Showing logs for date: 2022-05-07
06:21:28 <7> Grotto has been ie since 0506
06:52:12 <Kat> Good morning!
06:53:13 <Kat> 7, do you want to enter it?
06:57:55 <Kat> I changed to ie
06:58:16 <7> II am not able to
06:58:32 <Kat> 7, ok thanks
07:00:02 <Kat> Dome
07:09:02 <linda> Kat, morning
07:09:07 <Kat> Cam is blowing all over the place
07:17:39 <7> Daisy
07:18:46 <Kat> linda, Hi Linda
07:25:17 <7> Hmmmm...2 people were complaining just yesterday that Art posted wc on Daisy but there is yet again a wc post:)
07:27:03 <Kat> 7, I see that - and aware that I made an error:p
07:27:54 <7> Yep alwaya an error or typo
07:28:08 <Kat> 7, and you should post wc if you are observing from wc - did you mean ns?
07:28:13 <pop> Just sayin' ;) :p
07:28:33 <Kat> pop, :)
07:28:46 <7> exactly :)
07:29:58 <Kat> my errors in posts are mostly due to fat finger syndrome, misspelling or just plain missed something LOL
07:30:36 <7> :)
07:30:58 <Kat> Here we go - snow squall
07:33:35 <pop> To me 'ns' is implied with 'wc' anyway - that's why wc is an option
07:35:27 <pop> Anyone studying intervals knows that, the same as they know an E time varies with each feature and the distance from the vent to the logger
07:38:21 <7> pop, thanks
07:39:18 <pop> It's the joy of working with crowd sourced data. There will always be variables.
07:39:28 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:20:25 <Kat> Hi Kevin
08:35:28 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> hi
08:38:36 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Hard to look at this and think we were triple digits yesterday.
08:39:59 <Kat> Crazy weatrher
08:40:08 <Kat> weather*
08:41:44 <Kat> Controls are nuts - I zoom in and the picture zooms out?
08:46:28 <Kat> Blue sky on static!
09:09:17 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Time for training. bbl
09:13:41 <Kat> cya!
09:28:48 <Kat> Where's OF?
09:30:26 <Kat> OF finally
10:35:07 <Kat> Hi Kevin - I'm still here :)
11:09:58 <Kat> OF
11:33:23 <Kat> :daisy:
11:38:40 <7> 1133:09 per getvideo
11:51:34 <Kat> Just wanted to let you all know that I am covering for Tom but will be getting off cam early. Michelle will be logging in at 1P
12:29:09 <Kevin πŸš‚> Looks like a slow day.
12:42:56 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:45:29 <Michelle> Am I safe to go ahead and log in?
12:49:50 <Michelle> Going to log in
12:50:56 <Michelle> OF
13:06:30 <Michelle> Plate
13:09:41 <7> yes plate 1305 ie
13:20:49 <7> too far right for Daisy
13:20:54 <Michelle> Tardy
13:28:23 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:31:06 <Betty> hi all
13:31:20 <Michelle> Hi Betty
13:31:30 <Betty> hi Michelle
13:35:16 <Michelle> woohoo...snow!
13:35:35 <Betty> wow
13:42:09 <Michelle> Bulger doing something. Zoom is super blurry
13:42:30 <Betty> Oblong?
13:42:59 <Betty> oh, 50 min ago already
13:51:08 <Michelle> Dome
13:51:58 <Betty> nice
13:55:38 <Betty> Plume is steaming
14:04:13 <Michelle> Bee almost looks happy!
14:15:06 <GO STEAMBOAT> did i miss anything
14:15:10 <Michelle> OF Window
14:16:02 <Michelle> You missed a lot of steam and some snow!
14:17:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> haha i bet
14:17:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice to see peeps out and about
14:24:39 <Betty> hi Graham and Kevin
14:27:27 <Kevin πŸš‚> Hi
14:29:10 <GO STEAMBOAT> hi Betty
14:29:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> bus went past Henderson 4 days ago Kevin
14:30:04 <GO STEAMBOAT> i waved
14:30:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> on way from Pearcfe Ferry to Vegas
14:30:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> or Pearce Ferry
14:32:08 <Kevin πŸš‚> Did you go by 95 and Wagon Wheel?
14:32:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> i dont remember, haha
14:32:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> came off th highway at Boulder and then rund to I11
14:33:03 <Kevin πŸš‚> From Our Arizona?
14:33:21 <Kevin πŸš‚> Our?
