Showing logs for date: 2021-12-18
05:47:39 <linda> OF
06:52:11 <Kat> Good Morning Yellowstone and friends!
06:53:52 <Kat> Castle looks post eruptive
07:48:28 <Kat> The color is weird
08:01:31 <L> Kat, hi, sitting waiting for my car to be looked at :(
08:01:46 <L> Leaking oil
08:02:09 <Kat> Oh no!
08:02:38 <Kat> Maybe just a loose filter...
08:02:43 <L> Poor little car :(
08:03:13 <L> I'll find out, have my credit card ready lol
08:03:34 <Kat> Don't let them cheat you!
08:04:09 <L> Kat, indeed
08:04:43 <L> Now I'd not the time to buy a new car
08:05:02 <Kat> How old is your car?
08:05:37 <L> 2007 170k miles on it - old
08:06:02 <L> But it's still In pretty good shape
08:06:08 <Kat> May be time to upgrade :)
08:06:24 <L> :) might be
08:06:44 <L> Prices for cars are so elevated
08:07:08 <L> Should have done it last year
08:07:15 <Kat> Yeah, bad time to need a new car
08:07:53 <L> Cya later
08:08:02 <Kat> :lion:
08:09:26 <Kat> OK - bye
08:32:38 <Brando> How's everyone doing today?
08:32:52 <Kat> Good - and you?
08:33:03 <Brando> I'm doing great thank you!
08:40:03 <Mike J> A Merry Weekend before it gets really crazy to everyone
08:42:33 <Kat> Mike J, same to you!
08:52:25 <TomK> Good morning all
08:52:40 <Kat> Hi Tom
08:54:38 <TomK> Clearing the debris off my desk, I'll be ready in a minute.
08:54:54 <TomK> Anything special this morning?
08:55:37 <Kat> Lion, Bee looks happy, Castle went sometime early this AM, and caught Grand ie
08:58:59 <TomK> OK, ready when you are.
08:59:28 <TomK> I haven't caught Bee in a while.
08:59:56 <Kat> OF
09:00:29 <Kat> TomK, it may be you day! I'm ready - have a good drive
09:02:15 <TomK> Thanks, I've got it
09:23:35 <TomK> Lion 0921 ns
09:31:32 <TomK> Daiisy window. I wonder if we can watch for Daisy AND Bee?
09:37:13 <TomK> Can't quite get both
09:42:23 <TomK> I'm giving up on Daisy, It might have gone already. Castle steam is blocking the view, anyway.
09:47:23 <Betty> morning all
09:47:55 <Betty> hi TomK
09:50:59 <TomK> Hi Betty
10:08:18 <Betty> big Pump
10:08:28 <Betty> hi kcmule
10:10:07 <kcmule> hallo Betty
10:10:13 <kcmule> and all
10:11:09 <TomK> Hi
10:23:20 <TomK> Old Faithful window
10:37:52 <Betty> OF
10:41:04 <TomK> just barely 3 minutes
10:47:32 <Betty> visitor center has it as a long
10:49:05 <TomK> They can see it better than we can. They probably got the exact duration. Been there, did that many times. :)
10:54:34 <Betty> Start was 10:37:11
10:56:35 <Betty> Last water ~10:41:20
11:05:02 <TomK> Doggies
11:08:56 <TomK> Hard work digging for food with your head.
11:14:35 <TomK> Betty: I was really off on the last water for that OF. thanks, for the correction.
11:22:20 <Betty> :-)
11:56:39 <TomK> OF window coming up, quick look around
11:57:36 <Betty> pretty clear view
12:16:13 <Betty> OF ie
12:52:40 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:53:07 <TomK> Hi Michelle
12:53:30 <Michelle> Hi Tom
12:54:32 <TomK> 48 hours since the last beehive report... Sigh
12:55:30 <Michelle> Usually goes Saturdays about 4😂😂
12:55:50 <TomK> Ya, surwe.
12:55:59 <TomK> 'sure'
12:57:28 <Michelle> Whenever you are ready Tom.
12:58:05 <Michelle> I have a feeling about Giant today!
12:58:32 <Michelle> But I get that feeling every day!😁
12:58:36 <TomK> O, logging off cam
12:59:00 <TomK> Off
12:59:14 <TomK> have a good one, bye all
12:59:55 <Michelle> You have a good one too. Thanks for driving!
13:13:34 <Betty> bye Tom, thx for driving
13:13:44 <Betty> hi Michelle
13:16:05 <Kat> Hi Michelle!
13:16:38 <Betty> hi Kat
13:16:55 <Michelle> Hi Kat
13:25:58 <Betty> oh, look, 2 reindeers in the meadow :-)
13:26:32 <Michelle> :)
13:38:46 <Michelle> Sawmill
13:43:01 <Kat> Betty, LOL
13:43:17 <Kat> Lots of folks at OF
13:55:09 <Michelle> OF
14:09:57 <Betty> oh, Lion
14:25:10 <Kat> We really need a Bee!
