Showing logs for date: 2021-04-29
04:49:41 <L> Grand
06:27:12 <z> Riverside
06:40:10 <linda> morning
06:45:05 <KittyM> Hi Linda
06:45:16 <KittyM> looks like diamonds in the sky
06:46:06 <linda> KittyM, hi
06:46:15 <linda> it does
06:58:53 <linda> I'll be on it a minute
07:00:48 <Lindag> Of
07:00:54 <Lindag> I have cam
07:01:27 <Lindag> can't you tell
07:01:59 <z> your driving :)
07:02:10 <KittyM> LOL
07:02:17 <Lindag> I'm trying
07:03:48 <KittyM> nice!
07:08:01 <Lindag> Marmot
07:10:13 <z> How often can Depression fill and erupt?
07:11:21 <Lindag> No idea
07:11:27 <Lindag> looks full
07:12:02 <Lindag> How close can we get? ☺
07:13:24 <z> gt says minimun reported is 2h 5min there was one 1h 30 min ago
07:13:46 <Lindag> Oh interesting
07:13:53 <KorbenC> z, 2h 5min minimum doesn't mean it can't go earlier :D
07:14:07 <z> correct
07:14:14 <KorbenC> Side pool is full, snd it looks to be overflowing off the back side. :D
07:14:24 <Lindag> I think I just saw it erupt
07:14:36 <KorbenC> It will probably either erupt or bubble crash
07:14:37 <Lindag> small splashes
07:14:56 <KorbenC> Not erupting yet
07:15:20 <Lindag> go dep
07:15:47 <z> there
07:15:48 <KorbenC> Dep
07:15:59 <Lindag> Ur delayed
07:16:01 <KorbenC> That was a BIG first burst
07:16:11 <KorbenC> Lindag, I am fixing htat
07:16:22 <Lindag> 😊
07:16:33 <KorbenC> But now I am not.
07:18:38 <Lindag> And now its empty
07:18:49 <Lindag> so marmot was erupting before depression
07:19:22 <KorbenC> Bubble started early 7:14, platform flooded 07:15:04, first burst 07:15:12.
07:19:56 <z> Daisy is on deck
07:20:06 <Lindag> I'll change time
07:20:21 <Lindag> well no I'm leaving it
07:20:45 <KorbenC> Linda, the eruption starts with the bubbles resulting in the eruption, at least I think so.
07:21:10 <KorbenC> Hi Dave
07:21:38 <Lindag> I saw some splashes before main burst so close enough
07:21:48 <Lindag> Hi dave
07:21:54 <Dave from B™> Morning Korben and all other steam watchers in the room
07:21:59 <z> Daisy is due
07:22:36 <Dave from B™> Grass is still too green
07:36:20 <Lindag> Daisy
07:36:29 <Dave from B™> Don't forget May 1 is YNP 2022 Reservation Day
07:36:47 <z> Daisy somewhere
07:36:56 <Lindag> lol geez
07:37:07 <z> :)
07:37:09 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, I thought it got pushed back?
07:38:32 <Dave from B™> I didn't hear that. What is the date?
07:38:40 <KorbenC> June 2
07:39:35 <Lindag> I don't think new reservation system is ready
07:44:45 <Lindag> Dare I touch the magic gray way ball? 😊
07:45:37 <Lindag> The answer is no
07:50:03 <Lindag> 3c
07:50:47 <Dave from B™> Korben,. is that info on the Xanterra website. I can't find it.
07:51:29 <KorbenC> Dave from B™,
07:51:45 <Lindag> wow 3c is vigorous today
07:53:02 <Dave from B™> Thanks...and only online reservations from June 2 thru June 7. That will tick off a few people
08:02:05 <Lindag> aurum might be cloae
08:04:17 <Lindag> What is that bubbler on Right? Part of aurum?
08:04:35 <KorbenC> Lindag, 3 O'CLOCK vent.
08:04:57 <KorbenC> There are a few bubblers that fill and splash next to Aurum.
08:05:54 <Lindag> Now that we can get closer I can see them
08:08:36 <Dave from B™> There are 5 bubbler vents, I believe
08:08:46 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, yes
08:10:29 <Dave from B™> lc and I have stared at those things for hours
08:16:33 <Lindag> Lot of overflow on G
08:20:48 <Mario> Morning, all
08:21:15 <Lindag> Mario, ho
08:21:20 <Lindag> or hi
08:21:26 <Lindag> 😊
08:27:25 <Mario> :)
08:29:57 <Lindag> OF
08:32:26 <Katie> Logging in
08:33:59 <Lindag> Ok
08:34:11 <Lindag> it's all yours
08:34:30 <Katie> Yay! :)
08:34:39 <Lindag> I logged.out
08:34:46 <Lindag> Katie, enjoy
08:36:43 <KorbenC> Katie, can we zoom in on Dep again please?
