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06:48:35 <Kat> Dome ie
07:09:37 <7> Riverside should be ie now or very soon :)
07:10:40 <7> yep
07:15:26 <7> looks like Castle
07:16:38 <Kat> Riverside was ie
07:16:56 <Kat> Looked like daisy to me
07:18:00 <Kat> Plume from Riverside was visible - not sure you could tell it was ns
07:18:29 <Kat> E time on Daisy will tell
07:18:34 <7> Daisy would have been a little mor right, but we both are entitled to our opinoins :)
07:22:07 <Dave from B™> Good morning Kat, 7
07:22:20 <Kat> Dome
07:22:32 <Kat> Hi Dave
07:22:42 <7> Dave from B™, Hi
07:30:09 <Ryan> Morning
07:31:00 <Ryan> My constant symptoms from COVID, then a head cold, then allergies has progressed into a sinus infection. :-(
07:31:39 <Ryan> Given I was feeling like crap for three weeks from the rabies shots, I have been in some form of feeling sick now for three months.
07:31:51 <Ryan> two*
07:32:31 <Dave from B™> That's no fun. Hope things get better soon
07:32:49 <Ryan> Thanks, me too. I am very tired of feeling like this.
07:34:09 <Kat> OF
07:35:59 <Kat> Ryan, sorry to hear
07:38:02 <Kat> short
07:38:25 <7> Looked short but hard to tell for sure
07:39:12 <Kat> I entered short
07:39:24 <7> the main steam did end quickly
07:39:38 <7> :thumbsup:
07:39:59 <Kat> Pretty sky!
07:40:13 <7> yes very
07:40:22 <Kat> Again time will te;; LOL
07:40:27 <Kat> tell*
07:41:02 <7> I'm sure you are correct with the short :)
07:43:14 <7> static shows short also
07:45:24 <Kat> 7, :thumbsup:
08:01:14 <7> :grand:
08:04:56 <Dave from B™> Are you sure a pipe didn't just burst?
08:05:50 <7> could have, you know how the Gov"t cuts corners
08:06:26 <Kat> So pretty
08:11:39 <Kat> How fun would it be to be out in the fog watching Grand!
08:12:16 <7> possible 2nd/
08:12:48 <Kat> Hard to tell huh?
08:13:11 <7> very
08:14:48 <Dave from B™> Would be fun
08:16:50 <Kat> Possible 2nd around 0810 - but I think 1 - but what do I know LOL
08:17:02 <7> 2nd at 0811??
08:17:22 <7> or 10
08:17:54 <Kat> Dome
08:19:51 <7> looking again second at late 10
08:20:41 <7> I am not a steamologist :)
08:22:09 <Dave from B™> Can you tell a second like that? Grand always has a burst of energy around that time but it doesn't always mean it is a second.
08:23:13 <7> true
08:24:32 <Ryan> We know geyser gazers, time to meet steam dreamers.
08:26:09 <Ryan> I personally doubt that was a 2nd
08:26:54 <7> I am not a gazer I only spend 4 weeks a year in the basin, not enough to join the group
08:26:56 <Ryan> Speed up the video and play it quickly, there's no real pause and restart. If you do it quickly enough you don't even notice it. 2nd bursts usually have a pretty intense pulse associated with them.
08:27:30 <Delta4Heavy85> OF window
08:27:36 <Ryan> I think to be an official geyser gazer the time is 4wks and 1d. Sorry you didn't meet the cutoff :)
08:27:57 <7> darn :(
08:28:07 <Kat> :)
08:28:34 <Ryan> Oh hey - Anemone is erupting. See it right there?
08:28:40 <Ryan> ;)
08:28:53 <7> :thumbsup:>(
08:29:01 <Kat> Too funny guys! :lol:
08:29:32 <Kat> There's OF - see it?
08:30:12 <Ryan> I do now
08:30:30 <Katie 🐻> Good morning
08:30:31 <7> :thumbsup:
08:31:22 <Kat> Now you see it - now you don't!
