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06:54:16 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
06:54:32 <Kat> Morning Dave and all gazers!
07:00:50 <GO SAWMILL> morning
07:01:46 <GO SAWMILL> i have not seen jim post early mornings. hope he is ok
07:03:02 <Kat> I haven't seen him either for a few days
07:05:08 <Kat> GO SAWMILL, do you know how long tardy eruptions last on average?
07:12:29 <GO SAWMILL> they can last from minutes to over an hour
07:13:19 <GO SAWMILL> based on what i saw, they typically start near the end of Spasmodic cycle and usually stop during the Sawmill activity and then resume
07:13:35 <GO SAWMILL> end of spasmodic eruption
07:13:42 <Kat> Curious because Steve entered at 0631 and then I did at 0702 . Wondering if I should delete my entry
07:14:21 <GO SAWMILL> hard to keep track of on cam, i saw it stop and then restart after just a few minutes
07:14:47 <Kat> I deleted my entry
07:17:33 <GO SAWMILL> :thumbsup:
07:25:26 <Mike J> A good Monday morning to all
07:28:29 <Kat> Hi Mike
07:29:19 <Kat> OF
07:29:25 <735> JimS, pink cone 0552ie, so he must be ok :)
07:29:48 <GO SAWMILL> oh thats good
07:29:56 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:30:10 <GO SAWMILL> maybe just coming in a bit late today, slacker!
07:30:32 <Kat> :lol:
07:47:10 <Kat> Morning Eric
07:48:20 <Dave from B™> Happy Manic Monday Mike J and Eric and Kat
07:48:34 <Kat> :)
07:49:20 <Mike J> Interesting fact of the day you may already know, The Bangles song Manic Monday was written by Prince
07:49:32 <Mike J> Now if they would only ask this question the next time I'm on Jeopardy
07:49:46 <Dave from B™> I didn't know that but not surprised
07:50:09 <Mike J> Always here to enlighten all on the most useless of facts.
07:52:36 <KorbenC> Morning all
07:53:44 <Kat> Mike J, I call them useless factoids!
07:53:45 <Dave from B™> We are all experts on some category of useless facts
08:02:25 <Dave from B™> Good morning Kevin
08:02:46 <Mike J> Kat I am a walking useless factoid. In fact, my wife calls me that...leaving out the word "factoid"
08:02:57 <Kevin iPad> Hi
08:03:18 <Dave from B™> haha. I don't believe that for a minute, Mike
08:04:29 <Kat> Mike J, no way! lol
08:04:40 <Kat> Hi kevin
08:17:18 <KorbenC> Nice Sawmill
08:31:04 <Kat> brb
08:45:08 <Kat> back
09:08:53 <Kat> OF lomg?
09:09:06 <525> yes
09:09:08 <Kat> long*
09:10:14 <KorbenC> OENTA, WOHOOOO
09:23:23 <KorbenC> Hi lljm
09:26:01 <KorbenC> Arty
09:56:00 <Michelle> Good morning
09:56:11 <Kat> Hi Michelle
09:56:21 <Michael> Hello
09:56:44 <Michelle> Are you ready for me?
09:57:56 <KorbenC> :daisy: ie
09:57:58 <Michelle> Going to log in
09:59:01 <Kat> Readfy when you are - thanks for covering Katie
10:06:18 <Michael> I wonder how long Penta plans on going.
10:06:50 <Kat> Have a good afternoon - be back later
10:07:32 <Michelle> Have a great afternoon Kat.
10:09:17 <Kat> Thx
10:09:22 <Mario> is that Penta again?
10:09:34 <Mario> or still going?
10:09:51 <KorbenC> still erupting
10:10:24 <Michelle> How often does Penta erupt?
10:10:53 <KorbenC> Its very rare, esspecialy recently.
10:11:09 <Michael> It's pretty infrequent this summer, which is a step up from totally dormant the last couple of years.
10:11:29 <KorbenC> This is the second eruption in the last 5 years. Forest and I observed an eruption in-basin 21 days ago.
10:11:55 <Michelle> Thank you.
10:12:12 <Michelle> Wow
10:12:26 <KorbenC> We are >70 minutes into Penta, Spectacular!
10:14:13 <KorbenC> I only got to watch Penta erupt for 10 minutes, I wonder how long it was going before those of us in basin arrived.
10:15:20 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Lion ini
10:15:40 <KorbenC> Michelle, are you driving?
10:15:55 <Michelle> Yes.
10:16:39 <KorbenC> Can we zoom in on Penta for a few minutes? Hoping zooming it migth get rid of the pixelations.
10:18:42 <KorbenC> Thank you. :)
10:21:56 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Riverside
10:23:56 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Daughter wanted to do Grand and kids wanted Riverside. They ended up missing Grand for Riverside.
10:25:37 <Kevin :™ 🌵> She is hooping for BH before they leave.
10:43:02 <KorbenC> can we pan downbasin maybe, to see if Penta is still ie?
10:43:45 <Michael> The signals point to "Yes"
10:45:35 <KorbenC> I cannot tell with pixelation
10:47:50 <KorbenC> BHI
10:47:50 <KorbenC> .
