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06:57:36 <Kat> Good morning
07:04:39 <Kat> Hi Graham
07:07:11 <GO SAWMILL> morning.
07:09:40 <GO SAWMILL> last minute change in plans for me so I cant cover the cam 1045-1230
07:10:03 <Kat> Today?
07:12:05 <GO SAWMILL> yes
07:12:18 <Kat> You must be talking about 10 -2 Linda's shift.
07:12:52 <Kat> I can cover most of it... no problem
07:15:10 <Kat> GO SAWMILL, I will stay on until you get back
07:15:30 <GO SAWMILL> great, thanks
07:40:47 <Kat> Bulger and Tardy
08:02:59 <Kat> Hi kevin
08:03:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Morning
08:05:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Here is that train I was talking about Graham. Note the size of the steamer compared to the diesel behind it.
08:09:31 <GO SAWMILL> that is a big boy
08:09:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Lives up to its name!
08:14:37 <fishynp>
08:15:29 <KorbenC> Hi fsh
08:16:05 <fishynp> hola
08:56:13 <Eric> Good Morning
08:56:25 <KorbenC> Hi Eric
08:56:47 <Eric> riverside
08:56:52 <Eric> Hi Korben
08:57:04 <Kat> Hi all
08:57:15 <KorbenC> Hi Kat
08:57:17 <KorbenC> Eric, any climbing plans this weekend?
08:57:21 <Eric> HI Kat
08:57:40 <Eric> No, I climbed mountains the last 2 weekends, just doing a little hiking this weekend.
08:58:08 <Mike J> Kind of unimportant to everyone, but, after 6 months, finally got myself on the banking information for GOSA. Seems like something the treasurer should have.
08:58:24 <Mike J> I needed to celebrate somewhere, and you guys seemed the logical choice
08:58:39 <Eric> I saw someone got cliffed out on crestone
08:58:53 <KorbenC> Mike, I heard from Micah y'all finally figured it out :)
08:59:00 <Eric> Woot, congrats Mike!
08:59:08 <Eric> Glad you guys are getting stuff sorted.
09:00:11 <Eric> I see Steamboat logger missed another Steamboat!
09:00:50 <Eric> We don't even have tantalus data :-(
09:00:54 <KorbenC> Eric, yup. Three people also got caught on Maroon Bell's during a hail storm and got severely injured. and 2 people tried to descend death gully on Capitol, and guess wheat they died.
09:01:28 <Eric> Yep, mountains are dangerous, especially when unprepared.
09:01:54 <KorbenC> and when it is afternoon, you are unprepared the weather is bad and you are still at Altitude you make some bad decisions.
09:02:28 <KorbenC> I injured my foot pretty bad on the way back from YNP, so for me this weekend will be a nice easy 13er climb. Class 3, 6 miles and 3k gain.
09:03:45 <Eric> Nice...just a stroll then :-D
09:04:08 <KorbenC> yup. Should only take about 3hrs so a nice morning walk
09:04:38 <Kat> I'm going to stroll across the yard to the pool! LOL
09:04:52 <KorbenC> lol
09:05:09 <Eric> I did that yesterday for I took cooking equipment with 3 friends and we had a champagne breakfast with bacon, eggs & hashbrowns at the top of the mountain :-D
09:05:42 <Mike J> Another general announcement. Looks like I'll be in the park the weekend of July 24th so, if you're out there, keep an eye out for an old guy taking his two old friends around, pretending to know what he's talking about.
09:05:46 <Eric> We started hiking at 4am and I was back in my office and in a meeting by 9am :-P
09:06:00 <KorbenC> Eric, that's it, I am coming climbing with you next time, lol
09:06:07 <Kat> Sawmill
09:06:17 <Eric> Nice!
09:06:25 <Mike J> So nice to see "Sawmill" entered again
09:06:29 <Eric> bulger too
09:06:38 <Eric> Enjoy the park Mike
09:07:09 <KorbenC> Mike J, yes! We were criyng on the bw when it came back.
09:07:26 <Mike J> One guy has never been. It'll be interesting introducing him.
