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06:59:14 <Joe> Daisy is at 12h 34 min, very close, ignore the prediction it was an oops
07:00:30 <Kat> Lion looks post-eruptive
07:02:27 <Joe> I had been checking on lionhave not seen it since0542
07:06:56 <Kat> Thx for your help yesterday!
07:08:19 <Joe> yw
07:10:15 <JarnoO⚡> anyone interested in some thunder?
07:10:46 <JarnoO⚡> it's running out quickly, so be fast! :)
07:13:27 <Joe> Daisy eluded me all night, snowstorms, total darkness, I guess Daisy will be found when it wants to be found. :)
07:16:22 <Kat> :)
07:17:22 <Kat> Morning Jarno
07:18:50 <JarnoO⚡> morning all
07:26:21 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
07:26:55 <JarnoO⚡> morning Dave
07:34:19 <Kat> Dave from B™, Morning!
07:34:34 <KorbenC> Morning all.
07:37:12 <Kat> Hi Korben
07:39:38 <KorbenC> Kat, when do you leave for YNP?
07:42:17 <Dave from B™> Nice to see 3 nice F&M intervals
07:46:38 <Kat> KorbenC, start my trip sometime this weekend. we had a medical emergency this past weekend - all is well, but my friend needs to rest this week
07:47:24 <Dave from B™> Are you driving?
07:47:36 <Kat> Dave from B™, Yep!
07:48:02 <Mike J> Greetings all.
07:48:20 <JarnoO⚡> morning Rice, Mike
07:48:33 <Kat> Dave from B™, Going to Denver area first
07:48:44 <Kat> Morning all
07:49:55 <KorbenC> Hi Dave, JO
07:50:00 <Dave from B™> Bring warm clothes
07:50:08 <Dave from B™> Hi, Korben
07:50:22 <KorbenC> Kat, you can come mountain climbing with me this weekend than? :P :P
07:50:23 <Dave from B™> Kat, do you spend any time in GTNP?
07:51:37 <Kat> I usually go at some point during my time there.
07:52:12 <Kat> Dave from B™, winter clothes are being washed and dried as we speak!
07:52:16 <Dave from B™> I would love to see 399 and her cubs
07:52:33 <Dave from B™> without the circus around her
07:52:46 <Kat> KorbenC, my mountain climbing days are over
07:53:15 <KorbenC> Kat, wait, you used to mountain climb?
07:53:29 <Kat> Dave from B™, I would love to see her too but the crowds and behavior make me upset
07:54:03 <Kat> KorbenC, not like your mountain climbing - I live on the east coast Hahaha
07:54:13 <Joe> Daisy finally!!
07:54:15 <KorbenC> So you "climbed" Britton Hill ;)
07:54:59 <KorbenC> Are there even any real mountains on the east coast? lol
07:55:06 <Dave from B™> Kat, I figure sunrise would be quietest time to see 399
07:55:58 <Kat> Shut your moth - of course there are real mountains - not as tall as Rockies - but still mountains!
07:56:08 <JarnoO⚡> looks like Andres is close to remnant low
07:56:16 <KorbenC> Kat, *Korben asks you you point to a real mountain* :)
07:57:52 <KorbenC> JarnoO⚡, based on Satellite it is probably already an RL, but it is holding onto a little bit of ciculation.
07:58:19 <Kat> Mount Mitchell - highest point east of Mississippi
07:58:49 <Kat> Dave from B™, I agree Dave on dawn would be a good time!
07:58:57 <KorbenC> I count that as a 50% mountain, if you can drive up it it kinda ruins its mountainess.
07:59:12 <KorbenC> Like I only give Pikes Peak a 75% Mountain :)
07:59:41 <Kat> KorbenC, Hahaha
08:00:46 <KorbenC> This is a mountain Kat,
08:01:41 <Kat> Grand
08:01:56 <KorbenC> wow I am on Delay.
08:02:48 <Kat> sorry OF time
08:02:53 <Forestbewithyou> Morning all
08:07:04 <JarnoO⚡> morning Forest
08:07:44 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Jarno
08:07:49 <JarnoO⚡> so Mauna Kea isn't a mountain then by your definition, Korben?
08:09:52 <Kat> OF
08:14:52 <Kat> Looks like Grand is done
08:15:25 <JarnoO⚡> 0801:14 G2Q 10m36s
08:16:14 <KorbenC> JarnoO, Mauna Kea is like 90% a mountain by my definition :)
08:16:33 <JarnoO> even though its peak is covered with observatories and roads?
08:16:52 <KorbenC> So, if you round you get that it's a mountain. Mianly because of its prominence as well as age and geogrpahical isolation
08:17:17 <KorbenC> Its also a 13er, which certainly gives it some points.
08:18:23 <JarnoO> And Kilauea?
08:19:14 <KorbenC> That is not nearly as much of a mountain as Mauna Kea
08:19:55 <Mike J> You're all wrong. A "Mountain" is a group from the 70s who performed "Mississippi Queen"
08:20:19 <JarnoO> sure thing...
08:22:30 <KorbenC> JarnoO, Kilauea has a 15m prominence, has a road to the top, is lower in elevation and seems to be pretty "flat."
08:22:36 <Kat> Mike J, :)
08:23:30 <KorbenC> For example, a 100% mountain might be one like Mt. Elbert, high in elevation, difficult and pointy, almost 10K prominence and very very large Geographic isolation. And you have to hike up a mile in elevation to reach the summit :)
08:23:43 <JarnoO> well, that's what you get with shield volcanoes :)
08:25:34 <KorbenC> I think my all my definitions, its a hill.
08:34:05 <sparekitty> korben, what do you think of Mt. Whitney?
08:34:25 <KorbenC> sparekitty, Mountain.
08:35:25 <Dave from B™> Korben, when are you going to do some climbing in the Tetons?
08:35:52 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, at some point, I am trying to knock Colorado out, which takes a very long time.
