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00:50:04 <šŸ¦‰šŸ¦‰šŸ¦‰šŸ¦> Grand ie
04:07:35 <Joe> Fan & Mortar needs in basin check, Video
04:10:09 <Joe> starts at ~2243:50 Lion in view at start, Aurum in view at the end
05:19:04 <Joe> morning Linda
05:20:05 <linda> Joe, morning, sure looks like F&M
05:21:08 <Joe> Yes, I hope one of the folks in basin can check
05:22:04 <linda> :thumbsup:
06:04:33 <Rice> Good to see daisy still be very consistent
06:04:59 <Joe> :thumbsup:
06:16:07 <Joe> Bee splashing!
06:19:55 <linda> yay
06:20:37 <linda> churn looks happy
06:21:17 <Forestbewithyou> Morning all
06:21:27 <linda> well I guess everything looks happy
06:21:33 <linda> Forestbewithyou, hi
06:30:44 <Joe> Grand
06:30:46 <Joe> .
06:31:14 <linda> nice
06:33:08 <KorbenC> Morning all, just in time for grand I see :)
06:33:19 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
06:33:31 <linda> KorbenC, hi
06:33:41 <KorbenC> Hi Forest, Linda, Joe.
06:34:37 <Joe> just for fun: Fan & Mortar needs in basin check, Video
06:35:17 <Joe> starts at ~2243:50 Lion in view at start, Aurum in view at the end
06:35:20 <linda> Joe, well you live the closest ;)
06:35:39 <Joe> :thumbsup:>(
06:36:11 <KorbenC> Joe, that certainly look like F&M, can you use your teleporter and go check? :D
06:36:22 <Forestbewithyou> :)
06:36:40 <Joe> give me a second
06:37:15 <KorbenC> :thumbsup: We will wait :P
06:38:28 <Joe> second maybe too much steam
06:38:50 <KorbenC> :lol:
06:39:42 <KorbenC> Bulger
06:44:10 <Joe> LC
06:59:24 <Joe> HI Kat
07:00:07 <Kat> Hi Joe and morning all!
07:00:14 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Kat
07:00:17 <Joe> Have a great day!
07:00:26 <KorbenC> Kat, hi
07:00:29 <Kat> You too Joe
07:04:35 <Kat> Nice 27 degrees
07:05:29 <Kat> Bulger
07:06:38 <Kat> looked like monor but not sure
07:06:47 <Kat> minor*
07:18:36 <Kat> Little Cub
07:18:51 <Joe> bery gone wrong, turn up your sound, kid squeals like a stuck pig :)
07:19:32 <Joe> Robbery**
07:20:36 <Joe> That gur recvered the kids gun :)
07:20:55 <Joe> recovered**
07:21:12 <Joe> guy88 sheeesh!
07:22:58 <Kat> :) Good one Joe
07:31:06 <Kat> OF
07:45:38 <Kat> Hi Mike
07:50:55 <Rice> Can we see details on Giant with new Camera?
07:51:25 <KorbenC> Rice, we can see Bijou, and when Giant erupts we should be able to see the plume of water
07:51:27 <Mike J> Hi Kat. And greetings to all the gazers and gazer-land
07:51:55 <Mike J> (That was supposed to be "in gazer-land", but...oh well.)
07:52:02 <Rice> So we could see some details of a Hot period too, that would be nice.
07:52:15 <Rice> Too bad it has gone quiet
07:57:37 <Kat> Bulger going for awhile now
07:58:25 <KorbenC> That was a 10 minute Bulger! :D
07:58:34 <Kat> Yep
07:59:06 <Kat> I added to comments
07:59:20 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
08:00:02 <Rice> Kat, Not the dreaded Comment, someone wont like it.;)
08:00:31 <Kat> They'll get over it LOL
08:01:55 <Rice> That discussion is due here again shortly, someone will complain about WC comments, someone will be offended, and "stop" putting anything in GT.
08:07:13 <Kat> I don't understand that - what's wrong with comments?
