Showing logs for date: 2022-09-24
06:30:57 <Delta4Heavy85> Hello kat
06:31:15 <Kat> Delta4Heavy85, Good Morning!
06:31:18 <Delta4Heavy85> Looks like we will have a morning Beehive
06:31:32 <Kat> :thumbsup: that would be fun!
06:32:33 <Kat> Cam doesn't want to focus! It needs coffee! LOL
06:32:47 <Delta4Heavy85> :thumbsup:
06:33:11 <Delta4Heavy85> THe light does not look very good
06:33:28 <Delta4Heavy85> Better in b&w mode
06:33:58 <Delta4Heavy85> Is that little cub erupting?
06:47:39 <Kat> OF
06:53:15 <Kat> Bee looks happy this morning! Hi Betty
07:04:31 <Delta4Heavy85> Looks like a nice sunrise
07:05:08 <Delta4Heavy85> Could you move the cam over to see it better?
07:08:50 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice sunrise
07:09:13 <Kat> Very pretty!
07:09:24 <Delta4Heavy85> Ok got my screenshots
07:09:35 <Kat> Great!
07:09:43 <Delta4Heavy85> You can move it back if you would like
07:13:33 <Delta4Heavy85> Beehive looks happy
07:31:17 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice Bee spash
07:31:32 <Delta4Heavy85> And another
07:31:49 <Delta4Heavy85> Those could be 3-4 ft tall
07:37:12 <Delta4Heavy85> Here come the sun!
07:37:29 <Kat> Static nice light
07:37:58 <Kat> Lake webcam is nice!
07:39:36 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah the lake webcam is nice
07:49:04 <Kat> BSB area steaming
07:49:40 <Betty> It has to wait for me
07:50:03 <Kat> OK - I'll see what I can do! LOL
07:50:31 <Betty> šŸ˜Š
07:55:02 <Betty> Daisy ie
07:55:38 <Kat> Done
07:56:55 <Betty> Iā€˜m looking forward to a great day in basin. See ya
07:57:15 <Kat> Have a great time!
08:38:49 <Kat> OF
08:48:34 <TomK> Good morning all.
08:53:06 <Kat> Hi Tom
08:57:45 <TomK> Ready when you are. Anything I should know besides Castle window?
08:58:49 <Kat> Should get a Bee - and Lion
08:59:33 <Kat> It's all yours!
08:59:41 <Kat> Have a good drive!
09:00:58 <TomK> OK, thanks
09:04:29 <TomK> nice and clear today. This time last Saturday it was too foggy to see Old Faithful.
09:12:00 <Kat> Last few days have been really nice
09:51:48 <TomK> Castle
09:52:22 <Kat> Nice
09:53:18 <Kat> Maybe have a nice Castlr -Daisy dual
09:54:00 <TomK> Keeping an eye on Daisy at the same time, :)
09:59:18 <Kat> Dual
09:59:32 <TomK> Daisy
09:59:54 <Kat> :)
10:00:29 <TomK> :) there's an echo in ere1
10:00:55 <Kat> LOL
10:01:15 <TomK> "here"
10:07:40 <TomK> ld faithful window
10:09:28 <Michael> Nice of Castle to get to steam phase. I wasn't sure it would make it.
10:09:28 <TomK> Got so involved in the dual that we're late into the OF window. Luckily it hasn't started yet.
10:09:57 <TomK> AFK for a minute
10:13:02 <TomK> Back with cup of tea.
10:23:10 <Delta4Heavy85> OF static
10:23:10 <TomK> ld Faithful 1022
10:26:30 <Delta4Heavy85> Long
10:26:51 <Kat> :thumbsup:
10:28:50 <TomK> Ranger Joanne leading geyser hill walk
11:23:02 <Delta4Heavy85> Wow still now Beehive
11:24:18 <Delta4Heavy85> 22h 45m from last eruption
11:25:24 <Delta4Heavy85> Longest recent interval
11:49:07 <TomK> Old Faithful window
11:57:02 <4> will BH wait for Grand?
12:03:13 <TomK> Old Faithful 1202
12:04:16 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice OF
12:05:22 <4> wow, its free day and west gate was barely busy today
12:06:51 <TomK> Longg
12:08:08 <TomK> Indy
12:08:25 <Delta4Heavy85> Yes
12:08:26 <Kat> I'll send text
12:08:29 <DanS> There it is - BHI
12:09:27 <Kat> Text sent
12:11:34 <Delta4Heavy85> Not a very tall Indy today
12:18:37 <DanS> text just arrived on Verizon before BH goes (for a change)
12:18:50 <Kat> DanS, :thumbsup:
12:20:16 <TomK> End of Lion
12:27:58 <DanS> Long indy today
12:28:24 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah was just about to comment on that
12:29:47 <Delta4Heavy85> 22 minutes long now
12:30:35 <Delta4Heavy85> Beehive
12:31:06 <Delta4Heavy85> Tall Start
12:35:35 <TomK> Grand window
12:47:38 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:48:21 <DanS> Hi there
12:48:58 <4> are you driving next Michelle?
12:51:22 <Michelle> Hi DanS,
12:51:42 <Michelle> 4, yes I am, all left turns today!:)
12:53:57 <DanS> :grand:
12:54:56 <TomK> Hi Michelle
12:55:29 <Michelle> Hi Tom
12:55:51 <TomK> I held Grand for you
12:57:56 <Michelle> Actually thankful I don't have to cruise back and forth from Bee to Grand. You did all the work!!
