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06:05:16 <linda> dep looks hot
06:05:52 <linda> but i guess they all do
06:10:53 <KorbenC> Dep?
06:19:47 <linda> i think so,
06:20:12 <KorbenC> I can't see any splashing but it looks like it is doing something
06:20:24 <linda> KorbenC, did you watch those videos I ran of slurp and other last night?
06:20:54 <linda> KorbenC, I wasn't confident enough to enter into database
06:21:19 <KorbenC> I will look again
06:22:00 <linda> there is a 20 minute one with bulger and the others
06:23:24 <linda> dep still full maybe it hasn't erupted yet
06:23:29 <KorbenC> Wow Dep pool is amazing looking
06:23:57 <KorbenC> That water level is well above the lip and way into the ear :D
06:26:16 <KorbenC> I would say 1943 OTD, and I think you are confusing Bulger's Mouth with Bulger's Hole
06:27:01 <linda> KorbenC, oh bulgers mouth, I didn't enter BH cause I wasn't sure
06:29:35 <linda> KorbenC, OTD is the one all the way on the left?
06:30:04 <KorbenC> OTD is between OT and Bulger from this perspective
06:30:06 <KorbenC> Hi Kat
06:30:18 <Kat> Good morning
06:30:51 <linda> Kat, hi
06:31:06 <Kat> Hi Linda
06:33:07 <Kat> A balmy 36 degrees!
06:37:32 <linda> better pack my down jacket brrrr
06:37:36 <linda> an my hat
06:37:50 <Kat> indeed!
06:37:53 <linda> and my scarf :):)
06:38:09 <linda> oops and gloves
06:38:12 <Kat> Don't forget the gloves ! Hahaha
06:38:17 <KorbenC> All y'all east coasters think 36 is cold, haha.
06:38:39 <Kat> It is when you live in Florida :)
06:38:45 <linda> KorbenC, won't be sunbathing in it
06:38:51 <KorbenC> true
06:39:12 <KorbenC> linda, if you are out this early in the basin just wait until the sun hits you, it is like an oven.
06:39:15 <linda> going from 80s to 30s is
06:39:51 <linda> KorbenC, I cna't wait
06:40:22 <linda> 3 weeks tomorrow
06:40:29 <KorbenC> You are going to be standing next to Anenome or something just to stay warm from the steam :P
06:40:49 <linda> :)
06:41:58 <KorbenC> water level looks like it down a bit, probably had a bubble crash a few mins ago
06:42:21 <linda> :(
06:42:35 <linda> I want to see dep erupt
06:43:47 <Kat> :i::i: Me too
06:44:02 <KorbenC> Castle
06:44:10 <KorbenC> Depression starts are amazing
06:45:12 <810> Kat, are you ready to take the cam?
06:45:21 <KorbenC> The water starts creeping down the side near the bw, and then it will start to bubble and slosh a little bit, then the whole pool starts oscillating a few inches sending a massive flood of water over the platform and creating loud thumps, and then boom.
06:45:49 <linda> :)
06:51:30 <Kat> 810, sure
06:51:50 <Kat> That's pretty
06:52:53 <810> OK it is yours, I'm out
06:53:14 <Kat> Thx Joe - have a good day!
06:56:24 <Kat> Tardy
06:56:43 <Kat> nope
06:58:48 <KorbenC> We might get some follow up Bulger minors, so keep an eye out :)
06:59:17 <Kat> I think the last one was minor but didn't see start
06:59:43 <KorbenC> It was a minor
07:00:04 <Kat> Thx
07:01:23 <KorbenC> Castle to steam
07:04:43 <Kat> No prediction for OF
07:05:10 <Kat> OF
07:05:19 <KorbenC> wow Kat, that was impressive
07:05:39 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:06:15 <Kat> Love the backlight
07:09:25 <linda> it's lovely
07:09:41 <KorbenC> Kat is having a good morning
07:09:51 <KorbenC> Bulger, Castle, perfect OF pan, Lion initial
07:09:56 <Kat> :lion:
07:10:18 <KorbenC> Kat, can we pan down to BH after this ;)
07:10:58 <Kat> sure - that would be awesome!
