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06:51:29 <linda> of
06:52:26 <linda> OF 6:50 on static
06:52:56 <linda> thanks art
07:01:09 <LIndaG(12)> nice sunrise
07:07:25 <ynpvisitor9> LIndaG(12), howdy
07:07:36 <ynpvisitor9> cool lighting
07:07:45 <linda> ynpvisitor9, hi
07:07:58 <linda> It is nice
07:08:32 <linda> colors are so odd on cam, but its nice
07:11:01 <LIndaG(12)> Little tour :)
07:13:17 <LIndaG(12)> ynpvisitor9, looking for land otters ;)
07:14:43 <LIndaG(12)> Be splash it's awake
07:14:50 <LIndaG(12)> *bee
07:15:24 <ynpvisitor9> LIndaG(12), my memory is so broken, is that what we were calling the elk?
07:15:42 <LIndaG(12)> I think it was the bison
07:15:50 <ynpvisitor9> lol.... how did we come up with that
07:17:06 <LIndaG(12)> I think you did but don't remember exactly why. I think we had seen an otter in the firehole. Or something. One of those.moments that is lost to time I think. :lol:
07:17:18 <ynpvisitor9> LMAO
07:17:39 <ynpvisitor9> scanning for otters and a bison came in view or something
07:17:46 <LIndaG(12)> Kind of like trying to read the chat from beginning to end it makes no sense
07:29:35 <B> does your ctrl key an scroll work to show static history? Mine does not
07:30:11 <LIndaG(12)> B, I think it stopped working
07:31:02 <B> Thanks, I hav not been able to use it for days
07:31:17 <LIndaG(12)> Same here
07:31:26 <LIndaG(12)> ill.send Eric a message
07:32:05 <Ryan>
07:32:10 <Ryan> Needles Highway
07:36:36 <LIndaG(12)> Ryan, oh wow, did you take that?
07:37:37 <Ryan> Yeah. Sunset colors courtesy of the Fish Fire in Sundance, WY
07:37:59 <LIndaG(12)> Ryan, outstanding
07:39:17 <Ryan> Thanks. Climbed one of the spires for it, drew some blood, too.
07:39:30 <Ryan> That was digital. Not one of the 4x5s
07:39:40 <LIndaG(12)> :) worth the bood
07:39:58 <Ryan> Absolutely. Also saw the crescent moon rising through the Eye from there, too.
07:44:27 <Ryan> Oblong
07:45:21 <Ryan> Maybe?
07:45:36 <Ryan> Guess not. Maybe it is just the flood
07:45:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice picture Ryan.
07:45:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> May be one of those pushes before it erupts.
07:46:21 <LIndaG(12)> Yeah, plus it's real steamy
07:49:46 <Ryan> Indeed. The steam was so wide I thought it was a flood. Guess not. Thanks, Kevin.
07:50:27 <Ryan> I have 20 sheets of 4x5 to process - waiting for chemicals and a tank part to come in. There was a real learning curve with it. Lots of times I set up a photo and then missed the shot for one reason or another. Humbling, but also amazingly immersive with the scene, too.
07:50:31 <Ryan> Very much enjoyed it.
07:51:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looking forward to those.
07:51:23 <Ryan> I think that was a very strong Oblong push.
07:51:44 <Ryan> One evening we waited for sunset at the Badlands and it was the evening the Fish Fire exploded.
07:53:06 <Ryan> The smoke obscured the sun until the last 30 seconds. And when it broke out you could see the wall of scarlet light coming across the prairie at us. There was a handful of folks there and it made everyone go totally silent. Looked like a sunset you'd see in a cartoon like the Lion King. Unbelievably vivid.
07:54:05 <Ryan> Then a pack of coyotes began howling to the northwest, and a pack to the southeast began responding. For a good minute it was totally silent except for the coyotes howls echoing across the entire scene, with this absurdly colorful sunset.
07:55:15 <Ryan> I saw people silent with tears on their faces. I had the 4x5 set up and burned through a couple sheets of film. I don't have any digital photos of it, I just used whatever camera was in my hand.
07:56:00 <Ryan> But nothing will ever capture the scene with the absolute silence except for the coyotes. That gave me chills and tingles.
07:56:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is the nice thing about modern phones. You usually have a camera with you for surprise events. I got a great sunset shot waiting for a train one night with my cell phone. The museum is using it for their Facebook picture and it is their calendar shot next month.
07:57:01 <Ryan> I think if I had been using almost anything other than the 4x5 I would not have really experienced the event.
07:57:37 <Ryan> With one, maybe two, chances at capturing it there was a lot of waiting, watching, and observing. I saw more of it than I would have otherwise.
08:32:26 <LIndaG(12)> OF
08:33:53 <ynpvisitor9> I read a post about why West Thumb was closed.... did anyone see it?
08:34:25 <LIndaG(12)> ynpvisitor9, no what did it say
08:35:43 <ynpvisitor9> if the post is valid, there should be something in the news about it already
08:35:57 <LIndaG(12)> ynpvisitor9, ok
08:36:09 <ynpvisitor9> I havent seen anything
08:36:33 <ynpvisitor9> in the news, that is
08:37:33 <Ryan> Did the bay finally explode again?
08:39:57 <ynpvisitor9> when we were driving past Norris a few years back and got passed by a EMS vehicles, by the time we got back to West, I already found news of the kid falling into the feature
08:43:24 <LIndaG(12)> Brb
08:45:23 <LIndaG(12)> Back
08:45:32 <Delta4Heavy85> Looks like Sawmill is eruption
08:45:34 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
08:45:52 <LIndaG(12)> Daisy soon hopefully
08:45:54 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, howdy, handsome
08:46:05 <Dave from B™> Nice to see you Shirley
08:46:09 <LIndaG(12)> Dave from B™, Good morning
08:46:14 <ynpvisitor9> LMAO
08:46:54 <LIndaG(12)> Daisy
08:47:23 <ynpvisitor9> :daisy:
08:55:50 <Dave from B™> Cooler high 80s weather coming tomorrow...woohoo
08:57:24 <LIndaG(12)> Dave from B™, what has it been?
