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06:38:06 <Joe> Webcam is still very flaky, it is freezing, i missed Old Faithful, I'm glad JimS got it
06:40:20 <Joe> Chat shows it was down 0628 to 0633 :(
06:44:58 <Joe> BHI
06:45:00 <Joe> .
06:45:01 <Joe> .
06:45:02 <Joe> .
06:45:02 <Joe> .
06:46:41 <Joe> text sent
06:47:03 <Kat> Thx Joe - just in time this morning :)
06:47:24 <Mollie> Hey y’all! I’m Mollie with the geology program! A few of us are about to go out on the cone of OF so if you could make sure the camera is not on the cone that would be great! Thank you!!
06:47:49 <Kat> No Problem Mollie
06:49:54 <Kitt> yay indy
06:50:40 <Kitt> not many there
06:50:45 <Joe> I sent two texts since yesterday's text did not go to very many people
06:51:15 <Kat> Verizon is not getting them through
06:51:57 <Kitt> yesterday I got several an hour or more after Beehive erupted
06:51:58 <Kat> Joe I got your text
06:52:35 <Kitt> I got one text today
06:52:56 <Kat> Kitt, Verizon?
06:53:08 <Kitt> yes
06:53:39 <Kat> Wasn't working well yesterday - I too got texts way after eruption
06:54:24 <Kitt> I was in Billings, so didn't see eruption
06:56:43 <Kitt> bought curtains for 2 new windows that we installed
06:56:58 <Kitt> old curtains were 31 years old
06:58:43 <Kat> Go :bee:
06:59:11 <Kitt> yay
06:59:14 <Kitt> Bee
06:59:47 <Kitt> I miss the good picture from the old cam
06:59:59 <Kat> Me too
07:01:01 <Kat> Nice spray curtain
07:01:33 <Kitt> I bet it is pretty from the boardwalk
07:05:12 <Kitt> well guess I will finish cooling house down before it gets hot outside and have to close up house
07:05:22 <Kat> :)
07:05:37 <Kitt> I try to limit use of air conditioner
07:05:59 <Kitt> thanks for text
07:06:13 <Kat> :) have a good day - stay cool
07:08:45 <Joe> I'm out, have a great viewing day!
07:24:11 <Mollie> Hey y’all! We are clear of the cone! Thank you so much!
07:27:34 <Kat 😎> Thanks
07:47:30 <Kat 😎> :daisy:
07:48:52 <Kat 😎> Daisy - not OF haha
07:49:40 <Linda> Kat 😎, sent PM
07:50:13 <Kat 😎> Molie was on chat and told me she was done and they were of cone
07:50:30 <Kat 😎> Mollie* shes one of the geologists
07:50:54 <Linda> Kat 😎, ok CC thought I was on cam
07:51:36 <Kat 😎> No problem - hi! Lol
07:51:50 <Linda> Kat 😎, hi
07:51:50 <Eric> Where they fixing the OF plumbing this morning?
07:51:56 <Eric> and Good Morning
07:52:06 <Kat 😎> Apparently Hahaha
07:52:10 <Linda> Eric, lot of draino
07:52:22 <KorbenC> morning all
07:52:31 <Linda> KorbenC, hi
07:52:59 <Kat 😎> Wish they would fix my computer! Still giving error messgae
07:53:05 <Kat 😎> message*
07:53:26 <KorbenC> Hi Linda, Kat
07:54:28 <Eric> You getting error message here Kat for the video?
07:54:40 <Kat 😎> OF time is off on predictions because I made a bad entry
07:55:01 <Eric> woops
07:55:19 <Kat 😎> Stuff happens LOL
07:55:28 <Eric> looks like 8:10 +- 7m
07:55:40 <Linda> KorbenC, hi
07:55:46 <Kat 😎> Eric, yes on GT page it's on the streaming
07:55:55 <Eric> Hi Korben
07:56:13 <Kat 😎> I sent you and support another message
07:56:27 <Kat 😎> Hey Korben
07:56:37 <Linda> Eric, hi
07:56:54 <Eric> looking now...I had 119 degree weather yesterday...I just put ice on my head and didn't do much :-P
07:57:13 <Kat 😎> Thats what I would do - just sent it this AM
07:58:07 <Eric> Just to confirm you are talking about the page:
07:58:18 <Kat> Yes
07:58:45 <KorbenC> Eric, is one of those pages better?