08:31:31 <Kat> Morning katie!
08:31:44 <Delta4Heavy85> Nothing on the static
08:31:55 <Delta4Heavy85> It is a little clearer
08:32:18 <Katie 🐻> There seems to be plume above the fog. Yes.
08:33:24 <Dave from B™> So, a person like me who spends 4 days a year is what then? I must be just a tourist
08:33:26 <Kat> Nothing on static yet - just steam
08:34:01 <Kat> Dave from B™, definitely a tourist! LOl
08:34:05 <Ryan> I was told, quite firmly, a couple of years ago that I was not a geyser gazer. By folks who lived there.
08:35:04 <Ryan> Guess there is some time threshold - the level of which is subject to the person who needs it. :D
08:35:05 <7> Dave from B™, you can call your self a gazer you sat on the rock pile enough to qualify :)
08:36:30 <Delta4Heavy85> I usualy get to go one but we get to stay for about 2 weeks every summer
08:37:12 <Ryan> Visiting is financially a non-starter for us now, who knows when we will be back.
08:37:35 <Ryan> Transportation, lodging, food... I'd rather buy a new camera for that price.
08:37:57 <Kat> Next May is my target date!
08:37:58 <7> I agree
08:38:20 <Dave from B™> To be totally honest, I don't really care what people call me. Ryan, you just need to find a job closer to YNP.
08:39:11 <7> We need deep pockets like Graham, he spent 7 weeks+ last year
08:39:33 <Ryan> Maybe someday, Dave. Hope is getting ready for a promotion here at the Smithsonian and she's lining up finishing a masters.
08:39:33 <Dave from B™> He has money because he has never married or had kids:)
08:39:44 <Kat> Dave from B™, amen!
08:39:49 <7> Dave from B™, they call you handsome:)
08:39:53 <Delta4Heavy85> Now the static cam is fogged out! :(
08:39:55 <Dave from B™> Well, just get high paying jobs and live anywhere....that's an option, too:)
08:40:00 <Ryan> I love Yellowstone but I'll support her more.
08:40:11 <Kat> What was I thinking! LOL
08:40:44 <Ryan> Jeez - what a concept lol
08:40:45 <Dave from B™> I'm enjoying exploring new territory in the US
08:41:06 <Ryan> Thats the other thing - for the cost of YNP I would rather go see something else.
08:41:47 <Ryan> I'll still plop the money to travel, but not somewhere I have been so much.
08:45:01 <7> Daisy 0637E
08:45:38 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:48:08 <Kat> Have a good morning all -bbl
08:48:25 <7> bye
08:50:03 <Delta4Heavy85> Bye
08:50:35 <Delta4Heavy85> I think oF went poeple are walking away on static
08:51:18 <Katie 🐻> I could see plume back at 8:32
08:52:14 <Delta4Heavy85> Looks like it could be in steam phase on static
08:54:30 <Ryan> Unless the VEC posts something I think 0835A is about the best we get on this
08:56:35 <Ryan> That 0832 plume didnt look overtly convincing for me, personally. I suspect it finished its main eruptive activity when the people started walking away at 0848
08:57:04 <Ryan> But 0848 would be pretty long for a short eruption. I'd put money on 0840A
08:58:36 <7> based on NPS predict you would be right
09:00:21 <Ryan> Interesting - hope they post a time. If not, then I adjust my estimate to 0845A based on their prediction. Whats their current interval?
09:01:08 <7> i think 1h 37 min but not sure
09:02:04 <Ryan> That would put their eruption time at 0902. That's confusing.
09:02:07 <Ryan> Stupid fog
09:03:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Beats snow
09:03:21 <Ryan> It does indeed
09:03:35 <Ryan> Kevin did I tell you I tried shooting trains last weekend?
09:03:40 <Ryan> With a camera, of course.