10:47:50 <KorbenC> .
10:47:50 <KorbenC> .
10:47:51 <KorbenC> .
10:47:51 <KorbenC> .
10:47:51 <KorbenC> .
10:48:15 <KorbenC> Churn too
10:49:48 <Michelle> Kevin, is you daughter going to make it?
10:50:11 <Kevin :™ 🌵> She just passed Grand.
10:50:24 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
10:50:38 <Michael> C'mon Beehive, wait a few more minutes!
10:51:19 <555> textsc seent
10:51:33 <Kevin :™ 🌵> I told her to run but she has a stroller and a bunch of kids.
10:52:00 <lori lurking Je> got 2 texts, thanks!
10:52:14 <555> 2 sent
10:52:17 <KorbenC> Kevin :™ 🌵, she should make it
10:52:20 <555> :)
10:53:10 <Kevin :™ 🌵> As long as they get to Lion before it goes she will be OK
10:53:14 <Eric> Woot, meeting ended early! Pysch BH!
10:53:35 <Eric> Good Morning all
10:54:20 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Hi
10:54:28 <Michelle> Good Morning.
10:54:36 <Eric> Thanks for the double alerts :-D
10:54:40 <Eric> Hi Kevin & Michelle
10:54:40 <KorbenC> Hi Eric
10:54:46 <Eric> Hi Korben
10:54:53 <Michael> Hi Eric. Nice big crowd for Beehive today.
10:55:00 <Eric> Hi Michael
10:55:43 <555> you never know when one text will go through, so I send two
10:56:28 <Eric> The all go's just peoples sms services that are rejecting google.
10:58:37 <123> No text here
10:58:57 <Kevin :™ 🌵> No text but I got a gmail.
10:59:00 <123> Eric are you on Verizon?
10:59:09 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Daughter made it
10:59:14 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Yes
10:59:17 <Eric> I am planning on setting up something new, maybe this week.
10:59:37 <Eric> No I am on Tmboile, but I stopped get text a couple months ago, I just get email alerts.
10:59:44 <123> That will be great
11:00:58 <123> Lots of boardwalk watchers today
11:01:25 <Eric> I will create a page that will allow you to add yourself to the list and for camops to send txt alerts.
11:01:33 <555> bee
11:01:36 <555> .
11:01:47 <Eric> Wooot...thanks for the heads up.
11:01:53 <Eric> BH!
11:02:08 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Not sure she will get a BH shower out of this one.
11:02:36 <123> Not legally anyway
11:03:12 <Kevin :™ 🌵> The Grandkids enjoyed the one they got yeaterday
11:03:24 <Eric> Nice, even people on the Pump boardwalk are watching!
11:03:52 <123> It’s a good show from Pump
11:04:11 <Eric> For sure....I do like "feeling" BH though :-d
11:05:06 <Eric> Not bad view from Bulger either. I hope SteveO gets a sawmill.
11:05:15 <123> If you are at Pump though better to watch from there than spend the eruption trying to get to BH
11:05:46 <123> Nice tall BH today
11:06:05 <Eric> Also with the crowds, you have a lot less company up at pump.
11:07:51 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Castje
11:08:04 <123> Long eruption too
11:08:06 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Or something like that!
11:09:04 <Kevin :™ 🌵> She may get the 2nd Lion.
11:12:13 <Michael> Is that Rocket? I forgot my landmarks.
11:12:34 <KorbenC> It might be, but it oculd also just be Grotto being happy :)
11:21:52 <Michael> SteveO managed to sit through 2+ hours of Penta to get its duration.
11:22:05 <Eric> Nice!
11:22:05 <Michael> Tough job but someone's got to do it.
11:23:14 <KorbenC> I know, so tough to watch Penta erupt right Michael?
11:23:30 <Dave from B™> I remember when I once had to "Sit thru" 3 hours of Fountain when Eric was snoozing!:D
11:23:50 <KorbenC> hi Dave
11:23:58 <Dave from B™> Ho Korben
11:24:35 <Michael> It must have been a run-of-the-mill 3 hour Fountain eruption too. :)
11:25:27 <KorbenC> Dave was posted at F&M when the first Sawmill was observed and he stayed down there. I remember running by Becca at Grotto and just screaming "Hey guys, Sawmill is thumping and erupting"
11:25:51 <KorbenC> I bet it was hard for Dave to stay sitting at a dead F&M when Sawmill was erupting.
11:26:00 <Dave from B™> Yep...was doing my duty. I really wanted to go to Sawmill
11:26:17 <KorbenC> I would have left in a heartbeat, lol.
11:26:43 <Dave from B™> As you get older, you will learn to take one for the team once in awhile when asked
11:27:39 <KorbenC> Yup. But still we were all very surprised that you didn't just abandon it, I think 99% of the people watching Sawmill would have.
11:28:14 <Dave from B™> I'm used to missing stuff:D
11:28:35 <KorbenC> But you left your family without a radio, so they were sitting down at Grotto and had no idea Sawmill was out of dormancy.
