me by 20 sec!
11:05:58 <JarnoO> I do like the RTMP stream :)
11:06:29 <Jeff> you guys are always calling it before it even shows on my screen lol
11:08:17 <JarnoO> Joe, under whichever nickname you are, did you receive my email yesterday evening?
11:11:04 <JarnoO> 1103:±00 ±3m25s
11:13:00 <spa> I just looked, thank you
11:13:08 <JarnoO> no problem
11:24:37 <JarnoO> Lion
11:25:02 <KorbenC> Nice, geysers welcoming me back from my walk. :)
11:32:36 <JarnoO> 1124:17 3m45s
11:34:48 <JarnoO> next Lion @ 1231±5m if series continues
11:38:39 <TomK> OF window
11:59:26 <TomK> Riverside window. Is this view going to catch it?
11:59:51 <JarnoO> yes
11:59:56 <TomK> I miss the pre sets
12:00:16 <TomK> Thanks
12:00:27 <JarnoO> Riverside appears near the bald treetop right of the white trees near Grand
12:01:12 <TomK> I'll switch back to the hill in time for possible Lion
12:25:12 <KorbenC> OT ie
12:25:34 <KorbenC> I haven't been paying attention so maybe someone (JO?) has a better start time? :)
12:26:01 <JarnoO> no, am doing stuff on my other screen
12:26:44 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
12:28:21 <JarnoO> LC
12:30:52 <KorbenC> LC is very underrated :)
12:33:38 <JarnoO> 1226:56 2m53s
12:34:06 <JarnoO> a full minute shorter from the usual duration (about 4m)
12:35:21 <JarnoO> AB
12:36:36 <JarnoO> perfect for a Lion-Riverside dual :)
12:36:53 <TomK> :)
12:37:20 <JarnoO> don't think we'll see too much from the latter though. 38°F at 43%
12:37:54 <TomK> As I remember Riverside, it's either early or late in its window, so we should expect it soon
12:45:32 <JarnoO> Riverside
12:45:43 <spa> Riverside
12:46:17 <JarnoO> decent roar
12:50:07 <spa> showing better than expected
12:51:16 <JarnoO> indeed
12:53:41 <TomK> Daisy window is next
12:54:24 <JarnoO> probably during OF though, if its current intervals hold
12:58:13 <Kat> Afternoon all
12:58:30 <JarnoO> afternoon Kat
12:58:40 <Kat> Hi Jarno
12:59:01 <TomK> Hi Kat. Watching for Daisy, OF window at 1310
12:59:38 <Kat> The guide / photographer from W Yellowstone that was mauled by the bear sadly died this morning. Sad
12:59:43 <TomK> Riverside ie
12:59:51 <Kat> TomK, thanks
13:00:11 <JarnoO> LC 1253
13:00:12 <Kat> Lots of folks at OF
13:01:18 <TomK> logging. It's been an adventure. Bye all
13:01:19 <Kat> Where's Castle? LOL
13:01:28 <Kat> TomK, bye
13:02:31 <JarnoO> cya Tom
13:27:21 <Kat> OF
13:27:33 <KorbenC> windy fluffy
13:28:10 <Kat> ice OF
13:28:17 <Kat> nice*
13:28:32 <john> there she blows!
13:28:47 <Ben VL> Pretty of tho
13:29:38 <Kat> Korbe ity was 1327
13:29:44 <Kat> it*
13:32:20 <JarnoO> 1327:03
13:32:53 <Kat> Thanks Jarno
13:32:57 <JarnoO> 3m57s
13:35:01 <KorbenC> Thx JO, updating my entry
13:35:16 <Kat> :)
13:36:32 <Kat> Thats how you get primary entry Hahaha
13:36:38 <JarnoO> this one was one of the easiest OFs I've timed. First water meant start, last water was end. No stop and restart shenanigans
13:37:01 <KorbenC> JarnoO, that is very nice of OF :D
13:37:10 <Kat> JarnoO, exactly
13:40:12 <Ben VL> We miss Daisy?
13:40:23 <KorbenC> Probably
13:40:31 <Ben VL> sad
13:41:25 <Kat> Maybe
14:12:50 <Kat> Pretty quiet down basin
14:20:55 <JarnoO> Grand
14:20:55 <KorbenC> Grand
14:21:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Delay
14:21:42 <Kitt> nice Grand start
14:25:35 <Kat> Nice!
14:28:25 <Kitt> wonder who all got to see Steamboat
14:28:54 <DanS> .