09:04:42 <Ryan> I got it all set up then the sun went away and the train came from the wrong direction. Whoops
09:21:38 <Kevin Depot> Trains are hard. Best to get the sunny side but clouds are nice. Did I tell you one of my pictures made this years calendar?
09:22:19 <Ryan> You did! Congrats!
09:22:36 <Ryan> I was shooting the big camera with slow film. Trains move faster than I thought they would lol
09:23:17 <Kevin Depot> Even slow ones do.
09:37:34 <7> Ryan, 0846 long aj entered
09:38:54 <Ryan> Nice!
09:40:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Was that Cass you were shooting Ryan?
09:42:41 <Ryan> No, Horseshoe Curve
09:43:23 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Won't find many slow ones there.
09:43:36 <Ryan> Not slow enough for 1/60s.
09:44:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nope. All you can hope for is a stop and that isn't Common there.
09:45:05 <Ryan> I was shooting Ektar which is 100 speed. Next time I go there I will take Portra, which is 400.
09:47:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That would help.
09:50:04 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Have you been to Paradise on the Strasburg RR Ryan?
09:52:05 <Ryan> I have not, I haven't done much of anything with railroads
09:56:35 <Ryan>
09:59:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I like that one. Paradise is good since the trains stop there to flip.
10:05:41 <Katie 🐻> Kevin, are you logged in?
10:08:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes. I typed it but forgot to push enter.
10:08:35 <Katie 🐻> :thumbsup: Happy Driving!
10:08:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> TY Have a good day.
10:09:53 <Katie 🐻> So... I recorded, on my phone, video of a mule deer escaping into a herd of bison with a coyote in pursuit on Saturday. I only had phone in hand to maybe get some video of bison stampeding as they were, off and on. ViralHog contacted me about licensing. I figured nothing to lose, just a little phone video...
10:10:12 <Katie 🐻> Outdoor Life just called for quotes for a little web article they are doing with the video
10:10:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wow. Interesting.
10:11:19 <Katie 🐻> Totally unexpected. I posted the video on Yellowstone Insiders Hub thinking a few might enjoy it and that would be it.
10:12:33 <Dave from B™> Katie, you're going to be rich!:D
10:12:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Right place, right time, and having a phone that does video. Winning combination.
10:12:59 <Katie 🐻> ha ha - I might make a dollar
10:13:02 <Dave from B™> Should definitely get you more page followers
10:13:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You will have to keep us posted.
10:14:10 <Katie 🐻> She said she would send link when article is published.
10:14:31 <Katie 🐻> As it happens, she is in Missoula. She mentioned that and was surprised when I said "me too."
10:15:07 <Dave from B™> small world
10:19:42 <Dave from B™> Hilday buying is finally turning around all the crab markets. If you want King, Snow or Dungeness buy it in the next couple of weeks. Prices will be much higher in 2023
10:19:49 <Dave from B™> Holiday*
10:20:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> How is cod doing?
10:21:19 <Dave from B™> It is stable now but higher than last year
10:22:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Gee something higher this year than last year? I am shocked!!!
10:23:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like Rocket Major.
10:25:03 <Dave from B™> Kevin, you are dripping with sarcasm:)
10:25:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Would I do that?
10:26:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like a Daisy OF dual.
10:26:20 <Katie 🐻> I didn't realize ViralHog is based in Bozeman prior to yesterday, either. Small world, indeed. Smaller, since people can work anywhere these days.
10:27:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> My Brother and I did an online interview with a guy in Michigan that included people all over including England and Austrailia.
10:29:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> of
12:04:59 <Ryan> OF
12:07:25 <Dave from B™> Seeing mental illness at work is so sad. Billings is dealing with 3 dead this morning. Murder/Sucide where dad killed wife and 11 year old son.
12:07:51 <Katie 🐻> Oh, NO!
12:07:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Ugh, had timer set 10 minutes off.