08:37:10 <KorbenC> Thanks. :)
08:39:49 <Thorin Oakenshi> What's so steamy over by Aurum? Cuz it's not Aurum
08:40:38 <Katie> Sponge, I think
08:41:07 <Ryan> Anyone just try (and fail) to log into the geyseralerts email account?
08:41:25 <Katie> Ryan, not me. But saw the notification
08:41:40 <Ryan> Got a security note in my email just now saying that someone tried to log in using a non-Google account...
08:42:24 <Katie> It was a push notification that popped up on my phone for me.
08:42:25 <Ryan> Ah, I see. Well if y'all find out who just drop me a note.
08:42:42 <KorbenC> Hi Ryan
08:43:26 <Thorin Oakenshi> Thx. Looks steamier than "normal".
08:43:52 <KorbenC> Thorin Oakenshield, to the left of Aurum is Doublet, that might be what you are thinking about.
08:44:45 <Thorin Oakenshi> :thumbsup:
08:45:08 <Katie> Yeah, I think it was Doublet. Sponge can get steamy, but it wasn't when I looked or when I zoomed - the steamy area was Doublet
08:51:08 <KorbenC> Grotto 0840
08:52:48 <KorbenC> Scissors spring is boiling away.
08:52:51 <linda> nice
08:56:24 <Dave from B™> Nice to see HK in the basin
08:57:32 <KorbenC> Giantess looks cool right now
09:11:25 <Dave from B™> Zooming capability seems better on this cam but colors are off
09:12:36 <Dave from B™> Katie, are you ready for the influx of people this week for graduation?
09:13:03 <Katie> Dave from B™, I guess not. I didn't even realize it was this weekend.
09:14:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You are just used to seeing red cliffs Dave.
09:14:15 <Dave from B™> haha. Yep, they pushed it up 1 week. Headed up tomorrow for Becca's graduation
09:14:40 <Katie> Wow! Seems like her graduation came fast! Good for her!
09:18:22 <Katie> From service industry standpoint, graduation being moved up a week is great. Used to fall on Mother's Day Weekend and that was too much - and also meant missed biz
09:18:32 <Katie> (especially with reduced capacity)
09:18:38 <Katie> Two weekends is better
09:19:56 <Katie> Lost potential biz, I should say. If you can spread it out, you can seat all those customers. When it all happens at once, people are turned away or walk away
09:20:44 <nick99nack> This site is pretty cool
09:20:55 <dkay> Yeah
09:25:06 <JarnoO> that one cone at Fagradalsfjall is having jets up to 250m/±820ft. Looks like consistent jetting is roughly half of that, to put things into perspective
09:25:21 <KorbenC> link?
09:25:56 <JarnoO> good luck reading Icelandic:
09:26:12 <JarnoO> look for the 29/04 1043 article
09:26:23 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
09:28:50 <JarnoO> video has a lava tornado :)
09:30:11 <Siegmund> This month has been best reason to learn some Icelandic that we have had in a while
09:41:03 <Dave from B™> Yes, I have never understood graduation being on Mother's Day weekend.
09:41:51 <Dave from B™> but then, I'm in the food business so I like it spread over 2:)
09:42:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Or a wedding on the Indy 500 weekend.
09:42:51 <Dave from B™> Kevin, is that happening to you this year or has happened in the past?
09:43:04 <Katie> Or any events on Saturdays during Griz season!
09:43:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> This year. Nephew.
09:58:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Are you driving Katie?
09:58:51 <Katie> Saved all the fun stuff for you, Kevin.
09:59:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I can't get the control program to connect.
09:59:24 <Katie> Just logged out
10:00:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There it is. It was giving me a timeout before it even loaded the software.
10:50:14 <Eric> Good Morning
10:50:22 <KorbenC> Eric, hi
10:50:27 <Eric> Hi Coop
10:50:55 <Eric> Grand time I see!
10:51:37 <Eric> Grand could be any moment!
10:52:17 <KorbenC> and Aurum.
10:52:23 <Eric> Why are we peep watching?
10:52:25 <KorbenC> and Beehvie, lol.
10:53:04 <KorbenC> SB is also nearing its last interval, so I wouldn't be surprised with that either :D
10:53:15 <Dave from B™> We are watching Kevin's favorite hole:)
10:53:16 <Eric> I think we have about 3 more hours to aurum
10:53:33 <Eric> haha, morning dave
10:53:58 <Eric> I see no recovery yet for SB
10:54:02 <KorbenC> Eric, it had a really good splash about 30mins ago.
10:54:17 <Dave from B™> Morning Eric
10:56:22 <Eric> Guess nobody cares about poor old Turban anymore...where is Jim?
10:56:38 <Eric> I miss him and his reports.
10:57:04 <KorbenC> At least we have HK
10:57:19 <Eric> I heard he went to Africa last year or was going to and haven't heard anything since.
10:58:01 <Eric> or was that 2 years ago...time is going by way too fast.