08:07:25 <Kat> Not to open a bag of worms here
08:09:03 <Kat> Morning Linda
08:09:54 <linda> Kat, hi
08:09:59 <linda> hi everyone
08:10:08 <KorbenC> linda, hi
08:10:29 <linda> KorbenC, hi
08:12:31 <linda> Rice, a springtime ritual
08:13:48 <KorbenC> Kat, the problem with comments is complicated: Some people think that the webcam is "bad" and "sooo inaccurate" so they claim we shouldn't enter into GT, and shouldnt ever leave a comment with any form of detail because it is not as good as in person :P
08:14:11 <KorbenC> I think last year someone entered a wrong grand code or something.
08:17:41 <Kat> OH boy! A comment doesn't change the entry! But this doesn't surprise
08:22:00 <KorbenC> Bukger
08:22:17 <KorbenC> Kat, can we pan right a bit, there is alot of steam coming from the right
08:22:27 <KorbenC> Daisy too
08:23:24 <KorbenC> Might be rocket, can't tell.
08:53:26 <KorbenC> MC ie
09:02:06 <Kat> OF
09:05:15 <KorbenC> OF is long.
09:10:02 <Kat> that video did not work out :p
09:10:13 <KorbenC> lol
09:10:27 <KorbenC> Its: /getvideo [number of minutes] name
09:10:34 <Kat> r u laughing at me?
09:10:40 <Kat> :p
09:11:03 <Kat> I know - but I tried something different - my bad
09:12:05 <KorbenC> yes, I am laughing at you
09:12:27 <KorbenC> But in a good way :P
09:12:37 <KorbenC> MC ie and Dep looks full
09:12:38 <Kat> not nice :(
09:12:43 <Kat> LOL
09:12:57 <KorbenC> I am laughing with you more than at you.
09:13:40 <Kat> Just wanted you to see some trees LOL
09:13:49 <KorbenC> LOL
09:14:12 <KorbenC> Kat, do you mind if we zoom in on Aurum for a min or two, it looked good a little while ago
09:14:39 <Kat> Sure
09:14:41 <Katie> Mornin' all
09:14:50 <KorbenC> Hey Katie
09:14:59 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Katie
09:15:09 <KorbenC> Thanks Kat.
09:15:47 <KorbenC> Doublet needs to move :P
09:16:28 <KorbenC> Hi Jarno and Kevin as well.
09:16:31 <JarnoO> no, weatherman. Make the wind blow the other way and increase the temperature by 24Ā°F
09:16:41 <JarnoO> morning all
09:16:43 <JarnoO> :)
09:16:54 <KorbenC> JarnoO, sorry, I only control the weather for North America :P
09:16:57 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Jarno
09:17:13 <Kat> Morning Katie, Kevin, Jarno, Forest
09:17:18 <JarnoO> I was referring to the Doublet situation. Unless Wyoming declared itself as independent
09:17:47 <KorbenC> JarnoO, lol.
09:18:29 <KorbenC> I was looking back through static and in the last 30 minutes I have seen 2 "maybe Aurums" and it almost looks like post eruptive huffing right now. But then again, the 24 degrees with 80% humidity makes everything impossible.
09:20:40 <Kat> Hard to tell
09:32:11 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Yuck!
09:32:44 <Joe> Kat PM
09:34:13 <Katie> Pretty snow globe
09:35:21 <Joe> Katie PM
09:38:07 <JarnoO> Lion ie
09:45:46 <Kat> splashing
09:50:08 <Rice> Wow, I step away for a little while, and it snowed.
09:57:10 <Kat> Down basin view is bad - just watching Bee
10:00:33 <KorbenC> Bee looks happy, hoping it goes this afternoon :)
10:03:26 <Kat> Have a good one Katie
10:03:35 <Katie> Thanks, Kat!
10:17:01 <Katie> Well, so much for Daisy...