07:14:32 <KorbenC> Dep might be starting
07:15:03 <Kat> Bee look next
07:15:17 <KorbenC> I think dep is starting
07:15:30 <Kat> its hot
07:15:41 <KorbenC> If it is not actively erupting it will be in the next few mins
07:15:43 <linda> go dep
07:16:03 <KorbenC> We might be flooding already, steam down the chanell
07:16:30 <KorbenC> c'mon Dep, just do it, you are so close
07:17:00 <KorbenC> I would like to see the pool, we could have just crashed or still be looking very hot
07:19:55 <Kat> Let's go D
07:20:17 <KorbenC> That should be it, but it just isnt
07:20:36 <linda> get a move on :)
07:24:40 <linda> going down i think, very anticlimatic
07:25:03 <Kat> Crash and burn!
07:25:46 <linda> :(
07:26:40 <Kat> :)
07:26:53 <KorbenC> BSB justs tarted steaming
07:28:21 <KorbenC> I am guessing 0901 for BH
07:31:10 <Kat> Korben - cam did not move to Lion until 07:09:20, how did you get 0708?
07:31:38 <KorbenC> oops, misclick.
07:31:41 <KorbenC> Fixed now
07:32:16 <Kat> Thx
07:40:56 <Kat> Shaky cam
07:49:31 <Kat> RS
07:50:14 <linda> yay
07:51:46 <Lardis> Hi everyone. I'm a newbie, friend of Linda's watching the geyser show today.
07:52:04 <KorbenC> Hi Lardis
07:56:09 <Lardis> KorbenC, hi Korben.
07:58:45 <Mike J> Not used to this - sunny skies in the basin, rainy skies in Phoenix
07:59:02 <Kat> :)
07:59:13 <KorbenC> gazer wautubg fir deo
07:59:14 <linda> Mike J, wow
07:59:16 <Kat> Lardis, Welcome
07:59:20 <KorbenC> gazer waiting for dep*
07:59:30 <Kat> KorbenC, Hahaha
07:59:39 <Lardis> Kat, hi, nice to meet you
07:59:46 <Kat> Gazer waiting for Bee :)
08:00:59 <Mike J> Mind you, this time of year that's rainy skies and upper 80s first thing in the morning.
08:01:16 <Mike J> We'll still manage to hit high 90s, if not break 100. Welcome to summer in the desert.
08:01:38 <linda> Mike J, you must be roasting this year
08:02:16 <Kat> In FL rainy humid afternoons! Hi 94 today!
08:03:02 <linda> I have a heat advisory for tomorrow :(
08:03:31 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 94° sounds wonderful!
08:03:52 <Kat> :( Heat adisory
08:04:29 <Kat> BSB steaming
08:04:31 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, :)
08:04:36 <Mike J> Linda, not really roasting. Just normal for us. Living in A/C
08:04:45 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, I did watch the big boy, pretty impressive
08:04:48 <Kat> Me too
08:04:49 <Mike J> My grandparents homesteaded here in the 20s, and i don't know how they did it.
08:05:28 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I never had AC until I was out of the Army.
08:05:37 <Mike J> Actually, I do. Screen porches, siestas, etc.
08:06:05 <Mike J> When I grew up in Phoenix, all we had were swamp coolers (evap). Worked great until about July and August when humidity went up.
08:06:15 <Kat> Someone's waiting for Depression beside Linda and Korben Haha
08:06:15 <linda> Mike J, :) probably were a lot more used to it. A/C skews reality
08:06:41 <linda> Kat, i've been waiting all morning
08:07:11 <Kat> Then I'll just live in an altered air conditioned state Mike
08:07:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> School with swamp coolers was like learning in a hurricane. Had to have a desk full of paper weights.
