Showing logs for date: 2021-06-12
05:37:52 <AB> preplay
05:38:25 <AB> at Old Faithful
05:43:05 <8> Lion
05:43:05 <AB> Lion
05:43:12 <AB> ie
05:47:30 <8> OF
05:56:46 <8> Riverside
06:00:38 <667> Is that F&M over to the far right?
06:06:47 <8> no, Riverside
06:16:15 <L> Arty?
06:17:28 <L> Maybe grotto
06:18:33 <8> Steam in arty area
06:18:45 <L> Daisy
06:18:50 <8> keeping in view
06:26:01 <8> Well...I've scratched off a few geysers for the daynow it is time for someoe else to play 'geyser lottery'
06:26:53 <8> Marmot cave ie
06:28:51 <8> actually, 0625
06:54:28 <L> Lion
06:57:00 <Kat> Nice morning welcome with LION
06:57:03 <8> Graham is standing there, his post should show soon :)
06:57:28 <8> and there it is ;)
06:58:03 <Kat> :)
06:58:45 <Kat> Morning all!
06:59:10 <8> It is all yours Kat, have fun!!
06:59:59 <Kat> Have a good day Joe
07:00:38 <8> :thumbsup: I'll be back at 1600
07:02:48 <Kat> Great! Get some rest
07:07:52 <8> Hmmm at 0647 Dep had water, it now looks empty.
07:09:28 <Kat> It does
07:30:15 <75> 0713:13 long 3m46s
07:34:11 <Kat> Well, I guess it did!
07:34:50 <Kat> How did I miss that? Huh?
07:36:39 <Kat> I guess it went when I walked out of the room :lol:
07:52:44 <75> hm, extended fill with Lion also going
07:54:15 <75> peculiar. You don't see Lion mediums every day
07:56:19 <75> 0751:41 med 1m28s
07:57:36 <75> next Lion 0826±10m if series continues or so - going with 35m±10m as a wild guess
08:13:46 <Kat> Morning Kevin
08:30:40 <KorbenC(phone)> Morning all
08:31:07 <Kat> Hi orben
08:31:14 <KorbenC(phone)> Hi at
08:31:14 <Kat> Korben*
08:34:36 <KorbenC(phone)> Kat, how goes it?
08:37:33 <Kat> Good Korben
08:39:32 <Kat> How about you?
08:55:08 <KorbenC(phone)1> Kat, the vaccine is attacking me with vengeance, lol
08:55:49 <KorbenC(phone)1> But at least BH went today:)
08:56:52 <Kat> OF
08:57:11 <Kat> Sorry to hear that!
08:57:32 <KorbenC(phone)1> Thanks, better now than pre YNP though!
08:58:26 <75> morning Korben. 10/40 in Gulf of Mexico, Bay of Campeche. Forecast to move generally NE or so. Chances for two E.Pac disturbances dwindling, 40/40 (1), 50/50 (2)
08:58:42 <KorbenC(phone)1> Thanks JO
08:58:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> #1 or #2 Korben?
08:59:03 <KorbenC(phone)1> Kevin L™ 🌵, number two
09:00:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> #1 kicked my butt but #2 wasn't so bad but #2 really kicked my wife's butt.
09:01:20 <75> European Cup: so far 1 worth-while match to watch (yesterday evening), 1 rubbish match (just finished).
09:02:20 <75> Switzerland surely should have won against Wales (aka hands-in-pocket-players)
09:10:35 <KorbenC(phone)> Hi Ben
09:12:16 <Kat> Morning Ben
09:12:45 <KorbenC(phone)> Ben,when do you head up to ynp
09:17:14 <75> Grotto Fountain maybe
09:18:33 <75> 40 minutes until match 3
09:23:33 <75> and the almost endless discussion about playing system. 4-3-3 or 5-3-2...
09:24:17 <BenVL> Heyo
09:24:31 <BenVL> Monday
09:28:55 <BenVL> And right now, I have 8 reservations across 10 nights in two campsites and I'm still missing 3 more
09:36:44 <john> Good Morning All!
09:39:11 <Kat> Hi John!