15:09:02 <Kat> OF
15:10:01 <Ben VL> pretty
15:13:17 <JarnoO> I can math very well. Of course 1512 - 1508 equals 6
15:13:37 <Ben VL> sure does
15:13:51 <john> Did we miss grand?
15:14:06 <Ben VL> no
15:14:06 <JarnoO> John, 1420
15:16:06 <john> Thanks jarno. Did you post the vid? I was looking for it.
15:16:24 <JarnoO> I didn't. Was busy on my other screen
15:16:39 <JarnoO> 1508:36 long 3m50s
15:16:40 <john> :thumbsup:
15:19:10 <Kat> JarnoO, thx, forgot to enter long - have a headache!
15:19:25 <JarnoO> that's no fun
15:20:05 <Kat> JarnoO, Nope - only on for another 40 minutes then can rest
15:20:45 <john> Kat do you want me to finish for you?
15:22:17 <Kat> Little Cub
15:23:17 <Kat> john, Sure - Joe comes on at 1600 MT
15:23:41 <Kat> I would appreciate it so much!
15:24:02 <john> Okay, I will log on and you can get some rest or relief...
15:24:19 <Kat> :heart: Thanks Buddy!
15:24:39 <Ben VL> Hope you feel better, Kat
15:24:51 <JarnoO> get well soon, Kat
15:25:08 <Kat> Ben VL, thanks see you all tomorrow
15:25:10 <john> Okay got it! Feel better Kat!
15:25:14 <Kat> JarnoO, thanks
15:25:17 <JarnoO> cya Kat
15:25:52 <Kat> john, thanks again bye ! :)
15:26:07 <john> jarno where is marmot cave?
15:26:24 <JarnoO> above the boardwalk at Depression
15:26:38 <john> Thank you!
15:26:44 <JarnoO> no problem
15:27:25 <JarnoO> speaking of which, MC ie
15:27:37 <JarnoO> Dep's an empty hole
15:28:12 <john> the one on the other side of the boardwalk?
15:28:44 <JarnoO> the one which bursted, that's Marmot
15:30:21 <john> :thumbsup:
15:30:31 <john> any requests?
15:31:19 <JarnoO> peek at Castle?
15:31:33 <john> :thumbsup:
15:31:38 <JarnoO> definitely post-eruptive
15:31:40 <JarnoO> Grotto ie
15:32:36 <Ben VL> keep an eye on Daisy, maybe?
15:34:57 <Ben VL> I'm gonna be interested to see how Splendid reacts to Daisy this year if Daisy ends up with shorter intervals than last year
15:35:53 <JarnoO> am having my fingers crossed for a false start, but I've been having that for years now
15:36:28 <Ben VL> I would love for that to happen
15:36:35 <TomK> Kat NPS wants to know the duration of the last OF. They thought it might be a short, but you have long in ght geyser times
15:36:52 <JarnoO> long 3m50s
15:37:04 <JarnoO> Kat's off to rest
15:37:09 <JarnoO> for headaches
15:37:24 <TomK> Thanks from Rebecca
15:37:43 <JarnoO> no problem
15:38:17 <TomK> it's really great to have the cam back and driving this morning.
15:38:30 <TomK> Logging again, thanks
15:38:39 <JarnoO> definitely. You don't know what you have until you miss it :)
15:38:40 <JarnoO> cya Tom
15:38:49 <KorbenC> TomK, ya later
15:39:06 <KorbenC> JarnoO, that phrase is a perfect description of 2020 :P
15:39:21 <AYates> Lockdown was easier to deal with having the webcam up
15:39:36 <john> :thumbsup:
15:40:30 <AYates> It was almost fun to have an excuse to watch mug all day this time last year
15:40:57 <AYates> Having just got my second shot a couple of hours ago, now all I think about is the world opening back up
15:44:27 <KorbenC> AYates, congrats on your 2nd shot.
15:46:19 <JarnoO> and over here they're having date talks about reopening and it's almost so obvious that these dates aren't realistic I'm wondering if they're selectively blind until the cabinet meets on Sunday again for situation assessment
15:47:02 <KorbenC> Here we seem to go out of restrictions, than back into them, then back out again, and then we went back into them, and now we are going back out of them...:)
15:47:18 <KorbenC> The Netherlands seems to have handled the pandemic better than us though.