11:08:47 <Dave from B™> Hello Grand
11:08:55 <Dave from B™> Anyone have a start time?
11:09:29 <Eric> I assume HK got one
11:09:38 <JarnoO> I'm waiting for HK's entry
11:09:40 <Eric> Even if he didn't report the turbans.
11:10:21 <Eric> I see we are back to the horrible video compression.
11:10:45 <Eric> Not sure why they insist on this high resolution so that we have bad video quality :-(
11:10:48 <JarnoO> at least better than the stream dropping out if you ask me
11:11:13 <Eric> All they have to do is reduce resolution and the problem would be fixed.
11:11:37 <Eric> No stutter, no compression artifacting and they could fix the color too.
11:11:38 <Dave from B™> C olor is awful as well
11:12:25 <Eric> Glad we have moving images again, but frustrating when you know there is an easy solution.
11:13:27 <JarnoO> doubtful as even the other cam suffered from it at that lower resolution (540p I recall). I think the power thingy wasn't even that big of an issue until it dropped out. Power issue would have been noticed before that if it intermittently dropped out. Don't recall camops complained about that when it was still functioning
11:14:14 <Dave from B™> When is bandwidth increasing at OF?
11:14:42 <JarnoO> 1103:21 G1C 9m08s
11:14:45 <Eric> Disagree Jarno..going to 480P or 540P would dramatically improve this compression garbage.
11:15:03 <Dave from B™> I know MT is spending a lot of their COVID money on internet infrastructure upgrades
11:15:17 <Eric> Good for IMHO
11:16:04 <Eric> Hopefully they spend it wisely....unlike YNP
11:16:27 <Eric> I can't believe they are giving away their entire communications infrastructure to a private company!
11:16:40 <Eric> That can jack up the rates on them.
11:16:48 <Eric> short sighted.
11:16:57 <JarnoO> perhaps it was the best of two evils
11:17:41 <Eric> Maybe...but I would have lived with what I had until I could choose, not evil.
11:21:33 <JarnoO> lava flow forming in front of the camera looking directly into the erupting Fagradalsfjall cone:
11:22:08 <JarnoO> fountain is easily matching SB's height with jets double that
11:22:56 <JarnoO> also built a respectable cone - kind reminiscent of that 2018 LERZ eruption
11:23:33 <Eric> Is that mars or iceland? :-P
11:23:44 <JarnoO> Iceland :)
11:24:12 <Eric> Going to that second camera, I wouldn't be sure.
11:24:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is the latest Starship test.
11:24:34 <Eric> That terrain is so marsesque
11:25:02 <BenVL> Oh no the pixels are back!
11:29:06 <Eric> Looks like SN15 will try to fly tomorrow
11:35:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They fly good. Landing however....
11:37:14 <Eric> Meh, landing is just for show on a prototype
11:37:35 <Eric> The would have had to just cut them up anyway
11:37:39 <Eric> Saves time :-D
11:38:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> A bit messy though.
11:38:29 <Eric> Moving some big cranes at boca chica now
11:39:16 <Eric> crane parade :-P
11:39:48 <KorbenC> Landing SN15 is Elon's way of going, "Its bigger, and its better!"
11:40:20 <KorbenC> I hear soon they will be sending the rocket into Orbit.
11:40:36 <Eric> Not until SN20 I don't believe
11:40:40 <Eric> but maybe.
11:41:00 <KorbenC> I remember hearing they were skipping from 15 to 20
11:41:55 <KorbenC> IDK, I am just glad to watch it launch, then try to land, then explode.
11:42:06 <Eric> Not skipped, 12-14 were partially built as they were working on 15....they scrapped them because SN15 caught up.
11:43:28 <Eric> No, SN15 is on the launch site, it will launch tomorrow probably. They will use 16, 17 to determine if there is anything else they can learn and then move onto the next series.
11:44:05 <Eric> It's all about learning and improving as they move. In the military they call them ooda loops.
11:44:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> This reminds me of the Mercury program.
11:45:18 <Eric> Cranes heading past Starship on this cam
11:46:50 <Dave from B™> Kevin, I didn't realize Astronaut Collins was so involved with the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum
11:47:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> He was impressive. He flew the first US fighter jets too.
11:52:23 <Eric> They are carrying those huge cranes on narrow movers....looks like they could topple over easily.
11:55:07 <Eric> OF ie
12:05:27 <Eric> FAA has authorized the next 3 starship launches, SN15-17
12:06:09 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
12:13:06 <Eric> They are installing the explosives in starship now, so test looks good for tomorrow.
12:13:21 <KorbenC> nice
12:16:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> How do I get that job?
12:18:28 <Eric> Apparently it wasn't the FTS explosives...just doing something with the hatch doors, very close by.
12:50:37 <Eric> BH is really loves noon pacific time :-D
12:53:52 <Depression> Are we on Rained Out for text alerts??
