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06:07:54 <KorbenC> Hi Kat
06:08:20 <Kat> KorbenC, good morning!
06:20:47 <L> Kat, hi
06:20:52 <L> KorbenC, hi
06:21:01 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
06:22:19 <KorbenC> Bulger
06:56:59 <JarnoO> Korben, thanks for passing that picture
06:57:24 <KorbenC> JarnoO, :thumbsup:
06:57:44 <KorbenC> and morning, TS Bill in Atlantic, (1) 20/70 and (2) 10/10
06:57:45 <Kat> Morning all!
06:58:06 <JarnoO> morning all
06:58:14 <Kat> :)
06:59:13 <KorbenC> Jarno, temperature was warm and low humidity last night, so the only reason it would be steaming is because it or something near it was hot, right?
06:59:26 <JarnoO> I don't think it's new silica forming, seem a bit quick. Instead, it could be grass washed away from an otherwise white sinter area
06:59:33 <JarnoO> seems*
06:59:43 <KorbenC> I overlooked that :)
06:59:54 <JarnoO> did Graham tell around what time he took the picture?
06:59:57 <KorbenC> But it is good too see it at least somewhat hot, enough to be steaming
07:00:46 <KorbenC> No, he did not.
07:01:07 <JarnoO> what was the temperature last evening? 'High' doesn't tell me much :)
07:01:54 <KorbenC> If he took it from 4 to 9PM it would be anywhere from 80 to 54, with RH no higher than 15%
07:02:35 <JarnoO> ah, right. I'll check the daytime captures, perhaps I can spot him taking the picture
07:02:53 <KorbenC> Take a picture of Graham taking a picture :p
07:02:54 <Kat> Cam awful in OF light
07:04:41 <JarnoO> picture woud've been taken around 2000, based on Graham's LC 1957ie entry
07:05:39 <JarnoO> except for the usual suspects, there's no steam coming from anything on the Hill
07:05:45 <JarnoO> at that time
07:06:00 <KorbenC> 14 Jun 7:56PM 75F 25DewPt 15%RH CALM 1017.7mb 30.34
07:06:43 <KorbenC> He did say nothing looked very hot back there, but any little bit of steam is a sign that it isn't geyser hills liberty pool.
07:09:35 <JarnoO> I looked for earlier pictures of that spring. The best, most recent one I can find is
07:10:44 <KorbenC> always amazes me how small one feature is (even Giantess) relative to the hill itself
07:19:56 <JarnoO> 2019:
07:20:34 <JarnoO> but otherwise there aren't any pictures of it close-up before yesterday's
07:20:48 <JarnoO> well - close-up not entirely but you get the gist
07:20:58 <KorbenC> :thumbsup: thanks
07:22:38 <JarnoO> more helpful would be if Google finally updated their satellite imagery. They still haven't done that for Kapoho Point. Been almost three years since Kapoho Bay was filled
07:24:58 <KorbenC> That would be nice
07:26:18 <KorbenC> bbs
07:37:57 <JarnoO> as for thoughts regarding GHG-18, Korben, - this was it in August 2013, approximately same view point: One thing that's immediately striking, is that the runoff area has markedly increased. It makes it at least plausible that something is happening there
07:41:14 <KorbenC> JO, yes, that is what I was noting
07:45:48 <Kat> OF
08:02:27 <KorbenC> nice roar
08:02:34 <KorbenC> Lion
08:02:39 <KorbenC> LC
08:02:52 <KorbenC> minor so far
08:08:28 <KorbenC> Morning Kevin
08:08:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Morning
08:08:49 <Kat> Hi Kevin!
08:11:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi. Just a reminder today is I will be a tad late.
08:12:52 <Kat> No problem! Got you covered :)
08:24:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Thanks
08:40:55 <KorbenC> MC
08:41:23 <Kat> Isnj't that mouth
08:41:24 <KorbenC> Big MC
08:41:38 <KorbenC> Kat, mouth is close to the BW in MC's runoff chanell
08:41:43 <Kat> isn't*
08:42:08 <KorbenC> Kat,
08:42:24 <Kat> Got it
08:42:31 <KorbenC> :)
08:43:12 <KorbenC> Kat, almost Grand time :D
08:43:16 <Kat> I changed it to Marmot - thanks
08:43:20 <Kat> I know
08:43:45 <KorbenC> I deleted my MC because our eruptions got seperated.
08:44:04 <KorbenC> Grand
08:44:06 <KorbenC> .
08:44:06 <KorbenC> .
08:44:28 <KorbenC> Kat, that was a really good pan :D
08:44:56 <Kat> :)
08:45:20 <Kat> Perfect timing
08:48:23 <Kat> 0840 might be the exact start time but I'm not sure so put ns
08:48:46 <KorbenC> Exactly what I was thinking.
08:49:01 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:50:17 <KorbenC> Especially with the taller more voluminous bursts.
08:50:57 <KorbenC> wow. I never knew voluminous had a silent "n" in it till now :P
08:55:17 <KorbenC> b1 dine, 11m and change
08:55:26 <KorbenC> 12m**
08:57:27 <Kat> Thx
08:57:43 <KorbenC> T1Q 11m 13s
08:57:49 <KorbenC> I did my math horribly wrong :P
08:58:08 <Katie> KorbenC, how do you say voluminous without the 'n' in nous?
08:58:23 <Kat> :lol:
08:58:48 <Katie> And good morning, everyone
08:58:52 <KorbenC> Katie, might jsut be my area. and Hi
08:59:07 <Kat> Hi Katie
08:59:57 <KorbenC> Here we pronounce it: Volume- ous" where the ou is pronounced like it is in out.
