Showing logs for date: 2022-09-03
06:02:01 <Kat1> OF end of eruption
06:07:14 <Kat1> cam is down
06:52:23 <Kat1> bulger
07:32:56 <Kat1> OF
07:47:11 <Kat1> :daisy:
08:20:55 <Kat> Morning kevin
08:21:32 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Morning. Looks like Harbor Freight cam is working.
08:22:58 <Kat> It was kicking me out every few minutes - I changed my browser again and it's been fine1
09:13:56 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> Time for training. bbl
09:14:23 <Kat (cam)> Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ, have fun
09:19:07 <Kat (cam)> OF
09:40:12 <3> SLS launch scrubbed
09:40:39 <Kat (cam)> Yep - leaking going on since earlier this morning
09:41:33 <Kat (cam)> More traffic to look forward to on another day - they may have to take it back in to fix
09:54:44 <Kat (cam)> :daisy:
10:11:58 <Kat (cam)> Looks like ranger talk at Bee
10:39:51 <8> Emily is out early for Grand
10:40:24 <Kat (cam)> :)
10:40:30 <8> the 923 note is pretty funny, pool appears to be full.
10:41:05 <Kat (cam)> 8, I saw that - he's a newbie I believe
10:41:35 <8> He posted E times for Fountain, I thought maybe he is a ranger
10:42:45 <8> he's been on GT since February
10:43:23 <Kat (cam)> Could be but doesn't have many entries - I've never seen OF E times until the last few days
10:45:35 <Kat (cam)> Someone at VEC is entering them from overnight times
10:46:24 <8> I didn't know there was a logger on OF
10:46:32 <Kat (cam)> Can't be getting them from video because cam is almost always down basin overnight
10:46:50 <Kat (cam)> 8, I didn't know there was one eother
10:47:14 <Kat (cam)> eother*
10:47:21 <Kat (cam)> either* LOL
10:47:23 <8> the others you have to be kind of close to connect, so I wonder where it is
10:47:36 <8> no worries, I read it how you meant it:)
10:50:14 <Michelle> Good morning/afternoon!
10:50:30 <Kat (cam)> Hi Michelle
10:50:43 <8> hey Michelle. Finally a line at the West Gate
10:50:51 <Kat (cam)> Afternoon at my house :)
10:55:08 <Michelle> I think September/October will be very busy this year.
10:55:40 <Kat (cam)> I bet many put off their trips due to excessive heat
10:55:44 <Michelle> Hi Kat (cam), You ready for a break?
10:55:59 <Kat (cam)> Michelle, sure - did you want it?
10:57:27 <Michelle> Kat (cam), whenever you are ready for a break.
10:58:00 <Kat (cam)> Sure - I'll take a break...:0
10:59:15 <Michelle> Alrighty, logging in!!
11:00:48 <Kat (cam)> OF
11:02:50 <Michelle> Kat (cam), Thanks for driving. Did they launch the rocket yet?
11:03:04 <Kat (cam)> You in? I got kicked out multiple times this morning - didn't work well until I changed browsers
11:03:33 <Michelle> I am in. So far so good.
11:03:52 <Kat (cam)> Launch scrubbed due to a leak! I feel bad for those that travelled this weekend to see it
11:04:14 <8> they know it is a gamble at best
11:04:14 <Kat (cam)> good
11:04:28 <Kat (cam)> How long are you going to stay on?
11:04:48 <Michelle> Did they reschedule it?
11:05:34 <Kat (cam)> Not yet - they may have to take it back to the VAB to work on it - that takes time - not easy to move around
11:06:01 <Kat (cam)> VAB - Vehicle Assembly Building
11:06:08 <Michelle> Was going to cover until about 6, maybe later. Hoping someone can grab it then.
11:06:28 <Kat (cam)> I may try to come back but we'll see
11:06:41 <Kat (cam)> Thanks for picking up today!
11:07:07 <Kat (cam)> Lion finally went
11:07:29 <Michelle> Thank you for driving the first half!!
11:07:43 <Kat (cam)> Michelle, Sure!
11:08:39 <Michelle> Tried again to get some yardwork done before it got too hot. Much rather sit here in the AC until it cools back off!
11:08:55 <Kat (cam)> agreed!
11:09:16 <Kat (cam)> It's really hot and humid here today - normal
11:10:18 <Michelle> Just hot and dry here. Winds feel like a blow dryer today!
11:12:04 <Michelle> Hello Miss Bee, looking beeautiful this morning!!
11:12:42 <Michelle> Artemesia
11:17:08 <Michelle> Grand was in the window right after I started yesterday, never went until after 2. Hope it don't do that today! Go Grand!!