08:37:40 <Dave from B™> Korben, any thoughts about where you want to go to college?
08:37:43 <JarnoO> Korben, your opinion on whether White Pyramid is a mountain?
08:38:14 <KorbenC> JarnoO, White Pyramid is a Pyramid :D
09:04:56 <I am Number 2> Got confused, I thought "White Pyramid" was a geyser. Actually, White and Pyramid are geysers
09:09:33 <JarnoO> I was referring to White Pyramid Geyser Cone :)
09:09:45 <Kat> Big splash from Bee
09:11:14 <Kat> BSB
09:11:28 <KorbenC> I odn't see water
09:12:14 <Kat> I did when it started
09:12:27 <I am Number 2> I saw south bubbler too
09:12:44 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
09:12:54 <Kat> :)
09:15:39 <Kat> Aurum looks happy too
09:16:31 <I am Number 2> Regarding "White Pyramid", thought you meant this
09:20:01 <Katie> Good morning.
09:20:52 <Kat> Hi Katie
09:22:17 <JarnoO> morning Katie
09:23:22 <JarnoO> Indi
09:23:23 <JarnoO> /
09:23:23 <JarnoO> .
09:23:24 <JarnoO> .
09:23:25 <JarnoO> .
09:23:25 <JarnoO> .
09:23:28 <JarnoO> HLS delay
09:23:39 <Katie> sending texct
09:23:44 <Ae> :bhi::bhi::bhi::bhi:
09:23:53 <Kat> Thanks
09:24:46 <KorbenC> Awesome
09:26:06 <Kat> Cam just took off on its own!
09:26:22 <linda> thx for text
09:26:29 <KorbenC> linda, hi
09:26:30 <Dave from B™> wow...that was a fun ride
09:26:37 <Kitt> wow, that was a wild ride
09:27:10 <Kitt> 43 degrees
09:27:17 <Kitt> bit nippy here
09:27:20 <Kat> Scary cam!
09:28:42 <Dave from B™> It must have been a raven:)
09:29:25 <linda> Kat, hi
09:29:32 <linda> hi all
09:29:35 <linda> KorbenC, hi
09:29:41 <Kevin L° 🌵> I think I will need NoDoz for my shift.
09:30:36 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, out late partying?
09:30:55 <linda> ;)
09:33:02 <linda> bee is pretty punctual today
09:33:03 <Kevin L° 🌵> No, all the geysers are used up.
09:33:14 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, oh
09:33:28 <Kitt> yup , landing in fluffy window again
09:34:00 <linda> Kitt, hate that
09:34:03 <Kitt> everybody blow
09:34:45 <KorbenC> :bee:
09:34:56 <Kat> :bee::bee::bee:
09:34:57 <linda> yay
09:35:13 <Kitt> nice
09:35:14 <KorbenC> OF ie static
09:35:23 <Kitt> uh oh
09:35:27 <linda> oops looks like OF
09:35:37 <JarnoO> Bee is more important
09:35:41 <linda> oh what the heck already missed
09:35:46 <JarnoO> Fluffy already has a static
09:35:57 <linda> JarnoO, Not to NPS it isn't
09:36:10 <Eric> Just in time!
09:36:12 <KorbenC> Hi Eric
09:36:18 <Kevin L° 🌵> Darn controls. Just won't work!
09:36:21 <Eric> Hi Korben
09:36:26 <Eric> Morning everyone
09:36:37 <Kitt> you get half a bee and static fluffy
09:36:50 <linda> Eric, hi
09:36:51 <KorbenC> Eric, is everything OK with you?
09:37:06 <Eric> Yep, doing fine!
09:37:12 <KorbenC> Hmm.
09:37:51 <KorbenC> Than what did I do? :P
09:38:08 <KorbenC> Why did I go from Coop to Korben, haha.
09:38:32 <Eric> You seem to be more respectful lately, so I am doing that as well :-D
09:38:51 <Kat> Oh well, I missed OF start
09:39:00 <KorbenC> Kat, OF is long.
09:39:20 <Kat> Thx, caught that
09:40:15 <KorbenC> Nice BH
09:40:16 <Kat> Finally got a Bee - always handing them to 10 AM cam op LOL
09:40:31 <linda> Kat, congrats!
09:41:27 <Kat> JarnoO, :)
09:41:42 <Suzanne> Thank you for the Indy text alert! I made it to the Hill just in time.
09:41:51 <KorbenC> Suzanne, :D
09:42:00 <JarnoO> morning Suzanne
09:42:06 <linda> :thumbsup:
09:42:22 <Suzanne> Good morning all
09:42:30 <linda> Suzanne, hi
09:42:32 <JarnoO> any plans for today?
09:42:50 <Katie> Suzanne, cool. It's nice to know it works. :)
09:43:06 <Suzanne> Plan to stay warm!
09:43:12 <JarnoO> good one!
09:43:46 <Kat> Suzanne, Hi Suzanne!
09:45:33 <Eric> Looks like Climbing Shasta will be a go this weekend! Hopefully our route cooperates when we get there.
09:45:47 <Eric> 14k, here I come :-D
09:47:05 <JarnoO> Indicator 0922:12 lead=12m16s, total= >14m54s; Beehive 0934:28 4m52s
10:00:15 <Kevin L° 🌵> I hear Perry Mason music
10:00:44 <Kat> :daisy:
10:01:27 <KorbenC> Eric, wohoo on shasta.
10:01:36 <Kat> Have fun! I leave you Castle
10:01:49 <KorbenC> Maybe I will be able to call you a fellow 14erer next week :D
10:02:50 <Kevin L° 🌵> Giant should erupt for me.
10:03:05 <linda> :) Go Giant
10:03:20 <Kat> :)
10:03:41 <KorbenC> Eric, I assume you are camping out and leaving early?
10:07:56 <Dave from B™> Kevin, did you order warmer weather for your trip?
10:08:17 <Kevin L° 🌵> I always do.
