Showing logs for date: 2021-05-16
05:26:34 <Linda> Wow it's fixed
05:29:09 <Joe> It is up but doesn't like very many moves, it freezes and refuse to move, if it gets too many commands it looses its mind.
05:30:07 <Linda> Like many of us humans :)
05:30:45 <Linda> Joe, when did it recover?
05:31:07 <Joe> It reminds me of me! :)
05:31:21 <Joe> 0110
05:31:50 <Linda> :)
05:33:24 <Joe> I did not get pre-positions until much later, and the display was shifted to the right and finally corrected itself about 0500
05:35:06 <Linda> Huh I guess it needs like an automatic reboot every few days
05:36:31 <Joe> Yes the VCA processing is very high yet, so it may tip over at any time
05:39:58 <Linda> It's always something 🙄
05:40:46 <Joe> Grand is due but unless the fog clears...
05:52:30 <Joe> loose = loses**
05:54:05 <Joe> looses**
05:54:34 <Joe> sheesh!!
06:07:01 <Joe> Grand
06:07:05 <Joe> .
06:32:57 <Joe> OF
06:56:32 <Joe> camera freezing at times
06:58:19 <visitor 1> Liuon
06:58:24 <visitor 1> lion
06:58:35 <Betty> morning all
07:00:45 <Forestbewithyou> Morning all
07:03:49 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou, Joe
07:04:33 <Joe> Good morning Betty
07:31:00 <KorbenC> Morning all
07:31:26 <Betty> morning KorbenC
07:31:35 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
07:31:54 <KorbenC> Hi Forest
07:31:55 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty, Korben
07:49:59 <visitor 1> Little Cub
08:16:59 <Betty> lion in there?
08:17:22 <visitor 1> yes
08:17:41 <Betty> trying to hide
09:02:29 <visitor 1> Castle
09:43:23 <visitor 1> OF
09:51:14 <CC> Camera has frozen on OF
09:51:21 <CC> signing off
10:01:28 <Betty> ohoh
10:07:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> This is OF?
10:08:02 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ 🌵, yes ;-)
10:08:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Maybe she should have said "Spinning off".
10:09:01 <Betty> guess it´s the top of the dome
10:09:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I know what the problem is. It thinks it is a drill.
10:16:20 <Betty> wb, cam
10:16:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wow! A miracle happened!
10:29:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Gee, it is still working!
10:38:10 <Betty> I missed Aurum :-(
10:38:38 <DaveM> Camera controls are very unpredictable right now. I tried to move to Aurum but it was almost over before the camera responded.
10:38:49 <Betty> Hi DaveM and Jeff and Mike J
10:39:01 <Jeff> hi betty
10:39:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just lucky to have something
10:39:17 <Jeff> is it just me or is the feed cutting in and out for anyone else?
10:40:47 <Betty> cam is not in best shape
10:41:15 <Jeff> the little bit i can watch the quality looks better though lol
10:41:16 <Mike J> Greetings Betty. And good morning, afternoon, evening, etc. to everyone else
11:02:58 <linda> greetings peeps! It's a bonus that the cam is up today.
11:07:42 <Jeff> hey linda
11:11:20 <Betty> hi Linda
11:12:15 <Betty> OF ie
11:13:34 <DaveM> I tried to move it to OF preset, 4 minutes later is started moveing and went wild.
11:13:53 <Jeff> thats not good
11:14:43 <linda> It likes that spot
11:14:57 <linda> Betty, hi
11:15:00 <linda> Jeff, hi
11:15:54 <linda> uh kevin couldn't take it. :)
11:16:14 <Mike J> In three weeks, I won't have to rely on the cam. I'll be there in person. Huzzah!
11:16:27 <linda> Mike J, hoorah
11:16:39 <linda> Mike J, how long?
11:17:17 <Mike J> Actually, getting in on the 7th, leaving on the 11th. So, at least three full days.
11:17:38 <Mike J> And then another trip planned July23rd - 26th.
