Showing logs for date: 2022-04-24
07:14:33 <Carl> turban and vent??
07:16:30 <linda> i think grotto and spasmodic
07:17:05 <linda> and something else back by grotto
07:18:41 <Carl> are you CC today?
07:18:57 <linda> nope
07:19:16 <linda> just linda :)
07:19:56 <Carl> did you move the cam or CC did?
07:20:10 <linda> I didn't move it
07:20:30 <linda> daisy
07:21:14 <Carl> It was CC she posted Daisy
07:22:31 <Carl> Time for church
07:22:55 <linda> enjoy
09:59:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> All right, who broke the cam?
13:17:29 <BenVL> Was that oblong there before daisy?
13:22:37 <7> Looks like we just missed lion
13:25:18 <KorbenC> BenVL, yes, Will got it
13:32:45 <BenVL> Nice
15:21:17 <BenVL> Well, no Bh yet
15:22:02 <KorbenC> That is my phrase of this week
15:22:32 <BenVL> Just checked the cam, don't think it would likely have gone unnoticed overnight
15:33:14 <BenVL> Just checked the night before, don't think it would have been missed then either.
15:33:30 <BenVL> This interval could be closed
17:08:51 <Mario> :grand:
19:22:13 <Brando> OF
19:22:35 <Brando> Nice height
19:26:18 <Brando> Long
19:30:53 <Brando> Sprinkler
19:39:19 <Brando> Possible missed Daisy?