Showing logs for date: 2022-08-26
06:48:28 <Michelle> Good morning
06:49:41 <Kat (phone)> Morning Michelle, thanks for taking cam, off to the doctors office!
06:51:47 <Michelle> Morning Kat (phone) and yw.
07:06:50 <Michelle> OF
07:35:58 <Michelle> Almost have visibility down there!:)
07:51:01 <Michelle> I see Sawmill
08:22:23 <Michelle> I would like to say visibility is getting better, but it seems to be getting worse!:lol:
08:23:07 <Michelle> Down there is better!!
08:24:01 <GO F&M> morning
08:24:45 <GO F&M> giving up on SB, haha. now hoping F&M get/stay regular
08:27:35 <Michelle> here comes the sun!!
08:31:34 <Michelle> OF window
08:43:41 <Michelle> OF
08:49:16 <Michelle> Now we can see!!
08:49:38 <Greg (working)> Good morning, all, enjoy your morning.
08:50:06 <Michelle> Morning Greg
08:50:21 <Greg (working)> Hi Michelle,
08:52:41 <Ryan> Is that Old Tardy?
08:54:06 <GO F&M> looks like it
09:07:39 <Michelle> Daisy should be coming around and we can see it if it does!!:):)
09:12:54 <Michelle> F&M ??
09:13:13 <linda> think so
09:14:31 <linda> ill enter
09:18:37 <Ryan> No events, exciting for those there!
09:19:37 <linda> little over 3 days
09:19:58 <linda> maybe i will have a chance to see it next week
09:20:40 <Michelle> Giantess is waiting until next week!:):)
09:21:01 <Ryan> Maybe. A few years ago when it came out of a dormancy like this we had a week long intervals, then a sub 3-d interval.
09:21:04 <Ryan> Then11 days
09:21:07 <linda(3)> Michelle, now that would be exciting
09:22:22 <Michelle> I missed it by 2 days last year.
09:22:33 <linda(3)> Michelle, :(:(
09:24:11 <GO F&M> 5 days, 4 days, 3 days
09:24:45 <GO F&M> :)
09:25:23 <Greg (working)> Linda, YNP forecast, possible :snow: on Sat night, Sunday morning.
09:26:10 <linda(3)> Greg (working), Greg (working), es saw that but in high evelation
09:26:46 <linda(3)> Greg (working), thank you for mentioning
09:27:19 <linda(3)> I'm flying in on monday
09:27:31 <Michelle> :daisy:
09:31:26 <GO F&M> good luck with F&M Linda
09:31:39 <linda(3)> GO F&M, thanks
09:32:07 <GO F&M> 8 days for me
09:32:15 <linda(3)> GO F&M, great
09:32:37 <linda(3)> GO F&M, thought you were going earlier
09:32:54 <GO F&M> ws supposed to be there today, but dog sitting while fam are in Alaska
09:33:50 <GO F&M> 2 adult huskies are easy but the 10mo Shilo Shepard is a destructive handfull
09:34:49 <linda(3)> GO F&M, om my
09:34:57 <linda(3)> *oh
09:35:19 <linda(3)> GO F&M, I'll be there till the 9th
09:35:30 <GO F&M> he is 90 pounds already
09:35:45 <linda(3)> GO F&M, wow big pooch
09:35:52 <GO F&M> oh good, thats a nice long stay
09:36:44 <GO F&M> yeah, he is too big and energetic. breaking lots of stuff
09:36:47 <linda(3)> It is. I thought it would give me plenty of time so I csn take my time
09:39:40 <Michelle> Riverside
09:43:46 <Michelle> :lion:
09:44:02 <Ryan> Oh good, Riverside, now the F&M folks have a real show.
09:44:15 <linda(3)> :)
09:44:35 <linda(3)> hey leave me some geysers :)
09:45:14 <Delta4Heavy85> Lion
09:46:18 <Greg (working)> ‹linda(3)› hey leave me some geysers :) Me too
09:46:30 <linda(3)> Greg (working), >(
09:47:06 <Michelle> linda(3), I was worried I wouldn't even be able to leave you predictions. Cleared up nicely!
09:47:14 <Michelle> :)
09:48:52 <linda(3)> Michelle, :)
09:57:14 <linda(3)> signing in
09:57:44 <Michelle> Controls released
09:58:05 <linda(3)> got it
09:58:17 <Michelle> Happy driving and have a wonderful rest of your day!!
09:58:23 <linda(3)> Michelle, thanks for driving
09:58:38 <linda(3)> Michelle, U too
10:02:16 <LindaG(3)> Bee splash
10:04:59 <Greg (working)> Thanks for driving Michelle.
