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03:50:17 <L> Lion ie
03:59:12 <LindaG> daisy ie
05:53:22 <LindaG> daisy ie
06:04:35 <LindaG> snow
06:10:46 <LindaG> morning
06:11:02 <Kat> Morning
06:11:30 <Kat> High water
06:13:05 <LindaG> yeah
06:13:32 <LindaG> and it continues to precipitate
06:14:29 <Kat> Very sad - did you see the video of NPS housing falling into the river?
06:14:57 <LindaG> yes I shared on FB what a shame!
06:15:20 <Kat> One person on boardwalk at of
06:15:37 <LindaG> has it all to himself
06:15:53 <Kat> Must be an employee
06:16:14 <Kat> Although there is 1 car in the Inn parking lot
06:17:05 <LindaG> for some reason I didn't realize that gardner canyon road was the main road leading to Gardiner. Yikes!
06:17:51 <Kat> Those folks are definitely land locked - as is Cooke City and Silvergate
06:18:19 <LindaG> that with the bridge!
06:19:03 <Kat> Even Cooke and Silvergate are separatley land locked. - Bridge washed out
06:19:20 <LindaG> wow, you never know
06:19:32 <Kat> separately*
06:20:51 <Kat> I think this recovery will takes months! That repair in Gardiner Canyon is going to be a long time !
06:21:20 <Kat> Positive - we have cam power :)
06:25:13 <Kat> Looks like a wet snow - not good
06:29:58 <LindaG> Kat, agree. I may have to cancel Roosevelt and stick to the south. We will see, I hate to cancel roosevelt, this is like the 3rd time I've had reservation and not made it there.
06:30:33 <Kat> LindaG, you still have some time, I'd wait for sure
06:30:54 <Kat> OF
06:31:21 <Kat> OF says - I'm still standing!
06:31:56 <KorbenC> Morning all
06:32:05 <Kat> Morning Korben
06:35:35 <LindaG> Kat, yeah i'll definitely wait
06:37:26 <KorbenC> Looks like flood waters crested last night?
06:37:57 <Kat> In some areas probably
06:43:09 <Kat> They have evacuated the Livingston Hospital -it's getting bad there
06:43:52 <LindaG> thats serious
06:44:21 <Ryan> Good Morning
06:44:42 <Kat> EMS services has been really busy! It will be miraculous if there isn't loss of life
06:45:22 <LindaG> Ryan, morning
06:45:41 <Kat> Good morning
06:47:01 <LindaG> daisy seems to have gotten back on track
06:47:14 <Kat> :thumbsup:
06:47:34 <LindaG> bsb or just steam
06:47:37 <Kat> She was freaked by the events of yesterday
06:47:51 <Kat> LindaG, I didn't see any water
06:47:53 <LindaG> :) geysers feel stress too
06:48:11 <LindaG> Kat, :thumbsup:
06:49:17 <LindaG> sad to watch that house slip into the water, yikes
06:49:53 <Kat> According to a friend it traveled quickly too
06:50:26 <Kat> Time for more coffee
06:53:51 <Ryan> Time for coffee, period.
06:57:18 <Ryan> The storm system which was a borderline derecho over Ohio and PA has made it here and has blessedly devolved into just heavy rain and frequent thunder
06:58:46 <Ryan> I'd comment about radar showing the precip has finally moved out of the GYE but I know radar there is sketchy
06:59:21 <LindaG> Ryan, Ryan, I'm having a thunderstorm at the moment in jersey
06:59:42 <KorbenC> Yes, there are probably going to be some residual bands that will form and cause some light precip over YNP though Ryan
06:59:49 <LindaG> arty?
07:00:37 <Ryan> Seems like lots of places are getting some decent weather. The NSS convention is being held this week in Custer, SD and there is a joke (based on a long history) that every convention requires a bad weather system.
07:00:46 <LindaG> here comes the rain
07:00:52 <Ryan> In 1986 the convention was in New Mexico and they got flooded.
07:01:13 <Ryan> Well, its in SD this year and they've dodge two tornadoes and a couple rounds of golfball to baseball sized hail
07:02:38 <Ryan> The storms over Ohio yesterday were a hot minute from turning into a derecho. If they had organized it would have been a bad day here, too.
07:07:03 <LindaG> :-/
07:07:50 <Dave from B™> Good morning eveeryone
07:08:02 <LindaG> Dave from B™, morning
07:08:03 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, hi
07:08:18 <Kat> Dave from B™, good morning to you too!
07:08:49 <Dave from B™> It was sad watching buildings go into the Yellowstone around Gardiner last night
07:09:03 <LindaG> Dave from B™, for sure
07:09:39 <Kat> Very sad! My heart breaks for Gardiner residents and visitors who are stranded!
07:09:49 <LindaG> that house happened fast, I saw the video where the garage went first and the house still had support
07:09:54 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize most of the park received 1.75-3" of rain on Sunday. We received 0.34 over the entire weekend
07:10:38 <Kat> Everything looks so eerie
07:12:59 <Dave from B™> I'm not even really effected by this and I couldn't focus on anything else last night.
07:13:45 <Kat> Dave from B™, I'm in Florida and was glued to updates. :(
07:14:59 <Dave from B™> Yellowstone is supposed to crest in Billings at 3 pm today. It doesn't appear that it will cause many issues UNLESS it rains today
07:15:35 <Ryan> I guess the latest rumors are that OF will open on Friday
07:15:54 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, forecast doesn't think Billings will get any more rain
07:16:10 <Dave from B™> I couldn't believe how many washouts there were on the Gardiner - Mammoth road
07:16:39 <Dave from B™> Korben, we have gotten rain a couple times in the last week when we had a 5% chance, so I don't believe anyone at this point
07:16:53 <KorbenC> GYE will get lingering snow showers and rain showers through this evening, but likely not much water
07:17:14 <Kat> I think letting people in too soon will create chaos - some will do crazy things to see what they can!
07:17:33 <Dave from B™> Billings storm watergoes into the river at 14 feet level. River is cresting at 14.7. So, if it rains that water will not enter the river; it will back up into town.
07:17:50 <Ryan> I would hope there would be visit limitations
07:18:01 <KorbenC> I hear that West Entrance road and Madison to OF are still in decent conditions, so assuming the rivers do not go up any more, it should be good in a few days I think
07:18:25 <KorbenC> I am wondering if they will open up some of the roads to people with reservations in the park, and then limit visitation after that
07:19:14 <Kat> KorbenC, are you still gong if open?
07:19:54 <Kat> going*
07:20:04 <Dave from B™> The main concern now is to get stranded out of Gardiner.
07:20:20 <Kat> Dave from B™, exactly!
07:20:38 <Kat> and that takes staff and support
07:21:05 <Dave from B™> My guess is a piloted route on the Old Gardiner Road but that is just speculation at this point. We'll hear more later today
07:22:37 <Ryan> I think folks can do a bunch of things at once.
07:22:47 <Ryan> Xanterra HQ is in Gardiner. That will be a problem
07:23:51 <Dave from B™> How fast can military type bridges be built?
07:24:29 <Ryan> "very"
07:24:53 <Ryan> I think the main issue with rebuilding will be setting the foundations.
07:24:53 <Dave from B™> Paradise Valley is going to need one of those, most likely, at Point of Rocks
07:25:39 <Ryan> The soil stratigraphy where those bridges were built is probably entirely different than it was 48hrs ago.
07:26:08 <Ryan> Good news is that civil engineers know how to work those problems. If they are given the proper resources there will be a new bridge in no time at all.
07:35:40 <KorbenC> Kat, sorry I was out on a walk
07:36:04 <Kat> np
07:36:12 <KorbenC> And yes, if any of the entrances are open to OF and the lodges are open I will be going
07:37:14 <KorbenC> I would like to say I could stay home and give the park time to heal, but with thousands of dollars invested it is kinda hard to stay home
07:38:00 <Ryan> Go and help then.
07:38:39 <KorbenC> Now if they cancel our reservations we have a back up in September that is exactly the same. If there is anything I learned from a broken leg, it is to have a back up plan to your back up plan :)
07:39:36 <LindaG> i always have a backup plan
07:40:19 <Kat> I plab some - but am really spontaneous! LOL
07:40:25 <Kat> plan*
07:40:25 <KorbenC> Ryan, if for some reason the NPS needs teenagers to guide people out of the backcountry, provide support, or otherwise help, they know I will help!
07:40:38 <Ryan> Look into whatever efforts may be happening with the Red Cross or FEMA and see if you can volunteer. You'd still get a YNP trip.
07:41:06 <KorbenC> uhoh, bye bye cam
07:41:52 <Kat> Ge:daisy:nerator ran out of gas?
07:42:01 <KorbenC> Probably
07:42:24 <Kat> Generator* LOL
07:42:51 <Dave from B™> What is a GeDaisynerator?
07:42:52 <LindaG> uhoh
07:43:13 <Kat> Dave from B™, new geyser???? :)
07:43:29 <Kat> Can't get back into controls
07:43:59 <Dave from B™> Maybe, that is the machine that makes Daisy so regular?
07:44:50 <Kat> Hahaha
07:45:30 <Kat> The dreaded X
07:45:36 <Ryan> If it is then give it more gas and turn it up
07:46:15 <KorbenC> I hope Jeff will get on here today, he can probably fill up the gas :)
07:48:35 <Kat> If electric is still out and they are using generator for some support the gas stations may be down too -just a thought
07:49:35 <KorbenC> I thought Jeff said electricity is still running, just not for the cam
07:50:20 <Ryan> Electricity is on
07:50:24 <Ryan> Am I seriously delayed?
