Showing logs for date: 2022-01-11
01:06:17 <sleep walker> lot of steam from Castle area
04:03:35 <linda> yay bee
04:46:05 <linda> lion?
04:51:54 <linda> lion start 04:42 ini
06:50:03 <linda> daisy?
06:52:32 <linda> ddaisy start 06:48
06:53:07 <Kat> looks too far right for Dais
06:53:36 <linda> Kat, not this one, the one previous on recording
06:53:42 <Kat> But could be drifting
06:57:00 <linda> and gone
06:57:11 <Kat> Got it thanks
06:57:31 <linda> Kat, :thumbsup: think it was
06:58:17 <Kat> I entered it - we'll see
06:58:18 <linda> bee is alive
06:58:39 <Kat> Saw that :)
06:59:03 <Kat> Only -4 this AM
06:59:12 <linda> just taking a walk on the dark side
06:59:39 <Kat> Hahaha - you or Bee
06:59:53 <linda> lol
07:00:20 <Kat> Look at that fog roll in!
07:00:32 <linda> wow
07:13:59 <Kat> Wonder what triggered the OF prediction?
07:15:54 <linda> huh dont know no entry today'
07:16:21 <Kat> Strange
07:17:20 <linda> that is weird
07:27:09 <linda> if you look in GT app says there is no prediction for OF
07:28:22 <linda> well its correct, werid
07:39:46 <0``0> OF
07:44:44 <linda> nice
07:53:17 <Mike J> The pink sneaking in is really nice
07:54:54 <linda> pretty
07:55:23 <Kat> Beautiful
08:26:28 <Kat> So pretty
08:43:16 <Peter_Pan> you see what look like a small meteor shower there at the camera?
08:44:51 <Kat> More like a little diamond dust when the light hits just right :)
08:45:40 <Peter_Pan> Caught my eye when it first started a flash of light at the one back geyser.
08:49:07 <Jimbo Gazing Ag> I forgot I was still here
08:49:28 <Kat> :lol:
08:49:35 <Jimbo Gazing Ag> Nice patterns on the lake
08:49:54 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:58:43 <Kat> It's going to clear for Kevin!
10:00:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And there is that perry mason music.
10:00:52 <Kat> Have a good one Kevin!
10:02:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> At least BH showed up.
10:08:09 <Kat> :thumbsup:
10:16:13 <Betty> morning all
10:16:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi
10:16:36 <Jimbo Gazing Ag> Just want to say thanks for the earthquake note. Great seismic signal.
10:16:37 <Betty> hi Kevin
10:16:49 <Betty> hi Jimbo Gazing Again
10:44:54 <Betty> SC ie
10:58:24 <Betty> OF
11:21:00 <Greg (working)> Where is the steam from?
11:21:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Geysers
11:21:50 <Greg (working)> duh,
11:32:07 <Greg (working)> It just seemed like an enormous amount of steam
11:33:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It is.
11:34:28 <Kevin L™ 🌵> 4° makes a LOT of steam. I prefer our temps.
12:14:14 <Betty> Grand ie?
12:15:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like it is behind Grand.
12:15:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Tough to tell
12:17:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That looks more in the Grand area. Maybe Turban?
12:17:32 <DanS working> Guessing Vent restart following earlier Grand
12:19:08 <Betty> looks really big
12:20:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Maybe Grotto
12:21:08 <Betty> steam is right behind the treeline
12:21:51 <Betty> I tend more to Dans point
12:22:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> May have more than one playing.
12:24:01 <Betty> yeah, true
12:26:14 <Betty> doggie
12:38:41 <Betty> yay, Graham is in the house!
12:39:00 <Betty> eh, in the park ;-)
12:39:54 <Betty> OF near end
13:03:14 <Betty> nice to see OFVEC has a geysertimes account now
13:06:36 <Betty> Graham is having fun on the hill
13:16:37 <Betty> Arty ie
13:17:24 <Kat> Graham is in the hood!
13:19:56 <Kat> I bet he's happy!
13:20:26 <Betty> hi Kat, he sure is :-)
13:21:04 <Greg (working)> I would be if I was there too
13:21:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Almost a fun as hitting your thumb with a 32 oz waffle faced hammer.
13:22:52 <Betty> ;-) Kevin
13:25:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I will be in san diego Friday.
13:28:51 <0``0> Kat, you have a flag from this monings Daisy
13:30:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Graham got you!
13:31:31 <Betty> going to el coronado?
13:31:43 <Kat> Already deleted - it was a tough morning! LOL
13:32:13 <Betty> dep ie
13:33:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Where is that puffy steam we had this morning.
13:36:27 <Betty> gone
13:43:07 <0``0> Lion 1339
13:59:57 <Dave from B™> Nice to see our field reporter has made it
14:00:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Dave crawled out of his hole!
