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06:57:07 <A> No Beehive overnight?
07:08:51 <A> I guess not. Ought to be soon then!
07:20:34 <JarnoO> so there is a nation-wide train service interuptions. How hard can it be to break up those trains and have road trains instead? :)
07:21:05 <JarnoO> morning all
07:22:03 <JarnoO> Lion on HLS delay
07:24:58 <JarnoO> afternoon Betty
07:25:05 <JarnoO> early day today?
07:25:08 <Betty> morning all, afternoon JarnoO
07:25:24 <Betty> holidays this week :-)
07:25:32 <JarnoO> nice
07:25:47 <JarnoO> I still have a month to go
07:26:10 <Betty> 1 month passes so fast
07:26:35 <JarnoO> I bet!
07:26:36 <Betty> morning Linda
07:26:43 <linda> Betty, hi
07:27:21 <Betty> Graham on the hill
07:27:30 <linda> nice
07:27:47 <JarnoO> I'm looking forward to Wednesday evening. Will be good to see the current state of the Dutch eleven for the European Championship
07:28:09 <Joe> No Michelle this morning??
07:28:24 <Joe> Hello everyone Hello
07:28:32 <linda> Joe, no idea, I assumed she'd be here
07:28:45 <Betty> hey :i:
07:28:54 <JarnoO> morning Linda
07:28:57 <linda> Joe, If you have to go I could probaby keep it going
07:29:01 <Joe> Betty, :i:>(
07:29:07 <Betty> :-)
07:29:38 <Joe> I leave at 0815 so take it if you want.
07:29:57 <Lindag> Ok i need about 10 minutes
07:30:08 <Joe> :thumbsup:
07:30:41 <Lindag> ill take at 08:15 ok?
07:32:00 <Betty> LC ie
07:32:34 <Joe> Graham must be at lower HAMS, he is covering White and the hill.
07:33:02 <Joe> Lindag, sounds good.
07:33:09 <Lindag> :thumbsup
07:33:16 <Lindag> Oops
07:33:22 <Lindag> :thumbsup:
07:33:24 <Betty> you can see White from the hill
07:33:53 <Joe> Thanks Betty I was not aware.
07:34:53 <Betty> I doubt he is at Hams, breakfast time usually is later for him :-)
07:37:59 <Betty> ah, good, Ben had Aurum yesterday
07:41:44 <Betty> looks like a good giantess boil
08:12:00 <linda> going to sign in
08:12:20 <Joe> :thumbsup:
08:12:47 <Betty> morning Kevin
08:13:05 <JarnoO> morning Kevin. How's this for a road train? :)
08:14:22 <LindaG> Got it
08:15:20 <LindaG> weee
08:15:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We use them on tracks over here Jarno!
08:15:37 <JarnoO> :)
08:16:11 <LindaG> Morning all
08:21:59 <JarnoO> Handkerchief Pool in 1923, colored grayscale image from the latest Caldera Chronicles:
08:22:39 <JarnoO> and Ye Ol'e Fluffball in 1878, also colored in from the latest CC:
08:23:16 <LindaG> Just cant quite daisy and bee in same frame
08:24:20 <Betty> where´s Dave when you need a fisheye?
08:24:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am the second one from the right on OF
08:25:17 <Betty> in 1878? Man you are really ols
08:25:27 <Betty> old*
08:25:58 <Betty> William is at Artemisia :-D
08:26:40 <LindaG> Now all we need is artemisia :)
08:29:26 <Betty> Lion
08:29:42 <Betty> only poofy
08:29:49 <LindaG> lc ie
08:30:56 <LindaG> Nice in basin lc entey
08:32:26 <LindaG> Daisy
08:34:02 <LindaG> this thing is slow
08:38:33 <JarnoO> was that Indicator starting when you panned to OF?
08:39:39 <LindaG> Very good
08:40:51 <Betty> yes, indy
08:41:04 <LindaG> I sent text
08:42:17 <JarnoO> is it still possible to have both in frame?>
08:43:10 <LindaG> No 🙁
08:43:33 <LindaG> Of
08:43:40 <LindaG> hold on bee
08:43:43 <JarnoO> :/
08:45:08 <JarnoO> hopefully OF goes short
08:45:54 <LindaG> 1 more minute
08:48:18 <LindaG> Thx jarno
08:48:37 <LindaG> Bee
08:48:46 <JarnoO> :bee:
08:49:34 <JarnoO> good start of the day
08:52:37 <LindaG> G looks happy
08:56:01 <Mike J> Question I should already know the answer to. I've stopped getting texts. How do I get that up and running again?
