Showing logs for date: 2021-09-21
05:15:40 <linda> nice cam is up
06:52:18 <linda> morning Kat
06:54:48 <Kat> Hi Linda, how are you feeling?
07:00:46 <Kat> Cam is up but it looks terrible!
07:03:09 <Kat> Uhhggg
07:04:34 <Kat> Cam is down
07:05:45 <linda> cam was up and down all day yesterday
07:05:57 <linda> I'm feeling ok. Feel better than the other day
07:05:57 <Kat> Can'y get into controls at all
07:06:05 <Kat> Can't *
07:06:23 <linda> yeah I tried before just to see and I couldn't either. When it comes up you will.
07:07:30 <linda> I think yesterday they had power problems for a while, but don't know what the cam's problem is.
07:08:32 <Kat> Looks ,like power with both down
07:09:52 <linda> statics were down yesterday also, i guess some still are
07:10:09 <linda> we should be running around in that picture on the screen :)
07:11:21 <Kat> My screen in GT is black!
07:16:31 <Kat1> Looks like we went for a ride
07:17:11 <Kat1> Grand ie
07:18:42 <linda> nice
07:25:12 <Kat1> Looks cold!
07:26:49 <linda> A chilly 23 degrees!
07:27:12 <Kat1> Ouch!
07:54:29 <Kat> Cam down
08:15:00 <Kat> May have been a Daisy
08:29:03 <linda> I dont know if David is aware of the problem. Don't know if anyone sent him an email.
08:29:55 <Kat> 'll send to him now
08:41:00 <Kat> linda, Sent e-mail. I will all know when I hear back. Asked for a reboot
08:43:12 <linda> I didn't see anyone mention they had sent one yesterday so fingers crossed
08:43:34 <Katie> Good morning
08:43:38 <linda> be back later
08:43:47 <Kat> linda, ok
08:43:52 <Kat> Katie, morning
08:44:13 <linda> Katie, hi
08:44:20 <linda> be back later
08:51:17 <Kat> Cam down
08:52:16 <Kat> Cam is wonky!
09:14:12 <Kat> Putting on OF - cam may go down
09:16:11 <Kat> Cam has been rebooted - lets hope thats a fix!
09:16:40 <Katie> *fingers crossed*
09:16:57 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:28:44 <Katie> Split Cone erupting or just steaming?
09:33:26 <Kat> Looks like steam to me
09:42:55 <Kat> Cam acting better!
09:55:18 <Kat> Is Michelle doing Kevins shift today?
09:57:09 <Michelle> Morning
09:57:22 <Michelle> I made it!
09:58:04 <linda> hello
09:58:18 <Michelle> Are ou ready for me?
09:58:28 <Kat> Hi Michelle and Linda!
09:58:49 <Kat> The cam was rebooted - maybe a little better!
09:58:49 <linda> brought u luck
09:58:59 <linda> Kat, :thumbsup:
09:59:01 <Kat> :)
09:59:08 <Michelle> Hi. Linda and Kat
09:59:16 <linda> Michelle, hi
09:59:49 <Michelle> So if I log in, will I break it?
09:59:50 <Kat> Signing out - I have to run! Not really run but you know what I mean! LOL
10:00:13 <Kat> Been broken
10:00:28 <linda> hi think im getting a package of huckleberry jam today! from my neice
10:00:45 <Kat> Riverside
10:02:19 <Michelle> Logged in, screen is froze. Going to move to OF to see if controls work.
10:02:39 <Michelle> Nope, nothing
10:02:44 <linda> its down
10:02:44 <Kat> Cam is down
10:02:58 <linda> 5 minutes on 5 minutes off
10:03:03 <linda> :)
10:03:14 <linda> use your 5 minutes wisely lol
10:04:13 <Michelle> Hey, I didn't even get 5 minutes!
10:05:18 <Michelle> I have the login screen with the death circle
10:06:56 <Michelle> Should I try to logout, then back in?
10:09:04 <Michelle> I still don't have any controls.
10:09:54 <linda> if its up try hitting the live button in the controls
10:10:04 <linda> it's down
10:10:59 <Michelle> I have the Bosch screen now, better than the circle!:)
10:11:31 <linda> true i hate that circle
10:13:23 <Michelle> It's up, do I dare move it?