10:05:05 <Greg (working)> Linda have a great drive
10:05:29 <linda(3)> Greg (working), thx
10:29:00 <LindaG(3)> OF
11:07:22 <LindaG(3)> Lion
11:07:29 <.don> Lion?
11:13:22 <linda(3)> turban?
11:19:50 <Kat (phone)> Hi all! Don't see turban...
11:20:23 <Kat (phone)> But then I just had surgery on my eyes ! LOL
11:20:47 <linda(3)> Kat (phone), not there now
11:20:52 <linda(3)> Kat (phone), hi
11:21:08 <Kat (phone)> Wow Linda, 3 days!
11:21:24 <linda(3)> time is flying
11:22:12 <linda(3)> tomorrow will be my last day to accomplish anything but I'm ready pretty much
11:23:02 <Kat (phone)> You got this! Wishing I was packing too! 😟
11:23:16 <LindaG(3)> Kat (phone), :(
11:23:30 <LindaG(3)> Daisy
11:23:51 <Kat (phone)> I'll see you on the cam though!
11:24:04 <Kat (phone)> :thumbsup:
11:24:05 <Ryan> Daisy
11:24:32 <LindaG(3)> Kat (phone), yes you will, I'll be on the chat board as long as technology allows :)
11:25:31 <Kat (phone)> You can always text me too
11:27:04 <Kat (phone)> Nice!
11:27:36 <LindaG(3)> I have to see daisy too there
11:27:37 <Kat (phone)> Time for some brunch!!
11:27:51 <LindaG(3)> Kat (phone), enjoy, hope ur feeling ok
11:28:20 <4> Too bad VEC does not put in Grand E times, it would be nice to know the interval
11:29:02 <LindaG(3)> Bee splashes
11:29:34 <LindaG(3)> 4, it would
11:30:55 <4> nice we have a prediction though
11:31:36 <linda(3)> 4, it certainly helps :)
11:31:52 <LindaG(3)> More bee splashes
11:33:17 <4> another F & M with no event cycle. Definitely makes seeing it more difficult for those not right there
11:34:02 <LindaG(3)> hoping maybe I can catch it, but we'll see
11:34:12 <4> looks like Russell had that beautiful eruption all to himself
11:34:25 <LindaG(3)> Nice
11:34:53 <4> nice for him, sad for other gazers that are leaving soon
11:35:54 <LindaG(3)> A shame, luck of the draw
11:37:11 <GO F&M> he was not alone
11:37:26 <LindaG(3)> That's good
11:37:49 <GO F&M> Tara was there, she confirmed it.
11:38:00 <LindaG(3)> :thumbsup:
11:38:21 <GO F&M> Jim could have been there since he was down basin early
11:39:36 <4> not sure she was there GO F&M,
11:39:56 <4> it was almost over when she confirmed it
11:41:31 <4> hoping she was watching it :)
11:41:33 <Ryan> You can also confirm it after the fact
11:41:39 <Ryan> It's pretty obvious when it erupts.
11:41:49 <4> yes, I get that.
11:43:17 <LindaG(3)> For some reason bee doesn't like me on friday
11:43:53 <GO F&M> most people dont go online when it starts ...... the real thing is more important to watch :)
11:44:37 <4> maybe it will change today Linda
11:44:44 <4> Time for Turban
11:45:05 <LindaG(3)> Beat you to it
11:45:13 <LindaG(3)> :D
11:45:20 <4> this delay though...
11:45:35 <4> Should have known you would, :)
11:45:44 <LindaG(3)> :)
11:46:30 <LindaG(3)> are we feeling lucky?
11:46:57 <4> next one will be during OF window...
11:47:09 <LindaG(3)> of course
11:47:31 <4> not Grand hopefully, but Turban. I'd go for some luck now
11:47:54 <4> Turban no Grand, alas
11:48:12 <LindaG(3)> More time to watch bee
11:48:28 <4> hopefully no Bee during OF either
11:49:03 <LindaG(3)> Yeah
11:49:29 <LindaG(3)> I hate when it does that, too much pressure lol
11:49:46 <4> cam op stress
11:50:03 <LindaG(3)> Yup ;)
11:51:21 <LindaG(3)> OF time again
11:58:23 <LindaG(3)> .