12:54:17 <Katie> Depression, nope
12:55:17 <Depression> I just clicked Text alerts in the help and settings, that is where it took me.
12:55:22 <Eric> Text alert instruction in the help panel
12:55:45 <Eric> ohh, that is bad
12:55:59 <Eric> Thanks for the heads, we are not on Rained out.
12:56:29 <Depression> Thanks, how does one sign up?
12:57:04 <Dave from B™> Just send $20.99 to Eric and he'll take care of you:)
12:57:23 <Time for bees> And you get free fish
12:57:35 <Dave from B™> Nope...just salmon heads
12:57:37 <Depression> You bet, google Pay on the way.:)
12:57:52 <Time for bees> I am sure someone will tell you.
12:58:03 <Time for bees> Fish head soup, yum?
12:58:04 <Eric> hmmm, I was just looking at that, I don't remember how to add someone :-(
12:58:06 <Dave from B™> Eric knows..he will be nice to you
12:58:18 <Dave from B™> Does Ryan do that still?
12:58:37 <Eric> Ryan set it up as kind of a hacked google/gmail thing and I have access, but don't remember how to add people in.
12:58:58 <Katie> I can add you, Depression. PM me your phone number and carrier.
12:59:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I could never figure the thing out
12:59:31 <Depression> thanks Katie
12:59:54 <Eric> There we go...Katie to the rescue!
12:59:57 <Eric> Thank you
13:00:27 <linda> I figured it out at the time, but that part of the brain is gone now
13:00:36 <linda> indy
13:00:51 <Time for bees> It is just email. I email to text all the time because I do not text.
13:00:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ugh. Hope it is quick
13:00:54 <linda> ,
13:00:55 <linda> ,
13:01:07 <Dave from B™> Linda, you got your shot in the brain?
13:01:29 <linda> i'll send txt
13:02:00 <Dave from B™> I don't see anything
13:02:03 <Eric> I removed that rained out link too
13:02:11 <KorbenC> OF needs to wait
13:02:20 <linda> txt sent
13:02:25 <Time for bees> Good thing the cam is stuck
13:02:31 <Eric> OF not due for a while
13:02:31 <linda> Dave from B™, :)
13:03:17 <Dave from B™> I see it
13:03:55 <BenVL> Thanks for the text
13:04:05 <Depression> Katie PM sent
13:04:09 <linda> :thumbsup:
13:05:00 <Ryan> I still dont know what was up with the email thing this morning.
13:07:01 <Time for bees> Pump is happy
13:07:23 <Ryan> Password for the email account hasnt yet changed. Someone tried to log in, and then reset the password.
13:07:56 <Dave from B™> Time for bees, are you trying to push Eric's buttons. I think Pump is his favorite geyser
13:09:26 <Eric> I have had no problems logging into the alerts email account.
13:09:50 <linda> and I just did to send txt
13:10:09 <Eric> and PUMP is awesome...not as happy as last fall though.
13:11:08 <Time for bees> Hackers every place. I got a request for cash in my paypal account. Paypal will not take a fraud complaint, so I guess anyone can ask for cash from anyone. If you do it enough someone will hit pay?
13:11:15 <Eric> Interesting, averages say next Aurum 14:57 +- 2m!
13:11:26 <Joe> Ryan, I logged in to try to text but did not reset anything.
13:11:28 <Eric> Based on the last 3 intervals!
13:11:50 <Eric> But that is with a triple interval, so probably a little more slop in there.
13:12:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think it went during Grand.
13:12:33 <Eric> But 3 intervals in a row for aurum within a 2m variance is amazing.
13:13:08 <Ryan> No clue what was up with the email this morning. I had no issues getting into it, but I think someone tried to brute force their way into the system.
13:13:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hope it stays that way.
13:13:37 <Time for bees> Two pumps to this indy
13:13:43 <linda> hello lori hello
13:13:51 <Dave from B™> Kevin, around May 20, Aurum will start only erupting in the dark for 3 or 4 days
13:13:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I don't think there is a problem Ryan, just wondering how to sign up for it.
13:14:09 <Lori S> hello linda hello
13:14:31 <Eric> Nice big indy
13:14:43 <linda> taking its time too
13:15:20 <Ryan> Kevin, I (and others) got security notices about someone trying to get into the account.
13:15:20 <Joe> Ryan, I am going to login again watch, if it goes wonky.
13:15:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> If you can email me the instructions to send alerts Ryan, it would be appreciated. When I got it I was on an information overload.
13:16:16 <Ryan> Yeah I'll get in and send it to you. It is clunky for sure.
13:16:26 <Time for bees> Cactus, PM Katie with your cell number and carrier. Or if you find out how to send them, you can add yourself.
13:16:58 <Eric> At some point I am going to change over the alerts to be self register and easier to send directly from here
13:16:59 <Eric> BH
13:16:59 <linda> bee
13:17:09 <Go Bee oG> nice
13:17:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Whew!