10:14:09 <linda> :) you can try. keep an eye on the cpu, the higher it gets I wouldn't move it too much
10:14:28 <Michelle> Going to try.
10:15:09 <Michelle> Bam!
10:17:06 <linda> :) do you know where to read cpu % ?
10:18:07 <Michelle> Yes, cups have dropped since I came on. They were really high a few minutes ago. Down now.
10:20:29 <Michelle> Trying to use my 5 minutes wisely!:)
10:27:28 <Michelle> Next question, has :bee: gone off yet?
10:31:03 <linda> bee interval 1d 16hr. never went off on my shift last night. might have gone during the night, don't know
10:32:37 <Michelle> Sounds like BH messes with everyone! Thought it was just me!:)
10:34:06 <Michelle> Cpus just went up and camera is froze Again
10:35:15 <Michelle> Blank screen!
10:35:43 <Michelle> Logged me out!
10:39:15 <Michelle> Oooh, a circle. Might get another 5 minutes, in 5 minutes!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
10:39:34 <Greg (working)> I don't know if this would help, but when that happens to me, I log off and wait 2/3 mins and then log back on. Sorry you are having this issue.
10:39:47 <linda> Michelle, nope when I was in park I waited 5 hours for Bee and then a day later, it messed with me again, but I left and watched from the distancef
10:40:08 <Michelle> I will try that.
10:40:36 <linda> Greg (working), Hi, it was doing this all day yesterday. Kat said they rebooted so not sure what's going on
10:41:08 <linda> I will say at the 16:00 shift it miraculously healed and it was ok
10:41:12 <Greg (working)> ok, darn it.
10:41:38 <linda> go for it Michelle >(
10:41:52 <kc (working)> not sure if it was mentioned but static is stuck at 08:55
10:42:29 <linda> kc (working), that's the other problem the statics are freezing too
10:42:41 <Michelle> It's back, hmmm, how did it get over there?
10:42:59 <Kat> Hi! I sent another e-mail to Virginia to tell her it's not better. Also a few times this AM it went down and when it came back it was facing to Inn roof! She knows. Waiting to hear back.
10:43:02 <linda> maybe it knows something we don't know
10:43:18 <linda> Kat, thanks.
10:44:07 <linda> Yesterday morning at about 3am it was facing the roof and I moved it. I think it docks itself. Maybe when a power problem, not sure
10:44:33 <Michelle> Cpus are way up. Not going to try to move it around when it's like that.
10:45:01 <linda> yeah best to let it rest, it was 60% last night and then dropped to 30
10:45:04 <Michelle> Maybe the cam is like the rest of us, it don't like cold!:)
10:45:19 <Kat> :lol:
10:45:33 <linda> Its protesting!
10:46:49 <Michelle> That worked!!
10:47:32 <Michelle> Now it's going to BH by itself. WTH
10:49:06 <Michelle> Maybe the cam has a thing for BH. It just wants to look at her and only her!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
10:56:44 <Greg (working)> Kat, thanks for the update
10:59:59 <Michelle> That was early!
11:00:15 <Greg (working)> :thumbsup:
11:04:58 <Michelle> And here we go again!!
11:06:12 <linda> >(
11:07:43 <linda> uhoh looks serious
11:07:49 <Michelle> Take that!
11:07:58 <linda> It's super zoomed
11:08:15 <linda> Try to unzoom
11:08:23 <Michelle> It's coming
11:08:25 <linda> yay
11:09:21 <Michelle> Do I dare move it!
11:10:05 <Michelle> No, don't have to worry. Back down!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
11:10:29 <linda> :)
11:10:56 <Michelle> Trying to be funny! That's how I deal with frustration! Bear with guys!
11:11:18 <Greg (working)> Keep smiling Michelle, it's not your vault
11:11:19 <linda> no problem. :)
11:11:33 <linda> Greg (working), :)
11:12:18 <Michelle> Going to try going out for a few like you suggested.
11:12:41 <Michelle> Wait, wait, Bosch screen!
11:14:06 <Michelle> This is like my first week of training!
11:14:31 <Greg (working)> Wait you had training?
11:15:11 <Michelle> Yep it was just like this!😁
11:15:32 <Michelle> All 5 minutes of it!
11:16:50 <Michelle> Ok, this time I really am going out for a few minutes and try logging back in. It can't hurt.