11:58:56 <LindaG(3)> Oops
12:04:42 <LindaG(3)> Preplay :(
12:05:35 <LindaG(3)> Grand is.playing nice
12:05:47 <LindaG(3)> And so is bee, but OF isnt
12:06:50 <4> hopefully soon
12:08:30 <LindaG(3)> Lake looks nice
12:08:36 <LindaG(3)> OF
12:14:50 <4> wonder if Lion is done
12:14:51 <LindaG(3)> Lion is due
12:15:06 <LindaG(3)> :)I didn't see ur comment
12:15:27 <LindaG(3)> Good chance still due
12:15:39 <4> should be soon
12:16:07 <4> have you seen Lion up close Linda?
12:16:32 <LindaG(3)> Yes last year, people I was with got very wet lol
12:16:57 <4> wind shift or wrong spot to watch?
12:17:03 <LindaG(3)> A bunch that for some reason didn't get out-of-the-way way
12:17:24 <LindaG(3)> Probably both but the wind shifted
12:17:56 <LindaG(3)> I was videoing it and moved just before my phone got wet
12:18:28 <LindaG(3)> Impressive sounds
12:18:33 <4> yes
12:18:55 <LindaG(3)> Scared the guy we were talking to
12:19:05 <4> is this your last shift before going?
12:19:18 <LindaG(3)> No, tomorrow night
12:20:05 <4> does the cam have a Lion and Grand setting?
12:21:01 <LindaG(3)> Lion group and grand , but the grand is off kilter
12:21:25 <4> I'd vote for Grand
12:21:50 <LindaG(3)> yeah I'll swing cam Ina few minutes
12:23:16 <LindaG(3)> At least I know I've got about 20 minutes to go.elsewhere between turbans
12:23:38 <4> I'd say at this point only 16 is safe
12:23:54 <4> Lots of Grand starts at 16 minutes (before Turban starts)
12:24:06 <4> Though there have not been too many of those lately
12:24:19 <LindaG(3)> I thinknturban now
12:24:28 <4> this last Turban was 18 minutes, 1222
12:24:49 <LindaG(3)> 4, I'll keep that in mind
12:24:56 <4> :thumbsup:
12:25:24 <LindaG(3)> Lion ie
12:26:29 <4> I must really be delayed today
12:26:38 <4> there it is
12:27:46 <4> opposite wind on hill from OF, that always amazes me
12:28:24 <4> Lion still seems to have a bit of energy in it
12:28:57 <LindaG(3)> I love watching the weather.on this cam, amazing
12:41:27 <linda(3)> grand
12:41:28 <linda(3)> .
12:41:29 <linda(3)> .
12:41:30 <linda(3)> .
12:45:31 <4> of course I was called away...will you do a capture and post it Linda?
12:46:15 <4> maybe we will get a 2nd burst
12:46:41 <4> strong wind, was the start tall?
12:48:20 <LindaG(3)> I think so I'll record it
12:48:44 <4> ty
12:49:16 <LindaG(3)> :thumbsup:
12:50:35 <LindaG(3)> pause
12:50:56 <GO F&M> HK, Matt, Tara, BrianR, Linda, Suzanne, JimS were also at F&M
12:50:58 <LindaG(3)> Probably done
12:51:08 <LindaG(3)> GO F&M, nice
12:51:13 <4> thanks GO F&M,
12:51:18 <4> YAY
12:52:07 <LindaG(3)> Bad recording
12:52:17 <4> so glad more people were there
12:52:27 <4> bad how?
12:52:59 <LindaG(3)> Not taking me to geginning
12:53:13 <4> thanks for doing it again
12:53:31 <LindaG(3)> There we go
12:54:34 <4> third time the charm
12:54:46 <4> thanks, pretty nice for how strong the wind was
12:55:16 <LindaG(3)> think so and not real high humidity
12:57:34 <4> rain at North Entrance
12:57:54 <LindaG(3)> There was a big cloud around before
12:58:23 <LindaG(3)> What a shame a nice new entrance and is there
12:58:34 <4> BH will be the place to be now...
12:58:41 <Ryan> Nice splashes
12:58:53 <4> It will get lots of use in the future
12:59:00 <Delta4Heavy85> probably getting close to an eruption
12:59:32 <LindaG(3)> 23 hrs
13:00:12 <Ryan> Cool weather, damp morning...
13:00:26 <Delta4Heavy85> Usualy lots of splashes about 1-2 hours before eruption and more untill the eruption
13:01:31 <Ryan> No real rain though. I'd place bets on between 15:00 and 17:30.