14:33:53 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes, i came off a rafting trip that ended in Lake Mead
14:34:43 <Kevin πŸš‚> You were right by my house then.
14:35:01 <GO STEAMBOAT> i didnt see you wave back tho
14:35:56 <Kevin πŸš‚> Do you remember railroad pass casino?
14:36:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> cleaned off in Vegas and then came back to Denver
14:36:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah i noticed that
14:38:45 <Michelle> OF
14:38:52 <Kevin πŸš‚> About a mile from that. If it was Saturday I was working the train.
14:39:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> this was Tuesday
14:40:15 <Kevin πŸš‚> I was working the cam.
14:48:35 <Michelle> Some more dome
15:00:21 <Betty> splashy
15:15:14 <Michelle> A little more Bulger
15:28:42 <Kat> Hi all! Michelle I had an appt so left early from Toms shift
15:29:09 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
15:46:30 <linda> hi
15:47:04 <Michael> Hi Linda
15:47:16 <Michelle> Hi Linda
15:48:51 <Kat> Hey Linda!
15:49:02 <Kat> amd all!
15:49:11 <Kat> and*
15:49:23 <linda> ill take cam at 4
15:49:31 <linda> Kat, hi
15:49:44 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
15:58:12 <LindaG> I've logged in
15:58:47 <Michelle> Alrighty then. Controls released!
15:58:54 <LindaG> Michelle, :thumbsup:
15:59:11 <Michelle> Have a great evening! Thank you Linda!
15:59:29 <LindaG> Michelle, u too! Yw
16:25:20 <LindaG> OF
16:51:59 <LindaG> Dome ie.
17:09:50 <Kevin iPad> 80 to 1 long shot just won the Kentucky Derby.
17:10:37 <LindaG> Oh wow
17:11:50 <LindaG> Wonder if my chiropractor bet on it. He goes to the derby every year
17:12:51 <LindaG> Grand taking its time
17:14:11 <Kevin iPad> I bet I know how he wishes he bet it.
17:14:30 <linda> :) for sure
17:19:22 <linda> just watched, impressive'
17:24:39 <Kevin iPad> The horse sure didn’t like the horse the cooldown rider was riding.
17:26:15 <LindaG> Dome ie
17:29:44 <LindaG> Oh didn't see that part
17:30:06 <LindaG> Just the home stretch
17:32:44 <Kevin iPad> The winning horse was fighting with the other horse.
17:33:09 <LindaG> Feisty
17:34:36 <LindaG> Where are all those cars going in west entrance?
17:35:08 <LindaG> Gone now
17:40:39 <LindaG> Grand will go during OF
17:44:08 <LindaG> Bee is alive that will probably ly go during OF also
17:45:04 <8> why did we leave Grand?
17:45:31 <8> oh good
17:45:48 <LindaG> 30 second delay
17:46:10 <8> hopefully Grand start coming any minute
17:46:46 <8> if not, we will get OF instead
17:46:48 <LindaG> Hopefully not another turban
17:47:20 <LindaG> OF in 2 minutesπŸ™
17:47:39 <8> noooo, watch for it on static
17:49:04 <LindaG> Another turban might push it past OF
17:49:29 <8> that is true, though with our luck OF will wait too
17:49:43 <LindaG> True
17:50:03 <8> Grand might go past 9 hours...
17:50:35 <8> looks like Turban now
17:51:19 <8> Tara must be getting antsy
17:51:33 <LindaG> Yeah
17:51:59 <Brando> Hello everyone? How are you all doing?
17:52:07 <8> no post from her yet
17:52:09 <Brando> Everyone!*
17:52:12 <LindaG> Brando, good how r u?
17:52:23 <Brando> LindaG, pretty great thanks
17:52:35 <LindaG> Brando, that's great
17:53:11 <Brando> LindaG, :)
17:54:08 <Brando> Ill be staying at Old Faithful the 16th-17th, anyone gonna be in the park?
17:54:42 <LindaG> I'm not
17:55:38 <8> Xanterra is full of COVID employees right now, be careful
17:56:02 <LindaG> Oh no
17:56:02 <8> maybe Tara left Grand, no update on Turban
17:56:13 <8> yeah, lots in quarantine
17:56:18 <LindaG> Yeah it.was entered :(
17:56:36 <LindaG> No grand yet
17:56:47 <8> My GT has not updated
17:56:49 <LindaG> *wasnt
17:56:54 <Brando> Ill be masked up regardless what the level of covid transmission is, so i will be extra cautious. Thanks 8 for the heads up
17:57:29 <8> you are welcome. Hopefully it will be nice weather to be outside a lot
17:58:06 <Brando> 60s and partly cloudy. Gonna be at Arte for sunset and night gazing. Gonna be cloudy at night, but no rain predicted, so i have my fingers crossed
17:58:43 <LindaG> Brando, good luck
17:58:48 <8> good luck. Limited food service too
17:59:25 <8> Is the Lodge open yet?
