Showing logs for date: 2022-05-08
06:50:26 <Kat> A little snow overnight
07:46:40 <Betty> oh, snow
07:59:13 <Jeff> how is everyone today
08:25:45 <linda> Jeff, hi. how r u>
08:26:13 <Betty> hi Jeff, Linda, Kevin
08:26:16 <linda> looks miserable, hope it warms up by the end of august
08:26:21 <linda> Betty, hi
08:26:34 <Betty> lol, yes :-)
08:26:45 <linda> :)
08:27:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
08:27:46 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, hi
08:29:39 <Kat> Morning all!
08:29:54 <linda> Kat, morning
08:29:55 <Betty> hi Kat
08:39:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Here is a video of that horse we were talking about yesterday Linda.
08:50:11 <Kat> The road from Mammoth to Norris is closed due to snow
08:54:04 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, wow he really was biting him, I guess you can't beat on the horse that just won the derby too much lol
08:55:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was kind of funny. That one horse just wanted to get out of there.
09:07:30 <Jeff> linda, im good linda just ready to be back home in yellowstone soon
09:29:19 <Betty> interesting clouds
09:29:26 <Betty> on static
09:40:26 <linda> Jeff, that's good. soon
09:40:50 <linda> those clouds are moving at a good clip
09:51:00 <Betty> OF
10:07:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Doggies
10:22:29 <Betty> Herb Warren splash
10:22:54 <linda> Mammoth to Norris is open now
10:24:40 <Betty> BSB
10:27:38 <Betty> indy
10:27:39 <linda> indy
10:27:41 <Betty> .
10:27:42 <Betty> .
10:27:42 <Betty> .
10:27:54 <linda> ill send txt
10:29:54 <linda> sent
10:30:16 <linda> got mine
10:31:05 <Greg mobile> Email received, thank you, good morning and Happy Mom's da.
10:31:27 <Betty> hi Greg, Forest
10:31:35 <linda> Greg mobile, morning
10:31:37 <Betty> hi DanS
10:31:44 <Forestbewithyou> Hi Betty
10:31:49 <DanS> Thx for text
10:32:10 <linda> :thumbsup:
10:32:21 <Kat> Walked by computer and it's Indy!
10:32:30 <DanS> Super breezy
10:34:08 <linda> bee
10:34:25 <Betty> boom
10:34:36 <Kat> Yay!
10:34:45 <22> Visitor with a dog on boardwalk….
10:35:27 <linda> short and fat today
10:35:40 <Kat> Got the text too
10:35:54 <linda> :thumbsup:
10:36:04 <DanS> Trying to climb, but wind won't let it...
10:38:28 <Kevin iPad> Missed it by that much…
10:40:36 <linda> Kevin iPad, for your viewing pleasure
10:42:09 <Kat> :)
10:42:19 <Kevin iPad> Thanks. I was cooking breakfast.
10:42:46 <linda> yum! bisquits?
10:44:06 <Kevin iPad> French toast and sausage.
10:44:22 <linda> double yum
10:44:57 <Kevin iPad> Doing ribs and baked beans later.
10:54:32 <Betty> :castle:
12:11:12 <Betty> :daisy:
13:52:40 <kcmule> git along
14:08:01 <Betty> Arty?
14:51:27 <Jeff> hope everyone is doing well today
14:52:03 <DanS> Jeff, :thumbsup:
14:52:20 <Jeff> hows your day going dan
14:53:27 <DanS> Taking a rest from yardwork and garage cleaning. Exciting, eh?
14:53:54 <Jeff> very nice... i got all packed up and cleaned my apartment
14:55:30 <DanS> Heading to the park?
14:56:06 <Jeff> yea they wanted me to start tomorrow but just had too much to get done but i might be able to start wednesday now that ive gotten done what i needed to
14:57:12 <DanS> Still a while til Lowe Hams opens - what's the rush?
14:59:52 <Jeff> just ready to get out there plus i wouldnt mind making a little extra money
15:01:11 <DanS> :thumbsup: have a great season!
15:01:35 <Jeff> i plan on it :thumbsup:
15:04:11 <DanS> back to garage
15:55:41 <Betty> strong LC, nice
15:57:06 <Betty> I call it a day, night all
15:58:08 <Kat> Nice LC
16:09:35 <Kat> Dome on static
16:17:28 <Kevin L™ 🌵> No snow here but we do have a dust storm.