08:57:14 <LindaG> Mike J, Ryan was handling that. How long ago did you get one?
08:57:41 <LindaG> Katie will be here at 10 she might be able to add you.
08:58:22 <Mike J> Wow! Last one was back in October. Didn't realize it was so long ago.
08:58:52 <LindaG> They switched to a different method
08:59:20 <JarnoO> Indicator 0837:16 lead=11m18s, total=14m55s; Beehive 0848:34 5m18s
09:00:05 <LindaG> Send email to and ask to be added. Give phone number and name if provider
09:01:05 <LindaG> *of provider
09:01:09 <Mike J> Thanks LindaG
09:01:19 <LindaG> :thumbsup:
09:01:36 <JarnoO> this one gave me chuckles: on a train tracker you can see the delay, if any. The train I'm looking at has a delay of +-3m, so technically it's running fast but not quite?
09:01:38 <LindaG> Not sure how long it will take
09:04:51 <JarnoO> also looks like you can now have Middle Sister while Three Crater is active. I guess that's as far as that exclusivity went
09:09:15 <LindaG> Riverside ie
09:09:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hey Jarno, we put our truck on tracks here!
09:12:05 <LindaG> Brb
09:13:10 <JarnoO> Kevin, you don't see that every day here!
09:13:49 <LindaG> Back
09:16:44 <LindaG> Turban?
09:17:04 <JarnoO> Turban 0912
09:20:38 <LindaG> Loks like thw sun might come out here today
09:23:17 <JarnoO> Churn 0921
09:24:07 <LindaG> I cant cut a break today
09:25:20 <LindaG> Doesnt look very steamy
09:26:11 <Kitt> Hm, my text for indy said 1040 old faithful due
09:26:19 <JarnoO> still refilling. Next one might be around 0930
09:26:36 <LindaG> Kitt, oops sorry wrong time
09:29:15 <LindaG> Im frozen again
09:29:31 <JarnoO> this'll surely help Churn go again. Cya later
09:30:29 <LindaG> it came back
09:44:57 <Betty> bbl
09:45:25 <LindaG> bye
09:54:09 <LindaG> Grand
09:55:19 <Mike J> Amazing. Walk up to the screen and there's Grand. Now if I can only have these kind of walk-ups when I'm in the park next week.
09:56:33 <LindaG> :)
09:57:06 <LindaG> Keeping an eye on churn also
09:57:42 <Mike J> Look, I'm not asking for much. Just a walk up on Steamboat and on Giantess. That's not really that much, is it?
09:58:28 <LindaG> 😃
09:58:58 <LindaG> Havent seen a spike
10:01:07 <LindaG> Hi katie, its yours
10:01:33 <katie> Hi Linda. Thanks.
10:01:50 <LindaG> Churn erupted but havent seen it since
10:02:05 <LindaG> Controls released
10:23:36 <katie> OF
10:25:01 <katie> UGH!!!!
10:26:15 <Craig M> ?
10:26:31 <katie> Touchy controls - roof tiles
10:45:49 <Craig M> whats considered an eruption of improbable
10:48:12 <katie> Craig M, I don't know, offhand.
10:48:33 <JarnoO> you'd want to see large splashing or jetting, preferably sustained. This is just some boiling, though you could argue it can be considered an eruption
10:48:39 <Craig M> after a little poking arorund it seems definitely not that
10:49:49 <Craig M>
10:50:03 <katie> Per GOY, 15 feet is considered a major and 2-6 feet is considered a minor
10:50:42 <Micah (lurking)> Can confirm that height for a minor, I've seen 2 or 3.
10:50:45 <Craig M>
10:50:48 <Craig M> first video is a major
10:50:52 <Micah (lurking)> Majors in 2015 we're estimated at 25-30 feet.
10:50:53 <Craig M> second is a minor
10:55:47 <JarnoO> AB
10:56:36 <katie> That was a good one
10:56:39 <JarnoO> AL
11:15:16 <Forestbewithyou> Morning all
11:15:30 <katie> Good morning
11:15:36 <JarnoO> morning Forest
11:15:41 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Katie
11:15:48 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Jarno
11:16:51 <linda> Forestbewithyou, HI
11:17:10 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda. We saw an owl this morning
11:53:08 <JarnoO> YAY! Semi-finals for the Netherlands under 21 :)
11:53:12 <linda> Forestbewithyou, do u know what kind?