13:02:19 <LindaG(3)> Doesn't like me on Friday waits for the guys :D
13:03:58 <LindaG(3)> Daisy soon
13:12:47 <LindaG(3)> Daisy
13:16:14 <LindaG(3)> Indy
13:16:15 <LindaG(3)> .
13:16:15 <LindaG(3)> .
13:16:17 <LindaG(3)> .
13:16:44 <Ryan> Guess I lost that bet
13:17:39 <LindaG(3)> Text sent
13:17:52 <Ryan> Banner day for some
13:17:57 <LindaG(3)> Me too. The guys aren't going to like me today
13:18:21 <4> see Linda!
13:18:35 <LindaG(3)> And all the geysers are taking their turn
13:18:49 <4> very nice of them indeed
13:19:17 <linda(3)> 4, :)
13:20:08 <Kevin Silverton> 2nd day in a row it went while I was in Silverton
13:21:09 <linda(3)> bee
13:21:51 <4> wind may thwart any height
13:22:25 <Ryan> impressive
13:22:26 <LindaG(3)> Lion due too
13:23:18 <4> sending some folks along there...
13:23:49 <LindaG(3)> Bathes for all
13:24:41 <4> 6 minute indy, shortest in a while
13:25:54 <LindaG(3)> Lc ie
13:28:26 <LindaG(3)> And I'll finish up with an OF:)
13:28:42 <4> hopefully Lion first
13:28:56 <LindaG(3)> Maybe
13:38:58 <LindaG(3)> OF
13:39:19 <LindaG(3)> Struggling
13:42:08 <4> another Lion happened
13:42:29 <LindaG(3)> Yep
13:43:15 <LindaG(3)> Little bit of it
13:44:24 <LindaG(3)> Well these geysers kept me busy today
13:45:57 <Greg (working)> Did you save any for John or me?
13:46:09 <4> when is your shift over?
13:46:27 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), oh no I didn't i.forgot
13:46:40 <LindaG(3)> 4, 14:00
13:47:00 <Greg (working)> ok, my last Friday shift had OF and a Daisy, ZZzzzzzz for sure
13:47:04 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), sorry they just kept happening
13:47:20 <LindaG(3)> :(
13:47:29 <Greg (working)> You do have the touch
13:47:32 <LindaG(3)> Bee even went
13:47:48 <Greg (working)> I watched
13:47:48 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), :)
13:48:03 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), good you saw it
13:48:21 <LindaG(3)> Haven't seen John yet
13:48:32 <Greg (working)> Should I ping him?
13:49:01 <LindaG(3)> Sometimes he.comes in last minute but I can't hang around for.long
13:49:56 <Greg (working)> I pinged him, I can take over if needed
13:50:06 <LindaG(3)> ok thx
13:50:21 <LindaG(3)> I thought maybe bee would wait , but no
13:50:35 <Greg (working)> It was trying all morning
13:50:58 <LindaG(3)> It was pretty splashynwhen I took the cam
13:51:44 <LindaG(3)> feel bad I know what those long geyserless nights, I'm ready for short night shifts
13:52:24 <LindaG(3)> There isnalways oblong
13:53:16 <LindaG(3)> And then grotto
13:53:25 <Greg (working)> The six hour to daek shift is not only less than five and with nights getting longer and pretty soon the time change, it will be a two hour shift
13:54:05 <linda(3)> Greg (working), It will be nice
13:54:23 <Greg (working)> 3 more days for you, I bet you are excited
13:54:42 <Ryan> GF :love:
13:54:49 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), I am had a successful test pack and all :)
13:54:57 <Greg (working)> Kool beans
13:55:13 <LindaG(3)> Can't wait
13:56:02 <LindaG(3)> sawmillmoff
13:56:03 <Greg (working)> We are still grouchy of having to have missed five days in June.
13:56:08 <4> thanks for driving Linda, great shift for you.
13:56:26 <LindaG(3)> 4, you are welcome
13:56:51 <Greg (working)> Linda, if you want to log off, I take controls until John arrives
13:56:55 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), yeah i wouldnt be happy about that
13:57:09 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), ok I will
13:57:27 <LindaG(3)> Controls released
13:57:31 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), thanks
13:57:39 <Greg (working)> Will you be stoppng back later
13:57:51 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), did they at least refund night you.lost?
13:58:06 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), yes I'll stop inmlater
13:58:20 <Greg (working)> Everting was 100% refunded in YNP
13:58:20 <LindaG(3)> Fingers tired :)
13:58:33 <LindaG(3)> Greg (working), oh nice that's good
13:58:58 <LindaG(3)> Ok see u later
13:59:10 <Greg 🤠 on ca> You as well, thanks for driving
13:59:27 <LindaG(3)> Greg 🤠 on cam, :thumbsup:
13:59:30 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Hi John, I will log off so you can take care.