07:50:27 <Ryan> I still see the cam
07:50:49 <KorbenC> Ryan, look carefully, you are on loop
07:51:18 <Ryan> Oh... so I am
07:51:29 <Ryan> When was that installed?
07:52:35 <KorbenC> No idea
07:54:21 <Ryan> Jeez, another thing to make me question my sanity
07:55:45 <Dave from B™> Ryan, just refresh and then you can stare at the X with a revolving circle
07:56:28 <LindaG> id rather watch the loop
07:59:28 <Kat> I messaged Brett - like he's not busy - but just as an FYI! He may not get it as electric in Mammoth is down too
08:01:19 <Jeff> Morning everyone
08:01:31 <KorbenC> Hi Jeff
08:01:43 <Kat> Hi Jeff, can you fix the cam?
08:01:57 <Jeff> Hi korben and I wish I could kay
08:02:02 <Jeff> Kat*
08:03:32 <Kat> I can get into controls but no picture
08:04:44 <KorbenC> does that mean the cam is out of electricity but still has wifi?
08:06:30 <Jeff> there’s only 1 car in the inn parking lot
08:08:22 <Dave from B™> Morning Jeff
08:08:41 <73> Any way to get gas to the cam generator?
08:09:09 <Jeff> Morning Dave
08:09:45 <LindaG> Jeff, hi
08:09:55 <Jeff> Hi Linda
08:10:41 <Jeff> 73, If I knew where they put generator I’d get the gas for it
08:11:10 <KorbenC> Jeff, so you guys are closed through Thursday right?
08:12:02 <Jeff> The last I heard it was through Wednesday night opening Thursday but that could’ve changed since we got that news yesterday
08:14:30 <Kat> Per Vrett - OF appears to have lost power he's posting a message on Visitor page about cam instability
08:14:36 <Kat> Brett*
08:14:52 <Kat> Jeff, no power?
08:15:25 <Jeff> We have power at lower hams and to my knowledge we haven’t had any power surges since yesterday morning
08:15:59 <KorbenC> Jeff, "Currently, we only know that our operations are closed through Thursday night." Looks like it changed
08:16:32 <Jeff> Who said that korben? Can sholly?
08:16:47 <KorbenC> on YNP lodges main page
08:16:47 <Jeff> Cam*
08:17:01 <KorbenC>
08:17:05 <Kat> Jeff, strange
08:17:55 <Jeff> I’m sure if our stuff changes then our store manager will update us
08:18:14 <KorbenC> I guess you are DNC right?
08:18:27 <KorbenC> I forgot that there are multiple different companies in the park
08:18:37 <Jeff> Yeah we’re DNC
08:18:41 <Kat> I have a pic on controls now but it is frozen!
08:19:08 <KorbenC> Ill say though, there is alot of monetary incentive to get the roads open and fixed as fast as possible
08:20:30 <Dave from B™> High waters will be around for a couple weeks; how high is the key to how fast things can get repaired
08:20:46 <Jeff> Yeah on all ends there’sa lot of money being lost
08:21:03 <Dave from B™> Billings is going to be 97 on Thurs and Fri so I'm assuming park will also be hot
08:21:36 <Jeff> From what I’ve seen Friday and Saturday are in the 70s in the park
08:21:58 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, high 70s for the park Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
08:22:30 <Dave from B™> That still will melt some snow
08:22:31 <KorbenC> Tommorow is going to be cold and sunny
08:23:09 <KorbenC> It could help stabilize conditions too.
08:23:50 <Jeff> Idk about the rest of the park but here at Old Faithful we got just enough snow to start covering the roofs and barely cover grassy areas
08:24:13 <Dave from B™> 2-3" in a day is very unusual for YNP. To put it on top of snow made things even worse.
08:24:42 <KorbenC> Jeff, hopefully that snow corresponds to only a tenth of an inch or so of water
08:25:07 <Jeff> We can only hope korben but it also still lightly snowing
08:25:22 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
08:29:06 <CraigC> someone made a post stating that Yellowstone Lake rose 6 inches in 2 hours. I can't fathom that...
08:29:44 <Dave from B™> That would be a lot of water, Craig
08:30:12 <Ryan> Given how far south the Lake is - that may fall under the category of "I'd like to see the logger data"
08:31:12 <Ryan> I am sure it did rise, but 6 inches is a bit eye-brow raising
08:32:31 <CraigC> maybe it was the river rose 6 inches in 2 hours and they mis-interpreted it
08:34:20 <CraigC> "nearly 3 inches rain in 24 hours…a friend said Yellowstone Lake came up 6 inches in 2 hours…and then it all came down stream"
08:36:18 <Ryan> I saw that comment. That is an enormous amount of water - and an oddly round number.
08:36:57 <CraigC> "Around 1” in lower elevations and up to 5” in the Beartooths." maybe it did, though, if you account for snow being melted at the same time from the rain
08:37:20 <Ryan> I wonder if there was some kind of sieche or something. A bunch of water influxes in on one side and causes a localized rise of the water elsewhere on the opposite side.
08:37:25 <Dave from B™> Yesterday, I heard Lake area received 1.75" on Sunday alone
08:37:31 <Ryan> The Great Lakes get those things fairly often actually.
08:37:47 <Dave from B™> This was heavy rain melting snow
08:39:04 <Ryan> If I did the math right, 6" is 1.9 billion cubic feet of water.
08:39:29 <Mike J> Thanks Ryan. I've been trying to figure some of those numbers out.
08:39:37 <Dave from B™> Most of Yellowstone feeds the Yellowstone River
08:39:39 <Ryan> 136mi² * (5280ft^2) * 0.5ft
08:40:13 <Ryan> I can imagine ~2bcf but not in 2hrs
08:40:34 <Dave from B™> What if someone rounded up and it was only 4"?
08:40:49 <CraigC> men do that
08:40:54 <Ryan> Ok, 1.3 billion cubic feet :P
08:41:18 <Ryan> Gee, thanks Craig. Now I need to wipe coffee off the keyboard
08:41:27 <CraigC> lol
08:42:04 <Dave from B™> haha CraigC
08:42:41 <Kat> CraigC, LOL
08:42:57 <Dave from B™> I wonder how long it will take to just get all bridges inspected
08:43:16 <Ryan> On a legit note - when the trade winds blow steadily to one side on Lake Erie the other end gets a big standing wave of water. Sometimes this can be several feet - the water level just rises. Heavy, sudden, influxes of water can do that in lakes with the right bathymetry.
08:43:33 <Ryan> I wonder if someone was in the right spot to see a 6" rise like that.
08:44:26 <Ryan> The Yellowstone is draining it. So the outflow had to restrict the inflow enough to rise 6" in two hours and then drop again - so take that ~1.9 billion cubic feet of water and multiply it by several factors.
08:45:04 <Larry in Denver> The fact that Xanterra logistical support (food warehouse, laundry, etc.) is in Gardiner will be a big factor in how quickly they can get accommodations and restaurants open. Perhaps a two-way flagged operation on the Old Gardiner road after it dries out.
08:46:33 <Dave from B™> Larry, that is what I mentioned earlier but that road can be so wet this time of year. It would probably need some work
08:46:48 <Ryan> The Lake is very close to the continental divide and doesnt actually have that big of a watershed. I am a bit skeptical of the 6" in 2hr comment.
08:48:10 <Larry in Denver> I suspect they might put gravel down. I believe the Delaware North warehouse is in West, so they might be able to up their supply deliveries to the general stores to help fill the supply gap.
08:48:35 <Dave from B™> The Yellowstone river begins at least 50 miles from Yellowstone Lake, if I remember my facts correctly
08:48:48 <Jeff> Yes DN warehouse is in west Larry
08:49:11 <Ryan>,00065,00010
08:49:36 <Ryan> ^Also worth noting that the river gage at the Lake outlet doesnt show a 6 inch rise anywhere near two hours
08:49:59 <Ryan> Actually, it shows a rise of 6 inches in two days.
08:50:58 <Dave from B™> That seems more logical; thanks for digging into it, Ryan
08:51:49 <Kevin L­™ > One plus is the Army reserve has a lot of engineering units getting ready or already out in the field for their Summer exercises. They can use them to help with road repairs and issues.
08:52:26 <Ryan> Kevin L­™ 🌵, my thoughts exactly. While this is bad - and it is BAD - the damaged areas are also pretty limited in scope.
08:52:43 <Dave from B™> I would expect Sholly to make an announcement today. Where is it best to look for that sort of thing?
08:52:53 <Ryan> If, and its a big IF, the proper amount of resources are targeted at it I think the recovery can be very fast.
08:53:28 <CraigC> Dave from B™, I see all the update info ont he FB YNP page
08:54:45 <Dave from B™> Thanks
08:54:51 <CraigC>
08:57:15 <Larry in Denver> Xanterra still has to feed their employees. I wonder how they plan to pay them if they have no work for them? Will many quit, making the worker shortage even worse for the rest of the season?
08:58:43 <Dave from B™> Larry, that is a possibility. I would expect many to bolt the region since they may be out of work for awhile
08:59:48 <Dave from B™> This entire summer season, which already was a short staffed one, will be even more so. I don't expect all restaurants to reopen.