11:53:32 <JarnoO> beat the title favorites, France, by 2-1!
11:53:47 <linda> :thumbsup:
11:54:01 <JarnoO> and the German way, too, with the decisive goal made in the final seconds :)
11:54:20 <Betty> congrats Jarno, I hope we follow later :-)
11:55:12 <JarnoO> we'll see, Betty :D
11:56:05 <JarnoO> it suddenly all came together in the final minute or so. I could literally sense it
12:01:11 <JarnoO> I wonder what the outcome of Spain-Croatia is. They're now in extra time
12:02:32 <ynpvisitor8> steamboat?
12:03:04 <Betty> ohhhh, yes! looks like :-)
12:03:12 <katie> Looks like! Enter in GT so people can get there.
12:03:26 <ynpvisitor8> go ahead
12:04:20 <Betty> nice trace on YNR
12:05:01 <Forestbewithyou> linda, It was a bard owl.. I stepped away for a moment
12:05:20 <Betty> after 26 1/2 days, finally
12:05:23 <Forestbewithyou> yay to steamboat!
12:05:27 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
12:05:32 <JarnoO> Katie, I wish Steamboat would be visible from the webcam :)
12:05:39 <JarnoO> thanks #8
12:05:40 <Betty> hi Forestbewithyou
12:06:14 <ynpvisitor8> <--Craig
12:06:20 <linda> Forestbewithyou, haha so did I answered you 20 minutes later. One owl I've yet to see. Congrats!
12:06:26 <ynpvisitor8> Forestbewithyou, are you on vacation?
12:06:27 <JarnoO> thanks Craig, then :D
12:06:28 <Craig M> yeah?
12:06:32 <linda> hi ynpvisitor8,
12:06:39 <ynpvisitor8> howdy
12:06:51 <ynpvisitor8> <---- different Craig
12:06:59 <Betty> thx CraigC
12:07:21 <JarnoO> I wonder if 1142 is actually the E on YNR. YNM is too obscured for any concrete judgement
12:09:14 <Forestbewithyou> I stepped away again. I was and now I am home ynpvisitor8,
12:09:18 <linda> yay
12:10:07 <Forestbewithyou> linda, Yea we have two living in our forest. We hear them calling alot
12:16:42 <Betty> Artemisia
12:17:12 <ynpvisitor8> wonder if Wm is there. I just texted him about SB
12:17:42 <Betty> he was there for Atomizer, so maybe he is there
12:19:20 <ynpvisitor8> Arte may have been rising when I texted, so he won't be looking at phone until it is done
12:27:36 <kcmule> steamboat :thumbsup:
12:27:53 <Craig M> honk
12:31:05 <JarnoO> the goalscorer of the deciding goal put how he hit the ball into the net like this: "I hit the ball a bit wrong."
12:31:32 <JarnoO> but really that was the only way to actually make that goal :)
12:31:56 <Betty> sometimes it is like that :-)
12:32:05 <Betty> Daisy
12:32:27 <JarnoO> Spain won versus Croatia
12:33:19 <JarnoO> if Spain wins their semifinal and we ours, then it'll be 2010 all over again. Just hopefully with a goal for us in the final rather than them :)
12:35:56 <JarnoO> there was a 6.1 EQ in Alaska yesterday evening
12:42:53 <KorbenC> Afternoon all
12:43:09 <katie> Hey Korben
12:43:21 <KorbenC> Woohoo on SB :)
12:43:28 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
12:43:55 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, hi, how goes it?
12:44:20 <Forestbewithyou> Good. Looking at gen-ed requirements and courses for college. You?
12:44:20 <KorbenC> katie, can I enquire about you 1203 ie SB wc entry?
12:44:39 <KorbenC> Forestbewithyou, doing great. Just got back from a rainy day of fishing.
12:44:39 <JarnoO> See, Korben, I told you I would be closer with my estimate of double the previous interval?
12:44:45 <JarnoO> ;)
12:45:03 <KorbenC> JarnoO, I am only a few hundred miles from it, you are much farther. So in reality, I am closer :P
12:45:06 <Forestbewithyou> Did you catch anything KorbenC?
12:45:09 <katie> KorbenC, yeah - I didn't go back and check time on seismo - just entered an IE. My entry became secondary when Jarno made a more accurate entry.