11:20:17 <8> If there really was no Turban between the 0956 and 1030 one, we are in a delay phase. 34m interval
11:20:21 <Michelle> Still waiting for Linda!!
11:28:07 <Kat (cam)> Michelle, Linda went with Laurie to Washburn/ Dunraven for the sunrise. Not sure what they were doing after that!
11:28:52 <Michelle> So Giantess won't go today?:lol::lol:
11:29:06 <Kat (cam)> Nope LOL
11:29:21 <Kat (cam)> Kat (cam), should be Lori
11:30:30 <Kat (cam)> Sawmill start
11:30:33 <Michelle> Something from Oblong
11:31:02 <8> looks like an eruption
11:31:32 <8> no Grand so we can go closer
11:31:32 <Kat (cam)> :thumbsup:
11:31:41 <8> or was that the end?
11:31:44 <Kat (cam)> small
11:32:29 <8> there's some nicer bursts
11:32:42 <Kat (cam)> There are
11:33:04 <8> surprised Suzanne has not posted it
11:33:20 <8> can we zoom in?
11:33:20 <Kat (cam)> I posted a ns
11:33:38 <Michelle> Cam is freezing a little. Hope she cooperates today.
11:33:45 <8> :thumbsup:
11:34:24 <Kat (cam)> Michelle, that's what happened to me -I would have to close and sign back in
11:34:41 <8> must be frustrating
11:34:48 <Michelle> One frame at a time, but we are in a little
11:34:55 <8> thanks
11:35:06 <8> ooh nice one
11:35:20 <Kat (cam)> It's growing LOL
11:36:15 <Michelle> Is that good enough? Cam either wants to run or not move at all
11:36:30 <8> it's almost over, thanks for going closer
11:37:29 <8> oh, if we only had a good cam
11:38:32 <Michelle> GT screen looks decent, my screen I am getting about every 10th frame.
11:39:09 <Michelle> Going to refresh, hopefully it won't log me out
11:39:31 <8> good luck
11:41:10 <Michelle> Thought for a minute we might be stuck on Oblong for the day!!:)
12:07:15 <Michelle> :daisy:
12:07:31 <8> will we have a dual?
12:08:01 <8> nope
12:08:19 <Michelle> These controls are awful!
12:16:28 <Kevin šŸš‚> You break the cam again Michelle?
12:18:45 <Michelle> Kevin šŸš‚, only a little!:)
12:21:08 <Kevin šŸš‚> Must be BH time.
12:23:50 <Michelle> BH is a preset that works!!
12:24:23 <8> maybe Grand will just go before we have to move to OF
12:24:49 <Michelle> I probably just jinxed myself by saying that!:)
12:26:14 <Michelle> Or not. OF window
12:30:24 <8> Lion ie too
12:31:03 <Michelle> Everything goes when we are on OF:)
12:33:09 <8> odd there is no Turban post
12:36:45 <Michelle> Pretty good sized crowd.
12:39:39 <Michelle> OF
12:40:19 <8> I wonder if Grand is happening for there to be no Turban post
12:40:43 <8> should be the biggest crowds of the season this weekend
12:45:47 <Michelle> Looks like a repeat of yesterday. We wait all day for a Grand!!
12:49:06 <8> people still on benches, so I really wonder what is up with Turban
12:54:06 <Michelle> Thought if I check BH Grand might go!:)
12:59:07 <Michelle> * hours since the last Grand. Soon I hope
12:59:19 <Michelle> 8 not *
13:03:50 <Michelle> Riverside or Grand?
13:04:20 <Michelle> I bet OF goes before either!:lol::lol:
13:11:16 <Michelle> A little splash from BEE
13:12:05 <Michelle> That's all we get one little splash!
13:18:29 <Michelle> The line at West entrance is finally getting smaller.
13:19:03 <8> first crowd in a LONG time
13:19:55 <8> Turban time
13:21:01 <8> I'd say checking on Grand starting at 17 minutes is the longest I'd wait if I really wanted to see start, especially as Turbans get closer
13:21:16 <8> like this one was 18 minutes. No Grand, so now would be the time to watch Bee
13:22:03 <Michelle> If I watch Bee, Grand will go. Yesterday i checked on Bee and Grand went.
13:23:19 <8> well you left it with waves on Grand, so there is that
13:23:49 <8> if you want to catch Grand starts you have to be there before Turban goes
13:24:02 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
13:24:25 <8> I get BH is the best cam geyser, yet it is being watched and someone will post BHI
13:24:36 <Michelle> I was ther before the last Turban and....
13:25:21 <8> ?