09:00:44 <Mike J> Is that an English library? Volume 'ouse
09:00:52 <Mike J> (Sorry, reaching a bit this morning)
09:01:12 <KorbenC> IDK, but as a CO native I have never heard the n in voluminous
09:01:30 <Katie> Well, it's there and for most of us, it's not silent.
09:01:35 <KorbenC> Interesting
09:02:07 <Kat> Never heard it without the n
09:02:44 <KorbenC> One of my friends whom I just texted (also a CO Native, actually we were born at the same hospital 2 days apart) says the same thing as me.
09:03:01 <KorbenC> Crazy how dialect and pidgin language patterns just "do that" :)
09:03:14 <Kat> :)
09:03:25 <KorbenC> But I will admit, I have been spelling it wrong for my entire life :P
09:04:10 <KorbenC> So, an interesting GT thing that I just tried out now. Did you know that even if an in person person entered the code, that a wc person can enter with seconds and duration and it gets primary? Seems odd to me. Obviously I deleted my entry, but just FYI.
09:05:11 <Kat> Isn't that what you told me yesterday? I thought that was odd
09:05:47 <KorbenC> Yes. THat was for a different geyser, but it seems to me that having the grand code would be more important than seconds.
09:06:21 <Kat> I would think so to
09:14:34 <Kat> OF
09:19:43 <KorbenC> Jarno, strong convective inflow into the SW Gulf Invest, it is eating up the energy and spitting out some 30,000ft+ tropical supercells along the NE Flanking Line :D
09:28:58 <KorbenC> White Flour
09:29:08 <JarnoO> Korben, I assume that's good for the invest. Off to making dinner
09:31:57 <KorbenC> Hey Linda
09:32:14 <Kat> Hi Linda
09:32:42 <Linda> Kat, KorbenC, HELLO!
09:32:57 <KorbenC> :)
09:33:12 <Kat> HALLO!
09:33:14 <Linda> :)
09:33:29 <KorbenC> BONJOUR! :P
09:33:36 <Linda> Hallo everybody Hallo!
09:33:54 <Kat> :lol:
09:34:29 <Linda> that'll drive Joe crazy haha!
09:34:50 <KorbenC> I think the camera already did that for us.
09:35:05 <Linda> >(
10:03:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well that wasn't too bad! Setting up.
10:05:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Logging in
10:06:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Got it
10:06:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Thanks Kat
10:06:29 <KorbenC> Good luck with the cam today Kevin.
10:07:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Has it been that bad?
10:07:26 <KorbenC> No, but it doesn't like the heat of hte day
10:07:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I can relate
10:08:06 <KorbenC> And you are in a heat wave
10:08:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was brutal yesterday but fun none the less.
10:08:51 <KorbenC> air conditioning :D
10:10:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Not a lot of AC when you are craning a caboose!
10:10:42 <KorbenC> Ouch
10:15:47 <Kat> yw Kevin - have a good afternoon!
10:16:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Forecast for yesterday was 107°. Real was 112°. Today the forecast is 114°.
10:19:12 <ynpvisitor7> My vote from the peanut gallery - skip using seconds on ANY WC time except during the times the Park is closed. Gazers who have put in the effort to be there should not have entries overridden just because seconds were addded to WC..
10:20:54 <ynpvisitor7> Like Bee yesterday for example
10:21:46 <Eric> Wow....good luck with that heat Kevin! Get out your heat shovel!
10:22:24 <Linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, supposed to be over 100 on the south rim, imaging what it will be below in the canyon.
10:22:53 <Eric> No entry is harmed in the adding of seconds :-D The in basin entry exists and is untouched by the WC entry.
10:22:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Much warmer
10:23:25 <Linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, they will fry down there
10:23:39 <Eric> That is an issue for GT to fix, not for people to dumb down their entries and try and resolve.
10:23:43 <Linda> ynpvisitor7, I've just been deleting my entry if I see a basin entry
10:24:45 <Eric> Please don't delete entries to try and get some entry as primary. The more observers on an eruption the better.
10:25:24 <Linda> Eric, oh no, I just enter to make sure and then if some one in the basin enters I delete mine, most times, not all
10:25:40 <Eric> We need to get rid of this whole primary entry notion ASAP.
10:26:01 <Eric> Just leave them Linda...there is no reason your entry needs to be deleted.
10:26:03 <Linda> Eric, I just figure if someone in basin entered then mine is extra
10:26:13 <Eric> If you observe's a valid entry.
10:26:34 <Linda> :thumbsup:
10:26:48 <Eric> Nope, the system is designed to take in multiple entries and for them all to be logged.
10:27:25 <Linda> cya all later
10:27:57 <Eric> GT just needs to do a better job of helping users understand who the observers where and what their perspectives are.
10:28:00 <Eric> bye Linda
10:28:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bye
10:28:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Here is a picture from your crane man Eric:
10:32:32 <KorbenC> Eric, sorry about deleting it, I was just "testing" the system, I only deleted my grand entry on it because I figured the one with the code should be primary. But I agree we need to move away from primary entries. :)
10:33:32 <KorbenC> I would campaign for a "smushed" entry system where the best and most accurate info gets combined into one "super entry" and any other entry just keeps adding better and improved information
10:36:54 <Eric> Nice shot Kevin!
10:37:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> He is really good.
10:40:16 <Eric> Yes, I think ultimately there will be a single view with all of the observers and details. But there is much discussion that is needed before any major change like that would take place.
11:11:14 <Kat> Beautiful pic Kevin!
11:12:13 <Kat> Must be a wildlife back up on cam going into West
11:17:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I hate that.