11:17:43 <Mike J> I'm trying to make up for lost time
11:18:03 <linda> :) sounds great
11:33:23 <Giantyes?> that bison's risking it
11:34:16 <ransom> I have never seen one stuck in a hole, have you?
11:35:01 <Giantyes?> me neither
11:36:18 <Giantyes?> the older ones know what they can and can't do where. It's more the calves and young ones which I'd think get stuck
11:36:26 <Giantyes?> or fall into something
11:37:46 <Giantyes?> and that's the Arrowhead sign rolled I think
11:38:26 <Micah (Dorm)> A volunteer replaced some of the broken boards on the bw yesterday, including the Lion Bench.
11:38:41 <Giantyes?> nice
11:38:43 <Micah (Dorm)> I hope that fuzzball doesn't send any progress back.
11:39:41 <Giantyes?> I don't think the new replacements would be easily broken. They're new wood (I hope so at least) which can take more stress than the old ones in most circumstances
11:40:13 <Micah (Dorm)> There's plenty of other old boards that are ready to go
11:40:27 <Micah (Dorm)> Don't think they could take ~500 pounds.
11:40:35 <Giantyes?> definitely not
11:40:51 <Giantyes?> I think that was a good N rim there
11:41:28 <ransom> I am stuck on a volunteer doing it. I thought it took several crews with lots of closed signs.
11:41:34 <Giantyes?> your Giantess note yesterday sparked some hope. Good to read both Vault and Giantess were nearly full
11:41:46 <Micah (Dorm)> It's having wide boils every few minutes like yesterday, but nothing crazy tall like I saw from Aurum
11:42:00 <Micah (Dorm)> ransom there is exactly one person on the boardwalk crew this year.
11:42:19 <Micah (Dorm)> The Volunteer had 3-4 boards over his shoulder with a duffle bag full of hammers, nails, and a power drill for screws
11:43:37 <Micah (Dorm)> I snapped a pic of him fixing the Lion Bench yesterday.
11:44:10 <Micah (Dorm)> The board closest to lion had become completely detached. So I asked him if he had a little bit of time and some extra nails to resecure it.
12:00:20 <BHI> BHI I erupting
12:00:51 <BHI> Is
12:02:24 <BHI> Maybe we can watch it?
12:04:27 <BHI> Big crowd for BH
12:05:14 <ransom> They did not pay attention to the breeze.
12:05:17 <BHI> 15 + min Indy helps with that
12:05:44 <BHI> :-}
12:06:25 <Betty> almost missed it :-) cool
12:06:34 <BHI> That is great
12:06:57 <BHI> Really chasing them
12:07:21 <ransom> A pump duel
12:07:48 <BHI> Swords or pistols?
12:08:05 <ransom> bats
12:08:34 <BHI> :lol:
12:08:41 <ransom> Well, enjoy the rest of the day watching old fizzywig.
12:09:24 <Betty> we wait for grandd and riverside and F&M
12:09:52 <Micah (Dorm)> I
12:10:01 <BHI> Glad we didn’t miss BH
12:10:04 <Micah (Dorm)> I plan to head to Lower later this afternoon once the crowds die down at FPP
12:10:35 <Betty> hope for morning?
12:11:04 <Micah (Dorm)> Nah. Just Ftn.
12:11:09 <BHI> There is zero sign of Morning
12:11:12 <Micah (Dorm)> There's no indicators that Morning wants to join the party right now
12:11:24 <Betty> bummer
12:11:39 <Micah (Dorm)> Eh. It is what it is.
12:11:59 <Micah (Dorm)> What I might do is actually park in the Dirt FAiry FAlls lot and literally scope out MGB-1
12:12:03 <BHI> Guessing winter reports were really MT
12:12:20 <Micah (Dorm)> *Vague hand gestures indicating uncertainty*
12:12:24 <Betty> I hope I can see any geyser this year...
12:13:13 <Micah (Dorm)> We hope you can get out here Betty
12:13:19 <BHI> 100% hoping the US does not allow that Betty. There will be next year.
