Showing logs for date: 2021-09-22
02:05:32 <sleep walker> looks like Castle in steamphase
02:06:11 <sleep walker> ten hours ago it minored
05:02:35 <linda> looks like static is back on track
05:05:04 <linda> and the cam's been up for a while
05:07:37 <linda> daisy?
05:08:19 <linda> think so
05:10:16 <linda> maybe not based on when It's due
05:49:49 <linda> morning kevin and KittyM
05:51:49 <KorbenC (snow)> hi linda
05:52:07 <linda> KorbenC (snow), hi
05:54:05 <Kevin πŸš‚πŸ”> Hi
06:49:57 <linda> won't need to take cam for a while :)
07:03:58 <linda> cpu at 54%
07:04:05 <linda> no rhyme or reason
07:04:42 <Kevin πŸš‚πŸ”> Linda broke the cam?
07:04:44 <linda> now 66%
07:05:06 <linda> Kevin πŸš‚πŸ”, think so, I'm going to log out, maybe the fog is bothering it. lol
07:08:34 <Kevin πŸš‚πŸ”> About time for training. I will wave from the gondola on the Chama cam.
07:09:47 <linda> ok, have a good time
07:14:47 <LindaG> Sounds silly but when i moved cam to roof the cpu dropped
07:15:04 <LindaG> And cam came up
07:23:45 <LindaG> Cant see a darn thing
07:28:22 <LindaG> Hi kat
07:28:43 <Kat> Morning!
07:28:50 <Kat> Got a circle here!
07:29:00 <Kat> dreaded circle
07:29:30 <LindaG> Its up
07:29:41 <Kat> Down on my screen
07:30:56 <linda> uh, yup down again
07:31:06 <linda> pmd you
07:34:37 <LindaG> Cpu keeps rising
07:41:50 <linda> I'm going to fall asleep if this doesn't come up soon
07:43:31 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:43:45 <Kat> Where is the CPU
07:43:57 <linda> I logged out and can't get back in
07:44:48 <Kat> Still down - I cc'd you on e-mail to Virginia. She may not be in yet!
07:45:07 <linda> thank you
07:45:22 <Kat> :)
07:56:21 <Kat> Virginia replied -so until she can get in - no reboot!
07:56:54 <linda> ok
07:57:22 <linda> thx again
07:57:47 <linda> i hate to say it, but last year this time, the cam took a turn also
07:59:48 <Kat> I know - may be the beginning of a bad winter!
08:01:22 <linda> :(
08:09:39 <linda> so either power issues or century link issues, take your pic
08:10:18 <linda> static isn't up to date, so maybe power issue
08:11:05 <linda> static just updated
08:29:10 <Kat (phone)> Dave said router is down too, so either power is out at OF our Century Link is having a problem.
08:30:20 <linda> well maybe it will be up for your shift :)
08:41:45 <Mike J> Been trying to sneak in one last trip. Is this the message "X - stop! - Don't go" or "Better show up, it's the only way you'll get to see anything."
08:41:52 <Mike J> I think I know which way this group will vote.
08:42:45 <linda> the later for sure!
09:18:14 <linda> wow
09:19:42 <linda> a fleeting moment...
09:20:09 <Mike J> Made me look
09:20:22 <linda> :) me too
09:20:22 <Mike J> (I think that's one for flinching)
09:21:12 <linda> truth be told even if it were up I think it's so foggy we wouldn't see anything anyway
09:21:37 <Mike J> Sounds like my morning - so foggy I can't see anything anyway
09:23:46 <Korben> I want to publically appologize
09:23:51 <Korben> I jinxed Fan and Mortar
09:24:08 <Korben> I texted Graham this morning sayign that it was good Angle shut up and now we are in an angle marathon
09:24:40 <linda> we all make mistakes, don't be too hard on yourself
09:24:46 <linda> :)
09:25:01 <linda> I think Kevin took the cam with him when he got on the train
09:26:27 <Korben> :P
09:26:48 <Kat> LOL
09:28:51 <Kat> Guess I'll be watching the circle today! :)
09:29:29 <linda> yes it will be your turn lol
09:29:47 <Kat> :lol:
09:30:08 <Kat> easy peasy
09:35:54 <linda> NPS finally caught an OF
09:36:22 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:41:04 <Kat> Wow!
