Showing logs for date: 2022-03-25
05:06:56 <linda> lion ie
05:08:06 <linda> lion start 05:04
06:36:44 <Kat> Riverside
06:46:04 <linda> Kat, morning
06:46:16 <Kat> Good morning
06:46:37 <Kat> Plans for the weekend?
06:47:06 <linda> Kat, sadly I have to look at my taxes lol
06:47:12 <linda> Kat, how about you?
06:47:33 <Kat> I need to do the same LOL
06:51:14 <Kat> Sawmill
06:51:50 <linda> we ARE exciting lol
06:52:06 <Kat> Hahahaha!
06:52:26 <linda> :)
06:52:55 <Kat> Procrastination is a just onee of my flaws! LOL
06:53:02 <Kat> one*
06:53:38 <linda> Kat, don't stop short I'm right behind you >(
06:53:58 <Kat> :lol:
06:57:06 <Kat> MC
07:01:28 <Kat> Steaming Bubblers
07:11:08 <Kat> Pretty sunrise
07:11:39 <linda> wow, yeah
07:37:17 <Kat> Morning all
07:37:51 <BenVL> Morning, Kat
07:43:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> its trying
07:44:00 <Kat> IT is!
07:57:41 <KorbenC> DDep floood?
07:58:17 <KorbenC> and BSB
07:59:02 <Kat> Dep has looked like this most of the AM. BSB noted 0722
07:59:21 <KorbenC> 1a and crashing
08:07:41 <Kat> OF
08:57:35 <Greg (working)> G'morning everyone
08:57:55 <Kat> Morning Greg
08:58:05 <Greg (working)> Hi Kat
09:08:23 <Kat> :daisy:
09:42:49 <Kat> OF
09:49:57 <Kat> Must have been Turban
09:57:15 <linda> hi
09:57:35 <Kat> hi back! :)
09:58:24 <Kat> The Grand time is probably incorrect - I think it was Turban - haven't seen Grand this morning
09:58:26 <linda> i'm signing in
09:58:32 <Kat> OK
09:59:14 <linda> i'm in
10:03:00 <linda> Kat, Thanks for driving
10:16:30 <Kat> linda, yw - have a good one!
10:17:00 <linda> Kat, you too!
10:35:40 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I need Perry Mason music instead of these lame modern cartoons.
10:36:02 <linda> :(
10:39:11 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I feel sorry for the modern kids. What would it be like without Bugs, Foghorn Leghorn, Wiley, etc.
10:42:11 <linda> yeah we had fun!
10:42:54 <linda> I smell smoke, must be doing controlled burns again
10:43:59 <Kevin πŸ₯”> At least you hope it is controlled.
10:44:36 <linda> Kevin πŸ₯”, :) this is true
10:51:50 <linda> Kevin πŸ₯”, I miss the days of anvils dropping and dynamite >(
10:56:29 <linda> about 10 minutes to daisy
11:07:14 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Where did all those cartoon guys get that dynamite?
11:08:03 <linda> :)
11:09:32 <linda> daisy
11:10:01 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I still want one of Elmer Fudd’s shotguns.
11:11:37 <linda> of
11:13:20 <linda> Kevin πŸ₯”, for Mr. Bobcat?
11:22:02 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I have subsonic .22 rounds for it.
11:22:41 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Doesn’t get the neighbors so excited.
11:23:05 <linda> guess not
11:24:07 <linda> so what are we thinking? Bee has become a night owl
11:57:58 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Worlds champion blind geyser.
12:15:52 <Kitt> weren't there bsb's earlier today?
12:17:13 <Kitt> sigh, I guess it is back to chores for me
12:17:35 <linda> Kitt, :(
12:17:50 <Kitt> Linda, I saw your comment about controlled burns
12:18:23 <Kitt> Worland still burns fields like the Germans did several centuries ago
12:18:55 <Kitt> I grew up in Casper where nobody burned and moved to Worland
12:19:17 <linda> Kitt, I live in the pine barrens and it burns naturally so they try to stay on top of it
12:19:19 <Kitt> I now have allergies due to burning fields
12:19:45 <linda> Kitt, :(
12:19:57 <Kitt> We will have a beautiful blue sky day and someone will burn their fields and many have to stay inside
12:20:16 <linda> Kitt, yeah bothers me too
12:20:25 <Kitt> basically it is like August in Yellowstone with smoky skies
12:21:31 <linda> Kitt, yeah. last september was bothering me in yellowstone that and the altitude
12:21:36 <Kitt> so were there earlier bsb's ?