12:45:52 <KorbenC> Forest, close to 100 (again) and we caught a MASSIVE fish, when I say MASSIVE it was probably 40 inches in length, 15 to 20lbs and took almost an hour to bring in :D
12:46:40 <JarnoO> very strong SB, too - without any marks if the seismo was YNR you'd think you'd be looking at YNM
12:46:40 <Betty> hi Korben
12:46:44 <Forestbewithyou> Nice
12:46:53 <KorbenC> Was by far ths biggest fish I have ever seen in Colorado, although for the lake we were at it is not unheard of :D
12:46:56 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
12:47:05 <Forestbewithyou> Thats awesome Korben
12:47:23 <Craig M> strength of eruption doesn't have anything to do with the seismo does it?
12:47:45 <Craig M> or has that been proven?
12:47:47 <JarnoO> it's more season-related. Winter SB's generally produce a weaker trace than summer ones
12:47:55 <KorbenC> Craig M, not that I know of
12:48:28 <katie> There has been speculation that less water / more steam makes stronger seismo trace.
12:49:18 <JarnoO> but the seismograph itself doesn't have anything to do with how strong SB looks. YNM's trace may actually be bigger, but the traces themselves have been scaled down due to cultural noise
12:49:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The only thing I have taken out of Lake Mead was a 12oz Schlitz can Korben. Caught it with an anchovy.
12:49:36 <KorbenC> Kevin L™ 🌵, lol
12:49:46 <Betty> hahaha, Kevin
12:50:00 <JarnoO> I will say that SB's YNR trace is of exceptional quality. Haven't seen many like that
12:50:03 <Craig M> *shudder*
12:50:05 <Craig M> Schlitz
12:50:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They told me I had to throw it back. Can't take anything smaller than a 6 pack.
12:50:27 <KorbenC> :lol:
12:50:28 <JarnoO> haha
12:50:34 <Betty> lol
12:51:51 <JarnoO> Still Two-E on the Pacific. It's quite reluctant to say the least
12:51:53 <linda> :lol:
12:52:54 <JarnoO> I think HK did finally get boaty. Don't think they would have waited much longer on Steamboat if it kept looking like it did the last few days
12:53:06 <JarnoO> HK and Suzanne, I should say
12:57:21 <katie> Shit!
12:57:36 <KorbenC> katie, ?
12:57:59 <Craig M> weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
12:58:09 <katie> And CPU wasn't pegged. At least I was able to regain control
12:58:17 <linda> something to look forward to
12:58:20 <linda> weeee
12:59:21 <JarnoO> Betty, good luck with Denmark
12:59:29 <katie> Maybe mouse pad got stuck on one click. It usually only does the carnival ride when CPU is pegged, and I was keeping a close eye on that.
12:59:44 <Betty> thx
13:00:01 <linda> Went round for me this morning and all I did was click to the right on the hill
13:00:33 <JarnoO> 'round, 'round, it's a merry-go-round
13:00:36 <linda> thanks goodness for the presets
13:01:03 <katie> Yeah, even if mouse pad did get stuck, I was just panning left - not everywhere it went
13:01:42 <linda> :)
13:06:14 <JarnoO> Korben, the WHO is now stepping into the snake trap that using the Greek alphabet is for SARS-CoV-2 variants. At least there are no names to be retired
13:08:32 <KorbenC> Great. Because using Greek Alpahbet in the first place, for anything, worked out well :P
13:08:55 <JarnoO> :)
13:09:08 <KorbenC> Lets hope that they don't make it to Iota.
13:10:51 <JarnoO> at least we're not working with UNNV-SAA-1 for the Brazilian variant, UNNV-EUR-1 for the English one, and so forth :)
13:22:41 <Betty> I buy an A
13:23:03 <Craig M> are we buying vowels?
13:23:26 <Betty> yep
13:23:32 <Betty> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
13:23:50 <katie> I'd like to solve the puzzle - Atomizer
13:24:04 <Craig M> artemisia
13:24:06 <Craig M> :)
13:24:47 <Betty> I buy an A and like to solve: Beehive
13:25:23 <katie> Wasted money on that 'A,' then.
13:25:33 <Betty> lol
13:25:51 <Betty> it´s a running gag here
13:26:38 <Betty> Ich kaufe ein A und möchte lösen: Bockwurst!
