Showing logs for date: 2021-05-22
04:39:58 <Linda> OF
05:05:09 <Joe> Lion
05:27:15 <Joe> riverside
05:49:24 <Joe>  [b]V[/b] 
05:51:38 <Joe> [ b]v[/b] 
05:53:36 <Joe> [ b]v[/b]
06:12:04 <Joe> OF
06:24:05 <JarnoO> g'morning all
06:24:38 <Joe> JarnoO,  morning
06:40:48 <KorbenC> Good morning.
06:47:26 <linda> KorbenC, morning
06:47:52 <linda> morning all
06:48:11 <KorbenC> linda, hi
06:48:38 <KorbenC> JO: Sub TS Ana if you haven't already seen, Gulf System lost all convection as expected, now 0/0
06:49:02 <JarnoO> saw that
06:50:40 <LindaGp> Morning kevin
06:50:51 <LindaGp> morning jarno and joe
06:50:59 <KorbenC> I also think that here soon we are going to see a 0/30 in EPAC off the coast of central america.
06:51:06 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin, JO, Joe
06:58:30 <linda> signing in
07:01:26 <LindaGp> Got it
07:01:28 <JarnoO> morning Kevin, Linda, Korben
07:09:11 <Kevin 🥔🥔> Are the Tetons clear today Linda?
07:09:20 <LindaGp> I think the onlynwaynwe will know about grand if there is an in basin report
07:27:37 <AB> oh dear, we have lost the lower half of the basin
07:28:10 <LindaGp> :(
07:29:16 <LindaGp> BRB
07:30:49 <LindaGp> Back
07:30:53 <JarnoO> Another proof that blocking the way of lava doesn't work. In Iceland they built a retaining wall to prevent lava flowing into a valley, also to save electricity and telecommunications lines and an important road. Today it broke through that and now arrived at the valley before those.
07:31:16 <LindaGp> Lion
07:32:21 <KorbenC> Somewhat interesting interval, 2.5hrs
07:32:40 <KorbenC> Probably missed a minor somewhere, or it just had 2 1.25hr intervals :)
07:32:44 <JarnoO> at least a double interval, possibly triple with a minor
07:32:47 <AB> did you have a better idea for Iceland Jarno?
07:33:13 <JarnoO> no
07:33:43 <KorbenC> I think iceland should use the magma to increase their "geothermal" (is it even geothermal?) power percentage,
07:34:08 <JarnoO> bombing doesn't work, barriers don't either (tried at Mauna Loa and now here)
07:34:23 <JarnoO> Korben, too unstable to do anything useful with it
07:34:36 <JarnoO> other than taking samples that is
07:34:40 <KorbenC> JarnoO, probably why they don't use it.
07:35:44 <JarnoO> the problem with barriers is that you're saving up a whole bunch of lava. Once the barrier breaks, all that lava will find its way to the lowest spot at a rate higher than if it were to let go gradually
07:36:40 <JarnoO> doesn't help that the valley behind the barrier is tens of meter down with a fairly steep slope
07:45:42 <JarnoO> Google Translate is pretty rubbish when it comes to translating Icelandic to English
07:47:29 <JarnoO> per translate: ""This is not rugby, it is thin-flowing and therefore passes faster and is a thinner layer," says Bogi. "We are watching, we have the pulse of this and we have a group there to manage traffic. This goes down the slope fast, but when it comes down there is resistance and it does not go as fast. People need to be aware that if they accumulate, they can take such a small sprint" (...)"
07:49:21 <KorbenC> lmao
08:00:27 <LindaGp> Who broke OF?
08:01:29 <LindaGp> Of
08:04:21 <Kevin 🥔🥔> It has square water
08:05:07 <LindaGp> 😊
08:07:30 <LindaGp> Morning dave
08:07:54 <Dave from B™> Morning Linda and all others watching the pixel cam
08:08:15 <Kevin 🥔🥔> Hi Dave
08:08:39 <JarnoO> morning Dave
08:09:09 <LindaGp> Ah the advantage of being a camop, no pixels but too small to see anything
08:09:33 <Dave from B™> Double potato?
08:10:08 <Kevin 🥔🥔> 2nd iPad
08:14:59 <LindaGp> Doggie. For chris
08:15:47 <LindaGp> lighting is yucky
08:32:02 <Dave from B™> Kevin, are you goin g home tomorrow?