12:22:41 <linda> not that I know of, just steaming this morning
12:23:57 <Kitt> at 0758 Korben put bsb on chat
12:24:29 <linda> oh I didn't see that. I have a feeling it was just a lot of steam
12:24:40 <Kitt> probably.
12:24:46 <Kitt> ok, back to chores
12:53:05 <linda> It would really be nice if a geyser would erupt
12:57:50 <John> Hello to All! πŸ–πŸ½
12:58:00 <linda> John, hi
12:58:23 <John> Hi Linda! I hope that you are well!
12:58:49 <linda> John, I am and I hope you are well also!
12:59:20 <linda> I'm waiting for a geyser any geyser to go off :)
12:59:28 <John> Thanks, doing okay. I see you saved MC for me! :lol:
13:00:08 <linda> saved everything for you >(
13:01:33 <Kevin πŸ₯”> What are they doing on the hill to Mormon Mesa John?
13:05:29 <John> Party Kevin
13:05:38 <John> I am not sure...
13:07:09 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I would ask my NDOT contact but he died.
13:13:35 <linda> i owe the answer to wordle to Kevin today. But I can't tell you why or I would ruin someone's wordle. But if you have the answer you'll know why. lol
13:13:54 <linda> OF
13:17:39 <Greg (working)> I have not start wordie yet
13:18:39 <linda> I think that was a short
13:20:28 <linda> Greg (working), you havent played it al all?
13:20:58 <linda> missed daisy I think
13:25:04 <Greg (working)> Hu Linda, nope I have not. To be honest I am not sure how to play
13:29:16 <linda> it's simple. guess a word with 5 letters. If letter turns green it's in that position. If yellow it's in word, not that position and Grey means it's not in the word. You get 6 tries
13:30:27 <linda> Yup I think Bee is moonlighting
13:32:07 <John> Here is what I have found Kevin: A construction project on Interstate 15 between Mesquite and Moapa Valley has been causing traffic snarls over the past few weeks.
13:33:23 <Greg (working)> Linda, thanks, I'll check it out.
13:33:25 <Greg (working)> Hi John
13:34:33 <John> Hey Greg!
13:35:33 <John> Kevin:
13:41:38 <linda> man o man KAT hogged all the geysers this morning
13:47:05 <linda> bsb
13:47:22 <linda> bee woke up for the guys
13:48:53 <Greg (working)> The betting question us, will bee wait for John or go now for Linda?
13:49:54 <linda> BSB end
13:49:56 <John> Hey :bee: and :castle: are mine! ;)
13:51:12 <Greg (working)> haha
13:51:57 <linda> You two can draw straws haha!
13:52:11 <Betty> hi all
13:52:17 <linda> Betty, hi
13:52:33 <Betty> hey linda, how is your day?
13:52:44 <linda> Betty, slow very slow
13:52:54 <linda> Other than that good! How about you>
13:53:25 <Greg (working)> Hi Betty
13:53:54 <Betty> had a long day at work, but got some stuff done :-)
13:54:12 <Betty> hi Greg (working) :-)
13:54:27 <John> Hi Betty!
13:54:31 <Betty> now: itΒ΄s the weekend :-D
13:54:45 <Betty> hello John
13:56:28 <linda> Betty, time to kick back and relax
13:56:50 <John> whenever you are ready Linda...
13:56:51 <Betty> yup
13:57:12 <linda> ok controls released
13:57:30 <linda> bsb
13:58:12 <linda> 10 minutes interval, getting ready to go
13:58:32 <John> Thanks Linda!
13:58:32 <linda> you got it john?