09:43:23 <Kat> Wow!
09:44:09 <Mike J> Hey!!! real live geysers!!
09:44:17 <linda> ohhhh
09:44:32 <linda> Ok so I'm going to take this personally
09:44:44 <Kat> NOoooo
09:44:45 <linda> the cam comes back up for Kat
09:45:20 <Kat> We'll see - do you know how many times I've "broken" it? LOL
09:48:00 <LindaG> :)
09:48:47 <LindaG> Not to worry my screen froze
09:49:09 <LindaG> Cpu up to 48%
09:53:29 <Kat> LindaG, where do you see that
09:54:49 <linda> on the controls the bar in upper right hand corner, greenish yellow. if you hover mouse over it, it will tell you %. Usually once it hits 40 theres a probleml
09:55:36 <Kat> Got it thanks - couldbn't find it
10:00:32 <linda> Well the cam is all yours! and its up
10:00:51 <Kat> Thanks Linda!
10:00:53 <linda> quick sign in before its too late
10:01:00 <linda> controls released
10:01:05 <Kat> I'm in!
10:02:59 <LindaG> Yay ill be back at 3pm our time.
10:04:54 <LindaG> Did u see this?
10:05:18 <linda> you can't make this stuff up
10:05:25 <linda> gone already
10:05:46 <Kat> Saw that a few days ago!
10:06:46 <Michelle> Down again today?
10:07:16 <Kat> All morning!
10:09:03 <Michelle> Thought I would check. I will be back at 4, hopefully it will be up and running.
10:09:29 <Kat> I hope
10:12:02 <Michelle> The imagine cam is ok! You can tune in and see anything you want. I see BH right now, with Giantess in the background. It is so lovely!
10:12:59 <Kat> :)
10:13:14 <Michelle> Sorry Kat. I thought you needed a laugh. Have a great day and i will be back later!😁
10:13:42 <Kat> OK!
10:40:27 <Kat> OF
12:22:02 <Katie> Thanks for text.
12:23:29 <sparekitty> thank you for the text!
12:23:55 <Kat> I think Graham sent it
12:23:58 <AYates> Nice
12:24:19 <Kat> Lets hope cam stays up! :)
12:24:23 <AYates> I grab lunch, get back figure "let's see if the webcam is still down" and indy is here to welcome me
12:24:33 <Kat> :thumbsup:
12:26:11 <Kat> darn!!!
12:26:28 <AYates> It tried for a second
12:27:45 <AYates> Got it for about 10 seconds
12:31:26 <Kat> This is too frustrating for a cam op!
12:32:32 <AYates> Yeah it doesn't seem to be coming back
12:34:58 <Kat> Frustrating for all!
12:35:25 <Kat> I have it static on the controls - just a snapshot! :(
12:35:50 <linda> geez
12:36:11 <Kat> It's been like this the whole time!
12:41:07 <linda> i have no desire to stare at a dead cam for 3 more hrs
12:41:45 <linda> its stupid
12:42:20 <Kat> I can't get into controls at all!
12:42:43 <linda> its down for the count
12:42:46 <Kat> I say -leave it!
12:42:56 <linda> i agree
12:43:20 <Kat> I'm done - if I see it come up -I'll try to move to OF
12:43:39 <linda> im going to go out, ill keep checking it and if it comes back ill come home
12:44:01 <Kat> OK
12:44:39 <linda> they have static if they want to see OF
12:45:01 <Kat> true!
12:45:33 <Kat> Cam ops are signing off for now!
12:45:43 <linda> HAHAHA
12:46:13 <linda> it felt threatened
12:46:30 <Kat> It's on OF and I'm not moving it LOL
12:47:23 <linda> ok I'll see if it stays up, if so I'll play camop :)
12:47:35 <Kat> :)
12:53:36 <linda> i'm in
12:54:13 <linda> OF in 7 minutes, lets see if it lasts that long
12:58:45 <LindaG> Try and.catch daisy
13:22:22 <LindaG> OF
13:27:59 <LindaG> Went for a little ride
14:03:33 <Betty> still cam issues? bummer
14:03:46 <SantaFe108> hi Betty
14:04:01 <Betty> hi SantaFe108
14:06:43 <Betty> oh, there it is
14:12:54 <linda> It's been up and down all day. Mostly down.
14:13:22 <Betty> so like yesterday. Hi Linda
14:13:34 <SantaFe108> hi Linda
14:13:39 <linda> Betty, hi
14:13:42 <linda> SantaFe108, hi
14:13:47 <linda> now its gone
14:17:45 <linda> cpu at 52%
14:24:47 <linda> cpu 74% wow
14:25:05 <Betty> wow
14:25:29 <SantaFe108> jeeze
14:25:39 <linda> no rhyme or reason
14:28:11 <linda> 82%
14:28:48 <Betty> step back, itΒ΄s gonna explode!
14:31:19 <linda> lol
14:32:43 <Betty> :-)
14:52:17 <linda> OF
14:59:29 <linda> now static is behind 6 minutes
15:33:14 <kiawe (at work)> It hatess us, my precioussss...
15:33:45 <Betty> lol
15:37:09 <kiawe (at work)> Just checking to see if conditions were better here than on the website. Nope.
15:37:35 <kiawe (at work)> Aloha!
15:38:11 <linda> bye
15:54:29 <Michelle> Good afternoon
15:54:57 <Lindag> Michelle, hi
15:55:11 <Lindag> thankbyou for rescuing me
15:55:53 <Lindag> Up to you. I juat put on OF. its bewn mostly down all day
15:56:05 <Michelle> Sounds like you are ready.
15:56:40 <Lindag> Inwasnabout to just walk away fromnit and it came up for a little while
15:56:53 <Lindag> I am!
15:57:11 <Lindag> Youncan have if you can get in
15:57:26 <Michelle> I will go ahead and login. Sounds like I am in for a fun night!
15:57:30 <Lindag> Controls released
15:58:18 <Michelle> Waiting for something to come up. Nothing
15:58:22 <Lindag> I took a nap thru most of it:)
15:58:49 <Kat> Hahaha
15:58:55 <Lindag> When its down its down hard
15:58:57 <Michelle> Oh, I have the Bosch circle
15:59:39 <Lindag> Bye cya later
16:00:41 <Michelle> Frozen OF. Have a wonderful night Linda. You deserve it.
16:04:26 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
16:05:03 <Michelle> Night Betty
16:06:00 <Michelle> You are watching the live not streaming Imagine Cam!
16:06:33 <KorbenC (snow)> I tell you, this cam like Linda
16:07:24 <Michelle> We have steam!
16:08:49 <Michelle> Occasional steam
16:09:14 <Michelle> Someone needs to wipe that lens
16:10:07 <Kat> You think the circle will go away?
16:10:21 <KorbenC> what circle?
16:10:31 <KorbenC> My cam has been good now for like 10min
16:10:51 <Kat> It's up again! Been looking at circles all the time I was on! Haha
16:11:12 <Michelle> Mines every 2-3 frames
16:11:45 <Michelle> Spoke to soon. Froze agai
16:11:54 <Michelle> Again
16:13:02 <Michelle> Hit refresh, logged me out
16:15:04 <Michelle> It's going to be a long night!
16:21:14 <Michelle> Korben do you still have anything?
16:21:44 <Michelle> NM coming back
16:23:54 <Michelle> When OF is done, does everyone have a preference to down basin or geyser hill? That's if it will move. Froze again
16:25:50 <KorbenC> I think geyser hill
16:26:11 <KorbenC> Really the onlything that is due soon is maybe Lion :(
16:27:26 <Michelle> Until the cpus go down, moving it a lot will just cause more problems.
16:28:25 <KorbenC> I would almost say a BH to Daisy view would be best that way you dont have to move it for a while, but IDK if the cam would like that
16:32:45 <Michelle> I'm still only getting about every 10th frame. If I could get a steady stream I could move it.
16:37:23 <Michelle> Logged me out again.
16:39:32 <KorbenC> OF went, NPS has new predict
16:53:37 <Michelle> We now have 185 circle eruptions today
16:54:21 <Michelle> All have been followed by a display from X
16:54:36 <KorbenC> lol
16:55:11 <Michelle> X has been known to erupt to heights of 1/2 inch!
16:55:54 <Michelle> :):)
16:57:15 <Michelle> Xs and Os, geyser code for something!:)
16:57:44 <KorbenC> :)
17:05:47 <Michelle> I had a sign in screen, but as soon as I hit sign in, it went away!
17:06:53 <Michelle> We have cam!
17:07:42 <KorbenC> Wiat, can we squeeze Daisy and most of the hill into one screen or does the cam not strech that far?
17:09:09 <Michelle> Going to the Hill. Cpus are still at 40. Hope it will go back to OF
17:09:36 <Michelle> It worked!!
17:10:09 <Michelle> Actually almost a stream!
17:11:20 <Michelle> If cpus drop, I can move it around.
17:12:10 <Michelle> Froze again!
17:12:22 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
17:12:32 <Michelle> Get ready for more circle and X eruptions!
17:13:26 <Michelle> Cpus going up, not down.
17:19:10 <Kevin πŸš‚> You killed it
17:19:53 <Michelle> It's been near death since yesterday. Figured I would finish it off!
17:20:35 <Michelle> Time to put a request in for a new one.
17:20:46 <Michelle> One with a warranty
17:26:59 <Michelle> Wow. Cpus have gone up to 57.
17:31:13 <Michelle> Did everyone just see the 3 elk being chased by the wolves withca grizzly running behind them?
17:31:26 <Michelle> Nah, neither did I.
17:31:50 <Michelle> 67
17:36:08 <Kevin πŸš‚> I have a merry go round
17:42:32 <Michelle> Going down. 44
17:42:58 <Michelle> Coming back!
17:43:59 <Michelle> I saw steam moving. I promise!
17:44:56 <Michelle> It's Alive!!
17:46:00 <Michelle> Dang, dropped to 28, Back up to 40
17:53:45 <Michelle> 54, doubt we will see OF with that
17:57:40 <Michelle> Still cam shows OF
18:00:51 <Michelle> And back to circle X geyser in constant eruption!
18:06:56 <Michelle> A puff of steam!
18:12:43 <Michelle> How did someone get Sawmill on the wc
18:13:09 <KorbenC> Have we been on the hill the entire time?
18:13:57 <Michelle> It was, then on OF. Haven't been down basin
18:15:32 <linda> hi
18:15:58 <Michelle> Down to 37, I should have controls, but don't.
18:16:06 <linda> did it come up at all?
18:16:10 <Michelle> Hi Linda
18:16:40 <linda> hi
18:19:19 <Michelle> It's been down a lot. There have been a few brief moments. Was able to put it on the hill, then watch the cpus and at the right moment got it back to OF
18:19:50 <Michelle> Cpus are at 58 right now.
18:20:11 <linda> :(
18:21:05 <Michelle> Someone just recorded Sawmill on the webcam. Webcam was either on the hill or OF.
18:21:43 <Michelle> 61
18:23:17 <linda> maybe they entered wc by mistake
18:24:21 <linda> I put a comment on entry
18:25:19 <kcmule> same user entered daisy 1713ns w/no wc so think you are right
18:26:40 <Michelle> Dang cpus dropped, then back up. Should have moved it.
18:35:44 <linda> well at least there is a picture
18:35:47 <linda> hi Tom
18:36:01 <TomK> just back home and my desktop computer died this morning. I hoped to see if I will be able to run the cam from my laptop... but all i see is two copies of the static cam.
18:36:45 <linda> cam has been up and down yesterday and today. statics were down too for a while
18:40:15 <TomK> I'll check again later. bye all. (it was much better in person...:))
18:40:47 <linda> TomK, I was there also and you are right
18:41:19 <Michelle> Cpus at 71
18:41:36 <linda> boom
18:47:15 <Michelle> Steam
18:48:45 <linda> yay
18:49:25 <SantaFe108> a sight for sore eyes
18:50:31 <Michelle> I don't have enough cpus to move around a lot. Yet
18:51:54 <linda> that was quick
18:52:14 <linda> uh its moving
18:53:19 <Michelle> Cpus are back up to 47, it won't be long
18:59:11 <Michelle> Could be worse....Picture could be pixelated.😁
18:59:42 <linda> :)
19:07:45 <Michelle> And now it's pixelated
19:08:43 <Michelle> πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
19:09:44 <Michelle> Worse
19:12:38 <Michelle> Oooh steam
19:16:45 <Michelle> Yes
19:20:59 <Michelle> No
19:33:34 <Michelle> Hoping to get it to night view, but cpus are at 62
19:34:22 <LindaG> Michelle, you are dedicated :)
19:34:28 <LindaG> OF
19:34:59 <Michelle> Yep.
19:36:00 <Michelle> Cpus dropped, had control for a minute, went to down basin. Froze again.
19:38:16 <Michelle> Linda, are you on in the morning?
19:39:01 <LindaG> No Kat is
19:39:37 <LindaG> If you want to leave I'll keep an eye on it for a while and if it comes up ill put on night view
19:40:32 <Michelle> Ok. If it comes back up, I will move it to OF. That way it's pointed there in the morning. If not, it will sray down basin
19:41:02 <Michelle> Cpu is 48
19:41:43 <LindaG> I think putting on bee to castle might be better, there is static for OF
19:41:55 <Michelle> Typing at the same time as you.
19:42:47 <LindaG> :)
19:42:49 <Michelle> Bamn night view.
19:43:00 <LindaG> its up
19:43:38 <Michelle> Do i dare move it! Nah think i will leave it there and call it a night
19:43:59 <LindaG> unzoom and you'll see it all
19:44:08 <LindaG> too late haha!
19:44:23 <LindaG> Michelle, Thanks for driving!
19:44:27 <LindaG> or not lol
19:44:54 <Michelle> Controls are gone, cpus dropped to 4, I hit the night view, shot back up to 50
19:45:08 <LindaG> yikes
19:45:14 <Michelle> 41, not 4
19:46:52 <Michelle> Ok done. Have a great night
19:47:04 <LindaG> Michelle, U too!
19:51:22 <LindaG> hi kevin
19:54:28 <Kevin πŸš‚> Hi. Had a hummingbird join us for supper
19:57:00 <LindaG> Kevin πŸš‚, nice. where was supper?
20:00:39 <Kevin πŸš‚> Across from the depot
20:01:30 <LindaG> :thumbsup:
20:01:54 <LindaG> This thing has been up and down all day, mostly down
20:15:09 <Kevin πŸš‚> Looks like I didn’t need a sub after all
20:21:46 <LindaG> nope we watched it all day though, waiting
20:22:47 <Kevin πŸš‚> Standby rate is only half normal rate.
20:23:08 <LindaG> ah shucks
20:27:28 <Kevin πŸš‚> I sent you a picture of our car.
20:28:23 <LindaG> Kevin πŸš‚, Fancy! looks beautiful
20:31:27 <Kevin πŸš‚> It was. That is the deluxe car. Well worth the extra.
20:31:55 <LindaG> Kevin πŸš‚, great! glad you had a nice time!
20:35:26 <LindaG> well off to bed, have a good night
20:39:35 <Kevin πŸš‚> Night
21:28:20 <GO F&M> F&M 2126 heard on radio
21:28:41 <GO F&M> Night all