08:58:01 <Dave from B™> 93-99
08:58:05 <ynpvisitor9> supposed to drop here on Friday, with rainstorms
08:58:23 <LIndaG(12)> Dave from B™, :(
08:58:52 <LIndaG(12)> Dave from B™, oh sure, move to montana he says lol
08:59:13 <Dave from B™> It's a dry heat:)
08:59:36 <Dave from B™> As long as you have a basement, you are good when it gets really hot
08:59:38 <LIndaG(12)> Dave from B™, :)
08:59:53 <LIndaG(12)> Lion ie
09:00:02 <LIndaG(12)> Ini most likely
09:03:39 <Katie 🌻> I had a reminder in my calendar to check if Kevin needed shift covered. Kevin?
09:04:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am good today but leaving early in the morning.
09:04:37 <Katie 🌻> :thumbsup:
09:05:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Thanks
09:10:57 <Dave from B™> Is this your train trip, Kevin?
09:11:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes.
09:11:44 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Will be gone all next week.
09:11:51 <Dave from B™> Have a great time
09:12:06 <Dave from B™> 30 days until I hit the road
09:12:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It should be fun.
09:12:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Graham took the Chama train in early August and had a good time.
09:13:16 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, where you going this time?
09:13:18 <Dave from B™> Yeah, he was stuck for 2 hours!!
09:13:26 <Dave from B™> This is our NM trip
09:13:30 <ynpvisitor9> oh right
09:14:24 <ynpvisitor9> I need to find a new boondocking sit near Moab, they closed off where I have always stayed
09:14:28 <ynpvisitor9> site
09:14:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I see the Dodgers are gearing up for the season end Dave.
09:15:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hey, I got my BH text from yesterday!
09:15:09 <LIndaG(12)> Kevin L™ 🌵, have a great time
09:15:41 <Dave from B™> haha. Waiting for Treinen to get back and be named the closer
09:15:41 <LIndaG(12)> Kevin L™ 🌵, wow I didnt
09:16:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> This is a half and half trip. Half trains, half letting the wives go shopping.
09:17:03 <ynpvisitor9> Kevin L™ 🌵, you have wives?
09:17:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Of course!
09:17:24 <ynpvisitor9> I'm in awe
09:17:33 <ynpvisitor9> I can't even handle one
09:19:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I never could figure how you could handle more than one. Mine keeps me busy enough. My brother and I will do the fun things and let them entertain themselves.
09:28:29 <Dave from B™> Kevin, you are a wise man
09:28:54 <Dave from B™> Part of a good marriage is realizing there is together time and apart time
09:29:13 <Dave from B™> Michelle and I celebrate #33 on Friday
09:29:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice
09:30:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We were #35 last June
09:30:43 <Dave from B™> Congrats
09:35:05 <LIndaG(12)> Old Tardy ie
09:35:15 <LIndaG(12)> Haven't seen it for a while
09:37:30 <LIndaG(12)> Strong eruption
09:38:27 <ynpvisitor9> :thumbsup:
09:39:39 <JarnoO> Brando said on the yesterday 1600 ENGR note he saw a report of someone having committed suicide by jumping in one of the pools at West Thumb. That's I guess the reason why it closed
09:41:14 <LIndaG(12)> :(
09:41:53 <Dave from B™> I did hear that. I was waiting for confirmation from an official source before mentioning it.
09:42:19 <JarnoO> the exact wording is "to kill themselves", but I don't think a hot spring is survivable unless pulled out immediately
09:42:56 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, same, that is why I didn't share the report in the open group
09:43:52 <Ryan> I think sharing that here before official confirmation may have been a tad inappropriate.
09:44:09 <LIndaG(12)> I let Eric know that the function to scroll thru static isnt.working
09:44:24 <ynpvisitor9> we get people lurking here that twist things around on their own sites
09:44:35 <Ryan> And it will get back to the family somehow.
09:45:45 <ynpvisitor9> Clark M, is that you?
09:49:46 <2BlueYam> As a lurker here, no way would I share that. Actually, I wish I could go back in time and unlearn it myself.
09:52:41 <ynpvisitor9> JarnoO, how are you doing? I haven't seen you in here in a long time? Any plans to go to YNP?
09:55:39 <JarnoO> Somewhere in the next year or two or so. Probably Iceland first (because volcano)
10:00:37 <LIndaG(12)> Perry Mason music?
10:00:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yep
10:01:08 <LIndaG(12)> Controls released
10:03:09 <LIndaG(12)> Enjoy cya later
10:03:20 <ynpvisitor9> LIndaG(12), cya
10:04:08 <LIndaG(12)> Lion due soon :)
10:04:18 <LIndaG(12)> ynpvisitor9, bye
10:21:59 <linda> Static scroll is fixed. Thanks ERic
10:22:30 <TheDude> You are welcome :-D
10:22:41 <Dave from B™> Who's Eric? I haven't seen him in here in a long tiome:(
10:22:45 <ynpvisitor9> TheDude, howdy, Craig here
10:22:51 <TheDude> You still can't see me :-P
10:23:09 <TheDude> Hi Craig, Linda & Dave!
10:23:10 <Dave from B™> I have a special talent
10:23:22 <linda> well eric isn't here that I know of, he sent me a message
10:23:29 <Dave from B™> hahaha
10:23:34 <ynpvisitor9> I would have guessed it was "Z" that also just entered the chat
10:23:36 <Dave from B™> Hi Eric, the Dude
10:23:41 <TheDude> haha
10:23:53 <TheDude> I kinda stole Craig's name :-P
10:24:00 <ynpvisitor9> lol
10:24:06 <Dave from B™> Yep. I was gonna say something
10:24:09 <Delta4Heavy85> OF
10:24:22 <Delta4Heavy85> On static Webcam
10:24:27 <Dave from B™> Nice to "see" you Eric. I enjoy seeing your adventures on FB
10:25:15 <Z> Where’s OF?
10:25:24 <TheDude> Thanks Dave! Gonna try for Rainier again in a couple weeks
10:25:27 <ynpvisitor9> upper geyser basin
10:25:38 <TheDude> haha
10:25:39 <Delta4Heavy85> Old Faithful
10:25:49 <linda> slow today, eric is here
10:25:53 <TheDude> haha
10:26:11 <TheDude> I really wish we could get this camera back to the quality it once was.