12:14:00 <Betty> guess that is more realistic
12:14:05 <BHI> Last thing needed is foreigners this year
12:14:14 <Micah (Dorm)> They're already here BHI
12:14:45 <Micah (Dorm)> I think that ship has sailed
12:15:00 <Micah (Dorm)> Now it's just a matter of how many people are going to get jabbed.
12:15:20 <Micah (Dorm)> We're already seeing June July numbers.
12:15:27 <Micah (Dorm)> 5 million this year is being tossed around
12:16:01 <BHI> The park is not seeing June numbers!
12:16:09 <linda> what's one more? :)
12:16:33 <BHI> Careful of fake news
12:16:36 <Micah (Dorm)> Believe what you wanna believe BHI. I'm out in the basin and I've been talking with rangers. It's already crowded.
12:17:00 <BHI> Crowded yes, June crowds, no
12:17:07 <Micah (Dorm)> Believe what you wanna believe.
12:17:27 <BHI> Statistics don’t lie. Wait and see
12:18:19 <Betty> was the park less frequented last year?
12:18:38 <BHI> No, more
12:18:41 <Micah (Dorm)> During the summer yes. but then they shattered records in August, September, and October
12:18:48 <Betty> wow
12:19:04 <Micah (Dorm)> FPP is already nuts
12:19:22 <Micah (Dorm)> Which is why I'm waiting for later this afternoon when it thins out
13:14:12 <Giantyes?> Grand
13:18:52 <linda> that's a great view
13:19:15 <linda> now if we could just move a few trees
13:32:26 <Giantyes?> D3/T1C 1313:46 10m27s
13:33:07 <Giantyes?> Arty
14:56:18 <d> .
14:56:26 <d> ..
15:55:48 <GO STEAMBOAT> belated happy birthday Korben
16:11:32 <Sam> Almost 2 hours for OF
16:12:17 <Giantyes?> OF 1610 static
16:12:17 <Sam> There is is on static
16:12:37 <DaveM> And the camera is stuck down basin.
16:12:56 <linda> :(
16:14:36 <Sam> Nothing on static anymore. I'd say that one was another short
16:14:55 <Giantyes?> I still have water on the 1613 frame
16:15:52 <Sam> I think I just see steam on my 1613 frame.
16:16:08 <linda> i didn't quit :)
16:16:27 <Sam> Meh. No matter.
16:28:36 <Giantyes?> slow carrousel this time
16:32:49 <Giantyes?> Giantess' pool is high. Can't even make out a ledge clearly
16:37:40 <Giantyes?> beautiful evening red at Fagradalshraun:
16:40:38 <Giantyes?> soon it'll be 24 hours a day light there
16:46:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice sunset
16:49:39 <Giantyes?> it'll start becoming light just after 0300 Icelandic time or so again
17:17:27 <Giantyes?> Enjoy Grotto. G'day all
19:04:10 <Craig M> Hey all
19:04:33 <linda> hey
19:04:43 <KorbenC> Craig M, linda, all, hi
19:05:02 <linda> KorbenC, hi
19:05:34 <linda> wish I was sitting out there
19:07:27 <KorbenC> has anyone heard from Eric today, (did he summit)?
19:07:52 <linda> no idea
20:15:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Justin Hillard has an interesting cloud Korben
20:22:36 <Ron> Are we zoomed in on the Daisy area?
20:45:27 <kB> Why is the cam staying on the Daisy area? Is it broken again?
20:52:06 <DaveM> camera is broken, again
21:00:41 <Joe> I have sent emails to NPS people since 1600 Saturday when the camera first failed, T he camera did come back up at 0100 this morning but has been failing periodically since.
21:34:38 <DaveM> Thanks, Joe. The camera controls didn't work well most of the day. They were delayed over 15 seconds most of the day with periods of delay from 5 to 15 minutes.
21:35:20 <DaveM> Obviously a problem with teh CPU being hammered at 100% all day long.