11:17:40 <Greg (working)> :thumbsup:
11:18:35 <Michelle> Take that!
11:18:39 <linda> It likes that you are leaving lol
11:18:56 <Michelle> I get 5 minutes, right?
11:19:53 <Kat (phone)> Virginia is going to reboot again. Maybe bandwidth issues!
11:20:43 <Michelle> Can she give it 5 minutes?πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
11:21:00 <Greg (working)> :thumbsup:
11:21:09 <Kat (phone)> That's funny!
11:22:06 <Michelle> Crap, that was only 3 and a half minutes this time!
11:23:29 <Michelle> Ok5 minutes and go!
11:26:39 <Michelle> Here we go! Live sort of streaming!
11:29:06 <Michelle> YES! 5 minutes. Let's go for 10!
11:29:38 <Kat1> Got e-mail, it's been rebooted! She crossing crossing her fingers for limited glitches. :)!
11:31:11 <Michelle> They're using the wrong boot! Try a cowboy boot instead of the steel toe. I little gentler!
11:31:33 <Michelle> A little gentler
11:31:57 <Kat1> I'm out running errands! But not driving now!
11:32:17 <Michelle> Going for the down basin. Fingers crossed!
11:32:19 <Kat1> I'll send you my red pair! Lol
11:33:33 <Michelle> Geysers and a bison!
11:34:00 <Kat1> I tried all I know! Well see what happens, hope this is not a precursor to winter months!
11:34:11 <Kat1> :thumbsup:
11:34:55 <Michelle> 12 minutes! We are on a role
11:35:15 <Kat1> bbs Heading Home!
11:35:53 <Michelle> Some one needs to go up at night and put a blanket on her. She's getting cold at night!
11:39:53 <y> 1040 F&M cycle seems like an extended regular cycle. FP and a small UM surge. Probably won't lead to much though, especially since it's been a bit since last update
11:41:01 <y> "extended" here meaning it could lead to F&M without event cycle
11:45:38 <Michelle> Over 20 minutes! I think we might be fixed!!
11:46:21 <Michelle> Sawmill
11:46:55 <linda> wooohooo! :)
11:47:31 <Michelle> 1 burst
12:07:32 <Betty> morning all
12:07:52 <Michelle> Hi Betty
12:10:08 <Betty> hi Michelle :-)
12:20:15 <Michelle> Almost an hour this time!
12:20:47 <Betty> sigh
12:27:34 <Michelle> Patience, I guess!
12:34:58 <Michelle> Getting close. Bosch screen!
12:35:27 <Michelle> Even closer. The roof. :)
12:35:31 <Betty> Fan&Mortar
12:36:50 <Michelle> No controls. Going to log out, then back in.
12:37:18 <Betty> lol, mouse was over "regular cycle". Did not see that :-p
12:39:22 <Michelle> Back to no screen
12:39:56 <Betty> I start to hate this cam :-(
12:40:43 <Michelle> YES
12:40:46 <Betty> yay
12:42:11 <Betty> OF is done
12:42:28 <Betty> NPS has a new prediction
12:42:46 <Betty> ughhhh
12:43:00 <Michelle> Yep, but controls have froze again.
12:43:39 <Betty> hi Kat
12:44:06 <Kat (phone)> Hi, I guess those 2 reboots didn't work! Uugggh!
12:44:17 <Betty> :-(
12:44:56 <Michelle> Kat, it worked well for about an hour.
12:45:19 <Kat (phone)> Michelle, should you get really frustrated and toured, put it on OF and leave it. Well see off it changes later!
12:45:35 <Kat (phone)> Tired*
12:45:37 <Michelle> Let's watch the hill for a few!
12:45:44 <Kat (phone)> Ok
12:46:47 <Michelle> It's like every time the OF window comes up, it don't want to do anything!
12:46:52 <Kat (phone)> Did OF go!
12:47:40 <Michelle> There is a new prediction, I am assuming it went when cam was down
12:48:08 <Kat> I see that now! :)
12:49:02 <Kat> There's definitely something going on!
12:50:52 <Michelle> FBI needs the bandwidth
12:51:00 <Michelle> πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
12:51:08 <Betty> :-D
12:51:38 <Michelle> Going for Grand window.
12:52:18 <Kat> :thumbsup:
12:53:05 <Michelle> Seeing things now!