10:26:25 <ynpvisitor9> what happened?
10:26:29 <Dave from B™> Becca moved to Portland a month ago...not sure you know that
10:26:31 <linda> TheDude, :)
10:26:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I really wish we could get a new one.
10:26:41 <Z> So we missed OF?
10:26:44 <Dave from B™> She is teaching at Happy Valley
10:27:05 <TheDude> I didn't know that! Nice...congrats to her...Happy Valley is a nice location.
10:27:27 <Dave from B™> She is living in an apt in the East Burnside area. She likes it
10:27:32 <TheDude> I drive through there often as it's between my parents and brothers house.
10:27:47 <Dave from B™> she is doing the reverse commute
10:27:59 <TheDude> Yep..opposite traffic is good.
10:29:10 <TheDude> Well, if you are in pdx and want to grab a beer, don't hesitate to yell :-D
10:29:48 <Dave from B™> I probably won't be there until Sept 23 but you know I will!
10:30:10 <TheDude> BTW, a buddy of mine just took over the IT stuff at Pacific Seafoods :-P Now more fish people I know.
10:30:13 <TheDude> Lion
10:30:56 <Dave from B™> We buy a couple things from them
10:31:33 <TheDude> They are so's crazy. I had no idea. They are located right next to Happy Vallley.
10:31:47 <TheDude> Family owned too.
10:32:12 <Dave from B™> Yep....they are too big
10:33:05 <TheDude> I had no idea how huge they were until my buddy started telling me about all their sub companies
10:33:28 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Fish sandwiches?
10:33:44 <TheDude> Hiya Kevin!
10:33:46 <Dave from B™> They bought up many of the smaller processors on the Oregon Coast
10:34:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi Eric
10:34:08 <TheDude> Yes, they have properties all over the world.
10:36:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Daisy
10:37:40 <linda> daisy
10:42:58 <Dave from B™> They would be 1 of 2 companies we would call if we ever sold the company.
10:44:24 <TheDude> Makes sense...they seem to love to gobble up retail outlets
10:44:39 <TheDude> and wholesale ones too
10:44:55 <TheDude> alright...gotta go. Have a wonderful day everyone.
10:45:07 <ynpvisitor9> TheDude, cya man
10:45:08 <Dave from B™> You, too. Eric. Thanks for dropping in
10:46:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They have one in Las Vegas.
10:46:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bye Eric.
10:48:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well that was strange. Cam had a mind of its own.
10:51:17 <linda> indy
10:51:26 <linda> no not indy
10:51:29 <linda> arty lol
10:59:51 <ynpvisitor9> LOL
11:00:09 <ynpvisitor9> linda, are you ok today? :)
11:00:22 <linda> ynpvisitor9, not sure :)
11:00:57 <ynpvisitor9> maybe you are dehydrated.... I watch survival shows, and they always start acting weird when they dont get enough water
11:01:10 <linda> LOL
11:01:17 <ynpvisitor9> :lol:
11:01:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> So that is what is wrong with me.
11:01:37 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, >(
11:01:53 <ynpvisitor9> Kevin L™ 🌵, I thought you got flooded this week
11:02:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We had a tornado last week
11:02:42 <linda> Uhoh
11:02:42 <ynpvisitor9> any earthquakes?
11:02:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nope
11:03:12 <ynpvisitor9> any towering infernos?
11:03:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There was a fire at the MGM.
11:04:03 <ynpvisitor9> that's 3
11:04:29 <ynpvisitor9> how about locusts?
11:05:01 <Dave from B™> That fire was 50 years ago, Kevin!
11:05:48 <Dave from B™> Kevin, do you have mormon crickets around? Those things in Northern Nevada are nasty.
11:05:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I remember it well.
11:06:23 <Dave from B™> Many fire codes were changed with that fire
11:06:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> No Mormon crickets here. I agree they are terrible.
11:06:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You even need sprinklers in new houses here now.
11:12:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They found another body in Lake Mead yesterday too.
11:13:19 <Dave from B™> In a barrel again?:)
11:13:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Not this time.
11:14:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Maybe it is Jimmy Hoffa
11:14:17 <linda> :D
11:17:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Oh, I was wrong. It was the MSG Sphere.
11:18:42 <Dave from B™> Ouch. How much damage?
11:19:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Not much
11:19:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵>
11:32:44 <linda> riverside
11:46:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> of
11:48:54 <5> what will the MGM Sphere be used for?
11:49:13 <Dave from B™> concerts, I believe
11:49:22 <5> thanks
11:50:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> To be flat honest I have no clue. This is the first time I have heard about it. I usually ignore stuff on the strip.
11:50:48 <5> looks like a lot of wasted space
11:50:52 <Dave from B™>
11:52:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The old MGM had an awesome theater. It had table service and the seats were cushy sofas and love seats. Showed great old movies. Never put it back after the fire.
11:53:01 <5> I guess they will be using the space!
11:53:02 <Dave from B™> Casinos are realizing that younger generations are less interested in gamblong and more interested in entertainment...there are 2 major sports their now. there will be 5 in less than 10 years
11:53:29 <5> that screen will be amazing, and I bet the sound will be incredible. I wonder what the price of admission will be?
11:53:41 <Dave from B™> Lots of fancy swimming clubs
11:53:51 <Dave from B™> 5, I'm scared to find out
11:54:05 <5> 20,000 capacity
11:54:33 <5> Glad I did not miss Grand
11:55:05 <5> I'm sure the people on the benches are ready for it to go
11:55:14 <Dave from B™> That should be the largest capacity indoor arena in LV
11:55:47 <5> biggest sphere in the world it says
11:56:16 <5> looks like it will take a lot of energy to run it, not sure what Vegas is thinking...unlimited electricity in their future?
11:56:20 <Dave from B™> hashahahahaha. I just received BHI post of 8/16 1537 ie
11:56:26 <ynpvisitor9> I believe Formula 1 is racing in Vegas next year, might be wrong
11:56:26 <5> oh drat, we missed Grand
11:56:42 <Dave from B™> Yes, next Thanksgiving, 9
11:56:48 <linda> LOL I just got a BHI text thought it was for now, it was from yesterday
11:56:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> F1 will be next year and the next
11:57:00 <5> they do Formula 1 on Thanksgiving?