13:59:49 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Controls have been released John
13:59:55 <john> thanks greg!
14:00:31 <john> my lap top crashed and I just got it back...
14:00:50 <Greg 🤠> Ouch, how long was it down for?
14:01:13 <john> three days... :(
14:01:36 <john> kept locking up and crashing... I hope it is fixed...
14:01:51 <Greg 🤠> Did they recover all your pics?
14:02:39 <john> yes... if this doesn't work it will have to be wiped and everything reinstalled...
14:02:46 <john> no fun!
14:58:34 <Betty> hi all
14:58:56 <john> hi betty!
14:59:12 <Betty> hey John
14:59:33 <john> 🖐🏽
14:59:52 <Betty> 2 weeks to go :-)
15:01:10 <john> :thumbsup:
15:02:15 <Betty> 3 weeks to go for Yellowstone
15:02:54 <john> :daisy:
15:27:30 <john> OF
15:44:10 <john> rain...
15:47:34 <Betty> riverside ie
15:47:53 <GO F&M> are you packed yet Betty?
15:47:53 <john> :thumbsup:
15:48:09 <Betty> nope :-)
15:53:59 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
15:54:10 <Greg 🤠> Night Betty
15:54:15 <john> night betty!
16:01:40 <john> :castle: is waiting greg!
16:02:10 <Greg 🤠> Sweet, let me know when you have released the controls John
16:03:04 <john> controls released... have a great evening greg!
16:03:22 <Greg 🤠> Thanks John, and thanks for Driving
16:03:37 <john> :thumbsup:
16:16:55 <GO F&M> lc
16:17:09 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup:
16:37:41 <Greg 🤠> OF time
16:39:01 <linda(3)> hello
16:40:14 <Greg 🤠> Hello again hello
16:40:50 <linda(3)> :)
16:43:01 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Little Cub
16:53:27 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :daisy:
17:19:23 <GO F&M> oblong
17:21:27 <KorbenC> nice
17:34:38 <GO F&M> castle
17:34:41 <KorbenC> Castle!
17:34:56 <KorbenC> Hey Graham
17:35:01 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :castle:
17:35:06 <GO F&M> hi Korben
17:35:13 <GO F&M> how is the new school year?
17:35:21 <KorbenC> Pretty good so far
17:35:25 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Hi Graham
17:35:29 <KorbenC> Are you back in Colorado?
17:35:31 <KorbenC> Hi Greg
17:35:34 <GO F&M> hello
17:36:04 <GO F&M> yes, back home dog sitting for another week
17:37:09 <GO F&M> the puppy is a pain
17:37:12 <KorbenC> :thumbsup:
17:47:23 <KorbenC> Castle is a major
17:47:53 <linda(3)> yay
17:48:00 <Greg 🤠 on ca> It's about time
17:59:56 <Greg 🤠 on ca> OF window in 1 min
18:18:10 <Greg 🤠 on ca> OF time
18:44:29 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :daisy:
18:49:11 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Linda 3,2,1 YEA in case I miss you, have a blast.
18:53:35 <linda(3)> Greg 🤠 on cam, oh thank you
19:26:46 <Greg 🤠 on ca> OF time
19:33:04 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :grand:
19:37:33 <linda(3)> Greg 🤠 on cam, looks like you had a good shift also
19:38:37 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Keeping me busy, for sur
19:45:59 <KorbenC> Greg, can we please have a few mins on Giantess at some point?
19:46:35 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Sure, can you update Giant
19:46:56 <KorbenC> update Giant?
19:47:09 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Grand, sorry
19:47:18 <KorbenC> Grand needs the new update on "What is an eruption" thats for sure :P
19:47:20 <KorbenC> Yes, I will
19:49:43 <KorbenC> Grand us updated
19:51:33 <Greg 🤠 on ca> :thumbsup:
20:32:22 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Linda have a great trip.
20:33:05 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Controls have been released, have a great night everyone.
20:33:09 <Greg 🤠 on ca> Keep smiling.
20:34:47 <Kevin Cortez> At least I got to see BH today.
20:37:02 <linda(3)> Kevin Cortez, great
20:37:47 <Greg 🤠> Howdy Kevin
20:54:19 <Kevin Cortez> Hi greg
20:54:49 <Greg 🤠> Hope you are relaxing
20:55:26 <Kevin Cortez> I am now. Pretty tired though.