Showing logs for date: 2021-09-25
07:51:30 <linda> OF
08:41:46 <TomK> Good morning. Webcam is down?
08:42:20 <linda> TomK, for the count, david sent out some emails
08:42:32 <linda> maybe fixed monday
08:44:26 <TomK> Dirty word. I just got back from YNP, Wyoming road trip, and computer problems. Frantically got it up & running last night for my shift today...
08:44:48 <TomK> Haven't checked e-mails in 4 weeks.
08:45:10 <linda> TomK, oh sorry. Well you have the day off~
08:47:42 <TomK> That gives me some time to reload programs into my new hard drive. So bye all. I'll check progress later in the week. (the real thing was better)
08:51:04 <linda> Yes it was
15:51:13 <linda> sad
15:57:12 <Betty> yep :-(
16:04:50 <linda> Betty, Betty, Betty, hi
16:05:04 <linda> lol a lot of bettys
16:05:21 <linda> hopefully they will get down there on monday and fix it
16:05:57 <Betty> hi Linda :-)
16:06:49 <Betty> hopefully they will do :-(