07:59:01 <Dave from B™> Erioc, c'mon, man. You should be mountain climbing in that weather!
07:59:13 <Eric> Hi Dave :-P
07:59:15 <Kat> I get the error and then reload - have to reload without the error too
07:59:22 <Eric> I could cook some of your fish on the sidewalk!
07:59:24 <KorbenC> Hi Dave
07:59:26 <Dave from B™> For maximum calorie burn
07:59:34 <Dave from B™> Hi Korben
07:59:54 <KorbenC> It was nice to finally meet you this past week.
08:00:16 <Dave from B™> Always nice to mess a major geyser event when I'm in the basin
08:00:20 <Dave from B™> miss*
08:00:34 <Eric> Can you just reload the stream Kat? Hit the little circle icon next to the word "Streaming" in the settings box on the right?
08:00:40 <KorbenC> :p
08:01:09 <Eric> My guess is your network is breaking the stream.
08:01:26 <Eric> If you are on a laptop, move closer to your wifi router and see if that helps.
08:01:51 <Eric> Did you have a good trip Dave?
08:02:01 <Kat> I reload all the time - not on laptop
08:04:57 <Dave from B™> Eric, I did. Not a lot of gazing but enough to satisfy the craving. Had fun biking to Lone Star.
08:07:51 <Eric> Nice! Lots of bugs out there?
08:08:01 <Dave from B™> For those visiting the park this summer, do not leave OF for West Yellowstone between 4 and 7 pm. Traffic is really bad at that time
08:08:12 <Dave from B™> Very few bugs
08:08:30 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, just don't leave the UGB for anywhere north in that time, lol
08:08:50 <Eric> That's good, thought you might still have that spring bug cloud.
08:09:35 <Eric> Kat, I might suggest you try Firefox and see how that does. I don't have a clear answer to your issue right now.
08:12:34 <Kat> OF
08:14:10 <Kat> Eric, Thanks
08:28:44 <Dave from B™> None of the traffic issues I encountered involved wildlife....just congestion
08:29:03 <Dave from B™> We did ride Teddy in Canyon. That was fun
08:30:08 <Dave from B™> I'm more convinced than ever that shuttles are the solution in YNP...especially from West to OF
08:30:42 <Dave from B™> If that doesn't happen, expect a ticketed entry sysytem to start next year or the following
08:32:39 <KorbenC> yup, which will make everything a pain for people staying in west I bet
08:38:30 <Kat> LC
08:41:51 <Kat> Dome
09:00:04 <Kat> Tardy
09:02:09 <KorbenC> nice Sawmill
09:02:17 <Kat> Excellent
09:02:28 <KorbenC> Still so nice to see it back again :)
09:06:31 <KorbenC> Castle 0904
09:24:21 <Kat> Grotto
09:27:16 <Kat> Grand
09:28:47 <Jeff> Morning everyone
09:31:35 <kc (working)> morn
09:35:34 <Linda> A toasty 90 right now with 56% humidity
09:35:48 <Linda> kc (working), hi
09:35:56 <Linda> Jeff, hi
09:41:33 <KorbenC> Linda, come to CO, a "frosty" 58F with 24% humidity
09:41:55 <Kat> Sounds nice !
09:42:53 <Linda> Sure does sound nice
09:54:08 <Joe> Saw mill video 0858
09:54:23 <Kat> Thx Joe
09:54:53 <Linda> Joe, thx
09:55:21 <Joe> :thumbsup:
09:57:38 <Kat> Wacko cam! LOL
09:58:02 <Kat> OF
09:58:19 <Joe> Yes good cam work :)
09:58:49 <Kat> Hahaha
09:58:53 <Joe> I added the video to Adam's post
09:59:41 <Kat> Anyone seen Kevin?