10:15:00 <Eric> Yep, I will be heading to Shasta on Friday afternoon and trailhead camp Friday, high camp Saturday, summit Sunday, trailhead camp sunday night and return monday.
10:15:58 <Eric> BTW, it looks like they might be repositioning SN15 for reflight today!
10:20:20 <time for someth> I thought Shasta climbing season was in June and July?
10:22:38 <Eric> It usually is...but it's almost past climbing season this year for Shasta! No snow :-(
10:29:22 <time for someth> Hope it does not go boom, but if it does, you will never know.
10:29:59 <Eric> I might have some warning :-P They seem to be pretty good at detecting volcanic activity these days.
10:35:28 <KorbenC> Eric, what route?
10:35:36 <Kat> bulger ie
10:36:17 <KorbenC> Morning Ben
10:37:05 <BenVL> Morning
10:37:54 <Kat> BenVL, Hi -see you on the 21st!
10:38:20 <Eric> We are going to attempt Avalanche Gulch route Korben.
10:38:26 <Eric> Gultch
10:38:47 <Eric> nope, no T
10:38:50 <KorbenC> Just without the avalanches thsi time of year :)
10:39:17 <BenVL> Kat, sweet! I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone again
10:39:20 <Eric> Yep, barely any snow! So you have rockfall instead :-(
10:39:33 <KorbenC> Yea, thats not so fun
10:40:24 <KorbenC> You should enjoy it, this will be your first 14k attempt right?
10:40:53 <Eric> Yep, it's a straight forward hike. Just long and lots of EG
10:41:02 <KorbenC> yes.
10:41:03 <Eric> Not even sure I would call it a climb :-D
10:41:09 <KorbenC> (Which is what most 14ers are, just hikes)
10:41:20 <Dave from B™> What elevation is high base camp?
10:41:45 <Eric> I think we are going to shoot for Helen Lake, which sits at about 10k ft
10:42:04 <KorbenC> I was just about to ask
10:42:21 <Eric> Temps won't be too bad on Saturday night luckily, so my gear should be ok.
10:42:36 <KorbenC> I will be hiking Elbert Saturday. Planing to start hiking at 7AM on Saturday, will be nice to have a relaxed hike for once.
10:42:41 <Eric> I need a better sleeping bag and insulated pad for really cold stuff.
10:42:57 <KorbenC> Yea, no need to bring a -20bag :P
10:43:40 <KorbenC> Sunday should be amazing winds too, 22mph gusts, thats nada.
10:44:30 <KorbenC> Eric, what time do you plan to start your summit push?
10:45:23 <Eric> Not even sure...we only have to climb 4k from Helen, so maybe around 3am or so. I know we really need to be up and through avalanche gulch before sunup.
10:45:47 <KorbenC> yes, once the sun hits everything starts to come down ontop of you :)
10:46:01 <KorbenC> I learned that the hard way, lol.
10:46:46 <Eric> Yep, there is a reason alpine climbers start early :-D
10:47:34 <KorbenC> Thats why most of the time I start before 4AM, but doing Elbert saturday, on a nice dirt trail, no risk of rockfall or avalanche :D
10:47:52 <KorbenC> Its like 2 miles and 4k gain from Helen to summit right?
10:48:23 <Eric> Something like that
10:48:59 <KorbenC> So if you start at 3AM you should summit around 7?
10:49:23 <KorbenC> (Assuming you aren't trying to set a hypoxic rate)
10:49:43 <Jeff> you guys are making me tired just talking about hiking lol
10:49:51 <KorbenC> Jeff, lol.
10:50:10 <KorbenC> Jeff, does it make you feel better than I will be gaining a mile of elevation in a few hrs and 5 miles on Satuday? :P
10:50:23 <Jeff> k im going for a nap lol
10:50:29 <KorbenC> lol
10:51:03 <Jeff> most hiking youll ever see me doing is around geyser basins lol
10:51:18 <Craig M> morning all
10:51:19 <KorbenC> haha.
10:51:21 <BenVL> KorbenC, I need to do hanging lake again sometime
10:51:23 <KorbenC> Morning Craig
10:51:28 <Jeff> morning craig
10:51:29 <Craig M> beehive keeps beating me
10:51:42 <KorbenC> BenVL, you should try a nice and easy 13er/14er this summer :)
10:51:57 <KorbenC> Maybe one of the ones you can bike up
10:52:04 <Eric> I usually climb about 1500ft EG/hour at talking rate.
10:52:16 <BenVL> Not sure if I will have time this summer..:
10:52:18 <Jeff> KorbenC, i had a friend last year try to get me to go on a 22 mile hike and i was like "are you trying to kill me?" lol
10:52:29 <KorbenC> Eric, thats a good pace.
10:52:34 <Eric> With breaks, 4k should be straight forward in 3h
10:52:42 <BenVL> Jeff, lol
10:53:16 <KorbenC> Eric, thats a nice chill pace.
10:53:17 <Eric> I did 700ft in 14.5m the other day :-D I was breathing pretty hard.
10:53:34 <KorbenC> :D
10:53:41 <Jeff> eric youre making me breathe pretty hard just thinking about doing that lol
10:53:54 <linda> :)
10:54:05 <KorbenC> I tend to do about 2K EG in an hour at talking, but if I have a mission... :)
10:54:50 <Kevin L° 🌵> 14k makes me breathe hard
10:55:00 <Eric> Yep, being young has it's advantages :-D Your heart is working better than us old folks.
10:55:12 <Jeff> ill be doing 5k EG in a few weeks lol but ill be driving up a mountain lol
10:55:19 <KorbenC> Yup, I have a tendency to run laps around the summits of 14ers :P
10:56:01 <KorbenC> Eric, what is your thought on turning back if you get AMS?
10:56:11 <Kevin L° 🌵> Castle
10:56:21 <Eric> 100% turn around if you get AMS! Don't mess with it.
10:56:51 <Eric> I have been to 12k and felt fine, but that doesn't mean that 14k won't have an effect.