08:07:40 <Mike J> Kevin L Amen on that one.
08:08:25 <linda> well we are going birding. have a good day
08:08:25 <Mike J> My one disappointment in my trip to Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago - three days at 90 degrees.
08:08:47 <linda> Mike J, bummer. I'll be there sept 1st. Hope it cools and clears
08:09:19 <Kat> linda, have fun!
08:09:47 <linda> Kat, thx
08:09:58 <linda> cya later
08:10:07 <Mike J> Still trying for one more trip end of Sept or early Oct. I think that will be just a tad cooler.
08:10:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good luck Linda.
08:16:14 <Lardis> going birding with Linda, have A day!:)
08:16:45 <Kat> Have fun Lardis,
08:16:56 <KorbenC> Bye Linda, Lardis
08:34:12 <KorbenC> :lion:
08:41:23 <Kat> OF
08:47:50 <Kat> Elk in meadow!
08:50:35 <Kat> Nice!
09:03:40 <KorbenC> We just missed dep
09:04:07 <Kat> Sorry
09:04:29 <Kat> Don't see an entry
09:04:32 <KorbenC> If in basin doesn't have an entry here soon I will but an 0855A entry in
09:05:01 <Kat> I wouldn't - but that's me.
09:05:44 <KorbenC> maybe I will put a note in
09:05:47 <KorbenC> 0900
09:05:54 <KorbenC> So you missed it by like 30 seconds
09:09:06 <Kat> Dean entered it! Great
09:20:54 <Kat> There goes the elk
09:38:01 <AYates> Daisy
09:38:07 <Kat> :daisy:
10:00:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There is that Perry Mason music again.
10:01:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like BH waited for me.
10:01:12 <KorbenC> Hi train man
10:01:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Morning
10:01:36 <Kat> It did!
10:01:57 <KorbenC> Lion had a minor at 0958, so keep an eye out
10:02:00 <Kat> Missed a minor Lion :(
10:02:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Almost OF window too.
10:03:03 <Kat> You're up Train man!
10:05:17 <KorbenC> That was a decent FP from Giantess :)
10:07:54 <Kat> bbl - thanks for your help!
10:08:27 <KorbenC> Cya Kat
10:08:57 <KorbenC> JimS et. al. are at BH :D
10:09:38 <KorbenC> Jarno, if you are lurking here can you PM me, I have a quick question
10:18:23 <KorbenC> Lion had another minor 1012
10:18:39 <Kat> Thats odd right?
10:19:18 <KorbenC> Not necessarily, generally I get excited when there are more than 3 minors in a row
10:21:55 <Kat> OK - haven't seen that I guess
10:22:13 <KorbenC> I think alot of Lion minors is a good sign for NG though
10:36:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like a roar from Lion.
10:44:57 <a> big pre Beehive crowd
10:56:43 <KorbenC> .
10:56:43 <KorbenC> .
10:56:43 <KorbenC> .
10:56:44 <KorbenC> .
10:56:45 <KorbenC> INDYYY
10:57:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> yes
10:57:19 <a> and the crowd is smaller
10:58:36 <810> text sent twice ;)
10:58:50 <sparekitty> thx for the text(s)
10:59:13 <810> yw
11:01:02 <Kitt> so lately the indy texts are coming in a timely fashion
11:01:11 <Kitt> did Verizon change something?
11:04:07 <Mario> thx for the texts!
11:05:18 <810> Glad they are working for the present time :)
11:06:49 <Kitt> looks like a bunch of people are going to learn about being downwind
11:07:22 <.don> Nothing better than being baptised by the spray from BH.
11:08:18 <Kitt> I don't know about the spray, I have been drowned by Bee before
11:08:55 <Kitt> there's Eric's pump
11:09:07 <KorbenC> Yea, it is more like torrential downpour with a hint of silica and 'geyser' :)
11:09:56 <KorbenC> 62 degrees, I bet they could use a cooldown.
