Showing logs for date: 2021-08-18
07:01:40 <LindaG> Sawmill and tardy ie
07:02:28 <818> sawmill has been ie since before 0558
07:03:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
07:05:05 <LindaG> Is that penta between the trees?
07:05:17 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, morning
07:06:09 <LindaG> cam difficult this morning
07:07:32 <LindaG> seemsnlike somethingnwas erupting
07:11:58 <LindaG> Definite runoff on G
07:14:55 <LindaG> Graham, how r u today?
07:17:28 <LindaG> Grove steaming back there
07:21:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning, just got breakfast. have to get serious about packing and getting supplies
07:23:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> got the laundry on
07:23:34 <LindaG> Dont see water on dome
07:24:10 <LindaG> ah packing. Ive been test packing. But you have a ling visit, cant imaging packing for that.
07:24:21 <LindaG> *long visit
07:25:07 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, when are you leaving?
07:29:41 <LindaG> Dome ie
07:29:49 <dude> is that from Rift ?
07:35:07 <LindaG> dude, i dont know i thought might be poat eruption for grand
07:35:14 <LindaG> *poat
07:35:32 <dude> thank you
07:36:15 <LindaG> Lc ie
07:39:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> i go to Jackson Friday and OF Saturday
07:40:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> its not so hard as I can throw things in the car. just need to add more warm clothes this time compared to the 5 week trip this spring
07:41:26 <LindaG> Nice. I forgot you are driving. Thats the best when you can just throw in the car.
07:41:55 <LindaG> GO STEAMBOAT, think that is rift?
07:43:43 <LindaG> Two weeks today ill be in the park. šŸ˜
07:51:56 <GO STEAMBOAT> thats good Linda, see you there. are you staying at OF?
07:56:12 <LindaG> Yes OF cabins
08:01:48 <LindaG> Daisy
08:02:08 <LindaG> wow
08:02:16 <LindaG> cant miss that
08:08:05 <LindaG> Dome ie
08:19:06 <LindaG> Morning
08:23:45 <LindaG> wow SB 41 days ago
08:28:44 <LindaG> Of
08:30:55 <LindaG> Short
08:35:27 <LindaG> Sawmill stopped
08:38:05 <LindaG> sawmill ns
08:40:00 <LindaG> 08:37 start sawmill based on video
08:43:47 <LindaG> Wondering if that is penta
08:44:52 <1> think that's Penta in steam
08:46:40 <LindaG> 1, oh ok. Indont know anything about penta. Whenndoes it steam? Afterneruption?
08:46:47 <LindaG> Oh boy
08:47:01 <LindaG> when does it steam?
08:47:10 <1> when the complex is in a deep drain usually
08:47:39 <LindaG> Thx
08:47:44 <1> but it can also go to steam after its own eruption
08:48:50 <LindaG> i thought there was something erupting between the two trees this morning, inthink i made video
08:49:00 <LindaG> but it was really hard to see
08:50:31 <Katie> Mornin'
08:50:42 <LindaG> Katie, hi
08:51:05 <LindaG> Poo
08:52:40 <LindaG> We are down, lost controls
09:01:34 <LindaG> We are back
09:05:22 <LindaG> Sawmill stopped
09:10:43 <LindaG> Tardy ie
09:16:19 <LindaG> Lc ie
09:34:25 <LindaG> OF
09:35:24 <LindaG> Lots ofnsteam
09:41:29 <LindaG> Dome ie
09:51:35 <LindaG> Lc ie
09:59:06 <LindaG> Weird steamier from far away
09:59:27 <LindaG> do i hear music?
09:59:52 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I smell a Ham Burger.
10:00:37 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Loading....
10:00:49 <LindaG> Its all yours! Controls are a little funky today
10:01:07 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> So normal then?
10:01:30 <LindaG> Yup šŸ˜
10:01:42 <LindaG> Controls released
10:06:46 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> BH looks good for only 12 hours.