15:47:19 <JarnoO> I'm surprised they still use dates - it would be much clearer if they set the reopening to commence automatically after the number of positive tests has been below x for y days
15:47:37 <JarnoO> Aurum static
15:47:40 <JarnoO> 1546 frame
15:47:45 <JarnoO> this time 100% certain
15:47:53 <JarnoO> also 1545
15:48:03 <Ben VL> you can always count of the government do do something in an extraordinarily illogical and inefficient way
15:48:03 <KorbenC> JarnoO, :)
15:48:36 <Ben VL> on the government to do**
15:48:38 <Ben VL> sheesh
15:49:45 <JarnoO> yeah. They're getting quite some horse excrement because of a yo-yo policy on vaccinating and parks filled to the brim while terraces must remain closed
15:49:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Do you work for the government Ben?
15:50:00 <Ben VL> no lol
15:50:20 <KorbenC> Kevin L™ 🌵, Bens not wrong :)
15:50:24 <Ben VL> I did have a work study job at community college for a while
15:50:34 <Ben VL> barely did anything
15:51:22 <KorbenC> Hey there Joe, how goes it?
15:51:25 <JarnoO> oh well... each country it's own pains, no?
15:51:30 <JarnoO> else the world would be boring
15:51:34 <Joe> Hi
15:51:40 <JarnoO> afternoon Joe
15:52:06 <Joe> Hello everone!
15:53:17 <john> :thumbsup:
15:54:18 <JarnoO> also a tradition throughout the pandemic: everything that should be made public only at the government's press conference consistently leaks out days beforehand. Same with the budget - officialy secret until [i]Prinsjesdag[/i] (third Tuesday of September) but already mostly public in the weeks beforehand
15:54:49 <KorbenC> Jarno, that has happened here for as long as I can remember. :)
15:54:58 <JarnoO> :)
15:55:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I worked for the government for 36 years. Stupid rules and regulations drove me nuts!
15:55:15 <JarnoO> I bet!
15:55:53 <KorbenC> Speaking of stupid rules: Did you know that in Denver CO you cannot borrow your neighbors vacuum cleaner on Sundays, upon a fine of up to $500 :P
15:56:02 <Ben VL> My dad got criticized for working too hard in a government job once
15:56:10 <AYates> Government is about the same everywhere, most people feel their elected officials as a whole are inept, even the ones they "agree with" and the systems they have to deal with are overly bureaucratic
15:56:27 <Ben VL> KorbenC, can I borrow your vaccum tomorrow?
15:56:40 <KorbenC> Ben, sure :P
15:56:44 <Ben VL> xD
15:56:53 <Ben VL> don't tell anyone
15:57:09 <KorbenC> I won't. :)
15:57:29 <JarnoO> there's apparantly a law in London (or the UK) which states that one "may not handle a fish suspiciously"
15:57:39 <KorbenC> JO, lol.
15:57:42 <Ben VL> I have heard about that one
15:58:13 <KorbenC> JO, there have to be some ones like that in the Netherlands or the EU as a whole?
15:58:14 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
15:58:21 <AYates> If I walked down the street right now with an ice cream cone in my back pocket I could be fined here locally - it's on the books
15:58:31 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It is against the law to own a whale in Oklahoma.
15:58:41 <AYates> Apparently it's a pretty lucrative way to steal a horse
15:58:46 <john> LOL!
15:58:46 <Betty> hi KorbenC, Ben VL, JarnoO, Kevin L™ 🌵, AYates
15:58:53 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:58:58 <KorbenC> AYates, LMAO
15:59:24 <john> Joe are you ready to drive?
16:00:33 <KorbenC> Isnt it also illegal for a Donkey to sleep in a bathtub in AZ?
16:00:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi Betty.
16:01:00 <john> :lol:
16:01:25 <Betty> hi john
16:01:27 <JarnoO> the municipality of Amstelveen voted in favor of the so-called "Krokettenmotie". It states that councilors have the right to have a croquette if a meeting lasts past 23:00
16:01:41 <Betty> hey, color improved!
16:01:43 <KorbenC> JarnoO, that is a very important law!
16:01:43 <john> Hi Betty!
16:02:18 <JarnoO> in the Netherlands you may not lock a burglar into the toilet. That's robbing someone from their freedom
16:02:36 <KorbenC> LMAO
16:02:39 <Ben VL> KorbenC, I'm going though my notes and stuff from last year to finish getting everything in GT. You can now remove your comment on this eruption:
16:03:08 <KorbenC> Ben VL, deleted :)
16:03:21 <Ben VL> if you left any others anywhere , I guarantee I will get back to you within 6 to 10 business months
16:03:35 <KorbenC> Ben would be a good IRS agent.
16:06:48 <JarnoO> there's apparantly a law here which regulates the arrangement and use of sockets
16:07:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Metric or SAE?
16:08:04 <JarnoO> ?