13:58:41 <John> :thumbsup:
13:58:50 <linda> ok I'm out
13:59:37 <linda> I think Bee did this last Friday too! I'll try not to take it personally
14:02:44 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, time for BH soon?
14:03:04 <Betty> hi Graham
14:03:38 <Greg (working)> Thanks for driving Linda.. John, enjoy your drive.
14:03:43 <John> Yes it did Linda
14:04:01 <linda> Greg (working), :thumbsup:
14:04:01 <John> :thumbsup:
14:04:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> it will probably be in 30min when i have to be away for a bit
14:04:20 <linda> I guess not quite 10 minutes was ie at 13:47
14:06:14 <DanS working> bhi
14:06:33 <AYates> Go indy
14:07:12 <Betty> yay
14:07:14 <John> :thumbsup:
14:08:05 <John> I meant :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: :lol:
14:08:16 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice ro see the 10 minute rule still working
14:09:02 <linda> ill text
14:10:01 <linda> txt sent
14:10:22 <linda> I guess it was 10 min interval lol
14:10:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> just got the text
14:10:47 <linda> me too, amazing
14:10:56 <Kitt> yay
14:11:13 <Kitt> was just checking on Bee when I heard my phone whistle
14:11:17 <linda> :)
14:12:02 <Kitt> I got the wood stained and it is out drying now before a put a clear coat on it
14:12:38 <Kat (phone)> Good theft, thanks!!
14:13:18 <Kitt> we had to install a brace since we put a microwave back on the shelf in our motorhome
14:13:34 <Kat (phone)> Text* lol
14:14:06 <linda> was going to say, I didn't steal it lol
14:14:17 <Kat (phone)> LOL
14:15:17 <Kat (phone)> Afternoon all!
14:15:42 <Lori S> Hi Kat!
14:15:43 <John> :bee:
14:16:00 <Kitt> Climb Beehive, Climb!
14:16:11 <Kat (phone)> Go Bee!
14:16:23 <Lori S> Bee on delay
14:17:45 <Kitt> such a nice shower curtain
14:17:49 <Kat (phone)> Nice!
14:18:33 <John> :thumbsup:
14:20:46 <linda> Lori S, hello Lori hello
14:21:00 <Carl> Bee shows on static also
14:21:13 <Kat (phone)> OF window now! Great Bee, thanks!
14:21:26 <Kitt> yay
14:21:31 <Kitt> good timing
14:21:32 <Lori S> hello libda hello! πŸ˜‰
14:21:59 <linda> i didnt notice OF
14:22:37 <John> crap me neither!
14:22:41 <John> Sorry!
14:22:51 <Betty> :-)
14:23:02 <linda> LOL
14:23:10 <Carl> no big deal not missed :)
14:23:19 <John> :thumbsup:
14:23:31 <John> Yeah but I am going to get fired!
14:23:43 <linda> NO YOU WONT
14:23:55 <Kevin πŸ₯”> :p. Just got back and missed BH.
14:24:13 <Carl> how will yoy feed the family!!
14:24:16 <John> No, you missed OF!
14:25:16 <Betty> Kevin πŸ₯”, just like ols bus duty times :-)
14:25:24 <Betty> old*
14:25:44 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Yep.
14:26:30 <John> Did someone see OF on the static?
14:26:59 <Carl> no no OF yet
14:27:02 <Betty> no, I thhink it is still due
14:27:47 <John> Oh does that mean I have not been fired? :lol:
14:28:09 <Betty> lucky you
14:29:48 <John> thanks betty!
14:31:58 <Kevin πŸ₯”> If they are using K-rail they should be working 6 ten hour days to get it open. Seems dumb to be doing 4 tens.
14:33:03 <Kevin πŸ₯”> They just cut today’s pay by 50% John.
14:33:23 <John> LOL
14:34:49 <Kevin πŸ₯”> That section should have been built with a 3rd truck lane to begin with anyway.
14:35:28 <John> :thumbsup: for sure!