08:37:40 <Kevin 🥔🥔> I will be leaving Monday
08:39:04 <Kevin 🥔🥔> Glad I didn’t get that 2nd night. West entrance looks ugly.
08:40:57 <LindaGp> Lol no down basin
08:43:30 <LindaGp> Wow 360
08:44:28 <Dave from B™> Sorry you had to endure winter in May
08:48:39 <LindaGp> Hi tom
08:49:03 <TomK> Hi Linda, good morning all.
08:49:24 <LindaGp> Been a slow morning
08:50:07 <TomK> Last week someone told me how to get the cam to load, it's still trying after 5 minutes. Help!
08:50:34 <LindaGp> Once you hit sign in thwn hit cancel
08:50:59 <TomK> Been there, done that
08:51:26 <LindaGp> ☹ oh
08:51:29 <TomK> There was something else in addition
08:51:54 <LindaGp> Dont know that is what i do and dont have problem
08:52:10 <TomK> Live? refresh?
08:52:29 <LindaGp> You could hit live
08:52:47 <TomK> I never had it before, last Saturday was the first time, again today.
08:53:56 <TomK> After 10 minutes, got a pictue on Stream 1. Progress.
08:53:59 <LindaGp> Try live, it will give you sign in again, hit sign in and then keep hitting cancel until it loads
08:54:10 <LindaGp> Oh thats good
08:54:43 <TomK> Got it, be right back with cuppa tea, etc.
08:54:58 <LindaGp> :thumbsup:
08:58:52 <TomK> Back. All we have is OF window at 0925?
08:59:23 <JarnoO> downbasin has been completely fogged in
08:59:38 <TomK> I'll take it, TY
08:59:43 <LindaGp> Pretry mich fo%ed in
09:00:08 <LindaGp> *fogged
09:00:30 <LindaGp> Controls released
09:00:43 <LindaGp> Hope it clears for you
09:00:47 <LindaGp> Bye
09:00:49 <TomK> Hi, JarnoO,
09:00:58 <TomK> Bye Linda
09:02:04 <JarnoO> morning Tom
09:04:19 <TomK> Morning here in Zulu -8, Where you are?
09:05:04 <JarnoO> UTC+2
09:06:34 <TomK> Lol, Old man, Old desigation... UTC is more correct. ;)
09:07:17 <JarnoO> they still use Z in timestamps to signify UTC0, though
09:08:49 <JarnoO> less often I see T between date and time though
09:09:01 <JarnoO> usually it seems to be a space now
09:15:20 <TomK> I thought we might see more at OF, not really.
09:23:11 <TomK> I switched it to the Myriad group, can't even see the Inn!
09:26:02 <TomK> OF window
09:27:10 <JarnoO> even with a working cam the static proves more useful, but only just
09:28:17 <TomK> True
09:39:34 <Craig M> wow
09:39:36 <linda> didn't think it could get worse, but it did
09:39:39 <Craig M> snowing HARD
09:39:45 <Craig M> happy May everyone lol
09:39:54 <linda> Craig M, hi
09:39:57 <Craig M> I arrive in two weeks to the park :P
09:40:02 <linda> I think just fogged in
09:40:15 <JarnoO> OF went per static. Everyone leaving
09:41:16 <TomK> Cam is on OF because of the window. Check out the west gate cam. Blue sky, some clouds and a line of cars as far as you can see.
09:41:16 <JarnoO> can see some darkening consistent with an eruptive plume on the 0936 frame
09:41:57 <linda> TomK, wow they are in for a rude awakening when they get to OF
09:42:12 <Craig M> oh wow we're already heavily backed up before June
09:42:14 <TomK> Back to the hill...
09:51:09 <TomK> I'll be there next week, will need someone else to take my shifts.
09:52:11 <Dave from B™> Hi, llJm
09:52:23 <lori lurking Je> Quick question. Does anyone know if they ever closed the gates to YNP for capacity? I know for road conditions, for an accidents at certain gates, and for Covid. But for capacity?
09:53:10 <Dave from B™> Lori,
09:53:18 <Dave from B™> I don't think they ever have
09:53:26 <Dave from B™> I saw it in Arches everyday
09:53:38 <TomK> No, but there's been talk at NPS meetings.