11:57:05 <linda> Dave from B™, lol
11:57:27 <linda> but I got grand
11:57:31 <ynpvisitor9> F1 has hardly any US influence
11:57:31 <Dave from B™> Formula 1 bought a big piece of land near the strip as well
11:57:53 <Dave from B™> Craig, they are starting to have some success here in the states
11:58:02 <5> I'm surprised there are still big pieces to be bought
11:58:10 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, small percentage of their fan base around the world, though
11:58:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I prefer the slower smaller tracks. Dirt is a lot of fun.
11:58:40 <Dave from B™> Yes, but it seems they are after the US entertainemtn dollar
11:59:24 <ynpvisitor9> the Miami F1 track was lousy, IMO
11:59:33 <5> I feel left out, I still have not gotten my BHI text from yesterday
11:59:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Texas stinks too
12:00:02 <ynpvisitor9> I forgot what Texas track was like
12:00:05 <5> I thought they run F1 through city streets
12:00:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They use some dedicated courses.
12:00:23 <ynpvisitor9> 5, at some venues, yes.... and I hate those ones
12:00:42 <5> some have dedicated tracks?
12:01:09 <ynpvisitor9> saudis have a good track
12:01:31 <5> I bet they have billions sunk into F1
12:01:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Especially in Europe. About the only street course I like is Monaco.
12:01:51 <ynpvisitor9> probably, they seem to get multiple races per in a year
12:02:11 <ynpvisitor9> I'm the lone hater on Monaco probably
12:02:33 <ynpvisitor9> whoever gets pole usually is the winner there
12:02:50 <5> was Miami a street race?
12:03:07 <5> oh, I see above you. mentioned a track there
12:03:13 <Dave from B™> No car race is fun if you can't pass
12:03:54 <ynpvisitor9> I think Miami had longer straights for passes than Monaco
12:04:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was better with the old cars
12:05:02 <ynpvisitor9> I like the Schumacher and earlier years, but I am liking this year since they got rid of the dirty air issue. Better racing/passing than the last few years
12:05:19 <Dave from B™> Kevon, has the 2023 full NASCAR schedult been released yet?
12:05:22 <2BlueYam> They need the screaming V8s or V10s back. The turbo-4s sound is awful.
12:05:22 <Dave from B™> Kevin*
12:05:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> World of Outlaws is a fun series. On the half mile dirt track in Vegas they average about 130mph. 1100 pound car with 900 hp.
12:05:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Agree BlueYam
12:06:57 <5> another long one burst
12:07:27 <ynpvisitor9> hmmm, I may have confused Miami with Texas. I am watching replay of Miami, and the track isn't so bad
12:07:41 <5> old age will do that to you
12:07:46 <ynpvisitor9> no kidding
12:08:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I can relate.
12:08:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> In dog years not only am I dead, I am decomposed.
12:08:44 <ynpvisitor9> I literally lost my plate yesterday that somehow I out in the sink and didn't remember taking it in there at all
12:08:48 <ynpvisitor9> put
12:09:18 <5> 12 m 36 s Grand
12:09:47 <ynpvisitor9> oblong ?
12:09:51 <ynpvisitor9> yep
12:09:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Great timing
12:10:08 <ynpvisitor9> nice one
12:10:55 <5> almost to the dead tree top
12:11:39 <ynpvisitor9> this is the best one I have watched on here
12:15:43 <Ryan>
12:15:47 <Ryan> Crescent moon in Needle Eye
12:23:21 <5> That sphere in Vegas will have a screen the size of 3 football fields
12:24:18 <Dave from B™> Wow
12:24:51 <5> highest definition ever on a screen (so far)
12:26:05 <5> the outside will have its own LED displays
12:30:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Daisy
12:32:10 <5> Castle ie too
12:34:36 <Dave from B™> LV has to always try to outdo the last big thing
12:35:01 <5> well this will be it
12:35:40 <5> Not sure I would want to be on top tiers of seating if a fire broke out
12:36:29 <5> I expect they will have massive fire suppression systems in place
12:37:03 <5> Nice Castle bursts
12:37:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Give them something to blow up in 10 years
12:38:20 <5> like terrorists?
12:39:12 <5> no minor for this Castle...
12:39:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> No, they will need the land for more apartments.
12:39:45 <5> right on the strip does not seem like a place they are building apartments
12:40:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Give them time. They will.
12:40:38 <Dave from B™> More likely more condos
12:41:07 <Ryan> Given how much water the southwest is losing and Vega keeps using more of it for stuff like that.... the only thing separating them from terrorists is an outright political agenda.
12:41:50 <5> I read an article yesterday about CO river water being cut back to cities and states
12:41:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Many wars over water in the west.
12:42:02 <Ryan> Given the Colorado was just set at a tier 2 shortage, and states are preparing to curtail drinking water, I find the idea that things like that are still running in LV, let alone being added, disgusting.
12:42:19 <5> Saint George sounds like it has troubling days ahead
12:42:47 <Ryan> The whole of the SW has bad days ahead. But yeah - lets keep sucking up more water and power for things like that.
12:42:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> St George is also suffering from the california virus.
12:43:08 <5> sounds like it Kevin
12:43:22 <5> it is leading the virus now I think
12:43:30 <Dave from B™> Ryan, no one has the stomach to fight LV and other desert communities over water. It is sad.
12:44:11 <Ryan> Right? We are going to curtail drinking water but keep the Bellagio Fountains running...
12:44:43 <Dave from B™> Ryan, I did read they have curtailed the amount of water they use at the fountains
12:44:44 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You haven't seen the fights Dave. They are there. LV needs to quit issuing building permits for new houses for a while.
12:44:51 <ynpvisitor9> Utah has a good solution; try to get the olympics here again, and bring mroe attention so more people more here and use more water. That will benefit us tremendously.
12:45:17 <Dave from B™> But you have all ther buildings they can use once again:)
12:45:17 <Ryan> Or continue watering a golf course while states begin experiencing brown outs.