16:09:02 <Ben VL> metric or freedom units
16:09:23 <JarnoO> ooh, those. Metric please. Not that impractical stuff
16:10:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You don't like 27/64" sockets?
16:12:14 <Joe> Whats with the people lined up for OF allready??
16:13:05 <JarnoO> oh, I recall those have long been metricised, Kevin
16:13:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> BOBcam is pretty now
16:13:24 <JarnoO> Joe, NPS predicts 1615 while the previous OF was a long
16:13:32 <JarnoO> GT's is the correct one
16:13:38 <Betty> hi Joe, seems NPS had the last one a short
16:13:44 <Joe> Tks
16:14:19 <Joe> I just drove up and was confused :)
16:14:34 <Betty> is that doggies at the end of the bw?
16:16:25 <Betty> oh, just bushes
16:18:15 <Betty> hmm. color is gone again
16:23:46 <Ben VL> on the topic of entering GT stuff, does anyone thing this needs to be a ? eruption instead of a note?
16:24:28 <KorbenC> Sounds more like Ledge ie than anything
16:25:08 <JarnoO> hasn't Ledge been pretty much a perpetual spouter or roarer for 2020 (also 2019(?))?
16:25:51 <KorbenC> Not so sure, I am 99% srue I saw a ledge start from the parking lot, quiet and now steam to a jet of water giving me a shower on the bw
16:25:53 <Ben VL> off and on sporadically
16:26:28 <Ben VL> that is the only time last summer I saw it in something other than steam or quiet
16:27:25 <Ben VL> but none of us were sure whether it qualified as a legit eruption or not
16:27:41 <Joe> Someone should go out and give beer and pizza to those folks waiting on OF
16:27:53 <KorbenC> Joe, lol.
16:28:03 <KorbenC> Someone should download GT on their phones too :)
16:28:45 <Ben VL> it's because the NPS thought the last one was a short I think
16:28:48 <AYates> Off and on definitely - I've heard it start from the bookstore before and it definitely had a lot of force that died out pretty quick but the steam continued
16:30:37 <AYates> I may have a video somewhere
16:31:11 <KorbenC> I have a photo of what I would consider an "eruption" somewhere, shows the BW being drenched like it is from BH
16:33:25 <AYates> Yeah I've never seen what I would consider an eruption -- but I have seen "wet" steam
16:33:57 <KorbenC> Still very powerful none the less.
16:35:35 <AYates> Yeah, quite loud. Not quite nighttime SB or thumps from arty or Giantess -- but unmistakably loud
16:36:04 <KorbenC> yup
16:36:11 <Ben VL> it has a very distinct noise in steam
16:36:33 <Ben VL> which was not as present during my note
16:36:43 <AYates> That is interesting
16:36:51 <Joe> OF
16:37:36 <AYates> I thought it may not get up to height there, really fought it
16:38:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice lighting
16:38:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Rainbow!
16:39:27 <Ben VL> wind looks a little stronger than 2mph
16:45:23 <KorbenC> Bulger
16:45:35 <KorbenC> minor
16:55:18 <JarnoO> 1636:28 long 4m31s
16:59:26 <Joe> OT
17:05:30 <AYates> relatively quiet day
17:07:17 <JarnoO> Bulger
17:08:37 <Ben VL> minor
17:14:57 <Joe> Daisy
17:16:42 <Joe> oops forgot to point
17:16:53 <Ben VL> not a bad triple interval
17:27:56 <JarnoO> I'm off for the day. Enjoy Churn and perhaps Oblong with that steam
17:28:41 <Ben VL> cya JO
17:28:46 <Betty> night Jarno
17:47:54 <john> castle
17:54:32 <Joe> looking minor, I'll check after OF
18:09:57 <Betty> headed out, have a great evening all
18:34:39 <KorbenC> Can we zoom on Grotto?
18:34:42 <KorbenC> Might be rocket
18:36:28 <Ben VL> was that bulger a second ago?
18:37:45 <KorbenC> yes, minor
18:38:20 <KorbenC> It is being having a pretty long series, will end in a major at some point, then probably wont erupt for a few hours.
18:38:52 <Ben VL> hopefully we get the hole when that happens
18:39:07 <KorbenC> That would be nice :)
18:39:25 <KorbenC> Meaning it probably won't happen :P
18:40:43 <KorbenC> Lets play the game "Where is the camera going."
18:47:01 <KorbenC> Bulger
18:48:52 <KorbenC> and R-Side
18:48:55 <Joe> RIVERSIDE
18:55:01 <john> Come on bee!