09:54:13 <TomK> No action, just wishful talk.
09:54:42 <JarnoO> probably won't do it for Yellowstone either - isn't there a road going through the upper part of Yellowstone which remains open year-round for people having to cross?
09:55:05 <Dave from B™> I'm not sure there is a people problem. I think there is a vehicle problem.
09:55:40 <lori lurking Je> Yep. Having a "discussion" and I say not that I am ever aware of and the other persons says "but once or twice a year is not unusual historically speaking."
09:56:01 <JarnoO> that would only be in case of accidents, no?
09:56:13 <JarnoO> or maintenance for that matter
09:56:15 <TomK> Yes, road to Silver City and Cooke City
09:56:28 <lori lurking Je> they are claiming capacity closure.
09:58:14 <JarnoO> I have a hard head in capacity closures - they upgraded N entrance recently
09:58:18 <TomK> I've heard that Yosemite has capacity limits and you have to wait in line for someone to leave before you can get in.
09:59:34 <JarnoO> and even if, that road between Silver and Cooke needs to be opened anyway with junctions leading to roads going further into Yellowstone
09:59:50 <lori lurking Je> Yosemite, RMNP timed entry, Glacier, Zion shuttle.
10:00:50 <lori lurking Je> If none of you recall a closure for capacity, I am holding my ground and saying it did not happen.
10:00:55 <Dave from B™> Yosemite and Zion have canyons that 90% of vistors use.....YNP is a much larger road system
10:03:34 <lori lurking Je> yep. totally different type of park in Yellowstone.
10:04:58 <Dave from B™> I still think we will see optional shuttles to OF in the next decade from West for those who think the only thing in YNP is Old Faithful
10:07:40 <Dave from B™> TomK, you are a former ranger, correct?
10:09:50 <TomK> Yes, worked Yellowstone from 1995 to 2010.
10:11:08 <Dave from B™> I know Supt Sholley is replacing lots of old dilipdated park housing. Do you know if they are adding housing capacity for staff or keeping it the same?
10:11:59 <TomK> Summer seasonal OF 1995-98, Drove the tour bus 1999, Madison 2000-03 and back to Of 2004-2010.
10:12:37 <TomK> Adding new housing.
10:13:07 <TomK> Whoops, total units th same, replacing old ones
10:14:50 <Dave from B™> Darn. I was hoping they were adding
10:16:14 <Dave from B™> Thank you for your service. My college roommate just retired after working LE in YNP for 32 years
10:17:13 <TomK> I'm not current on the housing, I'll find out.
10:17:30 <TomK> Who was he?
10:17:35 <Dave from B™> Allan Bush
10:18:15 <Dave from B™> Finished at Mammoth but started at East Entrance. Also, worked at Grant
10:20:47 <TomK> Didn't know him. It's a big park. ;)
10:21:24 <Dave from B™> A huge staff, too
10:25:15 <Dave from B™> Hey, Krazy Kat!
10:26:00 <Dave from B™> Are you freezing?
10:39:49 <TomK> Dave from B™, PS, I was a Ranger-Naturalist (now "interp") So I only knew the local LEs.
10:55:31 <Kevin 🥔> Tom was fun at OF.
10:56:31 <TomK> ?
10:57:28 <Kevin 🥔> You were a ranger that liked the gazers.
10:58:38 <TomK> They taught me almost everything I know about geysers. Especially Mary Beth
10:59:16 <Craig M> i'm beginning to see ghosts of geysers out there
11:00:14 <Kevin 🥔> I remember you would be gazing on your off duty time.
11:00:26 <TomK> Some of the young kids just out of college & given a ranger hat thought they knew everything, and the NPS rules were all.
11:00:50 <TomK> Yes, I love geysers, see you next week in the basin
11:01:55 <Kevin 🥔> You got it. I learned a lot from Butch, T Scott, the Strasser’s, Herb Warren, and John Muller.
11:02:16 <TomK> OF window
11:03:01 <TomK> Right, Butch & Sam at the VC and T Scott in the basins
11:04:08 <TomK> Butch will be back again in the fall. Sept to closing
11:05:47 <Kevin 🥔> That is great. I usually call in Indy during the off season and catch him. One of my favorite people for sure.