10:57:20 <KorbenC> Going between 12K and 14K is a big difference, lol.
10:57:21 <Craig M> FYI the Pfizer vaccine is open to 12+ now
10:57:29 <Eric> I had a friend who climb to 24k over the winter and went blind temporarily! Don't climb above 21k if you have ever had lasic surgery.
10:57:51 <Jeff> at least you guys can do those high summit hikes lol
10:58:16 <KorbenC> Craig, FDA recommended it, CAIC still needs to recommend it, than CDC director, but that should be done tomorrow.
10:58:27 <KorbenC> Eric, really on that 100% turn around with AMS?
10:58:41 <Eric> Yes, it can kill you.
10:58:50 <Kevin L° 🌵> That means you can get yours in a year Korben?
10:58:52 <KorbenC> I mean, I [b] had [/b] one mountain that was my mortal enemy :)
10:59:08 <Eric> alright...meeting time...bbl
10:59:21 <Craig M> Korben FDA approved it
10:59:23 <Craig M> not reccomended
10:59:31 <Jeff> KorbenC, i feel like the highest elevation hike near me you would have no problem doing lol
10:59:34 <Craig M> 12+ shots can begin today.
10:59:38 <KorbenC> Craig M, but the CDC still has to recommend it.
10:59:39 <linda> today is my two week anniversay for covid shot, yay!
10:59:47 <Craig M> no they don't Korben
11:00:02 <KorbenC> "States will be given the go-ahead to administer the shot to the new age group as soon as the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gives its final approval, expected Wednesday"
11:00:04 <Eric> congrats Linda! Happy Full Efficacy Day!
11:00:13 <Jeff> linda, mine was last wednesday
11:00:20 <KorbenC> All I know is I will get the vaccine sometime next week!
11:00:40 <linda> Eric, I'm going to lunch, indoors! Wish me luck. :lol:
11:00:44 <Craig M> The FDA does the approval
11:00:56 <Craig M> CDC can just decide to say "hey get it"
11:01:14 <Craig M> but FDA makes the decisions on whether or not we can administer
11:01:35 <linda> Jeff, oh you are close too1
11:02:06 <Jeff> linda, i meant my full efficacy day was last wednesday lol i got my 2nd dose the 21st of april
11:02:24 <Ynp27> KorbenC and CraigM kids! I will turn this damn car around.
11:02:35 <pp> Craig M, should know as he's the one holding a syringe 😜
11:02:41 <linda> Jeff, ah, read that wrong. You are good to go!
11:02:53 <Craig M> 27 i give the shots ;)
11:03:33 <Craig M> i will admit it's a dumb grey area though
11:03:34 <Jeff> linda, i figured id get it done as soon as arizona opened it up to my age group that way i would be done before getting up to the park and not have to waste the park service's time doing it
11:03:41 <KorbenC> Craig M, respectfully, I think you are wrong.
11:03:48 <Kevin L° 🌵> As long as there are no mailboxes he should be fine.
11:04:04 <Dave from B™> Different Craig:)
11:04:19 <KorbenC> because I am looking at 3 soruces that say states can begin to administer shots ONCE CDC gives it the go ahead :)
11:04:44 <Ynp27> Yes because you probably no better than someone who's worked at a pharmacy for quite some time.
11:04:49 <Ynp27> Know*
11:05:18 <KorbenC> Ynp27, geez, I am not saying he is wrong, I am saying I think he might be worng based on some contradicting evidence.
11:05:34 <KorbenC> Just because I have gone to YNP a bunch of times doens't mean everything I say about YNP is right :D
11:05:51 <Kevin L° 🌵> With covid rules change at a moments notice and things don't make sense at all.
11:07:07 <KorbenC> CraigM, things might be different for my state than your state as well.
11:07:16 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, any birds?
11:07:33 <Kevin L° 🌵> Only chickens
11:08:51 <Craig M> *anyways* :) TLDR everyone get your shots. If you know someone who lives in MN let me know I have way too many
11:08:55 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, :) How are the dogs?
11:09:28 <KorbenC> Craig M, I will get my shot next week, I hope I will anyways. As soon as CDC gives the go-ahead I will be looking everywhere for oen
11:10:19 <Kevin L° 🌵> Getting better. He took one out for a run yesterday. The other one will probably go out later this week.
11:11:01 <KorbenC> linda, I think I have a golden eagle nest near my house, I have seen them almost every single day for a while :D
11:11:51 <linda> KorbenC, Wow that would be cool
11:12:03 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, lucky puppies
11:12:55 <linda> KorbenC, I don't even know where they build a nest. For Bald it's at the top of a very sturdy tree. :)
11:13:09 <Kevin L° 🌵> I think the owner will be more aware of the possibility pf rattling snakes now.
11:13:56 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, yeah, I'm sure the vet bill was substantial
11:14:04 <Kevin L° 🌵> I think Goldens are the same Linda. There used to be a lot of them in Rainbow Canyon but I haven't seen them in a long time.
11:14:52 <Kevin L° 🌵> I know the initial was over $1200 and there were several follow ups.
11:15:20 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, only see them when they migrate through. I'll have to look it up. I got the impression they like mountainous areas, could be wrong on that.
11:15:37 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, :-/
11:17:51 <Kevin L° 🌵> There is a bird sanctuary just west of Rainbow where several varieties hang out and use as a stopover. I took a picture once and blew it up. We counted over 500 swan. Not what you expect in the Nevada Desert.
11:18:23 <Jeff> is it just me or does castle seem to be having a lot of minors lately?
11:18:35 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, for sure. Says Goldens like trees and cliffs.
11:19:10 <Kevin L° 🌵> Rainbow has those Linda.
11:19:46 <linda> :)
11:24:28 <time for someth> Cactus, when you feel he needs a reminder, tell him they have a snake vaccine for dogs.
11:25:04 <linda> cya later
11:26:13 <Kevin L° 🌵> Is that something they get to prevent the effects of a snake bite before it happens?