09:39:43 <john> Hi Kat!
09:49:03 <Forestbewithyou> Hi all
09:49:24 <kcmule> :sun:
09:50:05 <Kat> Cam is doing weird stuff
09:50:54 <Kat> Better - nice crowd at Grand
09:51:08 <john> Not me... is it doing random moves?
09:52:24 <Kat> I thought so - but better now
09:53:16 <john> I think it was focusing pretty good yesterday... in and out this morning...
09:56:21 <john> let me know when you are ready kat
09:57:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Time for training. See you this afternoon.
09:57:45 <Kat> I'm ready now - have a good afternoon!
09:58:08 <john> Okay, I will sign in and you too!
10:32:11 <john> OF
10:41:36 <john> :daisy:
11:03:15 <75> yikes... One of Denmark's players collapsed on the field. Might have been cardiac arrest
11:03:40 <75> match suspended
11:30:43 <75> the Danish player is alive and has been stabilized. Quite the sigh from the presenters
11:34:47 <john> :grand:
12:02:36 <john> OF
12:53:30 <john> :daisy:
12:57:58 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:58:32 <john> Hello Michelle!
12:58:32 <JarnoO> afternoon Michelle
12:58:40 <Michelle> Logging in
13:00:00 <john> Ok, logging out... thank you!
13:31:34 <Kat> Hi Michele, thanks for the coverage!
13:34:24 <linda> Kat, hi
13:35:02 <Michelle> Hi Kat. Not a lot happening. Looking for something exciting.
13:35:31 <linda> Michelle, hi
13:35:47 <Michelle> Hi Linda
13:36:30 <Michelle> Even OF was a fizzle.
13:36:57 <linda> it looks like casper the ghost on static
14:05:23 <JarnoO> 1334:42 long 3m52s
14:14:31 <plume?> was that really plume in the video yesterday? Why didn't anyone post it?
14:20:24 <JarnoO> no, it was mistaken identity with Pump
14:21:25 <plume?> thanks, I was wondering. with the cam so pixelated, it was hard to tell, and the video was all close up.
14:21:45 <plume?> sure would be nice if Plume came back
14:22:13 <JarnoO> also, Plume doesn't have meadows behind it while Pump does :)
14:23:20 <plume?> I see that now.
14:23:47 <plume?> Plume was before your time Jarno, I hope it comes back so you can see it
14:26:02 <JarnoO> I hope so too. Am somewhat positive for it given its recent developments
14:26:31 <JarnoO> and it has been dormant before, so it's not a stranger to that either
14:30:43 <miss Plume> what year do you think you might come in person to Yellowstone Jarno?
14:31:28 <JarnoO> maybe next year but starting to look like the year after. Depends on what virus does
14:32:06 <miss Plume> next year might be even busier than this one if international visitors are allowed back too
14:32:21 <miss Plume> will you come alone ?
14:33:04 <JarnoO> think so. My mom would want to see it too, but she doesn't like sitting at one thing all day, while I do :)
14:33:22 <JarnoO> she's more of the typical tourist but would come along into each basin
14:34:29 <miss Plume> did you get reservations in case you can come?
14:36:01 <JarnoO> I don't plan ahead more than about half a year, especially with holidays. I think planning ahead more than that is absolutely nuts
14:37:28 <miss Plume> except hard to stay in Yellowstone if you do not reserve ahead of time
14:37:44 <JarnoO> that's the other side of it
14:37:59 <miss Plume> staying outside is not a good alternative
14:38:21 <JarnoO> ehh, no. A day or so I wouldn't mind
14:48:39 <miss Plume> I have a friend in the basin now that has been able to get a cabin every night he has wanted one, no reservation
14:48:49 <miss Plume> just have to chance it then, though
14:55:28 <Betty> evening Jarno, afternoon all
14:58:11 <Michelle> Good afternoon Betty
14:58:37 <Betty> hi Michelle
15:00:23 <JarnoO> evening Betty
15:21:46 <JarnoO> afternoon Joe. We didn't get much from the geyser lottery :/
15:22:46 <Joe> Sad, :)
15:22:58 <Betty> hi Joe
15:23:25 <Joe> Hi JarnoO and Betty
15:25:35 <Michelle> Good afternoon Joe
15:26:20 <Joe> Michelle, Hello
15:38:02 <john> :daisy:
15:38:39 <Betty> hi john
15:39:10 <Betty> still no daisy
15:39:21 <john> Hi Betty!