11:06:48 <JarnoO> Fluffer
11:06:51 <Kevin 🥔> Sam was also great. Enjoyed church services with him there too.
11:08:20 <Kevin 🥔> My kid made it to West. Was going to go through the Tetons but decided against it with road conditions.
11:11:48 <TomK> Starting to clear a little
11:12:26 <Kevin 🥔> It is a very nice day in Idaho Falls.
11:13:39 <Kevin 🥔> Hi Lori lurking. I was thinking of you and Todd when I watched Aurum not erupt.
11:13:47 <TomK> Riverside window...
11:15:44 <Kevin 🥔> Had an interesting Grand. Overflowed then dropped, overflowed again then dropped again, then Grand from a low pool.
11:17:59 <TomK> Good luck with Riverside. Back to the hill.
11:25:51 <TomK> Riverside?
11:25:54 <JarnoO> Riverside ie
11:34:14 <Craig M> thats a big steam patch mid basin
11:35:50 <TomK> From Doublet?
11:36:09 <Kevin 🥔> I left so Aurum can erupt now.
11:36:15 <Craig M> just the humidity probably
11:37:27 <Kevin 🥔> Beach Spring has so giant boils when I was there.
11:47:46 <TomK> No predictions for Grand, Daisy or times for Lion, so it's just luck & see what we can catch. Any requests?
11:49:21 <TomK> Lot of steam at daisy
11:52:10 <JarnoO> oh hi Grand
11:52:32 <TomK> :)
12:01:49 <Kevin 🥔> Nice 2b
12:02:43 <JarnoO> hi Bee
12:02:56 <TomK> Hello BH!
12:03:24 <Craig M> was that with no indy?
12:03:35 <JarnoO> there's Indy
12:04:53 <JarnoO> not sure if no Indy. There's steam coming from that corner on the static but can't tell which source it's from
12:04:57 <TomK> We were watching Grand, switched back to the hill & there was BH.
12:10:01 <JarnoO> Beehive was with Indicator actually
12:10:03 <Alf> Daisy within in the next 30 min
12:10:14 <JarnoO> just difficult to see
12:10:15 <TomK> So who's next: Lion, Castle or Daisy?
12:10:43 <Alf> Daisy :)
12:11:14 <JarnoO> Lion likely not in your shift, Castle neither. Daisy sits at almost ten hours, but given the poor weather it could be as much as an hour out or so
12:12:08 <JarnoO> of course if you have the cam the rest of day then all will probably happen in your shift :P
12:13:00 <TomK> No, I'm of at 1300, then packing, etc for trip.
12:13:07 <Alf> Michelle in 47 then Joe
12:13:13 <JarnoO> to Yellowstone, Tom?
12:13:22 <TomK> Yes
12:13:28 <JarnoO> nice
12:13:46 <TomK> Joanne starts next week-end.
12:14:03 <JarnoO> for how long will you be staying?
12:16:13 <TomK> We get there Thursday evening, set up her apartment Friday, I'll be in the basins Sat-Mon, Down to Mammoth Tuesday & i leave Wednesday
12:17:06 <JarnoO> short but sweet trip
12:17:35 <TomK> I'll be back for Labor Day week-end
12:17:46 <JarnoO> nice
12:30:17 <TomK> OF window
12:35:46 <JarnoO> fairly quick
12:58:23 <TomK> Hi Michelle. Best guess is Daisy may be soon. You ready?
12:58:24 <Michelle> Good afternoon!
12:58:52 <Craig M> it looks like sawmill area went back to normal?
13:00:20 <Michelle> I'm ready. How does everyone pan so good? Would a mouse work better? Do you use the wheel? I was told not to touch the wheel.
13:01:10 <TomK> I just use the +/- keys and the arrows on the screen
13:02:01 <JarnoO> CraigM, not sure. HK mentioned that yesterday Tardy had collapsing bubbles in the vent
13:02:21 <JarnoO> afternoon Forest, Michelle
13:02:29 <TomK> OK, bye all, see you in the basins next week.
13:02:42 <JarnoO> cya Tom, enjoy your stay
13:03:16 <Michelle> Every time I do that it takes off fast. So put the white arrow on the screen and use the + and -. Not the keyboard?
13:03:48 <Michelle> Bye Tom
13:06:47 <Michelle> Nope. Don't have the panning skills. Don't want to go spinning.