11:51:58 <KorbenC> Jarno, as expected, the convective inflow bumped up the Gulf Invest, 40/80
11:56:24 <JarnoO> good good
11:59:36 <KorbenC> It is eying the same spot on the LA Coastline that got demolished last year.
12:00:49 <JarnoO> Daisy HLS delay
12:03:13 <JarnoO> no wonder Daisy is late. SSW 8mph
12:03:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It didn't want to zoom.
12:10:10 <JarnoO> 1200:±02 ±3m04s
12:36:31 <Eric> Any affect on Boca Chica for that incoming Gulf storm?
12:37:22 <KorbenC> Possibly some light rain, but most of it wont be going that direction
12:40:57 <Eric> Thanks Korben
12:41:20 <Eric> Getting ready for curbs and road on North Entrance cam!
12:43:35 <KorbenC> I ma still in shocked they are actually getting things done! Here in Colorado you just put 15 cones out for 8 years and do nothing else.
12:45:20 <JarnoO> Rocket HLS delay
12:45:38 <JarnoO> Castle too
12:53:26 <JarnoO> Germany vs. France now. Will be exciting
12:54:19 <JarnoO> top match from the pool of death (Hungary, Portugal, Germany and France)
12:57:47 <JarnoO> Castle major
13:00:45 <JarnoO> early Castle this time. Interval of 13h
13:02:16 <Betty> hi all
13:03:14 <JarnoO> evening Betty. I don't have to ask you if you're watching the match, right? :)
13:04:07 <Betty> a match? really?? ;-)
13:04:14 <JarnoO> haha
13:04:18 <KorbenC> lol
13:04:40 <Betty> evening JarnoO, afternoon KorbenC :-D
13:06:06 <KorbenC> Hey
13:07:12 <linda> greeetings
13:07:23 <linda> Betty, hi
13:07:28 <KorbenC> hi, bonjour, aloha Linda
13:07:28 <linda> JarnoO, hi
13:07:37 <linda> KorbenC, Hola!
13:07:37 <JarnoO> afternoon Linda
13:07:39 <Betty> hi Linda
13:08:22 <JarnoO> not something you see often - using the referee to complete a pass
13:08:40 <KorbenC> ;)
13:10:58 <JarnoO> in that regard, hockey has sorted things out well - two referees who stay well away from the ball and even stand outside the playing field when the ball is near the goal
13:11:50 <Betty> speaking of hockey, congrats to your team :-)
13:12:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hockey refs are the best athletes on the ice.
13:12:27 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ 🌵
13:13:34 <JarnoO> thanks Betty
13:13:51 <JarnoO> (field hockey, not ice hockey)
13:15:16 <Betty> Steamboat needs time again
13:20:38 <Betty> bah
13:21:25 <JarnoO> Betty, are you sure you're not playing with 10 players and the French with 12? ;D
13:21:27 <JarnoO> :D
13:21:49 <Betty> uhm, seems so ;-)
13:35:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I didn't think the French ever beat the Germans.
13:36:40 <Betty> they sure did
13:37:00 <Betty> last euro championship
13:37:23 <KorbenC> But Germany tends to beat the French: "a coalition of German states led by Prussia defeated France"
13:37:39 <Betty> hahahaha
13:37:47 <KorbenC> oh, we are still talking about soccer :P
13:38:04 <Betty> that was a few more days ago
13:38:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There is a reason that they call the last lap flag in a race the "French Battle Flag".
13:40:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Is that Riverside steam now?
13:41:52 <Betty> I don´t see it
13:42:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hard to tell this time of the year.
13:43:06 <Betty> yeah
13:44:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Already hit 113° here today.
13:50:20 <KorbenC> 83F here, hard to go outside
13:50:37 <KorbenC> I share a similar melting point with Gallium :)
13:52:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Low was 82° here Korben!
13:52:20 <KorbenC> Low was 42 last night.
14:00:48 <JarnoO> good luck with the 2nd half, Betty
14:05:56 <Betty> thx
14:25:05 <JarnoO> our commentator mentioned that you should be on time for switching players - not too early and not too late (when it's 2-0 already). And right at that moment the French scored a goal, though later determined to be offside
14:26:23 <Eric> Time to get out the heat shovel Kevin!
14:26:33 <Eric> Almost reached 70 here :-D
14:26:52 <Betty> hi Eric
14:27:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is called putting the car in reverse Eric!
14:27:32 <Betty> we were at 9 here today
14:28:39 <Betty> friday is 118 predicted for Phoenix
14:29:29 <Betty> 9 = 90
14:29:57 <Betty> some of my laptop keys say goodbye
14:30:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Laughlin is forecast for 121° Friday
14:31:24 <Betty> wow
14:32:11 <toasty> no crowd at Grand?
14:33:17 <toasty> many places due for highest temps ever
14:35:31 <Eric> Hi Betty
14:36:09 <Eric> Wow...glad I don't like in that kind of weather! I might go play in the snow this weekend :-P
14:36:33 <Betty> :-)
14:36:50 <toasty> new snow or old snow fields?
14:37:54 <Eric> Maybe both :-D
14:38:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Please keep it.
14:38:54 <toasty> snow sounds nice
14:41:13 <JarnoO> now is the time for a classic German ending
14:41:25 <JarnoO> Fingers crossed for some good stuff
14:42:58 <JarnoO> offside, still 1-0 for France
14:51:28 <toasty> no Turban posts...
14:55:45 <toasty> Surprised Daisy has not erupted
14:55:55 <JarnoO> and that's France starting with a victory
14:56:33 <JarnoO> did feature classic cases of stretching time, already when the match hadn't even passed 30 minutes
14:56:51 <Betty> a German makes the goal and France wins...
14:58:15 <Betty> but the french played it smarter
14:59:32 <Betty> daisy
15:02:23 <Betty> I know a person who payed 8000€ for a ticket in Munich. crazy
15:04:08 <JarnoO> was it a ticket that went through multiple hands?
15:04:22 <Betty> no
15:04:38 <Betty> not that I know
15:04:51 <JarnoO> 😲
15:05:38 <Betty> that would bring us both to yellowstone for some weeks
15:06:04 <Betty> which I would prefer for sure :-)
15:06:05 <JarnoO> definitely
15:06:33 <Betty> priorities
15:06:44 <Betty> hi Greg
15:06:58 <KorbenC> Hi Greg
15:09:04 <Greg (working)> Hi Betty and Korben
15:58:40 <toasty> they must not be able to upload times to GT from the basin.
15:59:07 <toasty> are we sure there are people still waiting for Grand? This cam makes it heard to see if anyone is there.
15:59:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Controls released.
15:59:56 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for driving Kevin
16:00:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> yw Have fun!
16:01:30 <Greg 🤠> Do our best. Have you heard when the derailment will be clear in NM/AZ?
16:02:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They are talking 1900 MDT
16:02:26 <JarnoO> toasty, there are still plenty of people waiting for Grand
16:02:39 <Betty> thx Kevin. I´m out for sleep, night all
16:02:41 <toasty> I see that now
16:02:49 <JarnoO> Grand has switched to longer intervals, around 7h
16:02:55 <Greg 🤠> Thanks, I missed my #3
16:03:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They gave up. I guess it will go with todays #3.
16:04:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Did you see my caboose pictures from yesterday?
16:04:32 <Greg 🤠> I did not
16:04:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵>
16:08:33 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
16:08:37 <Greg 🤠> kool
16:09:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They are backwards. We were unloading it at the museum.
16:09:56 <Greg 🤠> 7 hrs for Grand, is the window still correct?
16:10:18 <KorbenC> As far as I know, there was a 6h 0m interval not too long ago
16:11:00 <KorbenC> Does seem like it extended its interval on the morning of the 12th, now alot of 7hr intervals
16:12:58 <h> last grand was 7h 53 min
16:13:08 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
16:13:31 <KorbenC> grand before that was 6h 8m, lol
16:14:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Geysers like to confuse you.
16:15:01 <KorbenC> very much
16:15:43 <Greg 🤠> So its just not me? haha
16:16:25 <KorbenC> We never said that, haha
16:19:09 <h> that was turban, i think
16:25:22 <KorbenC> is that wind or someone messing with the cam?
16:25:43 <Greg 🤠> wind
16:26:23 <KorbenC> Hi SF
16:26:29 <SantaFe108> hello
16:26:42 <linda> SantaFe108, hey
16:26:56 <SantaFe108> hi linda
16:27:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hey SantaFe
16:27:14 <linda> KorbenC, there is an elf up on camera jumping up and down
16:27:16 <SantaFe108> hi kevin
16:27:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Did you like our new toy?
16:28:34 <SantaFe108> Yeah the caboose has really nice paint on it
16:30:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Funny thing is it matches Big Blue (Ex Maersk painted engine).
16:31:05 <SantaFe108> its nice when you can have a matching set
16:31:27 <KorbenC> Greg, are you driving the cam?
16:31:51 <SantaFe108> whenever UP has their employee picnic here we bring out the full UP set with UP 942, a few UP business cars, and our UP caboose
16:32:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I got to ride the Cheyenne from Sacramento to Portola pulled by the 3985 once.
16:35:08 <SantaFe108> Woah thats really cool
16:35:13 <Greg 🤠> Korben, yes
16:35:15 <SantaFe108> ive never seen any of the UP steamers
16:35:33 <KorbenC> Greg 🤠, nice, do you have a better view (enough to tell if people are still at Grand)?
16:35:44 <h> turban again
16:36:31 <KorbenC> 8hr Grand here w ecome!
16:36:38 <Greg 🤠> Yes, lots of people are at Grand, no social distancing there
16:37:14 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, woah sure is late today
16:40:27 <KorbenC> Bulger
16:44:15 <Greg 🤠> Crowds are thinning
16:44:44 <JarnoO> they're probably bored of waiting. And OF window is approaching
16:47:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Amazing how many people won't wait a few hours for Grand but have to get back for Old Faithful.
16:49:18 <Greg 🤠> Right!
16:49:38 <Greg 🤠> Rule number 1, never miss a OF
16:50:09 <JarnoO> I would be pretty bored myself after waiting a few hours for Grand. Probably would have nodded off
16:50:46 <Greg 🤠> Good people watching / listening time
16:51:23 <JarnoO> alternatively I'd be walking around the Sawmill group to at least stay awake and perhaps see some fun action there
16:51:38 <KorbenC> JarnoO, that is my strategy.
16:52:16 <KorbenC> After Turban erupts I watch it for a minute to make sure Grand isn't gonna provide a show, and then spend 15 minute wandering around the sawmill complex, maybe do a quick lap of the hill or head over to Tilts Baby
16:52:18 <SantaFe108> Bulger is nice to watch while waiting for grand
16:52:35 <KorbenC> very SF
16:55:09 <SantaFe108> i remember having to sprint back from the restrooms after a delayed grand finally decided to go while I left for a little
16:55:34 <KorbenC> "It does that" :D
16:55:37 <JarnoO> well past 8h for Grand
16:55:54 <JarnoO> I hope it holds off until after McFluff
16:56:48 <KorbenC> JarnoO, shh, Grand knows
16:57:30 <JarnoO> or perhaps quick switching between OF and Grand every (half a) minute or so
16:57:32 <SantaFe108> Grand is probably reading chat and is strategizing to evade us
16:57:57 <KorbenC> Took some lessons from, every other geyser ever.