11:09:59 <.don> Singing in the rain!
11:10:12 <KorbenC> BEE
11:10:23 <Kitt> and the rest of us wait
11:10:38 <Kitt> Beehive
11:10:40 <KorbenC> Bee now for yall
11:10:48 <Kitt> that was a nice start
11:11:23 <a> nice geyser
11:12:01 <Kitt> I like the spikes at the top
11:12:25 <810> Free shower :)
11:13:42 <Kitt> nice temperature in the basin
11:14:04 <Kitt> looks like it is no longer in the mid 80's
11:17:01 <KorbenC> That was a nice Beehive as always ;)
11:17:04 <KorbenC> :)*
11:48:12 <810> Daisy and OF
12:52:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Sort of a wimpy start.
14:06:51 <Betty> afternoon all
14:46:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi Betty
14:58:18 <Betty> hey Kevin. looks pretty quiet today
14:58:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
15:01:37 <Betty> hey, a geyser :-)
15:02:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Amazing.
15:06:47 <Betty> lion
15:07:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Right. Lion has to wait for OF to erupt.
15:09:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Are you going to get any skiing trips this year Betty?
15:10:27 <Betty> I plan at least 3 this season...hope I can do them :-p
15:11:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It looks like they are working on the one on the Berchtesgaden cam.
15:42:46 <Greg 🤠> Howdy all
15:43:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
15:43:10 <Betty> hi Greg
15:43:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Welcome to sleep center.
15:43:29 <Greg 🤠> Hi Kevin, hop;e the geysers have keep you busy today.
15:43:39 <Greg 🤠> That answers my post haha
15:43:41 <KorbenC> Greg 🤠, hi
15:43:50 <Greg 🤠> Hi Korbven
15:44:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Lion just started (during OF) and we did get a BH.
15:45:19 <Greg 🤠> Bee was at 1109 right?
15:48:14 <KorbenC> yup
15:48:32 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
15:48:38 <Betty> hi Korben
15:48:48 <KorbenC> By chance, do we know if that 1504 Lion was an ini?
15:48:50 <KorbenC> Hi Betty
15:49:04 <Greg 🤠> Hi Betty
15:49:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am pretty sure it was but not 100%
15:49:56 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
15:50:42 <KorbenC> Sub 5hr interval from end of series to start of series :D
15:52:54 <KorbenC> Greg, you don't have much lined up for you
15:53:08 <Betty> daisy
15:54:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The presets on this control software mess me up all the time.
15:56:15 <Greg 🤠> Well darn, guess we will just scan round the and see what we can find
15:56:46 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
15:56:53 <Greg 🤠> Night Betty
15:56:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Anytime you want it. Good luck
15:57:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night Betty.
15:57:35 <KorbenC> Lets see, Sawmill will probably start soon, maybe Depression will do something, and, I think thats about it, lol
15:58:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There were elk in the meadow and around the trees by Castle this morning but I didn't see them on my shift.
16:00:54 <Greg 🤠> Let me know when you have released the cam Kevin.
16:32:08 <a> release the Camken!
16:37:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I guess you figured out I released them at 1556 Greg.
16:37:35 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
16:40:41 <Greg 🤠> of
17:01:38 <KorbenC> Greg 🤠, you are the one driving right?
17:01:52 <Greg 🤠> yuppers
17:02:03 <KorbenC> There is an elk near the bottom rihgt
17:02:11 <Greg 🤠> Waiting for Ms Daisy
17:02:20 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
17:02:20 <KorbenC> Daisy isn't actually due
17:02:37 <Greg 🤠> When is she?
17:02:38 <KorbenC> It went an hour ago, NPS mis-typed it by an hour, should be 1805
17:02:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Sure, the elk show up after my shift. :P
17:03:19 <Greg 🤠> WHAT! they fibbed?
