Showing logs for date: 2022-08-19
06:53:35 <Kat> Sawmill
06:55:12 <Kat> sawmill off
07:14:18 <linda(10)> nice
07:14:33 <Kat> Love the light!
07:24:51 <linda(10)> riverside
07:39:16 <linda(10)> morning
07:40:55 <Kat> Hi Lindsa
07:41:00 <Kat> Linda*
07:43:19 <linda(10)> Kat, hi
07:44:33 <Kat> I think Lion may be done
07:57:50 <Kat> :daisy:
07:59:35 <ynpvisitor9> Kat, howdy
07:59:40 <ynpvisitor9> linda(10), howdy
07:59:54 <ynpvisitor9> :daisy: howdy
07:59:55 <Kat> Howdy!!
07:59:56 <linda(10)> ynpvisitor9, howdy
08:00:19 <linda(10)> ynpvisitor9, im well hydrated today :lol::lol::lol::lol:
08:00:32 <Kat> linda(10), huh?
08:00:38 <ynpvisitor9> linda(10), lol
08:00:51 <ynpvisitor9> she was a little 'off' the other day
08:00:54 <Lori Dawsonvill> I am headed to Yellowstone on Tuesday, so trying to learn how to use this app.
08:01:20 <ynpvisitor9> Lori Dawsonville, do you have geyser times?
08:01:34 <linda(10)> Kat, >(
08:01:43 <Kat> ynpvisitor9, Linda off? Say it isn't so!
08:02:11 <Lori Dawsonvill> Yes, I am now in the geyser times app on my android.
08:02:21 <linda(10)> Kat, :p
08:02:22 <ynpvisitor9> Kat, I shared info about west thumb in a pm to her.... then every thing she meant to type in the room she kept typing into the pm
08:03:29 <Kat> ynpvisitor9, LOL - hate to admit it I've done the same and then a few times the reverse OOPS!
08:03:39 <Lori Dawsonvill> I was last in Yellowstone 3 years ago, and cell signal was poor. Where in the park do you get strong enough signal to use app?
08:03:44 <ynpvisitor9> uh oh LOL
08:04:09 <ynpvisitor9> Lori Dawsonville, upper geyser basin, mostly ok, sometimes not so good
08:04:27 <Kat> Lori Dawsonville, there is some signal at OF and spotty in other areas.
08:04:39 <ynpvisitor9> Lori Dawsonville, right at canyon 4 way stop I got signals, that's about it
08:05:16 <Lori Dawsonvill> All that is helpful info. Thanks.
08:05:36 <Kat> If your on the North and East side, Mammoth, Sometimes Tower Junction and at Slough Creek
08:05:56 <ynpvisitor9> Lori Dawsonville, find the people in the basins with backpacks and radios, most all of them are really friendly. I am not there, so the odds are higher for not meeting one of the jerk ones
08:06:17 <Lori Dawsonvill> Slough creek surprises me. There is a tower out there?
08:06:17 <Kat> ynpvisitor9, hahaha
08:07:09 <Kat> Lori Dawsonville, Not sure where tower may be but I've made calls from the Slough Road Bathroom parking lot many times
08:07:21 <Lori Dawsonvill> I will listen for radios. Thanks.
08:09:52 <Ryan> Got more info on the NG eruption yesterday and updated the entry.
08:09:55 <Ryan> Photo confirmed
08:27:18 <Kat> It's time OF !!!
08:41:10 <Kat> OF finally
08:43:16 <Kat> short
08:48:07 <Kat> :)
08:57:43 <Greg (working)> Morning all, it's raining in the desert and off to work I go. Later
09:03:39 <Kat> Greg (working), morning - have a great day!
09:05:42 <Ryan> Giantess is nice and toasty.
09:05:55 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:07:30 <Ryan> That looks very much like a relatively near start Grotto
09:07:58 <Kat> Grotto has been going since earlier
09:08:24 <Ryan> Huh, that was a lot of steam.
09:08:35 <Ryan> Wonder if Rocket was playing around a bit.
09:13:40 <Ryan> NPS released a statement on the Abyss Pool foot with more details.
09:13:52 <Ryan> Looks like it was a couple weeks old. Sad.
09:14:21 <Kat> Very sad!
09:15:22 <Ryan> I won't comment more here publicly. I just feel like this situation is not something that should be widely discussed in a public forum that gets archived. Not respectful to the families.
09:15:37 <Ryan> I can DM a link if anyone wants one.
09:17:24 <Kat> Agree - no need to discuss. It's already posted on FB and in news
09:31:45 <Kat> sawmill
09:41:47 <Kat> start time 0937 verified on static too
09:50:29 <Kat> :daisy:
09:57:28 <linda(10)> signing in
09:57:54 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:58:44 <linda(10)> got it
09:59:26 <Kat> Great! There's a list coming up - it's been a slow morning! I wish you a Bee!
10:00:17 <linda(10)> nice
10:00:48 <Kat> Time for some brunch!
10:02:21 <LindaG(11)> enjoy!
10:21:03 <Delta4Heavy85> Splash From Beehive
10:21:13 <Delta4Heavy85> May be an eruption son
10:29:14 <LindaG(11)> Delta4Heavy85, :thumbsup:
10:29:21 <LindaG(11)> More splashes
10:30:31 <Delta4Heavy85> Hopefully there id a good camera angle for the (Hopefully) Beehive Eruption
10:31:03 <LindaG(11)> Hope so
10:32:03 <LindaG(11)> Not a lot.of camera angles available. :) this is kind of it ;)
10:32:47 <Delta4Heavy85> Last Beehive eruption the top of the eruption was cutoff
10:33:08 <LindaG(11)> Ok :)
10:39:18 <Kat> Delta4Heavy85, cam ops are volunteers - not everything is perfect!
10:40:19 <Kat> also, the cam has its limits
10:40:33 <Delta4Heavy85> Just hope it is better this time
10:40:40 <linda(10)> big big splash
10:41:37 <Kat> Delta4Heavy85, :thumbsup:
10:42:25 <linda(10)> thought for a second bee was going to eruipt
10:42:50 <linda(10)> of course OF will be looming
10:43:30 <Delta4Heavy85> Cool if there is a double eruption
10:44:31 <linda(10)> I'll do my best on bee, Ive been trained well as to what everyone wants to see>(
10:44:46 <linda(10)> indy
10:44:48 <linda(10)> .
10:44:49 <linda(10)> .
10:44:49 <linda(10)> .
10:45:41 <linda(10)> .sent text hope it works
10:45:45 <Delta4Heavy85> Beehive in the nest 30 Mins
10:45:54 <linda(10)> i got the email
10:47:56 <Greg (working)> Email received, thank you
10:48:41 <linda(10)> :thumbsup:
10:51:59 <6> thanks for e mail
10:52:15 <linda(10)> 6, yw
10:52:40 <linda(10)> verizon texts arent working again
10:52:45 <Kat> Linda - I didn't get e-mail or text!
10:52:57 <6> I'll get my text tomorrow I bet
10:53:00 <Kat> Got yours to me but not alert
10:53:15 <Kat> linda(10), uggghhh
10:53:35 <Delta4Heavy85> Pump Geyser
10:53:37 <linda(10)> Kat, you may not be set up for email' talk to katie
10:53:47 <Kat> Did you put a hyphen in the subject line, there has to be something there
10:53:52 <linda(10)> or send request
10:54:23 <Kat> Nothing should have changed I like getting the text
10:55:53 <LindaG(11)> No sent off new phone but I got email and Greg did too
10:56:01 <Kat> Nicw crowd
10:56:06 <Kat> *
10:56:12 <Kat> Nice*
10:56:25 <LindaG(11)> No hyphen just INDY with time
10:56:56 <LindaG(11)> Indy giving them time to gather
10:57:10 <Kat> :)
10:57:27 <88> thanks for the text
10:57:38 <LindaG(11)> 88, :thumbsup:
10:58:59 <LindaG(11)> Yikes OF in 2 min
10:59:03 <LindaG(11)> Bee
10:59:04 <88> hi Junior
10:59:38 <Ryan> Timing! Just finishing up two rolls of film
10:59:46 <Ryan> Nice!!
11:00:18 <Ryan> Thankfully the rolls are in the bleach/fixer baths. I can leave them unattended for a bit. The fixer is getting old, so letting them sit a bit longer is probably good
11:01:06 <Ryan> Nice to have Beehive back in business again
11:01:41 <LindaG(11)> It is
11:02:26 <LindaG(11)> Oh OF waiting it's turn
11:02:52 <Kat> Nice Bee! Thx Linda
11:03:03 <LindaG(11)> :thumbsup:
11:03:14 <Delta4Heavy85> THanks
11:03:23 <LindaG(11)> Delta4Heavy85, :thumbsup:
11:03:36 <Delta4Heavy85> Seams to be dying down
11:04:54 <LindaG(11)> Next up
11:05:34 <Ryan> If you exclude the occaissonal outlier, its holding at 25hr, plus or minus 2hr 15min.
11:05:46 <Ryan> That's really cool!
11:07:09 <LindaG(11)> Ryan, nice I hope it keeps that until I arrive
11:08:07 <LindaG(11)> Sadly it will.probably start going to the dark side by then
11:26:23 <Betty> morning all
11:26:49 <linda(10)> Betty, hi bee bideo below
11:27:09 <Betty> hi Linda, thx!
11:28:45 <Ryan> Pulled out the negatives, have some very ncie photos of Bear Lodge Butte and Medicine Lodge Canyon in there. What surprises me the most though is that last nigth I burned the last few photos on the roll.
11:29:20 <Ryan> We were sitting on the porch, and I had a pack of flashbulbs. So I shot a few photos with the bulbs using the guide numbers on the box and making adjustments for bounding it off the ceiling. Amazingly, they came out perfect.
11:29:36 <Ryan> Normally I test with a digital camera, etc. I just kind of winged these ones.
11:30:14 <Betty> hey Ryan, sounds good
11:30:16 <linda(10)> OF
11:34:47 <linda(10)> Daisy
11:35:13 <Betty> nice
11:35:44 <Delta4Heavy85> Very Eraly
11:35:54 <linda(10)> yes
11:36:29 <linda(10)> 1hr 45m on daisy
11:36:48 <linda(10)> I went down basin to wait, glad I did
11:37:42 <LindaG(11)> All the geysers taking their turns in a nice orderly fashion today :)
11:42:50 <Betty> double Linda ;-)
11:47:09 <linda(10)> yes I actually have 2 laptops and my phone. one laptop has cam on it, the other has chat and my phone too. so if I get up to move I take my phone. lol
11:47:42 <Betty> :-)
11:48:06 <linda(10)> sometimes you just have to move
11:48:37 <Dave from B™> Good morning
11:48:49 <linda(10)> Dave from B™, morning
11:49:01 <Dave from B™> In case it hasn't been mentioned here, No fowl play suspected in West Thumb death
11:49:15 <6> crazy it was from July 31 they think
11:49:43 <linda(10)> yucky to find that
11:49:43 <Betty> hi Dave from B™
11:50:21 <Betty> what happened?
11:50:22 <Dave from B™> I would never get that out of my head....kind of like hitting a deer at over 70
11:51:47 <linda(10)> got my indy text yay
11:52:05 <6> Betty, they found a human foot inside a shoe in the Abyss pool at Norris
11:52:23 <Betty> ugh!
11:52:35 <Betty> Abyss is West thumb
11:52:40 <6> that pool is only 140 degrees F, so not a particularly quick death, if they did, in fact, die in the pool
11:52:46 <6> yes, at West Thumb
11:53:07 <Betty> scary...
11:53:54 <6> If it was July 31, that is a long time ago. Foot was not discovered until Aug 16
11:55:03 <LindaG(11)> Don't think about it too much or I'm not.going to want to look down into those when I get there
11:58:53 <Betty> LC ie
12:01:30 <Betty> done
12:01:43 <linda(10)> yeah
12:06:33 <LindaG(11)> Bit of a push? Low humidity
12:08:18 <6> what are we looking at?
12:08:36 <linda(10)> oblong
12:08:56 <6> oh got it now when pulled back
12:11:47 <6> just got my indy text, progress
12:12:23 <LindaG(11)> at least in the same day ;)
12:21:59 <Betty> LC ie
12:58:54 <linda(10)> OF
13:04:11 <Betty> a blob on static
13:04:32 <Betty> gone
13:16:41 <john> Hello to All! 🖐🏽🖐🏽
13:21:20 <linda(10)> DAisy
13:23:55 <linda(10)> almost missed it
13:24:36 <Betty> hello john, sorry, did nit see you sneak in
13:24:56 <Betty> *not
13:24:56 <LindaG> oh John snuck in? hi John!
13:27:16 <LindaG> Oh I'm riddled with guilt, sorry John I stole Bee :)
13:32:00 <Betty> hahaha
13:32:09 <john> Sorry, my computer locked up... MS blue screen of death! If I do not answer or disappear you will know why... :(
13:32:37 <john> LINDA!!!!!!!!!!
13:32:49 <LindaG> john, 🤗
13:37:37 <LindaG> Thought I saw turban
13:39:22 <john> what is the prediction for the next MC?
13:39:35 <LindaG> :)
13:42:54 <LindaG> The MC prediction is NOW
13:44:40 <john> LOL!
13:44:56 <linda(10)> :)
13:46:53 <linda(10)> john, Ive asked GRand to wait for you :)
13:47:39 <john> voodoo woman!
13:48:03 <linda(10)> lol
13:50:12 <linda(10)> riverside
13:51:31 <linda(10)> castle
13:51:45 <linda(10)> john, don't take it personal or anything lol
13:51:50 <Betty> no riverside for you, john
13:52:06 <Betty> no castle either...ouch
13:52:28 <linda(10)> I better get off before Grand goes lol
13:52:40 <Betty> but, hey.... Mc is soooo cool
13:52:40 <john> oh girl there goes you bonus and christmas bonus...
13:52:42 <linda(10)> santefe entered castle
13:52:59 <linda(10)> :)
13:53:14 <linda(10)> darn, docked for not sharing
13:53:20 <john> you = your
13:53:59 <linda(10)> john, want the cam?
13:54:23 <linda(10)> I want to see a castle eruption while I'm out there
13:54:24 <john> that betty at least someone likes MC besides me!
13:54:27 <Betty> (now you can have it, hehehe)
13:54:42 <linda(10)> Betty, >(
13:54:53 <Betty> LOL
13:55:21 <linda(10)> santefe entere G info too
13:56:28 <linda(10)> looks like a minor maybe
13:59:12 <linda(10)> hey santafe, were your ears ringing
13:59:18 <SantaFe108(mobi> that big old rock just haaaad to have a minor
13:59:35 <linda(10)> SantaFe108(mobile), :( bummer
13:59:36 <SantaFe108(mobi> linda(10), Lol
13:59:43 <john> :thumbsup:
13:59:49 <Betty> hi SantaFe108(mobile), having fun?
14:00:13 <SantaFe108(mobi> unfortunately I don't have my Radio since I'm stopping by om my way to bozeman but it's been great
14:00:14 <linda(10)> controls released john
14:00:19 <SantaFe108(mobi> just here for the afternoon :-/
14:00:30 <linda(10)> nice afternoon day out
14:00:49 <john> wait you still have a minute linda! LOL
14:01:21 <linda(10)> >(
14:02:02 <linda(10)> john, enjoy!
14:02:36 <john> thanks for driving linda and taking all the good geysers! :(
14:05:10 <linda(10)> john, yw, i couldnt help myslf
14:10:05 <john> LOL!
14:10:46 <john> grotto
14:11:17 <john> sorry not grotto...
14:12:10 <Ryan> Oblong
14:12:19 <Ryan> 14:11
14:12:20 <john> oblong?
14:12:32 <Ryan> yup
14:12:36 <john> :thumbsup:
14:13:34 <Ryan> flood started around 14:10:00. Eruption at by 14:10:45
14:14:27 <Ryan> Its the thing nearly dead center.
14:14:50 <Ryan> Who ever is cam op should zoom in on it.
14:15:53 <SantaFe108(mobi> OBLOOGN
14:16:07 <SantaFe108(mobi> BIG
14:18:57 <Betty> bbl
14:22:30 <linda(10)> yay John made oblong erupt
14:22:54 <john> :thumbsup:
14:23:41 <john> now if :grand: will wait until after OF
14:25:00 <linda(10)> bulger?
14:25:22 <Ryan> looks like it
14:25:32 <linda(10)> doin something
14:26:02 <linda(10)> well gotta go. cya later
14:26:11 <john> cya
14:30:56 <DanS> Whelp, there goes Grand
14:31:17 <john> NO!
14:54:12 <john> OF
15:00:33 <Dave from B™> Woohoo. Georgetown!
15:02:06 <Kevin Loop> An hour from my first train
15:04:46 <john> :daisy:
15:16:45 <john> LC
15:36:59 <DanS> Now 60 days since last Steamboat eruption :(
15:37:30 <john> better than 10 years...
15:37:52 <DanS> Though there was a hopeful note last evening on better action
15:38:08 <john> :thumbsup:
15:38:27 <DanS> john, or 50 years :p:(
15:46:04 <john> :thumbsup:
15:51:12 <Greg 🤠> Hi all. That was a nice bee earlier today
15:52:53 <Greg 🤠> John, did you leave me much?
16:01:05 <Greg 🤠> Ready when you are John, just let me know
16:04:25 <john> controls released
16:04:49 <Greg 🤠> Thank ya sir, did you have a good shift?
16:17:44 <john> linda took everything and when grand went I was stuck on OF... such is life in the fast lane... :)
16:18:12 <Greg 🤠 on ca> I noticed that, that sucked
16:18:24 <Greg 🤠 on ca> I might get a castle or Lionj
16:19:32 <john> :thumbsup: yeah linda hogged them all up today...
16:19:59 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Way to go Linda
16:24:27 <Kat> Greg 🤠 on cam, are you talking trash on Linda? LOL
16:24:56 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Do you want to join in?
16:25:08 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Never
16:25:24 <Kat> Greg 🤠 on cam, Hahaha - I'll refrain unless you want to talk about her typing skills!
16:25:37 <Greg 🤠 on ca> That's funny
16:25:44 <Kat> :)
16:26:03 <Greg 🤠 on ca> How are you feeling and seeing Kat?
16:26:16 <Betty> back
16:26:26 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Hi Betty
16:26:49 <Betty> hi Greg 🤠 on cam, Kat
16:27:10 <Kat> Greg 🤠 on cam, still have this crazy shadow in my peripheral vision - but my vision is better in that eye! Other eye to be done this week!
16:28:27 <Kat> Was in an accident today - just got my car repaired about a month ago! I'm sick about it! Some *!##@ backed into me in a parking lot - about 2500.00 damage!
16:28:52 <Greg 🤠 on ca> That totally sucks, I am sorry.
16:28:56 <Greg 🤠 on ca> You are ok though?
16:29:14 <Kat> Greg 🤠 on cam, I'm fine - my car hurts LOL
16:29:44 <Betty> sorry to hear that, Kat
16:29:46 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Is it drivable
16:32:52 <Kat> The whole back bumper on my Pathfinder was hanging off - I took it right to the repair shop and they put it back up securely - so it is drivable.
16:33:13 <Greg 🤠 on ca> nice
16:33:28 <Kat> Still need s repair and that means another deductible - that I don't have right now!
16:33:36 <Greg 🤠 on ca> They will know yo by your first name, soon.
16:33:40 <Greg 🤠 on ca> OF time
16:34:22 <Kat> Greg 🤠 on cam, lol- they do!
16:34:52 <Greg 🤠 on ca> You better bring them some cookies or sweets
16:36:17 <Greg 🤠 on ca> One time 10+ years ago, the Canyon service station guys helped us out, at no charge. We went to West, picked a watermellon, fruit, and donuts and brought them back.
16:39:21 <linda> Greg 🤠 on cam, howdy
16:39:29 <KorbenC> Evening all
16:39:48 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Howdy Linda aka geyser hog
16:39:59 <Greg 🤠 on ca> HAHA just kidding
16:40:14 <linda> Greg 🤠 on cam, lol
16:40:40 <Betty> wb Linda, hi KorbenC
16:40:41 <linda> I tried to stop them but I couldn't
16:40:52 <linda> linda, hi
16:41:34 <linda(10)> huh its only 10 days,think i had 11 earlier
16:42:29 <linda(10)> Kat, yikes, sorry to hear that
16:42:35 <Greg 🤠 on ca> 15:25:52 * linda(10) quit (timeout)
16:44:06 <KorbenC> Hi Betty, Linda, Greg. Glad you are so close Linda!
16:44:25 <KorbenC> You may very well be on the hill for a Giantess start, that would be amazing.
16:44:27 <linda(10)> Greg 🤠 on cam, lol hey I had it right
16:44:29 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Hi Korben
16:44:52 <linda(10)> KorbenC, that would be more than amazing, and we know giantess likes me
16:47:29 <Kat> linda(10), Thx ..if it's not one thing it's another!
16:47:48 <Kat> Hi Betty and all!
16:48:45 <Kat> linda(10), hope I'm on cam while your on hill for Giantess! LOL
16:48:49 <linda(10)> what channel is it on the radio again? 4.5?
16:49:39 <linda(10)> Kat, :) I'll be the one jumping up and down
16:50:53 <KorbenC> yes 4.5, do you know how to make the calls?
16:51:14 <linda(10)> KorbenC, no
16:51:51 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :daisy:
16:52:06 <KorbenC> [Geyser Name] [Time of eruption] [Geyser Name] [Time but you say ever digit] ie. "Beehive 1651. Beehive 1 6 5 1"
16:52:07 <linda(10)> i was just panning on listening, but i guess i should know
16:52:07 <Betty> daisy
16:52:28 <linda(10)> KorbenC, :thumbsup:
16:53:00 <KorbenC> If you are the only gazer somewhere, it can be very helpful. The NPS gets alot of predictions from the radio calls. Also if you are somewhere like F&M and you see a MV splash, or you see water in BHI, always good to call it
16:53:35 <linda(10)> KorbenC, :thumbsup:
16:54:34 <linda(10)> KorbenC, thx
16:55:17 <KorbenC> :thumbsup: maybe you will get to call something really fun, like a splash in main vent :)
16:57:22 <Betty> or a MC major
16:57:52 <KorbenC> Or Aurum!
16:58:38 <linda(10)> oh aurum
16:58:47 <linda(10)> Betty, lol
16:58:58 <linda(10)> Betty, that would destroy john lol
16:59:48 <Betty> :-D
17:00:09 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Aurum is my favorite
17:00:32 <linda(10)> Greg 🤠 on cam, mine too, bummed its taking a break
17:04:16 <KorbenC> I do think it is working on coming back, slowly, the splashes are getting bigger and more water. Makes me want to know where all the water went/is
17:12:27 <KorbenC> Greg, could we please have a few minutes on Giantess while the wind is calm and there is good lighting?
17:12:28 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Did we miss castle from around 1351 today?
17:12:43 <Betty> I guess the water is still there, maybe the heater is not working
17:12:59 <Betty> there was a minor
17:13:21 <linda(10)> So Morning Giantess with a lion, bee and aurum trio in the afternoon
17:13:39 <Betty> good plan
17:13:41 <Greg 🤠 on ca> OK thank you. next is 0619am
17:14:05 <KorbenC> Probably not, I think it will be around 7-8pm Greg. But it has kinda not cared about minors recently, and just goes from 3hrs to 18hrs after the minor, lol
17:15:43 <KorbenC> Probably not is to the whether we missed it after 1351, your 0619am could be very accurate :)
17:35:09 <Betty> headed out, night all
17:35:31 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Night Betty
17:36:12 <linda(10)> Betty, night
17:38:43 <kc (working)> 🌙
17:38:59 <KorbenC> Hey kc
17:39:20 <kc (working)> g'day KC
17:39:27 <KorbenC> Greg, can we please have a few minutes on Giantess as some point before OF? The wind has thankfully been calm for a while
17:40:10 <KorbenC> Thank you, nice boil
17:40:18 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :thumbsup:
17:40:20 <KorbenC> Water over NW channell there, I can see the steam from it
17:40:30 <linda(10)> wow im delayed
17:41:03 <KorbenC> dang Giantess is hot and super high pool level
17:41:29 <linda(10)> hold on G another week
17:54:54 <Greg 🤠 on ca> LC
18:17:22 <Greg 🤠 on ca> OF time
18:21:09 <6> Linda you want it to hold on another 11 days at least, two weeks would be better, give you a chance to get settled.
18:22:21 <KorbenC> nah. She wants it first time on the hill, just walk by it as the thumps start. Then she would have a chance at two, if it has a follow up.
18:22:53 <6> if it goes in a week, she would NOT be there for it
18:23:04 <KorbenC> Linda, how many nights did you end up finding?
18:23:37 <6> she has 10 days to departure, and I figure that first one will be traveling, settling in
18:24:39 <6> Is Kevin on Pike's peak soon?
18:25:04 <KorbenC> tommorow
18:25:13 <6> hope the weather is nice for him
18:40:59 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :daisy:
18:41:01 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :daisy:
18:42:31 <Greg 🤠 on ca> So my OF post 1817 was flagged ?
18:43:10 <6> flag says you picked ini instead of long to start
18:43:20 <6> Jarno should take his flag away now I would think
18:43:29 <Greg 🤠 on ca> ahh, ok, thanks
18:43:56 <6> if you click on the flag, you can see his comment
18:44:42 <KorbenC> I was wondering if I have seen some Jarno activity on GT recently :)
18:45:08 <6> he posted something I think
18:45:23 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :thumbsup:
18:45:34 <6> Korben, did Kate see a minor or major NG eruption
18:45:44 <6> you put an A yet not a major or minor on it
18:45:47 <KorbenC> wait when, where, link?
18:46:17 <6> oops, sorry, that was Ryan
18:46:22 <6> and yesterday
18:46:39 <KorbenC> It was a minor
18:47:06 <6> I see he changed it
18:47:12 <KorbenC> Water seeping over the side of Giantess on this side??? I see some reflective spots not in the normal spot
18:47:57 <6> tough lighting right now
18:48:09 <KorbenC> Runoff chanel also looks a bit more white than recent, makes sense. The water level has been really high recently
18:48:31 <6> I would think 3 foot boils would do that
18:49:06 <KorbenC> Someone sent me a video today of a boil that absolutely flooded water out of the NW side
18:49:15 <6> nice
18:50:04 <6> Kitt is there again, she would love a Giantess
18:58:02 <KorbenC> Did someone break Lion or did we miss a series?
20:01:01 <Greg 🤠 on ca> OF time
20:09:05 <linda(10)> lc ie looks like
20:25:20 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Any requests?
20:26:34 <DanS> Lion?
20:27:01 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :thumbsup:
20:35:58 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Not much going, so will park the cam for the night. Castle will go befiore Bee, s o will leave it a little more towards Castle.
20:36:35 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Have a great night and weekend.
20:36:56 <DanS> :thumbsup:
20:37:01 <Greg 🤠> Cam controls have been released. Keep smiling
21:10:51 <kcmule> ☮️