09:00:28 <KorbenC> They could open lodges, however.
09:00:30 <Larry in Denver> What a sad blow to what was going to be a festive 150th anniversary year
09:03:46 <Dave from B™> Korben, I would expect lodges and gift shops to open. They are the biggest money generators
09:04:12 <KorbenC> Heavy Rain/Snow band moving into the park
09:07:43 <Dave from B™> Sorry, I too slow to do it. Can someone see what the flow in Paradise Valley is compared to yesterday?
09:08:13 <KorbenC> Dave from B™, what is a town in paradise valley?
09:08:33 <Ryan>
09:08:42 <Ryan> Thats for Corwin Springs
09:09:03 <KorbenC> a bit higher upstream
09:09:41 <Ryan>,00065,00010 Livingston
09:10:08 <KorbenC> Corwin Springs:
09:10:35 <Ryan> Red Lodge:
09:10:39 <Dave from B™> Good, it has dropped 40% from the high...still high but better
09:10:47 <Ryan> Note the Red Lodge gage was destroyed
09:10:47 <Kevin L­™ > Corwin Springs sounds like a brand of beer.
09:13:26 <KorbenC> Gibbion River at Madison Junction
09:51:44 <Kat> Just read Southern loop will not open for at least another 5 days!
09:53:20 <KorbenC> Southern Loop includes OF, Grant, and Lake right?
09:53:44 <Kat> I believe so
09:54:23 <Kat> OF on static
09:58:24 <LindaG> Kat, wow
09:59:18 <Dave from B™> and Canyon, Norris and Madison
09:59:28 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
10:00:06 <Kat> This is going to be a long recovery!
10:00:57 <Kat> OK - bbl
10:04:01 <Dave from B™> Linda, sounds like Roosevelt is out for you this year
10:05:28 <2> Also putting a reservation system in place for remaining summer months!
10:05:45 <Dave from B™> This might be a good time to abandon the current Mammoth to Gardiner road and look for an alternative route
10:07:09 <2> Southern Loop is Madison to Norris to Canyon to Lake to OF
10:07:23 <2> A loop
10:07:46 <2> Grant is outside of it. Considered south
10:08:21 <Kat> Dave from B™, agree
10:08:38 <2> I wonder what type of limits they will impose
10:09:26 <Kevin L­™ > Interstate 13...
10:10:15 <2> Will they restrict your guides?
10:11:18 <2> Tour guides
10:12:09 <2> Number of days? Lottery? So many options
10:13:59 <Chancellor> supposed to check into OF Inn a week from Friday
10:15:23 <Kat> I think they will restrict # of visitors for sure
10:15:57 <CraigC> is DinosaursArentReal GT person a ranger?
10:15:59 <2> It was in the same paragraph as not reopening for 5 days minimum
10:17:31 <2> I thought Jeff said employees were not to go out into basins
10:19:07 <CraigC> wouldn't rangers still make rounds
10:21:31 <2> Someone posted E time for Daisy.
10:22:43 <Larry in Denver> Lots of peeps walking to the west entrance
10:34:43 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, Gardiner to add some emp[loyee housing during this rebuild time. Loprd knows they have a big shortage of staff housing.
10:35:19 <Dave from B™> yikes
10:40:46 <CraigC> wild
10:40:53 <Dave from B™> This actually could bring much needed funding to YNP.
10:42:23 <CraigC> americans can't take much more money printing, though
10:44:12 <Kat> Nice - it's back!
10:44:15 <Kevin L­™ > Yea! It's alive!
10:44:27 <Kevin L­™ > Even let me on controls.
10:44:49 <Kat> :)
11:02:11 <Kevin L­™ > OF ie
11:03:39 <Kevin L­™ > Very early OF. Wonder if the last one was a short.
11:24:15 <Kevin L­™ > Looks like river is way down today
11:24:18 <KorbenC> River is down alot!
11:27:53 <KorbenC> Lookx like Xanterra closed until at least 6/20
11:28:09 <KorbenC> nope, nvm, I do not read right, lol
11:28:14 <Dave from B™> When were you scheduled to check in?
11:28:45 <KorbenC> Saturday, but my reservations are going to be cancelled, I am going in September
11:31:14 <Dave from B™> That's a good choice
11:31:46 <Dave from B™> What are the new rules for 2023 reservations? If I want to go at the end of June, when can I book?
11:32:05 <KorbenC> About a week ago
11:32:56 <Dave from B™> Guess I better get with it; especially with a lot of people and rebooking for next year
11:33:22 <Kevin L­™ > They are probably sold out now Dave.
11:33:36 <Dave from B™> So, when can I book July 2023?
11:33:41 <KorbenC> Kevin L­™ 🌵, surprisingly there are still most rooms available
11:33:47 <KorbenC> Dave, July 5th at midnight MDT
11:34:21 <Dave from B™> Thanks Korben
11:35:20 <KorbenC> Now that I said it, it actually looks like Xanterra is closing all lodges throug the 20th.
11:36:36 <Kevin L­™ > Want to ride trains with us Korben?
11:39:07 <KorbenC> Kevin L­™ 🌵, when?
11:39:46 <Kevin L­™ > August
11:40:14 <KorbenC> I will be hiking up pikes peak that morning and meeting you on the top, but might ride the train down
11:40:51 <2> I wonder if employees will leave and they’ll be even more short handed?
11:41:00 <Kevin L­™ > We will be doing Georgetown Loop on the 19th
11:41:22 <KorbenC> Kevin L­™ 🌵, thats my first day of school :(
11:41:31 <Kevin L­™ > Wouldn't surprise me #2
11:41:42 <KorbenC> 2, probably
11:41:54 <2> Will they still charge employees room and board if they are not paying them?
11:42:26 <Dave from B™> They are moiving all concession staff from the north to the south
11:42:30 <Dave from B™> moving*
11:42:30 <2> I bet some are living paycheck to paycheck
11:43:08 <2> I read that. Sounds like Mammoth will be closed rest of sesaon
11:43:16 <2> Season
11:43:28 <Kevin L­™ > Your first school day is on a Friday?
11:44:19 <2> I wonder if they will barricade at Norris and not allow travel north?
11:44:20 <Dave from B™> 2, that is how I was reading it but I guess it depends on how quickly Gardiner recovers
11:46:24 <KorbenC> With all the roads gone, I think it is going to be at least a few weeks
11:49:56 <Dave from B™> I think we can pretty safely say, no regular travel between Gardiner and Mammoth this year
11:50:31 <Kevin L­™ > And we thought bison jams were bad.
11:50:36 <Dave from B™> Old Gardiner Road is not equipped to handle a lot of traffic
11:53:11 <Dave from B™> Bison will not be allowed on roadways to help traffic this year. Kevin, you are in charge of keeping them off the road.
11:54:32 <Kevin L­™ > Daisy
11:54:47 <Kevin L­™ > Nachos for everybody!
11:56:44 <Katie 🐻> Oh, hey! streaming cam!
11:58:30 <Dave from B™> Hi, Katie
12:02:47 <Dave from B™> According to FB, it looks like Highway 89 is opening later today. I wonder if they will be using East River Road
12:04:59 <Dave from B™> I guess that is from someone who drove as far as they could from Gardiner north and were told that by state workers
12:05:49 <Dave from B™> It's hard to believe Yankee Jim road would be intact but there is a lot of rock in the canyon
12:20:34 <Katie 🐻> There is post from Park County Sheriff's Office, now. It's real!
12:24:06 <Dave from B™> Just read it. Thanks, Katie. Nice, we can service our 2 customers in Gardiner and our 2 in the valley now.
12:24:59 <Kevin L­™ > All that water and you want to send them dead dish?
12:25:03 <Kevin L­™ > Fish
12:30:02 <Dave from B™> Yes, sir
12:30:12 <Dave from B™> People have to eat!
12:32:25 <Ryan> Nice to hear some good progress is being made - and quickly
12:32:38 <Ryan> This was probably something that actually made it to the President
12:32:55 <linda> wow cam back up
12:33:13 <Dave from B™> Ryan, are you talking about the cam?:D
12:33:35 <Ryan> No the road
12:34:12 <Dave from B™> I'm pretty sure they are using the East River Road because the Point of rocks bridge will need repairs
12:35:43 <Ryan> Access is access
12:37:34 <Larry in Denver> Yes, they are using the East River Road:
12:39:28 <Kevin L­™ > Speaking from the working end of some of these things, you can get things put back fairly quickly if the footings and abutments are good, which for the most part the stuff I saw was. They have some cool machines that can compact soil in narrow areas quickly.
12:40:04 <Kevin L­™ > One of the biggest problems would be finding Type II gravel that isn't too wet.
12:41:19 <Dave from B™> As far as I know the Point of Rocks Bridge is still standing. It looked like the Gardiner approach to it was separated from the bridge
12:42:36 <Ryan> Word from the last half hour is that 89 is open, too
12:42:40 <Kevin L­™ > Another early OF?
12:42:44 <Ryan> Yankee Jim was apparently spared. Wet, but spared.
12:43:00 <Larry in Denver> I wonder how far downstream that NPS dorm building floated intact. It was amazing to see it hold together as it came off the embankment. Did not see any videos of it hitting the PoR bridge.
12:43:08 <KorbenC> Does make me wonder what the south side of the park looks like
12:44:02 <linda> oh that building was NPS dorm building? I thought it was someone's house. I
12:44:05 <Ryan> Park County release says "through the canyon and on East River Road" - apparently both are open.