09:08:52 <Eric> That is always fun Mike, I love showing new people the park.
09:09:09 <Kat> Did you see I transported myself to Sawmill LOL
09:09:31 <Eric> My hashbrowns cooking at the top of the mountain
09:09:59 <Kat> Yummy!
09:10:31 <Eric> I had never made hashbrowns from scratch before. Shredded them up from russet potatoes the night before.
09:10:32 <KorbenC> I am going with you next time Eric.
09:12:46 <Eric> haha...that was a good morning. I generally don't lug up a 5lb kitchen aid frying pan to the top of a mountain :-P
09:14:11 <KorbenC> Eric thinks I am joking about going next time :P
09:25:48 <linda> Did anyone ever receive my texts about bee last night? I didn't.
09:26:32 <Kat> Nope
09:27:02 <linda> :( I sent 3 txts
09:27:44 <Kat> I didn't get any
09:27:55 <linda> hmmmmm
09:29:02 <Eric> I got 3 alerts via email Linda
09:29:02 <linda> Thanks for helping with my shift
09:29:22 <linda> cya later maybe
09:36:20 <KorbenC> Morning Forest
09:37:18 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
09:40:24 <Kat> OF
09:59:53 <GO SAWMILL> ready to take the cam
10:00:25 <Kat> Awesome! I'll be back shortly!
10:16:47 <Eric> Hi Graham
10:16:53 <Eric> and Forest
10:19:08 <GO SAWMILL> hi eric. you are putting on the miles and elevation gain
10:44:36 <Kat> Graham what did you do to the cam?? LOL
10:45:58 <Kat> I'm back - Graham let me know when you want me to take
10:57:53 <GO SAWMILL> now is good Kat, thanks
10:58:03 <GO SAWMILL> Daisy should be soon
11:02:27 <Kat> OK, signed in!
11:04:12 <Kat> Going to be bumped by OF :(
11:06:34 <Kat> Thanks Graham for helping out today!
11:16:20 <Kat> Dasisy went!
11:16:29 <Kat> Daisy!
11:25:15 <Michelle> Kat, you got the cam? Just saw Grahams message.
11:26:15 <Michelle> Ok I see someone has it!
11:33:58 <Kat> Yes I do - were you going to this afternoon?
12:03:20 <Greg (working)> Kat, are you in cam now until 1400 hrs?
12:07:43 <Eric> So many cam ops playing whos got the cam :-P
12:08:05 <Eric> Nice to see Donnie is back in the park!
12:09:10 <Kat> Eric, everyone has a life!! LOL
12:09:45 <Kat> Greg (working), Unless Graham comes back and wants it!
12:12:49 <Greg (working)> ok, I could see if John wants to log in early as well. I am on from 1600 to dark.
12:17:07 <Kat> That would be great! Sending you a pm
12:23:33 <Eric> Kat, I totally understand...glad this can me a place to coordinate.
12:25:20 <Kat> Eric, I know just a lot going on with some cam ops right now and everyone is awesome in covering. No one wants it sitting on OF! :heart:
12:30:49 <Eric> Yep, life is complex...hope everyone is doing OK!
12:32:31 <Kat> It is Eric! Thanks for understanding
12:35:10 <Eric> Long Turban!
12:35:19 <GO SAWMILL> back now
12:35:41 <Eric> Not sure if Turban was missed or not
12:35:58 <GO SAWMILL> i can take the cam till 2
12:36:15 <Kat> Awesome - do you want the cam? John is going to sign in early to relieve.
12:36:35 <GO SAWMILL> i can take it
12:36:41 <GO SAWMILL> got my death documents al signed
12:36:45 <Eric> Your hiking picks have been great too Graham!
12:36:52 <Kat> I put it OF, hopefully we won't miss Grand!
12:36:59 <Kat> GO SAWMILL, LOL
12:38:23 <GO SAWMILL> cam control not up yet
12:38:53 <Kat> John was signing in, it's between you all!
12:39:58 <Kat> GO SAWMILL, got it?