12:45:57 <Ryan> Did they, Dave? I hadn't read that - but I am happy to be wrong.
12:46:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You cannot plant a new lawn here and they limited pool size.
12:46:55 <Ryan> Thats a good thing on the lawns. But I am an outlier - I think grass is a conspiracy ;)
12:47:14 <5> it is baffling the attraction of lawns
12:47:33 <Dave from B™> I will NEVER live somewhere where I can't have a lawn.
12:47:43 <Dave from B™> For mydogs!
12:48:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> A lot of new houses use fake grass. We had an idiot up here that set off his fireworks on his and lit it on fire.
12:48:15 <Ryan> We've convinced ourselves to spend untold millions of dollars and sizeable chunks of our lives to maintaining a monoculture plant that doesn't even grow here.
12:48:38 <Ryan> It is less the lawn aspect, Dave, and more the idea of managed grass.
12:49:29 <Ryan> That takes a lot of time, water, and energy to keep a well maintained lawn of grass - when for less effort, water, and a healthier environment one could have moss and some weeds.
12:49:45 <Ryan> And still have dogs with places to play :)
12:50:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I do real good with weeds.
12:50:36 <Dave from B™> After 3 weeks in AZ and southern Utah, my dogs were happy to see grass when we got home
12:50:47 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Plenty of rocks here too.
12:52:29 <Ryan> Sorry, manicured or curated lawns just bother me. Specifically when it is happening in a location that is not capable of naturally maintaining it and it is happening at the expense of a quarter of the country. :(
12:52:37 <ynpvisitor9> I've seen new non grass landscapes around that make me envious
12:52:48 <Katie 🌻> One of mine didn't call 611 - good thing we aren't anal about our lawn
12:53:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> In 10- to 15 I should have a nice maintained lawn. Problem is it will be above me.
12:53:39 <ynpvisitor9> cremation for me..... just throw my ashes anywhere, it's moot
12:54:05 <Ryan> I would like to be thrown into a lava lake... for science of course.
12:54:31 <5> one big problem in places like Saint George is that construction is a huge part of the economy. They need to start building yet then they are going to have other issues
12:54:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We have a couple of guys along our train tracks.
12:55:21 <Dave from B™> I hear Lake Meat is a good place
12:55:26 <Dave from B™> Mead*
12:55:28 <Dave from B™> hahaha
12:55:30 <5> their ashes or their bodies
12:55:37 <5> ?
12:55:45 <Ryan> Construction needs to shift to maintenance in a lot of places. Large chunks of the DC metro area are heavily tied into construction - but they build roads and then we have no money to maintain it. :(
12:55:45 <ynpvisitor9> places like St George should start finding water recycling strategies
12:55:59 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There seem to be a lot of bodies showing up now.
12:56:13 <Ryan> If Mos Eisley can sustainably exist, so can St. George!
12:57:14 <5> wow Castle was a minor after all, seemed so happy...
12:57:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> St George was fine until infected by the california virus.
12:58:16 <5> people from all over are flocking there
12:58:43 <Phillip> Every place is fine until infected by the california virus.
12:59:02 <Dave from B™> People like to move to places with nice weather
12:59:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was really a nice place with several smaller sub communities around it.
13:01:14 <Phillip> accept the fine weather but do not create a shithole where you go, they must miss it, why do they leave
13:02:48 <Dave from B™> Many leave SCal because of the awful traffic
13:03:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Plenty of open desert between LA and Vegas. They should just use it.
13:12:36 <ynpvisitor9> St George has lots of interesting natural sights all around, though
13:13:04 <Dave from B™> Yep
13:13:06 <ynpvisitor9> but I would rather live in Cedar City or somewhere else with cooler temps
13:13:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It sure does. I know about a bunch more that I won't tell anyone about.
13:13:31 <Dave from B™> But, don't many Utahans winter in St. George?
13:14:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think they do now.
13:15:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> They have a cool theater in the red rocks near Ivins.
13:22:37 <Dave from B™> Kevin, where are you going besides Chama and Pikes Peak Cog?
13:23:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Georgetown Loop, Silverton, Ouray, Monument Valley
13:23:44 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Cripple Creek
13:24:20 <Dave from B™> Nice
13:24:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Pagosa Springs...
13:26:14 <Dave from B™> Downtown Pagosa Springs? :)
13:26:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Going to the feed store. Already looked it up!
13:27:30 <Dave from B™> hahahaha
13:27:41 <Dave from B™> I love the lyrics to that song
13:31:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> One of my favorites Dave.
13:33:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Have you heard the Manheim Steamroller Christmas music Dave?
13:33:41 <Dave from B™> Yes, I know it is the same guy. I couldn't believe that when you told me before. It's crazy
13:34:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Amazing, isn't it?
13:34:17 <Dave from B™> That's going to be on my Sonos play list tonight
13:34:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Add Classified to it Dave
13:35:38 <Dave from B™> I remember when the CB craze hit.
13:36:29 <Dave from B™> Will Do
13:36:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Cam is slow to react today
13:47:53 <Betty> hi all
13:48:02 <Ryan> Hi Betty
13:48:06 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
13:48:29 <Ryan> I get to go get shot in an hour
13:48:50 <Ryan> It is so weird to pre-emptively know and plan for an ER visit....
13:49:49 <ynpvisitor9> Betty, howdy :)
13:53:32 <Ryan> Calculated my risk of rabies - because I am masochistic like that: 3:1,000,000,000 if I didn't get the shots
13:53:51 <Ryan> Add like, five or six zeros (or more) since I am getting the shots.
13:54:42 <Ryan> Factors were: dog (stray), in PA, with a non-bite exposure.
13:54:46 <Dave from B™> I couldn't believe Hope bit you
13:54:49 <Dave from B™> :D
13:54:57 <Ryan> Oh I could believe it...
13:55:13 <Ryan> I couldn't believe we never had her vaccinated!!
13:55:27 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, be nice
13:55:36 <Ryan> She was spayed but not vaccinated!
13:55:37 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ 🌵, Ryan, Dave from B™, howdy ynpvisitor9
13:55:46 <Dave from B™> He knows I'm joking
13:55:56 <ynpvisitor9> LOL
13:55:59 <Ryan> Oh, no worries, 9. I like my humor like I like my coffee and caves: heavy and dark.