13:17:11 <Joe> Ryan, user authentication not accepted
13:17:25 <Eric> Nice
13:17:51 <Time for bees> Don't you just log into a email account, pick the group address, and send a email saying INDY?
13:17:55 <Eric> Hi Lori
13:18:02 <Eric> Glad you are watching on the big screen :-D
13:18:04 <Ryan> Thanks, Joe. And yes, Eric, the Google Groups thing was just supposed to be a stop gap.
13:18:08 <Lori S> Hi Eric.
13:18:25 <Lori S> I am not, its circling. on my phone
13:18:38 <Eric> Yep, but we are collecting the contact info there, so people won't have to re-register.
13:18:46 <Eric> ohhh
13:18:57 <Lori S> Hi Ryan, all
13:19:30 <B> this color scheme is something else
13:19:34 <Ryan> Thats the silver lining to the clunkiness, Eric.
13:20:02 <Eric> Yep, it's all good. Appreciate you taking the time to set it up.
13:20:13 <Eric> and corral the cats :-D
13:20:14 <linda> Ryan, i had a message earlier that said ' sign-in attempt prevented' regarding the geyseralerts
13:20:27 <Ryan> Katie got it and so did I.
13:20:50 <Dave from B™> B, I agree. It almost looks painted.
13:20:55 <linda> I mean I didn't get it, but whenever it happens google send me an alert
13:20:57 <Ryan> We both got messages later about an attempted password reset. Personally, I think someone was trying to brute-force get into it.
13:21:12 <linda> ok
13:21:20 <Eric> I just reviewed the message, not a big deal
13:21:47 <Eric> Someone just tried to log into the mail from a local client that wasn't gmail web browser
13:22:12 <Ryan> Hmm. Odd.
13:22:21 <Time for bees> Well, that was fun, enjoy the steam.
13:22:30 <Eric> someone trying to connect via outlook or something.
13:22:39 <Ryan> It was that, followed by the attempted password reset that concerned me.
13:22:43 <Joe> I tried within the last 5 min or so
13:22:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Timing is everything!
13:22:48 <Lori S (big scr> Oh, look, got on the big screen just in time for Old Faithful.:lol:
13:23:07 <BenVL> How about that short OF wait
13:23:10 <BenVL> Wow
13:23:17 <linda> :)
13:23:32 <Lori S (big scr> ...and circling
13:24:16 <Joe> Eric, Eric I tried through Claws mail client to log in
13:24:20 <Eric> I think the alert wanted whoever reported the unknown activity as not them to reset the password. So not surprised.
13:24:34 <Eric> That is the issue Joe, Google doesn't like your email client
13:24:57 <Eric> you will just have to use the web browser to connect to it.
13:25:09 <Eric> or on a mobile device, the google email client
13:25:13 <Joe> Ah! which clients does it like?
13:25:26 <Eric> :-D
13:25:38 <Joe> thanks
13:25:44 <Eric> But if on mobile google has their own email app
13:26:50 <Dave from B™> So, it wasn't a conspiracy after all
13:26:53 <Eric> Google does want us to change that password now, since someone clicked the activity wasn't recognized.
13:27:27 <Ryan> I changed that response. I hit "no it wasnt me" until we knew what was happening.
13:27:32 <Lori S (using p> Once you're done with the current subject, I have a Castle question.
13:27:35 <Eric> Nope, just google trying to protect it's users
13:27:49 <Eric> Ask Away Lori
13:28:24 <Ryan> I only mentioned my theory because there's a couple people who I know would try something like that.
13:28:31 <Lori S (using p> I know not much about Castle. Bob thinks he saw it from the upper store around 0830. Possible?
13:28:38 <Ryan> Back to being domestic and cleaning. Toodles.
13:28:48 <Lori S (using p> Bye Ryan
13:29:01 <Lori S (using p> It was during an OF
13:29:14 <Eric> Maybe minor jetting?
13:29:18 <Eric> Bye Ryan
13:29:46 <Eric> Hmm, Joe marked last nights as a not sure
13:29:57 <Lori S (using p> Think I should put a note on GT?
13:30:27 <Lori S (using p> Again, this was from the upper store so not a clear view
13:31:19 <Lori S (using p> Yeah, prob just morning steam
13:31:32 <Eric> I wouldn't unless he had better line of site.
13:31:40 <Lori S (using p> not Morning steam. daybreak steam.
13:31:53 <Lori S (using p> ;)
13:32:03 <Eric> But I am no expert :-D
13:32:19 <Lori S (using p> You are more of an expert than me fro sure
13:32:34 <Joe> Last night was a Major for sure
13:33:00 <Lori S (using p> Bob is reporting geyser stuff to me since I am homebound. That's love. :)
13:33:38 <Eric> Nice of him!