15:39:33 <john> :daisy: having a hard time starting...
15:44:15 <Joe> :daisy: erupted during OF is my guess
15:44:43 <john> :thumbsup:
15:45:11 <Betty> possibly so, but is it steaming that much after eruption?
15:45:28 <john> she is huffing and puffing... or spitting as I like to call it!
15:45:28 <Betty> I cannot remember
15:46:04 <JarnoO> it steams after an eruption, but that quickly subsides to next to nothing, especially in these conditions
15:46:51 <Joe> :daisy: has her own personality
15:46:55 <john> so she is having a hard time stopping...
15:47:06 <JarnoO> at least we've got Castle to watch
15:47:08 <john> Castle
15:48:36 <JarnoO> This is a very good series of sub-14h intervals. Was worried a bit that its intervals were lengthening
15:49:20 <JarnoO> looks fairly convincing so far
15:49:25 <john> :thumbsup:
15:49:38 <JarnoO> now to survive the pauses
15:58:37 <Joe> a major
15:59:13 <Michelle> Besides Giantess, I can't think of a better way to end my shift! You all have a great afternoon! Go Castle!
15:59:24 <JarnoO> cya Michelle
15:59:33 <Joe> bye Michelle,
15:59:54 <Betty> bye Michelle
16:01:18 <john> cya Michelle!
16:02:38 <JarnoO> Castle major. To steam just after 1600 or so
16:03:23 <JarnoO> only two pauses I think in this eruption. Overall one of the stronger eruptions
16:04:52 <JarnoO> by about 10 minutes or so I could see it was headed to a major. With June 8's afternoon Castle, on the other hand, it was still unclear after 10 minutes what it would do
16:19:01 <JarnoO> Bronze Spring honoring its name there
16:19:23 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ 🌵
16:19:44 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
16:42:00 <JarnoO> off for the day. Enjoy Aurum. I hope
16:44:11 <Betty> night JarnoO
16:44:32 <john> cya Jarno
16:46:39 <KorbenC> Evening all.
16:46:53 <Betty> hi KorbenC
16:47:12 <KorbenC> Hi Betty, John
16:54:23 <KorbenC(T-8)> Evening Kitt
16:54:45 <Kitt> hi
16:54:54 <Betty> hi Kitt
16:55:41 <Kitt> my car isn't even safe in my drivewaY
16:55:51 <KorbenC(T-8)> uhoh?
16:56:25 <Kitt> neighbor ran her new used car into her little utility trailer which jumped sidewalk and rammed into my vehicle
16:56:42 <KorbenC(T-8)> :(
16:56:48 <Kitt> she didn't have trailer chalked, blocked or anything
16:57:27 <Kitt> this happened on my 38th anniversary
16:57:48 <Betty> oh no :-(
16:58:48 <Kitt> wow Jim is in basin late
16:59:10 <Joe> Kitt, 6/12?
16:59:20 <Kitt> no yesterday
17:00:05 <Joe> Ah, we are close 56th today
17:00:16 <Kitt> congrats
17:00:42 <Joe> same to you :)
17:00:59 <Kitt> have you gone into Yellowstone this year?
17:01:49 <Joe> No I have not, not able to walk much
17:01:59 <Kitt> oh, sorry
17:02:13 <Joe> Have yo been in yet?
17:02:15 <Kitt> we have put in 3 replacement windows
17:02:42 <Kitt> and I have made it to 2010 in photo albums
17:02:47 <Kitt> not yet
17:02:53 <Kitt> hope to sometime
17:02:58 <KorbenC(T-8)> Kitt, any plans too?