12:23:23 <7> we can look for Daisy now :)
12:27:42 <Ryan> I found it
12:28:05 <7> thanks, just in the nick of time:)
12:30:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think they were switching my internet for the storm drain again
12:55:48 <Ryan> Rocket?
12:56:47 <Ryan> Looks like either a Grotto start or a Rocket major at 1253
12:57:24 <Ryan> Steam was pretty light before it so I lean to a Grotto start. Definitely had some nice vertical jetting in there though.
12:58:08 <Ryan> Location was in line with Rocket but the activity was in line with Grotto.... grrr
12:58:50 <Ryan> Tardy is in deep drain eruption!
12:58:54 <Ryan> Wow!
12:58:55 <Dave from B™> We can just call it Rockotto
12:59:14 <Ryan> Thats so cool, I've never seen a steam phase eruption of Tardy from the webcam!
12:59:29 <Dave from B™> Interesting re Tardy
13:03:05 <Ryan> Yeah that was really cool to see it restart like that. I saw that once or twice in person, makes a cool noise.
13:13:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I miss the noise from Tilt.
13:25:07 <Delta4Heavy85> Is that dome in eruption?
13:35:03 <Betty> hi all
13:35:11 <kc (working)> wave
13:35:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
13:35:21 <Delta4Heavy85> Hi
13:35:58 <Betty> hey Kevin L™ 🌵, kc (working), Delta4Heavy85
13:39:16 <Delta4Heavy85> OF
13:39:21 <Delta4Heavy85> Static
13:39:57 <Betty> early
13:40:45 <Delta4Heavy85> Just in the NPS window
13:41:48 <Delta4Heavy85> Seams long
13:42:20 <Ryan> Finally able to share some photos from my brothers wedding:
13:42:23 <Delta4Heavy85> But I will wait to see what the NPS thinks
13:42:30 <Ryan> This is a long
13:44:18 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah it has a steam phase
13:44:31 <Betty> hey Ryan, very nice!
13:48:38 <Ryan> Thanks, Betty
13:49:01 <Ryan> Was quite fun, I just wandered around (when I wasn't Best Manning) with the medium format and a flashgun and took photos
13:49:43 <Betty> :thumbsup::D
13:53:19 <Betty> dome ie
14:19:21 <7> looks like turban
14:23:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Or Daisy
14:35:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And Grand
14:37:08 <Betty> nice
14:37:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Been a while since one went for me.
14:51:10 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
14:52:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
15:49:36 <Michelle> Good afternoon
15:49:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
15:54:52 <Michelle> Kevin L™ 🌵, hi
15:54:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Let me know when you are ready
15:57:34 <Michelle> Kevin L™ 🌵, I am ready
15:58:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> released
15:58:56 <Michelle> It was nice and let me in
15:59:15 <Michelle> Thanks for driving Kevin. Have a great evening
15:59:22 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wow. Only had a couple of glitches today.
16:01:26 <Michelle> My last time on was Saturday, it was not nice then. Nice tonight
16:02:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think the glitches I had today were due to a construction project by me.
16:12:36 <Michelle> :daisy:
16:46:53 <Michelle> OF window
16:49:42 <Michelle> OF
16:55:12 <Michelle> Dome
17:07:44 <Kevin Depot> Lion hates me
17:08:06 <Kevin Depot> NPS studies?
17:11:52 <Michelle> I think Lion does what he wants, when he wants!:)
17:13:54 <Michelle> Tardy
17:27:24 <Michelle> INDY
17:27:39 <Michelle> .
17:27:41 <Michelle> .
17:27:43 <Michelle> .