09:59:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
10:00:06 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin
10:00:08 <Joe> Yes
10:00:24 <Kat> Hahahaha I hear the music :)
10:00:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I hear Perry Mason music
10:00:48 <Kat> Morning Kevin! Have a good one
10:01:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Thanks, you too.
11:51:38 <ynpvisitor9> daisy
11:55:35 <JarnoO> I don't have to say much about England versus Germany, but 🎵 football's coming home 🎵 :)
11:56:31 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good eye. With the lousy view on the controls I didn't see it until the end
11:57:08 <ynpvisitor9> eagle eye
12:05:31 <Dave from B™> We are getting LED lights in offices and warehouse today:)
12:06:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Be interesting to see what that does to your power bills. I know it was stunning for traffic signals.
12:08:09 <Dave from B™> 4,000 rebate helps, too
12:08:58 <Dave from B™> It will pay for itself in 3 years
12:18:29 <JarnoO> FYI: the Steamboat logger probe got dug up, hence the high temperatures recorded now
13:02:12 <AA> OF is done
13:16:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Finally. I hate this cam.
13:17:53 <AA> It is difficult to say the least. :(
13:18:38 <AA> comma after difficult
13:19:04 <AA> Looks like sawmill
13:19:18 <AA> Yes sawmill
13:19:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It does have attitude problems.
13:21:07 <AA> Nice sawmill can we zoom?
13:22:24 <AA> too bad no one is down basin
13:24:57 <Dave from B™> For this close to July 4, there are VERY few gazers around.
13:26:10 <AA> sawmill done at 1324 video soon
13:39:17 <AA> Sawmill Video
13:41:28 <AA> attached video to sawmill post
13:55:00 <Oblong?> is Oblong erupting? So hard to tell anything with this cam
13:56:04 <Oblong?> what a mess this cam is
13:58:27 <Oblong?> looks like Bulger
14:00:01 <Oblong?> if you back out is there better focus?
14:00:39 <Oblong?> watching white blobs it's hard to tell if water is involved in the steam
14:00:45 <AA> overall this camera 'SUCKS'
14:01:18 <Oblong?> hard to believe the NPS would allow it to stay
14:02:00 <AA> I think NPS does not care.
14:02:09 <Oblong?> that is very unfortunate
14:03:02 <AA> If they did thwy would have done something about it long ago
14:03:23 <AA> thwy= they
14:03:23 <Oblong?> this has been going on awhile now.
14:04:00 <Oblong?> Bulger must be a major
14:06:34 <AA> Bulger 1357 major if you want to post it
14:06:56 <AA> Tardy
15:23:49 <JarnoO> Churn
15:24:43 <lori lurking Je> good afternoon all!
15:25:04 <JarnoO> afternoon LLJM
15:25:12 <Kevin L™> Hey Lori lurking.
15:25:37 <lori lurking Je> Finishing unpacking from our trip. We had a tough time with our walkie talkies this time. I am thinking we need to upgrade. What do I need to get?
15:26:47 <Kevin L™> I am not sure. They have some new models. I dropped one and broke the antenna so I am shopping myself.
15:28:05 <lori lurking Je> I know nothing- we had the old ones for a long time, but we missed calls and cut out a lot, so I think they are done.
15:28:17 <Kevin L™> I can keep you posted on what I find. I may go for some of the GMRS units for other trips like Rainbow Canyon.
15:28:50 <Kevin L™> I always use the Motorola brand.
15:28:58 <lori lurking Je> Thanks, Kevin. It's one of those things, once or twice a year, but we want it to work well when we are out there.
15:30:05 <Kevin L™> I just sent Jenna a link to a cool Burlington book the other day.
15:31:48 <Kevin L™> BTW the Big Boy will be doing a run through Missouri in August. That would be a great day with Grandkids.