13:28:43 <Betty>
13:28:59 <Craig M> big fly
13:32:15 <Betty> OF
13:39:21 <Laura> Good afternoon everyone
13:39:35 <Betty> hi Laura
13:40:20 <JarnoO> afternoon Laura
13:45:34 <Laura> Well we just found out that part of our yellowstone reservation has been cancelled! No email from xanterra
13:45:55 <JarnoO> that sucks
13:46:05 <KorbenC> Laura, hi and sorry.
13:46:28 <Laura> We managed to pick up a couple nights in Gardiner
13:46:43 <KorbenC> Which part of your YNP trip got cancelled?
13:47:05 <Laura> Canyon Lodge. check in june 20, check out june 24
13:47:31 <Laura> We still have our snow lodge reservation June 13 through the 19th
13:48:30 <Laura> The only reason we found out is they refunded our deposit.
13:49:02 <Laura> I have been trying to get onto the reservation site for a couple weeks but it's been all messed up with the migration
13:49:14 <KorbenC> I thoguth they had to send you an email?
13:49:17 <Betty> wow, how could that happen?
13:49:57 <Laura> They didn't, Korben. Nothing.
13:50:34 <Laura> I even checked my spam
13:51:21 <JarnoO> I reckon it's time to bring out the pencil yourself if they don't write you :)
13:53:17 <Laura> Well I see steamboat erupted! Yeah!
13:53:32 <Jeff> yea i was getting worried about it
13:53:56 <Laura> So was I! It would be just my luck if it quit just before we get to the park!
13:54:32 <Betty> hi Jeff
13:54:45 <Jeff> i was feeling the same way lol i was like really youre gonna go to sleep days before i get there
13:54:46 <KorbenC> Problem is there is no way to tell what the next interval will be. Could be a week, could be a month
13:54:47 <Jeff> hi betty
13:55:07 <Laura> I know the chance of catching a major is not great, but if it's not erupting the chance is zero
13:55:32 <Jeff> KorbenC, yea weve been kinda lucky the last few years to have some sort of kinda normal intervals
13:55:41 <JarnoO> AB on HLS delay
13:55:56 <katie> You should be seeing AL soon
13:56:11 <JarnoO> nearly zero when it's not in an active phase, actually. Rogue eruptions occasionally happen
13:56:54 <KorbenC> and all active series are started by "rouge eruptions"
13:58:31 <Betty> cool, Ben, Art, Larissa, Clara, Julie and KC were at Steamboat
13:58:35 <DeletedTeakettl> I can give you a long list of things that don't seem to correlated with active phase starts =D
13:59:12 <Betty> hi DeletedTeakettle
13:59:20 <JarnoO> afternoon DT
13:59:37 <DeletedTeakettl> hullo
13:59:49 <KorbenC> Hi DT
14:00:41 <JarnoO> any idea on what's happening with Emerald and Echinus lately? When one is cloudy, the other is not and vice versa. Apparantly happens daily
14:01:38 <Betty> water change every night? ;-)
14:01:45 <JarnoO> haha
14:02:42 <DeletedTeakettl> my fingers are crossed that my Madison campground reservations in August survived the Xanterra system migration and won't be randomly cancelled
14:03:49 <Betty> yeah, hopefully
14:04:15 <Laura> I hope not DT. I just found out my Canyon Lodge reservation for June was cancelled when Xanterra refunded our deposit. No email from them.
14:04:53 <Laura> I hope you are luckier
14:05:14 <Jeff> it sucks that peoples reservations are getting cancelled
14:05:25 <JarnoO> AL & AB on HLS delay. AL first, AB followed
14:12:47 <katie> Pretty good boil on Giantess
14:21:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Steamboat was 4 hours after HK & Suzanne left.
14:22:32 <JarnoO> Lion
14:22:36 <Betty> Lion
14:23:03 <JarnoO> Kevin, that's no good. Was it their final day of the early season trip?
14:23:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes
14:23:39 <JarnoO> darn. Same thing happened with the second Giantess last year I recall
14:27:03 <Jeff> i think 2nd giantess went right after i left last year too
14:27:26 <Betty> ugh oh, Denmark in lead
14:28:20 <Jeff> i know i sound like a broken record but can friday get here already lol
14:28:59 <JarnoO> the record needs to be more broken
14:33:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bet it doesn't snow on you!
14:35:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> How many kids know what a broken record sounds like?