18:59:51 <KorbenC> Ano0ther Bulger minor
19:00:19 <KorbenC> Demitri is at Sawmill complex
19:01:44 <linda> riverside?
19:01:58 <KorbenC> Linda, been ie for a while now
19:02:09 <linda> late as usual
19:02:23 <linda> :p
19:04:27 <KorbenC> lol, poor Linda :)
19:04:47 <KorbenC> Camera having bad pixelation problems
19:05:32 <linda> :p:p:)
19:06:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Guess where my lawnmower is now Linda.
19:06:24 <linda> phoenix
19:06:33 <KorbenC> Kevin L™ 🌵, I am not linda, but I am guessing North Carolina
19:07:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Amboy CA.
19:07:17 <linda> lol
19:07:21 <KorbenC> wow
19:07:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Had to look that one up. Only about 10 buildings there and no grass.
19:07:52 <linda> I ordered something from NC and it went from there to SC, wrong direction
19:08:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well there might be grass but not the kind you mow.
19:08:13 <linda> >(
19:08:30 <KorbenC> lol
19:08:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I can't figure out the routing on packages.
19:09:35 <KorbenC> Bulger again
19:09:36 <john> The cam seems to be bouncing in and out of pixelation more today? Or is it just me>
19:09:51 <linda> john, not you
19:10:06 <KorbenC> Bulger keeps minoring out.
19:10:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It will do that John
19:10:20 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, how long has it been on the road?
19:11:24 <john> But it seems to be doing every 10 or 15 seconds. I don't remember it being so often.
19:11:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Left Jersey City on Wed
19:12:14 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, I guess that was quick for CA
19:13:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Not bad but I wonder where it goes from Amboy
19:13:44 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, maybe phoenix then
19:14:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am hoping it doesn't
19:16:18 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, doesn't Vegas have a hub?
19:16:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Both Vegas and Henderson
19:20:53 <Joe> Daisy
19:21:19 <linda> my first daisy
19:21:28 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Finally
19:21:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> !
19:21:54 <linda> :)
19:22:11 <linda> lighting is terrible
19:45:10 <KorbenC> OT ie?
19:46:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> This is a great night view. Castle to BH.
19:53:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Cam not having a good time with this OF
19:58:52 <KorbenC> Grand
19:59:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good timing
20:00:16 <KorbenC> Joe, using the teleporter again?
20:01:10 <Joe> yep
20:01:27 <KorbenC> How is the water in Sawmill?
20:02:05 <Joe> >(
20:03:45 <KorbenC> By any chance, can we zoom to Aurum after Grand?
20:04:19 <Joe> KorbenC, ask Micah he is standing nearby ":)
20:04:41 <KorbenC> Good to see him in the park.
20:04:44 <Joe> yes on Aurum
20:04:55 <KorbenC> Now time to use him and get updates on all the features :P
20:04:57 <KorbenC> Joe, thx
20:08:20 <KorbenC> Bulger
20:09:25 <KorbenC> another minor.
20:11:36 <KorbenC> oh no
20:11:43 <KorbenC> Aurum looks post eruptive
20:12:06 <KorbenC> 2008
20:13:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looked like a splash there
20:14:56 <KorbenC> Kevin, looks like post eruptive huffing
20:15:44 <KorbenC> BW looks wet too.
20:18:03 <KorbenC> Anyways, I am heading out for the night. Thanks for driving Joe!
20:18:31 <Joe> night
20:20:02 <linda> nice sky
20:20:37 <Joe> this looks like a good spot for the night
20:20:54 <linda> park it :)
20:21:19 <Joe> done!!
20:21:30 <linda> have a good night
20:21:42 <linda> not that I'm leaving
20:21:49 <Joe> you also
20:22:05 <linda> :thumbsup:
20:23:02 <Joe> I'm not either just parking the cam, need some zzzzs
20:23:57 <Joe> I hear my Lazyboy calling my name :)
20:24:21 <linda> I'm sitting in mine, just watched Midsomer :)
20:24:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am not!
20:25:08 <Joe> >(
20:25:09 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, :(
20:25:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am switching between the Dodgers and the Silver Knights.
20:27:55 <linda> marmot is happy
20:28:24 <john> :thumbsup:
20:50:56 <linda> goodnight. bee looks happy too.
20:51:37 <john> :thumbsup:
20:51:45 <john> goodnight linda!
20:52:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good knight Linda. It will wait until dark (which is a great movie).
20:52:17 <john> :thumbsup:
20:53:02 <john> cya kevin!
20:53:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bye
21:18:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice Lion
22:27:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Not a bad picture for a 30% moon. Can't wait for the full moon!