12:48:03 <linda> geez look at this weather
12:48:35 <Kevin L­™ > Unreal.
12:49:09 <linda> It's june right?
12:49:41 <Ryan> My first trip to the park was June 2001 and we got snowed out for two days - had to stay in Cody
12:49:49 <Kevin L­™ > Maybe the Earth flipped over and we are in the southern hemisphere.
12:49:50 <Ryan> June 8 I think
12:50:08 <Dave from B™> Larry, the Corwin Springs bridge destroyed what was left of it
12:50:59 <Dave from B™> Ryan, East River road is in the Paradise Valley; Yankee Jim is south of Paradise Valley
12:51:01 <KorbenC> wow
12:51:15 <Larry in Denver> That must have been quite a sight. Floating structures and huge intact trees take out many bridges in a flood.
12:51:21 <linda> Ryan, true my first trip was in mid to late june and had some snow but not constant, like a one off
12:51:36 <Ryan> Oh my god look at that
12:51:49 <Ryan> Dave, I was going off a post from a reputable local.
12:52:00 <Dave from B™> There is video out there of it hitting the Corwin Bridge. It was pretty flat by the time it got to Corwin bridge
12:52:27 <Dave from B™> Ryan, thanks
12:52:28 <linda> wow
12:52:31 <Larry in Denver> Do you have the link by any chance?
12:52:58 <Kevin L­™ > My first trip Craig Pass was snowed in. That was in July.
12:53:07 <Ryan> It was on their private timeline, I would prefer to not share it.
12:53:33 <Ryan> I know they stay private, both here and online. I don't want to break that - but I will quote it
12:54:03 <Dave from B™> Larry, it was on FB. I'm trying to find the link
12:54:10 <Ryan> Post they shared was: "We have the road open to Gardiner for local traffic and services only. The speed limit through the canyon and on East River Rd will be set at 35 mph in the areas we are still working. Please be very careful if you must travel this route, but we do have road passable to service the community of Gardiner. Outstanding work done by our road crews! Stay safe. Sheriff B"
12:54:41 <Ryan> Their caption they added was "WOW - Looks like Yankee Jim was spared" - and then some stuff unrelated to specific roads.
12:54:52 <Dave from B™> Yes, that is the post I read from the sheriff. It does NOT say that Highway 89 is open the whole way
12:54:54 <linda> I remember it was artist's paint pots, came out of bathroom and got pelted with graupel, and but driving back to fishing bridge it was snowing. Of course we sang christmas carols. lol
12:55:04 <Ryan> What I gather now is that YJ was spared - and that both 89 and East River are open.
12:55:33 <Ryan> Dave, I do see a lot of posts now on the local pages about 89 being passable. Both from people getting out and from locals who are staying.
12:55:36 <Dave from B™> Let me check MT 511
12:56:19 <Larry in Denver> MT 511 still shows them closed
12:56:48 <Dave from B™> Yeah, they haven't updated. You can drive from Livingston to Gardiner
12:57:32 <linda> I hope this is the only place that has white out conditions
12:57:58 <Ryan> Interesting. Wonder if there is just a delay then.
12:58:23 <Ryan> Actually, I wonder if it is open and right now its only being used to get people out. A blanket "89 is open" post is a good way to get folks to try to get in.
12:58:35 <KorbenC> Linda: West, Lake, North, and Washburn are mostly clear
12:58:50 <linda> KorbenC, just us, that's a good thing
12:59:14 <wow> too bad Graham had to leave. He would love this snow
12:59:15 <Katie 🐻> Lake is raining. It's about to rain at North.
12:59:34 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
13:00:03 <Kevin L­™ >
13:00:28 <Ryan> I keep trying to find the post again - but its now buried in a hundred queries about whther or not Amy from California can get to her vacation in the park next week.
13:00:41 <Betty> afternoon all
13:01:05 <Kevin L­™ > Hello again Betty
13:01:31 <Katie 🐻> Ryan, PCSO post said local traffic and people leaving Gardiner.
13:01:32 <Dave from B™> I am surmising that people are taking East River road instead of Highway 89 becuase of the Point of Rocks bridge but that is only my opinion.
13:01:49 <Larry in Denver> Found this interesting YT channel with three evacuation updates from a Lake area employee:
13:02:06 <wow> So is Yankee Jim area OK? Is that part of this route?
13:02:07 <linda> did you see greg's post. Big sign down at Colter Bay that says Yellowstone Closed. That's how some visitors are find out.
13:02:10 <Betty> hi Kevin L­™ 🌵, Katie 🐻, Dave from B™, Ryan, KorbenC, Larry in Denver, linda
13:02:21 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
13:02:22 <linda> Betty, hi
13:02:24 <Ryan> Apparently from MM52 its local traffic only to the south
13:02:29 <Katie 🐻> Hi Betty
13:02:36 <Larry in Denver> Hi Betty. Welcome to the beginning of the aftermath...
13:02:41 <Betty> this is so sad
13:02:46 <Ryan> Gardiner residents and emergency services are allowed south of MM17
13:03:03 <Ryan> Anyone can leave Gardiner on 89.
13:03:07 <Betty> hope all affected people are ok :-(
13:03:12 <Ryan> Per a post from a local as of 12:30.
13:03:26 <Dave from B™> Yes, Yankee Jim is open. I'm guessing road didn't wash out much because roadbed is lined with rocks in the canyon. Water basically was on top of the road instead of eating at the side.
13:03:34 <Ryan> Oh by the way I think I saw Beehive erupt during that white out. ;)
13:03:43 <linda> >(
13:03:51 <Ryan> It was the white cloud in the middle of it all - didn't you see it?
13:03:52 <Betty> you did? ;-)
13:03:58 <wow> so glad that road is OK
13:04:06 <Ryan> Yeah, Dave. I think the rocks, and the trees and bushes up there held it all together.
13:04:11 <Dave from B™> Ryan, we know that. What I'm saying is when you get to Paradise Valley, I'm betting there is a detour onto East River Road
13:04:28 <Ryan> Oh, ok. That's probable.
13:04:34 <Kevin L­™ > Controls just kicked me off.
13:05:07 <Dave from B™> I'm so glad people can get out
13:05:08 <Ryan> The post I saw seemed to indicate 89 was open the whole way - but I agree about being confused by the POR bridge.
13:05:27 <Ryan> Can we go downbasin again? I think I saw Splendid.
13:05:30 <Dave from B™> No matter where they are going, authorities did a great job
13:05:46 <Ryan> (for the log readers - I am kidding, right now we can't even see Castle...)
13:05:50 <Betty> Ryan... lol
13:08:43 <wow> it was snowing at Lake in the video Larry posted
13:10:28 <wow> Betty, they are talking about ticketed entry for the rest of the season, so be on the lookout for that, you might need a ticket to get in when you come
13:10:53 <KorbenC> Betty, when are you going to be in YNP?
13:12:11 <wow> was Kitt in the park during all this?
13:13:18 <wow> High 70's this week may close 89 again if the river floods again
13:13:55 <Betty> thx wow, for the hint!
13:14:21 <Dave from B™> We may approach old fllod levels but I doubt we will approach this record event. It has dropped 40% already in the Yellowtone
13:14:28 <wow> not sure if they will limit the days, a lot to be decided
13:14:42 <wow> I hope you are right Dave. A lot of snow still up high
13:14:56 <Dave from B™> I feel that anyone who has a reservation will be safe when parts reopen
13:15:02 <Betty> KorbenC, I´m supposed to be in the park sept 18-25
13:15:12 <KorbenC> Betty, me too! :)
13:15:12 <wow> yes, I would guess in park reservations will be allowed in
13:15:24 <Betty> nice
13:15:28 <wow> Betty does not stay in Yellowstone if I remember correctly
13:15:47 <Betty> I usually stay in West
13:16:15 <Betty> so I need a ticket to get in
13:16:44 <wow> if that is still happening...or does happen. Lots of unknowns right now.
13:17:13 <Betty> I already got my ticket for Arches
13:17:17 <KorbenC> I think by Thursday morning we will have alot more information
13:17:54 <Betty> blue skies on static
13:17:56 <Dave from B™> It is going to be interesting what they come up with for a reservation system on such short notice UNLESS they were working on one already for next year.
13:18:48 <wow> I can't imagine how it will work at the West gate. What will they do with people coming to gate without a pass? They will need something like they had yesterday, to make sure folks turn around
13:19:16 <wow> I'm thinking once they get it in place, it may not go away
13:19:34 <Betty> they need a detour back line
13:19:43 <Dave from B™> That is possible unless it is something just thrown together
13:20:05 <Dave from B™> IA reservation system will hurt gateway communities in the long run
13:20:27 <Larry in Denver> At least the timed entry system has been in place at other National Parks so they are not starting with new software on
13:21:54 <Betty> I think there will be a lot of people who don´t even know about the ticket system that will block the entry roads
13:22:10 <wow> at Rocky you can enter before 5 am and after 6 pm without a pass, I wonder if Yellowstone will have that?
13:22:29 <Betty> same for Arches
13:22:47 <KorbenC> Words cannot explain how much I hate the reservation system at Rocky :)
13:23:37 <Larry in Denver> I hear you Korben. I used to have a cabin in Allenspark and going into the park on a moment's notice was a common thing to do.