12:58:30 <Michelle> TomK, Let me know when you are out and I will login!
12:58:44 <TomK> OK
12:59:11 <TomK> Logged out
13:00:03 <Michelle> Thanks for driving and have a wonderful rest of the day
13:01:46 <TomK> I'll hang around for the end of Grand. Have a good afternoon,
13:01:47 <Michelle> Wait for it!!
13:02:02 <TomK> Bye all.
13:02:07 <Michelle> There is more
13:02:18 <TomK> there
13:03:23 <Michelle> And done
13:04:33 <TomK> Bye
13:04:57 <Michelle> Bye Tom.
13:18:31 <4> no need for BH scanning, it already went
13:18:41 <4> anyone do a Grand capture?
13:22:28 <Delta4Heavy85> Saddy no
13:22:37 <Delta4Heavy85> I missed grand also
13:24:11 <4> can it still be done?
13:24:37 <Delta4Heavy85> It was 40 minutes agi
13:25:28 <4> oh too bad
13:26:09 <Delta4Heavy85> so no but you can watch the gosa recoding tommarow
13:27:45 <Michelle> NG putting out some steam back there
13:32:39 <Michelle> OF window
13:38:02 <Michelle> Bigger crowds now than there were in July!:)
13:40:18 <Michelle> OF
13:46:51 <Michelle> Daisy should be coming around. Last recorded was 9:58
13:54:29 <4> nice last day for Betty. I hope she got BH and Grand
13:57:05 <Michelle> Sawmill is off
14:02:13 <Michelle> :daisy: ie
14:12:47 <Michelle> Not a lot of nada today!
14:18:58 <Michelle> Lets check Myriad
14:19:33 <Michelle> Nada back there too
14:23:16 <DanS> that's the problem when you get :lion::bee::grand: all in the same hour
14:24:10 <Michelle> I might as well have a nap!
14:24:31 <DanS> Arty may be ready
14:24:45 <Michelle> Arty throwing some steam up!:)
14:25:42 <DanS> Yup noew i
14:25:48 <Michelle> Go Artemisia
14:25:48 <DanS> ie
14:27:19 <Michelle> Still cams have been more exciting!
14:27:57 <DanS> Getting excited to be there in a week!
14:28:12 <Michelle> Sprinkler:)
14:29:04 <Michelle> Wish i could be there in a week
14:29:25 <DanS> :thumbsup: hear ya
14:29:44 <DanS> hope the nice weather holds
14:30:46 <Michelle> Giantess is due any day now!:)
14:30:59 <Michelle> Giant too.:lol::lol::lol:
14:33:30 <DanS> Would be nice - Giant is the big Geyser that I've not experienced through all the years going to the park.
14:34:16 <Michelle> Me either. Someday...
14:37:21 <Michelle> Arty it is!
14:43:14 <DanS> Sigh... sure miss Plume and Aurum on the hill.
14:44:50 <Michelle> Aurum stopped a few weeks after I started!
15:10:17 <Michelle> OF window
15:18:52 <Michelle> Nothing all afternoon, we go to OF and Rocket!!:)
15:19:52 <DanS> Don't forget the :daisy: 's
15:20:29 <Michelle> :)
15:31:25 <Michelle> OF
15:47:22 <Michelle> Little splash from Marmot Cave:)
15:47:57 <linda> hello
15:49:23 <Michelle> Hi Linda
15:53:12 <Michelle> :daisy:
15:53:23 <linda> Michelle, did you leave me stuff? :)
15:54:45 <Michelle> Everything is coming back around. Daisys and OF is about all there has been!zzzzzzzzzzz:)
15:55:07 <linda> :( Zzzzzzz
15:55:31 <Michelle> Still cams have been more intersting today!:lol:
15:55:46 <linda> >(
15:56:06 <linda> I'm either going to be very bored or very very busy
15:57:07 <Michelle> Sawmill back on
15:57:13 <Michelle> :)
15:57:31 <Michelle> Naps are always good on a Saturday!
15:58:00 <Michelle> Whenever you are ready, Linda!
15:58:07 <linda> signing in
15:58:32 <linda> im in
15:58:45 <linda> thanks for driving, have a good night
15:58:56 <Michelle> Have a nice drive. I did all left turns, you can probably go right!:)
15:59:18 <Michelle> Thanks Linda and have a great night!!
16:00:27 <Michelle> Bye. Go everything.....or at least something.:)
16:00:47 <linda> ;) thx
17:19:06 <linda> OF
17:41:29 <linda> faisy
17:41:59 <linda> or daisy
18:33:33 <Delta4Heavy85> Sawmill
18:33:42 <Delta4Heavy85> Sawmill
18:33:49 <Delta4Heavy85> Sawmill
18:34:10 <Delta4Heavy85> Sorry my computer was not responding
18:35:55 <linda> Delta4Heavy85, hi
18:38:43 <Delta4Heavy85> Good evening linda
18:39:06 <linda> :)
19:00:55 <linda> Zzzzzzzzzzzz
19:01:17 <linda> OF
19:44:17 <linda> controls released
19:47:48 <linda> daisy
19:47:58 <linda> daisy