11:26:26 <time for someth> Yes.
11:26:45 <time for someth> For buzz worms.
11:27:59 <time for someth>
11:29:24 <Kevin L° 🌵> Thanks, I sent him the link.
11:34:57 <Kevin L° 🌵> Getting some splashes
11:35:30 <time for someth> Well, enjoy the steam.
12:06:58 <Katie> Gandalf?
12:17:00 <Eric> I think we have about an hour for Aurum, based on interals
12:17:02 <Eric> intervals
12:18:40 <KorbenC> Disregard that, I have a feeling that is wrong :)
12:22:38 <Eric> I think Aurum is having around 4h intervals...I would expect the next at about 20.5h from the last one, so in about an hour :-D
12:23:04 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
12:23:07 <KorbenC> Lion 1220 ie
12:23:35 <Eric> Lot's of assumptions in my guess with all the open intervals and missing the last 4 :-P
12:24:17 <KorbenC> 20.5hr seems reasonable still.
12:24:44 <Eric> If you are big like me and want some cheap, decent rain gear this is a great deal!
12:24:54 <Eric> XXL Frog Togg rainsuit for $5
12:25:23 <Eric> Little too big for me, but meh, it is great to throw in the backpack and get silica on it.
12:25:33 <KorbenC> I am not XXL :)
12:25:47 <Eric> You could make the pants into a tent Korben!
12:25:54 <KorbenC> lol
12:25:54 <Eric> Sleep in them.
12:26:57 <KorbenC> I enjoy my REI Co-op raingear too much :)
12:27:15 <Eric> ohh, that deal is dead already...bummer.
12:30:23 <Eric> They are moving the test harnessed cone along the road out of the flight operations area!
12:31:41 <KorbenC> Eric, do you know if they are going to launch SN15 again today?
12:34:26 <Eric> No, SN15 won't be launched today. But it could go to the launch tower and have raptor tests. My guess is just inspections.
12:37:11 <Eric> Closer view of travelling rocket :-D
12:49:43 <linda> ah my first indoor lunch in more than a year. It was good :)
13:00:43 <Dave from B™> Korben is actually XXS
13:03:43 <Dave from B™> Nice to see Steve Eide in the basin
13:09:47 <linda> betcha he has cookies :)
13:13:10 <Kevin L° 🌵> Does he have to post that he uses cookies.
13:13:35 <linda> :)
13:17:59 <Dave from B™> yum
13:29:13 <Dave from B™>'s half hour of winter is here
13:30:05 <Ben VL> Winter does not seem to want to give up yet
13:30:22 <Kevin L° 🌵> 🦨
13:56:06 <nescar> Are they session cookies?
14:10:49 <Eric> Steve E cookies...yummmm!
14:11:16 <Eric> They should show up as a note on GT :-P
14:11:48 <JarnoO> 1351:12 G1C 10m56s
14:12:03 <Ben VL> should they come with a little paper you have to sign consenting to his use of cookies?
14:12:28 <Eric> Nope, I just say thank you :-D
14:12:37 <Ben VL> lol
14:12:52 <JarnoO> I would like to set my preferences :D
14:13:17 <Ben VL> chocolate chip only, please
14:13:37 <nescar> I think they are like google cookies. You are forced to have them even when you say NO.
14:14:08 <Kevin L° 🌵> When I did Railroad Safety presentations we would use a private dome car that was a diner. While I did the presentation the owner would bake cookies and bring them up when we finished.
14:14:09 <KorbenC> but why would you say no to cookies?
14:15:03 <Ben VL> they can use them to sell your private data to corporations
14:15:29 <KorbenC> Eric, does this chat require us to accept cookies?
14:16:03 <JarnoO> Lavahose (kinda) @ 1626:56 in this livestream of Fagradalshraun:
14:16:03 <nescar> To work correctly, yes.
14:17:08 <Ben VL> probably would not worry about it with this page or gt
14:17:21 <KorbenC> Ben VL, exactly.
14:17:21 <JarnoO> only functional cookies from a quick scan
14:18:25 <JarnoO> though the _ga cookies might be for Analytics, but my adblocker blocks that content anyway
14:19:12 <nescar> I do believe there may be other cookies set by the linked data. My list of blocked sites is too long to look at, plus I use the simple page so no linked stuff like weather or what ever is on it?
14:19:13 <Kevin L° 🌵> I have some German cookies on my computer.
14:20:02 <nescar> No English cookies, they would be biscuits.
14:22:18 <Kevin L° 🌵> The right kind of biscuits are good.
14:24:18 <nescar> What you are referring to, I am sure they are not called biscuits, more likely a quick bread.
14:24:58 <Kevin L° 🌵> I like southern buttermilk biscuits.
14:26:15 <nescar> I like about any biscuit is it is smothered in good gravy, or honey.
14:27:00 <JarnoO> Andres post-tropical
14:27:25 <JarnoO> remnant low actually
14:27:57 <nescar> I also like them swimming over chicken, but people call those dumplings.
14:29:53 <Kevin L° 🌵> Don't know if it is my computer but when I try to move the cam a lot it just locks up and I have to reboot the controls to get it running again. I will blame it on the snow.
14:30:32 <nescar> What, not going to blame Dave?
14:31:00 <Dave from B™> You rang?
14:31:02 <Kevin L° 🌵> That would make sense.
14:31:15 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, mine locks up every once in a while when I move it and then I hit the live button up top
14:32:02 <Kevin L° 🌵> I will try that next time.
14:32:14 <Kevin L° 🌵> It moved OK that time.
14:33:03 <nescar> Well, time to go do stuff
14:33:19 <Eric> I accept all cookies...huge fan!
14:33:43 <Dave from B™> I dare someone to post a NOTE on GT asking Steve what flavors cookies he has for today:)
14:34:03 <Dave from B™> I would text him myself but I don't have his number
14:34:08 <linda> Dave from B™, :)
14:34:22 <Eric> Please don't, that would upset the GT gods.