15:45:59 <lori lurking Je> sorry- started supper ;) When in August, Kevin?
15:47:50 <Kevin L™> They haven't posted the exact details yet, but I will keep you posted.
15:48:24 <Kevin L™> I will be going to Colorado to ride 3 different trains in September.
15:48:36 <KorbenC> one of those the cog?
15:49:18 <Kevin L™> Probably so.
15:55:15 <Kevin L™> Not sure of the dates yet Korben. Going with my brother who still works for a living.
15:57:10 <lori lurking Je> nice trip Kevin.
15:57:22 <KorbenC> Kevin L™, :p
15:58:21 <JarnoO> good Churn series
15:58:34 <JarnoO> short intervals and I think decent durations
15:59:33 <Kevin L™> Controls released.
15:59:44 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for driving Kevin
16:00:22 <Kevin L™> Good luck with it Greg. It probably kicked me off 20 times.
16:00:51 <Greg 🤠> Nice, I am still trying to log on
16:01:36 <Kevin L™> It took me about 20 minutes once to get back.
16:02:56 <Greg 🤠> Any times for Lion, Bee, Aurum?
16:08:58 <Kevin L™> Bee was early in the morning. No lion. Aurum? Ha ha.
16:12:15 <Greg 🤠> This is going to be fun -- not!
16:12:49 <Kevin L™> :p
16:14:07 <Kevin L™> Maybe it is trying to point at Great Fountain.
16:14:24 <Greg 🤠> Good point,
17:24:27 <Greg 🤠> OF
17:35:54 <Greg 🤠> :daisy:
17:40:34 <Kevin L™> Nasty flood in Zion. Looks like it affected my house.
17:58:54 <Kevin L™>
18:00:10 <Greg 🤠> holy moly
18:00:38 <Kevin L™> The entrance is a half mile from my house.
18:02:33 <Greg 🤠> I have been on that road a few times - towards 89?
18:05:08 <Greg 🤠> Hope your home is ok.
18:17:02 <Kevin L™> Looking like minor damage is all. My Son is in Denver so a neighbor is doing a cleanup for us.
18:17:12 <Kevin L™> Sawmill!
18:18:05 <Greg 🤠> Great news. YEA on Sawmill
18:32:29 <Greg 🤠> It has been an hour since the cam last went down yea
18:33:45 <lori lurking Je> Kevin, my brother-in-law posted on facebook he is spending the morning of the 4th here.
18:34:21 <lori lurking Je> Oh, I just read back- what a mess Kevin! Flooding is no joke!
18:36:11 <Linda> Kevin L™, Oh sorry to hear about flood
18:37:27 <Kevin L™> Looks like there are people leaving now but they closed about 5 miles of the road into the park.
18:43:09 <Linda> Wow
18:55:58 <Greg 🤠> OF
18:56:37 <Greg 🤠> rainbow
18:57:23 <Kevin L™> Nice bow.
19:06:38 <z> Sawmill 1804 video
19:10:05 <Greg 🤠> Sawmill
19:11:45 <Greg 🤠> Its moving all by itself
19:43:38 <Greg 🤠> Big crowd tonight.
19:59:52 <Forestbewithyou> Evening all
20:00:00 <KorbenC> Hi Forest
20:00:02 <Greg 🤠> Hi Forest
20:00:06 <Forestbewithyou> Hey Korben
20:00:15 <Forestbewithyou> Hey Greg
20:00:34 <Greg 🤠> Welcome to the circle
20:01:00 <Forestbewithyou> Thank you! I love the circle that takes 50 years off my life expectancy
20:01:22 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
20:01:30 <KorbenC> Wow, 6ft Percolator, wow!
20:01:38 <Forestbewithyou> Wow
20:02:48 <Forestbewithyou> So how long has the cam been down?
20:03:12 <KorbenC> Been on and off for what, 3 years now?