11:28:52 <KorbenC> Yes, yes you are. Hence why I didn't bother with F&M when you were down there, I knew if oyu were there you would keep it quiet! lol
11:29:05 <Michael> I've read Horton Hatches the Egg enough times. These things work out OK in the end.
11:29:16 <Dave from B™> 1 of our 2 radios broke on our trip
11:29:35 <KorbenC> ah, that explains it.
11:30:28 <Dave from B™> I need to get some replacements. Not sure what to buy
11:31:19 <KorbenC> At least the rest of your family caught Sawmill though.
11:31:30 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Lion
11:31:43 <Eric> I loved that book Michael :-D
11:32:01 <Eric> Such important life lessons you don't even realize until you are older.
11:32:57 <Eric> Dave, you didn't "just" sit through fountain for 3 hours, you sat through Fountain, Morning & MT for 3 hours!
11:33:10 <Eric> While I was sleeping :-P
12:00:47 <Michael> Time to run errands. It's been a geyser-ful morning for sure!
12:01:49 <Michelle> Have a great afternoon.
12:04:05 <Eric> Bye Michael
12:17:51 <Eric> OF
12:20:23 <Dave from B™> Eric, that is why I posted that....for your reaDING PLEASURE:)
12:20:57 <Eric> :-P
12:21:30 <Eric> maybe someday I will get to enjoy a trifecta!
12:55:09 <Dave from B™> Eric, I hope you do
12:56:06 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Aurum, Plume, & Giantess?
13:16:03 <Dave from B™> That would be a rare trifecta
13:17:42 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Did you enjoy the Kurt & Kyle show yesterday Dave?
13:18:03 <Dave from B™> I did. I thought Kyle was going to win
13:19:00 <Eric> Pump, Sponge & Aurum!
13:19:17 <Kevin :™ 🌵> It was like going back 20 years at the Bullring. Kyle does not like to finish 2nd. He HATES finishing 2nd to his brother.
13:20:08 <Dave from B™> Kyle has gotten hot, however. Third in playoff points standings right now
13:24:13 <Kevin :™ 🌵> They were fun to watch as kids. Who would have guessed.
13:36:54 <Eric> wooot
13:37:08 <Eric> Thanks 525
13:37:27 <420> Wow!
13:37:46 <420> Those are some nice jets from Sawmill! Very vertical
13:41:56 <Michelle> Sorry guys. OF window is upon us.
13:46:09 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Like it matters with this cam anyway?
14:25:58 <525> Looks like Penta took back control from Spasmodic with that 2½h eruption and passed it onto Sawmill. Already over an hour long
14:41:33 <KorbenC> I wonder how deep the system is going to drain with an hour long Sawmill.
14:41:50 <Michelle> Is the pixellation any better zoomed in, or is it better zoomed out, or does it matter.
14:42:55 <KorbenC> I dont think it matters, unfortunately.
14:44:01 <Kevin :™ 🌵> I just got the BHI text
14:44:06 <525> if you zoom in you get more pixels for a feature, which should allow a "better" picture
14:44:06 <Michelle> If it doesn't matter,we are going in
14:51:48 <Michelle> Everyone ok watching Sawmill?
14:52:15 <525> yes
14:52:51 <KorbenC> Michelle, we have almost 5 years without it, so I could watch Sawmill all day
14:53:22 <Betty> afternoon all
14:53:31 <Betty> nice, Sawmill
14:53:36 <KorbenC> Betty, hi
14:53:46 <Betty> hey KorbenC
14:54:00 <Kevin :™ 🌵> hi
14:54:08 <Michelle> I won't change the channel then
14:54:18 <Michelle> Hi Betty
14:54:31 <Betty> hi Michelle
14:54:40 <Betty> hi Linda
14:54:44 <linda> hello all
14:54:50 <Betty> Tardy ie
14:55:01 <Michelle> Hi Linda
14:55:07 <KorbenC> uhoh
14:55:07 <linda> Betty, hi
14:55:19 <KorbenC> the question is now, is Tardy going to kill Sawmill like it enjoys doing?
14:55:21 <KorbenC> Hi Linda
14:55:31 <Michelle> Do you want Castle in the view or just Sawmill
14:55:39 <linda> KorbenC, hi
14:55:47 <KorbenC> Hey, Castlie initial 1442!
14:55:57 <Betty> as I remember they like each other
14:56:03 <420> Wow...I didn't realize it had been that long since sawmill was active!
14:56:07 <Betty> ini??
14:56:22 <KorbenC> New GT user entering Castle as an initial, interesting
14:56:59 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Castle initial?
14:57:19 <420> Probably new user typo or misunderstanding.
14:57:23 <Betty> hey Kevin :™ 🌵, still hot?
14:57:30 <420> Be gentle and help them
14:57:39 <420> Hi Betty
14:58:01 <Betty> hi Joe? Jarno?
14:58:01 <KorbenC> 420, I am, I added a comment instead of a flag.
14:58:10 <420> thanks
14:58:13 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Cooled down to 112° today
14:58:16 <KorbenC> Betty, Jarno is a different # I think :)
14:58:21 <420> Give them the guidance you wish you had :-D
14:58:35 <KorbenC> 420, haha.
