Showing logs for date: 2022-06-30
06:41:54 <Kat> Riverside
08:10:56 <Ryan> Oblong?
08:12:21 <Kat> Looks like
08:12:55 <Ryan> That 0810 would be near start., incase anyone wants to add it.
08:13:11 <Kat> I already did thanks
08:13:42 <Ryan> Actually, thats probably just a start time.
08:14:04 <Kat> I'll run start video
08:14:51 <Ryan> Oblong starts are fairly gradual, and I don't think you could get a true start time from the camera. If you look at the cloud, when it is clearly "starting" if you subtract about twenty seconds that is fairly accurate.
08:15:06 <Kat> Looks like 0809
08:15:16 <Ryan> I agree
08:16:06 <Ryan> Actually, on review, I'd keep it at 0810.
08:17:03 <Ryan> hard to describe, but the steam visible in 0809 just isn't quite "there". The transformation from a push to an eruption is evident around half way through the 0810 minute.
08:18:02 <Ryan> I am nitpicking, of course. I onyl comment on the activity in 0809 because Oblong is capable of large surges that would look similar without it actually erupting.
08:18:46 <Kat> I still think 0809 :)
08:18:52 <Ryan> Also, good morning Kat :D
08:20:05 <Ryan> It is messy. Even in person it can be hard. Steam obscures everything. If I recall correctly it wasn't uncommon to write a suspected start time, but wait for the eruption to really truly begin before calling it.
08:21:27 <Kat> Morning Ryan On second review I think I'll change to 0810 since it was so close and I'm not there
08:22:06 <Kat> Wish I had zoomed earlier!
08:23:21 <Kat> Sawmill off
08:24:48 <Kat> Hope Korben got to that Oblong
08:27:14 <Katie šŸŒ»> Hello
08:29:32 <Kat> Hi Katie
09:54:15 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Grand
09:54:16 <Katie šŸŒ»> If the cam would stop taking off on me, that would be great
09:55:04 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Ugh. Another fun day with HF cam?
09:56:28 <Katie šŸŒ»> Just wanting to drive itself
09:56:56 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It kept tossing me off all this week
09:57:58 <CraigC> can we go to Mugwump after grand?
10:05:21 <Katie šŸŒ»> Kevin, you got it?
10:05:46 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I am trying
10:06:18 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Looks like I have it.
10:07:00 <Katie šŸŒ»> :thumbsup:
11:29:54 <Stan> :daisy:
11:45:01 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> BH splashing
12:15:29 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> of
13:11:32 <CraigC> UPDATE: Yellowstone National Park to reopen north loop July 2 and suspend Alternating License Plate System, 93% of roadways will be open
13:12:49 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Nice. Get the red tape out of the way and engineers can work fast.
14:15:08 <Betty> afternoon all
14:15:09 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Guten hi
14:15:21 <Betty> hello Kevin
14:16:21 <Jenna> hello
14:16:44 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Hey Jenna
14:17:08 <Betty> hey Jenna, how are you?
14:17:36 <Betty> nice to have you here again
14:17:49 <CraigC> Betty, howdy
14:18:47 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Going to take my Grandsons on the Virginia & Truckee in a week or so.
14:21:58 <Betty> hi CraigC, great news on roads reopen again
14:22:34 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Amazing job.
14:22:47 <Betty> fun, Kevin :-) I bet they will enjoy it
14:23:44 <Jenna> I'm good Betty, how are you
14:23:50 <Jenna> that sounds fun!
14:23:51 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> NOT looking forward to making an 8 hour drive to Reno and back.
14:26:10 <Betty> Jenna, I cannot wait to be back to US again, though it is in September
14:26:30 <Betty> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, true, that is NOT fun
14:28:37 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> September is a good time for traveling here.
14:28:55 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> We are doing another
14:29:10 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Colorado train trip this year Jenna.
14:39:06 <Jenna> oh yeah Kevin? and yes Betty, September is better than July or August.
14:39:55 <Betty> hi Ryan
15:06:06 <Betty> headed out, night all
15:06:32 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Quick stop Betty. Night
15:26:10 <Lori S> Hello Everybody Hello
15:26:32 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> hi
15:47:32 <Michelle> Good afternoon
15:48:00 <Lori S> Michelle, hello
15:48:54 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Hi
15:48:55 <Michelle> Hi Lori S
15:50:12 <Michelle> Looks like enough to keep me awake!
15:53:42 <Michelle> Looks like it is going to be a fun night!:)
15:55:34 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> BH possible, Grand probably, Lion should be soon, Daisy, look for under 4 hours - probably went during OF but no in basin posts.
15:57:48 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Controls are released. Good luck with them.
15:57:59 <Michelle> Let me know when you are done Kevin. Leave the remote, I promise I won't lose it this time
15:59:16 <Michelle> Thanks for driving and have a great afternoon!
16:00:38 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Thanks. Good luck. Cam started cutting in and out now so who knows what it will do.