16:59:00 <SantaFe108> they all got attitude thats for sure
16:59:24 <JarnoO> for what it's worth: if intervals keep increasing, we'd soon be at 90s intervals, a Grand about every 7h30m to 12h
16:59:38 <Eric> MT ini?
16:59:43 <KorbenC> Jarno, shhhhhhsh
16:59:44 <Greg 🤠> Booo
17:00:04 <KorbenC> wait, JarnoO, how many bursts did the average Grand have back then?
17:00:17 <JarnoO> 1-4, commonly 2
17:00:33 <KorbenC> Not worth it
17:00:40 <JarnoO> 3 is fairly rare, 4 would make your week and anything higher is a rarity
17:00:48 <KorbenC> 3 bursts at least 25% of the time would be well worth it.
17:01:35 <KorbenC> I would trade a daily Grand with a +/- 2hr interval for 4 bursts and 15min duration any day
17:01:48 <JarnoO> decent chance on afterbursts, I dare say about once per two weeks
17:02:16 <JarnoO> and the occasional "strange event" where Grand has more than 5 bursts and lasts >14m or so
17:02:30 <JarnoO> but... good luck with the delays
17:04:43 <JarnoO> especially July 1997 has a good stint where you'd almost be guaranteed 2 bursts at 9-12h intervals and 3 and 4 bursts were common
17:05:35 <JarnoO> but also D12. And N/G11Q on August 2
17:05:43 <JarnoO> (Grand code is not a typo there)
17:05:56 <JarnoO>
17:06:11 <SantaFe108> holy
17:06:25 <KorbenC> Can I trade one 11 burst Grand for 1 Beehive and 2 Daisys?
17:07:47 <JarnoO> July 1996*, 1997 was not that great
17:08:50 <JarnoO> This must've been a peculiar Grand: 3 bursts already in the first 7 minutes
17:09:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was a Splendid time
17:09:47 <KorbenC> fluffy, rainbow
17:09:48 <JarnoO> 1997 wasn't that good for Grand, should've clarified
17:10:19 <JarnoO> T5C+1
17:10:43 <JarnoO> 12h12m interval
17:10:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice rainbow cubes
17:12:42 <JarnoO> and probably the rarest of all: N/G3*#Q
17:15:24 <JarnoO> perhaps the most famous Grand of them all, 1995's D15/T10Q+1
17:15:37 <JarnoO> Grotto started during Fluff
17:16:01 <KorbenC> Grand benches mostly empty
17:16:16 <JarnoO> overall I think 1995 and 1996 (especially the latter) had a great balance between bursts and interval
17:18:30 <JarnoO> looks like a Turban
17:19:27 <JarnoO> Daisy won't be anytime soon. South at 15mph is a Daisy killer as far as interval is considered
17:19:53 <JarnoO> even SSW 8mph pushed it to almost 3h
17:20:53 <SantaFe108> rip
17:26:03 <JarnoO> actually, that's a more convincing Turban there
17:26:08 <JarnoO> Grand
17:26:09 <JarnoO> .
17:26:10 <JarnoO> .
17:26:11 <JarnoO> .
17:26:23 <SantaFe108> yay
17:26:34 <SantaFe108> really nice height
17:27:20 <Greg 🤠> :grand:
17:28:52 <JarnoO> though I doubt it'll do anything special other than perhaps a 2b, I would still keep an eye on it after burst 2 ends, especially if the total duration is under 10m, preferably ≤9m
17:29:12 <JarnoO> Grand gone crazy would be fun as well
17:31:00 <JarnoO> regarding the MT initial - it has a a few eruptions during Fountain (if not a trifecta or with Morning), which some observers consider to be a series and others don't. Either works by the looks of it
17:31:33 <JarnoO> well, a few is more like anywhere from one to perhaps five or so
17:34:52 <JarnoO> pause
17:34:55 <JarnoO> HLS delay
17:34:56 <JarnoO> or not
17:35:02 <JarnoO> darn false pause
17:35:19 <JarnoO> again false pause
17:35:30 <JarnoO> now pause
17:36:18 <JarnoO> 2nd HLS
17:36:36 <SantaFe108> beautiful
17:37:08 <JarnoO> pause HLS
17:37:22 <JarnoO> big Vent :/
17:38:27 <JarnoO> and that was Grand
17:38:53 <k> No third
17:39:02 <JarnoO> looks Q as well
17:39:30 <Greg 🤠> well worth the wait
17:40:10 <KorbenC> was it though Greg... Was it?
17:40:12 <KorbenC> ;)
17:41:02 <Greg 🤠> If you love Giant it was, stating for a friend
17:42:31 <KorbenC> Giant is awesome, no arguing that
17:44:21 <Greg 🤠> Did we miss daisy?
17:44:40 <JarnoO> don't think so given the strong wind
17:44:52 <KorbenC> That is possible, but the strong wind could be pushing it to 3hr
17:46:19 <KorbenC> Lion is probably due within the next hour or two, we are probably already in series
17:51:40 <JarnoO> cb had a great day at Norris. Almost lost her phone due to wind
18:03:06 <KorbenC> :lion:
18:03:08 <KorbenC> LC
18:03:14 <KorbenC> unfortunately looks like ini
18:11:28 <SantaFe108> looks like nps has new daisy prediction
18:11:57 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
18:14:37 <KorbenC> 1706ns, went during OF
18:15:27 <SantaFe108> wow it powered through that wind no problem
18:15:43 <KorbenC> as I suspected :)
18:46:27 <JarnoO> Sawmill 1314: "Is currently rising. MUCH hotter than yesterday. Dark brown algae is GONE. Bacteria that is present is bright orange leading into yellow but is clearly dying. Water in catch basin that was present yesterday is gone"
18:46:50 <KorbenC> :heart:
18:46:51 <JarnoO> 1339: "Water beginning to spill outside of main crater and into outer catch basins"
18:47:01 <KorbenC> :heart::heart::heart::heart:
18:47:02 <SantaFe108> :D
18:47:10 <JarnoO> 1351: "Still currently raising. Water has overflowed enough to enter separate pools in catch basin"
18:47:11 <KorbenC> :heart::heart::heart:
18:47:27 <JarnoO> 1411: "Has stopped raising since parasite vent of spasmodic has turned on. Is not draining, maintaining current levels and pulsing slowly 1423 Has begun to lower Water levels as a whole have begun to lower at above time as well."
18:47:37 <KorbenC> :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
18:47:49 <JarnoO> 1614: "Has lowered with spasmodic while I was away. 1629 raising without spasmodic eruption"
18:48:00 <KorbenC> Sawmill would be amazing!
18:49:14 <KorbenC> Overflow is a really good sign, as well as it heating up
18:50:40 <JarnoO> if it's going that quickly (yesterday center of pool was still blue/turquoise) I have some hopes there may be a Sawmill by the end of the week
18:50:58 <KorbenC> How aobut on Sunday Morning when I get there?
18:51:03 <KorbenC> :P
18:51:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> #3 picking up final cars for trip west now Greg. Should be loading soon.
18:51:20 <linda> KorbenC, that would be exiciting
18:51:48 <KorbenC> Honestly, I would trade seeing Sawmill this trip with all other geysers, that is how much I miss Sawmill.
18:52:16 <linda> KorbenC, :thumbsup:
18:52:19 <JarnoO> I'm pretty sure there'll be Sawmill watches soon
18:52:35 <KorbenC> It always has my eye on it, especially now.
18:52:47 <SantaFe108> i need to talk to my family about going this year I haven't been in awhile
18:52:53 <SantaFe108> last year was my first time ever gazing
18:53:14 <KorbenC> SF, :thumbsup:
18:53:46 <linda> oh something new to zoom in on
18:54:05 <Greg 🤠> of
18:54:27 <linda> I love to zoom
18:54:30 <SantaFe108> that SB will still probably be the luckiest thing that happens to me in yellowston ever
18:54:32 <KorbenC> linda, lol
18:54:39 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, no, it wont
18:55:26 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, I suppose you're right there's so much I havent seen yet
18:55:44 <JarnoO> I think the (sudden) deep drain a few weeks ago was the starting point of renewed vigor in the group. Before that there were the usual suspects active
18:55:45 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, or you will have a walk up SB followed by a walk up F&M or something
18:56:04 <KorbenC> JarnoO, didn't HK report recent overflow not too long ago?
18:56:31 <JarnoO> yes, but it wasn't as hot as I think it currently is
18:56:40 <KorbenC> yes
18:56:43 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, my SB was almost walk up, around 20-30 min wait, got to Norris at around 11:20ish and it started 11:41
18:56:49 <JarnoO> that was also after the deep drain-like activity I think
18:57:05 <KorbenC> I miss this:
18:58:33 <SantaFe108> I think the only time I've seen sawmill was when I was a small kid
18:59:54 <KorbenC> back when it was still erupting it was a nuisance and it was like calling LC on the radio. Now, we would have another BenVL Giantess call type thing.
19:00:38 <SantaFe108> lol I called LC and sprinkler the first time I was gazing last year and im sure craigC was about ready to chuck me head first into the firehole
19:00:50 <SantaFe108> but I know now for next time
19:00:53 <KorbenC> Hence why I used the LC example :)
19:01:10 <JarnoO> Bay of Campeche 50/80 (1). Corrected from 30/80. Cape Verde 0/0; Eastern Pacific 10/60 (1)
19:01:21 <KorbenC> JarnoO, :thumbsup:
19:02:03 <SantaFe108> I remember when I was a kid I saw a nice lion ini, just the steam phase though
19:02:15 <JarnoO> actually, no OF. Preplay delay
19:02:40 <KorbenC> Great, lvoe a preplay delay
19:03:01 <Greg 🤠> OF is still trying and her she is
19:03:50 <SantaFe108> there we gop
19:03:52 <SantaFe108> go*
19:04:17 <SantaFe108> my delay must be massive
19:06:28 <SantaFe108> afk
19:06:46 <KorbenC> Bulger
19:07:59 <JarnoO> hm, apparantly my delay is lower than it usually is (±30s opposed to ±60s)
19:08:29 <KorbenC> you are on 60s delay on HLS?
19:08:47 <JarnoO> usually, yes
19:08:55 <KorbenC> what about on VLC?
19:09:23 <JarnoO> 10s at most or so, like it used to be when Flash was still a thing
19:09:38 <KorbenC> so double us Americans, interesting.
19:09:55 <KorbenC> There is my daily new fact about Jarno for today.
19:10:17 <JarnoO> with the added benefit that the delay remains the same, so you don't have to reload it like we used to have here
19:10:40 <KorbenC> That is certainly a nice thing
19:12:06 <JarnoO> 1903:08 long >3m16s. It had barely exited the constant, low play when we panned away, hence I'm confident it was a long and not a medium. One of the rare cases where I don't enter it as such
19:12:35 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
19:12:47 <KorbenC> Makes logical sense, probably around 3m 40s or so
19:13:31 <JarnoO> at the very least - I'd estimate it at least reaching 3m55s
19:14:33 <KorbenC> I haven't watched hte getvideo, lol, so IDK how low the jetting was. I trust your analysis though
19:19:11 <JarnoO> or, said differently, no delay from Grand
19:19:22 <JarnoO> Rift 1520, though
19:19:48 <JarnoO> so perhaps one of those delays again
19:24:08 <KorbenC> Hopefully it was
19:26:36 <KorbenC> BHI
19:26:36 <KorbenC> .