14:58:38 <420> Brrr Kevin, you have to put on a jacket?
14:58:56 <Betty> so must be Joe :-)
14:59:26 <KorbenC> I only know what number JarnoO is.
15:01:41 <KorbenC> IDK if "NoOne" will see my comment. So might not be a bad idea for someone to flag it that way they get an email. At least that is my opinion.
15:01:51 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Are we going to need a phone book?
15:02:51 <Kevin :™ 🌵> We need a caution flag that denotes it is a good post but there may be an issue.
15:03:06 <KorbenC> Agree 150%
15:03:22 <Dave from B™> I think 420 climbs mountains
15:03:46 <Dave from B™> sips beer in his spare time
15:04:06 <KorbenC> and sleeps on the fountian bw while you watch a trifecta?
15:05:10 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Did you see that link I posted for you the other day Korben?
15:05:13 <Betty> and takes Germans to Edgefield?
15:05:28 <420> :-)
15:05:32 <420> busted!
15:05:34 <KorbenC> Kevin :™ 🌵, negaitve
15:05:40 <Michelle> So if Grand goes, do you count Castle, Grand and Sawmill as trifecta:)
15:05:53 <KorbenC> More of an SFT
15:05:56 <420> Except for what Korben said, I never sleep on BW, that is illegal :-P
15:06:04 <Dave from B™> Korben, he was sleeping soundly in his xanterra lodge cabin
15:06:17 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Bummer. It is gone now but it was an awesome lightning strike at the railyard in Belen NM.
15:06:22 <Betty> hi Dave from B™
15:06:28 <Dave from B™> Hey Betty
15:06:34 <420> Well, I got up to pee and noticed your car wasn't back at around 1:30am, so not sleeping the whole time.
15:06:37 <Betty> call it meditation, 420
15:06:42 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Napping is permitted
15:06:57 <KorbenC> Kevin, exactly, overnight sits are just 9hr naps
15:07:13 <420> I had no idea a trifecta was a thing or I would have driven out there then
15:07:28 <420> sawmill?
15:07:35 <KorbenC> yes
15:07:37 <Betty> yep
15:07:48 <KorbenC> I still think the Churn pull off and the BH benches are the best places in YNP to take a nap.
15:07:53 <Dave from B™> I only tease Kevin. The only reason I was there is because my cabin roommate was going and I said sure, why not
15:08:10 <Dave from B™> Kevin = 406 (who isn't Kevin):D
15:08:21 <420> Dave got suckered into it and got lucky :-D
15:08:34 <420> But following graham around isn't usually a bad thing.
15:08:44 <Dave from B™> I actually thought it could happen the next day...was shocked it happened when it did.
15:08:52 <KorbenC> 420, that is for certain.
15:09:09 <Betty> if you can follow him...he is really fast
15:10:01 <KorbenC> Betty, he walked a nice leisurely pace.
15:10:28 <Betty> for you, maybe, not for me :-p
15:13:39 <Betty> is that an elk or a bison?
15:14:23 <Betty> looks like an elk
15:14:36 <420> bear?
15:15:27 <420> horse?
15:15:31 <420> moose!
15:15:33 <Betty> dont think so
15:15:38 <Betty> bah
15:15:39 <420> I think it's a moose
15:15:53 <420> Can we zoom on the thing in front of the trees?
15:15:53 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Does it look like this?
15:16:05 <KorbenC> haha
15:16:30 <Betty> exactly, Kevin
15:16:42 <Dave from B™> It's a cow?
15:16:49 <420> Like this Kevin
15:16:59 <linda> its a artifact
15:17:10 <420> Hot water heater?
15:17:16 <Dave from B™> This cam is an embarrassment
15:17:18 <420> Is it a snow cone maker?
15:17:24 <420> It really is Dave
15:17:35 <linda> It's da plane!
15:17:55 <420> Volunteers put so many hours into this cam and so many visitors watch it.
15:17:57 <21> Dave from B™, is correct cow elk :)
15:18:15 <420> How can anyone tell with this crummy cam?
15:18:25 <Dave from B™> Thanks 21!
15:18:28 <420> It could have been a giraffe
15:18:30 <Betty> a Wapiti Ma´am?
15:18:34 <linda> did I miss the zoom?
15:19:10 <420> Not that I saw
15:19:27 <Kevin :™ 🌵> I am still looking for it.
15:19:43 <linda> :)
15:20:00 <Dave from B™> GRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr!!
15:20:16 <Michelle> I Dan see it on the geyser chat screen, can't see it on my screen
15:20:21 <linda> It has a white butt
15:20:29 <Dave from B™> Interviewing for a retail staff position. Only 1 of 3 people who had interviews showed up today.
15:20:37 <21> it is still there, zoom zoom zoom
15:20:47 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Needs a tan?
15:20:54 <linda> Those trees to right third one in, I think that it
15:21:30 <Kevin :™ 🌵> When you get paid more to sit on your butt you don't work.
15:21:33 <linda> third one in from the right
15:22:16 <21> the other zoom
15:22:26 <420> Right there at the end of the trees.