13:24:15 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
13:24:57 <Dave from B™> It definitely penalizes local traffic
13:25:47 <Larry in Denver> Since one of the reasons for the timed entry is to limit the number of visitors at any one time (presumably mostly due to Xanterra's situation) I would hope that this system is for 2022 only.
13:26:00 <Kevin L­™ > I go through Lake Mead to bypass I-11 a lot. It would be a pain to have to get reservations for that.
13:26:47 <Larry in Denver> Don't you have your lights and siren on your car Kevin?
13:26:57 <Betty> hahaha
13:27:33 <Kevin L­™ > When I had the State truck I went a lot of places.
13:27:42 <wow> blue sky was fleeting on static
13:28:35 <Larry in Denver> I still find a hard hat, safety vest and clipboard a useful ticket for entry into some places
13:30:26 <Dave from B™> haha Larry. Do I need to add those to my YNP things to bring list?
13:30:45 <Betty> should I bring it with me? ;-)
13:31:09 <Betty> same thought, Dave :-D
13:31:14 <Larry in Denver> Can't hurt to try!
13:31:41 <Larry in Denver> Steel-toe boots not required but no flip-flops
13:32:08 <Betty> but I have those too
13:32:56 <Larry in Denver> All the better
13:34:24 <Kevin L­™ > Also green Dickies coveralls.
13:36:12 <Dave from B™> None of these are on my list. What about sunglasses and a floppy hat?
13:36:36 <Kevin L­™ > yellow hard hat only
13:37:09 <Dave from B™> Maybe Udo has another one
13:37:12 <Larry in Denver> Hard hat needs some dirt or mud on it with a catchy name in black marker on the front
13:37:19 <ChrisO> wow..looks pretty
13:37:58 <Dave from B™> Is "Skippy" okay?
13:38:19 <Larry in Denver> Well "Butch" might work better
13:38:53 <Kevin L­™ > Or "Foreman"
13:39:26 <Larry in Denver> Yeah but then someone might actually ask you a question about what to do next
13:40:10 <Kevin L­™ > Back in my day a Pickett ES-600 in your pocket would help.
13:40:40 <Larry in Denver> Oh Kevin, you're dating yourself
13:40:44 <Kevin L­™ > And you couldn't send them somewhere?
13:41:26 <Kevin L­™ > By knowing that you are dating yourself too Larry.
13:41:36 <Larry in Denver> Good point!
13:41:44 <linda> :D
13:41:50 <Dave from B™> I'll have to google it:)
13:42:38 <Kevin L­™ > Hint Dave. There were a few that made it to the moon.
13:43:08 <Dave from B™> It's a type of Tang?
13:43:37 <Kevin L­™ > Nope
13:45:31 <Dave from B™> I can't believe it is still snowing
13:50:57 <Betty> guess we won´t see Daisy
13:52:25 <Kevin L­™ > May not see OF
13:55:04 <xyz> still people out there?
13:56:32 <xyz> thought everybody would be evacuated
13:57:11 <Kevin L­™ > Only workers and staff
13:59:32 <xyz> hope the flooding dies down quickly
13:59:37 <xyz> sunshine!
14:00:17 <xyz> anybody else have a trip upcoming soon?
14:00:28 <Dave from B™> xyz, rivers have already dropped 40% and Gardiner Livingston is open to people needing to get out and locals
14:01:12 <Chancellor> We have reservations at OF Inn a week from Friday
14:01:25 <Ryan> Rift?
14:01:27 <Dave from B™> I have Madison reservations 2 weeks from today
14:01:56 <Bob> Me too but at Madison CG if its still above water..
14:04:38 <Yellowstone1> Me too
14:05:30 <Dave from B™> Yellowstone Insiders Hub has a new post from Jeanetta Jones. Lots of good info there. Route to Livingston does include the East River Road. It sounds like Tower to Cooke City will be closed all year.
14:08:14 <linda> not looking good for my Roosevelt reservation
14:09:49 <Kevin L­™ > Linda is to Roosevelt what Dave is to Steamboat.
14:10:09 <Larry in Denver> Poor Roosevelt. This is the 3rd year I've lost a Roosevelt reservation and this time it was for a cabin with bath and electric heat.
14:10:21 <linda> Kevin L­™ 🌵, it's true, dave only took 80 hours I've been working a few years on it
14:11:01 <linda> Larry in Denver, Same here for me. I've had reservations every year and haven't made it, I thought for sure I had it in the bag this year
14:11:47 <linda> well not till August but still they may just shut it down
14:12:09 <Dave from B™> so sorry, Linda. Don't give up. When are your reservations?
14:12:17 <Larry in Denver> Sigh. I think the only way I'll get back there now is to hope for another Yellowstone Forever Roosevelt Rendezvous program.
14:12:38 <Dave from B™> Let's dry out first
14:12:47 <linda> very end of August so there is time but it's so isolated there closing it may make sense
14:13:09 <Dave from B™> I expect it would be the last place to open
14:13:15 <Dave from B™> if it does
14:13:31 <Dave from B™> A lot of this depends how many concession employees quit
14:13:45 <Larry in Denver> Did anyone get to drive the Tower to Canyon road durihng its short debut this spring?
14:13:55 <linda> Dave from B™, yeah :( oh well on the bright side, I'll just have to book for next year
14:14:06 <Dave from B™> No but it was on my list in 2 weeks
14:14:51 <Betty> OF
14:19:51 <Dave from B™> Linda, I think you just like making reservations!:)
14:21:12 <Kevin L­™ > The pot boils!
14:22:16 <linda> Dave from B™, Yes, I'm so good at it >(
14:22:30 <Chancellor> I think some concession employees will leave but others will be redeployed to other parts of the park like OF
14:22:53 <linda> Chancellor, hi! haven't seen you on in a long time.
14:23:00 <Kevin L­™ > Tell them you want to work there Linda and get paid to stay.
14:23:13 <linda> Kevin L­™ 🌵, :)
14:23:30 <linda> Kevin L­™ 🌵, I could run Roosevelt lol
14:24:12 <Dave from B™> Chancellor, Supt Sholly mentioned concenssion staff moving south earlier today
14:24:21 <linda> I just want a couple of nights so I can drive into lamar valley before dawn. That's not too much to ask :)
14:24:33 <wow> If they move the horses out of Roosevelt they will most likely keep it closed
14:24:49 <wow> well Lamar is definitely closed
14:25:08 <Chancellor> you are right, it has been a long time. Still in Great Falls, MT, still go to the Park a couple of times a year
14:25:16 <Bob> lamar probably closed for the year
14:25:23 <linda> yeah and it closes early as it is. I have reservations form Aug 29 to 31, won't be open much longer after that.
14:25:33 <linda> Bob, bummwe
14:25:38 <linda> or bummer
14:25:47 <wow> too much road damage
14:26:09 <linda> Maybe I should just save a lot of money and stay home
14:26:10 <Dave from B™> Cooke City will really be cut off
14:26:20 <KorbenC> I am still waiting for an official YNP date on opening OF, Grant, and Norris area
14:26:27 <Dave from B™> I wonder if they will try to get that road open before winter hits
14:26:43 <wow> highway still to it, yet will many tourists come knowing park is closed from there?
14:26:56 <Dave from B™> Korben, it will be a couple more days befopre that info is released
14:27:26 <Dave from B™> Not too many go to Cooke City without a YNP visit.
14:27:30 <wow> beautiful area, so it might attract some
14:27:37 <Dave from B™> Except for fisherman, backpackers, atvers
14:28:09 <Dave from B™> Might be a year to visit later in the season
14:28:34 <wow> if they open Beartooth Hwy, that is an attraction, to say you have driven it
14:28:47 <Dave from B™> What happens after road east of Cookoe City is closed after the season. How do locals get "out"?
14:28:49 <Kevin L­™ > I think my trips to the park are probably over for the most part. I just can't do the hiking anymore that elevation.
14:29:09 <Dave from B™> Kevin, I will push you around!
14:29:19 <wow> I imagine they will try to keep Chief Joseph hwy open this winter
14:29:48 <wow> it will be hard on kids, no school in Gardiner this year
14:29:56 <Dave from B™> wow, that is a possibility; since they would be isolated otherwise
14:30:24 <wow> otherwise, they will have to shut the town down I would think, or rely on helicopter drops.
14:31:02 <wow> there has been talk for years of trying to keep that highway open
14:31:56 <Dave from B™> Yes, there has been.
14:32:15 <Dave from B™> The East River Road sure came in hady in this disaster
14:33:05 <KorbenC> OMG how is it still snowing
14:33:22 <wow> such a better way to leave than the old road between Gardiner and Mammoth
14:33:35 <Dave from B™> Korben, do you really need me to explain snow for you?:D
14:33:46 <KorbenC> lol
14:33:49 <Kevin L­™ > Causes cancer
14:33:55 <wow> I did read a post saying they were hauling tons of gravel in to try to make that road usable
14:33:57 <Bob> Korben its Yellowstone always expect snow
14:34:25 <88> Yes, I have seen snow in July...
14:34:52 <wow> It snowed like this in June of 2019. Some old time gazers said they had never seen so much snow on their annual visit, they come in June every year
14:34:53 <Dave from B™> Yeah, probably for emergency and supply use for the park
14:35:30 <wow> also, lots of Mammoth NPS workers live in Gardiner
14:36:56 <Dave from B™> But most shop in Bozeman. Both routes important to Gardiner
14:37:06 <wow> this year it has been going on since park opened in April
14:39:22 <Dave from B™> It has been a wet cool Spring but that is about to change. In Blgs, once June 20 hits, it is usually dry until Sept
14:40:32 <wow> hopefully not worse fires because of all the fuel these conditions have created
14:41:00 <Bob> ?