17:59:52 <Brando> I love the geyser grill, so ill have that. gonna try breakfast at the inn and hopefully get dinner reservations
18:00:10 <8> only buffet at the Inn right now
18:00:33 <Brando> I love the buffet there. Thats all i get
18:00:36 <Brando> How much is it?
18:00:47 <Brando> If you know by chance
18:00:52 <8> no idea, I would guess breakfast is around 15
18:01:00 <Brando> Ok
18:01:24 <LindaG> OF
18:01:33 <LindaG> Good Of!
18:01:33 <8> thanks Linda, at least we are not missing Grand
18:01:51 <LindaG> :thumbsup:
18:02:39 <Brando> Very nice height
18:02:41 <LindaG> Maybe a short
18:03:04 <LindaG> Nope
18:04:36 <LindaG> Long
18:06:00 <LindaG> Still waiting for grand. Last interval was 9hrs and some
18:06:44 <LindaG> 8h 52 now
18:08:09 <Brando> I remember a few years ago Grand had a 10 hour interval, waited 3 hours for it
18:08:28 <LindaG> Wow
18:09:31 <Brando> It was bad. 70 degrees, 5 bulgers and an old tardy, so i at least was occupied lol
18:09:36 <LindaG> Daisy soon
18:09:50 <LindaG> :)
18:10:20 <LindaG> Last Sept I waited 5 hrs for bee but had never seen in person so I had to.wait :)
18:10:42 <LindaG> After you have invested 3hrs ya gotta wait
18:10:48 <Brando> Bee is worth the wait regardless of how long. I remember once i got OF, Bee, and lion at the same time
18:11:02 <LindaG> Brando, that's nice
18:11:05 <Brando> Is that snow?
18:11:31 <LindaG> Yes it better not block view of grand, that would be the ultimate insult lol
18:11:40 <Brando> Indeed lol.
18:11:47 <Brando> Mother nature does not want to give up winter
18:11:56 <LindaG> Although it says temp is 40
18:12:04 <LindaG> Grand
18:12:12 <Brando> Probably a mix of the two
18:13:06 <LindaG> don't want to miss daisy
18:14:00 <LindaG> Castle
18:14:13 <LindaG> Maybe a threefor
18:14:42 <LindaG> That looks.nice
18:14:45 <Brando> Lets go Daisy!!!!
18:15:03 <Brando> Man the wind is definitely blowing hard
18:15:35 <LindaG> 1hr 57 min on.daisy
18:15:58 <Brando> I call 18:20 for Daisy
18:16:01 <LindaG> Daisy
18:16:06 <Brando> Or not lol
18:16:16 <Brando> The threefor, love it
18:16:19 <LindaG> :D
18:17:30 <LindaG> Now we need a grizzly to run through with some wolves
18:17:43 <Brando> YES
18:17:47 <Brando> That would be amazing
18:17:55 <LindaG> :)
18:18:23 <Brando> Saw that one time by Canyon, a wolf was chasing a bear into the river by the turnoff of South Rim Drive, that was amazing
18:19:02 <LindaG> Nice
18:19:17 <LindaG> Want on grand or leave both in view?
18:19:18 <Brando> Is Castle a major?
18:19:49 <LindaG> I would wait 20 minutes
18:19:53 <8> two long Grand intervals in a row
18:19:55 <Brando> Sure go ahead and zoom in
18:20:32 <8> Closer to Grand would be great, hopefully we will get a 2nd burst
18:20:44 <LindaG> I'm there
18:21:00 <Brando> Nice spiking
18:22:03 <8> doesn't look like it wants to pause though
18:22:16 <LindaG> 10 min
18:23:24 <LindaG> Pause
18:23:36 <8> or done
18:23:49 <LindaG> Yeah
18:23:56 <Brando> My webcam is lagging i think, its still erupting for me
18:24:36 <8> Linda has a 30 second jump on us
18:24:45 <Brando> Gotcha
18:24:55 <Brando> Grand one and done, not bad
18:24:56 <LindaG> Done
18:25:07 <8> yep, thanks for driving Linda. Bye
18:25:22 <LindaG> 8, have good evening, yw
18:26:18 <Brando> Thats my first threefor of those three, amazing
18:27:01 <LindaG> :)
18:27:19 <LindaG> Doesn't happen too often usually grand and daisy
18:27:49 <Brando> Ive had that before, grand and daisy and castle
18:28:12 <Brando> Sitting at Daisy and saw castle and then grand and daisy was 10 minutes late lol
18:29:27 <LindaG> Castle looks like a major
18:29:41 <Brando> 17 minute long eruption so far
18:30:33 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> At least a captain with a long time in grade.