14:25:33 <Betty> we sure do!!!
14:26:07 <Betty> or Grand, or Daisy, or Giant
14:29:36 <Michelle> I didn't hear any cheers for Grotto in there!😁
14:33:19 <Michelle> What we need is a Bee with Giant while the wolves and a bear chase an elk through the meadow!😂
14:33:31 <Michelle> :grand:
14:35:11 <Betty> lol, Michelle
14:37:56 <Kat> Nice Grand
14:38:58 <Kat> Michelle, thats exactly what we need!
14:42:08 <Kat> Looks like something at F&M
14:43:09 <Michelle> A lot of steam in there for sure
14:43:13 <Kat> Maybe LOL
14:46:09 <Michelle> Definetly something other than Grand in there
14:46:48 <Kat> Looks like a 1 burst Grand
14:48:46 <Kat> Maybe 2
14:51:00 <Kat> Just 1 I think
14:59:12 <Betty> bsb
15:28:15 <Michelle> OF
15:34:02 <Michelle> Sawmill
15:51:50 <Michelle> :daisy:
15:52:56 <Betty> nice
15:54:24 <Michelle> BH and Giant still waiting!😀
15:54:43 <Betty> :thumbsup:;)
15:57:15 <Michelle> Coming up on 4 o clock. Time for BH
15:59:04 <Brando> Can we get Splendid as well?
16:04:40 <Betty> bsb
16:08:24 <linda> Michelle, are you covering the rest of night?
16:08:53 <Michelle> Hi Linda.
16:09:05 <Betty> hi Linda
16:09:07 <Michelle> Yes, I am good tonight!
16:13:18 <Michelle> Thank you Linda. Last Saturday you saved me.
16:16:24 <Michelle> Riverside
16:32:10 <Kitt> Good afternoon, Mr. Bee
16:32:46 <Betty> hello Kitt
16:33:00 <linda> Michelle, :thumbsup::)
16:33:10 <Kitt> hi
16:34:59 <Kitt> yay, we are 6 degrees warmer than Yellowstone
16:36:46 <KorbenC> Afternoon all
16:39:28 <Michelle> Hi Korben
16:39:46 <linda> KorbenC, KorbenC, hi
16:40:43 <Kevin Depot> Hello John Boy
16:42:26 <KorbenC> Now, I am in my post altitude state and dont remember where BSB is, but that is BSB
17:13:34 <Michelle> OF
17:15:54 <linda> whohooo bought a new car today
17:18:35 <Betty> congrats
17:18:53 <linda> already have it in the garage
17:19:01 <Michelle> Yay Linda!
17:19:11 <linda> :)
17:19:32 <Michelle> A yellow snow coach?
17:19:35 <linda> Water pump went again on old one, so....
17:19:51 <linda> Michelle, I'd love one of those :)
17:22:14 <Michelle> We had 10 inches of snow on Tuesday, today it's all ice. I need a yellow snow coach!
17:26:03 <Michelle> Light is fading. Don't think we will get a BH
17:26:16 <Michelle> Or a Giant!😁😁
17:26:31 <Betty> :-(
17:28:21 <Michelle> I will leave it here for the night.
17:28:32 <Michelle> Have a good one!
17:30:13 <linda> Michelle, night, thanks for driving
18:10:22 <linda> indy
18:10:23 <linda> .
18:10:24 <linda> .
18:10:24 <linda> .
18:10:25 <linda> .
18:10:29 <linda> i moved cam
18:15:42 <linda> bee
18:16:51 <kcmule> bonus
18:17:01 <L> :)
18:19:00 <L> Thats nice firat one in days i think
18:19:47 <L> Cant get too close keeps fuzzing up
18:19:47 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for the email - go Bee
18:19:59 <L> Greg 🤠, :thumbsup:
18:20:23 <L> I just took the cam :)
18:20:40 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
18:20:42 <Kat> Finally a Bee!!!
18:20:55 <L> :)
18:25:26 <linda> now back to your regularly scheduled program
18:25:30 <linda> controls released
18:26:06 <Michelle> New way to predict BH. Right after Michelle leaves. Every time!😁😁
18:26:28 <linda> Michelle, :)
18:26:45 <linda> It was steaming for a while so I was watching it
18:27:00 <Michelle> Good night. Glad you caught it!
18:27:26 <Michelle> I waited all day!
18:27:35 <Michelle> Night!
18:27:52 <linda> Michelle, It drove me crazy the other day and it never did erupt for anyone lol
18:28:07 <Michelle> :)
18:28:13 <linda> Michelle, It's an evil geyser. lol
18:32:46 <Kat> linda, :lol:
18:32:54 <Kat> Night all!
18:33:24 <linda> Kat, night
19:02:50 <linda> most likely of
19:08:40 <linda> arty i think