14:34:41 <linda> :(
14:34:54 <Dave from B™> Yeah, you're probably right.
14:35:02 <Eric> GT is a place for hardcore science, not social shenanigans!
14:35:08 <Kat> Kat
14:35:14 <Eric> haha...I sounded so responsible there :-P
14:35:25 <Dave from B™> shenanigans are for this page only; not for GT
14:35:25 <linda> Eric, who are you? lol
14:35:42 <Eric> Someone took over my name
14:35:51 <linda> >(
14:35:57 <Kevin L° 🌵> That is not Eric. It's the GT nazi!
14:36:00 <Eric> I :heart: shenanigans!
14:36:12 <KorbenC> Thats the Eric we all know and enjoy :)
14:36:42 <Eric> But others at GT would probably not appreciate it.
14:36:56 <Ben VL> quick question, is anyone else unable to sign into the xanterra reservations website right now?
14:37:45 <Eric> It's hard when you want to have a respected repository of scientific data and also a user driven social community of observers.
14:38:28 <KorbenC> Ben VL, I can get in, but I know the website has been having issues of late.
14:38:29 <100010> What a lovely day
14:39:37 <Ben VL> it's telling me my username or password are not correct, and when I tried to reset it, it couldn't find my account or reservations
14:40:28 <KorbenC> That is weird
14:40:33 <Dave from B™> Eric, that is why this is the social HQ:)
14:44:59 <Eric> Yep, it's a good place for fun, social shenanigans :-D
14:45:17 <Eric> With GT being the place of record for serious observations..
14:45:32 <linda> Ben VL, I never did set up a successful userid/password on that site. I figured it was me.
14:46:35 <Kat> Ben VL, If you have a park reservation you should have an e-mail response with confirmation
14:47:48 <Ben VL> I do, but I still need to secure 2 nights in the middle of the week, which I was trying to check on
14:51:26 <Kevin L° 🌵> If you try this link you can thumb through the calendar and open dates will show.
14:53:55 <Dave from B™> I think whatever cookie Steve is sharing shouls be on a banner on this page promoting it is the "Gazer Cookie of the Week"
14:54:46 <Eric> Steve usually has a variety...all good too :-D
14:56:24 <Dave from B™> Week 2 of my diet....cookies sound REALLY good right now.
14:58:43 <Kevin L° 🌵> Big snickerdoodle
14:59:30 <Dave from B™> shhhhh
15:00:12 <Kevin L° 🌵> What really sounds good is a nice puff pastry cherry turnover.
15:02:00 <Dave from B™> That's it. I think I gained 2 pounds just thinking about food. Time to go workout. Have a GREEEEAT evening everyone!
15:02:39 <linda> Dave from B™, night, may the cookie be with you
15:02:57 <Kevin L° 🌵> Stop by Marie Calendars and get a sour cream lemon pie on the way home.
15:03:03 <Dave from B™> haha
15:03:31 <Ben VL> gave xanterra a call and they said they are having some pretty massive issues with the website right now
15:03:57 <JarnoO> cya Dave
15:04:01 <linda> I can't get in to cancel somethings for june.
15:04:01 <Ben VL> I would say they definitely are
15:04:24 <Ben VL> what dates are you trying to cancel, linda?
15:04:35 <Ben VL> and are they in madison?
15:04:53 <linda> Ben VL, not madison
15:04:58 <Ben VL> ok
15:05:20 <linda> I think 7/3/-7/7 for OF cabins
15:05:28 <Ben VL> ah
15:05:41 <Ben VL> way out of my budget lol
15:06:02 <linda> I was going to offer them up, cancel them and let someone pick them up. But tha doesn't work right now
15:06:18 <Greg (working)> Bummer you have to cancel, we had cancel our 2wks at Lake for June, last month.
15:06:29 <Ben VL> if they were madison I was gonna ask if you could do that
15:06:48 <Ben VL> I'm sorry you have to cancel tho :(
15:06:50 <linda> Ben VL, and I would if i could :)
15:07:27 <linda> Yeah family cancelled but I have a week in september still
15:07:36 <Ben VL> that's good
15:07:47 <Ben VL> over labor day?
15:07:56 <linda> this included roosevelt and they're not opening in time I don't think
15:08:06 <linda> Ben VL, sept 1-8
15:08:13 <Ben VL> cool
15:08:31 <Ben VL> I'm probably going to try to be up over labor day again
15:08:33 <linda> at OF cabins
15:08:44 <linda> :thumbsup:
15:09:49 <linda> I was talking to my niece a few days ago and she actually forgot we made her reservations for Sept. Who forgets that???? lol
15:10:23 <Ben VL> lol
15:12:35 <linda> wow snow really coming down
15:12:56 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, did you hit the snow button by mistake?
15:13:19 <Kevin L° 🌵> I don't have a snow button!
15:13:34 <linda> :D
15:17:35 <Ben VL> Kevin L° 🌵, maybe you do but it all melts and evaporates before you see any of it
15:17:59 <linda> :)
15:19:28 <Kevin L° 🌵> Not much has fallen here.
15:19:34 <Eric> I am going to sleep in the woods with the coyotes!
15:20:02 <Kevin L° 🌵> Sounds like my Army field trips.
15:20:14 <Eric> :-D
15:20:39 <Eric> I have a really nice tent, pad & sleeping in the woods is not a real hardship :-D
15:21:07 <Eric> tent, pad & bag weigh under 10 pounds all together.
15:21:15 <KorbenC> Craig, what bag do you have? Bivy?
15:21:26 <linda> Eric, what kind?
15:21:40 <Kevin L° 🌵> A motel with no wifi is roughing it.
15:21:57 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, I'm with you hehe
15:22:22 <Eric> I have a nemo kunai tent, just a cheap Kelty disco 20 degree bag, Big Agnes summer inflatable pad and a closed cell foam thermarest for when on snow.