17:03:16 <Kitt> nothing set yet
17:03:33 <Kitt> may camp for a week, don't know
17:04:33 <Kitt> at least this year, they let us know in May that cabins without baths wouldn't be available at all
17:04:48 <Kitt> unfortunately most stuff was booked by that time
17:06:57 <Kitt> usually spent about $4,000 per year, so that's $8,000 off our trailer
17:07:27 <KorbenC(T-8)> Kitt, the OF Inn is opening up some rooms without baths I thought?
17:07:48 <KorbenC(T-8)> F&M Event Cycle 1703 per Graham.
17:08:51 <Kitt> hadn't heard that
17:09:46 <Kitt> my understanding was lobbies wouldn't have seating
17:10:11 <KorbenC(T-8)> The "OLD HOUSE ROOM 1 QUEEN /NO BATH" Is open per Xanterra.
17:10:32 <Kitt> if it is open, then it is already booked
17:11:11 <KorbenC(T-8)> Alot of them are, but from the 13th through 22nd of this June they are open
17:11:15 <Joe> Daisy
17:11:53 <Kitt> hope someone enjoys those squeeky rooms
17:12:56 <Kitt> well hoping for Bee, but have been on computer long enough
17:13:30 <KorbenC(T-8)> Hopefully ti goes before dark :)
17:15:46 <Joe> I'll be swinging from down basin to Bee often
17:17:36 <Joe> JimS has grand covered so Bee will get many looks
17:22:15 <KorbenC(T-8)> Beehive looks like a doorknob
17:35:09 <Kitt> Korben, what is ti?
17:35:28 <KorbenC(T-8)> Kitt, ?
17:35:41 <Betty> it ;-)
17:35:44 <Kitt> you said, hopefully ti goes before dark
17:35:51 <KorbenC(T-8)> Kitt, it=Bee
17:36:02 <Kitt> wow, work on spelling
17:36:09 <Betty> lol
17:36:10 <KorbenC(T-8)> Haha
17:36:18 <KorbenC(T-8)> At least I have an excuse for now :P
17:36:40 <KorbenC(T-8)> Youthful age, Immaturity, and COVID Vaccine side effects :)
17:55:45 <Joe> F&M area is steamy
17:55:47 <KorbenC(T-8)> Turban or F&,?
17:56:16 <KorbenC(T-8)> I can't tell whether that is Truban or F&M, but I think F&M ie
17:56:42 <Betty> looks more like F&M to me
17:57:04 <Betty> not Riverside
17:57:12 <KorbenC(T-8)> Hopefully Graham is there
17:57:36 <KorbenC(T-8)> Hi Ben
17:57:48 <Ben VL> thanks for texting
17:58:00 <KorbenC(T-8)> :thumbsup:
17:59:08 <KorbenC(T-8)> Gone now
17:59:32 <KorbenC(T-8)> Grand
17:59:48 <Joe> Grand
18:00:16 <Joe> I posted F&m someone will check
18:00:26 <Betty> there it is again
18:00:29 <KorbenC(T-8)> and it is having "restarts"
18:01:26 <Betty> 56 min after Event cycle
18:02:24 <KorbenC(T-8)> 1754!!!
18:02:40 <Ben VL> all right!!!!
18:02:57 <Joe> Hot Dog!!
18:02:58 <Ben VL> first one observed from start in years
18:03:01 <KorbenC(T-8)> Finally in the day light!
18:03:45 <KorbenC(T-8)> locked at 1739
18:04:34 <KorbenC(T-8)> Arty ie I think
18:05:06 <How fun> F & M!
18:05:20 <KorbenC(T-8)> Yea!
18:29:17 <Joe> BHI
18:29:18 <Joe> .
18:29:19 <Joe> .
18:29:19 <Joe> .
18:29:20 <Joe> .
18:29:33 <Ben VL> this'll be nice
18:30:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> :)
18:30:24 <KorbenC(T-8)> Yes it will :)
18:30:35 <KorbenC(T-8)> 16hr, good interval :)
18:30:40 <Betty> yay
18:31:00 <Betty> good last hour
18:31:11 <Ben VL> quite
18:31:24 <Kitt> thanks Kevin
18:32:50 <Joe> Text sent
18:34:26 <Betty> noone is there
18:34:49 <KorbenC(T-8)> but for good reason :)
18:35:55 <Joe> Anyone get a text?