15:22:29 <linda> :)
15:22:35 <420> ok...cow elk
15:22:40 <linda> there it is
15:22:52 <linda> It looks almost white now
15:22:52 <420> 21 is correct and so is "Dave"
15:23:21 <Kat> It's an elk
15:23:24 <linda> smooth this cam is not
15:23:25 <Dave from B™> 420, did it hurt you to say that?:D
15:23:27 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Bet it is an elk
15:23:31 <linda> Kat, hi
15:23:37 <Michelle> Sorry, not really good at this, I couldn't see it on my screen
15:23:42 <420> super painful Dave
15:23:44 <Betty> hi Kat
15:23:52 <Kat> Hi all!
15:23:57 <420> Definitely not a girafe!
15:23:58 <linda> maybe a moose
15:24:03 <Kat> Hey Linda!
15:24:05 <420> or a hipo
15:24:22 <linda> but moose don't have white butts i don't think
15:24:28 <21> nope it is still an elk :)
15:24:37 <Betty> elk
15:24:43 <420> Those colorations are very much elk like.
15:24:47 <Kat> :)
15:24:47 <linda> now it's a pixel
15:24:59 <420> Looks like my face...fuzzy
15:24:59 <Michelle> I Think it's an elk
15:25:26 <420> Someone turn off the horrible bosch compression!
15:25:52 <420> Bosch should be embarrassed this is their camera!
15:25:56 <linda> If michelle can get close enough she could see it on controls
15:26:16 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Where is a flagpole when we need one?
15:26:16 <linda> definitely elk butt
15:26:21 <420> Crazy that the control video has better settings than the public feed!
15:26:42 <linda> problem is its small
15:26:53 <Michelle> Elk
15:26:59 <420> Small is better than blurry IMHO
15:27:16 <linda> 420, yup
15:27:28 <linda> I forget what I'm seeing is better than the chat board
15:27:29 <21> it is a Cervus canadensis
15:27:59 <Betty> OF window, btw
15:28:03 <linda> About a week or two ago there was an elk out there and it had a pretty big rack
15:28:16 <Michelle> Thanks Betty
15:28:41 <Michelle> It looked like a big bull.
15:29:10 <Betty> no antlers, it was a cow
15:29:30 <linda> OF
15:29:49 <420> It could be a Cervus canadensis nelsoni even
15:30:12 <420> I love an elk with a big rack!
15:30:24 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Is it on a roadrunner cartoon?
15:30:53 <Michelle> It was hard to see in my little pic screen. I could see it better on the geyser chat screen.
15:31:33 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Control screen has something in common with Dave's dumpsters.
15:32:15 <Michelle> So why can't we get a bigger view
15:32:28 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Bandwidth
15:34:02 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Check out the rain in Paradise Korben:
15:34:13 <420> If we could convince the powers that be to get a starlink satelite internet connection at OF, we could have full 4k streaming!
15:34:45 <Betty> now we need Grand
15:35:08 <420> That looks like a typical winter day in the PNW Kevin :-P
15:35:15 <Betty> daisy
15:35:17 <420> daisy
15:35:33 <Betty> beat you :-)
15:36:11 <linda> sawmill or am I late
15:36:18 <linda> it went away
15:36:25 <linda> It's back
15:36:34 <Betty> it is still ie
15:36:38 <525> Linda, very late. Started 1319 (not a typo)
15:36:56 <linda> 525, well at least I know sawmill
15:37:04 <525> :)
15:37:05 <Betty> so yes, you are late
15:37:55 <420> ohh, so sawmill hasn't stopped since that 1319 eruption?
15:38:28 <21> it has not
15:38:30 <420> BTW, SuperHeavy BN3 is in pressure testing on Nerdle cam youtube
15:39:10 <linda> haven't a clue what that means
15:40:54 <21> Rocket
15:41:13 <420> SpaceX is testing their new huge booster for Starship.
15:41:16 <21> not the geyser:)
15:41:31 <420>
15:43:08 <420> tardy too?
15:43:16 <linda> oh tardy and sawmill
15:43:17 <420> old tardy I mean
15:43:29 <linda> i know im late
15:43:34 <420> haha
15:44:17 <Betty> that is Tardy, not Old Tardy
15:44:37 <KorbenC> 2.5hrs into Sawmill!
15:45:42 <Betty> looks like turban
15:46:07 <Betty> bulger
15:46:22 <Betty> gone
15:47:27 <Dave from B™> Korben, is the longest Sawmill duration since its awakening?
15:47:35 <KorbenC> yes
15:47:52 <Dave from B™> It would be fun to be there to see what happens next
15:48:19 <Betty> just need to go, Dave :-)
15:48:56 <KorbenC> Betty, NOOO, if Dave starts driving to YNP Sawmill will go back into dormancy
15:49:05 <Betty> lol
15:49:38 <Betty> wait...did he go visit Steamboat lately???