13:07:06 <Michelle> Someday
13:07:34 <JarnoO> and if you just do a keypress at once?
13:08:48 <Michelle> My key press makes short moves or takes off
13:09:51 <JarnoO> sounds like sticky keys
13:11:06 <JarnoO> Daisy
13:11:46 <Michelle> Using a chromebook, was wondering if I should get a mouse instead of the keypad
13:11:59 <JarnoO> 11h quintuple interval
13:13:12 <JarnoO> I would recommend a mouse, but I've been using one with every laptop I've had :)
13:15:22 <Michelle> Ok. Next time I will try a mouse. See if it helps my pan. And my shaky zoom. Practice, but hard to do.
13:15:33 <Michelle> Thank you!
13:16:19 <JarnoO> mouses do take out much of the shakiness, while mousepads respond to generally every movement you do
13:19:11 <JarnoO> ±3m21s for that Daisy. Next Daisy around 1510-1515 or so
13:19:57 <JarnoO> might be shorter if current conditions persist
13:20:43 <JarnoO> think that's OT ie
13:24:47 <Craig M> i think shorter intervals would be splendid
14:17:23 <Craig M> Lion looking happy
14:44:42 <Craig M> LC
14:51:49 <JarnoO> for the bored people watching: Etna's having its third paroxysm in 7 days:
14:53:35 <JarnoO> it had been inactive for quite some time following its paroxysm early April
14:54:19 <Michelle> Wow, way better!
14:54:39 <JarnoO> it's at maximum tremor level currently, so this tall fountaining won't be lasting for too long
14:55:18 <kiawe> Anyone have any idea why the Old Faithful webcam has been so pixelated lately? It hasn't looked right since they fixed it in April.
14:56:07 <JarnoO> variable bitrate - the resolution of the footage is changed up or down based on the available bandwidth. More pixellation equals little bandwidth, nearly none equals high bandwidth availability
14:56:53 <JarnoO> also the base resolution (720p) isn't particularly helping the situation
14:56:53 <kiawe> I'm based in HI, so I would think I'm seeing it at off-peak times. Still pixelated even in the nighttime.
14:57:21 <JarnoO> it's all going through a T1
14:57:44 <kiawe> Remember when t1 used to be impressive :D
14:58:13 <JarnoO> they're busy with fiber, targeted completed rollout is 2023 or 2024 or so
14:58:33 <kiawe> *crosses fingers*
14:59:23 <JarnoO> they had their environmental assessment open for comments a few weeks ago by now (or almost a month). I hope the outcome is positive
15:01:22 <JarnoO> Daisy steamy
15:02:12 <JarnoO> Etna is a one-vent show. Had hoped a few more would popup. Maybe in a few minutes
15:03:20 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:03:40 <Betty> afternoon all, evening JarnoO
15:03:55 <JarnoO> OT ie
15:05:30 <JarnoO> Betty, if you're not watching Eurovision, you can watch Etna giving off a show instead:
15:05:32 <kiawe> Aloha :D
15:08:08 <Betty> sure I`m watching Eurovision :-)
15:12:59 <kiawe> Etna is spectacular. We haven't seen anything like that from Kilauea for a couple of years.
15:13:12 <JarnoO> Etna is now actually acting like a stereotypical volcano :)
15:13:24 <kiawe> Last time it incinerated some housing developments.
15:14:17 <JarnoO> probably will be a few years before it does anything like that, if the time between Kilauea Iki, Mauna Ulu and Pu'u 'O'o mean anything
15:15:56 <JarnoO> oh darn, southern wind. Daisy doesn't like that
15:16:12 <kiawe> Or Mauna Loa could get into the act.
15:16:31 <JarnoO> I'd love to see Mauna Loa active
15:16:40 <JarnoO> without casualties that is
15:16:45 <kiawe> Not if you live in Hilo :)
15:17:09 <JarnoO> haha
15:19:03 <Betty> that´s quite an eruption
15:21:05 <kiawe> GTG; I have people to assist. Aloha!