19:26:37 <KorbenC> .
19:26:37 <KorbenC> .
19:26:37 <KorbenC> .
19:26:37 <KorbenC> ..
19:26:39 <JarnoO> Indy 1922ie
19:26:44 <KorbenC> Pan Greg Pan!
19:26:52 <KorbenC> after 14h 31m, wow
19:26:58 <JarnoO> fine then, I'll stay for a bit longer
19:27:29 <KorbenC> This will be my 2nd Beehive of the day :D
19:27:41 <JarnoO> already strong, so must've been going for a good number of minutes
19:29:02 <KorbenC> Lion 1925
19:30:40 <KorbenC> Dint leave
19:30:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice!
19:31:19 <Greg 🤠> And no fluffy window
19:31:22 <KorbenC> still haven't gotten a text?
19:31:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> What a cute little geyser. Dear, we have to get back for the worst seats for OF....
19:33:12 <KorbenC> Hi Kit
19:33:25 <KorbenC> Kitt*
19:33:26 <linda> I'll send txt
19:33:32 <KorbenC> Hi and thanks Linda
19:33:35 <KorbenC> Bee trying
19:33:43 <KorbenC> nope
19:33:46 <Kitt> thanks for text Kevin
19:33:53 <KorbenC> Bee
19:33:57 <Greg 🤠> :bee:
19:34:12 <JarnoO> :bee:
19:34:14 <linda> sent
19:34:16 <Kitt> yay Beehive
19:34:57 <linda> me neither
19:35:02 <Kitt> text arrived
19:35:08 <linda> there it is
19:35:12 <KorbenC> 1st txt
19:35:42 <linda> don't know who sent bee txt
19:36:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Mine just came with postage due.
19:36:30 <linda> :)
19:37:24 <Kitt> Jim listed Grand code, but his in basin entry is listed after Jarno's wc
19:37:45 <JarnoO> that's because mine has a comment, which Jim's hasn't
19:38:14 <KorbenC> Jarno, would you mind adding the full Grand code, or is that nto allwoed since you werent there?
19:38:29 <Kitt> but he has the code and is on site
19:38:58 <JarnoO> well, you can add the full Grand code, but I'm not going to do that since I only made an informed guess for both T and Q
19:39:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice surprise.
19:41:56 <h> I thought in basin posts were primary, when did that change?
19:42:12 <KorbenC> I think a week ago ro so?
19:42:25 <KorbenC> Now the one with more data is primary.
19:42:51 <JarnoO> last Sunday. The latest Sput has the details on what the selection process for primary now is
19:43:09 <h> So if the data is guesses it wins over fact?
19:43:45 <KorbenC> Hopefully no one does that, and if they do it will likely be flagged away
19:44:03 <JarnoO> well, it only checks if the entry has a comment. If it does, then it will be chosen over one without. Though selection based on comment is very low down the list
19:45:14 <101> So we have to click thru to Jim's to see what really happened. Extra steps
19:46:05 <JarnoO> pretty much, yeah
19:46:10 <h> Who ever made those changes, just caused the demise of of in basin posts, which are valuable when the geysers can't be seen from the camera, IMHO
19:46:51 <KorbenC> ?
19:47:03 <KorbenC> If in basin and wc enter with the same information, in basin still takes primary
19:47:07 <JarnoO> there will be refinements, 101, h, Kitt, that's for sure. You aren't the only ones reporting that
19:47:36 <h> It stinks!
19:48:37 <KorbenC> The GT developers did some very hard work for this for sure. And it might not be the best, and I think we all respect your opinion on it, but it is better in some aspects.
19:49:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Loading passengers on the #3 Greg but one passed out on the platform due to the heat.
19:50:10 <JarnoO> yikes
19:50:43 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, oh no, what cam are you watching?
19:52:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Information on the Flagstaff camchat from a chatter that is unfortunate enough to be on that particular train.
19:52:15 <linda> ah
19:53:20 <JarnoO> Tardy looks hot
19:53:42 <Greg 🤠> krazy, and no ac
19:53:55 <JarnoO> Churn does, too
19:54:05 <KorbenC> and I can visibly see water in sawmill
19:54:12 <KorbenC> Rising water
19:54:27 <JarnoO> can you zoom out until you have Churn in view, Greg?
19:54:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The power car on our train broke Saturday so we had no AC either. It was bad. Hope it gets going this week since I am doing 3 runs. No AC in the cab or caboose though.
19:55:20 <KorbenC> This view is perfect Greg, at least for me!
19:55:29 <KorbenC> Sawmill, Trady and Churn
19:55:51 <JarnoO> Trady? Is it selling goods now?
19:56:00 <JarnoO> :)
19:56:12 <KorbenC> Yes, it is selling pain and misery. Oh wait, it has always been selling that
19:56:30 <JarnoO> right... Shouldn't have asked
19:56:46 <KorbenC> :p
19:58:36 <KorbenC> Still no Aurum
19:59:55 <Greg 🤠> it was 116 here today in Buckeye
20:00:00 <KorbenC> Ouch
20:00:16 <linda> toasty
20:00:44 <Greg 🤠> I had to take my wife to urgent care, then they would let me in, so I to wait outside,
20:00:59 <KorbenC> Sorry to hear that Greg, hopefully she is OK
20:01:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We hit 116° also.
20:02:08 <linda> Greg 🤠, :(
20:02:23 <Greg 🤠> Ya, banged up her knee prtty good
20:02:44 <KorbenC> :(
20:02:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ouch
20:02:53 <linda> Greg 🤠, oh dear, hope she feels better soon
20:04:37 <h> So to be clear, Tara's in basin post of Beehive becomes secondary, because a at home post, with seconds ( which are hardly accurate) becomes primary??
20:05:25 <202> h, I was just looking at that and was going to ask the same
20:05:32 <KorbenC> it had duration too
20:07:56 <h> And with that, when a certain few are not watching the camera, an in basin post will not be made, because what is the point?
20:08:26 <KorbenC> IDK why in basin posts wouldn't be made
20:09:47 <KorbenC> I understand and respect your opinion, I do not share the opinion but your input is appreciated; and, I am not in the mood for an argument/debate right now, so no further comment :)
20:11:49 <h> Most 'gazers' do it not only for GT data but for self satisfaction, and Korben youalways run away because you are not in the mood or have a headache
20:13:08 <202> I would have offered real world inpur if they had asked. There are some cases their hierarchy will just not work
20:13:29 <KorbenC> Oh, was Lion at 1802 an initial?
20:13:41 <202> Inpur=input
20:16:31 <KorbenC> I see cuboid cam is also pixelating, again.
20:18:34 <202> My watch speeds up if I don't connect it regularly. What happens with two entries both with seconds one in basin and one wc?
20:19:23 <KorbenC> OF isnt due until 2040 and there are already people lining up to see it
20:31:15 <SantaFe108> back
20:32:11 <KorbenC> You missedb BH :)
20:32:40 <SantaFe108> i got the text while taking a shower unfortunately :/
20:32:55 <KorbenC> lol, decisions decisions
20:33:02 <linda> :(
20:36:13 <KorbenC> SantaFe108, you did see BH while you were there last year, right?
20:37:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Greg, if you need to take care of your wife, I am just sitting here watching crab fishing.
20:37:26 <SantaFe108> KorbenC, unfortunately I did not, my family abducted me to go fishing yellowstone lake a few hours before it erupted on the day i was in UGB
20:37:41 <KorbenC> oh, thats right. Forgot that
20:37:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bummer
20:38:03 <SantaFe108> If I go this summer I'll definitely be trying
20:39:40 <SantaFe108> and maybe spend time in norris and LGB too, I've been trying to read more about the geysers there since I mostly only know about UGB
20:40:24 <KorbenC> you should just read all of TGOY, it worked for me :)
20:41:05 <SantaFe108> Lol that's what i've been doing, I have my copy right next to me and ive been browsing around the past couple days
20:41:16 <KorbenC> :D
20:43:13 <Greg 🤠> Thanks Kevin, she is mobile, just pretty sore. Waiting to get into the ortho Dr.
20:44:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> OK. Let me know if you need me to take it.
20:44:44 <Greg 🤠> Will do thank you, much appreciated
20:45:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> NP
20:45:21 <Greg 🤠> of
20:45:28 <Greg 🤠> nice light
20:46:21 <SantaFe108> beautiful
20:49:27 <Greg 🤠> :lion:
20:49:38 <KorbenC> Nice
20:50:24 <SantaFe108> Really nice afternoon
20:50:35 <SantaFe108> great lighting
20:50:38 <KorbenC> yea :)
20:50:40 <Greg 🤠> yuppers
20:53:42 <KorbenC> Light steam from UNNG-GHG-18
20:55:08 <SantaFe108> oops not ie
20:55:12 <SantaFe108> its ok though
20:55:30 <Greg 🤠> Blame it on of
20:55:35 <KorbenC> or Dave
20:55:38 <SantaFe108> lol
20:56:10 <KorbenC> For Jarno tommorow morning
20:57:25 <Greg 🤠> it is raining in the Mesa area, woot woot, first rain in months Still 40+ miles from me, maybe it will propagate my way.
20:57:57 <SantaFe108> im jealous, all we got here is excessive heat warning :P
20:58:07 <Greg 🤠> Same here
20:59:05 <SantaFe108> I hope it rains in socal soon, we had a dry winter
21:00:44 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Don't want to be the shake & bake state again?
21:04:18 <d> Wow, the only thing coming up is Daisy
21:04:28 <Kevin L™ 🌵> #3 is now moving Greg
21:04:42 <SantaFe108> Kevin L™ 🌵, not particularly! I was getting kind of used to having water in our lakes! :lol:
21:04:45 <Greg 🤠> kool beans
21:06:43 <Greg 🤠> d, what time do you show for daisy?
21:10:27 <Greg 🤠> Kevin, you may have read this, #3 wil be very long #3 6/13 and #3 6/14 were joined together making one at Albuquerque
21:11:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes. There is a chatter on the #3 right now reporting at the Flagstaff camchat.
21:11:43 <d> Daisy is at 4h 4m very soon
21:11:54 <d> or just missed
21:13:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks happy
21:27:27 <KorbenC> OK all, goodnight, thanks for driving Greg.
21:27:48 <d> can't wait gtg
21:27:53 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for riding aloing KOrben, keep smiling
21:28:06 <SantaFe108> Cya korben
21:38:52 <Greg 🤠> The sun is setting at magical place we call Yellowstone. Thanks for riding along. Have a great evening/morning. Keep smiling.
21:39:19 <SantaFe108> Thanks Greg
21:39:20 <Greg 🤠> The controls have been released.
21:53:01 <SantaFe108> arty?
21:55:55 <SantaFe108> looks like it
21:59:08 <SantaFe108> someone is out there by grand
23:17:39 <SantaFe108> looks like daisy also went during that video too
23:39:49 <SantaFe108> this is the actual one, I will correct the other entry