12:54:46 <Michelle> Cpus keeps going put to 38, 39, even 40.
12:55:20 <Michelle> Down to 28 now!
12:57:51 <Michelle> Sawmill
12:58:44 <Michelle> As much zoom as I dare right now!
13:07:25 <Michelle> Had to look
13:07:39 <linda> :)
13:08:05 <Betty> hi linda
13:08:44 <linda> Betty, hi
13:09:19 <linda> we are cooking on all burners now! >(
13:12:27 <Michelle> Doing much better than the still cam!😁
13:12:52 <Betty> yeah
13:13:00 <linda> >(
13:13:54 <Michelle> 😁😁 we spoke too soon!
13:14:13 <linda> oh dear I jinxed it
13:14:23 <Michelle> Wow cpus at 57
13:14:23 <Betty> hahaha
13:14:34 <Greg (working)> Way to go, where is that chair in the corner? haha
13:15:03 <Kat1> ;)
13:15:39 <Betty> Kevin sits on it since yesterday
13:16:35 <Kat1> Hahaha Betty
13:16:47 <Michelle> Wants to log me out again.
13:17:04 <Michelle> BettyπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:18:01 <Kat1> Taking a break! :thumbsup:
13:18:03 <Michelle> Going to try logging out, then back in.
13:20:22 <Michelle> Didn't even get 20 minutes that time
13:20:51 <Betty> Kevin got up out of his chair
13:20:52 <Kat12> Beehive indicator!
13:21:11 <Betty> bah
13:21:22 <Betty> guess there was a text
13:21:40 <Lori S> Betty, There was. :D
13:21:41 <Kat12> I Got one!
13:21:43 <Betty> sorry guys, cam is down
13:21:46 <Michelle> Sorry, nothing I can do .
13:21:58 <linda> I got text
13:22:00 <Lori S> Ahh
13:22:04 <linda> Nope we just have to wait
13:22:09 <Kevin πŸš‚> No picture.
13:22:10 <linda> hello lori hello
13:22:19 <linda> Graham may have sent text
13:22:22 <Betty> hi Lori S
13:22:31 <linda> Kevin πŸš‚, hi
13:22:33 <Lori S> Hello Linda hello!
13:23:01 <Kevin πŸš‚> At least a good view over my shoulder.
13:23:10 <Lori S> Hi Betty, Kevin πŸš‚,
13:23:57 <Kat12> Hi Lori and Kevin!
13:24:05 <Michelle> How about this... in the center of the screen, we have BH. If you squint real hard, you still can't see it!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:24:14 <Lori S> Oh, Hi Kat12,
13:24:30 <Lori S> Michelle, :lol:
13:25:44 <Michelle> Over to the left is Lion, maybe going off, we don't know.
13:26:25 <Lori S> Oh, and I think I just saw Aurum. :)
13:26:36 <Michelle> If you look, but can't see, to the right is Giantess, it's big, but most likely not going off!
13:27:22 <Lori S> I'm imagining Bee. Very nice.
13:27:34 <Michelle> Now, close your eyes and imagine BH. It's big, it's beautiful.
13:27:51 <Michelle> Cmon
13:27:53 <Lori S> Its giving someone a shower.
13:28:06 <Betty> cam comes back
13:28:28 <Lori S> Well, OK, back to Norris Logs...
13:28:30 <Michelle> Just in time!
13:28:52 <linda> woot
13:29:02 <Michelle> $#@%&
13:29:12 <linda> nice
13:29:21 <Lori S> Im seeing down basin
13:29:31 <linda> i see indy
13:29:32 <Lori S> ohhh there it is
13:29:37 <Betty> I see indy
13:29:38 <Michelle> Froze!
13:30:33 <linda> I think this will be a freeze frame bee
13:31:04 <Michelle> Controls froze. Not touching anything because your screen is working
13:31:07 <Betty> :bee:
13:31:20 <Michelle> Mine is too. Now!
13:31:31 <Lori S> J Geiles Bee
13:31:58 <Lori S> Nice!
13:32:21 <Michelle> That was lucky! I told you the cam loves BH
13:32:36 <linda> nice one
13:32:38 <Betty> :thumbsup:
13:33:43 <Michelle> See what happens when you close your eyes and imagine!