15:49:47 <Dave from B™> haha. Being shortstaffed and very busy this summer = lots of wine to survive it:)
15:50:01 <Betty> :-D
15:50:17 <Dave from B™> Becca is even working 3 days a week to help out
15:50:27 <Betty> wow
15:50:49 <Dave from B™> And, we are now officially empty nesters again:)
15:51:05 <Betty> nice
15:53:12 <Dave from B™> Speaking of which...time to go home. Have a great evening/night everyone!!
15:53:19 <Betty> A friend of mine has the same, she said it is sooo great to have the house for their own again. She loves to see the children come back for visits the weekends, but enjoys the time for her and hubby
15:53:55 <Betty> have a great one, Dave
15:54:18 <Betty> Im out as well. night all
15:54:43 <KorbenC> cya Dave, Betty
15:54:55 <Dave from B™> The kids come over every Sunday afternoon to play games, catch up and eat dinner. It is a tradition that many extended relatives are jealous of.
15:57:51 <Michelle> Linda, are you coming on next? If so, I will leave it where it is.
15:58:41 <linda> yup logging on
15:59:32 <linda> got it
15:59:58 <Michelle> Controls are all yours. Going to get some packing done. Everyone have a great night
16:01:45 <KorbenC> :grand: hls delay
16:01:55 <Kat> Nice Castle
16:02:56 <525> if Grand goes to big Sawmill mode then this is the ideal side-by-side comparison
16:03:13 <LindaG> Castle?
16:03:37 <420> Night Michelle, thanks for driving!
16:04:08 <LindaG> Michelle, thx
16:05:55 <LindaG> Now is OT ie
16:07:26 <420> ohh, Sawmill seems to have increased.
16:08:21 <LindaG> Wow go sawmmill
16:09:19 <LindaG> Wow go grand
16:10:25 <K> Beautiful Grand
16:10:37 <KorbenC> Sawmill is better! :D
16:12:23 <K> Agreed. Don't realize how beautiful sawmill is til it was gone.
16:14:05 <LindaG> B/gt beehive
16:14:10 <LindaG> :p
16:14:50 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Was that a 2b?
16:15:14 <linda> looked like a second at 9 minutes
16:23:13 <Kevin :™ 🌵> I saw a big burst but didn't see a long pause. Must have been a quickie.
16:23:34 <Kevin :™ 🌵> I did get Quail and a hummingbird this morning.
16:24:02 <LindaG> Thats so nice. I had hummingbirds too today
16:25:02 <Kevin :™ 🌵> And I think we are going to stay under 120° today!
16:25:19 <LindaG> Kevin :™ 🌵, Woohoo!
16:26:00 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Hard to imagine 113° as cool.
16:26:22 <LindaG> Kevin :™ 🌵, for sure, yikes
16:26:33 <KorbenC> It got to 96F today, I had to set my AC to 63F to keep it survivable.
16:27:34 <Kevin :™ 🌵> We had rain and thunder about 10 miles east last night.
16:28:14 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Tornado sirens in Paradise
16:28:49 <LindaG> Yeah raining her and up North
16:29:12 <525> Sawmill surpassed 3h
16:29:36 <LindaG> *here
16:36:18 <LindaG> Brb
16:39:13 <LindaG> Back
16:40:27 <LindaG> Didnt see riverside
16:40:35 <Kevin :™ 🌵> If you are still here Korben, here is a repeat of the lightning strike. About 2:30 minutes in. If you want to see an interesting RR load check at 1:30 in.
16:44:13 <LindaG> Wow
16:44:47 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Did you have your sound on?
16:47:38 <KorbenC> Kevin :™ 🌵, that was a lucky switch of cameras they did.
17:03:45 <Kevin :™ 🌵> I had it on live in the background. Got my attention for sure.
17:09:38 <LindaG> Wow OF making me wait
17:10:09 <KorbenC> "it does that" :)
17:10:58 <LindaG> I know, its a geyser :)
17:12:58 <LindaG> OF
17:20:28 <LindaG> Early daisy watvh
17:20:35 <LindaG> *watch
17:23:28 <525> Sawmill currently at 4h04m
17:26:21 <Mario> Sawmill marathon :)
17:29:23 <KorbenC> Makes me very happy Jarno! 4+hr Sawmill eruption!
17:32:41 <KorbenC> I wonder how deep this system is going to drain when Sawmill stops.
17:36:05 <LindaG> Daaisy
17:47:04 <KorbenC> This way it shows up in chat history. Longest Sawmill Duration was 6h 41m. :)
17:47:15 <KorbenC> Maybe we will get Uncertain with a Sawmill this long
17:47:27 <LindaG> Sawmill is the only show in town
17:48:48 <KorbenC> Sawmill is just testing us too see how long it has to go before we loose interest in it.
17:49:31 <LindaG> A shame i cant really get closer without pixelation problems
17:50:17 <LindaG> Brb
17:52:20 <LindaG> Back
18:03:06 <LindaG> Who turned the hill off
18:03:31 <KorbenC> I did, wanted to give Sawmill all the attention it wanted!
18:04:07 <LindaG> KorbenC, sneaky
18:04:12 <KorbenC> Was that Lion starting?