13:56:43 <Dave from B™> Craig, I mispoke the other day, The Resort series is on Peacock; not Paramount.
13:56:48 <Dave from B™> Speaking of dark
13:57:11 <Ryan> And my response has some basis in reality. She hasn't been vaccinated for rabies but she is about to have a medical procedure that would be referred to as spaying in animals.
13:57:48 <Ryan> Which is something we are both relieved about. Sometimes we get sad we won't have biological kids - the risk factors are just way too high.
13:57:48 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, I've already forgotten whatever The Resort is
13:58:30 <Ryan> But we know that in the future we can adopt and if that's the case the choice will be very thought out and we would be able to give the child all the love, attention, and our best health and energy they would deserve.
13:58:51 <Dave from B™>
13:59:32 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, is it good?
13:59:50 <Dave from B™> Nothing wrong with adoption. We did the whole process and were days away from getting kids vwhen we found out my wife was pregnant with /becca
14:00:06 <Dave from B™> It is good and different. I think you would like it
14:00:42 <ynpvisitor9> I have like 4 or 5 series in my "Continue Watching" that just haven't grabbed me
14:00:53 <Dave from B™> It's keeping our intention until Fall shows start
14:01:16 <Dave from B™> attention*
14:01:29 <Ryan> For us, adoption is better. It would be deliberate, thought out, and we could give all of ourselves - not just whatever would survive pregnancy.
14:02:52 <Dave from B™> Ryan, it sounds like it has been well thought out. Best of luck to you.
14:03:13 <Ryan> Thanks, Dave. :)
14:03:46 <Ryan> Right now we have a cat that is enough... little [redacted] wants to go out on the porch, but can't because he ate a hole in the screen door and gets out.
14:04:00 <Dave from B™> Anxiously awaiting Lasso, Yellowstone, Rookie, Marveloius Ms Maisel to start
14:04:02 <Ryan> So he walks around all day meowing like I am murdering him and then pees somewhere....
14:04:13 <Dave from B™> hahahaha
14:04:26 <Ryan> Total change of subject, I just watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel all the way through for the third time.
14:04:44 <Ryan> I think thats one of the best and funniest shows Prime has made in their history.
14:04:53 <Dave from B™> It is funny
14:04:59 <Dave from B™> Only 1 season left:(
14:05:06 <ynpvisitor9> I still havent watched the latest season
14:05:26 <Dave from B™> Craig, the latest season was better than the season before
14:05:34 <ynpvisitor9> :thumbsup:
14:06:08 <ynpvisitor9> the manager is probably my favorite character
14:06:22 <Ryan> Alex Borstein is a gem
14:06:31 <Ryan> My favorite is the father
14:07:04 <Katie 🌻> Now, now, now, Suzie is the best!
14:07:09 <Ryan> I identify with the father - specifically with being sociall inept and unbearable and only being aware of it 1% of the time (if ever).
14:07:12 <Dave from B™> They all fit well together
14:07:43 <ynpvisitor9> Ryan, interesting.... so how do you know you are only aware 1%? cuz someone told you?
14:07:52 <Ryan> More or less.
14:08:10 <ynpvisitor9> makes sense, to put it abrubtly
14:08:30 <Ryan> That percentage gets higher with time - but for a long while I probably only knew it 1% of the time while it was actually happening. Retrospective realization was much higher.
14:08:56 <Ryan> No worries about being abrupt. Tis necessary sometimes.
14:09:23 <ynpvisitor9> I started figuring out stuff like that by better understanding body language during interactions
14:09:25 <Ryan> I am a big fan of MMM's scenes where its a long, uninterrupted, scene with a dozen vignettes.
14:10:03 <ynpvisitor9> watching people pull away when trying to prove I was right and they were wrong LOL
14:10:08 <Ryan> 9, (C) my ADHD made that really hard for a long time. Especially in Yellowstone. If I was watching a geyser it was borderline impossible to watch body language. Even when I actively tried to do it.
14:10:47 <ynpvisitor9> seeing cringe expressions when saying what was in my thoughts
14:10:57 <Ryan> The other half has been learning about messaging and delivery. Half of the time I just like to talk. but it comes across like I am trying to prove a point or be correct.
14:11:43 <ynpvisitor9> watching shows like Atypical, and Love on the Spectrum are hilarious for me.... cuz I get so many parts about that stuff
14:12:29 <Ryan> A third half (hehe, its like a clown car of social maladjustment) is trying to understand when folks are actually interested in having those discussions. Sometimes I interpret lack of interest as active repulsion.
14:13:21 <ynpvisitor9> well, honestly, what we are doing right now is self-absorbed and it does get repulsive to those who aren't this way
14:13:44 <Ryan> I will have to watch those shows. I can watch it sometimes, but it can be hard. Some memories haunt me. Thats why I like the father in MMM. He is surrounded by and diluted with normal people.
14:13:47 <Dave from B™> I'm finding the topic interesting
14:14:17 <Dave from B™> Did I just setup Craig again?
14:14:37 <ynpvisitor9> Dave from B™, lol, because of Mrs Maisel?
14:14:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wait till you get old. Been there, done that, don't remember, don't care...
14:14:55 <Ryan> 9, indeed. It is hard to discuss it publicly sometimes. It comes across as being self-absorbed - at worst it comes across like some anti-hero complex.
14:14:58 <ynpvisitor9> Kevin L™ 🌵, there
14:15:28 <Ryan> I can't overstate how bad my ADHD can be. Been there, done that, don't remember, but do care :(
14:15:29 <ynpvisitor9> indifference is liberating in a cynical way
14:15:55 <Dave from B™> I just see it as being aware of who you are and that is more than some people are capable of analyzing.
14:16:06 <ynpvisitor9> :thumbsup:
14:16:06 <Ryan> Emphasis on not remembering. I am glad for my journals. Within a week, or less, I start losing bits of memories.
14:16:12 <Ryan> Cheers, Dave.
14:16:34 <Ryan> The alternative is to pretend past actions and behaviors never existed - which is even worse.
14:16:42 <Ryan> BHI
14:16:43 <Ryan> .