13:25:34 <8> this last one was at 1318, we were on BH
13:26:10 <8> and Grand starts before Turban quite often
13:27:13 <8> I appreciate all you cam drivers, I know you do your best
13:27:25 <8> and that you want to see them too. :)
13:28:41 <Michelle> I want for everyone else watching to see them. If I see it...bonus
13:32:21 <Kat (cam)> I just want to pop in here for a second- where the cam is placed is at the complete discretion of the cam op, the only geyser that need to capture really is OF and there are exceptions for that
13:32:57 <Michelle> Kat (cam), Thank You!
13:33:19 <Kat (cam)> yw :)
13:35:04 <8> I completely understand that, just trying to help with Grand tips
13:36:25 <3> 8, that is the way I saw it, and thanks for the tips.
13:36:29 <8> and being LDW there are so many gazers in the basin, they will be watching BH to help
13:38:36 <8> I don't think there is ever a time when more gazers gather at once than this weekend
13:38:55 <8> I hope Linda meets a lot of them
13:40:28 <8> Also think Turban happened a few minutes ago, they must be chatting and not posting
13:43:01 <3> 1336
13:46:35 <8> this might be D8
13:46:44 <8> only 18 minutes again
13:49:36 <83> Another thing is that Grand doesn't always start right away when Turban starts. I have seen Grand erupt 4 minutes into Turban a couple of times, although I don't think that it is happening that far in this year.
13:51:12 <8> HK mentioned over 2 minutes once on his blog this visit. I have been there when it went 4 minutes after. TSB was walking away, we had to call him back
13:53:34 <šŸ¦¬> According to the rules I think op should show Lion and BH over geysers that are behind trees.
13:54:10 <Kat> What rules?
13:54:25 <3> where is HK' blog? I lost my link
13:54:31 <Michelle> :grand:
13:54:36 <šŸ¦¬> NPS
13:54:40 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:54:44 <Kat> :thumbsup:
13:55:35 <Kat> Nice!
13:56:25 <83> Only the base of Grand is behind a tree. :)
13:57:50 <8> blog is
13:58:27 <3> thanks 83
13:59:03 <8> he hasn't written much lately. I think all the one burst Grands have him kind of quiet. And no SB
14:00:05 <8> he writes every day yet he has been brief this trip
14:01:02 <Kat> Our "position description does not say anything about geysers behind trees! :) The primary purpose is OF and when OF not in eruption the cam op has the discretion to watch other "resources" to
14:01:34 <8> we get it Kat, I think most ops like to catch Grand if possible
14:01:51 <8> will you do a video capture of this Grand?
14:02:11 <Kat> 8, true!
14:02:38 <8> and fun that Oblong now has a good cam view
14:02:41 <Kat> Sure
14:02:48 <8> thanks
14:03:14 <8> I still wish they would cut those trees in front of Castle. They are not native. Then we would have an amazing view
14:03:26 <8> it would be such a fun cam geyser
14:03:56 <Michelle> 8, most ops like to catch any and all eruptions. We try hard. Main purpose is OF, then to catch stuff for people watching at home, not just a few on GT
14:04:11 <šŸ¦¬> Chainsaws prevent forest fires.
14:04:22 <8> yep, LOTS of people are watching the cam not on chat
14:05:11 <8> years ago it was in the Bozeman airport
14:05:17 <8> not sure if it still is
14:06:17 <8> long Grand but only one burst
14:08:20 <83> ty!
14:08:26 <Michelle> OF window
14:08:33 <Kat> yw
14:08:35 <8> turns out it was a Grand/Daisy dual, just a Daisy later!
14:08:42 <8> yes, thanks Kat
14:14:59 <Kat> 8, lol
14:15:44 <Michelle> OF
14:39:41 <Michelle> Sawmill and Tardy
14:59:53 <Kat> Graham at Lakeshore! He has arrived
15:03:28 <Linda> Hello
15:04:02 <Linda> Just got to lower ham
15:05:02 <Kat> Linda, Hi - how was your sunrise?
15:05:45 <Linda> It was gorgeous need pictures.
15:06:27 <Linda> see bee hasn't gone yet
15:08:38 <Kat> Linda, awesome!
15:19:21 <Linda> Has bee shown any signs of life?
15:20:09 <Michelle> Linda, one tiny little splash a few hours back:) That I saw
15:22:22 <Michelle> She was waiting for you!!
15:23:26 <Linda> :) I'm here now so she can go!!!
15:23:41 <Michelle> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
15:26:34 <Kat> splash!