18:31:47 <Brando> When Castle is done could we possibly get a quick look at Little Brother?
18:32:14 <linda> sure
18:32:50 <Brando> Thanks Linda
18:34:28 <linda> arty
18:34:41 <linda> maybe
18:35:11 <Brando> my favorite geyser, yay lol
18:38:42 <linda> lb
18:40:09 <linda> not great light
18:40:41 <Brando> Hopefully we get a nice sunset tonight
18:48:21 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Right after BH
19:00:02 <linda> dome ie
19:22:26 <linda> uh
19:23:11 <Brando> Let it snow
19:23:26 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> 😝
19:23:38 <linda> :)
19:23:59 <Brando> Makes me wanna put on Frank Sinatra Christmas music lol
19:24:51 <linda> frankie? Andy Williams lol
19:25:18 <Brando> Thats also good lol
19:25:34 <linda> that's what I grew up with
19:25:50 <linda> and frank
19:26:05 <Brando> No one my age listens to Frank or Bing or the crooners, its sad lol
19:27:29 <linda> they were good
19:27:37 <linda> it's good you do
19:28:02 <Brando> They really were. I love 40s-80s music as much as modern acoustic pop
19:29:33 <linda> that's because you appreciate music
19:30:15 <linda> good music is timeless
19:30:37 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Ocean’s 11. Great Sinatra movie.
19:30:51 <linda> Kevin πŸ“πŸ“, :)
19:31:04 <Brando> Music means a lot to me, it calms me
19:31:09 <linda> sammy davis he was good too
19:31:10 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> What’s that noise?
19:31:33 <linda> Kevin πŸ“πŸ“, lol
19:31:39 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Yes, and Dean Martin.
19:31:47 <linda> Kevin πŸ“πŸ“, that was a good movie
19:32:12 <linda> The rat pack
19:32:32 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Suddenly is another great Sinatra movie.
19:32:41 <linda> they were just cool
19:32:51 <Brando> Never watched those movies, i dont really watch movies, except blazing saddles, thats a classic
19:33:02 <linda> Brando, thats a good one
19:33:12 <Brando> I share a birthday with Mel Brooks
19:33:25 <linda> :thumbsup:
19:33:53 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> For sure. You need to see Ocean’s 11 Brando. You would like it.
19:34:16 <Brando> Ill watch it for sure
19:34:16 <linda> google rat pack, they probably have some videos on youtube
19:35:22 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Cleavon Little is priceless.
19:36:15 <Brando> He nailed the sheriff role
19:36:16 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Sammy Davis did an assembly at my high school.
19:36:42 <Brando> Very interesting lighting on the static cam
19:36:49 <Brando> The sky looks wicked
19:37:28 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> He was great in The Homecoming. My favorite Christmas movie.
19:37:31 <L>
19:38:28 <linda> OF
19:39:42 <Brando> Nice eruption
19:39:51 <Brando> Also that scene is funny so far, i love it
19:40:15 <linda> :)
19:40:31 <linda> SHORT
19:43:15 <Brando> L, thank you for showing me that. Fantastic scene. Really funny.
19:43:39 <linda> Brando, YW, theres a few out there I think
19:44:33 <Brando> As my spotify plays fly me to the moon lol
19:44:54 <linda> :)
19:46:00 <linda> interesting to see johnny carson sing
19:46:01 <Brando> i just remember linda, i gotta get you and Lori a dark chocolate dove bar if we run into each other on the trail lol
19:46:09 <Brando> That is very interesting
19:46:31 <linda> Brando, definitely :)
19:46:47 <Brando> :D
19:47:28 <linda> we'll have a dove binge session on the hill
19:48:28 <Brando> Im totally all for that. I got a huge backpack, i can fit a whole box lol
19:48:45 <linda> lol
19:50:28 <L>
19:50:37 <L> Classic sammy
19:51:05 <Brando> I love Mr. Bojangles
19:52:25 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> How about Somerhing Stupid?