14:35:52 <linda> I entered OF as short maybe it was a long
14:36:41 <linda> It was more like a medium I think so that might account for no OF
14:39:23 <Betty> it was barely 3 minutes
14:39:49 <linda> Betty, yeah I chose short so we wouldn't miss it
14:40:59 <linda> with all the excitement of Bee I forgot
14:41:50 <linda> cya later
14:42:26 <Betty> bye linda
14:43:16 <John> OF
14:43:53 <Betty> not much preplay
14:50:23 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Now showing 1h38m from Mesquite to Glendale John.
14:50:46 <Carl> How is there a Grand prediction?? no Grand posted since last night
14:53:16 <Carl> we are about 17 hours out so it is coming
14:53:39 <John> I hope!
14:53:49 <Betty> I guess they predict a triple interval
15:10:10 <Betty> thereΒ΄s Daisy
15:10:30 <John> :thumbsup:
15:10:58 <John> Just need:castle: and :grand:!
15:24:30 <John> I think :castle: is warming up
15:59:37 <Greg 🀠> Ready when you are John
16:00:19 <John> :castle: almost! :(
16:00:55 <John> okay greg I will let you have :castle: and :grand: unless OF jumps in the way!
16:01:20 <Greg 🀠> 6 mins to of window ugh
16:01:55 <John> ☹️
16:02:36 <John> controls released have fun greg!
16:02:55 <Greg 🀠> Thanks for driving John, you had a good shift
16:03:34 <John> :thumbsup: yes it is fun when Linda saves or shares! :lol:
16:04:11 <Greg 🀠> :thumbsup:
16:04:15 <Kat> Greg 🀠, the Grand window may be wrong. Thought it was grand but it was deleted.
16:04:30 <Greg 🀠> Thanks Kat
16:05:46 <Greg 🀠> :lion:
16:09:53 <Greg 🀠> Hey Lion
16:10:36 <Greg 🀠> Thanks Kat
16:10:50 <John> :thumbsup:
16:11:51 <Kat> Wanted to check start time - it was 1605
16:12:04 <Greg 🀠> Yes, 1605
16:14:35 <Greg 🀠> Anyone hear about a griz attack in the park yesterday?
16:17:15 <7> What did you hear?
16:19:33 <Greg 🀠> Fatality unfortunately
16:20:26 <John> Oh no! When and where?
16:21:08 <7> Oh no!
16:25:00 <Greg 🀠> of time
16:28:25 <Greg 🀠> The griz story is now on line. Prayers to the family and friends. Details forthcoming
16:36:31 <Greg 🀠> Cam went flying by itself
16:50:32 <Greg 🀠> :castle: getting itchy
16:54:46 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Hiker in Spring = Bear chow.
16:58:11 <Greg 🀠> :daisy:
16:59:47 <John> :castle:
17:00:19 <John> :daisy: and :castle: just need a :grand:!
17:00:27 <Greg 🀠> :thumbsup:
17:09:33 <Kat> :thumbsup:
17:46:09 <linda> evening
17:46:26 <Greg 🀠> Hi Linda
17:46:29 <Betty> wb linda
18:00:11 <Betty> OF
18:00:41 <kcmule> ~~ Betty
18:00:52 <Betty> hey kcmule
18:02:51 <Kevin πŸ₯”> 2 hours Mesquite to Glendale now John. :p
18:03:13 <Betty> you on your way back?
18:04:40 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Not until Monday. One more grandkid to see.
18:05:24 <Betty> oh yes, I thought you already were there
18:05:32 <Greg 🀠> I missed of, sorry
18:05:50 <John> :thumbsup:
18:06:07 <Betty> looked like short this time, but not sure
18:06:46 <John> You're going to only get half pay Greg! :lol:
18:07:16 <Kevin πŸ₯”> I am at the new grandson. Still need to see the granddaughter. She was born on our way up here.
18:07:18 <Betty> cheap day for NPS
18:08:14 <Betty> depression looks hot
18:08:18 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Blame it on lousy cam controls Greg.
18:10:19 <John> LOL! Betty!
18:11:03 <Betty> :D
18:11:22 <Greg 🀠> I can imagine the email complaints now, from all over the world. I stayed up for OF, and....
18:11:24 <Greg 🀠> haha
18:14:42 <John> Uh Oh!
18:15:04 <John> Did you miss :grand: too?
18:15:17 <Greg 🀠> No the guy before me did
18:15:29 <Betty> Depression ie
18:15:55 <John> You also missed Depression! :(
18:19:56 <Betty> I call it a day. Hope you can find Grand
18:20:05 <linda> Betty, goodnight
18:20:06 <Greg 🀠> Night Betty
18:20:31 <John> Good night Betty!
18:21:19 <Greg 🀠> 95 today here in Buckeye AZ, 15 deg above the normal
18:22:12 <linda> Greg 🀠, ou can have it
18:22:31 <Greg 🀠> I don't want it, way too early
18:22:40 <John> :thumbsup:
18:22:50 <linda> :)
18:23:38 <Greg 🀠> But, only 72 days until we reach WY.
18:24:04 <linda> :thumbsup:
18:26:20 <Greg 🀠> Next Tue it will be 69 for a high
18:27:36 <Kevin πŸ₯”> 91 at home now.
18:28:05 <Greg 🀠> Did you meet the grandson today?
18:30:05 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Been with him since Saturday. Heading back day after tomorrow and will see the granddaughter Monday.
18:37:20 <John> Greg did you see the post by pizzaguys daughter?
18:43:22 <Greg 🀠> Is there an update?
18:44:07 <John> There was a major problem and he did not make it! :heart:
18:44:25 <Greg 🀠> :lion:
18:45:57 <Greg 🀠> That was a false report earlier this week. As of Yhur morning, he was still alive
18:48:06 <John> No way. Who would do that?
18:48:41 <Greg 🀠> Some one mis read what his daughter wrote
18:49:19 <Greg 🀠> :lion:
18:53:29 <Greg 🀠> :daisy:
19:08:01 <Kevin πŸ₯”> You are getting a good shift Greg.
19:12:44 <Greg 🀠> my internet dropped
19:12:56 <Greg 🀠> logging back on now
19:18:28 <Greg 🀠> 2nd time today that CL dropped. UGH
19:19:13 <Greg 🀠> John are you going to Parkadise this year?
19:21:29 <Greg 🀠> John, the news of an hour ago, Bruce passed away 2 hrs ago.
19:21:49 <Greg 🀠> A blot clot got stuck in the ECMO machine and it stopped working causing him to stop breathing.
19:21:55 <John> So is that right?
19:22:19 <Greg 🀠> Great guy, loved Yellowstone, wonderful photag and love pizza.
19:22:25 <Greg 🀠> Yes, His son messaged me
19:23:04 <Greg 🀠> People had reported he died last Mond, then on Tuesday, is was heart breaking for the family.
19:24:05 <John> Great photog. Love his photos. One of the original loons.... :(
19:25:02 <Greg 🀠> Yes, he was an original loon
19:26:10 <John> Wow just heartbreaking
19:36:47 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Bummer
19:38:51 <Greg 🀠> OF time
19:44:17 <Greg 🀠> Kevin, ya, its ben busy for sure
19:53:28 <Kevin πŸ₯”> It is really fun to get Giantess on the cam.
19:54:23 <Greg 🀠> Century Link just messaged me that I will be losing internet in the next 15 mins as they make a repair.
19:55:42 <Greg 🀠> Going to park the cam here. If another cam op wants to take over the next 15 mins, it is yours.
19:56:34 <linda> Greg 🀠, can you move it a bit so castle and daisy are easier to see
19:57:08 <linda> :thumbsup:
19:57:13 <Greg 🀠> Will this work
19:57:22 <linda> yu[ thanks
19:57:26 <linda> yu[
19:57:35 <linda> lol same mistake, yes
19:57:54 <linda> thank you
19:58:05 <Greg 🀠> My pleasure, thanks everyone
19:58:10 <Greg 🀠> Controls have been released. Thanks for tagging along today
19:58:21 <linda> thanks for driving
20:00:37 <Kevin πŸ₯”> Night
20:09:58 <linda> good night
20:11:14 <John> Good night!