14:41:21 <Dave from B™> fire season will be shorter this year. Tree moisture content has to be really high compared to normal
14:41:28 <wow> it's a double edged sword, this wet weather
14:41:36 <Larry in Denver> I wonder if they will reopen the school building in Mammoth?
14:42:24 <wow> things dry out so quickly in YNP and MT. There will be a lot more grasses and such to burn, the growth from all this moisture
14:42:40 <Dave from B™> They will probably get to ride the bumpy old road everyday
14:43:26 <Larry in Denver> How do you plow a graveled dirt road that long in the winter?
14:43:58 <wow> lots of dirt roads in MT are plowed
14:44:18 <Kevin L­™ > Alaska does it
14:45:14 <wow> I would guess that is why they want to improve it with LOTS of gravel, so there is less mud
14:45:25 <Betty> I call it a day, night all
14:45:37 <88> I think that once the gravel gets frozen and a layer of packed snow on it that it can be plowed with a blade that sits up a little bit.
14:45:49 <Larry in Denver> Still, it's only wide enough for one-way traffic in most places. And I do wonder if they had to get any special historic designation exception to even put down the gravel?
14:46:00 <Larry in Denver> Goodnight Betty
15:09:27 <KorbenC> Quick question on Xanterra terms and conditions, our reservations started on June 18th, but they won't be able to provide lodging until at least the 20th. Will we get a full refund of our deposit?
15:13:01 <Kevin L­™ > I think that since they cannot provide service you should get it.
15:13:22 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
15:13:54 <KorbenC> " If we are not able to provide the lodging or tours/activities you’ve reserved at the time of your reservation, we will cancel and fully refund those arrangements." Clear, but not clear enough
15:15:50 <Ryan> I suspect you will but it's going to take time
15:16:13 <KorbenC> That it will
15:16:16 <Ryan> Xanterra's issues right now are probably on par with the park's for the sheer scale of it
15:16:22 <Ryan> And probably worse for the complexities
15:16:43 <linda> have to give a week and let them figure out where they stand
15:16:51 <linda> lion ie
15:17:18 <Ryan> If I had to choose between figuring out how to rebuild roads and bridges - versus dealing with tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of tourists in this situation... I know which I would take.
15:17:19 <Dave from B™> Korben, all you have to do is make the sun come out and make it stop precipitaing
15:17:23 <Mario> Lion initia
15:17:27 <KorbenC> I know their is a massive incentive for them to get even some of their lodges up and running again
15:17:36 <KorbenC> Dave, your request will be filled in about 5hrs
15:17:41 <Dave from B™> Ryan, I would take the opposite
15:18:02 <Ryan> With rare exceptions, roads and bridges don't talk back to you lol
15:18:23 <Ryan> I have been personally offended by some roads though lol
15:19:00 <Ryan> Takes a special person, Dave. I could never do what you do. Humans are too fluid and nuancey.
15:19:15 <Ryan> Engineering, by comparison, is far simpler.
15:20:38 <Larry in Denver> Someone just posted an email from Xanterra about lodging on Trip Advisor:
15:25:07 <Ryan> One has to wonder about what silver linings their may be to this.
15:25:45 <Ryan> More funding to the park? A real chance to improve some infrastructure?
15:26:18 <Ryan> A chance for the park to have more time to get a break from the onslaught of people?
15:26:54 <Larry in Denver> A chance for the wolves to hunt and procreate in peace?
15:27:10 <Ryan> And bears, too.
15:28:02 <Ryan> A data point for the decades to come? This wont be the last big flood of my lifetime.
15:28:52 <Ryan> Disasters lead to improvements in infrastructure standards - usually.
15:29:26 <Dave from B™> Ryan, I'm hopeful some good will come of this
15:29:59 <Ryan> "Never waste a good crisis" is a two-faced statement. It can be cynical, or hopeful.
15:30:22 <Dave from B™> Just finished a human interaction with someone who got someone else's UPS order. So, now I have 2 customers who didn't get what they ordered. The person in charge of my UPS is on vacation so fun fun fun
15:31:03 <Dave from B™> As long as no one starts talking about damming the Yellowstone, I will be happy.
15:31:16 <Larry in Denver> Sometimes I feel sorry for Mike Keller. Finally getting his dream job and then hit with managing the tremendous impacts of Covid and flood shutdowns.
15:31:16 <Ryan> I haven't had good experiences with UPS.
15:31:28 <Ryan> Dave, I don't think that's legally possible.
15:31:33 <Dave from B™> There is a certain Rep from MT who comes up with hair brained ideas
15:31:47 <Ryan> At least, not in the park.
15:31:53 <Dave from B™> Ryan, this was our company mistake
15:32:33 <Dave from B™> ITrouble is the dam that has been proposed a couple times would be at the narrow poi9nt south of Livingston. It wouldn't have prevented any of this.
15:32:34 <Kevin L­™ > That is even worse Dave
15:34:00 <Dave from B™> Well, time to head out. Have a great evening everyone. It was a better day than yesterday for YNP.
15:35:34 <Kat (phone)> Bye Dave
15:35:36 <Kevin L­™ > We have some good retention basins for flooding now that has really helped. The dumb thing though is they have put parks in a lot of them. Kids plus flooding water is NOT a good idea.
15:50:59 <Ryan> I see Point of Rocks bridge is being actively worked on by the state
15:51:19 <Ryan> Photos show them rebuilding the foundations
15:51:37 <KorbenC> Good to hear
15:51:47 <Kevin L­™ > Rebuild or backfill?
15:52:07 <Ryan>
15:52:27 <Ryan>
15:52:31 <Ryan> I think a bit of both
15:52:46 <KorbenC> Those Rocks better watch out :p
15:55:23 <Ryan> I hope some of the folks cancelling plans can leave some, or all, of their deposits for the local businesses
15:55:26 <Kevin L­™ > Rocks are heavy duty riprap. Looks like abutment is fine. Riprap will be placed on upriver side and a dam built on the other, most likely with smaller riprap. Muck put the mud and compact type II gravel. Could have traffic on it in about 2 days.
15:55:29 <Ryan> Wow!
15:55:37 <Ryan> That timing of OF and the snow!
15:55:44 <Ryan> Looked like OF sprayed the camera!
15:55:56 <Ryan> Can someone save that capture? I forgot the command
15:55:57 <KorbenC> bad snow
15:56:37 <Larry in Denver> Did I hear an Korben echo... "I can't believe it's still snowing."
15:56:53 <linda> :)
15:57:51 <Kevin L­™ > Got your snow chains Linda?
15:58:15 <linda> Kevin L­™ 🌵, they are strapped on, I'm signing in
15:59:17 <linda> I got the cam
15:59:54 <Kevin L­™ > Grand is due if you can see it.
16:00:09 <linda> ok
16:00:21 <linda> aint got a shot
16:00:46 <linda> nope
16:00:50 <Kevin L­™ > Snow comes and goes quickly
16:01:08 <linda> Kevin L­™ 🌵, i'll keep an eye on it
16:01:42 <Kevin L­™ > Also had some good BH splashes
16:01:58 <kcmule> happy holidays
16:02:25 <linda> kcmule, :)
16:02:53 <linda> west bubbler ie
16:03:08 <Kat> Hi all! Snow and steam
16:03:22 <linda> i think
16:03:44 <linda> Kat, hi
16:04:45 <KorbenC> Flood Advisory done at Old Faithful, for now.
16:05:21 <linda> KorbenC, now it's winter storm warning. just kidding
16:05:27 <KorbenC> lol
16:05:39 <linda> grand
16:05:53 <kiawe (at work)> Yow! Aloha, eeryone! Hope no one washed out to sea with the floods.
16:06:04 <linda> pretty with snow
16:06:04 <KorbenC> If there was good radar coverage in the park there would be snow squall warnings :P
16:06:28 <kiawe (at work)> Grand in snow. In June. Holy cats.
16:06:37 <Larry in Denver> Good catch on Grand
16:06:46 <linda> Larry in Denver, thx
16:06:58 <linda> kiawe (at work), :)
16:07:07 <linda> that looks great
16:07:55 <KorbenC> kiawe (at work), a grand in snow, in june, without visitors
16:08:46 <linda> have to record this one
16:09:26 <kiawe (at work)> I saw all the roads damaged by floods. Hope none of you all were stuck!
16:09:46 <linda> kiawe (at work), everyone seemed to get out alright yesterday
16:09:53 <CraigC> that looks like Russ standing at Grand
16:09:53 <kiawe (at work)> Phew
16:10:46 <linda> kiawe (at work), lot of roads and bridges gone. gardiner is isolated and cooke city, Red Lodge not looking great either
16:11:00 <linda> CraigC, hi
16:11:51 <CraigC> linda, howdy
16:12:31 <linda> amazon it cleared for us to see it
16:12:35 <Larry in Denver> It is kind of mind boggling to think of watching a Grand eruption in person in June in daylight all by yourself
16:12:39 <linda> *amazing
16:12:45 <kiawe (at work)> Is 212 open? Not a great option in the snow, but a back route.
16:13:09 <linda> Larry in Denver, Larry in Denver, that's true
16:13:12 <kiawe (at work)> Like going around the top of Maui if a fire closes the Pali.