18:04:30 <LindaG> Little steam
18:04:43 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
18:04:55 <LindaG> Very little
18:05:04 <KorbenC> Tardy over there looking like Old Tardy
18:17:55 <LindaG> Bulger
18:20:22 <KorbenC> Well that was a massive Sawmill jet.
18:21:47 <KorbenC> Sawmill has just passed 5 hours!!
18:22:00 <LindaG> Zoom
18:22:12 <LindaG> old tardy
18:22:19 <525> there's the trifecta for the day. Sawmill, Bulger and OT
18:22:25 <525> quadfecta now
18:22:30 <KorbenC> HOLE
18:22:52 <KorbenC> Tardy
18:23:06 <KorbenC> geez Sawmill, trying to become Grand?
18:26:50 <KorbenC> I wonder what Spas has been doing for the last 5hrs.
18:28:49 <525> Sawmill doesn't quite seem to know how to stop
18:29:28 <KorbenC> I think the longer it goes the higher the probability of Uncertain, right?
18:29:59 <KorbenC> Hi Graham. 5+hrs into Sawmill!
18:30:31 <GO SAWMILL> oh wow, thats interestig
18:31:15 <GO SAWMILL> we used to need a deep drain for uncertain, which means everything including Twilight goes down
18:31:31 <KorbenC> which might happen with thise long of a Sawmill
18:32:17 <GO SAWMILL> i wonder what Spasmodic has done?
18:32:27 <LindaG> Where are those locsyed?
18:32:31 <KorbenC> I have been wondering jsut that as well.
18:32:42 <LindaG> *located?
18:32:44 <KorbenC> Spasmodic is behind the trees on the right, Uncertain is next to Sawmill
18:32:54 <GO SAWMILL> i guess it went into overflow after Sawmill started
18:33:40 <GO SAWMILL> uncertain should be clear on left side of Sawmill
18:33:52 <GO SAWMILL> small jetting column
18:35:55 <LindaG> Geez that looks terrible on streaming
18:37:43 <LindaG> OF time
18:39:25 <525> Twilight dropping
18:44:01 <525> Oval low pool eruption, Spas draining
18:44:47 <KorbenC> I guess we are heading for a deep drain! Means Sawmill is probably endind
18:48:22 <LindaG> OF
18:49:28 <GO SAWMILL> nice there was a second Penta after the first one 3 weeks ago
18:50:26 <GO SAWMILL> with bubble shower vent in Spasmodic, and Thumping Hole, same as last time
18:50:37 <KorbenC> yup
18:51:02 <KorbenC> From GT notes everything was exactly the same except for the Sawmill eruptions surrounding it.
18:52:28 <KorbenC> Graham, when do you head back to the park?
18:53:22 <LindaG> Churn is steamier
18:53:52 <KorbenC> Sawmill still chugging along.
18:54:56 <LindaG> brb
18:55:57 <KorbenC> NOO
18:56:04 <KorbenC> HOLE
18:56:05 <KorbenC> .
18:56:05 <KorbenC> .
18:56:05 <KorbenC> .
18:56:06 <KorbenC> .
18:56:24 <KorbenC> 5h 35m Sawmill duration, not bad.
18:56:38 <KorbenC> Very quick hole, maybe we will get a second one
19:04:15 <LindaG> Sawmill
19:04:15 <LindaG> .
19:04:16 <LindaG> .
19:04:17 <525> Sawmill
19:06:43 <LindaG> Inwonder id it actually stopped or we just couldnt see it
19:07:56 <525> Sawmill actually occasionally does a follow-up eruption after a long one
19:08:42 <LindaG> Ah
19:09:12 <LindaG> maybe will get a churn
19:09:26 <525> is that OT's Drain going?
19:09:41 <525> or a massive Slurp?
19:10:27 <GO SAWMILL> i would say steamy Slurp
19:10:36 <LindaG> wow
19:10:53 <LindaG> where is slurp?
19:12:23 <LindaG> Left of old tardy
19:12:35 <LindaG> ?
19:17:52 <LindaG> Go for it sawmill
19:19:05 <GO SAWMILL> if theres a drain going on, that's when you expect to see Slurp
19:19:40 <LindaG> Sawmill stopped
19:20:07 <LindaG> GO SAWMILL, where isnslurp?
19:20:24 <LindaG> *is slurp
19:20:56 <LindaG> hole?
19:22:32 <525> 1919 OT was accompanied by OTD, located further left than Slurp
19:22:41 <525> good to have that location figured out
19:23:22 <LindaG> Tatdy
19:24:01 <525> Hole
19:24:01 <LindaG> Or tardy
19:25:58 <525> OTD
19:29:32 <525> Sawing again
19:29:56 <LindaG> Huh
19:30:31 <525> OT
19:31:36 <LindaG> Missed it
19:32:19 <LindaG> Daisy ie
19:34:22 <LindaG> Nice spike
19:36:20 <525> OTD
19:36:48 <LindaG> Brb
19:36:51 <525> they were not wrong a deep drain causes rare geysers to go
19:39:03 <LindaG> getting some food
19:39:07 <GO SAWMILL> nice
19:42:35 <KorbenC> huh
19:42:43 <525> OTD
19:42:46 <KorbenC> I go away on OTD and Sawmill go again
19:42:52 <525> OT
19:43:58 <LindaG> Back with food 😊
19:44:33 <GO SAWMILL> OT does a lot of splashing, we dont enter the as minors jarnoO. Same as Bulger splashing up
19:44:49 <GO SAWMILL> or Churn, or Sawmill
19:44:59 <525> ah, thanks
19:45:00 <LindaG> So is thst slurp to left of OT?