10:47:42 <Joe> OF 1047
10:47:53 <Katie> Start was 10:46
10:47:57 <KorbenC> Joe, I thought it was 1046
10:48:28 <Joe> Yes another case of fat finger
10:48:39 <KorbenC> :thumbsup::D
10:48:43 <Katie> I have those, too. :)
10:48:58 <Jeff> i get them fairly regularly as well
10:49:23 <KorbenC> I don't get fat fingers, but if I am allowed to blame fat fingers, than count me in :P
10:49:32 <KorbenC> I don't have*
10:50:52 <KorbenC> This OF is going to be somewhere between short and long, or a short long
10:53:23 <KorbenC> 10:46:42 ; right about 3m 45s
10:53:56 <KorbenC> OF will probably go a little bit earlier in the window next time.
10:57:09 <linda> hi all
10:57:17 <KorbenC> linda, hi
10:57:20 <Katie> Hi, Linda.
10:57:38 <linda> kevin, where is the lawnmower today?
10:57:42 <linda> Katie, hi
10:57:45 <linda> KorbenC, hi
10:58:17 <Katie> Splashy Bee
10:59:03 <Betty> hi all
10:59:11 <Katie> Hi Betty
10:59:22 <KorbenC> Betty, gu
10:59:25 <KorbenC> hi*
10:59:28 <Betty> hi Katie, linda, KorbenC
10:59:31 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
10:59:48 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou
11:04:27 <Betty> splish splash
11:23:35 <KorbenC> NPS Daisy Window
11:24:19 <Katie> fine...
11:24:22 <Katie> :)
11:24:30 <KorbenC> :p
11:36:17 <KorbenC> We certainly missed Daisy :D
11:36:51 <Katie> GT and NPS had different predictions. GT was during time there was no down basin visibility.
11:37:13 <KorbenC> I have a suspicion that NPS put down 11:35 instead of 12:35
11:38:08 <Katie> Down basin was a nice view, though.
11:40:41 <Katie> What is that to right of Marmot Cave?
11:41:24 <KorbenC> Katie, its a feature above Marmot Cave, been seen before mayn times.
11:41:40 <KorbenC> getvideo [5] MC and Feature above MC
11:49:17 <KorbenC> Nice try Lion
11:53:11 <KorbenC> Lion
11:53:22 <KorbenC> so far minor
12:15:11 <Betty> Aurum static?
12:15:34 <BenVL> Happy to hear about F&M last night
12:16:16 <Betty> wait..WHAT??
12:16:24 <BenVL> lol
12:16:25 <Betty> how cool
12:16:27 <BenVL> Yeah
12:16:38 <Betty> did not see that
12:16:45 <BenVL> 2200 something
12:17:03 <Betty> hi BenVL, thanks for heads up :-)
12:17:26 <BenVL> No proplem :)
12:17:48 <BenVL> A little surprised considering the time of year tho
12:17:58 <Betty> and thx Joe, of course!
12:18:07 <Betty> yes
12:18:40 <linda> marmot's tail, hehe my name for it
12:18:51 <Betty> well, I thought earlier, the Firehole does not seem to be ery high
12:19:09 <BenVL> Huh
12:19:11 <linda> late again
12:19:20 <KorbenC> linda, I like that name
12:19:29 <Betty> your name for Joe is marmot tail?
12:19:30 <linda> KorbenC, :)
12:19:59 <linda> Betty, no i'm real late on comment, talking about feature above marmot cave, not Joe :lol:
12:20:09 <Betty> lol
12:22:04 <KorbenC> OF
12:40:40 <Katie> Grand
12:40:44 <KorbenC> Grand
12:40:44 <KorbenC> .
12:40:45 <KorbenC> .
12:40:45 <KorbenC> .
12:41:41 <BenVL> Big blob
12:42:10 <Betty> my lag is more than 1 min
12:51:57 <JarnoO> b1 done
12:52:07 <KorbenC> wb JO
12:53:59 <JarnoO> Bulger
12:54:52 <JarnoO> is Grotto still ie from this morning?
12:55:00 <KorbenC> JarnoO, yup
12:55:13 <JarnoO> marathon then
12:58:38 <JarnoO> looks like a C
12:59:50 <JarnoO> Lion in shadow?
12:59:55 <JarnoO> or Bee?
13:00:42 <JarnoO> or clouds I guess
13:01:23 <JarnoO> shame the Hill preset doesn't also include Dome and Lion
13:02:01 <JarnoO> AB
13:03:48 <JarnoO> puff from Bee
13:07:11 <Katie> JarnoO, many of the presets need tweaked. They were set quickly so we could get to "work." They'll be fixed. In the meantime, they get us close.
13:07:35 <JarnoO> true
13:21:33 <JarnoO> Aurum 1320 static
13:22:14 <JarnoO> just the tail end live. Better than nothing
13:22:23 <dd> .
13:22:28 <Betty> yay
13:25:50 <JarnoO> LC ie
14:05:55 <Katie> of
14:10:26 <JarnoO> y
14:10:26 <JarnoO> .
14:10:27 <JarnoO> .
14:10:27 <JarnoO> .
14:10:28 <KorbenC> .
14:10:28 <KorbenC> .
14:10:28 <JarnoO> .
14:10:28 <KorbenC> .
14:10:28 <JarnoO> .
14:10:57 <KorbenC> .I see I used the teleporter again :)
14:11:27 <Katie> text sent
14:11:38 <KorbenC> I am really liking these intervals
14:11:56 <KorbenC> Been pretty close to 17h
14:12:45 <JarnoO> 1405:50 long 4m47s
14:16:55 <JarnoO> :bee:
14:17:03 <KorbenC> yay!
14:17:12 <Kitt> we are so close that we will only see the bottom
14:17:19 <Forestbewithyou> Yay!
14:17:32 <JarnoO> quite wind-blown
14:17:49 <JarnoO> a rare wind direction for sure
14:18:06 <Katie> Not a favorable wind for this vantage point
14:18:33 <Kitt> awesome steamcloud
14:30:48 <JarnoO> Indicator: 1410:07ie lead= >6m10s, total= >9m01s (obscured 1419:08, done by 1419:27); Beehive 1416:17 5m09s
14:31:18 <KorbenC> Woohoo! 5+ minute Beehive, with multiple sub 24hr intervals in a row. :D
14:31:30 <JarnoO> Indicator durations are at least 4 minutes longer
14:31:44 <JarnoO> I only timed the webcam things
14:32:44 <JarnoO> I wouldn't get my hopes up too high. It's been fairly flaky all things considered regarding sub-24h
14:33:17 <JarnoO> if it persists for perhaps 2-4 weeks then I'd say it's back
14:33:33 <KorbenC> Yea, but better than those days we had 4 or 5 1d 12h+ days in a row :D
14:33:51 <JarnoO> geyser does what geyser do
14:34:16 <KorbenC> yup
14:34:43 <JarnoO> light bubble shower on Giantess
14:40:31 <JarnoO> LC has bleached a good portion of its bacterial mat and appears to have further expanded its runoff channel
14:41:00 <JarnoO> good sign that it's been consistently active for some time
14:41:22 <JarnoO> AB
14:45:12 <Jimbo Interacti> Nice closeup of Cascade
14:45:55 <Katie> Playing with the new toys now that there is sunlight. :0
14:47:01 <Katie> It was so dark on my last shift it was grayscale
14:50:07 <KorbenC> Sprinkler
14:50:22 <KorbenC> Speaking of which, has anyone heard for santafe recently?
14:58:30 <KorbenC> LC ie
15:01:56 <Kevin Depot> I was going to ask that. I would like to talk to him.
15:02:30 <linda> havent seen him in months
15:02:45 <linda> Kevin Depot, where is your lawnmower today?
15:02:55 <KorbenC> Kevin Depot, I will shoot him an email :)
15:05:17 <KorbenC> linda, it was in Phoenix, so it is probably still there :P
15:06:27 <linda> KorbenC, was wondering if it made it out
15:06:56 <KorbenC> Wait, things that go into Phoenix come out of Phoenix? lol.
