Showing logs for date: 2022-04-30
07:06:04 <Kat (Cam)> Overnight recording was difficult to see anything
07:33:17 <Kat (Cam)> Art - the 0758 Riverside entry was in ie when cam panned from OF to down basin.
08:34:00 <Kat (Cam)> Morning all
08:37:12 <Kat (Cam)> OF
08:38:52 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Had a quail on my TV antenna today Linda.
08:43:23 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Interesting space picture:
08:43:31 <Dave from Bā„¢> Good morning everyone
08:43:47 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Morning
08:51:06 <Kat (Cam)> Hi Kevin and Dave
09:02:10 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> BH will be at least 15m
09:05:55 <Kat (Cam)> :lol:
09:17:39 <Sal> would you include Grand?
09:18:26 <Kat (Cam)> sure
09:19:07 <Sal> thank you
09:48:26 <Kat (Cam)> :daisy:
09:55:06 <Kat (Cam)> Riverside
10:14:35 <Betty> morning all
10:14:48 <Betty> Oblong
10:16:45 <Kat (Cam)> Hi Betty
10:17:01 <Betty> hello Kat
10:22:33 <Kat (Cam)> minor lion
10:22:51 <Kat (Cam)> wrong LOL
10:23:02 <Betty> :-D
10:24:45 <Betty> looks more like ini
10:25:18 <Kat (Cam)> IT is :)
10:43:49 <Kat (Cam)> Castle failed us again !
10:47:51 <Kat (Cam)> Looks like 1 and done
11:18:38 <Kat (Cam)> Lots of folks there today
11:19:05 <Betty> yep
11:22:41 <Kat (Cam)> Just a quick trip around the basin LOL
11:22:57 <Betty> :thumbsup:
11:27:53 <Kat (Cam)> OF
11:40:25 <Kat (Cam)> :daisy:
12:46:17 <Kat (Cam)> Bee went back to sleep
12:47:48 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:48:02 <Kat (Cam)> Hi Michelle
12:48:11 <Michelle> Hi Kat
12:48:37 <Betty> hi Michelle
12:48:56 <Michelle> Hi Betty
12:52:04 <Michelle> Kevins temporary fix on Bee is broke already!
12:52:26 <Kat (Cam)> :lol:
12:52:42 <Kat (Cam)> Yep!
12:53:04 <Michelle> He used spare parts from Grand and Daisy to fix it!!
12:53:42 <Kat (Cam)> Time to move people
12:54:48 <Michelle> C'mon, he needs a good scratch behind the ears!!
12:54:59 <Michelle> And a new pair of jeans!!
12:56:25 <Kat (Cam)> coyote
12:56:49 <Betty> a critter
12:57:00 <Michelle> Yote
12:57:45 <Kat (Cam)> nice
12:59:11 <Michelle> Let me know when you are out Kat
13:00:55 <Kat (Cam)> Grab it! Thanks - can check in later
13:01:25 <Michelle> Thanks for driving and you have a wonderful afternoon
13:03:40 <Michelle> OF
13:23:06 <Michelle> Plate
13:24:14 <Betty> nice closeup
13:34:07 <Michelle> Tardy and something at Bulger, didn't quite catch it
13:35:48 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:45:47 <Michelle> BSB
13:47:55 <Michael> Might be the most exciting thing I see today, so I'll take it.
13:57:17 <Michael> Got to go again, so ... yup. Go BSB!
14:25:21 <Michelle> Our bees are swarming. New queen and bees are just outside the patio door.
14:26:04 <Michelle> I can hear them buzzing inside the house.
14:31:41 <Michelle> I have to walk away for a few. If someone could get the OF recorded that would be nice.
14:42:55 <Betty> OF
14:45:48 <Michelle> Thank you Betty
14:46:13 <Michelle> My dog just got stung by a bee, maybe two.
14:47:37 <Betty> ouch
15:19:32 <Michelle> looking happy!!
15:20:05 <Michelle> :bee:
15:20:30 <Michelle> No Indy
15:20:34 <Betty> whoooo
15:20:38 <kcmule> :thumbsup:
15:21:00 <Betty> nice catch
15:22:42 <Michelle> Indy
15:48:47 <Betty> Bee made my day, night all
15:49:40 <Lori S> Mine too. We drove into the village and there it was. Thx Bee
15:50:32 <Michelle> Night Betty
15:54:27 <Kat> I missed Bee!
15:55:38 <Kat> Love the guy all excited on the bw!!
15:56:36 <Kat> Thx for getvideo!
16:06:26 <Michelle> OF window
16:07:14 <Michelle> Going to guess daisy went during Bee
16:19:49 <Michelle> OF
16:20:50 <Kevin šŸš‚> I told you it would go while I was training.
16:21:25 <Michelle> Your temp fix is working!
16:24:18 <Michelle> When are you going to fix Aurum and Giant?
16:42:15 <Kevin iPad> I keep fixing them, Dave keeps breaking them.
17:09:03 <Michelle> Looks like Grand
17:16:42 <Kat> Nice Grand and Castle
17:19:46 <Michelle> :daisy:
17:21:41 <Michelle> Bulger too
17:22:20 <Jeff> hows everyone doing today
17:22:57 <Michelle> Hi Jeff. good and yourself?
17:23:10 <Kat> Hi Jeff
17:23:28 <Jeff> not too bad just relaxing. bout to work my last day for a couple weeks until i get to the park
17:23:51 <Kat> Jeff, excellent
17:24:15 <Jeff> still cant believe this is my 5th summer
17:24:59 <Michelle> Lucky!!
17:25:19 <Jeff> all at the lower hams store
17:31:16 <DanS> Was just there yesterday - lower Hams still buttoned up tight for winter
17:43:29 <Michelle> OF window
17:59:12 <Michelle> OF
18:12:32 <Jeff> DanS, yea we open up may 27th
18:17:51 <Michelle> Going to leave it here and pop back in for OF.
19:26:36 <Michelle> Back for OF
19:49:47 <Michelle> Going to leave it here for the night. Have a great night!!
20:34:39 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Lion ie