Showing logs for date: 2022-05-14
06:49:09 <Kat> Riverside
06:59:11 <72> Old Faithful is a very nice geyser
07:13:51 <Kat> Good morning!
07:18:37 <linda> morning
07:27:10 <Kat> linda, when are you leaving for Grand Canyon?
07:30:23 <linda> june 19th ill be gone till july 7th
07:30:53 <linda> really june 18th to go up north
07:32:16 <Kat> Was wondering because I may be in Delaware Memorial day
07:34:18 <linda> ill be around then'
07:37:45 <linda> i can do your saturday shift remind me
07:42:20 <Kat> linda, Thanks!
07:43:00 <Kat> Kristian graduates from The Biden School of Public Policy! Exciting!
07:48:02 <linda> :thumbsup:
07:54:55 <linda> thats great!
07:56:25 <Kat> I'm going to stay on this AM for a little longer than my shift - but can't do all of Tom's shift today
07:58:34 <linda> wont be here to help but doing tonight
07:59:56 <Kat> linda, I was figuring that - no problem....I'll just leave it :)
08:19:22 <Kitt> lots of steam near Bee
08:20:34 <Kitt> looks like we have 2 indy watchers
08:25:59 <Jeff> Morning everyone
08:28:34 <Kat> Good morning
08:33:09 <Kat> Plate
08:34:20 <Kat> Believe Lion series is done
08:46:12 <Kat> OF
08:46:17 <Kat> Hi Kevin
09:31:09 <Kat> :castle:
10:26:49 <Kat> Just an FYI - I've been covering for Tom this AM - but I am leaving soon and there will not be a camop until Michelle comes on.
12:37:30 <Katie ⛄> Hi all.
12:49:13 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:49:59 <99> Daisy ie
12:50:08 <Michelle> Looks like I am safe to go ahead and log in?
12:50:33 <99> I would say yes
12:50:57 <Katie ⛄> Looks like. When I saw Kat's chat, I almost logged in while sitting here waiting for restoration people, but decided not.
12:52:26 <Michelle> Going to assume Grand still has a chance
12:53:00 <99> it has been doing long intervals regularly
12:54:19 <Katie ⛄> Sure has - 9 hours or so
12:54:37 <99> check out the past few days. Lots almost 9 hours or more
12:55:02 <Michelle> Riverside
12:55:30 <99> does anyone check overnight GOSA captures anymore? Lots of moonlight, strange to not have BH seen
12:56:14 <99> are there people at Grand? That is always an indicator
12:56:50 <99> hard to make out through Sawmill steam
12:57:46 <43> no BH on GOSA overnight
12:58:15 <99> thanks 43. BH, where are you?
12:58:39 <99> is there a logger on it?
12:59:10 <Katie ⛄> Not a permanent one
12:59:28 <Michelle> Last BH I saw, there was no Indy until almost the end of the eruption. It has been doing weird stuff. Kevin was supposed to fix it!
12:59:35 <99> I hope someone reads it soon, would be great to know what is going on
13:01:32 <99> it looks like folks are out at Grand
13:12:33 <Michelle> BSB
13:13:04 <Michelle> Have not seen that for awhile
13:13:24 <Katie ⛄> A sign of life!
13:13:30 <Michelle> OF window too.
13:16:07 <Michelle> Most I have seen from Bee in some time! Maybe she has woke!!
13:16:18 <Katie ⛄> You can go super wide
13:18:06 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
13:20:09 <Michelle> OF course, there goes Grand
13:34:32 <Michelle> OF
13:40:38 <Michelle> Artemesia?
13:41:59 <Betty> yes
13:42:04 <Betty> hi Michell
13:42:38 <Michelle> Hi Betty
13:42:57 <Betty> hi Michelle:-)
13:56:29 <Michelle> Serious BSB
13:57:49 <Michelle> She is happy today!
13:58:06 <Betty> yeah
14:30:14 <Michelle> Hey Kevin, next time you go in to fix BH, can we install a remote?
14:32:08 <Kevin 🚂> That would be handy.
14:33:51 <Michelle> BH on demand!!:)
14:55:56 <linda> east entance is open
14:56:56 <linda> afternoon
14:57:31 <Michelle> Hi Linda
14:57:37 <Betty> hi Linda
15:00:57 <Michelle> OF window
15:15:12 <Michelle> OF
15:15:47 <Kitt> finally
15:21:56 <Michelle> Betting Daisy went during OF
15:23:29 <Kitt> bsb again
15:23:59 <Kitt> or maybe continuing from 1518
15:25:33 <Michelle> Oblong doing something
15:25:47 <Kitt> sawmill doing coverup
15:26:01 <Michelle> :):thumbsup:
15:26:24 <Michelle> Bulger
15:26:52 <Michelle> Tardy
15:27:15 <Kitt> people in front of Oblong
15:29:33 <linda> Betty, hi
15:29:40 <linda> Betty, hi
15:30:31 <linda> Michelle, hi
15:32:03 <Kitt> well hopefully Beehive soon
15:32:23 <Kitt> have no patience for sitting in front of computer
15:43:24 <Betty> :castle:
15:43:35 <Betty> no
15:44:00 <Betty> but it is so much steam that confused me, lol
15:46:55 <Betty> oh, I was correct
15:47:08 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
15:47:17 <DanS> :thumbsup:
15:49:26 <43> This AM was not a major
15:51:17 <43> Kat will have to change her 0930 to a minor
15:52:54 <43> I was watching this am, it did not look like a major but I defer to the cam-op.
15:54:27 <Michelle> Cam ops sometimes get it wrong, we defer to the watchers!!
15:55:10 <43> >(
15:55:11 <Michelle> :)
15:56:10 <Kat> 43, done
15:56:31 <43> thanks :)
15:57:06 <LindaG> Kat, hi
15:59:33 <LindaG> Signing in
16:00:08 <Michelle> Thank you Linda!
16:00:40 <LindaG> Yw thanks for driving
16:00:47 <Michelle> Bee has been happy, but that don't mean anything these days! Have a great drive!
16:01:05 <Betty> thx Michelle
16:01:38 <Michelle> YW and have a great afternoon.
16:01:51 <LindaG> Thx
16:03:27 <linda> lbsb
16:11:49 <linda> bsb stopped
16:12:25 <linda> olate ie
16:13:09 <Betty> plate
16:59:11 <linda> of
17:02:17 <linda> static pretty
17:03:35 <linda> bsb ie
17:47:06 <linda> bsb ie
17:48:31 <linda> ok having a senior moment what was the name of the geyser over by sawmill on other side of boardwalk
17:48:55 <linda> that I just was looking at
17:49:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Churn?
17:50:23 <linda> yes!
17:50:40 <linda> Thank you! I could not think of it's name
17:50:54 <linda> hate when that happens
17:51:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I didn't see it but that sounded like it.
17:51:24 <linda> I was hoping it didn't erupt or else I'd have to enter and couldn't think of name lol
17:51:57 <linda> I knew it started with a c
17:52:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> BSB does looke nice.
17:52:34 <linda> it's teasing us I think
17:54:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Triple digit day here.
17:54:43 <linda> yikes, and so it begins...
17:55:09 <linda> bsb stopped
17:57:33 <linda> sawmill ie
17:59:27 <linda> steamy tonight
18:32:56 <4> does not look like 0mph wind
18:33:36 <L> 18:32 start
18:36:46 <L> Long
18:37:22 <L> Bsb ie
18:40:47 <L> Bsb end
19:04:53 <L> Daisy
19:14:39 <L> Grand will be huge
19:15:04 <L> Bsb ie
19:22:21 <linda> bsb end
19:49:39 <L> Lion ie
19:50:04 <L> or not
19:58:27 <L> Road from east entrance to Lake junction is closed tonight due to bad weather conditions
20:13:29 <linda> of
20:16:13 <L> Short
20:23:29 <Kitt> that is a whole lot of sunlit steam
20:23:50 <linda> sure is
20:23:54 <Kitt> it is still winter on the eastern side of the park
20:24:26 <linda> yeah roads closed
20:24:58 <linda> bee is teasing us
20:25:24 <Kitt> even when it is open at this time of the year you will have avalanche warnings, soggy/brown grass, and snow
20:25:57 <linda> nice sky
20:26:23 <Kitt> I noticed that bsb intervals were 30 to 50 minutes apart
20:26:24 <linda> grand
20:26:57 <Kitt> nice
20:27:59 <Kitt> tall, saw a spike to top of mountain on left
20:29:11 <linda> too much steam
20:29:47 <Kitt> that was as it was climbing
20:29:51 <linda> lose the spikes
20:31:23 <linda> some spikes
20:34:02 <Kitt> I put in a request for a 2nd burst
20:34:29 <linda> :)
20:34:35 <Kitt> It doesn't appear to be cooperating
20:35:11 <L> Bit of a pause
20:35:18 <L> 2nd
20:35:41 <L> It worked
20:37:05 <Kitt> It is all about timing with the paperwork
20:37:42 <L> That was a nice one
20:37:47 <Kitt> Nice size group watching from West Triplet area
20:38:08 <L> Love the sky
20:38:34 <L> Lucky them :)
20:38:41 <Kitt> wish Beehive would have cooperated
20:39:30 <L> I know, bsb going off and on but nothing serious :)
20:40:38 <Kitt> well good night
20:41:02 <L> Kitt, good night
20:42:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Another nice sunset
20:42:36 <L> Bsb ie
20:42:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Lunar eclipse tomorrow night
20:42:47 <L> Oh yeah
20:46:17 <L> all foggy and overcast here, no eclipse for me.
20:50:18 <linda> bsb end
20:52:59 <linda> controls released
20:53:05 <linda> my bedtime, goodnight
20:53:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> night