12:40:08 <john> I was going to sign in when sawmill jumped on...
12:40:50 <Kat> Thanks John, Graham is going to finish Linda's time!
12:41:14 <Kat> john, sorry for the confusion!
12:42:47 <Kat> Signed out!
12:42:54 <GO SAWMILL> i am still not logged in tho
12:43:09 <john> :thumbsup:
12:43:22 <john> no problem at all Kat!
12:44:40 <Kat> GO SAWMILL, I got back in no problem
12:46:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> in now after the browser restarrt
12:46:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have it till 2
12:46:53 <john> :thumbsup:
12:46:56 <Kat> John comes on at 2.
12:47:11 <Kat> Thanks Graham for your help today!
13:20:31 <john> :daisy:
13:35:36 <john> :grand:
13:36:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Lego Grand.
13:53:21 <john> Graham let me know when you are ready to release the controls
14:00:34 <32> the hill looks ugly and bloody
14:29:48 <john> OF
14:50:53 <john> Hi Betty!
14:51:41 <Betty> hey john
14:52:04 <john> webcam is struggling... :(
14:59:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I had an employee that worked as good as this cam once. Fired him.
14:59:41 <Betty> bah
14:59:46 <john> :thumbsup:
14:59:47 <Betty> hi Kevin
14:59:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
15:01:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Another one of those fun days today. 118° right now. :p
15:02:33 <Betty> time to shovel heat?
15:02:53 <john> cam just kicked me out three times... :(
15:03:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> No need to shovel. It just moves around you.
15:03:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Only 3? You are lucky.
15:04:13 <john> LOL!
15:04:31 <john> Now you tell me Kevin...
15:05:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I turned on the swamp cooler in the shop yesterday to cool it down so I could work after my shift. Forgot to turn on the water valve. It was 114° in the shop when I got off the shift.
15:05:35 <john> Wow!
15:06:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Needless to say I didn't get much work done.
15:06:38 <john> it is 114 in mesquite right now...
15:07:27 <Greg (working)> LMAO " I had an employee that worked as good as this cam once. Fired him.- "
15:07:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You should have some great mud there from my Zion house.
15:09:07 <john> your mud did not make it down the gorge
15:12:27 <john> just got kicked out again... cam is really having issues... almost ready to fire!
15:13:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Great Big Boy shot from yesterday:
15:14:23 <john> Nice Kevin!
15:15:15 <Greg (working)> Is that you Kevin in the drivers seat?
15:15:19 <Greg (working)> nice pic
15:16:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I wish. I only do diesel.
15:26:42 <Betty> I hate those colors
15:27:36 <Eric> Hi Betty, Kevin, Greg & John
15:27:47 <Greg (working)> Hi Betty
15:28:20 <Betty> hi Greg and Eric
15:28:56 <Greg (working)> Hi Eric
15:29:06 <Eric> What in the world happened to the camera, looks post apocalyptic!
15:29:29 <Eric> Is there smoke in the basin?
15:29:50 <Greg 🤠> I do believe there is
15:29:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Eric, Kato is doing another run of the Daylight 4449 in N scale.
15:30:05 <Greg 🤠> NWS put out an advisor for most of WY for today
15:30:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes there is smoke Eric
15:30:06 <Eric> Nice!
15:30:19 <Eric> Yikes, didn't see that smoke earlier
15:32:17 <john> Yes, it just rolled in...
15:33:45 <john> just kicked out again... grrrrrr....
15:34:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Smoke is all the way down to Idaho Falls
15:35:05 <Betty> yay Lion
15:35:11 <Greg 🤠> yea
15:37:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Temp up to 121° now.
15:38:16 <john> whoa!
15:38:39 <Greg 🤠> WTH, we are 111, dew point 61
15:39:19 <Greg 🤠> What city?
15:39:37 <john> 121 in Vegas?
15:39:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Dew point $6°
15:40:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Henderson near River Mountains.
15:40:27 <Greg 🤠> Henderson, gotcha
15:40:33 <john> Holy Cow! Hot!