15:28:49 <Michelle> She is thinking about it!:)
15:31:07 <Linda> I see some.splashes
15:33:05 <Michelle> I need to walk around for 5 minutes. I will be right back.
15:37:18 <3> BHI
15:37:53 <3> 1536 Tara
15:37:54 <3> .
15:37:55 <3> .
15:39:27 <3> wake up
15:39:28 <3> .
15:39:29 <3> .
15:39:30 <3> .
15:40:50 <Michelle> We have OF window too
15:42:07 <3> there ios a wide view :)
15:42:36 <Kat> Text sent
15:42:41 <Michelle> I know, going to push it here as long as possible
15:43:02 <DanS> :thumbsup:
15:45:51 <DanS> Toasty day for some bee showers...
15:48:02 <3> OF
15:48:07 <Michelle> OF
15:48:14 <Michelle> ie
15:49:15 <Michelle> Might still get most of Bee
15:51:42 <Kat> Nice timing Michelle
15:54:08 <Michelle> :bee:
15:55:19 <Kat> Bee clearing the boards LOL
15:56:05 <KorbenC> Good timing
16:01:37 <3> Linda, do not forget your jacket :)
16:01:38 <Michelle> Hope there was at least 1 person at daisy in case we missed it
16:03:00 <Michelle> Thank you Miss :bee:
16:03:05 <KorbenC> Did Linda find her jacket #3?
16:03:09 <Kat> :thumbsup:
16:03:18 <Kat> KorbenC, yes- iot was at the Inn
16:04:08 <KorbenC> Kat, great!
16:04:15 <KorbenC> King had an eruption as well, yay!
16:06:30 <Kat> Michelle -want me o take it back for awhile?
16:10:57 <Michelle> Kat, that would be awesome. Do you want me to come back later and take it?
16:11:28 <Michelle> Thinking Daisy went during Bee
16:12:17 <Kat> You can check back - I can't stay on late - 2 hours difference here :)
16:12:39 <Kat> Michelle, I think daisy already went to! Thanks for driving !
16:12:49 <Kat> I'm in
16:13:50 <Michelle> Kat, Thank you and I will check back in a few hours. Drive safe.
16:14:04 <Kat> Michelle, thx!
16:16:34 <Kat> Hi Kevin
16:16:46 <Kevin iPad> Colorado trains are cooler.
16:16:57 <Kevin iPad> Hi.
16:19:56 <KorbenC> Hi Kevin
16:24:37 <Kevin iPad> Hi korben
16:28:19 <Kevin iPad> FYI there was a directive about showing geysers with a full view over those behind trees. Not sure it is still in effect but I remember having to show Lion over Grand. Not a popular rule.
16:30:58 <Kat> Kevin iPad, never heard of it and couldn't find anything about it in my paperwork
16:31:38 <Kat> How long ago was that?
16:32:51 <Kevin iPad> I think it was when the cam was in the tree. You had a worse view of the down basin geysers then. Probably 7 to 8 years ago.
16:33:04 <KorbenC> That is too bad for the NPS then :P
16:33:39 <Kevin iPad> There was MUCH complaining on the chat page.
16:33:41 <Kat> :lol:
16:34:45 <Kat> that was a long way back, I'm following what's in the duties list LOL
16:35:38 <Kat> I assume you read todays comments
16:35:45 <Kevin iPad> I am guessing the guy was an old time chat person.
16:35:56 <Kat> Kevin iPad, yep
16:36:34 <Kevin iPad> Yes. He was right but not sure it is valid anymore.
16:38:54 <Kevin iPad> I hate when Grand and BH are due at the same time. Someone is going to be unhappy.
16:41:39 <Kat> Just can't make all the people happy all the time right?
16:42:58 <Kat> Kevin iPad, I don't think it is valid anymore eother considering the views we have with the new cams
16:42:59 <KorbenC> Camops do a great job :)
16:43:10 <Kat> :thumbsup: Indeed!
16:45:30 <KorbenC> Can't catch all the geysers, especially when OF is anywhere near window, which it always is!
16:48:39 <Kevin iPad> The ideal would be a streaming cam at the VEC and a ptz on top of the Inn.
16:49:20 <Kat> Two cams would be awesome - probably never happen
16:53:26 <KorbenC> Three cams, my biased opinion is that all should go on BH :)
16:53:42 <Kat> Hahaha
16:53:46 <Kevin iPad> Not in my lifetime, but that may not be too long.
16:54:15 <Kat> Mine either Kevin but you never know!
16:55:12 <Kat> Nothing happening here in the basin - must be dinner time LOL
16:55:37 <Kat> But just for Korben OF is coming up!