14:35:12 <Jeff> im there until mid october (barring any issues) i think itll snow on me
14:35:30 <Jeff> i grew up listening to records with my grandparents
14:36:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> So did I.I liked Glen Miller.
14:36:49 <JarnoO> a Daisy
14:48:36 <JarnoO> Betty, looks like you're trying to win the German way again
14:48:55 <Betty> we´ll see
14:52:50 <Betty> puh
14:53:28 <JarnoO> 🎵extra time🎵
14:53:55 <Betty> in both games
15:07:55 <JarnoO> 1-2 for Betty
15:07:56 <Betty> woot
15:09:29 <JarnoO> and for Korben, TS Blanca on the EPac.
15:09:50 <KorbenC> :)
15:10:26 <Betty> OF
15:11:21 <JarnoO> though its predicted intensity is pretty blank. Not even hurricane strength
15:17:28 <JarnoO> penalty for Denmark
15:17:55 <JarnoO> and 2-2
15:18:21 <Betty> bah
15:19:03 <katie> lc
15:19:11 <JarnoO> and as such the match will be dragging on and on. At least the concept of penalties exists so that a match doesn't continue until the winning goal
15:28:31 <JarnoO> Portugal is pretty much set to win. Extra time and at 4-3 for the former
15:28:54 <katie> Caslte
15:28:57 <katie> *Castle
15:29:32 <JarnoO> and 5-3 for Portugal. Match is locked
15:30:56 <JarnoO> penalties for Denmark-Germany. Always fun
15:32:07 <JarnoO> Portugal advances to the semi
15:37:04 <JarnoO> DK 2(1)-2(0) DE
15:39:59 <JarnoO> not even in a penalty shootout Denmark and Germany differ in score...
15:42:22 <JarnoO> 2(4)-2(4)...
15:42:33 <JarnoO> penalty series 6 it is then...
15:43:51 <JarnoO> series 7... as if they're inseparable
15:44:43 <Betty> there we go
15:45:23 <Betty> now I beat Jarno
15:45:33 <JarnoO> 2(5)-2(6)... That must be tiring for the players
15:45:48 <Betty> LC
15:46:02 <JarnoO> I was actually looking up the longest penalty series. This one won't beat it, that's for sure.
15:47:38 <Betty> but Jarno, you are in advantage... you are way younger (you fit in the team by age though ;-) )
15:47:44 <JarnoO> congrats, Betty. Now the real deal :)
15:48:49 <JarnoO> probably going to be an exhaustive match ahead. Also a draw in the group stage
15:48:53 <JarnoO> Lion HLS delay
15:50:20 <Betty> good day today: Steamboat, Jarnos team wins, my team wins
15:50:49 <Betty> so I call it a day, night all
15:51:10 <JarnoO> it's a good week for football. We've got a friendly on Wednesday and Sunday
15:51:28 <JarnoO> and of course the semi finals of U-21
15:51:32 <JarnoO> night Betty
15:52:54 <Betty> we have a friendly Wednesday too...against Denmark....
15:53:14 <JarnoO> haha
15:53:45 <Betty> :-)
15:54:01 <Betty> bye
15:54:18 <JarnoO> cya
16:00:59 <Joe> Thanks Katie
16:01:11 <katie> You got the wheel?
16:01:28 <katie> Happy driving!
16:01:31 <Joe> yes
16:33:50 <JarnoO> that's a rubbish Grand. 1616 D3/T1C 8m49s
17:28:38 <KorbenC> Hi LisaVL, were you with Ben at SB today?
17:52:27 <linda> hello
17:53:06 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
18:01:44 <linda> weeeee
18:01:48 <linda> Forestbewithyou, hi
18:02:03 <KorbenC> linda, hi
18:02:12 <linda> KorbenC, hi
18:03:45 <JarnoO> I do enjoy ending my day with something functional. Once again way past bedtime, lol
18:03:54 <JarnoO> but it was well worth it
18:04:12 <KorbenC> Have a good one JO
18:04:18 <Forestbewithyou> Bye Jarno
18:19:53 <Laura> Hello again! Good news, yes, our original room at Canyon Lodge was cancelled but they have already moved us to another room
18:21:03 <Laura> KorbenC, were you the one that told me about using a radio in the geyser basin and GOSA working on a specific channel?
18:25:24 <linda> Laura, great they gave you another room.