20:03:14 <Greg 🤠> Since 1612 it has been down 12 time
20:03:46 <Forestbewithyou> Ah ok
20:04:47 <Greg 🤠> And the cam moved by itself
20:04:52 <KorbenC> lets play: "Where is the cam zoomed too this time" :P
20:05:03 <Greg 🤠> I know
20:05:31 <Forestbewithyou> I am going to guess it is inside a car
20:05:45 <Greg 🤠> That cloud is pretty
20:05:50 <Forestbewithyou> Yea
20:05:52 <KorbenC> This is kind of entertaining, lol
20:05:56 <Greg 🤠> The Martians are coming
20:05:58 <KorbenC> Its a cloud and OF at the same time
20:05:58 <Kevin L™> It is ash! Yellowstone has exploded!
20:06:07 <Forestbewithyou> Oh boy
20:06:38 <Forestbewithyou> KorbenC, It is entertaining isn’t it
20:09:19 <Kevin L™> Did you see the Springdale flood Korben?
20:09:47 <KorbenC> You taking about the ones today?
20:09:57 <Kevin L™> yes
20:10:22 <KorbenC> Yup. That area is having some problems. So hot, but when it rains all the water just runs away
20:11:07 <Kevin L™> Yep. Got a ton of mud in the front yard and minor damage in the house.
20:11:21 <KorbenC> :(
20:22:41 <Greg 🤠> Color is great
20:39:44 <Greg 🤠> of
20:52:48 <KorbenC> Greg, are you driving?
20:53:00 <Greg 🤠> Kinda
20:53:04 <KorbenC> :P
20:53:33 <Kevin L™> It is more like WWF than driving.
20:53:33 <KorbenC> Keep an eye on Sawmill, Spasmodic was 2035 so it could be anytime (or not) but it has been going around 3omin to an hour after Spasmodic starts
20:55:05 <Greg 🤠> Caught sawmill earlier
20:56:45 <KorbenC> :)
20:57:08 <KorbenC> Crazy how a week ago it still was cold and had orange bacteria in its vent
20:58:03 <KorbenC> I think a week ago Forest joked about how awesome it would be if Sawmill came back when we were there, and I remember just laughing. :P
20:59:07 <Kevin L™> That is what makes Yellowstone so fun. Every time you come back it is different.
20:59:25 <KorbenC> But it also has new ways to torture you.
21:00:08 <Kevin L™> It sure does
21:00:08 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
21:01:30 <KorbenC> I mean, it splashed on a few cycles before it erupted and then it went overnight, Ben and the other ones of us heading out there for the night shift missed it by 15 minutes.
21:02:01 <Greg 🤠> 361 days
21:02:15 <Kevin L™> Looks like two way traffic at the south gate at Zion
21:02:15 <KorbenC> until?
21:02:38 <Greg 🤠> We arrive in Jackson on the way to YNP
21:02:55 <KorbenC> when do you get into YNP?
21:03:42 <Greg 🤠> 10th
21:04:07 <KorbenC> *confused*
21:04:18 <KorbenC> 10th of June 2022?
21:04:36 <Greg 🤠> June 10th we arrive at Lake Lodge
21:05:07 <KorbenC> Of course we will have to meet up in the UGB.
21:06:04 <Greg 🤠> Sat we are in Rosey doing the cookout, we are having 2 newbies with us
21:06:32 <KorbenC> I leave on the 11th in the afternoon I think
21:06:50 <KorbenC> So we will have a day or two for our schedules to collide :)
21:08:39 <KorbenC> anyways, I should probably get some sleep before my brain turns into jello. Night all!
21:10:09 <Kevin L™> Night
21:10:24 <Greg 🤠> Night Korben
21:15:51 <Greg 🤠> sawmill
21:16:47 <Greg 🤠> Grand is due soon, so will leave the cam here. Have a great evening.
21:17:03 <Greg 🤠> Controls have bee released, keep smiling.
21:29:09 <Kevin L™> I am!
21:39:15 <Kevin L™> Grand