17:28:58 <KorbenC> nice
17:29:58 <Michelle> Surprise
17:30:36 <KorbenC> ill send txt
17:30:46 <Kevin Depot> Wow
17:31:31 <KorbenC> text sent
17:33:08 <Kevin Depot> Sure didn't expect this
17:33:12 <Ryan> Well this is a nice surprise
17:34:10 <Ryan> Guess Sub 10 does look all that out there anymore
17:35:00 <Ryan> This should be a very pretty eruption
17:35:02 <Michelle> :bee:
17:35:43 <Kevin Depot> Short Indy
17:35:55 <Ryan> It was readt
17:35:57 <Ryan> ready
17:36:00 <Kevin Depot> May get a rainbow
17:36:22 <Kevin Depot> They are usually to the right
17:36:36 <Michelle> 17:34 start
17:36:59 <Ryan> Very weak eruption
17:37:44 <Michelle> Indy going strong
17:38:19 <Ryan> There is your rainbow Kevin
17:38:36 <Delta4Heavy85> Wow 2 bee's in a day
17:38:54 <Ryan> That was very anemic. What a weird eruption
17:38:54 <Delta4Heavy85> That has not happend in a while
17:39:14 <Kevin Depot> On the left too
17:39:43 <Kevin Depot> And I even got a caboose on the Chama train.
17:40:02 <Ryan> I guess keep an eye on Giantess, it likes weird stuff like this.
17:41:17 <Michelle> Thank you Miss Bee!!
17:44:38 <Greg (working)> Hi and bye, guess I missed bee
17:45:08 <Michelle> Greg (working), Hi and Bye
17:47:35 <Ryan> I can't get over how odd that way
17:47:36 <Ryan> was*
17:47:51 <Ryan> That eruption never broke 120ft. and it was mostly steam
17:48:22 <Ryan> Peanut Pool!
17:48:31 <Ryan> 1748!
17:48:38 <Ryan> and Dome
17:48:55 <Kevin Depot> Political eruption. Doesn't do much but expels a lot of hot air.
17:49:08 <Ryan> Can we zoom in to see if Peanut Pool is erupting
17:49:21 <Ryan> Middle of the screen near the trees behind the BW
17:51:23 <Michelle> there?
17:51:59 <Ryan> Yeah its the steaming thing between the BW and tres
17:52:08 <Ryan> slightly left of center now. It's basically done
17:52:56 <Michelle> Middle screen or lower?
17:53:10 <Ryan> middle of the screen, slightly left of center
17:53:17 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
17:53:29 <Ryan> its at the base of a sunlit pine tree. Lots of steam
17:54:05 <Ryan> Well that was neat!
17:54:50 <Ryan> Gotta go check on dinner, send an alert for Giantess ;)
17:55:06 <KorbenC> If only Giantess went :P
17:56:17 <Ryan> You never know... it likes (or causes) this stuff
17:58:03 <KorbenC> It likes anything out of the normal. But in these new times, no way to tell if it still likes what it did in the past.
17:58:19 <KorbenC> It can go whenever it wants :)
18:02:09 <Michelle> We need to check Daisy. Will come back to Giantess and the hill
18:04:15 <Michelle> :daisy:
18:15:03 <Michelle> OF window
18:40:22 <Delta4Heavy85> Of is late
18:43:26 <Michelle> OF
18:43:38 <Delta4Heavy85> Finaly
18:47:40 <Delta4Heavy85> ng
18:47:43 <Delta4Heavy85> Long
18:47:53 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
18:49:28 <Michelle> Sunset check!!
18:49:54 <Michelle> Probably was perfect during OF
18:52:16 <Michelle> Losing light
18:53:21 <Ryan> Little Squirt IE i think
19:00:09 <Michelle> Going to leave it here for the night. Have a good one!!
19:00:42 <Delta4Heavy85> Good Night Michelle
19:01:50 <KorbenC> evening all
19:02:03 <Delta4Heavy85> Bye Korben
19:02:12 <KorbenC> Bye DH
19:02:48 <KorbenC> I dont think LS is ie
19:23:48 <Ryan> Such a wispy little thing
19:37:47 <kcmule> lion ie
23:02:01 <Greg 🤠> Did bee have three visits today?