15:07:13 <linda> :)
15:22:20 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I was in the Depot with a teledr appt. Let me check.
15:22:33 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I did get BH on the depot computer!
15:23:21 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Still in Phoenix.
15:24:40 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> My root beer is on it's way though.
15:26:52 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Amazon sent me a property tax bill for the order I made on April 11th. Still hasn't shipped.
15:29:38 <linda> dang I missed BH
15:30:28 <JarnoO> ooo, some very large play by Improbable, not AB @ 1524
15:32:48 <BenVL> No in basin confirmation if F&M yet I take it?
15:42:59 <JarnoO> Fluffy
15:43:34 <JarnoO> almost imitating Daisy
15:44:13 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Just a slight breeze
15:50:39 <JarnoO> 1542:29 long 4m41s
15:58:34 <Joe> Hello everyone
15:58:57 <Katie> Hi Joe
15:59:08 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Hi
15:59:11 <linda> Joe, hi
15:59:33 <Katie> Logged out and closed browser
16:04:42 <JarnoO> Grotto still ie
16:22:52 <KorbenC> Bulger
16:23:10 <KorbenC> minor
16:31:31 <JarnoO> I'm off. Enjoy Daisy
16:31:50 <KorbenC> JarnoO, have a good one
17:24:16 <Joe> Micah did you chech F & M today
17:24:40 <KorbenC> Joe, hi
17:25:16 <Joe> Hi
17:25:33 <BenVL> Oh wow people
17:25:40 <BenVL> Hi
17:25:52 <KorbenC> Joe, Micah did not check F&M today.
17:26:20 <Joe> thanks
17:26:50 <Joe> At least we have a video :)
17:27:37 <BenVL> Since the cam has only been up a few days, I wonder if it is more active right now
17:28:19 <KorbenC> Joe, you operating cam?
17:29:17 <KorbenC> Micah heading towards Grand right now.
17:29:56 <Joe> KorbenC, yes
17:30:01 <KorbenC> BenVL, it is a good sign, if it is erupting during higher water level, it will probably be more active when the water drops, which makes it better.
17:30:20 <BenVL> Exactly
17:30:32 <KorbenC> Grotto off
17:30:37 <BenVL> Makes me very hopeful for a chance to see it this summer
17:31:50 <KorbenC> BenVL, I would really like to see it pop up in five or six days from now.
17:32:15 <BenVL> Me too
17:32:45 <BenVL> I would laugh if my first one was in may
17:32:56 <KorbenC> That would be nice.
17:33:24 <KorbenC> I can hear people screaming "LOCK ITS A LOCK" in my head now :P
17:34:35 <BenVL> The closest I have seen, we were probably less than a minute from calling that
17:36:29 <KorbenC> Bulger
17:41:03 <KorbenC> Joe, can you zoom to Aurum?
17:41:26 <KorbenC> Micah has requested an update :)
17:42:25 <Joe> ok
17:42:35 <KorbenC> Thanks much Joe!
17:42:57 <Joe> nice splash
17:43:10 <BenVL> Splashy
17:45:10 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It has customers
17:47:55 <KorbenC> Bulger
17:51:57 <Joe> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, PM
17:56:38 <Joe> Aurum close up
17:57:30 <linda> nice
17:58:16 <linda> oh it will erupt now
17:58:21 <Joe> Saisy
17:58:33 <Joe> D
17:59:11 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It that like Faisy?
18:00:24 <Joe> yep
18:07:25 <BenVL> You getting snow, Korben?
18:09:08 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Nice splash
18:10:54 <GO BOATY> hello
18:11:13 <BenVL> Hi Graham
18:11:32 <GO BOATY> trying t login to cam ... its spinning ...
