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03:43:01 <linda> cam seems to have healed, I moved for better view and cpu was quite low
03:46:42 <linda> it was down to 13%
03:51:18 <linda> castle looks like a major, but not sure when it erupted
04:13:01 <linda> grand
04:42:18 <linda> riverside
05:44:23 <linda> yikes. it was on a roll, made it 5 hours
05:48:40 <linda> down again
06:48:13 <linda> Hi kat
06:48:44 <linda> This thing was up at around 3:30 and crashed around 6am
06:49:15 <Kat> Hi - I can't get in at all! Not feeling much like doing this again!
06:49:37 <linda> I wouldn't bother truthfully
06:49:59 <linda> maybe send them another email
06:50:09 <linda> it's a waste of time really
06:50:15 <Kat> Might not! If it comes up I'm going to put on OF
06:50:34 <linda> :thumbsup:
07:15:31 <linda> wow it's up
07:18:24 <Kat> linda, who does Saturday 1600 - dark?
07:18:59 <Kat> Put it on OF
07:20:42 <linda> Kat, me for lack of anyone else to do it and I have no life anyway lol
07:23:50 <Kat> linda, pm
07:24:01 <Kat> sent you pm
07:28:00 <linda> uh down she goes
07:29:26 <linda> cya later, appts to keep
08:32:19 <Katie> *sighs*
08:33:24 <Kat> Katie, Dave K is reloading the firmware and then it may need a reboot. Hopefully will be up soon :)
08:33:41 <Kat> Fingers crossed
08:37:35 <linda> yay
08:37:56 <linda> here she comes
08:38:31 <Katie> Whoop!
08:38:41 <Kat> :thumbsup: Hoping!
08:38:47 <Kat> :)
08:39:04 <Kat> Katie, I oved to Hill sorry!
08:39:10 <Kat> moved*
08:39:24 <Katie> CPU is awfully high for just rebooted Hopefully still just "loading up."
08:39:25 <Kat> Woohoo!
08:40:04 <Kat> Katie, don't know if reboot has occurred
08:40:36 <Katie> Hopefully not, because it's not performing better.
08:40:50 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:41:33 <Kat> Down again
08:41:44 <linda> sigh
08:41:50 <Kat> Sigh...
08:41:56 <Kat> LOL
08:42:30 <linda> what a world...what a world lol
08:44:29 <linda> off for a walk, storms moving in soon
08:44:53 <Kat> :thumbsup:raining here
09:06:05 <Greg (working)> Morning all, off to work, hope the cam recovers
09:25:29 <Kat> working on it
09:54:31 <Michelle> Good morning
09:55:17 <Michelle> Looks like another day of fun!
09:55:30 <Katie> Yup
09:57:31 <Michelle> Ready for me?
09:58:58 <Katie> Take the broken wheel any time
10:01:06 <Michelle> I have a control screen with a picture! Woohoo!
10:02:35 <linda> :)
10:06:00 <Michelle> First 5 minutes have been better than all of last night!
10:08:46 <Michelle> I think we should all blame Kevin for this!
10:15:12 <Michelle> We might get to see Grand!
10:17:33 <Michelle> :grand:
10:18:33 <Michelle> Not going to zoom. Don't want to jinx what we have!
10:24:50 <Kat> :thumbsup:
10:28:14 <Michelle> Not the best, but better than circle X geyser!
10:29:02 <Michelle> Daisy!
10:31:24 <Kat> Nice!
10:39:04 <Michelle> After very little cam time yesterday, these geyser are hungry for cam time. Let the eruptions begin!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
10:50:01 <Michelle> A little zoom and we are still up!
11:02:03 <Kat> Definitely better!
11:54:19 <Michelle> Cpus are going up.
11:54:49 <Michelle> And we are froze!
11:56:20 <Michelle> Cpus have been below 40 all morning, they just shot up to 50
11:56:52 <Ynpvisitor11> Bummer, indy
11:58:43 <Michelle> Not a lot I can do. It was going so good
12:04:26 <Michelle> It's coming. A little late.
12:05:44 <Michelle> Got some of it.
12:10:36 <Michelle> So why did cpus shoot up so high when the indicator went off?
12:11:07 <Michelle> Now it's back down to 26.
12:27:39 <Michelle> Daisy
12:31:35 <linda> I see steam moving, how can this be? :)
12:32:47 <Michelle> Been going good. Until BH. Cpus shot up to 50 and it went down. BH was done cpus dropped back down.
12:35:29 <Michelle> But, BH is done and we dont have to watch it!😁
12:35:31 <linda> :(
12:38:56 <linda> I usually enjoy when BH has gone so I don't have to worry about it
12:39:08 <Kat (phone)> Looks like it's better! Dave sent an e-mail
12:42:55 <linda> Kat (phone), wow on Dave's email
12:44:35 <Greg (working)> Agree on Dave's email, wow.
12:48:30 <Michelle> So on his email, it mentions the hours, how will he do that?
12:50:30 <Michelle> I mean, he has me for 7 hours, I'm not positive, but I have done close to 20 hrs this week. Does it matter, or not?
12:51:37 <d> are they trying to fix the cam at some point?