18:26:04 <Laura> I know, we totally lucked out
18:26:38 <linda> there is a channel, but i forget what it is. 4a or 4b rings a bell but not sure
18:26:42 <Laura> I'm not sure if they did that originally or when they realized they had not emailed us about the original cancellation, but whatever, I'll take it
18:26:59 <Laura> I think someone said 4.5
18:27:08 <linda> ah ok
18:27:32 <Laura> I just wanted to ask if a particular type of motorola radio would work
18:27:52 <Laura> Maybe I'll ask on the facebook group
18:28:10 <linda> I have one let me look and see what it says
18:28:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> All Motorola radios will work on 4.5
18:28:34 <Laura> Ah! Great Kevin, thanks. Amazon has a nice pair for $50
18:29:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Do you have a link?
18:29:20 <Laura>
18:29:47 <linda> I bought Talkabout Two-radio T2xx series, based on Craig C's recommendation
18:29:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Those will work.
18:30:08 <linda> *two-way radio
18:30:23 <Laura> fantastic, thanks KevinL. Trying to nail down the last details
18:31:31 <linda> mine are motorola
18:33:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Only problem I have ever had with a Motorola is kids losing them.
18:33:53 <linda> :) I never got to use mine
18:34:18 <linda> hopefully in september
18:34:56 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, how are the chickens and the quail?
18:35:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Chickens are sweating and quail seem to be hiding during the day.
18:36:30 <linda> poor chickens. what was the temp today?
18:38:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hit 108° today but has cooled off to 104° now.
18:38:43 <linda> whoa thats hot
18:43:12 <linda> daisy
18:48:21 <Laura> Ouch, KevinL, where do you live?
18:48:31 <Laura> That's hot!
18:52:31 <Kevin L™ 🌵> South of Las Vegas
18:53:14 <Laura> Ah, yeah, it's already smoking hot in the desert
18:53:37 <Laura> My husband has to go to a conference in Scottsdale next week
18:53:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> He won't need a coat.
18:55:23 <Laura> Nope. I meet him there and we leave for Yellowstone. We'll have one small bag with shorts and T shirts for the drive through the desert and then all the cold weather gear for the park
19:00:38 <Laura> Going to be AFK for a bit
19:25:42 <JO> All I have to say, is GO WHISTLE :) Seriously though, it's quite encouraging to see it has heated up. Maybe BSB and GHG will be the places to go this year, besides "the usual spots"
19:26:12 <JO> night all
19:38:42 <linda> I haven't seen aurum in ages
19:39:02 <KorbenC> Nobody has
19:39:20 <KorbenC> IDK if it is dormant, or having one or two eruptions a day or what
19:39:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ben did
19:39:52 <Joe> last night
19:40:01 <Laura> looks like the last couple eruptions were overnight
19:40:01 <linda> oh I missed it
19:40:17 <KorbenC> I still don't like those longer intervals. If they are closed that is
20:23:31 <Craig M> a happy doublet pool
20:27:29 <Craig M> weeee
20:28:29 <Joe> did you get the golden ring??
20:28:29 <Craig M> dome heating up
20:28:42 <Craig M> we did a sick spin
20:28:54 <linda> :)
20:31:41 <KorbenC> Evening Linda, Joe, Craig.
20:32:00 <linda> KorbenC, evening
20:32:07 <Craig M> holy
20:32:08 <Craig M> *hola
20:33:03 <linda> :)
20:33:07 <linda> hola
20:33:56 <Craig M> gorgeous sunset
20:40:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> Guess i didnt pick the right day to go to Norros
20:40:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> Or Norris
20:41:07 <Craig M> i mean i wouldn't have looking at the dismal in basin reports either
20:42:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> Lets hope it picks back up. Bens report yesterday showed improvement. This was his last day in the park for this trip too
20:42:50 <Craig M> we'll see. we had something similar to this happen near the beginning of this active period back in June 2018
20:43:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> Anyway it was another good day
20:44:03 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, hi
20:44:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> Hey there. Maybe i will go and watch F&M not erupt tomorrow
20:44:52 <Craig M> hey even better, it might erupt overnight :-)
20:44:57 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, good idea :)
20:58:31 <Joe> :daisy:
21:03:49 <KorbenC> Right now is the 8th Anniversary of the El Reno Tornado, 9 deaths including 3 storm spotters. :(
21:08:14 <linda> goodnight all
21:08:26 <KorbenC> linda, cya
21:55:43 <MJ> KorbenC I remember that afternoon well
21:58:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That was Reed Timmer's team from Discovery Channel if I remember correctly.