13:33:43 <Eric> alright...lunch time for me
13:33:50 <Eric> Thanks Joe
13:33:51 <Lori S (using p> Bye Eric. Thanks.
13:34:42 <Lori S (using p> and Thanks Joe
13:35:36 <Joe> Lori S (using phone data, What was seen this morning was the usual steaming for hours after a major.
13:36:19 <Lori S (using p> Joe, OK, thank you.
13:36:50 <Joe> Lori S (using phone data, Just checked my recording for this morning
13:37:38 <Joe> now I have to get rid ot that Claws mail client :)
13:40:09 <JarnoO> Steamboat logger appears to have failed today. Two down, hopefully it stays with just SB and VixenTrail. Loggers definitely need a good maintenance
13:42:23 <LoriS> Anyone know if the Norris Bookstore folks will be back this summer? (purposly not using names).
13:42:39 <KorbenC> yes, they will
13:42:50 <LoriS> KorbenC, Know when?
13:43:14 <LoriS> And Hi Korben
13:43:42 <KorbenC> I think they said a few weeks from now.
13:44:16 <LoriS> Oh good. :)
13:57:50 <Eric> BTW Joe, that email client is probably fine, but google has extra security to not allow outside email clients for protection. gmail accounts aren't usually shared by multiple people, so weird circumstance here.
14:03:43 <Joe> Eric, thanks, I got rid of it, I usually use thunderbird and the last time I used that I received every email that geyser alerts received so I took it out of thunderbird and will now try the
14:04:48 <Kent> Eric, Recent spy thingy. Did the Russians get into all the Government computers or just the email servers?
14:07:11 <Eric> Yes, hackers of some nature breached a cyber security company that protected many large corporation as well as government entities. Allowing those hackers infiltrate the companies and government agencies.
14:08:09 <Eric> I am not sure if it's all been untangled yet. Things become difficult to untangle over long periods of time.
14:10:09 <Kent> First reports said email accounts but then that stopped.
14:11:02 <JarnoO> flower
14:16:45 <JarnoO> 1410:±38 ±3m02s
15:07:34 <JarnoO> 1430:20 LC was very weak in duration - only 1m53s
15:07:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> OF is running late again
15:14:32 <JarnoO> 1505:59 long 4m03s
15:15:51 <JarnoO> Grotto ie
15:20:51 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:21:11 <Betty> afternoon all, evening JarnoO
15:33:06 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty. Sorry, time for me to skedaddle. Have a great evening!
15:33:35 <Betty> hi Dave, and bye
15:34:05 <Dave from B™> Betty, we need to talk about Utah next time you're here:)
15:34:20 <Betty> yeah
15:34:30 <Betty> hope you had fun
15:35:22 <Dave from B™> It was great. You have to do the Narrows.
15:35:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Chamberlain Ranch?
15:36:00 <Betty> I have done in 2007
15:36:55 <Betty> but we were not down all the way to the subway
15:37:10 <Betty> or tube?
15:37:30 <Betty> how is it called?#
15:37:33 <JarnoO> the tube is London, no? :)
15:37:42 <Betty> yes
15:37:48 <JarnoO> think elsewhere it's metro or subway
15:37:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Subway in in La Verkin.
15:38:32 <Betty> subway was straight across the street 2 years ago
15:38:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There is a Port of Subs in Hurricane.
15:38:47 <Betty> they´re closed now :-p
15:39:04 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ 🌵, btw
15:39:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Big Springs is a Hot Spring at the top and in incredible.
15:39:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> HI
15:40:34 <Betty> so, what is the name of that part in the Narrows?
15:43:16 <Betty>
15:43:27 <Betty> it´s the Subway
15:45:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I was thinking that was it but all I could think of was Wall Street and Big Springs.
15:46:04 <Betty> Wall Street is Bryce :-)
15:47:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And the Narrows,g_1:wall+street:VMhytbvrpgU%3D&rlz=1C1CHBD_enUS810US810&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwisyer4tqTwAhWJAjQIHeCVCTAQ4lYoAHoECAEQGQ&biw=1399&bih=921
15:48:17 <Betty> ohhh, cool, did not know that :-)
15:52:34 <JarnoO> Turban
15:55:20 <Eric> Chamberlain’s Ranch to Temple of Sinawava looks like fun!
15:55:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It is incredible.
15:56:23 <Eric> Not sure how you get camping permits, but that would be a lot of fun!
15:56:39 <Eric> 12 campsites in the narrows
15:57:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵>
15:59:50 <Eric> Bummer, narrows camping sites closed due to toxin in the water :-(
16:00:00 <Eric> Maybe later in the summer they will open
16:00:56 <Eric> 3 slots open to do it in a single day on 5/8 :-D
16:01:54 <JarnoO> could be Spa ie back there
16:02:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Controls released
16:02:52 <Eric> wow...look at that echinus drop
16:03:18 <Eric> Someone dumped a bucket of icecubes on the logger :-P
16:03:23 <JarnoO> :)
16:05:35 <Eric> I wonder if people headed out up to Norris for the evening
16:05:50 <Eric> Seems like a reasonable thing to do
16:07:39 <JarnoO> seems like the Fagradalsfjall fountain has increased a bit in average height
16:07:50 <JarnoO> also big jets appear to be more frequent
16:12:57 <JarnoO> Daisy
16:15:58 <Betty> hi Eric
16:17:22 <JarnoO> Arty ie
16:19:35 <JarnoO> LC ie
16:20:14 <Betty> I get my 1st vaccination next friday
16:20:38 <JarnoO> congrats!
16:20:50 <Betty> yeah, finally
16:20:51 <JarnoO> I have to wait till June/July :/
16:21:18 <Betty> I thought mid of June
16:21:29 <Betty> but now we are faster
16:24:14 <Eric> Hi Betty
16:24:25 <Eric> Congrats Betty!
16:24:48 <Betty> :thumbsup::) thx
16:24:51 <Eric> I reach full efficacy on May 9th!
16:25:21 <Betty> 2nd is June 18th
16:25:57 <Betty> you had any issues with your first?
16:27:01 <Betty> Micah saw otters in the Firehole near BH the other day
16:30:54 <Eric> oh wow...really long wait in between your shots!
16:31:29 <Eric> ohh, I guess not that long if your first is next week.
16:31:49 <Eric> No issues with the pfizer vaccine on my first or second.
16:32:07 <Eric> little sore in the arm on my first, even less soreness on my second.
16:35:48 <JarnoO> Fluffball
16:43:16 <JarnoO> 1635:18 long 4m06s
16:44:03 <Betty> hi Jeff
16:44:14 <Jeff> hi Betty
16:45:10 <Betty> you are at Lower Hams again this year?
16:45:54 <JarnoO> I'm off for the day. Enjoy Castle once it gets its act together and Grand as well
16:45:59 <JarnoO> hi and bye Jeff
16:46:10 <Jeff> hi JarnoO and have a good night
16:46:12 <Betty> night JarnoO
16:46:38 <Jeff> Betty, I will be as well as William.
16:46:52 <Betty> great
16:47:10 <Jeff> i head up in 5 weeks
16:48:39 <Betty> don´t know if travelling to US will be possible for me this year, but I sure hope to!
16:49:01 <Betty> would be great to meet you guys
16:49:11 <Jeff> it would be nice if traveling opened up
16:49:52 <Betty> he is scaring the geese
16:50:03 <Ben VL (compute> Oh, Wm is in lower store this year?
16:50:03 <Jeff> he just wants to play lol
16:50:22 <Jeff> Ben VL (computer), yea he will be a floor supervisor at lower this year
16:50:30 <Ben VL (compute> cool
16:50:47 <KorbenC> Jeff, nice
16:50:56 <Jeff> the last time i talked to him, we were planning on doing thermal thursdays again this year
16:51:08 <Betty> hi Ben VL (computer) and KorbenC
16:51:13 <Ben VL (compute> fun
16:51:23 <KorbenC> Hi all.
16:51:34 <Jeff> howdy korben
16:51:45 <Betty> grand
16:51:53 <Ben VL (compute> I still don't have a res, but my schedule was cleared with my boss for the summer! All set for monthly trips
16:52:12 <Betty> and castle
16:53:28 <Jeff> itll be nice seeing again this summer ben
16:53:57 <Jeff> someones hauling it to grand
16:54:25 <Ben VL (compute> likewise
16:54:39 <Ben VL (compute> I still need to FIND a bike though
16:54:48 <Ben VL (compute> apparently none exist anywhere ever
16:54:55 <Betty> lol
16:55:39 <Ben VL (compute> particularly when you have an exact monel in mind
16:55:46 <Ben VL (compute> model*
16:55:48 <Jeff> i gotta get one too. my big butt getting too old to try to run down basin for F&M or a potential giant hot period lol
16:57:02 <Eric> Jeff, delivered overnight from Amazon to you at OF!
16:57:28 <Jeff> really eric lol
16:57:33 <Eric> Grand ie
16:57:54 <Eric> Suzanne is there, so we should have in basin time
16:58:15 <Betty> bulger
16:58:27 <Eric> Ok...maybe this is better?
16:58:34 <Betty> lol Eric
16:58:40 <Eric> $150 delivered quickly right to your door!
16:59:09 <Ben VL (compute> that thing would be barely faster than walking
16:59:40 <Jeff> well put me down a hill im sure i can move pretty quick lol
16:59:42 <Ben VL (compute> probably would crash on each bump in the train past castle
16:59:51 <Ben VL (compute> trail*
17:00:11 <Betty> hahaha, Jeff
17:00:38 <Betty> I bet I´m faster
17:01:17 <Eric> castle
17:01:19 <Eric> ie
17:01:37 <Eric> 2nd for ggrand?
17:01:49 <Betty> you´re pretty lagged, Eric
17:01:51 <Eric> doesn't seem like it
17:02:25 <Eric> No lag here
17:02:34 <Eric> Just watching other things too :-D
17:04:12 <Eric> Watching live cams of Boca Chica getting ready for tomorrows test flight.
17:05:24 <Eric> Discount Jeff, only one tire!
17:05:52 <Jeff> that would make it easier to move in and out of the crowds of people
17:06:26 <Eric> I think electric scooters are now ok on the bike path, right?
17:06:45 <Jeff> thats a good question lol
17:06:58 <Ben VL (compute> not that I am aware, Eric. but I could easily be wrong
17:07:24 <Eric>
17:07:27 <Eric> 15mph!
17:07:28 <Ben VL (compute> all I know is mine won't be
17:08:24 <Jeff> hell at 15mph thatll drastically cut down the time to get down basin lol
17:08:59 <Ben VL (compute> I could hit 15mph easily with my middle school bike last year, I want 30
17:10:01 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
17:10:05 <Eric> I don't think electric scooters are allowed Jeff, only ebikes
17:10:08 <Eric> night Betty
17:10:09 <Jeff> night betty
17:10:16 <Ben VL (compute> night
17:10:56 <Jeff> Eric im probably gonna get a bike when i get up to the park cause i dont have a whole lot of room in my car
17:12:46 <Ben VL (compute> Jeff, if you order something from Denver, I could possibly take delivery of it and bring it to you
17:15:59 <Jeff> that might work ben. ill have to look into it
17:16:57 <Ben VL (compute> yeah. Not even sure if that's an option. But I can do it if if would be helpful
17:34:33 <Kevin Depot> Well so far it works!
17:34:48 <Jeff> later kevin
17:34:59 <Jeff> nvm that lol i read it as off to work lol
17:35:45 <Kevin Depot> I finally got the Depot computer to talk to me
17:35:54 <Jeff> nice
17:36:16 <Eric> Nice Kevin
17:38:19 <Kevin Depot> Seems the TV I was going to us as a monitor didn't play well with computers but it does an awesome job with hockey games.
17:38:55 <AYates> Nice aurum
17:39:46 <Kevin Depot> I gave up and Costco had a 32" LG monitor for $180. And my first geyser on it was Aurum!
17:40:27 <Ben VL (compute> Kevin Depot, TV's usually don't do well for computer monitors because the input lag is muuuch higher
17:41:59 <Kevin Depot> I just had an extra so I thought I would try. It will work great for the 8 bit video console I got so my Granddaughter would leave my iPad alone.
17:43:25 <Ben VL (compute> that it would, and it was probably worth a shot since some tv's have an input lag low enough where a lot of people would not notice it
17:44:47 <Ben VL (compute> some are rally bad though, and that's harder to notice when you are watching tv or a movie on it
17:49:50 <Kevin Depot> The one I had in my computer room would pixelate when there was a lot of action such as a race or hockey game. The one I took out of here doesn't do that and has much better resolution.
17:52:18 <Ben VL (compute> hah
17:52:58 <Ben VL (compute> Might have a funky resolution or something then. Maybe the new one's just nicer
17:54:07 <Kevin Depot> The newer one is the bad one. The one that works great as a TV is 15 years old!
17:55:01 <Kevin Depot> My Dad bought the new one so it had to be cheap.
17:57:15 <Ben VL (compute> ahhhh
17:57:28 <Ben VL (compute> Is the old one CRT by chance?
17:58:42 <Kevin Depot> No, it was a state of the are 32" Panasonic LED. A lot were plasma back then.
17:59:11 <Ben VL (compute> if it is plasma then that makes sense too
17:59:25 <Ben VL (compute> plasma tvs are great
17:59:59 <Kevin Depot> This one isn't plasma, it was newer LED when I bought it
18:00:08 <Ben VL (compute> huh
18:00:19 <Ben VL (compute> kinda surprising then
18:00:53 <Ben VL (compute> I usually have not had great experiences with those, but glad it works really well
18:01:22 <Kevin Depot> I think it was the biggest they made then and it replaced a 25" CRT
18:01:39 <Ben VL (compute> ok
18:03:05 <Kevin Depot> It was before most things were HD. It had and still does have one of the best pictures on a TV I have had.
18:04:25 <Ben VL (compute> if it was top of the line I wonder if it was before manufacturers started cutting corners on flat screens or something like that
18:06:35 <Kevin Depot> Yes it was. I think I paid over $800 for it at Costco.
18:06:56 <Ben VL (compute> that probably explains it
18:08:29 <Kevin Depot> Looks like it wants to restart for the updates. BRB. I hope.
20:43:51 <linda> one of the dwarfs is erupting
21:23:23 <KorbenC> Night Kevin, Joe.