17:03:35 <KorbenC> They bough one of Dave's keyboard
17:03:48 <AYates> So nice to see Sawmill, I've been on the road since it's came back and haven't really got to see it
17:03:56 <KorbenC> Hi Aaron
17:04:01 <AYates> Hi
17:04:01 <Greg 🤠> Sawmill in the back ground is kool
17:04:05 <KorbenC> It will never get old watching Sawmill :)
17:05:43 <KorbenC> Aaron, you missed being there when Sawmill came back by like two weeks, right?
17:08:17 <AYates> Like 6 days
17:08:30 <KorbenC> :(
17:08:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I thought my flies were bad...
17:08:56 <KorbenC> We would have enjoy you and CraigM being there, that would have made it much more entertaining.
17:08:58 <AYates> I caught that F&M with Graham and Craig and I caught the last event cycle a few days before it went on a normal cycle
17:09:13 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
17:09:39 <AYates> I also saw a Whirligig minor and I wasn't a fan
17:10:05 <AYates> I got a good 2 inches out of the vents before it died
17:10:12 <KorbenC> At least you caught that F&M
17:10:42 <AYates> I caught that on a fluke, I saw Castle was in it's window and drove down on my first day because I kept getting minors the last couple of years
17:10:56 <KorbenC> and then you caught F&M :D
17:11:00 <AYates> Caught Castle saw Arty was close, went up to Arty and walked down
17:11:23 <AYates> I was so upset that I missed Arty catching my first F&M
17:11:35 <KorbenC> lol
17:11:36 <AYates> A geyser I've invested more than 20 days into since 2005
17:11:48 <KorbenC> You will get it at some point
17:11:56 <AYates> That was F&M
17:12:01 <AYates> I've caught many Artys
17:12:02 <KorbenC> ah
17:12:05 <AYates> I got one like 2 days later
17:12:08 <KorbenC> OK, that makes more sense
17:12:50 <AYates> I've been unlucky with Giant as well
17:13:17 <KorbenC> Weren't you the one who caught the Mastiff solo?
17:13:27 <AYates> Yeah I've got one of those
17:13:59 <KorbenC> Have you seen Giant though?
17:14:00 <AYates> I've never got a Morning solo only a dual
17:14:09 <AYates> No Giant
17:14:26 <AYates> I've missed Giant by a few hours 6-7 times now
17:14:31 <KorbenC> We will work on Giant next year :) We have gotten way to luck with Saw this year
17:14:35 <KorbenC> Ouch, that sucks.
17:14:51 <AYates> I'm a huge fan of Oblong
17:15:14 <AYates> And I'm waiting for it to slow down so we can get something normal in that plumbing
17:15:15 <KorbenC> Thumpety Thump Thump
17:15:48 <AYates> If Rick was right in the stuff he published in the mid 90s when Oblong stabilizes we may get a shot at Giant and Splendid
17:16:09 <KorbenC> I would like a Splendid
17:16:46 <AYates> We all would, part of the reason I started coming back to the part was Steamboat
17:16:56 <AYates> *park
17:17:05 <KorbenC> Yea, it had a good run.
17:17:12 <AYates> I had taken a few years off and I knew I had to take my shot while I could
17:17:29 <AYates> So if Splendid activates, I'm using my credit card miles
17:17:57 <AYates> If i didn't catch F&M, I'd probably be planning a trip for next month right now
17:18:04 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
17:18:23 <AYates> I'm a big fan of the Labor Day crew, since they sat with me for my first Steamboat
17:18:38 <AYates> And it was a very long sit
17:19:05 <KorbenC> yea, I have not waited long at Steamboat, but the people on that platform make it alot more fun
17:19:13 <AYates> But now I have to make a F&M sign for my brother
17:19:27 <AYates> I waited 4 full days
17:19:38 <KorbenC> Haha, I still enjoy looking at your SB sign
17:19:54 <AYates> We got a false start
17:20:15 <AYates> So in 10 days I caught 1 in 2019 and in 14 days I caught 3 in 2020
17:20:17 <KorbenC> I feel bad, I know people who have sunk 10 days into SB and still haven't seen it, and here I am having sat at SB for 30 mins but seen two of them
17:20:50 <AYates> 15 hours is the most I sat for those 3 I caught last year
17:21:10 <KorbenC> Well worth it no doubt
17:21:18 <AYates> My mom only sat for one and she got her first in 90 minutes
17:21:41 <AYates> Yeah one of those was perhaps the biggest ever, the one that Janet sells the print of
17:21:51 <KorbenC> can you use her luck on Splendid and get it back?