15:22:48 <KorbenC> NEMO Kunai's are amazing for climbing
15:23:12 <Eric> My tent is the new bit that is awesome...can take mountain winds and snow, but still light enough for summer travel.
15:23:13 <linda> It doesn't drop lower than 20?
15:23:41 <Eric> The west coast is pretty warm...but I definitely need a better sleeping bag :-D
15:23:46 <KorbenC> linda, well, if it drops below 20 you probably have enough layers to survive it, and normaly you wait for a day where it is warm.
15:24:11 <KorbenC> I have my -20F bag for sleeping at the trailheads, but a 0F bag for everything else
15:24:21 <Eric> I can also wear down jacket and keep my pants on or use a bag liner if it's colder.
15:25:00 <Eric> sleeping with your clothes on is typical when climbing anyway. At least some of your layers.
15:25:04 <linda> :thumbsup:
15:25:39 <KorbenC> I normally wear my big patagonia down, but I just got a lighter one that keeps me warm on its own till about 20F, and compresses into the size of a softball, it is amazing.
15:25:43 <Eric> I will probably get a mountain hardwear or marmot 0 degree bag at some point, but $500-$700 for decent quality.
15:26:05 <Eric> $1000 for the best stuff.
15:26:15 <Eric> light/warm gear is expensive.
15:26:34 <linda> ever look at hyperlite mountain gear?
15:26:47 <KorbenC> My Patagonia would have been expensive, but we got it free and new :D
15:26:58 <linda> free is good
15:26:58 <linda> 1
15:27:42 <linda> KorbenC, which patagonia jacket is the new one?
15:27:43 <JarnoO> oh, an item of clothing. I thought the region in southern South-America
15:28:18 <linda> :)
15:28:19 <KorbenC> linda, not patagonia, its the Amazon basic one.
15:28:42 <KorbenC> Normally I don't trust cheap gear, but this one is a diamond, best buy ever.
15:28:43 <linda> KorbenC, ah
15:28:44 <Eric> Yep, hyperlite makes great stuff linda
15:29:22 <Eric> patagonia makes awesome clothing!
15:29:35 <KorbenC> My Patagonia down is worth like $400 or $500 :P
15:29:41 <linda> Eric, it crinkles, everytime you move it makes crinkly sounds
15:29:47 <Eric> Would love to have a fluffy patagonia jacket :-D
15:30:06 <Eric> Yes, dyneema fabric is pretty loud
15:30:08 <KorbenC> Eric, they are amazing
15:30:20 <linda> I love patagonia
15:31:20 <linda> Chouinard is amazing
15:31:47 <KorbenC> Linda, they are so warm its amazing
15:33:29 <KorbenC> Eric, what jacket do you have?
15:42:08 <linda> so glacier national park has a ground squirrel cam :lol:
15:43:36 <Kevin L° 🌵> Can you make nachos out of ground squirrel?
15:43:58 <linda> probably
15:44:01 <linda> lol
15:44:14 <Eric> I just have an OR puffy and marmot minimalist I climb in.
15:44:43 <Eric> I get to buy gear after I pay for things like house & daughters college :-P
15:45:03 <Betty> afternoon all
15:45:09 <Eric> I think we missed the last aurum
15:45:39 <Eric> :-P
15:45:47 <linda> Betty, hi
15:45:47 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:45:48 <Betty> hi Eric
15:45:54 <Kevin L° 🌵> Probably so
15:46:09 <Kevin L° 🌵> Good splashing now though.
15:46:13 <Betty> hi Linda and Jarno and Kevin L° 🌵
15:46:26 <linda> Eric, well father's day is coming up :)
15:46:28 <Kevin L° 🌵> Hi Betty
15:46:58 <Betty> triple digits?
15:47:39 <Greg (working)> And OF window is soon, hang on Aurum
15:47:50 <Betty> you lost your TM for °
15:48:08 <Betty> hi Greg 🤠
15:48:13 <linda> I didn't even notice, good eye betty
15:48:25 <Kevin L° 🌵> I did!
15:48:35 <Kevin L° 🌵> Well I guess it is hot here.
15:48:40 <Greg 🤠> Howdy all
15:48:51 <linda> Greg 🤠, howdy pardner
15:48:52 <Kevin L° 🌵> Hi
15:49:07 <Greg 🤠> >(
15:57:17 <Eric> haha...I have been sneaking in gear I have to have, but new jackets and sleeping bags are not on the must have list.
15:57:35 <Eric> Climbing safety gear is not cheap either!
15:58:10 <Kevin L° 🌵> OF ie, controls released.
15:58:23 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for driving Kevin
15:59:39 <Eric> Also needed new stove as my current one sucks at elevation with any wind!
16:03:44 <Betty> thx Kevin
16:07:35 <Betty> castle ie
16:09:58 <Greg 🤠> Clouds are interesting
16:10:08 <Kat> Beautiful!
16:10:18 <Greg 🤠> Hi Kat!
16:10:24 <Kat> Hi!
16:10:51 <linda> Kat, hi
16:11:01 <linda> neat sky
16:11:04 <Kat> That bison is moving in the wrong direction
16:11:18 <Betty> hi Kat
16:11:32 <Kat> Hi Linda, Betty and all
16:27:57 <Greg 🤠> aurum
16:28:49 <Betty> yay
16:29:05 <Kat> WooHoo
16:29:23 <Greg 🤠> Made my shift, woot woot
16:29:28 <linda> :)
16:29:44 <Greg 🤠> Kevin where are you
16:29:48 <linda> nice view
16:30:28 <Greg 🤠> Those people sure scattered fast
16:30:36 <linda> lol
16:30:41 <turn around> you gotta love the guy with his back to Aurum the whole time
16:30:51 <linda> Greg 🤠, he must be with the chickens
16:30:59 <Greg 🤠> LOL
16:31:20 <turn around> I bet it was Steve E
16:31:23 <Betty> chickens or potty break :-)
16:31:40 <Betty> yes, that was Steve
16:32:02 <turn around> he's a riot, really rarely watches an actual eruption
16:35:06 <turn around> I take it back, I guess he did watch most of it, I came in late:)
16:35:12 <Betty> Oblong?
16:51:52 <Betty> headed out, night all
16:52:30 <linda> Betty, night
16:53:24 <JarnoO> night Betty
16:55:56 <Ben VL> night
16:56:13 <Greg 🤠> Night Betty, hi Jarno
16:56:35 <JarnoO> hi Greg
17:01:13 <Kevin Depot> Wrong. I was working on a pen order.
17:01:53 <Kevin Depot> Watch for Giantess. NOW I am going to feed chickens.
17:02:01 <Eric> haha
17:02:08 <Greg 🤠> haha
17:02:33 <Greg 🤠> We are watching
17:14:26 <Kevin L° 🌵> I decided to let the lathe (and operator) cool off a bit.
17:19:20 <A> So I'm here just in time for Giantess eruption?
17:56:18 <Kevin L° 🌵> Is the cam working correctly for you Greg?
17:57:01 <Greg 🤠> yes, no issues that I have noticed
18:02:56 <Kevin L° 🌵> If it set a few minutes for me and I tried to move it then it would lock up and would take about 5 minutes to get it back. I think Windows did an update this morning on my computer but didn't want a restart. Wonder if that could be it.
18:03:28 <Greg 🤠> Windows update, good bet.
18:04:05 <Kevin L° 🌵> I think a Windows computer is a box where you watch software update.
18:04:21 <Greg 🤠> Right!
18:05:32 <Kevin L° 🌵> Well I guess I better head to the depot and finish a project before crab fishing starts.
18:10:30 <linda> Kevin L° 🌵, maybe set it to ask you before it updates?
18:15:08 <Greg 🤠> Riverside
18:16:50 <linda> pretty riverside
18:37:10 <ChrisO> I smell doggies :)
18:39:52 <linda> ChrisO, hi
18:40:35 <ChrisO> hey :)
18:52:08 <Greg 🤠> Leaving this in OF, dinner time, brb
18:52:53 <Kevin Depot> I updates after hours Linda but loads stuff after I start it.
19:00:10 <linda> :(
19:18:59 <11> daisy is due
19:19:56 <Greg 🤠> yup, already heading that way
19:44:58 <Greg 🤠> :grand:
19:45:12 <KorbenC> Hi Greg.
19:45:53 <Greg 🤠> Hi Korben
19:46:42 <Greg 🤠> That was impressive
19:55:14 <Greg 🤠> Controls are touchy tonight
19:57:56 <linda> Greg 🤠, it's weird how that happens
19:58:32 <linda> the other morning first time I touched it cam zoomed all over and then it was ok
19:59:42 <Greg 🤠> And the entire world is watching you...
20:00:07 <linda> no pressure lol
20:00:17 <Greg 🤠> Right
20:13:57 <KorbenC> Greg 🤠, can we maybe zoom in on Aurum, I think it is getting close to its time.
20:14:13 <Greg 🤠> aGAIN?
20:14:39 <KorbenC> Aurum is a pain, lol.
20:14:43 <KorbenC> Thanks Greg!
20:14:59 <Greg 🤠> IK love Aurum
20:15:12 <linda> wow I guess it has been 4 hrs
20:15:22 <KorbenC> Greg, Aurum is going to make us suffer, but make sure we "enjoy" our suffering
20:15:26 <linda> no only 2
20:16:01 <linda> hehe I was right 4
20:16:33 <Greg 🤠> 1627 was the last Aurum
20:16:50 <linda> time flies when you are having fun
20:16:58 <Greg 🤠> Weeeeeee
20:17:16 <Greg 🤠> I wont spin the cam though
20:17:33 <KorbenC> Greg 🤠, lol, I was waitng for hte cam to do 360's
20:20:30 <Kevin L° 🌵> Chickens look hungry
20:20:50 <Greg 🤠> OMG funny stuff
20:21:20 <linda> :)
20:22:11 <KorbenC> Aurum looks steamy but not splashing that much. Thanks again Greg.
20:22:32 <Greg 🤠> np, love Aurum
20:23:14 <KorbenC> woah
20:23:23 <KorbenC> Giantess doing something over there
20:32:42 <linda> night all
20:33:01 <Greg 🤠> Night Linda, have agreat evening and Wed.
20:33:03 <KorbenC> Bye Linda
20:41:03 <Greg 🤠> of
20:58:27 <KorbenC> G'night all.
20:58:46 <Greg 🤠> Night Korben, have a good one
21:10:13 <Kevin L° 🌵> Thought that Doublet cloud was Aurum for a minute.
21:24:44 <Greg 🤠> The sun has now set on the magical place we call Yellowstone. Thanks for tagging along, have a great evening and remember to keep smiling.
21:25:00 <Greg 🤠> Controls have been released. Night
21:25:11 <Kevin L° 🌵> Good night
21:25:40 <Greg 🤠> Kevin, the controls were wacky the last hour, very touchy
21:25:43 <Kevin L° 🌵> Chief is due in Flagstaff in about an hour.
21:26:10 <Greg 🤠> I'll be watching, always like to catch her, except the other day when it was 10 hours late
21:26:51 <Kevin L° 🌵> I think it didn't make it to LA until early this morning!
21:27:28 <Kevin L° 🌵> It will be daily on May 31st.
21:27:36 <Greg 🤠> Right, I checked in the monring to see where it was, that is one train I would not have wanted to be on. I was waiting for the next #3 to catch her
21:28:27 <Kevin L° 🌵> There was one once that was 32 hours late!
21:28:41 <Greg 🤠> ouch!
21:29:04 <Kevin L° 🌵> I like train rides but not that much.
21:29:06 <Greg 🤠> Time to go feed the dogs, later
21:29:16 <Kevin L° 🌵> Night