18:36:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I haven't
18:36:30 <Ben VL> I did
18:36:58 <KorbenC(T-8)> I did
18:37:29 <Joe> sent text again, flakey system
18:38:40 <How fun> Thanks for text
18:38:58 <linda> thx for txt
18:39:05 <KorbenC(T-8)> linda, hi
18:39:19 <Joe> yw
18:39:23 <linda> KorbenC(T-8), KorbenC(T-8), hi
18:39:35 <KorbenC(T-8)> looks like alot of people at F&M today
18:39:36 <How fun> I guessed 1900, not too far off
18:39:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> My phone is still sleeping.
18:40:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Getting some BH customers now.
18:40:23 <Betty> your flip one?
18:40:31 <Kitt> I just got your message Kevin
18:40:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just wanted to make sure you got one!
18:41:05 <Kitt> got it now
18:41:09 <How fun> Polly get F & M?
18:41:14 <linda> hello all
18:41:23 <How fun> I just received another text
18:41:25 <Kitt> probably
18:41:44 <linda> How fun, sent two
18:41:44 <KorbenC(T-8)> 16 minute lock, anyone in radio shot should have been able to get there
18:42:25 <How fun> Two is fine with me
18:42:56 <Betty> good crowd now
18:43:35 <KorbenC(T-8)> :bee:
18:43:41 <linda> yeah although joe is hogging bee he does want to share, thus the two txts
18:43:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Kitt would have been able to get wet twice!
18:44:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just got the text
18:44:10 <Kitt> I think bee should shower them
18:44:26 <Joe> linda, >(
18:44:39 <linda> :)
18:44:55 <Ben VL> blockhive is very pretty today
18:45:01 <KorbenC(T-8)> :P
18:45:18 <linda> :D
18:46:28 <Kitt> got another text Bhi 1827 and bhi 1829
18:46:32 <Ben VL> now it's freezehive
18:47:00 <How fun> This cam was not built for geysers
18:47:31 <How fun> I miss being able to see the column
18:48:12 <Ben VL> this cam was not built for nearly anything
18:48:18 <Kitt> thanks again for the text Kevin
18:48:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> yw
18:48:49 <Ben VL> again, BOSCH. Need I say more?
18:49:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nope
18:49:14 <Betty> hurry up, Lone Star is in window ;-)
18:50:06 <Joe> I sent some texts, trying to make sure everyone got it.
18:51:53 <Betty> good time to head out now. Bye all
18:52:49 <Joe> Betty, Bye
18:52:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That was fun. I came home and was so worn out that I went to sleep and just woke up for Grand.
18:53:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good knight Betty.
18:53:11 <kiawe (at work)> Aloha Betty!
18:53:23 <Joe> This has been a fun shift!
18:53:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like it
18:53:52 <kiawe (at work)> I came on and thought I was going to get to see Beehive -- old locked image. Boo!
18:55:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> A get video should do it kiawe.
18:55:34 <kiawe (at work)> This cam makes the images look like Impressionist paintings -- after Monet's eyes started going.
18:55:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> click the link posted at 1848
18:55:43 <Joe> kiawe (at work), there is a getvideo BHI starts at 1827
18:57:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Who is the guy that used to make big pictures out of small pixel type pictures?
19:09:51 <kiawe (at work)> Can't remember; I'd have to search.
19:11:58 <kiawe (at work)> *watching video of Beehive -- burble and splork*
19:20:09 <Joe> DAISY
19:20:52 <kiawe (at work)> Nice!
19:26:25 <kiawe (at work)> Kevin L™ 🌵 Chuck Close! Watch my Google-fu!
19:33:11 <kiawe (at work)> Have to get ready to close for the day. Fair winds, all!
19:33:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good knight
19:44:22 <KorbenC(T-8)> I am out too, night all.
20:02:41 <Joe> nice rainbow
20:06:39 <linda> lion
20:26:06 <GO F&M> Hello, fun day
20:37:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I just got the BHI text message.
20:38:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good day for sure
20:40:10 <GO F&M> I just got it too