16:13:47 <Kat> Howdy! People are getting out of gardiner - they opened the road through Yankee Jim Canyon and then folks have to take a dirt road north
16:14:04 <KorbenC> Someone needs to stop these snow squalls, the sun needs to come out!
16:14:12 <linda> Kat, :thumbsup:
16:14:24 <KorbenC> Kat, :) Amazing progress IMHO
16:14:35 <KorbenC> anyone heard how Red Lodge is doing today?
16:14:46 <Kat> haven
16:14:57 <Kat> Haven't heard
16:15:31 <Kat> Tower to Cooke will be closed up to a year to repair
16:16:19 <linda> i guess no second
16:16:58 <Kat> linda, what's for dinner tonight?
16:17:01 <Kat> :)
16:17:36 <linda> Kat, leftover crab cake wrap from lunch with fries:)
16:17:51 <KorbenC> linda, I will set the plates
16:18:08 <kiawe (at work)> Aside from the road down from Gardiner, is there more damage inside the park? That was the main news story.
16:18:23 <kiawe (at work)> Leftover lasagna!
16:18:30 <linda> KorbenC, :)
16:18:37 <KorbenC> kiawe, the entire NE side of the park has major damage. Some roads are entirely washed out.
16:18:57 <linda> kiawe (at work), :thumbsup:
16:19:20 <KorbenC> As for the South and West side of the park I have not heard of any major damage
16:19:34 <linda> they were saying tower to cooke city will be closed
16:19:52 <Kat> KorbenC, lol on the plates
16:19:54 <kiawe (at work)> So if need be, people could get out through Grand Tetons.
16:20:11 <KorbenC> Linda will be proud of me, I only dropped one plate on the way there and it didn't break!
16:20:23 <linda> KorbenC, lol
16:20:43 <linda> kiawe (at work), i think that is the way a lot of people left yesterday
16:20:49 <Kat> linda, yum - I'm going to have garlic shrimp!
16:21:01 <Kat> KorbenC, hahaha
16:21:04 <linda> Kat, yum
16:21:07 <KorbenC> Kiawe, yes, park evaced people out the West entrance and South entrance, according to evacuees both roads were holding up fine
16:21:39 <linda> KorbenC, and you didn't knock yourself out on the kitchen cabinet either :)
16:21:48 <Larry in Denver> Now that it's cooled down a bit I might grill pork chops
16:21:48 <KorbenC> Kat, delicious
16:22:02 <kiawe (at work)> I'll see your cabinet, and raise you a centipede bite!
16:22:03 <KorbenC> Linda, hey, I have only done that once! and it was on the floor not the cabinet :p
16:22:11 <Kat> Earlier I read they are still trying to make contact with 5 back country groups
16:22:24 <kiawe (at work)> :(
16:22:41 <KorbenC> Kat, that has been one of my biggest worries for potential loss of life
16:22:49 <Kat> mine as well
16:23:05 <Larry in Denver> That would so eerie to come back to the road from a backcountry trip and not see ANYONE around.
16:23:18 <Larry in Denver> Like being in a bad movie
16:23:26 <KorbenC> Hopefully the park can get them evaced before their supplies run out.
16:23:57 <linda> Larry in Denver, lol that would be weird, like the world ended and you didn't knowit
16:24:00 <Kat> Or get back to your car and be unable to go anywhere!
16:24:55 <linda> well someone is in the basin posting
16:24:59 <Kat> I bet some hiking the Thorofare
16:25:18 <KorbenC> I wonder if the people in the back country have Epirbs, would be a good time to activate them
16:26:07 <Larry in Denver> They could be totally oblivious to what has happened if they are in an area that was not affected by the rain.
16:26:20 <Kat> KorbenC, they may not know they need to
16:26:32 <KorbenC> good point
16:26:39 <kiawe (at work)> Snow's back.
16:27:02 <KorbenC> Maybe if we stop talking about it, it will stop?
16:27:06 <kiawe (at work)> I hope the snow isn't pelting those hikers.
16:27:26 <Larry in Denver> Do we know who is in-basin?
16:27:36 <kiawe (at work)> GTG; we just opened and are busy! Aloha!
16:27:39 <linda> rmichaels
16:27:40 <KorbenC> Larry, Russ is in basin
16:27:49 <Kat> Russ
16:28:06 <linda> this stream is a better view than what I have
16:28:07 <Larry in Denver> I don't know Russ. Is he working at OF?
16:28:58 <linda> I'm going to nuke my crab wrap while its snowing brb
16:30:39 <Kat> Here's one to make you smile!
16:31:28 <Larry in Denver> well that was a pregnant pause after I asked
16:31:59 <Kat> LOL - I believe so but not sure Larry
16:32:18 <KorbenC> Larry in Denver, sorry missed it, I think so but dont know
16:32:19 <linda> i have no idea
16:33:31 <linda> was lori on today?
16:36:38 <linda> i wonder if jeff is enjoying himself
16:37:11 <Kat> linda, didn't see her
16:37:26 <linda> Kat, :thumbsup:
16:42:18 <linda> lion ie
16:42:58 <Kat> linda, might be an early night
16:43:18 <linda> Kat, yeah, ok with me
16:43:50 <Kat> Greg is on his way home
16:44:04 <linda> i feel bad
16:45:05 <linda> 2 peeps
16:46:25 <Larry in Denver> Further updates: Mammoth and Roosevelt likely closed for rest of season.
16:46:31 <linda> brb
16:48:12 <linda> back
16:49:18 <linda> Yellowstone in the New York Times, cant miss a good disaster
16:51:29 <KorbenC> Sounds like the south loop might not open for a few weeks either
16:52:11 <Kat> I am assuming that you have to have a backcountry pass correct?
16:52:39 <Ryan> A few weeks?
16:52:40 <linda> Larry in Denver, ooohhhh bummer
16:52:43 <KorbenC> Kat, yes
16:52:51 <Kat> Livingston and the bridge collapse made the national news here
16:53:20 <KorbenC> Ryan, upon further review I redact my statement, I mistyped.
16:53:43 <Kat> KorbenC, then they should know how many are still out there. Unless someone went without it. They are checking back country campsites
16:53:52 <Larry in Denver> More NPS flooding pics here:
16:54:05 <linda> now look at it, it's like it never snowedl
16:54:27 <Ryan> except for the snow on the ground? ;)
16:54:29 <KorbenC> Kat, yup, sounds like they have made contact with most of the backcountry parties
16:55:34 <KorbenC> So they are taking the Xanterra and other concessionaire employees from the North side of the park and relocating them to other places in the park?
16:55:35 <linda> Ryan, I know but it's completely clear now
16:55:52 <Ryan> "Further Updates from the Superintendent on media brief. North Entrance Road not likely to reopen this season (and may not be rebuilt on its current footprint). Nor is the road from Mammoth to Cooke City South Loop cannot handle a full load of visitors, so they will develop some kind of system to restrict entry into the park once it re-opens.Working with Xanterra to coordinate hotels requirements
16:56:05 <Ryan> reservations, etc. Current situation caused by 2-3 inches of rain melting snowpack. Another 12" of snowpack needs to melt and more rain expected this weekend. Mammoth has been without power for 30 hours now. US89 north out of Gardiner is open with use restricted to residents and emergency vehicles coming south, and visitors going north (plus essential travel for residents to medical facilities, et
16:56:15 <Ryan> c.) As of this morning, all visitors are out of the park (over 10,000 of them).
16:56:40 <Ryan> Followed be a comment about one minute ago that power was back at Mammoth
16:57:06 <linda> wow 10k evacuated, that's impressive
16:57:28 <KorbenC> Ryan, thats alot of people!
16:57:55 <Ryan> In other news, I just fitted the springs on the back of my view camera and it is holding the film holder and the ground glass viewfinder perfectly. Between that and the news from Gardiner/PV I am happy as a clam right now.
16:58:17 <linda> Ryan, :)
16:58:46 <linda> I just bought a nikon b799 bridge camera
16:58:57 <linda> *B700
16:58:59 <Larry in Denver> But Sholly did say that the Mammoth-Gardiner road will be rebuilt along its current route.
16:59:07 <KorbenC> Ryan, :)
16:59:17 <Ryan> I just copied what I saw on the breif.
16:59:28 <Kat> Do you have alink for the latest uodate?
16:59:32 <Ryan> Nice, Linda! I have to make the lens next
16:59:47 <linda> Ryan, :thumbsup:
17:00:25 <Larry in Denver> I got the info off the link I posted above:
17:00:54 <linda> yikes almost 4 days since last bee
17:01:31 <Ryan> Looking for an official link - I just got what went through FB.
17:02:05 <Ryan> Larry, I dont think that statement conflicts with Gardiner being built in place.
17:02:11 <linda> quite a difference between GT and NPS predict on OF
17:02:19 <KorbenC> Looking at varied models, this weekends rain has about a 90% chance of falling into a range of 0.05 and 0.35in
17:03:14 <Larry in Denver> I am amazed at what a poor job the public affairs office does with publishing news releases and keeping the official Facebook and Twitter sites updated for the public. Not just now but for the past several years.
17:03:40 <Larry in Denver> I should not have to rely on secondary social media for the latest news.