12:51:46 <Katie> Michelle, it doesn't matter much. They have to account for volunteer hours. Covered shifts are still volunteer hours. The only thing for which it would matter would be hours toward volunteer pass, and you will meet that in a year anyway.
12:52:50 <Michelle> Yes, I want my volunteer pass! Not retirement age, yet!😁
12:59:06 <Greg (working)> Michelle, haha. I bought the life pass last year before it went up. The spread sheet was easy to use to record your time. But not everyone utilized it.
13:00:23 <Michelle> So much for fixed. Cpus are at 37 and cam is froze!
13:01:05 <Michelle> Wants to log me out again.
13:02:09 <linda> Greg (working), I don't think Ive entered my time since March lol. I have a life pass also before they went up so I'm good with that.
13:03:05 <Greg (working)> But, you can claim your volunteer time for taxes ;)
13:03:40 <Michelle> Only thing we had to look forward to with aging is that lifetime pass!
13:04:18 <Greg (working)> haha, yup got it. one for each of us. Once stays in the car, they other in our vacation folder.
13:04:44 <Michelle> Well dang, almost 3 solid hours, with only a short down time! On a role
13:05:40 <linda> Greg (working), really on the taxes? hmmmm
13:06:05 <linda> Greg (working), I forgot about that
13:06:09 <Michelle> Now we are back to last night's conditions.
13:07:46 <Michelle> Only difference is cpus were over 40 most the night. Right now only at 37 and down.
13:13:22 <Michelle> And it logged me out
13:15:00 <Michelle> And the white screen
13:15:56 <Michelle> Back to Circle X geyser.
13:18:36 <Michelle> Down hard this time
13:21:47 <linda> Gonna be a while they have to made an adjustment in person at OF
13:22:04 <Michelle> Wow! I just won Publishers Clearinghouse something! 18.5 million, a new Mercedes and 7grand a week for life! Woohoo!
13:22:12 <linda> So we are at the mercy of the cam till Monday
13:22:17 <Greg (working)> Cam ops, see the new email from Dave.
13:22:31 <linda> Greg (working), yup
13:23:00 <linda> Michelle, Congrats and the cam will run seemlessly for it's lifetime, right?
13:24:37 <Michelle> Of course. I will invest at least 10 mil of my winnings into a new cam.
13:24:54 <linda> Michelle, :)
13:25:53 <Michelle> So what kind of spread sheet do I need to fill out? The one I have been doing monthly or something else?
13:27:02 <Greg (working)> Michelle, you should have been emailed a teams sheet,
13:28:05 <Michelle> Is it in the attachments Dave sent?
13:29:06 <linda> Michelle, Yes we need to fill that out. We used to do timesheets, and thank you YNP that I don't have to do those anymore
13:29:30 <Greg (working)> It should have been. Let me look.
13:30:07 <Michelle> Yes, I do a time sheet and send it to Dave's email every month
13:30:56 <Michelle> Am I doing this all wrong?
13:31:54 <Katie> Michelle, no, that's fine. That's the old system. If you exceed your scheduled hours, you can probably still do that, but as I said, your scheduled hours still put you over the annual threshold for a volunteer pass, so it's just extra tedium.
13:34:40 <Michelle> Now I have a this site can't be reached screen. This is new!
13:39:55 <Michelle> So does Dave's email mean I am wasting my time and there will be nothing until Monday?
13:42:07 <kiawe (at work)> The cam has been borked for the last couple of days :(
13:42:36 <kiawe (at work)> Nothing for it but in-person reporting.
13:43:17 <kiawe (at work)> Back to work, wage drone! aloha, all!
13:48:30 <Betty> hi all
13:49:28 <Michelle> Ok, I have a Microsoft spread sheet file that I can not access. His email said if I can't access it, fill out the VIP hours sheet and send it in.
13:59:14 <Michelle> Hi Betty. We are down!
14:00:09 <Betty> oh well...
14:01:51 <Michelle> Circle X geyser is in full eruption!
14:02:04 <Betty> whoohoo
14:04:11 <linda> Michelle I wouldn't worry about cam. If you don't want to sit here and stare it don't If it can be put on OF at sometime that would make them happy.
14:04:52 <linda> Yesterday I had all but given up. My lap top tells me when cam is up, so that was nice. Took a nap and every time it told me I would move it. haha! sm
14:06:06 <linda> It was up during the night for some time. Dave M will be on tonight. But if I see it can be put on night view later on, and it's not I will put it there.If possible
14:06:20 <Michelle> I don't even have a cam screen. Just a white screen.
14:06:39 <linda> Michelle, no sense in driving yourself crazy about it.
14:06:59 <Michelle> With a circle in the upper left.
14:07:17 <linda> yeah trying to connect but it can
14:07:18 <linda> t
14:07:25 <linda> *can't
14:07:57 <Michelle> I have a feeling it will be this way until Monday.
14:08:29 <Michelle> Imagine cam!
14:08:54 <linda> It's a good possibility
14:09:31 <Michelle> I will keep checking. I think it's done. We can all blame Kevin!
14:10:13 <linda> I think he took it with him on the train
14:10:34 <Michelle> This all started happening On his shift, even though he wasn't there!
14:11:17 <Michelle> Coincidence?
14:11:34 <Michelle> πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
14:11:35 <Betty> yeah, we blame Kevin :-)
14:11:36 <linda> :)
14:16:06 <Betty> OF
14:16:50 <Katie> It actually started during my shift on Monday. First couple hours were great then it went downhill.
14:18:49 <Michelle> That's ok. We can still blame Kevin!:)
14:19:18 <Betty> yeah
14:20:12 <Greg (working)> So we blame Kevin or the new puppy?
14:21:38 <Michelle> No, not the puppy!
14:22:35 <Betty> who has a new puppy?
14:23:19 <Katie> My handsome Hops is not guilty!
14:23:41 <Michelle> Katie does. I won him in a guess his weight and she won't give him up!
14:24:13 <Betty> hahaha
14:24:25 <Michelle> We will never blame the puppy, even if he did it! He's too cute!
14:31:13 <J> The radios at the ranger station and inn roof are up, the Ethernet port shows down, so something that has to do with the camera or power supply failed or they disconected it.
14:32:33 <J> the inn roof Ethernet port that is..
14:33:05 <d> thanks
14:34:57 <Betty> thx for the info J
14:35:36 <J> Betty, :i:>(
14:35:53 <Betty> :-)
14:36:05 <Betty> I knew
14:38:42 <Michelle> C'mon, the constant eruption of Circle X geyser is awesome! Not
14:57:04 <Michelle> Guess I better call Publishers Clearinghouse and claim my 18.5 million.
14:58:00 <Michelle> I need the money to pay for the 5 IPhone 10s that Amazon called about!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
15:03:53 <d> are you sure it isn't 18.5 million Zimbabwean dollar?
15:07:32 <Michelle> Message said 18.5 million, a new Mercedes and 7,000 a month for life! Just call the number.
15:08:38 <d> seems to good to be true if you ask me :D
15:09:09 <linda> lol
15:10:00 <Michelle> It does! Especially when I didn't enter the Publishers Clearinghouse drawing
15:10:13 <d> haha
15:10:38 <Michelle> They just randomly picked me. Talk about lucky!😁😁
15:11:26 <d> while the cam is down I've been (and will be) enjoying myself some lava fountaining action:
15:11:26 <Michelle> Wish I was that lucky with this cam!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
15:12:56 <Michelle> Wow! Much better than the circle X geyser eruptions!
15:13:20 <Betty> Lucky at cards, unlucky in love. Or is it vice-versa? ;-)
15:14:17 <Greg (working)> d Nice...
15:15:51 <d> so far no fatalities or injured, but has overrun neighborhoods
15:20:58 <linda> oh how I hate that circle
15:21:45 <linda> We should get Eric to hook us up again to the volcano, if we can find eric. :lol:
15:22:30 <Betty> hey, yes! WhereΒ΄s Eric?
15:22:56 <linda> that's the problem I don't think we know
15:23:39 <Betty> weird
15:23:43 <linda> oh and hi everyone
15:23:56 <Betty> hi Linda :-)
15:30:31 <Betty> IΒ΄m out. good luck with 18,5 million circles :-p
15:31:25 <Greg (working)> By Betty
15:32:02 <Greg (working)> Good idear on the volcano hook up
15:33:21 <Michelle> So I try to sign in to where you do the hours and I have not been added.
15:36:09 <Michelle> Bye Betty
15:37:02 <linda> Michelle, maybe he anticipated getting rid of it
15:43:49 <Michelle> ?
15:44:31 <linda> Michelle, the spreadsheet
15:59:28 <Michelle> Alrighty, I am out of here! Everyone have a great night.
16:00:08 <linda> Michelle, Michelle, good night, thanks for trying
16:03:22 <Greg (working)> Great job Michelle
17:44:24 <kc (working)> OF static
17:45:18 <linda> :thumbsup:
17:45:58 <linda> The cam is probably going to be down till Monday
18:22:48 <linda> hi 321
19:14:55 <kcmule> OF static
19:58:28 <Kevin Co Spr> Hey Korben, what are all these clouds doing here?
19:58:59 <linda> Kevin Co Spr, hi
19:59:11 <Kevin Co Spr> Hi.
19:59:51 <Kevin Co Spr> Korben promised me it would be clear.
20:00:19 <linda> uh oh, Kids! :)
20:00:50 <linda> cam is probably going to be down till monday. David sent some emails.
20:01:06 <linda> Kevin Co Spr, any snow?
20:08:26 <Kevin Co iPad> Just clouds
20:08:35 <linda> Kevin Co iPad, thats good
20:09:05 <linda> korben is away I think, must not be lurking
20:09:51 <linda> Kevin Co iPad, are you still training?
20:10:39 <Kevin Co iPad> Pikes peak tomorrow
20:13:50 <linda> nice, I don't think Ive made it to pike's peak
20:14:55 <Kevin Co iPad> It is a cog railway
20:16:15 <linda> Nice, I think I've seen pictures of it.
20:33:39 <linda> good night bed time
20:35:57 <Kevin Co iPad> Night