19:52:52 <linda> ?
19:53:12 <Brando> Beehive West Bubbler?
19:54:03 <L>
19:54:13 <L> Here it is
19:54:13 <Brando> BSB starting to steam
19:55:20 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Frank and Nancy Sinatra song Linda. Only father daughter duo to hit #1.
19:55:38 <linda> Kevin πŸ“πŸ“, i posted above
19:55:54 <Brando> A great song. I dont listen to Nancy that often other than these boots were made for walking
19:56:06 <linda> :)
19:56:24 <Brando> Lately ive been big into The Carpenters
19:56:37 <linda> they were good
19:57:05 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Love them. Superstar is my favorite.
19:57:30 <Brando> Top of the World or Rainy days and Mondays are my favorites
19:57:38 <linda> splkashy
19:58:12 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Yesterday Once More is great.
19:58:21 <Brando> splash splash. Lets go bee
19:59:08 <L>
19:59:27 <L> One of my favorites
20:00:46 <Brando>
20:00:56 <Brando> Another artist that left way too soon
20:02:06 <linda> i love john denver
20:02:14 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> That is a good one. I just ordered a M&P cd set with a lot of her singles and John Phillips too.
20:02:26 <Brando> He is in my top 5 artists of all time in my opinion. I love all his music
20:02:35 <linda> i have every john album made
20:03:03 <linda> Brando, he is, underrated I think
20:03:26 <Brando> In my Yellowstone playlist i have only 9 songs in it, but i listen to him all the time. And i agree with that, more people need to hear his music
20:04:08 <linda> he was a sensation at the time, but lost popularity
20:04:26 <Brando> And thats unfortunate.
20:05:02 <linda> saw him in concert once
20:05:05 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> He did a great movie too with George Burns.
20:05:18 <linda> yup
20:05:51 <linda> i was devastated when his plane crashed, what a waste
20:06:33 <Brando> I wish i could of seen him live. I also would kill to see Neil Diamond. I love him. And yeah, it was an absolute tragedy
20:06:42 <Brando> A life taken way, way too soon
20:08:37 <linda> Brando, ever hear him sing 'the wings that fly me home' ?
20:08:50 <linda> *fly us home
20:08:57 <Brando> No i havent, im looking that up right now
20:09:29 <linda> it's great
20:12:06 <L>
20:12:19 <Brando> Needless to say, that song is in my nature playlist. I love his voice in that song. Not even done with the song and i love it
20:17:32 <Brando> Splash
20:18:10 <Brando> Lets go beehive lets go *clap* *clap*
20:18:49 <Brando> I say Daisy goes in 5 minutes
20:19:24 <linda> ok
20:19:50 <linda> losing light fast
20:20:07 <Brando> The cloud cover isnt helping
20:20:19 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“>
20:20:33 <Brando> Sawmill off
20:21:04 <L>
20:21:42 <linda> Kevin πŸ“πŸ“, nice great group
20:22:35 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> First time I have seen Mississippi on cd.
20:23:13 <Brando> linda, that song is way different than what im used to with John, but i love it
20:24:10 <Brando> I think i saw daisy behind castles steam
20:24:20 <Brando> maybe not lol
20:26:47 <linda> Brando, that is why john fell out of favor he started to change his style
20:27:13 <Brando> I still think he sounds great
20:27:29 <linda> I think I may have missed daisy interval at 2h 11 min
20:27:53 <linda> been doing less than 2hrs
20:28:08 <Brando> Thats ok, theres always next time
20:28:22 <Brando> Churn seems to be steaming
20:28:35 <Brando> Just a tiny bit
20:29:09 <linda> I'm going to leav it here
20:29:19 <Brando> Alrighty
20:29:34 <linda> controls released
20:30:10 <linda> have a good evening
20:30:23 <Brando> I think im gonna call it a night. Thank you linda, and thank you Kevin πŸ“πŸ“, for the great conversation. Ive very much enjoyed it and it has made my night great. Have a great night guys. Ill be back on tomorrow
20:30:44 <linda> Brando, goodnight and thanks to you too
20:30:59 <Brando> :D
20:32:37 <Kevin πŸ“πŸ“> Night
20:49:37 <linda> now what is bee doing?
20:50:02 <linda> riverside or F&M
20:50:25 <linda> im going to sin on
20:50:50 <linda> i guess riverside
20:55:39 <linda> very steamy bee
20:59:04 <linda> controls released again
20:59:20 <linda> night