18:11:56 <linda> oh almost
18:12:25 <linda> hi graham
18:12:48 <Joe> GO BOATY, Hi
18:12:59 <GO BOATY> nice definition on the cm
18:13:35 <Joe> do you want to control
18:14:45 <GO BOATY> not in yet
18:16:44 <Joe> If it keeps ask ing for sigin just cancel, might take a few times
18:17:03 <GO BOATY> logged in on my phone ok, but now stuck in IE with browser spinning
18:17:16 <GO BOATY> Chrome wont load
18:17:23 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> You going to ride the cog railway when it opens Korben?
18:17:24 <Joe> ah
18:20:46 <KorbenC> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, I will not when it first opens, but I certianly will this sumer.
18:21:16 <KorbenC> The reservoirs open on May 1st, and I know that (besides May 8th, on which I will be mountain climbing) I will be up there every open day of the week.
18:21:54 <GO BOATY> looks like the firewall settings are blocking a direct IP link
18:22:16 <GO BOATY> so I will have to wait till I get back to CO
18:22:36 <KorbenC> GO BOATY, and when will that be?
18:23:12 <Joe> What phone are you using? assume your not on PC
18:23:15 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> We are looking at it for September Korben
18:23:32 <KorbenC> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, that is an AMAZING month too do Pikes
18:23:52 <KorbenC> We will certainly have to meet up when you get here.
18:24:05 <BenVL> KorbenC, you talking chatfeild or whatever?
18:24:20 <KorbenC> BenVL, ?
18:24:29 <BenVL> The reserviors
18:24:45 <KorbenC> BenVL, no, the Pike's Peak reservoirs, they are hidden gems.
18:24:56 <BenVL> Oh ok
18:25:10 <KorbenC> I can catch 50 to 100 fish on a trip, easily. But then again I know how to fish that reservoir :P
18:25:12 <GO BOATY> i will try and do Pikes Peak sometime, but not right away.
18:25:19 <GO BOATY> will be in YNP in Sept tho Kevin
18:25:41 <GO BOATY> back to CO on Sunday
18:25:45 <KorbenC> GO BOATY, its worth it. Best bit is when you get back to COS you can look back and go "Wow, I was ontop of that an hour ago." :)
18:26:06 <GO BOATY> for 5 weeks
18:26:26 <KorbenC> Not to mention the proof that the earth is not flat. Every 14er very clearly shows the curve of the earth. :)
18:26:30 <GO BOATY> need to do all the CO railroads
18:26:50 <BenVL> Including the entire denver light rail system?
18:27:03 <BenVL> I still need to explore the B line
18:27:26 <GO BOATY> I think I can skip that
18:27:34 <BenVL> lol
18:27:44 <KorbenC> I have not ridden the light rail system for a very long time, mainly because I havent gone to Rockies games in a long time.
18:28:19 <GO BOATY> some people would try and ride all the London Underground stations in a day. not sure thats possible now since its expanded
18:28:19 <BenVL> When I was at arapahoe community college, I would take it do go get dinner on a weekly basis
18:28:44 <BenVL> It never gets old
18:28:56 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It looked interesting. I want to do Georgetown Loop too.
18:29:03 <KorbenC> Kevin, PM
18:29:20 <GO BOATY> yeah, thats close, have not done any of them yet
18:29:40 <GO BOATY> will you be in YNP in Sept too Kevin?
18:29:41 <BenVL> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, I haven't done that since I was like 4.
18:30:02 <GO BOATY> tie to go back Ben and calculate all the elevation changes
18:30:09 <KorbenC> BenVL, have you done any of the 14ers?
18:30:17 <GO BOATY> nice SB article in the SPut, thanks for writing it up
18:30:37 <BenVL> Thanks, Graham!
18:30:46 <KorbenC> Yes, was a very nice read Ben.
18:31:00 <GO BOATY> hope you get more data this summer
18:31:45 <BenVL> The aspect ratio on that picture from July 19 got messed up on accident tho :/ didn't notice until publication
18:32:08 <KorbenC> GO BOATY, any plans for when you get back to CO this weekend?
