Showing logs for date: 2022-01-19
05:13:14 <linda> wow early bee
07:06:04 <LindaGl> riverside ie
07:30:29 <LindaGl> castle ie
08:05:59 <Brando> Good morning everyone
08:06:34 <LindaGl> Brando, Brando, i
08:06:42 <LindaGl> Brando, hi
08:15:29 <LindaGl> OF
08:50:32 <LindaGp> Hmmm someone entered turban but grand went about 3 hrs ago
08:53:00 <LindaGp> Oh E time on grand
09:05:16 <LindaGp> Depression crashed
09:07:51 <Katie ā›„> Good morning
09:08:13 <LindaGp> Katie ā›„, morning
09:16:01 <LindaGp> Looks like daisy back there
09:18:58 <LindaGp> Not sure there was an e-time on it for.last one
09:30:12 <LindaGp> Kevin, I've saved all the geysers for you today
09:31:05 <LindaGp> Uh oh snow
09:31:47 <LindaGp> Kevin, I saved the geysers but you won't be able to see
09:32:44 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I see BH is back to the darkside.
09:33:45 <LindaGp> Yeah didn't stay on the.light side very long. Maybe 2 days?
09:36:58 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Long enough for me to miss all of them.
09:37:15 <LindaGp> :(
09:37:41 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Did you see any of the interview Linda?
09:38:23 <LindaGp> No I haven't looked. Sorry. Do you have a direct link to it?
09:38:39 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Just a minute.
09:41:40 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ>
09:42:28 <LindaGp> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, thank you
09:42:57 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> There are two sets of brothers, one (us) who programmed in the 80's and one who are doing similar programs on retro machines now.
09:44:52 <LindaGp> I'll take a look after shift..
09:47:09 <LindaGp> Daisy ie
09:59:23 <LindaGp> OF
10:00:52 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> And Perry Mason music.
10:01:21 <LindaGl> controls released
10:02:55 <LindaGl> enjoy ill be back a little later
10:03:09 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Only took twice to get them.
10:03:38 <LindaGl> :)
10:35:11 <Betty> Hi all
10:35:19 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> hi
10:36:00 <Betty> Hey Kevin
10:38:00 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Back from Switzerland?
10:53:00 <Betty> No, still there. We Head home saturday
14:02:52 <Betty> Wow, chat is pretty quiet today
14:03:41 <Mario> I love the clouds over the UGB today
14:04:06 <Betty> Hi Mario
14:04:25 <Mario> Hi Betty, how are you?
14:05:01 <Betty> Iā€˜m great. You?
14:05:34 <Mario> Doing great, trying to stay warm this winter
14:06:43 <Betty> Iā€˜m on a Ski trip, so some cold weather is helpful
14:33:51 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Not many customers for this OF.
15:58:16 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Controls released.
16:34:39 <kk> of
16:36:10 <linda> nice light
17:29:45 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, Nice interview!
18:04:20 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> They are going to show a picture of my daughter in the trash can this weekend.
18:08:12 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Grand?
18:08:46 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, what does that mean? :)
18:11:57 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Doesn't look like Grand, maybe Turban.
18:12:47 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It was where I put my daughter while I was programming.
18:13:19 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, oh
18:14:29 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I liked the comment in chat that said COCOTalk does not endorse putting children in any trash receptacle.
18:14:52 <linda> lol
18:15:24 <linda> right up there with "don't try this at home"
18:17:58 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It worked fine until Mama saw it.
18:18:18 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, I'm sure >(
18:18:49 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Got pretty ugly after that!
18:20:09 <linda> :)
18:23:47 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I sent you the picture via email.
19:04:19 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, very cute
19:05:36 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> She didn't look abused.
19:06:19 <linda> :) she looked happy, what kid wouldn't want to play in a trash can :)
19:08:04 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> She just wanted to "help" but at that time even a stray "space" could do UGLY things.
19:08:36 <linda> yeah seriously
19:10:00 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, lucky you didn't have a cat, or did you?
19:10:02 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I didn't realize it but we first started doing Video Poker when it was only 5 years old!
19:10:14 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Small dog.
19:10:33 <linda> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, well they don't walk on keyboards
19:11:26 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> That one was tiny. I had a name for her but everyone called it a "mouse" so the name stuck.
19:11:55 <linda> :)
19:18:34 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I sent you a picture of the dog.
19:22:38 <linda> oh how cute
19:23:57 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> She was a fun dog.
20:47:28 <linda> night, see you all tomorrow
20:48:23 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Night