14:16:43 <Ryan> .
14:16:44 <Ryan> .
14:16:45 <Ryan> .
14:16:45 <Ryan> .
14:16:49 <ynpvisitor9> having ADHD means you recycle self refection critiques over and over and over
14:16:50 <Ryan> .
14:17:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Daisy too
14:17:13 <Dave from B™> woohoo, a geyser
14:17:53 <Ryan> 9, yup. What is really bad is when the same critiques recycle without remembering half of the event that it occurred in. Was I the jerk? Were they? Hell if I remember :(
14:18:02 <Betty> yay
14:18:54 <Katie 🌻> sent text
14:19:02 <Dave from B™> Ryan, the answer is usually both
14:19:10 <Ryan> The ADHD also results in the famous Ryan Maurer Yardsales (TM)
14:19:33 <Ryan> I can focus on organizing my crap, watching the geyser, taking notes, and taking photos - just not all four at the same time.
14:20:20 <Dave from B™> Multi tasking isn't all its cracked up to be
14:20:48 <Eric> Afternoon everyone.
14:20:51 <KorbenC(phone)1> Thanks for text
14:21:04 <KorbenC(phone)1> Was confused because it said 1428 :)
14:21:13 <Ryan> I think in the future, Dave, I am going to bring a tape recorder.
14:21:21 <Betty> hey Eric!
14:21:34 <Dave from B™> Do they still make those?:)
14:21:40 <Ryan> Say out my observations, time stamps, film exposures, etc. Because I can't write and do everything else and not get in the way.
14:21:46 <Dave from B™> ERic, twice in the same day?
14:21:46 <Betty> hi KorbenC(phone)
14:21:47 <Ryan> Yes, it is called a cell phone ;)
14:21:49 <Eric> I now have over 350GB of webcam static videos on :-P
14:21:53 <Eric> Hi Betty!
14:21:58 <Katie 🌻> Oops
14:22:06 <Ryan> That was a huge splash
14:22:12 <Eric> Dave from B™, That wasn't me...that was TheDude :-P
14:22:18 <KorbenC(phone)> Hi Eric, Betty
14:22:27 <Eric> Hiya KorbenC(phone),
14:22:29 <Ryan> Thats a lot of water to not trigger an eruption. Wow
14:22:31 <BHI IE> That was a oozy splash!
14:22:31 <ynpvisitor9> Eric, welcome back Dude
14:22:41 <Eric> Thanks #9
14:22:51 <Ryan> Hi Eric!
14:22:57 <Eric> Hi Ryan!
14:23:17 <Eric> I love your South Dakota many amazing places in that state!
14:23:21 <Ryan> Need to talk to you about logistics for hypothetical future trips to the PNW. Namely acclimitizing. I apparently need to do it.
14:23:40 <Ryan> Thanks! Best is yet to come. The Needles photo was my least interesting.... :P
14:23:47 <KorbenC(phone)> Ryan, meh, nothing more than what I have seen recently:) alot of very punchy starts
14:23:54 <Eric> Hahaha...never heard anyone say they need to acclimitize to the PNW :-P
14:24:13 <Eric> BH!
14:24:18 <Eric> or Fake BH!
14:24:28 <Dave from B™> Ryan, to sea level?:)
14:24:31 <Eric> Real BH?
14:24:36 <KorbenC(phone)> Acclimating to the PNW? Like to the people or the altitude?
14:24:46 <KorbenC(phone)> Ok, that was a big surge not to start an eruption
14:24:49 <Eric> I think Ryan would fit right in for the people :-P
14:24:51 <CraigC> Eric, have you watched any season of ALone? Vancouver Island looks so brutal with the rain and humidity
14:25:09 <Ryan> Well, for mountains.
14:25:26 <Eric> CraigC, Well...that vancouver is nowhere near me :-P I live in the Original Vancouver
14:25:35 <Ryan> I went to 9,000ft on this trip and went into a cave and turned around after an hour feeling like I was about to die
14:25:37 <Eric> BH!
14:25:44 <Ryan> That is a VERY big splash!
14:25:47 <Eric> 3rd time is a charm
14:25:50 <KorbenC(phone)> Ryan, from Colorado opinion, if you aren't planning on doing a ton of time up high you probably don't need it
14:26:05 <Ryan> KC, from my experience last week I need it
14:26:35 <Dave from B™> Ryan, when is the last time you were at that kind of altitude?
14:26:38 <Ryan> It took three days not to feel like I was suffocating everytime I walked up a hill.
14:26:43 <Eric> Colorado is much higher than the PNW...they have cities higher than many of our mountains.
14:26:47 <5> PNW is only high if you climb mountains
14:26:55 <5> cities are not at high elevation
14:26:55 <Ryan> Couple of years. The intervening years were at sea level and fairly sedentary.
14:27:00 <KorbenC(phone)> Fair enough, everybody is different, sadly most acclimatization comes from suffering up there.
14:27:11 <Dave from B™> Eric, that is because of the laws in Colorado
14:27:12 <Ryan> When I go to the PNW I plan to at least try for St. Helens.
14:27:20 <Ryan> Dave, hahahaha
14:27:24 <Eric> We have those same laws Dave
14:27:29 <KorbenC(phone)> Water, water, water. Maybe Ibuprofen or something.
14:27:48 <5> don't try it on your first days there
14:27:58 <KorbenC(phone)> Saint Helens is what, 8k?
14:27:58 <Eric> Ryan, definitely come out...I will take you up Helens and to a few other gems in the area
14:28:13 <Dave from B™> 5, that is good advice. Take a day or two to acclimitatize
14:28:27 <Eric> Yep, Helens is short...but you climb more on it than most Colorado 14k mountains :-P
14:28:35 <Ryan> 5, yeah, thats the first goal. I went into a cave that was not really easy, but not overtly hard either. After an hour I started feeling horrible. Like I was suffocating. When I got back out it took hours to not feel like I was suffocating and I was just sitting down.
14:28:51 <KorbenC(phone)> Eric, I might be trying Rainier in a couple of weeks :)
14:29:01 <Eric> Me too :-D
14:29:18 <Ryan> I spent three days in Custer, SD, which is ~5,000ft. But that extra 4,000 was a problem. I have gone right from sea level to 8800ft before but that was the first time having issues.