15:41:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> My Son in in Lake Havasu working. Usually hotter there.
15:51:05 <Eric> 121 is insanely hot...that hurts when you are in the direct sun.
15:52:00 <john> :daisy:
15:52:53 <Eric>
15:52:57 <Eric> smoke map
15:53:57 <john> just kicked out...
16:04:12 <john> greger are you ready to drive or to login and relogin and relogin...
16:05:08 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for driving John, I'll log on now
16:05:33 <Betty> I call it a day, night all
16:05:43 <Greg 🤠> I love the movie Groundhog day
16:05:52 <john> controls released...
16:05:58 <Greg 🤠> Night Betty
16:06:14 <john> nite Betty!
16:09:02 <Greg 🤠> OF
16:25:06 <Eric> Night Betty
16:25:12 <Eric> nice BA
16:25:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
16:46:43 <john> is that sawmill?
16:47:16 <Greg 🤠> Yes sir
16:53:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> BNSF put another train on the ground on the ground on the transcon Greg.
16:54:11 <Greg 🤠> UGH
16:56:33 <Eric> utohh
16:56:44 <Eric> Why do their trains fall over so much?
16:58:42 <KorbenC1> BHI
16:58:43 <KorbenC1> .
16:58:43 <KorbenC1> .
16:58:44 <KorbenC1> .
16:58:44 <KorbenC1> .
16:58:45 <KorbenC1> .
16:58:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They do have a lot of issues. They have had 5 major derailments compared to 1 on the UP system.
16:58:58 <KorbenC1> Camop, BHI is ie, can we pan over there?
16:59:12 <Jazz> I can try a text
16:59:28 <kc (working)> ding
16:59:31 <KorbenC1> BH is already ie
16:59:32 <Jazz> Too late
17:00:37 <Linda> Sent anyway to test
17:00:57 <KorbenC1> I thoguht it was you Linda
17:01:52 <Linda> No text
17:02:09 <Linda> No idea why it stopped working
17:06:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well we hit 123° but it has cooled off to 118° now.
17:07:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Had to stop for a couple of quail with about 8 babies today Linda.
17:10:08 <Eric> Oh dang, missed BH :-(
17:10:29 <LindaGL> Kevin L™ 🌵, ahhh how cute
17:10:52 <LindaGL> Kevin L™ 🌵, wow 123, that's insane
17:11:26 <LindaGL> Eric, I have no idea how you and korben received emails yesterday for bee. This text thing has stopped working for me
17:12:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Maybe it is joining with the cam.
17:14:01 <LindaGL> kevin L™ 🌵, they are in cahoots together
17:15:28 <LindaGL> KorbenC1, hi
17:16:09 <KorbenC1> that sweird
17:16:22 <KorbenC1> I dont remember a tree being right there
17:18:57 <LindaGL> KorbenC1, right where?
17:19:11 <Eric> I can add your email address to the alert notifications Linda, it seems to work better than TXT messages.
17:19:16 <KorbenC1> at the edge of the bw railing by Aurum
17:19:49 <LindaGL> Eric, sure that would work, but I wonder why this thing is broken.
17:19:51 <Eric> I think that is a video compression artifact Korben
17:20:01 <Eric> zooming out a bit will make it go away
17:20:16 <LindaGL> oh over by aurum
17:20:21 <Eric> Mobile carriers are rejecting the sms messages from google.
17:20:44 <LindaGL> huh, any particular reason?
17:20:45 <Greg 🤠> Eric can you add my email please?
17:21:17 <LindaGL> Eric, Thanks for the email add
17:22:20 <Eric> sure...PM me your email addresses
17:25:04 <LindaGL> So how does the alert system work?
17:26:16 <Eric> alright, you have all been added
17:26:35 <LindaGL> Eric, so what kicks off an email?
17:26:40 <Eric> It's just a google group that sends out emails when an administrator posts a message to it.
17:27:13 <Eric> the text messages are just the same email, sent to your phone carriers email to sms gateway.
17:28:08 <LindaGL> so if I wanted to send an email about Bee erupting I'd have to do it in the Geyser Google group?