13:35:01 <linda> Michelle, :)
13:35:02 <Betty> good thoughts make good things happen :-)
13:35:50 <Michelle> We all did it without Korben.😁
13:36:19 <Lori S> :thumbsup::p
13:36:43 <Michelle> We should try this everyday at high noon!
13:37:20 <Lori S> Got my vitamin Bee. Off I go. Thx for text & entertaining conversation. :)
13:37:38 <Betty> have a great day, Lori
13:37:51 <Michelle> Now, do I dare move it.
13:37:55 <Lori S> You too Betty!
13:39:54 <linda> Lori S, bye
13:39:57 <Michelle> Ok, 5 minutes! Might get 10 this time.
13:40:11 <Michelle> Bye Lori
13:40:53 <Michelle> Grand!
13:41:55 <Betty> yeah!!!
13:42:39 <linda> see what happens when you live right? ;)
13:43:28 <Michelle> Yeah, 1 frame at a time.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:43:44 <Michelle> And froze!
13:43:45 <Betty> ugh, down again
13:44:49 <Michelle> During BH cpus dropped to 27-28, Back up to 38 now.
13:45:28 <Michelle> Nice freeze though!
13:45:47 <Michelle> Much better than the roof!
13:46:17 <linda> for sure. doesn't seem to be a rhyme or reason to it
13:49:24 <Michelle> Ok, going to do the logout, Back in. It worked once.
13:49:58 <Michelle> NM. Just threatened it. Worked well
13:50:32 <Betty> well done :-D
13:50:57 <Michelle> For a minuteπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
13:51:55 <Michelle> Cpus are still high. Expect this for awhile.
13:57:39 <Michelle> Coming up on OF. Here goes the cam.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
14:00:40 <Michelle> πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Yep
14:11:33 <Michelle> OF Start 14:11
14:13:13 <Greg (working)> Pretty, like the shadows
14:14:42 <Michelle> Done 14:14
14:15:30 <Michelle> And froze😁
14:15:55 <Betty> I call it a day, night all
14:16:11 <Michelle> Night Betty
14:20:35 <Michelle> Bosch screen. Getting close!
14:21:23 <Michelle> Nope!
14:22:45 <Michelle> For those just tuning in. We are watching the imagine cam today! Close your eyes, picture something and sometimes it appears!
14:24:23 <Greg (working)> GRIZ
14:24:50 <Greg (working)> Nope it didn't work, nice try
14:25:16 <Michelle> I see the grid. She has 4 cubs!
14:25:18 <Greg (working)> Love your humor Michelle.
14:25:22 <Michelle> Griz
14:25:59 <Michelle> Beats pulling my hair out!
14:26:42 <Michelle> Wow, we have a beautiful pic! No controls, but that pic is awesome!
14:26:57 <Michelle> Best pic ever!
14:27:45 <Michelle> Gone!
14:28:51 <Michelle> Ok, going to try logging out and back in. I at least have a pic. Worth a try!
14:30:07 <Michelle> Take that!
14:31:06 <Michelle> Sometimes it works, most times it dont!
14:33:35 <Michelle> Right now cpus are at 40, until it drops, not much I can do.
14:41:32 <Michelle> We're back
14:52:07 <Michelle> 10 minutes on that run!
14:53:09 <Michelle> Yes!
14:54:03 <Michelle> Look at those beautiful pixels!
14:54:45 <Michelle> And the colors are exquisite!😁
15:06:37 <Michelle> Hey Greg, did you see that grizzly run by?😁
15:12:05 <Michelle> Do I dare change the view?
15:13:38 <Michelle> And we froze!
15:16:33 <Michelle> Cpus are at 45. Need to go down to 30s.
15:18:21 <Michelle> Cpus at 50, going up not down!
15:24:20 <Michelle> Watching the little yellow cup bar, it will drop down, cam will come up, it goes up, cam goes down.
15:24:38 <Michelle> Cpu bar.
15:37:57 <Michelle> At least it waited until after OF to freeze!
15:38:49 <Michelle> After I put it on OF, not OF.
15:44:11 <Greg (working)> Michelle, when are ready to quiet, just let me know that you have released the controls.
15:44:33 <Greg (working)> quite
15:45:04 <Michelle> Right now I have a blank screen, not even able to log out.
15:45:53 <Michelle> Not even a circle.