15:21:18 <JarnoO> cya kiawe
15:21:28 <Betty> by
15:21:37 <Betty> bye
15:28:00 <JarnoO> Daisy
15:31:25 <JarnoO> the bell rings 2330 at Etna
15:31:37 <JarnoO> bells*
15:32:44 <JarnoO> tremor level is plateauing
15:34:54 <JarnoO> 1527:±43 ±3m11s
15:35:07 <JarnoO> long interval is bad for duration
15:35:28 <JarnoO> decently clear picture from time to time now. Nice
15:36:53 <Betty> yeah
15:46:42 <Michelle> Joe, do you use a mouse for panning and zooming?
15:47:20 <Joe> Michelle, yes I do use a mouse.
15:48:51 <Michelle> Ok. Thank you. I will have a mouse before the next shift. This keypad isn't working for me. I may have a question or 2 when I do.
15:50:04 <Joe> sometimes I tend to overshoot when I use the scroll wheel too fast, but it gets easier with time.
15:50:21 <Michelle> Every time I try to pan it takes off.
15:50:38 <Betty> hi Michelle and Joe
15:51:31 <Joe> Yes it would as with the keypad you have less sensitivity
15:51:40 <Joe> Hi Betty
15:51:47 <Michelle> I was told not to touch the wheel. I want to be able to pan like you guys do, but can't get it down
15:52:00 <Michelle> Hi Betty!
15:53:41 <Joe> with the mouse just put the arrow in the direction you wish to move keeping as close to center as possible then press the button it will pan slow then when you are near let up on the button
15:54:35 <Joe> The wheel is difficult, I mostly use the on screen arrows
15:55:49 <Michelle> That sounds much better. Mouse has been ordered. I will see if it helps.
15:56:22 <Joe> When you get your mouse and want to practice you can do it on my shifts, mon wed, Sat.
15:56:41 <Joe> 1600 to dark
15:57:59 <Michelle> Ok. I need practice, but afraid to try! That will help. Thank you!
15:58:56 <Michelle> I Think you are up next. You have a great evening. I will check as soon as the mouse arrives. Again thank you.
15:59:41 <Joe> Thanks, you have a great evening also
15:59:51 <Michelle> Joe's up! Everyone have a great night!
16:00:19 <Betty> night Michelle
16:02:38 <JarnoO> uh oh - Nyiragongo has erupted. It has extremely fluid lava - a Smithsonian report mentioned that in an eruption it had only made a lava layer of 15cm at a fissure vent
16:02:59 <Joe> If it does not rain, snow, or fog up, it should be a decent geyser night.
16:02:59 <JarnoO> (15cm/6in)
16:06:14 <Joe> we have gone without Aurum for 2 days, lets conjure one up
16:06:35 <JarnoO> it was splashy a few hours ago or so, I think during Michelle's shift
16:09:53 <Joe> I do not those white coats :)
16:12:23 <Joe> Kevin is here, we should get Aurum now!
16:13:42 <Kevin 🥔> I really wonder if we missed an Aurum. I never saw evidence that it erupted when I was there and it always looked the same.
16:14:33 <Betty> hi Kevin
16:14:36 <Joe> Do you think something has changed?
16:14:46 <Kevin 🥔> Hi Betty
16:15:11 <Kevin 🥔> I think so.
16:16:42 <Kevin 🥔> Not many eyes on it with that gazers at “big Aurum “ in Norris.
16:19:23 <JarnoO> paroxysm pretty much over
16:19:37 <Joe> “big Aurum “ is giving them a good sit, I hope they have loaded backpacs.
16:22:12 <Joe> there are a couple 'Korbens there :)
16:25:28 <Joe> feet don't fail me know :)
16:26:30 <Joe> know = now** sheesh!
16:29:36 <JarnoO> Castle ie
16:32:01 <JarnoO> I'm off for the day. Enjoy Castle. Good luck with Sawmill and co
16:32:05 <Joe> I left Castle at 1627:40
16:32:19 <Betty> night JarnoO
16:32:53 <Joe> arrived back at 1629:22
16:34:11 <Joe> 1min 42 seconds
16:48:54 <Joe> Castle is a major
17:03:23 <Betty> Riverside
17:04:31 <Joe> Suzanne is in basin at Grand, nice
17:05:12 <Betty> are you sure with Riverside at 1554, Joe?
17:06:01 <Joe> yes it had some puffs just like the recent ones.
17:06:47 <Betty> seems to be a really short interval
17:06:54 <Joe> It did seem a bit early, but the last one was caught ie
17:07:56 <Betty> what is the steam there now? still ie?
17:07:58 <Joe> If something pops up further right I'll change it, I do have to go to OF now
17:08:29 <Joe> I think it is, Betty
17:10:10 <Joe> 56 degrees and 36% humidity I dont think we will see much more
17:10:13 <Betty> cool, thx
17:12:16 <Joe> I could change it to your 1703 but it won't make much difference, I do not like the 4h 29 min though
17:14:19 <Joe> oops wrong button
17:50:13 <linda> daisy
17:51:00 <linda> greetings
17:51:45 <Joe> linda, Hi
17:59:42 <Joe> YNM has no info since 1559
18:02:18 <linda> Joe, hi
18:02:51 <linda> Joe, ya know that reservation never did come back into the system. :p
18:03:03 <linda> new system stinks.
18:03:38 <linda> grand
18:04:00 <linda> hehe quite a while ago
18:04:22 <Joe> I'm sorry, I wish we knew, I wonder if it had been done by phone if the person would have switched it??
18:04:55 <Joe> @nd
18:05:00 <linda> Joe, not your fault, it worked the last time.
18:05:31 <linda> I could have called but didn't
18:06:08 <Joe> 3rd?
18:08:02 <Joe> If it was suzanne will post it
18:09:25 <Joe> Hmmmm, I don't have enough zoom or elevation for Lone Star :(
18:09:50 <Joe> just a 2
18:10:06 <linda> lots of people
18:12:19 <Joe> nice splash
18:16:07 <Craig M> we're really lookin at this dude
18:16:45 <Joe> nope he is in the way:)
18:17:57 <Craig M> i didn't realize we could see aurums cone!
18:18:43 <Joe> i'm not looking at those either :)
18:19:02 <Craig M> lol
18:22:49 <Joe> Nice splash
18:30:37 <KorbenC> Joe, you here?
18:36:03 <Joe> I am
18:36:29 <Craig M> giantess runoff steamy
18:36:30 <KorbenC> See your 1554ns Riverside entry, it got flagged.
18:36:47 <Joe> Thanks
18:38:14 <Craig M> surely F&M would've been seen
18:39:50 <Joe> I just entered it as 1554 Betty asked me about but the 15 not 16 did not register.
18:41:17 <Joe> I guess I' renter it
18:44:03 <Joe> KorbenC, thanks for alerting me, I must be having a senior day
18:45:06 <Joe> Betty, I missed that you were trying totell me that I was an hour off.
18:45:26 <KorbenC> :)
19:10:49 <Kevin 🥔> Gee, we get a Lone Star but no Aurum?
19:12:54 <Kevin 🥔> Looks like Lion is trying
19:13:04 <Joe> I've looked and saw splashes but no eruption
19:14:06 <Kevin 🥔> I don’t think it is erupting.
19:15:46 <Joe> AURUM
19:15:51 <Joe> ,,
19:16:01 <Joe> .>
19:16:03 <Joe> .
19:16:04 <Joe> .
19:16:29 <Joe> there you go!!
19:19:37 <Joe> Nice Aurum on getvideo, not a good camera operater though :)
19:24:05 <Kevin 🥔> Ugh. Missed it. Watching the Knights.
19:24:32 <Joe> it is on getvideo :(
19:27:30 <Kevin 🥔> Just watched it (and the Knights score again!). Thanks.
19:27:54 <Joe> :thumbsup:
19:32:24 <Kevin 🥔> Did that Aurum seem bigger than normal?
19:33:52 <Joe> A little but humidity has increased 20% in the past 2 hour
19:34:16 <Joe> Aurum video
19:47:06 <Kevin 🥔> Looking at it again it does look normal. Knights are up 3-0 end of the second.
19:48:00 <Joe> rum was allhe Knights needed :)
19:48:15 <Joe> all the**
19:49:41 <Kevin 🥔> The first time the Knights won at this place was 2 days ago. Nice surprise.
20:41:06 <Kevin 🥔🥔> Well it was a good Knight!
20:41:52 <Joe> They won!!
20:43:27 <Kevin 🥔🥔> I figured on 2 losses there. If we can win Monday Knight we move on.
21:19:47 <Craig M> lc?
21:52:31 <Craig M> lion ie