17:30:03 <Eric> The same way you did it 3 times last night :-P
17:30:20 <LindaGL> Eric, haha, I did it once today, did you get an email?
17:30:36 <Eric> Yep, at 4pm
17:30:40 <Eric> my time
17:30:46 <LindaGL> ok, thanks
17:30:57 <Eric> so 30m ago
17:31:04 <LindaGL> yu[
17:31:07 <LindaGL> yup
17:40:56 <Greg 🤠> of
18:13:42 <Eric> daisy
19:15:22 <texts gone wild> I just received a text, on Verizon, from yesterday's BH (2102, getting dark).
19:15:52 <texts gone wild> for Indy, not BH
19:16:04 <texts gone wild> only 22 hours late
19:16:47 <Greg 🤠> darn, did you know you missed it?
19:16:55 <Greg 🤠> Checks in the mail, type of thing?
19:19:23 <Eric> Talk to your phone service provider, tell them you are tired of email to sms messages taking so long!
19:20:03 <Eric> the list just sends an email to
19:20:14 <Greg 🤠> OF
19:20:40 <texts gone wild> so odd, it used to work so well
19:20:41 <Greg 🤠> maybe not, that was a big tease
19:23:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think it is due to the jerks that spam your phone. Now you can't get things you want. Needs to be a special Hell for spammers.
19:24:24 <texts gone wild> maybe a different text alert would work better
19:25:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think any suggestions would be welcome.
19:33:09 <Greg 🤠> OF
19:50:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Not much steam
19:53:00 <LindaGL> texts gone wild, love the name :)
19:55:17 <LindaGL> texts gone wild, you might be the only one that actually got the text. I never received any and I sent them.
19:55:53 <LindaGL> oops I'm talking to no one
19:56:29 <LindaGL> Greg 🤠, hi
19:56:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It happens when you get our age Linda.
19:56:47 <LindaGL> Kevin L™ 🌵,>(
19:57:32 <LindaGL> Kevin L™ 🌵, my baby house wrens flew the coop
19:58:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Growing up.
20:00:45 <john> What is the steamer to the left and on the other side of the boardwalk from sawmill?
20:01:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Could be Churn
20:02:14 <john> it is steaming pretty good right now... churn?
20:16:14 <KorbenC1> how is Daisy looking?
20:21:36 <john> can you back out a little to see castle greg?
20:21:54 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
20:22:50 <john> :thumbsup:
20:23:17 <john> :castle:
20:27:14 <Greg 🤠> OF is really early
20:28:01 <john> :thumbsup: it did that to me last Friday also...
20:28:51 <Greg 🤠> Way to go fluffy haha
20:29:22 <john> LOL
20:33:13 <Greg 🤠> :daisy:
20:46:43 <john> is that Improbable?
20:51:06 <Greg 🤠> The cam quality seems to be improved 100%
20:51:27 <john> :thumbsup: just before dark...
20:51:48 <KorbenC1> did improbable do something while I wasnt paying attention?
20:52:01 <Greg 🤠> normally it is terrible right about now
20:53:53 <john> it was just on the peripheral and steaming pretty good but hard to tell...
20:54:57 <KorbenC1> looks like Chinese Spring steaming away
20:55:18 <john> Thanks Korben is that Improbable steaming in the corner there?
20:55:42 <KorbenC1> john, Improbable is by Anemone
20:55:57 <john> :thumbsup:
21:07:57 <john> Beautiful!
21:09:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Smoke makes good sunsets
21:10:26 <Greg 🤠> It does, we have had many sunsets this year with a smokey haze
21:22:50 <john> what's going off in the trees behind grand?
21:23:31 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Riverside is to the right.
21:23:42 <john> :thumbsup:
22:12:44 <Greg 🤠> OF, if you can see her
22:17:58 <Greg 🤠> As you can see, the sun has set once again in the magical place we call Yellowstone. Thanks for hanging out with us, have a great weekend.
22:18:45 <Greg 🤠> The controls have been released. Enjoy and keep smiling.