10:11:39 <momie8x> it's a pretty chilly morning so it will be steamier
10:11:42 <linda> I does I checked it a couple of times
10:32:54 <From the dark> snapshot of Bee last night :)
10:50:55 <linda> From the dark, :)
11:05:17 <linda> theres that drip again
11:05:45 <linda> hi betty
11:06:11 <Betty> hi linda, hi all
11:06:56 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I thought you were insulting Betty!
11:07:33 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, lol
11:08:00 <linda> soon that drip will be frozen
11:08:55 <Betty> hehehe
11:20:31 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Soggy OF customers
11:21:03 <linda> weather looking a bit wet until next week in yellowstone. next week looks gorgeous. I wonder how I'll fair for the week after that
11:21:36 <linda> Can I trade in next week for my week after? :)
11:26:31 <linda> OF
11:28:08 <Betty> that would have been my week in Yellowstone as well, so it has to be good. I only plan to be in the park in nice weeks ;-)
11:34:33 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I'll trade you my week in Yellowstone for a week in Switzerland.
11:54:56 <linda> Betty, :)
11:55:56 <linda> i feel like im in a race with covid again. will i get their before they lock things down. yikes
11:59:28 <Betty> dome on static
12:07:32 <Betty> bbs
12:23:00 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Looks like maybe Daisy but I really can't tell.
12:28:20 <ee> do you remember this:)
12:28:47 <ee> oops wrong thing
12:29:44 <ee>
12:31:39 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Remember that well. I was the camop.
13:13:10 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Wish I knew if Grand erupted. Nobody on the benches?
13:28:59 <Betty> do we think about Steamboat?
13:29:21 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It sank
13:30:39 <Betty> tantalus creek looks like promising waters
13:33:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> lion
14:28:18 <Kitt> wonder if a strong rainstorm is hitting Norris?
14:29:05 <Betty> possibly yes
14:29:34 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Makes sense.
14:29:38 <Kitt> so was cam aimed elsewhere during Grand time?
14:29:56 <Kitt> when I checked earlier there was no Grand
14:32:57 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Only during OF window. It would have been hard to see anyway.
14:33:39 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> In basin people didn't even go there.
14:33:45 <Kitt> you should have been able to see post eruptive
14:34:20 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> You think?
14:35:18 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> And this view is less steamy than it has been.
14:35:24 <Kitt> they may have gone to other basins due to yucky weather
14:36:16 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I know the one I talked to stayed in the cabin. Heard no Grand call.
14:41:57 <Kitt> Jim told me Fan & Mortar went about 2300 and only Dan A saw it. Came out of a regular cycle
14:42:41 <Kitt> usually after Fan & Mortar many of us would take a break and do laundry, groceries, or just see another part of the park
14:57:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice F&M report on GT
14:57:39 <Kitt> apparently Grand must have erupted around 1230 based on the new prediction
14:58:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> Kitt are you home, in the park, or going to the park?
14:58:29 <Kitt> at home, going to park just for the weekend, then home again
14:59:20 <Kitt> plan to see some gazers from Colorado
15:03:25 <linda> hello
15:03:38 <Kitt> they are only there for a week and I haven't seen them in almost 3 years
15:09:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> colorado gazers are nice :)
15:09:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi linda. i see you are a hurricane now
15:18:17 <Betty> headed out, night all
15:18:26 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Night
15:18:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> bye Betty
15:19:09 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, Am I? hmmmm
15:22:09 <Kitt> heard Norris area getting drowned
15:22:19 <Kitt> lots of rain
15:32:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> you are in the pacific and may clip Hawaii Linda
15:35:27 <KorbenC> Afternoon all
15:35:34 <KorbenC> Jarno, can you PM me?
15:43:35 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, i'll be kind
15:53:30 <Katie (v2)> Please do, Linda - gonna hit my uncle's condo - the one we stay at when we visit the Yucatan.
15:55:31 <Michelle> Good afternoon
15:55:58 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Hi
15:56:25 <Michelle> Lots of steam!
15:57:03 <Michelle> Are you ready for me?
15:57:36 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Yep. Saved BH for you. Controls released.
16:01:11 <Michelle> Did I miss the Indicator?
16:11:33 <linda> lc ie
16:12:00 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It just hasn't gone yet Michelle but it is due.
16:12:44 <Michelle> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, I will keep an eye out
16:55:50 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It is looking happy. I figured it would go when I was at the post office.
16:57:25 <Michelle> It's just messing with me.
16:58:36 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It has lots of customers
16:59:19 <Michelle> If I move the camera somewhere else, it will go off.
16:59:47 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I think you have it pegged.
17:00:16 <linda> I'm going out so I'll be the sacrifice
17:34:59 <Michelle> 1hr 56 minutes, is that unusual?
17:35:31 <KorbenC> not really, it is a long interval but not out of normal
17:38:53 <Katie (v2)> Michelle, were you afraid you broke OF?
17:39:52 <kcmule> BH
17:39:54 <kcmule> .
17:39:55 <kcmule> .
17:39:55 <kcmule> .
17:40:00 <KorbenC> well that is nice
17:40:02 <Michelle> Just thought that was a long time.
17:40:07 <KorbenC> Looks like another non-indicator
17:40:33 <Michelle> No indicator that I could see.
17:41:21 <Michelle> Now I don't have to worry about it going off and missing it!
17:42:21 <Kevin Depot> Well I got the last bit of ot.
17:44:08 <Linda> U r welcome
17:44:42 <Linda> Just decided to check
17:44:48 <Michelle> I forgot. Thanks Linda!
17:44:56 <Linda> Michelle, šŸ˜„
17:44:57 <Kevin Depot> I need to fix the chicken water. Every time I do they break it though.
17:46:18 <Linda> Bye
17:46:59 <Michelle> Bye? Does that mean We might get Giant?
18:08:13 <Michelle> Well dang, controls logged me out, won't let me back in.
18:11:16 <KorbenC> Uhoh, bad cam
18:12:38 <Michelle> Shows site not found. Can anyone else get in?
18:13:26 <KorbenC> cam is down, so you probably won't be able to get in until it is back up
18:14:34 <Michelle> I thought they fixed this problem:)
18:15:19 <KorbenC> HAHAHAH :)
18:15:41 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> May be power outage
18:17:17 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It's alive!
18:17:58 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Pole & Cable Geyser.
18:21:37 <Michelle> I'm in and have the Bosch screen. Getting warm
18:22:21 <Michelle> Yes!
18:25:57 <Michelle> Just in time!
18:30:37 <Michelle> Is the geyser in front of Sawmill Tardy?
18:32:14 <Michelle> Or, I should say to the right and front.
18:41:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> dome
19:08:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> dep
19:15:10 <Michelle> Sorry, I can't get better at panning unless I try. You all know I need practice!:)
19:47:32 <KorbenC> water is back on the SB logger :)
20:12:16 <linda> wow all that steam
20:45:27 <Michelle> Going to be a steamy morning! Good night!
20:46:17 <linda> Michelle, night, thx for driving
20:46:45 <Michelle> Is there a preference for the night view?
20:47:29 <c> castle to lion
20:47:48 <linda> 2nd that :)
20:48:25 <KorbenC> :thumbsup: 3rd bthat
20:49:35 <linda> :)
20:50:08 <Michelle> Just checking to see if you could go from Grand to Giantess. Not quite!
20:50:49 <c> zoom out and you can
20:50:50 <Michelle> Have a great night!
20:51:13 <linda> yes if you zoom out you can do Bee to Castle
20:51:55 <c> this is good bee not expected
20:52:30 <KorbenC> but with Bee to Castle you have a few other geysers in there :)
21:08:13 <c> :daisy: