Showing logs for date: 2022-03-27
06:34:00 <linda> grand maybe
06:34:18 <linda> behind the fogs
06:44:53 <linda> grand for sure
08:03:03 <Kevin 🥔> Took me a minute to figure out where this was. On the iPad the bw looks like buildings.
08:05:53 <abc> what geysers are going now
08:17:05 <Kevin 🥔> Sawmill was going. Don’t see any eruptions now, just steam.
10:20:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> bikes on the entrance road ........ who should we sent to check on SB?
10:23:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> its open from Mammoth to West, but not to OF
10:24:40 <GO STEAMBOAT> an ebike would make it doable
10:52:35 <DanS> Arty
11:03:57 <GO STEAMBOAT> hum, Artie time should be an ie ...... oh well, one can assume that any wc time for it is really ie
12:04:32 <Betty> hi all
12:05:53 <DanS> Betty, hello
12:06:09 <Betty> hi DanS
12:07:23 <DanS> 4 weeks until park visit
12:08:43 <Betty> whoohoo :-)
12:08:58 <Betty> I hope to be back this year too
12:09:12 <Betty> but it will be september
12:09:14 <DanS> :thumbsup:
12:11:12 <Betty> daisy
12:12:11 <Betty> Lion
12:38:45 <linda> tardy ie
12:44:01 <linda> Betty, hi
13:18:01 <Betty> hi Linda
14:05:45 <linda> daisy
15:15:28 <KorbenC(phone)> Is there a y reason why I cannot sync on my phone?
15:15:45 <KorbenC(phone)> Sync to GT that is
15:16:28 <Ben VL> ok on my end
15:16:43 <KorbenC(phone)> Hmm, gives me some 500 error
15:17:09 <KorbenC(phone)> I have restarted, uninstalled and reinstalled, just not working for me I guess
15:17:38 <Ben VL> I have iOS version though
15:18:33 <Ben VL> also at home I usually use gt on my web browser
16:01:25 <DanS> Hello BSB
16:14:09 <Betty> indy
16:16:09 <linda> ill text
16:16:37 <Betty> :thumbsup:
16:17:02 <linda> txt sent
16:17:23 <linda> and received
16:17:42 <Kitt> yay indy
16:17:49 <linda> here we are all together again!
16:18:37 <Kitt> watching vertical hot water
16:19:03 <linda> :)
16:19:03 <Mario> thanks for the text linda :)
16:19:10 <linda> Mario, yw
16:22:12 <Kitt> boom
16:22:20 <Mario> fantastic start
16:27:05 <Kitt> awesome, now back to work
16:28:32 <Mario> there were some good spikes on that beehive eruption
16:28:48 <Ben VL> that was a great bee
16:28:55 <Ben VL> nice and tall
16:28:55 <Betty> it was a good eruption.
16:29:11 <Betty> now time for sleep, night all
16:29:16 <Mario> night
16:29:34 <linda> Betty, night
18:23:40 <Brando> Man daisy is being really late today
18:24:33 <Ben VL> could've missed it
18:24:55 <Brando> maybe
18:25:01 <Brando> hopefully not
18:25:03 <Ben VL> (I hope we missed it)
18:25:11 <linda> looks like its been short of 2hrs twice, might have missed
18:25:17 <Brando> darn
18:25:28 <Ben VL> that's a good thing
18:25:38 <Brando> Turban?
18:25:38 <Ben VL> we don't want 2h30m intervals
18:27:02 <Ben VL> I'd really like to see the next around 3h 41 or smth
18:27:10 <Ben VL> foa a double
19:48:46 <linda> is it christmas in Idaho?