15:46:15 <Greg (working)> down hard
15:47:06 <Michelle> This reminds me of my first few shifts. I thought then this was the norm. Thank goodness it's not!
15:52:20 <Michelle> Greg, do you have a login screen?
15:52:32 <Greg (working)> Right, thanks for driving today, sorry the cam was a bust so to speak.
15:52:38 <Greg (working)> Checking now
15:53:14 <Michelle> I still have a blank screen
15:53:36 <Greg (working)> No log in screen, just blank
15:53:42 <Michelle> No circle, no Bosch, no nothing.
15:53:52 <Greg (working)> Notta
15:55:40 <Michelle> Now I have a this site can't be reached screen
15:55:45 <Greg (working)> I am wondering if either somone is rebooting the router or CL has a problem as well.
15:56:07 <Greg (working)> Logging in now
15:56:18 <Michelle> Up
15:56:41 <Michelle> Going to just log out and let you in.
15:56:49 <Greg (working)> I am in
15:57:05 <Michelle> I am out!
15:57:23 <Michelle> Hope she works better for you!
15:57:55 <Greg (working)> I hope so as well. Thanks again.
15:58:12 <Michelle> Watch the cpu bar. It will shoot up above 50 sometimes.
15:59:19 <Michelle> Good luck. Looks like a go for you!
15:59:48 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Hope so.
16:00:01 <Greg 🀠 on ca> I'll keep it downbasin for a bit
16:00:30 <Greg 🀠 on ca> CPU is 39 and dropping a bit
16:06:12 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Any idea on a Lion for today? Michelle captured bee,
16:06:34 <KorbenC (snow)> Lion should be in an hour or two
16:06:50 <KorbenC (snow)> It is gearing up in an initial, so really it could erupt anytime but I think around 1730
16:06:53 <KorbenC (snow)> GIANTESS BOIL BI
16:06:54 <KorbenC (snow)> G
16:06:55 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Thanks snow
16:07:51 <Greg 🀠 on ca> There she goes
16:09:46 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Back
16:11:40 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Knocked off
16:12:22 <linda> and you fought your way back >(
16:12:28 <linda> Greg 🀠 on cam, Greg 🀠 on cam, howdky
16:12:34 <linda> or howdy
16:12:40 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Howdy Linda
16:13:07 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Did any one report the static cam is down too?
16:40:54 <linda> Greg 🀠 on cam, I don't know if static was reported
16:41:11 <linda> I know they did a report, Kat emailed Virginia
16:49:22 <linda> report=reboot
17:22:52 <Greg 🀠 on ca> OF
17:23:53 <Greg 🀠 on ca> shadows and 3D or kool
17:29:29 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Thank you SantaFe108
17:30:22 <Greg 🀠 on ca> :daisy:
17:35:10 <SantaFe108 mobi> Np Greg
17:35:13 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Thanks SantaFe108 mobile
17:35:14 <SantaFe108 mobi> Gtg for now
17:37:47 <KorbenC (snow)> We have had some good NRO from big NR Boils
17:37:49 <KorbenC (snow)> BOIL
17:38:12 <KorbenC (snow)> Greg, can I please place my first request for the evening?
17:38:29 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Maybe, lets see how the cam holds up
17:38:44 <KorbenC (snow)> Can we stay zoomed on 'tess for a min so I can guage the pool level?
17:38:58 <linda> evening new entrants
17:39:25 <KorbenC (snow)> Hi Linda
17:39:28 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Will this help?
17:39:45 <linda> KorbenC (snow), hi
17:40:15 <Greg 🀠 on ca> And she locked up
17:40:33 <KorbenC (snow)> Gerg, thanks, good pool level so keep an eye out :)
17:46:31 <linda> I found the cam improved on my shift last night
17:47:51 <Greg 🀠 on ca> I had a cam whisperer sweet talking to her, so maybe she will play nice.
17:48:41 <KorbenC (snow)> Best joke I have heard all day
17:59:50 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Speaking of jokes
18:16:58 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Been down for 20 mins
18:22:39 <linda> :(
18:27:29 <Greg 🀠 on ca> yea
18:33:33 <linda> pretty light
18:34:08 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Yes it is. I will leave it here for OF, then move it later, before it crashes again
18:36:00 <Keviin πŸš‚> It misses me
18:36:19 <KorbenC (snow)> Hi Kevin
18:36:28 <KorbenC (snow)> Have you made it to my snowy state yet?