14:00:55 <Dave from B™> Was only 3 staffers down yesterday:(
14:01:28 <Dave from B™> Only 1 applicant for a $20/hr full time job in our market
14:03:58 <Betty> OF
14:06:42 <Dave from B™> Good afternoon everyone except for good evening Betty:)
14:09:44 <Betty> afternoon, Dave from B™
14:12:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> If anyone is interested the interview about the software we wrote will be at 1pm Eastern time at this link:
14:12:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is Saturday
14:12:53 <Betty> cool, thx
14:21:04 <Jimbo Gazing Ag> What does the software do?
14:21:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was Vegas games for the Tandy Color Computer.
14:35:37 <Betty> I call it a day, night all
14:36:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
14:36:25 <Jimbo Gazing Ag> Thanks for the info, Kevin L
15:47:14 <Greg 🤠> Let me know when you release the cam Kevin.
15:56:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Anytime you want it.
15:56:44 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for driving, logging in now
15:58:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Daisy looks hot
15:58:57 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
16:11:42 <Greg 🤠> :daisy:
17:20:18 <Greg 🤠> OF time
17:26:16 <Greg 🤠> Could that be Graham?
17:26:58 <DanS> Checking out GHG-13
17:47:47 <Greg 🤠> Have a great night everyone, stay warm and safe. Keep smiling.
17:48:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
17:48:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> Not me, I came back via castle
17:48:19 <Greg 🤠> Controls have been released, thanks for tagging along.
17:49:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> Grand must have had really long interval this m.orning
17:49:12 <Ben VL> bummer you didn't get Grand
17:49:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> Must have gone just before noon when I was arriving
17:50:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> Sawmill wouldn't quit, Penta was quite splashy
17:50:17 <Ben VL> that would make sense
17:51:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> No Steamboat, but we wouldn't have seen it through the fog bank
17:52:20 <Ben VL> did you go past Norris?
17:55:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> Snow Lodge is dine in, they have spread tables out through the corridor
17:55:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> Yes, came down from Mammoth
17:56:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> Big fog bank but no plume a d we didn't get rained on in the parking lot
17:58:09 <Ben VL> ah. Do you go into the basin when you stopped?
17:58:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> Driver said we would have gone to it, unlike Arts driver
17:59:27 <Ben VL> that's at least nice
17:59:47 <Ben VL> Don't understand why someone wouldn't stop for that
18:01:52 <linda> evening
18:04:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> Yhey do have some schedule constraints. If road is in poor condition it takes longer too. If they have
18:05:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> day trip customers they have to get tome for OF and then return at 2, getting to Mammoth at 6
18:05:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> But they could cut out some stops too.
18:06:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> We skipped the Madison bathroom stop on my run so we had time at SB
18:06:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> That was Jan 2019
18:06:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> No, 2020
18:06:37 <Ben VL> that makes sense
18:07:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> Stopped at Norris and driver said just a 20min stop. I knew it would be .ore like 40min
18:08:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> Hi Linda. Are you getting snow soon?
18:11:21 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, hi. I think they ware talking about sun for snow
18:11:29 <linda> *sunday
18:11:44 <linda> I've already gotten about 10 inches over the last week and a half
18:13:20 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, staying at the snow lodge?
18:16:26 <linda> actually colder here in NJ, 21 degrees
18:46:04 <linda> grand?
18:47:02 <linda> 18:44 start grand
18:49:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> I am in snow lodge Frontier cabins. Thanks for catching Grand, I will be wanting to see it in the morning
18:49:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> Stay warm. Nice here but the wind was a bit nasty at times
18:49:33 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, nice
18:49:52 <linda> 6 degrees in NNJ brrrr
18:49:59 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT, you stay warm too
18:50:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> Time to head over for dinner
18:50:18 <linda> enjoy
19:50:27 <linda> riverside
19:51:45 <linda> 19:48 start riverside ns
20:08:08 <Kevin iPad> BH will go before 1000.
20:09:58 <linda> Kevin iPad, are you off to somewhere?
20:24:38 <Kevin iPad> Back again. In the living room watching the knights lose another game.
20:25:03 <linda> :thumbsup:
20:25:36 <Kevin iPad> I figure BH will go before my shift again.
20:26:32 <linda> yeah maybe dark one again
20:27:37 <Kevin iPad> That is what I am thinking.
20:28:11 <linda> good chance i think
20:30:23 <Kevin iPad> Should be light enough to see it.
20:30:47 <linda> nice view if it doesn't steam over
20:30:59 <linda> maybe it will start inching its way towards dawn
20:33:19 <Kevin iPad> Gee, knights scored.
20:33:32 <linda> congrats
20:36:13 <a> OF ie? lots of steam drift
20:36:36 <linda> probably
20:36:58 <linda> lots of steam
20:37:14 <linda> daisy ie
20:37:31 <Kevin iPad> Probably OF.
20:49:31 <linda> good night
20:50:02 <Kevin iPad> Good Knight to you.