19:45:20 <525> OTD
19:46:06 <LindaG> Im going to turn cam unless u tell me where slurp is :p
19:46:08 <525> OT
19:46:24 <525> you see OT? Slurp is just left of it and OTD is left of Slurp
19:46:58 <LindaG> :thumbsup: thanks 😊
19:50:14 <525> yeah, right... OTD & OT again
19:51:22 <GO SAWMILL> maybe just one eruption with multiple bursts like Bulgers Hole
19:52:00 <525> not sure about that - Bulger continues steaming during its pauses while there's not a trace of it from OT and OTD
19:52:53 <GO SAWMILL> it might still have water
19:53:26 <GO SAWMILL> its a much smaller iopemimg
19:56:22 <GO SAWMILL> sawmill off
19:57:02 <525> OTD
19:57:10 <525> that's some good bursting
20:00:28 <525> OT
20:02:57 <525> of course OTD goes again
20:03:49 <KorbenC> HOLE
20:03:49 <KorbenC> .
20:03:50 <KorbenC> .
20:03:51 <KorbenC> .
20:03:53 <525> Hole
20:05:44 <525> OTD
20:05:49 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Interesting geyser day
20:06:10 <525> most interesting one since Giantess went I think
20:06:19 <525> Twilight!
20:06:20 <525> .
20:06:20 <525> .
20:06:21 <525> .
20:07:18 <KorbenC> Lets not forget about Sprinkler :)
20:07:26 <525> Twilight again
20:08:05 <Kevin :™ 🌵> My daughter had a great time. Got Riverside, Daisy, Sawmill, Penta, Lion, and BH before noon. AND survived the candy store in West with a 2 year old.
20:08:22 <KorbenC> 525, you switch to VLC too?
20:08:31 <KorbenC> otd
20:08:44 <525> I've been using it all day
20:09:05 <KorbenC> Jarno, the day both Penta and the day Sawmill came back rivaled this one too. We were calling it "a day for the history books"
20:10:18 <KorbenC> I think that was one of if not the first time gazers were on the bw recording data when an entire system reactivated.
20:10:58 <KorbenC> Twilight
20:11:11 <525> OT
20:11:21 <KorbenC> and OTD
20:12:00 <LindaG> One minute to OF
20:12:08 <KorbenC> JarnoO, how do you know Twilight is bursting from the front pool?
20:13:10 <LindaG> Sorry
20:13:26 <KorbenC> Linda, :(
20:13:41 <KorbenC> Prime Directive I guess.
20:13:50 <LindaG> Yup
20:14:04 <525> hm, good question. I'll reword it in my entry
20:16:53 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Looks like the smoke is coming back
20:17:36 <LindaG> grand canyon was super smoky
20:18:00 <Kevin :™ 🌵> We are too.
20:19:02 <LindaG> When i looked at their cam, i couldnt figure out what it was at first
20:19:22 <Kevin :™ 🌵> Do any of you remember when this cam came on line?
20:19:45 <LindaG> April?
20:20:07 <Kevin :™ 🌵> That is what I was thinking.
20:21:00 <LindaG> I have april 14th as a cam day, first on on my calendar
20:22:56 <Kevin :™ 🌵> It sure feels longer. Like a never ending battle.
20:23:26 <LindaG> From one disaster to the next
20:25:54 <LindaG> Tardy
20:26:01 <Sam> There's a woman on the static cam who looks like she's wearing a wedding dress
20:26:22 <Sam> 8:21 PM time stamp
20:26:43 <LindaG> Married in the park?
20:27:06 <Sam> That'd be cool
20:27:15 <LindaG> Otd along with that tardy
20:27:20 <Sam> You can still kind of see her on this static
20:29:30 <LindaG> OF
20:34:53 <Kevin :™ 🌵> You need a permit to do that.
20:39:10 <LindaG> OT
20:48:13 <525> OT
21:00:47 <LindaG> Hwy firest
21:00:52 <LindaG> Lol
21:00:58 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Linda
21:01:04 <LindaG> wheres my /ranslator?
21:01:21 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, how r u?
21:01:36 <KorbenC> Linda, I am here, multitasking.
21:01:55 <LindaG> 🙄
21:02:00 <Forestbewithyou> I am doing well hbu Linda?
21:02:07 <525> OT
21:02:10 <LindaG> OT
21:02:46 <LindaG> Forestbewithyou, Im good
21:05:18 <KorbenC> Hi Forest (IDK why I am saying hi while I am texting you on the side, lol)
21:05:46 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Korben
21:07:36 <LindaG> Im going to leave it there
21:07:51 <LindaG> Controls released
21:08:02 <LindaG> Have a good night
21:35:39 <525> Grotto marathon