17:04:04 <KorbenC> Larry in Denver, agree 100%
17:06:30 <KorbenC> OF static
17:12:17 <Ryan> Korben
17:13:28 <linda> missed old faithful, last one must have been short
17:13:36 <Ryan> And for anyone interested in seeing the 4x5:
17:13:58 <KorbenC> Ryan, that is a pretty tornado :D
17:19:27 <Bob> Mammoth to Cooke will be closed for the year unless a miracle happens
17:19:45 <linda> wow
17:20:12 <Bob> The South loop may not be able to handle all the usual YNP traffic
17:22:06 <KorbenC> what is the road that is currently open for local traffic and supplies into/out of Gardiner?
17:23:38 <DanS working> KorbenC, US 89 & Eastside Hwy
17:23:49 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
17:23:59 <Bob> 89 is closed
17:25:13 <DanS working> Open North to bridge washout as of earlier today
17:25:41 <DanS working> Then detour on Eastside
17:26:06 <KorbenC> DanS working, cool, thank you
17:26:42 <linda> be is snooxing
17:26:54 <linda> geez Bee is snoozing
17:27:40 <linda> raining at west
17:28:31 <linda> daisy watch
17:31:40 <66> Kat, the East River road is a paved road. So north to Livingston is all paved. It is the road between Gardiner and Mammoth that is not paved.
17:37:09 <66> On FB Gazer group page someone asked if they would be able to keep their reservation in July and people are answering that the park will be closed for YEARS! Craziness, and misleading
17:42:50 <Larry in Denver> Just watched the helicopter videos of the NE entrance road damage. Not as bad as the north entrance road but still multiple totally washed out sections of roadway.
17:55:22 <linda> daisy
17:56:57 <linda> hi jeff
17:58:47 <linda> that was weird
17:59:46 <Kevin iPad> Jeff is wierd?
18:00:06 <linda> Kevin iPad, :) cam took off
18:00:34 <DanS working> Hi Jeff, looks like Russ is at Lion - are they letting you get out into basin yet?
18:00:58 <66> Jeff, did you get notice that you will have more time off?
18:01:06 <linda> Kevin iPad, I think your last OF was a short. NPS had as short and it went in their window so I missed. if you want to change
18:01:19 <66> It seems like lots of people are going into the basin Jeff, you might as well go too.
18:01:35 <Jeff> Hi Linda
18:01:43 <KorbenC> Jeff, hi
18:02:01 <66> Brandon was out at Fountain today too
18:02:16 <Jeff> Yeah we got clarification we can go out in basin we just can do any backcountry stuff or hikes near rivers
18:02:22 <Jeff> Hi korben
18:03:05 <66> oh good, glad you can move about. Enjoy it while it is so empty and you are not working
18:03:48 <DanS working> Jeff, hope it stops raining/snowing
18:04:32 <Jeff> Yeah once it warms up and the weather cooperates I’m gonna go hang out in basin and enjoy not having to answer a million questions
18:04:55 <DanS working> :thumbsup:
18:05:09 <66> radar looks promising, only a little blob left then warmer days ahead
18:06:34 <Jeff> Depending on when the park plans on opening back up I may only get a day off with this week
18:06:35 <linda> brb
18:07:16 <66> well you have at least until Sunday
18:08:29 <Jeff> Well if park opens Sunday that will be my only day of work this week then immediately get 2 more days off
18:09:02 <KorbenC> I wouldn't be surprised if it opens Sunday, but I think it will be a bit longer
18:09:16 <linda> back
18:09:43 <Jeff> Yeah cause I got a feeling with rain in the forecast early next week they might wait and see what happens with that
18:10:44 <66> I think the warm temps coming are more of a concern than any rain
18:10:52 <Kevin iPad> It will probably be one piece at a time.
18:11:12 <Jeff> That too 66
18:11:13 <66> It may also take a few more days to put a timed entry system in place
18:11:40 <KorbenC> and then it will probably be a few days until lodging can open up
18:12:47 <Kevin iPad> Most likely day use in most places for a while.
18:12:50 <linda> wow yellowstone forever shared photos, one of that house floating down the river
18:13:56 <Jeff> I got a feeling it’s gonna be a cluster**** when the owl reopens
18:14:45 <66> I really feel for the gate people. I bet it will be chaos at first, maybe for quite some time. People are not used to needing any kind of ticket to get into the pak
18:14:48 <66> park
18:14:57 <KorbenC> I would think at least 2 weeks until lodging opens up
18:15:17 <66> they will need dedicated workers to turn very pissed people around
18:16:04 <Kevin L­™ > With kevlar vests
18:16:25 <66> it will be madness
18:16:47 <66> I am wondering if they will limit the number of gates open, take it down from 4 to 2
18:17:40 <66> LE will probably have to chase a few renegades each day
18:19:42 <Larry in Denver> There are only 3 gates that can be opened at this point. N and NE roads are impassible.
18:20:53 <Larry in Denver> And you can bet those three gateway communities would have a cow if their gate were left closed.
18:26:26 <DanS working> Here comes the weather again...
18:26:39 <66> I meant the West gate, sorry. There are 4 kiosks. Put that down to 2.
18:27:02 <66> The other gates do not have as many kiosks.
18:27:57 <66> the funneling of cars into the West gate creates gridlock, and even with signs, people will be in line that are not supposed to be there.
18:28:35 <66> hopefully South Gate signs will start at exit of Grand Teton, warning that ticketed entry is in place
18:28:42 <66> and same in Cody, for the East
18:29:55 <Kevin iPad> Hire Nevada DMV people to issue entry permits. That would slow entries to a crawl.
18:32:52 <66> ha ha, good idea
18:36:47 <linda> snowing
18:36:58 <66> old cam would get creamed with this wind direction
18:36:59 <linda> or rain
18:37:26 <66> it should all be over in a few hours
18:37:28 <linda> 66, you just reminded me one day it did while I was on, couldn't see a thing
18:37:53 <66> I remember waiting for the drops to hit the cam in the old days
18:38:20 <66> needing the wiper, which it had back then
18:38:38 <linda> :)
18:39:14 <Ryan> Until the wiper froze
18:39:19 <linda> I think the one before this had a wiper
18:39:28 <Ryan> I remember having to call CC to run the wipers haha
18:40:29 <linda> and fluid I think
18:40:38 <66> CC loved having control of it
18:40:59 <linda> :)
18:41:00 <66> oh well, enough snow for me. Night everyone.
18:41:23 <linda> 66, night
18:46:23 <Ryan> Oh my God:
18:47:15 <Ryan> The rental company would have had to replace the seat I was sitting in.
18:47:16 <linda> wow!
18:47:26 <linda> Ryan, lol
18:48:05 <Kevin iPad> The problem with wiper controls was you had to have full admin control over the cam which included all adjustments. They couldn’t just give that to everyone.
18:48:32 <Ryan> Snow looks inbound
18:51:12 <Ryan> Recent release from the NPS seems to say more of the same
18:51:24 <Ryan> "Northern portion of Yellowstone National Park likely to remain closed for a substantial length of time due to severely damaged, impacted infrastructure; Visitors traveling to park in coming weeks must stay informed about current situation, road and weather conditions."
18:51:33 <Ryan> "- Aerial assessments conducted Monday, June 13, by Yellowstone show major damage to multiple sections of road between the North Entrance (Gardiner, Montana), Mammoth Hot Springs, Lamar Valley and Cooke City, Montana, near the Northeast Entrance."
18:51:44 <Ryan> "- Many sections of road in these areas are completely gone and will require substantial time and effort to reconstruct."
18:51:53 <Ryan> "- The National Park Service will make every effort to repair these roads as soon as possible; however, it is probable that road sections in northern Yellowstone will not reopen this season due to the time required for repairs. - To prevent visitors"
18:52:31 <Ryan> Goes on like that, nothing terribly new and exciting, its a lengthy release:
18:52:54 <linda> :thumbsup:
18:53:24 <Ryan> Though it does seem like the south loop is now closed through the weekend: The park’s southern loop appears to be less impacted than the northern roads and teams will assess damage to determine when opening of the southern loop is feasible. This closure will extend minimally through next weekend.
18:58:36 <KorbenC> Now the question is lodging in the southern portions
18:59:16 <Ryan> That isn't reopening until they know the waste systems are ok
19:00:20 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
19:01:03 <Ryan> I heard rumors the waste system was breached at Canyon, and if so there's gonna be some big problems.
19:01:12 <Ryan> But again, just rumors.
19:01:42 <linda> come on OF
19:02:53 <Kevin iPad> They will open it August 19th Korben.
19:05:09 <linda> OF
19:06:30 <linda> short
19:06:53 <linda> 2 shorts tonight
19:09:09 <Kitt> wow, that was impressive steam from Giantess
19:09:29 <linda> sure was
19:09:51 <Kitt> I noticed RMichaels has been posting today
19:10:15 <Kitt> wonder how he is able to stay in when everyone else was sent out of the park
19:10:29 <linda> hes having a good time
19:10:48 <Kitt> I thought they closed all lodging
19:11:22 <linda> employees still there
19:11:34 <linda> some anyway
19:11:51 <Kitt> I didn't think Russell was working in the park
19:12:34 <linda> dont know
19:15:50 <linda> sawmill took a break
19:16:12 <linda> ot ie
19:17:32 <Bill> Russell is working front desk at the Snow lodge
19:17:42 <linda> ah
19:48:24 <linda> ok i'm done
19:49:11 <linda> daisy soon
19:49:26 <linda> controls released
19:54:39 <linda> daisy
19:55:49 <linda> goodnight