18:32:14 <BenVL> It got stretched out sideways, and the column looks too fat
18:33:24 <KorbenC> Bulger
18:34:25 <GO BOATY> not going to do anything next weekend, will be traveling
18:34:58 <GO BOATY> then i have 4 weekends before my long weekend starts
18:35:17 <GO BOATY> no, only 3 weekends
18:35:44 <BenVL> About the 14'ers Korben, I took the cog up Pikes peak when I was little
18:35:47 <GO BOATY> will get up to ROMO sometime on one of those Fri/Sat/Sun weekends
18:36:23 <Joe> I've been on a never ending weekend since 2000 ;)
18:36:44 <KorbenC> Joe, lol
18:36:46 <GO BOATY> i will join you next month Joe
18:37:07 <Joe> GO BOATY, Super!
18:37:12 <GO BOATY> 32 days, but who's counting :)
18:37:20 <BenVL> Congrats, Graham
18:37:41 <GO BOATY> thanks
18:37:56 <GO BOATY> thats why i have 11 weeks of cabin reservations this summer
18:42:29 <GO BOATY> i just read that the guide that was mauled has died, such a shame
18:43:13 <Joe> CASTLE
18:43:13 <GO BOATY> castle
18:44:46 <BenVL> I didn't know they were a guide
18:44:47 <BenVL> Wow
18:45:48 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Bummer.
18:48:41 <GO BOATY> yep, out fishing near the road
18:49:33 <GO BOATY> just a reminder that theres risk everywhere
18:49:44 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Who would have thought fishing could be that hazardous.
18:50:59 <GO BOATY> lucky that gayesr gazers have not been attacked too
18:52:22 <GO BOATY> bear was protecting a moose carcass.
19:00:40 <KorbenC> Thats the good thing about being near OF, if a bear starts chasing you, you only have to be faster than someone else in its way that it decides to maul :P
19:02:16 <KorbenC>
19:04:01 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> In that case I would be in deep trouble.
19:07:41 <KorbenC> Grand ie
19:31:03 <Joe> It appears that the control screen has been made much larger, I can now see!!
19:31:29 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Nice
19:32:30 <AB> I just found out that once again cabins without baths won't be available
19:35:17 <AB> trying to zoom in on the gazers?
19:35:51 <Joe> No, on aurum
19:36:08 <AB> well they are at Aurum
19:36:45 <Joe> They will have to get out of the way :)
19:37:51 <AB> Priced the Lodge cabins with a bath at $202 per night
19:38:17 <AB> So if boaty has 11 weeks - ouch$$$
19:39:41 <Joe> must have deep pockets
19:40:55 <AB> Try $15,554
19:48:21 <linda> I asked boaty if there was room for adoption, but alas no
19:48:33 <Joe> The control screen was enlarged, but the field of view decreased can no longer get castle to bee, bummer
19:48:59 <linda> oh no, probably can't get bee and OF either
19:49:36 <BenVL> Can we try it?
19:49:37 <linda> aurum
19:49:41 <linda> .
19:49:41 <linda> .
19:50:17 <Joe> and the control response is slooow
19:52:18 <BenVL> So does Bee to OF still work then?
19:52:38 <Joe> no BEE to OF either, double bummer
19:52:50 <BenVL> Aww
19:53:09 <linda> :(
19:53:46 <linda> easy come easy go
19:53:59 <Joe> just cannot get it
19:54:53 <linda> we originally had it on the old cam and then they made changes and it went away
19:54:59 <Joe> 8 seconds from click to move
19:55:13 <linda> yikes
19:55:23 <linda> oh pretty sky
20:00:22 <Joe> cannot even get Daisy to bee
20:00:37 <Joe> Stink!!
20:00:54 <BenVL> :(((((
20:01:05 <BenVL> : ( ( (
20:01:46 <BenVL> That 8s delay is gonna make it even harder too
20:05:25 <Joe> Daisy
20:48:21 <linda> good night
20:53:34 <Joe> really disappointing that the field of view was reduced, You have to work with what you can get.