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06:55:48 <Betty> morning Graham
07:52:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> bee looks happy
07:52:42 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning Betty, missed your message as i was getting coffee
07:53:17 <Betty> :thumbsup:
07:55:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> most of our snow has melted, must be time for another trip :)
07:56:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> got to go out and check my car, the tire pressure light came on yesterday. i got two new tires this week too
07:57:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> was headed out to dinner last night and i dint want to deal with it then, so we switched cars
07:59:34 <Betty> yes, you need to check that
08:05:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> -3 at OF, a little cool
08:48:26 <KorbenC> cb note has me confused
09:06:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> must be referring to the blip an hour ago
09:07:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> i would guess its some quake activity since the trace goes red a little
09:08:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> or who knows
09:55:35 <DanS> Is 3 sisters (little bother) clear of fog?
10:09:55 <KorbenC> PENA
10:09:59 <KorbenC> PENTA*
10:23:15 <BenVL> Morning all
10:25:12 <BenVL> Bee been looking good? Or did it probably overnight?
10:26:11 <linda> It was at about 14-15 hours when the sun set
10:26:35 <linda> and bsb was steaming a bit in the dark
10:28:49 <BenVL> If it didn't go overnight I'd be kinda hoping to get it soon
10:45:49 <linda> wow posted two messages and got kicked out by noflood
10:47:08 <BenVL> You spammer you!
10:47:37 <linda> :)
10:54:19 <BenVL> Pretty
10:56:36 <Kitt> Yay, made it home yesterday
10:56:55 <linda> :thumbsup:
10:57:14 <Kitt> A month of going nowhere, followed by a drive from California to Wyoming
10:57:42 <Kitt> I
10:58:12 <Kitt> I have seen my share of humanity these past 5 days and I am ready for a break
11:00:08 <BenVL> That fog is cool
11:05:32 <Kitt> Betty, I sent you a pm
11:08:39 <Kitt> time to get back to doing laundry
11:56:47 <BenVL> Is that penta?
11:57:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> orobably not
11:58:35 <BenVL> nvm, looked bigger a minute ago
11:59:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> timing is off from when we expect another one, but its a geyser, so who knows
12:00:35 <GO STEAMBOAT> i assume that Sawmill was off during the Penta eruption?
12:01:27 <GO STEAMBOAT> i see the Sawmill off note after Penta time, so that makes me wonder if it started and stopped after penta, which is quite possible
12:04:44 <BenVL> Just was something in that area looked like it started. Lots of steam suddenly
12:05:34 <BenVL> Didn't pay that close of attention. Got smaller after a minute or so. Could've been the wind for all I know
12:05:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> i am out of touch with where penta, oval, and OT are on the cam
12:13:17 <DanS> Downbasin was fogged in, so Sawmill could have been off for some time before I posted
12:14:14 <DanS> riverside
12:14:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> ok, thanks. it could have started and stopped, it often seems to have a short duration after a long one
12:14:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> riverside
12:16:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have also seen fairly long eruptions, followed by a short off period, <10m and then on again for a prolonged period, so the webcam on/off times could skip an interval
12:17:28 <GO STEAMBOAT> the pattern of sawmill on for a long time (maybe with a brief pause sometime), followed by penta mixed pphase or just steam phase after Sawmill and Spasmodic quit was very common during my trip
12:17:42 <DanS> yes, same here - seen some short Sawmill offs lasting only a few mins
12:17:59 <GO STEAMBOAT> long durations were >2h, and one possibly 7h but I am not sure if it stopped and restarted
12:18:36 <GO STEAMBOAT> that one lead to the Oval Spring Penta dual plus OT series + very low water in Belgian and Crystal
12:19:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> its like last summer, I think Ben told me - how do you know when sawmill is in its window to start? Its not erupting.
12:19:54 <DanS> :thumbsup:
12:20:04 <BenVL> I can confirm that came from me lol
12:20:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> it doesnt seem to stay off long enough for Penta to pool up water for a major, but some of the mixed phase eruptions put out a lot of runoff
12:20:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> :)
12:21:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> i used to "know" it had a major if it cleared its whole runoff channel. Now that could be a mixed phase eruption
12:21:55 <BenVL> How much lower were beligan and crystal in Jan than they were in sep/oft when you were last there?
12:22:11 <BenVL> oct*
12:22:33 <GO STEAMBOAT> i saw lots of rocks in Crystal, not just the center tip exposed
12:22:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> there will be pics in the upcoming Sput ....
12:23:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> Belgian was lower down the white ring
12:23:24 <BenVL> Wow
12:23:26 <GO STEAMBOAT> severap peeps say thats the lowest they have seen it too, not just me
12:26:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> hope the group stays interesting this summer
12:26:52 <BenVL> Yeah, I wonder how low they're eventually gonna get
12:28:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> jan 16 and 17 had lots going on. 16th had the OT series, OT Drain, Bulgers hole, penta, oval
12:28:18 <GO STEAMBOAT>
12:28:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> then 17th had the dual Oval and Penta and the very low water
12:29:51 <GO STEAMBOAT> i think churn and uncertain were the only two features that didnt erupt that week, at least of things that have erupted in the last decade or two
12:30:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> well add dogbone to the dead list too
12:32:14 <BenVL> Yeah OT drain was surprising to see posted
12:33:45 <GO STEAMBOAT> it was seen last summer too
12:35:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> lots of webcam times but SteveO only logged one. thats odd, maybe it was just steaming, not sure what the webcam saw. i would have expected SteveO to log more i they happened
12:37:42 <BenVL> See Pm
12:38:42 <KorbenC> see my PM too
12:39:02 <BenVL> Yeah
12:39:29 <KorbenC> Hi Ben
12:39:59 <BenVL> Hi!
13:14:36 <Ben VL> Page bugged out upon refresh
18:59:55 <kcmule> lion ie
19:23:03 <0> :daisy: