Showing logs for date: 2022-06-06
06:47:32 <88> during the night I saw grand and lion, this morning I saw Daisy and lion
06:48:29 <Kat> Do you have times? or approximate?
06:50:12 <Kat> BSB
06:58:39 <88> about 025x grand, 042x lion, 054x lion, 053x daisy,
07:00:48 <KorbenC(12)> Kat, that was a nice BSB, would be worth keeping an eye to see if we can get another BSB soon
07:00:59 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:02:47 <KorbenC(12)> Recently south goes about 20min after the initial, if it is going into a series
07:03:15 <Kat> I'll keep an eye out!
07:09:08 <KorbenC(12)> c'mon BH, do your thing
07:10:50 <Kat> :lol:
07:19:03 <88> GOSA overnight 0259 Grand
07:19:42 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:20:38 <88> GOSA OVERNIGHT 0421 LION
07:25:34 <88> the rest will be on todays daytime unless someone has a recording
07:25:56 <Kat> Right !
07:26:32 <Kat> We need a wiper here!
07:27:39 <88> the 054x lion, 053x daisy could be entered as ~
07:29:49 <linda> morning
07:33:38 <Kat> Morning
07:47:02 <Kat> Riverside
09:21:08 <Kat 😎> OF
09:22:30 <linda> nice light
09:22:49 <Kat 😎> :thumbsup:
09:39:10 <Kat 😎> :daisy:
09:39:23 <Ryan> Morning
09:50:27 <linda> Ryan, hi
10:04:25 <Kat 😎> nice
10:08:58 <Kat 😎> Bee splashing
10:15:23 <Kat 😎> Is Katie off today? May just be runningg late
10:59:34 <linda> hello
11:00:23 <linda> Kat 😎, still here?
11:00:40 <Kat 😎> OF
11:00:44 <Kat 😎> Yep!
11:00:59 <linda> :) I'll sign on
11:01:31 <Kat 😎> Thanks!
11:02:02 <Kat 😎> Shouldn't be too long and can take back when I get back
11:02:33 <linda> I have doctor appt at 3:30 will have to go on OF after that
11:02:42 <linda> Kat 😎, ok
11:03:55 <linda> got it
11:04:30 <Kat 😎> Be back soon!
11:04:44 <linda> Kat 😎, :thumbsup:
11:05:30 <linda> i see green :)
11:29:03 <KorbenC(12)> is that BSB?
11:31:15 <LindaG> Steve O and Forest both have daisy
11:31:40 <KorbenC(12)> :)
11:33:00 <LindaG> Bee is quiet
11:33:08 <KorbenC(12)> LindaG, hi
11:33:36 <LindaG> KorbenC(12), hi
11:34:01 <KorbenC(12)> How has tess been doing?
11:37:22 <LindaG> Don't see boiling
11:37:47 <KorbenC(12)> Wind probably choking it
11:38:03 <LindaG> Little boil
11:38:17 <LindaG> :center
11:47:14 <LindaG> Nice cloud moving in. Looks serious
11:55:58 <Betty> hi all
11:58:08 <LindaG> Betty, hi
12:07:21 <LindaG> Quiet
12:10:29 <KorbenC(12)> we had a nice BSB earlier this morning, but nothing since :(
12:16:00 <LindaG> :(
12:17:54 <Betty> hi LindaG, KorbenC(12)
12:18:32 <KorbenC(12)> LindaG, West Bubblers just turned on
12:20:46 <LindaG> Little bit :)
12:21:00 <KorbenC(12)> I think thats as tall as they get
12:22:31 <LindaG> Without steam can't see it on cam
12:23:01 <LindaG> :)
12:24:21 <LindaG> OF time
12:37:24 <LindaG> Of
12:39:36 <Betty> llooks nasty out there
12:39:49 <LindaG> Short
12:40:12 <LindaG> It's doing something
12:40:38 <9> castle ie
12:40:40 <KorbenC(12)> LindaG, ?
12:42:51 <Betty> SantaFe is early for Grand
12:51:46 <Betty> CastleΒ΄s a major
12:54:23 <LindaG> KorbenC(12), like raining or something
12:54:46 <KorbenC(12)> LindaG, its ugly in basin for sure
12:58:36 <LindaG> Has been for a month now
13:02:14 <9> OF static cam does not show any wet on the walkway. Looks overcast maybe ,yet not raining...
13:02:32 <9> I read temps will be near 70 this week
13:02:56 <KorbenC(12)> 70 and humid. UGB will be taking a trip to the amazon.
13:03:08 <9> not possible
13:03:18 <9> humid for Yellowstone is not humid for anyone else
13:03:23 <KorbenC(12)> why not?
13:03:29 <9> anywhere else
13:03:42 <9> it's too dry there
13:04:02 <KorbenC(12)> No less than 32% humidity tho
13:04:22 <KorbenC(12)> Alot above 75% :(
13:04:45 <KorbenC(12)> But maybe my opinion is swayed given Colorados relative humidity is 27% right now, and I think it is wet and disgusting
13:04:52 <9> like today it says 79%, yet ask Graham or someone, not humid like other places are
13:05:59 <KorbenC(12)> well I guess I understand what you are saying, can be 100% relative humidity and no muggy if the DP, BP, and WB aren't right
13:06:36 <9> yes, never very MUGGY in Yellowstone.
13:06:52 <KorbenC(12)> Well don't say never :D
13:07:31 <Ryan> I recall a trip into the backcountry in August when it rained more or less non-stop.
13:07:48 <Ryan> In between rain squalls the sun came out and it climbed to around 80, and there was mist and fog hanging around
13:07:53 <9> well that is a bit different, and well needed in Yellowstone
13:07:59 <KorbenC(12)> Hi Ryan
13:08:03 <Ryan> This east coaster found that humidity to be... uncomfortable.
13:08:12 <KorbenC(12)> 9, that would be nice, but not for Beehive :)
13:08:30 <Betty> hi Ryan
13:08:34 <Ryan> Point being, it can get hot and muggy and humid in the Park. Just in certain places.
13:08:36 <Ryan> Afternoon, all.
13:09:14 <Kat 😎> Linda - I'm back
13:09:15 <9> and for VERY limited amounts of time and conditions.
13:09:33 <Betty> hi Kat and 9
13:09:43 <Kat 😎> Hi all!
13:09:52 <Ryan> Eh. Its a potpourri of weather.
13:09:55 <KorbenC(12)> Ryan, you remember that morning where I was texting you about that interesting F&M cycle? The weather down basin that morning was horribly cold, damp, and bleck.
13:11:19 <9> just not much humidity in the potpourri
13:11:59 <Betty> pretty dark on static
13:12:52 <9> sunny in West though
13:13:06 <KorbenC(12)> Looks kinda humid and disgusting right now
13:13:13 <9> maybe that is why the down basin view is what it is, like a haze of sorts
13:13:31 <Ryan> I seem to recall a large daily swing of weather in the UGB.
13:13:36 <Ryan> 9, that is rain
13:13:42 <9> very common
13:13:46 <KorbenC(12)> West Bubblers
13:14:10 <KorbenC(12)> Ryan, no kidding, UGB can have every kind of weather any time of year
13:14:12 <9> not raining in basin yet
13:14:26 <LindaG> So I'm standing in for Kat who was standing in for Katie. but at 3:30 I will have to put on OF because I have a doctors appt , just a heads up :(
13:14:32 <Ryan> I think the average humidity is low, on account of its elevation. But localized humidity can increase pretty dramatically.
13:14:45 <KorbenC(12)> 9, how do you know?
13:14:52 <Ryan> So the rain visible on the OFVEC static cam is...?
13:14:55 <9> look at static cam
13:15:07 <KorbenC(12)> Ryan, do you count those geyser fog mornings as muggy or geyzery?
13:15:14 <KorbenC(12)> 9, from ppl in basin it is raining on and off
13:15:19 <KorbenC(12)> some hail too
13:15:21 <9> well maybe starting
13:15:22 <Ryan> The sidewalk is soaked and there is visible rain shafts.
13:15:33 <9> I would not call that soaked
13:15:42 <KorbenC(12)> 9, been raining on and off for about na hour
13:15:45 <Ryan> I see reflections in standing water.
13:15:56 <9> anyway, sunny is coming
13:16:05 <9> look at west entrance
13:16:06 <KorbenC(12)> Linda, can we zoom on Bulger?
13:16:13 <KorbenC(12)> This way Forest can wave at us :)
13:16:17 <Ryan> West isnt the Upper Basin.
13:17:05 <LindaG> If castle would stop
13:17:06 <KorbenC(12)> Forest is on the far right with the umbrella
13:17:09 <9> Yellowstone Lake looks nice too
13:17:26 <9> UGB can have different weather from LGB
13:17:31 <9> only 8 miles
13:17:33 <KorbenC(12)> 9, but Yellowstone Lake is not UGB
13:17:51 <Ryan> Eh, I sense a troll in our midst.
13:17:51 <LindaG> Bulger stopped
13:17:53 <KorbenC(12)> The upper part of the UGB can and does often have different weather than lower parts of the UGB
13:18:19 <Ryan> There is reflective surfaces on concrete - everyone is in rain ponchos and umbrellas - and there is visible rain on both cameras.
13:18:23 <Ryan> But it isn't raining ;)
13:18:40 <KorbenC(12)> Ryan, its OK, two people from in basin just texted me that it is rainy, cold, and humid :P
13:19:02 <Ryan> Did they tell you that it was overcast, too?
13:19:11 <Ryan> Can't tell :P
13:19:11 <KorbenC(12)> Indeed
13:19:34 <9> radar shows a nice thunderstorm headed there...
13:19:37 <KorbenC(12)> Their fingers are going numb, Forest won't wave because it was so cold and wet and disgusting, lol
13:19:40 <9> very localized
13:19:51 <KorbenC(12)> 9, well, there is also a nice one there right now
13:20:01 <LindaG> Bulger is back
13:20:06 <KorbenC(12)> If there is anything Forest and I can agree upon, it is that radar coverage sucks for YNP, very innacurate
13:20:06 <9> is he reporting thunder?
13:20:12 <KorbenC(12)> Linda, it is doing fake starts
13:20:45 <KorbenC(12)> 9, I will ask, but I feel bad asking him all these questions, his hands are probably not very happy
13:20:51 <9> sure looks like it is erupting
13:21:01 <KorbenC(12)> 9, well, it isn't :)
13:21:16 <KorbenC(12)> And yes, I am being sarcastic
13:21:41 <Ryan> I need a new desk chair
13:22:00 <KorbenC(12)> In basin people are calling this bulger mode "Splash, start erupting, but not actually erupt" :p
13:22:14 <KorbenC(12)> Ryan, we need more coffee
13:22:26 <Ryan> Or an ergonomically better setup. I am looking down at my computers all day right now and getting bad upper back pain and compression in my chest.
13:23:08 <KorbenC(12)> Do they have standing desks that can convert into normal desks when you dont want to stand up?
13:23:16 <Ryan> I am debating making risers for both computers and my monitors to lift them up so I look up, or straight ahead rather than down.
13:23:40 <Ryan> They do, but as quickly as my income increases the cost of E V E R Y T H I N G is out pacing it.
13:23:46 <LindaG> Ryan, that would be good
13:23:50 <Ryan> Speaking of which - anyone want to buy some wall art? ;)
13:24:21 <Ryan> Right now if I want something, I build it. Which probably isn't a bad habit to be in. Makes me really have to want it.
13:24:50 <KorbenC(12)> Ryan, you work from home right?
13:25:07 <Ryan> Yup
13:25:36 <LindaG> You guys are going to hate me bit I have to put on OF.Kat is due to come back and take it. Not sure how long. Wasn't planning on doing this.have doc appt. So sorry.
13:26:05 <Ryan> How dare you take care of your health
13:26:19 <Ryan> Hope all is well. :heart: Can you leave it wide?
13:26:33 <LindaG> Ryan, πŸ˜„ a radical idea for sure
13:26:35 <KorbenC(12)> LindaG, np, hopefully everything is good. Can we put BH in view?
13:28:05 <LindaG> There ya go
13:28:18 <KorbenC(12)> LindaG, thank you
13:28:33 <LindaG> KorbenC(12), :thumbsup:
13:29:47 <Ryan> see ya later
13:41:53 <Betty> OF
13:48:00 <Kat 😎> I'm here
13:48:18 <Betty> :thumbsup:
13:50:16 <Kat 😎> Rain keeping cam from focusing well!
13:51:23 <Kat 😎> Riverside
13:51:40 <Ryan> It's not raining, Kat
13:51:49 <Kat 😎> Bhye Ryan
13:51:50 <Ryan> Have it on good authority :P
13:51:54 <Kat 😎> Bye
13:52:05 <Kat 😎> Ryan, :)
13:52:07 <Ryan> ha!
14:01:07 <KorbenC(12)> is that BSB or steam flkoating in from elsewhere?
14:07:41 <Kat 😎> BSB steam
14:09:05 <KorbenC(12)> Kat 😎, hi
14:10:11 <Kat 😎> LC
14:10:20 <Kat 😎> KorbenC(12), Hey there
14:25:56 <Betty> good Giantess boil
14:29:11 <Kat 😎> Betty, yes
14:29:32 <Kat 😎> Now if it would just go! LOL
14:42:49 <Linda> Kat 😎, you have cam?
14:42:54 <Kat 😎> Linda, I do
14:43:11 <Kat 😎> Should have put Kat Cam
14:43:13 <Linda> Kat 😎, :thumbsup: ok not home
14:43:17 <Betty> wb Linda
14:43:32 <Linda> Betty, hi only temporary :)
14:43:37 <Kat 😎> No problem - I can hang a bit longer
14:43:59 <Linda> Ok driving home
14:44:50 <Kat (cam)> Linda, :thumbsup:
14:48:10 <Kat (cam)> Basin is greening up
14:51:07 <Ryan> @ KevinL
14:51:09 <Ryan>
14:51:20 <Ryan> The 4x5 Monorail is coming along nicely.
14:52:41 <Ryan> If I take a backlit photo of Beehive from 300 feet away I may be able to count every water droplet.... :D
14:54:10 <Kat (cam)> Purple people following red folks
14:54:47 <Ryan> With some film stocks, I can shoot nearly 500MP images with this thing.
15:05:33 <Kevin iPad> Nice looking piece Ryan.
15:11:41 <Kevin iPad> D Day invasion was 78 years ago and Battle of Midway was 80 years ago today. Lot of brave men gave it all in those battles. I just wanted to give a salute to those men.
15:15:05 <Linda> I'm home and forgot I have a shift tonight lol
15:16:38 <Kat (cam)> LOL - you need some time?
15:17:07 <Linda> Kat (cam), if you could, if not I'll take it
15:17:40 <Linda> Grabbing something to eat
15:17:47 <Kat (cam)> I'll stay on until 5:45 - our time
15:18:07 <Linda> Ok thanks
15:18:31 <Linda> There's their time and then our time lol
15:21:58 <Kat (cam)> OF
15:22:07 <Kat (cam)> Linda, LOL
15:33:13 <Betty> I call it a day, night all
15:34:01 <Kat (cam)> Nite Betty
15:36:11 <Kat (cam)> Not Daisy yet
15:41:43 <Linda> Ok I'll sign in
15:42:33 <Kat (cam)> Thanks!
15:42:48 <Linda> Kat (cam), I'm in. I can take it
15:43:04 <Kat (cam)> Have a good drrive!
15:43:19 <Linda> Kat (cam), thanks
15:44:31 <Kat (cam)> I'm out until tomorrow! :)
15:44:39 <Linda(cam)> Daisy
15:45:10 <Linda(cam)> Kat (cam), ok
15:53:22 <Linda(cam)> Bee splash
15:55:44 <Linda(cam)> :)
15:56:33 <Kevin iPad> You need to put the quarters in.
15:58:59 <Linda(cam)> :)
16:00:51 <KorbenC(12)> BH is more energetic, maybe
16:01:13 <Linda(cam)> Seems so
16:01:37 <KorbenC(12)> Can see West Bubblers
16:01:41 <Linda(cam)> Wow 3 days
16:02:40 <KorbenC(12)> I am convinced bad weather and "extermism" are making it go long
16:03:21 <KorbenC(12)> When it has a few short intervals, I worry it becomes sensitive to the weather, pushing it to the extremes.
16:04:00 <KorbenC(12)> raining
16:04:08 <Linda(cam)> Splash
16:24:52 <Linda(cam)> Cam is getting spunky
16:26:34 <KorbenC(12)> Can really see the west bubbler going strong
16:37:44 <KorbenC(12)> Hi Ben
16:37:52 <KorbenC(12)> Haven't seen you in a while
16:37:56 <Ben VL> hi
16:38:52 <Linda(cam)> Ben VL, hi
16:39:06 <KorbenC(12)> are you still in YNP?
16:39:29 <Ben VL> no, I got home wednesday last week
16:39:49 <KorbenC(12)> :thumbsup:
16:39:54 <Linda(cam)> Grand
16:40:04 <KorbenC(12)> When do you go back?
16:40:07 <KorbenC(12)> Good pan Linda
16:40:41 <Ben VL> late this month. looks like it'll probably be the last two full weeks
16:40:53 <Linda(cam)> thx
16:41:56 <KorbenC(12)> Ben VL, cool, maybe we will run into eachother
16:43:11 <Ben VL> yeah
16:43:29 <KorbenC(12)> Graham, SF, and Forest are hanging around Sawmill and Grand
16:44:07 <Ben VL> so this bonita pool eruption from earlier, does anyone know if it was a legit eruption or just the sputs?
16:44:19 <KorbenC(12)> Ben VL, just the sputs
16:44:26 <Linda(cam)> Nice spikes
16:45:15 <Linda(cam)> Oh geez OF
16:45:21 <Ben VL> ok. Maybe graham meant to make that a note instead of an eruption
16:46:13 <KorbenC(12)> But he added the "ns" I dont think you can do that on a note
16:46:42 <Ben VL> start the note with a [ns]
16:47:10 <KorbenC(12)> :thumbsup: maybe, but he would have had to click the button (unless there is a gt feature that does that automatically)
16:47:39 <KorbenC(12)> I can ask him if you want?
16:48:03 <Ben VL> it wouldn't add an NS to the note, it would just clarify to the reader that it is ns
16:48:37 <Ben VL> would be nice, last eruption GT has on bonita was in 1997
16:48:56 <Ben VL> that's why I'm curious
16:48:56 <KorbenC(12)> cool, ill text him
16:50:10 <Linda(cam)> Pause
16:57:34 <Linda(cam)> OF
17:06:14 <Kitt> wow, the sky on static cam looks just like what went thru Worland around 1245
17:06:25 <Kitt> it dumped rain then disappeared
17:08:37 <Linda(cam)> Wow
17:10:35 <Linda(cam)> I'll be back in a minute
17:14:08 <Linda(cam)> Bback
17:20:06 <KorbenC(12)> BSB/West Bubvblers, one of them
17:20:31 <Linda(cam)> Good eyesight
17:20:43 <KorbenC(12)> which one? I got delay
17:20:45 <Linda(cam)> Lol
17:21:08 <KorbenC(12)> Hopefully BSB :)
17:21:40 <Linda(cam)> No bsb
17:21:50 <KorbenC(12)> Yes West
17:22:07 <Linda(cam)> Splash though
17:28:43 <KorbenC(12)> Lion
17:28:44 <KorbenC(12)> .
17:47:21 <Linda(cam)> :daisy:
18:00:40 <KorbenC(12)> Forest and Bryce are hanging out on the hill
18:03:10 <Linda(cam)> Nice
18:03:58 <KorbenC(12)> Forest in his Yellow jacket :)
18:04:42 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Bryce in his conductors hat?
18:05:58 <Linda(cam)> :)
18:06:04 <KorbenC(12)> think so
18:07:26 <Linda(cam)> That them?
18:07:36 <KorbenC(12)> Linda(cam), they are by BH
18:07:44 <KorbenC(12)> where the railing is
18:08:19 <Linda(cam)> Nope
18:08:26 <KorbenC(12)> they just walked away
18:08:29 <KorbenC(12)> lol
18:09:10 <Linda(cam)> Yellow jacket in back of goantess
18:11:26 <KorbenC(12)> Yea, but not his yellow green jacket :P
18:11:29 <KorbenC(12)> They migth be at Dep
18:11:36 <KorbenC(12)> they are at dep at 1810
18:12:11 <KorbenC(12)> yup, they are at Dep
18:13:21 <Linda(cam)> Tell them to wave
18:13:41 <KorbenC(12)> Linda(cam), I have tried
18:13:47 <KorbenC(12)> They say they are cold and frozen
18:14:26 <Linda(cam)> and they can't wave? lol
18:14:30 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Many are cold but few are frozen
18:14:32 <KorbenC(12)> Linda, IDK
18:14:47 <KorbenC(12)> Kevin, and less are cold and frozen at the same time
18:15:08 <Linda(cam)> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, lol
18:15:52 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Made it to 109Β° here today
18:16:30 <Linda(cam)> Wow, that's not.cold
18:16:51 <KorbenC(12)> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, that is hotter than ghost peppers are
18:17:25 <Linda(cam)> Hope it before I get there
18:18:08 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> It is supposed to hit the 110s this week.
18:18:50 <Linda(cam)> Yikes
18:20:29 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Last year it hit that in April and stayed that hot through September.
18:21:51 <Linda(cam)> :(
18:22:51 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> We are feeling grateful thus year,
18:22:59 <Linda(cam)> Hey gorest
18:23:07 <Linda(cam)> Or forest
18:23:18 <Forestbewithyou> Howdy
18:26:34 <Linda(cam)> OF
18:31:52 <KorbenC(12)> big Bee splash
18:41:50 <Linda(cam)> Splashing
18:50:28 <Linda(cam)> Lion
18:51:03 <Kevin iPad> Wouldn’t be surprised to see it tonight.
18:51:49 <Linda(cam)> Bee looks like it's warming up
18:59:45 <Lori S> Hello Linda Hello
19:00:02 <Lori S> Hailing hard in West!
19:00:11 <Linda(cam)> Lori S, hello Lori hello
19:00:18 <Linda(cam)> Lori S, wow
19:00:36 <Linda(cam)> What weather!
19:00:59 <Linda(cam)> Forest and Bryce are out there.somewhere
19:01:12 <Linda(cam)> They were freezing
19:01:24 <Lori S> Eek. In west or in basin?
19:01:40 <Linda(cam)> Basin, they were on the hill
19:02:15 <Lori S> Well, they should probably take cover or they are gonna get pelted
19:02:34 <Linda(cam)> Oh dear
19:03:07 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Put their helmets on.
19:03:19 <Lori S> Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡, :D
19:03:38 <Linda(cam)> A conductors hat won't do it :lol:
19:04:08 <Linda(cam)> doesn't look anyone is on the hill
19:04:13 <Lori S> Floor guy is driving work truck back from Canyon. About to wrst gate soon
19:04:36 <Lori S> west
19:04:53 <Lori S> Thanks for looking
19:05:13 <Linda(cam)> looks like everyone wiped out on the hill
19:05:25 <Linda(cam)> *wimped
19:05:53 <Lori S> so bee should go thrn
19:06:03 <Lori S> still hailing
19:06:12 <Linda(cam)> Lori S, yup :D
19:06:40 <Lori S> oooo thunder
19:07:00 <Linda(cam)> Wow hail and thunder
19:07:06 <Lori S> was thundering eith no rain for over an hour
19:07:18 <Lori S> then it hit!
19:07:35 <KorbenC(12)> Hi Lori
19:07:50 <Lori S> Hello Dr Cooper
19:08:09 <KorbenC(12)> Linda, can we zoom on Bulger, there may be a hole on this one
19:08:10 <Linda(cam)> Couple people out there
19:08:20 <KorbenC(12)> Lori S, how are you doing?
19:09:08 <KorbenC(12)> Bulger major ie
19:09:16 <Lori S> Well, until about an hour ago, I was do much better. Been good for 2 weeks now. Just crashed for no reason while walking fog
19:09:35 <Lori S> haha dog
19:09:45 <KorbenC(12)> Lori S, sorry to hear that
19:10:17 <Lori S> thought i was done with these energy crashes. geez
19:10:25 <Lori S> and thanks
19:11:09 <Lori S> KorbenC(12), are you driving yet? i want to know when to stay off the roads
19:11:18 <KorbenC(12)> Lori S, yes
19:11:36 <KorbenC(12)> but not while in YNP, only on the way too and from
19:12:10 <Lori S> oh, ok. please thank your dad
19:12:19 <Lori S> :lol:
19:12:23 <KorbenC(12)> I do!
19:12:48 <Lori S> ...and to not too
19:13:01 <KorbenC(12)> I congratulate him too, just surviving an hour with me driving deserves it.
19:13:27 <Lori S> Oh, I bet you do great.
19:13:36 <KorbenC(12)> Well I need your advice on Steamboat though, you know exactly what is not going to do. :)
19:14:02 <KorbenC(12)> Lori, I survived a road rage and got to give a very satisfying thumbs down to the guy trying to ram me from behind
19:14:09 <Lori S> It's getting ready. When u getting here?
19:14:19 <KorbenC(12)> Lori, the 18th
19:14:27 <KorbenC(12)> I doubt it will hold off
19:14:45 <Lori S> oh dear. i agree
19:14:47 <KorbenC(12)> but it would go back to week long intervals just to prove you wrong :P
19:15:10 <Lori S> I hope it does. :)
19:18:55 <Linda(cam)> Looks cool against dark clouds
19:19:50 <Linda(cam)> Be right back
19:23:36 <Linda(cam)> Back
19:46:09 <Linda(cam)> Daisy
19:46:40 <Linda(cam)> I couldn't tell
19:47:02 <Lori S> i was about to ask
19:47:11 <Lori S> hard to see
19:47:56 <Linda(cam)> I thought maybe but was having hard time seeing it
19:48:08 <Linda(cam)> So difficult when it gets steamy
19:49:40 <Linda(cam)> Come on bee
19:52:01 <Lori S> I finally see floor guy at west gate
19:52:31 <Linda(cam)> 😊
19:53:14 <Linda(cam)> He
19:58:35 <Linda(cam)> In case bee makes a sneak atrack
19:59:34 <Lori S> :)
20:00:27 <Linda(cam)> It's been doing that lately
20:07:56 <Linda(cam)> OF
20:11:02 <Lori S> Have a great night all. Headed out.
20:13:09 <Linda(cam)> Well I've put in too many hours today
20:14:16 <Linda(cam)> Controls released
20:14:25 <Linda(cam)> Lori S, good night
20:14:52 <Linda(cam)> Good night all
20:32:21 <l> riverside ie