Showing logs for date: 2022-03-24
05:35:52 <zip> lion
07:02:16 <zip> lion ie
08:19:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> lion
08:21:51 <82> yay! someone besides Art posted a geyser
08:28:58 <Katie 🌻> Good morning
08:29:06 <KorbenC> Mornign all
08:29:15 <KorbenC> Jarno, if you are here can you please PM me.
09:09:57 <82> short??
09:13:20 <Katie 🌻> Yup
09:13:51 <82> yup also :)
10:13:31 <Katie 🌻> Are you logged in, Kevin?
10:28:36 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I can’t do the cam today. Not sure who picked it up.
10:29:14 <Katie 🌻> I'll drive until someone else shows up
10:29:30 <Katie 🌻> I moved to OF earlier
10:31:25 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Thanks. I am at my daughters house and only have an iPad and numerous tiny hands.
10:32:19 <Katie 🌻> Good for you. Enjoy!
10:32:25 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Internet likes to drop me about every 5 minutes here.
10:38:15 <GO STEAMBOAT> bison on the move
11:03:35 <Katie 🌻> BRB - gotta take Hops outside
11:15:19 <Katie 🌻> Riverside
12:22:28 <Katie 🌻> Looks wet around Bee? Or am I imagining it due to light/contrast? Erupt during OF? Will rewind static and see if I can see it.
12:23:46 <Katie 🌻> If so, I don't see it.l
12:30:15 <KorbenC> Katie 🌻, I think you were seing the runoff from above BH
12:39:13 <Betty> hi all
12:50:22 <Kevin πŸ₯”> .
12:50:31 <Kevin πŸ₯”> It works!
12:51:20 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Hi Betty.
12:51:23 <Betty> hi Kevin πŸ₯”, you mean yesterdays BEE?
12:53:17 <Kevin πŸ₯”> No, my internet. It hasn’t worked for a couple hours.
12:53:29 <Betty> oh
12:54:38 <Kevin πŸ₯”> For some reason the internet dumps me here.
13:06:42 <Betty> :daisy:
13:27:57 <Kevin πŸ₯”> .
13:38:45 <Katie 🌻> .. ?
13:41:12 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I was checking to see if it dumped me.
14:40:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> maybe rocket?
14:40:07 <Katie 🌻> :grand:
15:26:42 <Katie 🌻> I hit OF preset and walked away, thinking it had done so. Now having trouble logging in again.
15:34:14 <DanS working> OF satic
15:34:24 <DanS working> static
15:34:54 <Katie 🌻> I still can't get back in.
15:35:29 <DanS working> :(
15:43:00 <Michelle> Good afternoon!
15:43:21 <Katie 🌻> I hope you have better luck logging in than I've had since it kicked me a little while ago.
15:43:55 <Michelle> I will try it
15:44:43 <Michelle> Logged right in. Lets see if it works
15:45:58 <Michelle> Working ok
15:46:03 <Kitt> yay
15:46:30 <Kitt> sleeping bee
15:46:32 <Michelle> Did Daisy go?
15:47:00 <Kitt> not while I was watching
15:47:12 <Kitt> I wondered if it had erupted before I logged on
15:47:45 <Michelle> Ok Going to put it on the hill for 5 while I get set up.
15:47:46 <Kitt> the previous interval was about 2 hours
15:48:06 <Michelle> :lion:
15:48:20 <Kitt> Lion
15:52:44 <Kitt> Looks like this eruption is the initial
15:53:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> yep
15:55:57 <KorbenC> Jarno, if you are here please PM me
16:13:29 <Michelle> Plate
16:29:54 <Michelle> Artemesia
16:30:09 <Michelle> Not sure what Oblong is up too
16:33:48 <Betty> nice Oblong
16:51:23 <Michelle> :daisy:
16:52:10 <Michelle> I think we just got the tail end of Daisy
16:57:24 <Michelle> Not 100% on that Daisy. If it was it was at the end
16:58:03 <Michelle> OF window
17:07:24 <Michelle> OF
17:28:28 <linda> evening
17:30:18 <Michelle> Hi Linda!
17:31:28 <linda> Michelle, hi
17:32:31 <Michelle> Linda talk to her. She needs to hear your voice!
17:32:52 <Michelle> :)
17:33:16 <linda> Michelle, Michelle, looks like she is asleep
17:33:21 <linda> Wake up, Bee!
17:47:49 <DanS working> riverside
17:48:57 <Kevin πŸ₯”> We could put a bison in it. Add tortilla chips and cheese and get nachos.
17:54:21 <Michelle> Jalapenos too!!
18:04:21 <Michelle> Tardy
18:58:33 <Michelle> OF
19:20:23 <Michelle> A little splash from Marmot Cave
19:29:56 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Don’t think BH is going to cooperate.
19:30:56 <Michelle> Waiting til dark.
19:35:47 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Might wait until morning.
19:38:32 <Michelle> Marmot Cave is happy!
19:38:58 <linda> :)
19:56:08 <GO STEAMBOAT> Marmot Caves intervals are usually around 17 min
20:04:26 <Michelle> I will leave it here for the night. Have a great evening and Bee Happy!!
21:06:00 <linda> now that's dark
21:17:58 <KorbenC> Jarno, if you are here can you please PM me?