16:55:46 <KorbenC> Maybe Sawmill is gonna go?
16:56:06 <Kat> Just checked it but I can check again
16:56:09 <Kevin iPad> Is it behind trees?
16:56:47 <Kat> depends upon where you're standing
16:57:23 <KorbenC> Kat, I guess Anemone goes every 10min or so :P
16:57:42 <Kat> :p back at you!
16:58:10 <Kat> there's sprinkler for you
16:58:20 <KorbenC> Quick, text Bryce!
16:58:34 <Kat> :lol:
16:59:30 <Kat> everythings asleep
17:00:05 <KorbenC> I put Sprinkler in, my comment says the geysers went on vacation, and since it is on GT, it must be true!
17:00:41 <Kat> KorbenC, stirring up trouble ?
17:01:07 <KorbenC> of course
17:01:25 <Kat> That's the spirit!
17:01:39 <Kat> I love a trouble maker
17:01:46 <KorbenC> lol
17:02:19 <KorbenC> Stirring up trouble is fun
17:02:58 <Kat> Been doing it many years and proud of it! Girl just gotta have fun!
17:03:46 <KorbenC> :thumbsup: People gotta have fun sometimes!
17:04:10 <Kat> Agrred
17:04:35 <Kat> agreed*
17:05:05 <KorbenC> Lindavitis is back
17:05:18 <Kat> :)
17:05:53 <KorbenC> I am almost ready to ask Linda to grab out the laundry detergent, we need a geyser to erupt!
17:08:52 <KorbenC> Kat, can we please put the cam on the Lonestar setting?
17:09:35 <Kat> Sure - there are trees in the way so use your imagination!
17:10:39 <Kat> it's over there somewhere!
17:10:56 <KorbenC> :)
17:12:01 <KorbenC> Thanks, that was a fun little tour
17:12:28 <Kat> Just making the rounds!
17:13:11 <KorbenC> Is there a button on the cam controls that makes it do a 360?
17:13:32 <Kat> no
17:17:19 <Kevin iPad> It likes to do that on its own
17:17:42 <Kat> it sure does!
17:19:52 <Kevin iPad> Did Dave go to the football game?
17:20:27 <Kat> Don't know
17:20:47 <Kat> Are you talking about Griizzlys?
17:21:39 <Kevin iPad> Yes
17:22:12 <Kevin iPad> Did they launch the rocket today?
17:25:27 <KorbenC> No, liquid hydrogen fuel leak I think
17:26:17 <Kat> Right - no launch so more NO Launch Beach parties I'm sure
17:27:00 <Kat> Kevin iPad, Katie didn't go to the game because of the heat and humidity
17:28:53 <Kat> OF
17:33:31 <Kat> Sawmill
17:56:17 <Kevin iPad> She would never make it here.
18:00:21 <Kat> Kevin iPad, probably not
18:01:39 <KorbenC> Graham is in the UGB
18:02:05 <Kat> Great!
18:09:46 <KorbenC> Hey Jeff
18:19:56 <Michelle> Someone need a break?
18:21:00 <Kat> Not a darn thing happening! Please?
18:22:04 <Michelle> Ok I will take it til dark
18:22:39 <Kat> Thanks Michelle - it's been a long day for you too! I appreciate it!
18:22:52 <KorbenC> Good luck staying awake Michelle! :P Thank you for driving Kat, Michelle, ect.
18:23:24 <Kat> KorbenC, yw - I'm falling asleep almost now!
18:23:33 <Michelle> Kat, not as much as I appreciate you!! Got some Chinese food. I think I needed it!
18:23:50 <Michelle> Kat, thanks for driving!
18:24:22 <Kat> Yum, yw! Have a good one! Something will wake up soon here!
18:26:34 <Michelle> You can almost see back there this afternoon
18:54:34 <Michelle> OF window
18:56:08 <Michelle> Exiting in the masses out the west entrance
19:07:32 <Michelle> OF
19:09:56 <Michelle> short
19:24:59 <Michelle> Sawmill
19:26:47 <Michelle> Tardy
19:27:11 <Michelle> Churn doing something too
19:30:55 <Michelle> I don't think the temperature in the basin is 87 any more
19:43:21 <Michelle> Sunset check!
19:57:32 <Michelle> Pretty nice sunset.
19:58:32 <Michelle> The lake still cam is amazing
19:59:15 <Michelle> OF window
20:12:13 <Michelle> OF
20:19:09 <Michelle> Going to leave it here for the night. Have a good one!
20:19:27 <Kevin Lā„¢ šŸŒµ> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
20:20:13 <Michelle> Night
21:26:09 <kcmule> grand ie