16:01:44 <Michelle> Hoping it will be nice
16:03:15 <Michelle> I am going to assume there are people in the basin and no Turbans so far
16:04:01 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> I know Dave and Korben are there
16:06:35 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
16:08:09 <Michelle> :lion:
16:09:17 <Lori S> windy
16:17:36 <Michelle> :grand:
16:20:46 <Lori S> wonder if Korben saw Lion from Grand or if he is running. :)
16:21:08 <Michelle> :lol::lol:
16:31:47 <Michelle> A splash fro bee
16:33:28 <Michelle> That's all we get . Just going to mess with us!
16:34:14 <Lori S> I have to walk my dog so Bee should go in the next 15 minutes. LOL
16:35:22 <Michelle> :lol:
16:46:22 <Michelle> OF window
16:47:37 <Lori S> Thanks for the quick Bee view on the way
16:48:41 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
16:50:00 <Michelle> She is being quiet, but it is the quiets ones you need to watch out for.:)
16:50:08 <KorbenC(phone)> Indy
16:50:18 <KorbenC(phone)> .
16:50:20 <KorbenC(phone)> .
16:50:22 <KorbenC(phone)> .
16:50:24 <KorbenC(phone)> .
16:50:26 <KorbenC(phone)> .
16:51:16 <Michelle> ThanksKorbenC(phone),
16:54:23 <Lori S> Michelle, looks like the quiet one is speaking up.
16:54:52 <Michelle> Cmon OF
16:59:59 <Michelle> Think it's going to be Bee first
17:03:20 <Michelle> OF
17:03:27 <Michelle> :bee:
17:04:18 <Lori S> Nice concert!
17:06:01 <Lori S> clearly, Bee has more stamina :)
17:06:18 <MJ> Thank-You Michelle for the Show ...Laters Y'All
17:08:45 <Michelle> Thanks goes to Bee and OF!
17:10:29 <Lori S> Michelle, ...and good framing for us!
17:13:52 <vog> Someone should suggest that dual is better spelled as dual to a certain gazer
17:17:20 <Lori S> vog, he isn/t good with spelling sometimes
17:18:00 <vog> Boy the cars sure stream out of West this time of day! With lots of daylight left
17:20:44 <Michelle> Daisy should be coming around too
17:21:34 <Lori S> vog, They need time for dinner and shopping. SMH.
17:28:25 <Michelle> :lion:
17:29:14 <KorbenC(phone)> I changed dool to SFT just for you vog! Nobody should be upset about a BH entry tho!
17:29:21 <KorbenC(phone)> Glad the cam was able to get BH
17:29:40 <Lori S> KorbenC(phone), Hello stranger
17:29:53 <KorbenC(phone)> Hi Lori
17:30:16 <Lori S> KorbenC(phone), Where ya gonna be tomorrow afternoon?
17:30:29 <KorbenC(phone)> Probably geyser hill, lol
17:30:42 <Lori S> Check
17:31:04 <KorbenC(phone)> If you wanna come do a lap of geyser hill kr something in the ugb lmk
17:31:56 <Lori S> KorbenC(phone), how late do you stay out?
17:32:05 <Lori S> no direct sun for me
17:32:18 <Michelle> Cam would have missed most of it had it not been for the heads up. Thank you KorbenC(phone),
17:33:20 <Lori S> Michelle, i second that :thumbsup:
17:35:51 <Lori S> Well, time to do laundry. Night all.
17:36:52 <Michelle> Good Night Lori S, Try to make it a good one
18:22:13 <Michelle> Not a lot happening besides Sawmill
18:30:34 <Michelle> OF window
18:36:19 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Lone Star window
18:36:35 <Michelle> :lol:
18:51:57 <Michelle> OF
19:09:42 <Michelle> :lion:
20:17:33 <Michelle> OF window
20:22:25 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Great Fountain window too.
20:23:41 <Michelle> Not enough zoom!:)
20:24:14 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Need a tunnel in the mountain too
20:28:47 <Michelle> OF
20:28:56 <Michelle> That was a weird start
20:40:32 <Michelle> Daisy ie
20:41:21 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> It liked to hide today
20:42:01 <Michelle> yes, she did
20:43:52 <Michelle> Been watching her all evening, and as soon as I stepped away.
20:46:15 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Typical. They had some good noirs on the Movies! Channel today. One had Perry Mason as a thug. Hard to imagine him as a bad guy.
20:57:44 <Michelle> Tonights sunset...beautiful!!
20:58:17 <Michelle> Would be better if we could wipe the lens
20:58:44 <Kevin Depot> For sure
21:01:29 <Michelle> I think Lonestar is somewhere over there:)
21:02:37 <Michelle> Beyond the mountain
21:10:35 <Michelle> Sawmill has finally quit
21:22:01 <KorbenC> Another great day in YNP. Wanted to note that Grotto turned off and that we have FP steam at FnM today
21:23:26 <Michelle> And you get to enjoy this sunset in person!!:)
21:25:54 <Michelle> Not much happening, going to call it a night
21:27:56 <Michelle> Have a great night!