18:37:00 <Keviin πŸš‚> Been in and out. In Chama now.
18:43:18 <linda> Keviin πŸš‚, Keviin πŸš‚, hi
18:43:46 <Keviin πŸš‚> Please tell me it isn’t snowing there Korben.
18:43:57 <Keviin πŸš‚> Hi Linda
18:44:59 <linda> Keviin πŸš‚, I forget where you are going? Is this the train ride trip?
18:49:16 <KorbenC (snow)> Keviin πŸš‚, it snowed last night
18:49:29 <KorbenC (snow)> was sub 30's today in the morning, about 40F now
18:56:57 <Keviin πŸš‚> How does Friday look?
18:57:42 <Keviin πŸš‚> This is the train Linda
18:59:11 <Greg 🀠 on ca> OF was beautiful
19:00:21 <KorbenC (snow)> Kevin, warm and sunny friday
19:01:43 <Keviin πŸš‚> Great. Pike Peak will have a view?
19:02:00 <KorbenC (snow)> Keviin πŸš‚, any 14er will have a good view :)
19:02:18 <KorbenC (snow)> Make sure you email me pictures, and sorry that we cant meet up somewhere
19:04:09 <KorbenC (snow)> Been a few months since I was on top of Pike's, but you can definitley see the curve of the earth, about 100 miles south to New Mexico, West out to a bunch of big Mtns. and on a good day you can see Denver
19:04:37 <Greg 🀠 on ca> wow
19:05:42 <KorbenC (snow)> One of the best views on Earth afterall
19:07:24 <Keviin πŸš‚> I will be staying in Colorado Springs Friday night.
19:07:36 <KorbenC (snow)> Bad WC
19:07:46 <KorbenC (snow)> Kevin, what time is your cog trip on Sat?
19:18:18 <KorbenC (snow)> White Water on tess
19:20:33 <Keviin πŸš‚> I think it will be afternoon sometime.
19:44:07 <Keviin πŸš‚> Cog trip is Friday Korben. Just noticed you said Saturday.
19:45:28 <Greg 🀠 on ca> :grand:
19:45:30 <Greg 🀠 on ca> ?
19:46:02 <KorbenC (snow)> dont see it yet
19:46:07 <KorbenC (snow)> but I am on delay
19:47:10 <KorbenC (snow)> I think you are seeing Grotto
19:47:18 <Greg 🀠 on ca> :thumbsup:
19:47:39 <Greg 🀠 on ca> I am not sure, closer to the cam'
19:48:11 <KorbenC (snow)> Big Grotto though
19:52:07 <Greg 🀠 on ca> The sun is setting once again on the most magical place called Yellowstone. Thanks for tagging along. Have a great evening
19:52:26 <Greg 🀠 on ca> Controls have been released, keep smiling.
19:55:25 <Greg 🀠> Kevin have a great trip
20:01:11 <Kevin πŸš‚> Will do
20:20:39 <linda> sure now the cam is up
20:21:07 <Greg 🀠> Right
20:22:00 <Kevin πŸš‚> It knows
20:27:31 <Kevin πŸš‚> I have some great stills I will post on Flickr when I get home.
20:27:52 <linda> Kevin πŸš‚, great
20:35:03 <linda> maybe turban
20:35:26 <KorbenC (snow)> FAN AND MORTAR?
20:35:49 <linda> i think too low
20:36:33 <KorbenC (snow)> Too far right to be Turban, right spot for F&M but IDK when it might have started
20:37:31 <linda> gone now
20:37:55 <KorbenC (snow)> No idea
20:38:14 <KorbenC (snow)> I txted Graham, maybe he will look at it
20:40:54 <linda> there were lights on out there
20:44:52 <KorbenC (snow)> IDK what it was, it might have been Turban but it looked too far right for it
20:45:45 <linda> IDK for a minute I thought maybe riverside but not due
20:47:11 <KorbenC (snow)> I think Turban now
20:47:21 <KorbenC (snow)> much farther left of whatever we just saw
20:55:38 <linda> well goodnight getting late
20:55:51 <KorbenC (snow)> cya Linda
20:56:32 <KorbenC (snow)> stay linda! The cam likes you!