17:22:03 <KorbenC> Forest and I are working on Plume for now :)
17:22:19 <AYates> Lioness is my top priority if we have that power
17:22:29 <AYates> Or Semi-Centennial
17:22:32 <KorbenC> Yes please, yes please
17:23:02 <KorbenC> I would chose seeing one Lioness, Big Cub, Lion SFT over any geyser ever besides BH
17:23:05 <AYates> I sat at Semi-Centennial and just admired the grass-filled crater this trip, never stopped to look at it
17:24:05 <AYates> Union would be on my wish list as well
17:24:27 <KorbenC> Most these geysers can only go so long without erupting :D
17:25:08 <KorbenC> Top of my list is Giantess
17:25:12 <AYates> I've only seen Giantess in a steam-mode eruption
17:25:25 <AYates> I'd like to see a water and mixed
17:25:45 <KorbenC> I need it to complete my list of "geyser I must see before I die"
17:25:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I want Fantail
17:25:49 <AYates> I was on cam for the start of the second eruption
17:25:57 <AYates> This past year
17:26:01 <AYates> So I've "seen" a mixed
17:26:08 <AYates> But I'd like to experience it in person
17:26:13 <KorbenC> SB, F&M, Giant, Sawmill again, and Giantess
17:26:24 <KorbenC> Yea, geysers are alot different in basin
17:26:33 <AYates> I think Sawmill is the most likely on that list
17:27:04 <AYates> If Norris decides it doesn't want to be dry I could see SB coming back, but I could also see it being over for a bit
17:27:16 <KorbenC> Yea, well when it went dormany 4 years ago I put it on that list
17:27:33 <AYates> Plume now, that's hard to say
17:27:49 <KorbenC> and I have seen 2 SB's, 2 FMs, 2 Giants, and the reactivation eruption of Sawmill, I just need 'tess
17:27:54 <AYates> I was hopeful, and there are reasons to be hopeful but the hill is full of energy and it still isnt' back
17:28:30 <KorbenC> It seems to be "almost there" alot of the time
17:29:08 <AYates> If I'm back next year and I imagine I am, I feel pretty good that F&M will still be active
17:29:09 <KorbenC> I think we might need an exchange of function from something up there
17:29:41 <AYates> So there's no harm in sitting at Grotto if we get some Giant activity
17:30:16 <KorbenC> exactly
17:30:35 <AYates> My whole life I figured my only shot at SB was a steam phase and for most people that was the top of their list
17:30:39 <AYates> So never say never
17:31:21 <KorbenC> Same, I always joked and dreamed about how awesome it would be to see it erupt
17:32:12 <KorbenC> The last few years have been really good to alot of us.
17:33:22 <AYates> A dome initial is also on my list
17:33:41 <AYates> That's going to take a little luck and some patience
17:33:48 <KorbenC> Those are fun
17:34:15 <AYates> I'm glad to see this webcam is still wonky
17:35:34 <KorbenC> Dome initials are alot like what I would imagine Spa would look like with a cone
17:35:45 <KorbenC> Yes, its not the best but it works
17:36:09 <AYates> Sitting at F&M I've seen some impressive Spa bursts
17:36:40 <AYates> Like get you wet if you are too close bursts
17:37:03 <KorbenC> Haha, a few people got DRENCHED by it when I was there
17:37:47 <KorbenC> and those bursts take alot of water up with them
17:38:15 <AYates> My brother had a long hiatus from the park and didn't believe me when I told him that, then I found a blurry photo I took of one that was easily over 20 feet tall
17:38:44 <AYates> I've heard that it can get 40+ and it wouldn't surprise me
17:39:06 <KorbenC> It can get to the treetops, I think that is 30ft or something
17:39:44 <AYates> A ranger told me in 2016 that he had it knock him off his bike one night when he was checking on Riverside
17:40:09 <KorbenC> That would be awesome to watch
17:40:22 <AYates> Of course that was probably more his reaction than the force or volume of water
17:41:03 <KorbenC> Exactly, getting destroyed by Spa would be amazing
17:41:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It does eat elk
17:42:07 <KorbenC> True
17:42:12 <AYates> The end of last year and the beginning of this year were rough but I may start making more signs - I had a girl with me at Artemesia that wanted a sign for it after we caught an eruption
17:42:30 <AYates> I just need lumber prices to be reasonable
17:42:50 <KorbenC> Yea, the prices right now are absurd
17:43:08 <AYates> My brother has a Giantess and an Steamboat sign I made him and I don't even have one
17:43:21 <AYates> I never got around to finishing one for myself
17:43:32 <AYates> I sent you one of my prototypes that I made for my uncle and just cleaned it up a bit
17:43:47 <KorbenC> It is pretty accurate :)
17:44:10 <AYates> Yeah it looks good
17:44:16 <KorbenC> It does
17:45:32 <KorbenC> AYates, blob:
17:45:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Are you talking the wooden signs?
17:46:28 <KorbenC>
17:46:32 <KorbenC> That link works
17:47:26 <AYates> Yeah
17:47:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I have been wanting to do those. Rockler had a sale on the templates.
17:48:24 <AYates> A family member just gave me a new router, but if you have a photo I can make you a template
17:48:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Problem now is one of those signs is about $96.83 worth of lumber.
17:48:35 <AYates> Exactly
17:48:50 <AYates> Which is why I haven't made one for myself
17:49:13 <AYates> I made the first 2 including the one Korben got from scrap I had left over
17:49:29 <AYates> Then I bit the bullet for a Christmas gift, but can't justify spending more even though I have the paint
17:49:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I have 3 routers but none are plunge, but a man can never have too many power tools.
17:50:25 <AYates> Ideally if I were to make a bunch I'd CNC them, but it's enjoyable to freehand them from a template
17:51:57 <KorbenC> I still think you could make good money out of them
17:52:11 <KorbenC> Le fleur
17:52:17 <Greg 🤠> :daisy:
17:53:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> This is what I was looking at:
17:56:34 <KorbenC> Looks like we missed a Lion at about 1630
17:57:30 <KorbenC> Jarno, if you are here can you PM me?
17:57:37 <AYates> I take the photo, photoshop out everything that isn't letters make a template, cut it out to be a stencil and then freehand it out
17:58:59 <AYates> They are all 1x8s roughly 17-22 inches long depending on the feature
17:59:21 <AYates> Korben got a 1x10 but you wouldn't know the difference unless you held it up beside the original
17:59:41 <KorbenC> It is very very close
18:00:59 <AYates> It looks bad until you paint it
18:01:28 <linda> evening
18:01:34 <AYates> If you are going to try it, I suggest getting paint-markers from a craft store to do the characters
18:01:35 <Greg 🤠> Howdy Linda
18:01:36 <AYates> evening
18:01:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am pretty much too shaky to do freehand anymore, but I still enjoy woodwork. I did one of these for my grandsons and they love it:
18:01:47 <linda> Greg 🤠, howdy
18:01:57 <linda> AYates, hi
18:02:00 <KorbenC> linda, hi
18:02:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Any good birds Linda?
18:02:21 <AYates> That's a wonderful gift
18:02:28 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, lots of terns, egrets, herons and sandpipers
18:02:40 <linda> shorebird migration is happening
18:02:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice!
18:03:25 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, :) nothing new really, but in greater numbers
18:03:55 <linda> KorbenC, hi
18:09:40 <AYates> Korben, here is the template I started with
18:09:41 <AYates>
18:10:04 <AYates> Took it straight from one of my SB photos and corrected the orientation
18:12:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You are better than I am. If I tried that freehand the board would look like worm wood.
18:13:04 <AYates> I had to buy a new bit to make it work but I got there
18:13:14 <AYates> Very slowly
18:13:21 <AYates> And with a bit of wood filler
18:16:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> BTW is you use the quick release bar clamps, you want these. Expensive but they will last a lifetime:
18:17:55 <Greg 🤠> OF
18:18:24 <AYates> Good OF
18:31:51 <KorbenC> MC
18:37:50 <KorbenC> Grand window :)
18:47:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Is that like a bay window?
18:48:32 <Greg 🤠> I prefer sun roofs
18:49:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I prefer sun shades!
18:49:07 <KorbenC> Turban time coming up soon
18:49:48 <Greg 🤠> Especially here in the desert. Only 95 today, but dew point is 65 to 71 all day
18:57:20 <Greg 🤠> :grand:
19:08:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hit 111° with 40% humidity here today.
19:11:48 <Greg 🤠> Bee is bubbling
19:12:01 <KorbenC> Thats a good amount of water for 8hrs
19:12:48 <KorbenC> Way to early for it though, maybe early morning tommorow
19:13:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just before dawn.
19:13:34 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
19:19:16 <KorbenC> Nice long Sawmill eruption
19:21:11 <KorbenC> We just missed a bubble crash on Dep
19:36:40 <linda> tomorrow supposed to be 105 heat index here, humidity is soaring
19:36:55 <Greg 🤠> YIKES, stay safe
20:07:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is the forecast high here Linda!
20:07:51 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, :(
20:09:10 <linda> oh 110 heat index on thursday, I'll melt
20:09:59 <linda> humidity is 84% right now
20:10:14 <linda> sticky
20:11:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was 40% here and that is bad!
20:12:24 <Greg 🤠> 43% here, dew point 64, temp is 89
20:12:24 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, yeah with your temps that would be horrible
20:17:20 <Greg 🤠> Great video from a guys upstairs bedroom window.
20:18:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Would make great jackets.
20:18:43 <Greg 🤠> Those eyes, wow
20:18:49 <linda> nice
20:19:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wouldn't live long in my yard.
20:19:50 <Greg 🤠> Dogs?
20:20:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 9mm with silencer.
20:20:42 <Greg 🤠> Can't hunt them here
20:21:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They would never find it. Had one rip apart 2 chicken coops and killed 8 chickens.
20:21:50 <Greg 🤠> Bobcat?
20:21:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes.
20:22:18 <Greg 🤠> We have mountain lions, you can here them at night once in awhile.
20:22:37 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, how r the chickens?
20:22:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Broke the hasp off the door and ripped wiremesh off the window. New coop cost me over $500.
20:23:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> New chickens as showing fatigue from heat but are doing OK. Did lose 20% this summer.
20:25:44 <linda> poor chickens
20:28:14 <linda> kids having fun
20:28:41 <linda> nice sky
20:39:37 <Greg 🤠> Not much happening tonight. I may go join my wife for dinner.
20:41:21 <Greg 🤠> OF will not show until it is dark, so I am going to leave the cam here, if someone want to run with it, it is all yours.
20:41:36 <Greg 🤠> Controls released. Have a great night. Keep smiling.
20:41:47 <Greg 🤠> Night all
20:43:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
20:43:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just had about 15 quail in the front yard Linda.
20:51:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice sunset
20:52:13 <linda> good night
20:52:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
21:01:05 <kcmule> OF. last was a short apparently
21:02:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like it.