14:29:22 <5> Korben, who never is in school>(
14:29:30 <Eric> Horrible time to do it...but what the heck, I have paid the climbers fees this year and have a friend with permit.
14:29:38 <KorbenC(phone)> Haha, always in school but always taking time off
14:29:53 <5> most lenient school ever
14:30:22 <KorbenC(phone)> Eric, lol, me too, wouldn't purposely get a permit to do it this time of year
14:30:27 <Ryan> Depends on the student, too 5.
14:30:27 <KorbenC(phone)> 5, how so?
14:30:43 <5> so glad BH did not go during OF time frame today
14:30:48 <CraigC> 5, I've worked with kids that I was happy to send out of state on vacations
14:30:48 <Ryan> I took lots of time off. I also did work while on trips, or did it pre-emptively. I worked with my teachers, and they worked with me.
14:30:51 <5> to let you out of school so often
14:30:53 <Eric> Ryan, I live at about 500ft above sea level so definitely a lot of prominence here.
14:31:15 <Eric> Well, thanks for the BHI notification!
14:31:19 <KorbenC(phone)> Haha, I am a good student so they don't care if I go missing for a few days
14:31:30 <Ryan> There is a difference between "letting out of school" and "being away from school"
14:31:44 <Eric> Let me know if you are climbing Korben...I might be on the mountain at the same time.
14:31:59 <Ryan> If you do the work, and your grades don't suffer, I have not had an issue. Until college, then the professors seemed annoyed I got a vacation and they did not.
14:32:11 <KorbenC(phone)> Eric, if you come to CO I wanna take you up some of the ones with more gain, so cool to go from 7k to 14k, no matter where you are
14:32:15 <Ryan> Have a good evening all. Off to go get shot with rabies ;)
14:32:39 <KorbenC(phone)> Eric, it's still theoretical, there is a big set of mtns out here I wanna try too, so who knows. :)
14:32:42 <Dave from B™> You as well, Ryan
14:32:44 <Eric> That would be a slow slog for me from 7k to 14k...I am old and fat...but I could do it.
14:33:05 <Eric> Cya Ryan
14:33:08 <Ryan> Someday I will go to CO, too. I recently became friends with many of the folks who do lots of caving in CO.
14:33:20 <Betty> have "fun" Ryan, bye Eric
14:33:21 <Eric> I have to run as well...meeting time.
14:33:25 <Ryan> Including the really nice ones, and the nice places in the public caves.
14:33:30 <KorbenC(phone)> Cya Eric
14:34:35 <KorbenC(phone)> Ryan, there are some great spots, even in tourist traps like cave of the winds
14:37:44 <KorbenC(phone)> As an example of my school not caring, I am in one of my AP classes and should probably get back to it
14:37:55 <KorbenC(phone)> Bye all, cya in an hour or two
14:40:56 <5> possibility of northern lights tonight in the basin
14:43:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nice
14:46:09 <5> I'm wondering if SB is finally done
14:50:44 <5> Steve put in his BH report that BHI went 20 feet high after BH started. I cannot find any evidence of that on the video, yet maybe it was obscured by BH
14:50:55 <5> Maybe he is talking Rocco feet
14:51:06 <5> 20 feet would be huge for BHI
14:51:46 <5> hey, I just got YESTERDAY's BH text. Well done Verizon
15:04:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> of
15:38:03 <Betty> night all
15:38:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
15:59:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Controls released
16:56:31 <Julia> So who has the camera?
16:57:26 <JarnoO> DaveM, based on the last two webcam entries
16:59:10 <Julia> :thumbsup:
17:10:14 <Julia> package?
17:10:40 <Julia> oops, wrong keyboard.
17:14:26 <Julia> Lion at least is steaming.
17:29:51 <Julia> The camera hasn't moved in about an hours, my fiber connection is up, but I wonder if DaveM is down.
17:34:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Right now the only thing that may pop up is Lion and it has been due. He got OF. When Lion goes or a daisy window pops up he will probably move it.
17:47:07 <KorbenC> Afternoon all
17:50:20 <linda(12)> KorbenC, hi
17:52:01 <5> what are we looking at now?
17:52:41 <KorbenC> Daisy
17:52:52 <5> Is that over by Old Faithful Lodge?
17:53:01 <5> oh, that is Daisy, got it
17:53:03 <5> close up
17:53:32 <KorbenC> You can see the far seating area middle-right screen
17:54:10 <5> yep, I thought it was a trail border going down to the river at first, past the benches, by the lodge
17:54:42 <5> no visitors for Daisy, though I always watched from the other side...
17:55:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Right on time.
17:55:52 <KorbenC> Daisy, for being such a fun geyser, tends not to hqave many crowds
17:58:16 <KorbenC> Has Copy Paste geyser gone yet?
17:58:28 <5> I have watched it solo many times
17:58:46 <5> is that your name for Grand?
17:58:54 <KorbenC> Riverside
17:59:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> What does a partly cloudy snow showers mean Korben?
17:59:18 <5> the cam has been here since I signed on
18:00:08 <5> though NPS updated their Riverside prediction so I am going to say, yes, it erupted
18:00:33 <5> do they use 6 hours? It might be ie now
18:01:23 <KorbenC> Probably use 6hrs
18:02:16 <5> that would make 1800 start time
18:02:50 <5> cannot see it from this view
18:08:26 <linda(12)> oh I'll be in one of those cabins soon
18:19:37 <KorbenC> Kevin, just confirming one more time, it is August 20th right, train leaves at 2:45pm?
18:31:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Aug 20th leaves at 2:40. Let me see if it has an arrival time.
18:34:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It says it is about an hour.
18:41:51 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
19:55:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Large center boil on Giantess
19:55:56 <KorbenC> Big boil just now
19:56:11 <KorbenC> another
19:56:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Watch it go now so I miss most of it on the road.
19:58:13 <KorbenC> Dont give it ideas!
20:09:19 <KorbenC> ehm
20:09:27 <KorbenC> 4ft N and NE rim boil on tess
21:10:50 <kcmule> gt note west thumb open