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06:57:40 <Dave from B™> Top of the morning to everyone!
07:00:22 <Kat> Morning Dave!
07:13:25 <Michael> Good morning! I'm not used to seeing the prediction board empty.
07:13:25 <Dave from B™> Kat, how has the body been feeling lately?
07:17:24 <Dave from B™> Are you finally done with PT?
07:18:04 <Kat> Dave from B™, great! Been out of PT for a long time. I'm working now!
07:18:52 <Dave from B™> That's terrific! Are you back in the medical field?
07:20:38 <Kat> Dave from B™, nope - just took a part time job at my local grocery! Something to dp, talk to other adults and make a few extra dollars!
07:20:55 <Kat> I told you I could work at your store LOL
07:21:34 <Kat> Saving a few extra $$ for the Park!
07:22:32 <Dave from B™> Nice. We all need that social interaction.
07:23:12 <Kat> I was missing it! Just good to get out and do something different - don't really need to but I like it
07:23:56 <Dave from B™> How many hours a week?
07:27:51 <Kat> less than 20
07:28:05 <Kat> Just enough
07:29:14 <Dave from B™> Perfect. I never envision myself completely retiring. 20 would be awesome
07:31:57 <Kat> :)
07:32:49 <Kat> :lion:
07:34:15 <Kat> Something on the prediction board now Dave
07:34:20 <Delta4Heavy85> Morning Kat
07:34:26 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice a lion
07:34:32 <Kat> Delta4Heavy85, Morning
07:34:45 <Delta4Heavy85> Hopefully the series is not one and dne
07:34:56 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:35:43 <Michael> :)
07:53:00 <Kat> OF
07:53:21 <Delta4Heavy85> OF
07:54:16 <Michael> More geysers on the board!
07:55:31 <Delta4Heavy85> Seams long
07:56:12 <Kat> It is
07:56:21 <Kat> Michael, Yay!
07:56:51 <Kat> :thumbsup: Thx
08:07:14 <Delta4Heavy85> No BSB steam
08:12:41 <Kat> Oblong
08:12:43 <Michael> Hello Oblong!
08:13:11 <Kat> :)
08:13:17 <Dave from B™> I missed the water
08:13:35 <Kat> It was ie when I moved down basin
08:13:49 <Dave from B™> I believe you; I just missed it
08:14:02 <Kat> :)
08:15:01 <Kat> Windy
08:18:36 <Kat> Where's Daisy?? LOL
08:19:48 <Kat> Riverside
08:21:48 <Kat> Missed Daisy at 0740
08:24:16 <Michael> Maybe OF will play nice with the next one.
08:24:43 <Kat> Lets hope! :thumbsup:
08:28:46 <Kat> Looks like a beautiful morning in the basin
08:36:32 <Frank> yep 0815 riverside good catch Jarno
08:40:58 <Kat> Say something.....
08:41:19 <Frank> ok
08:41:47 <Kat> :) Thx - not a problem to correct
08:42:26 <KorbenC> Better ways to do that than a double flag
08:42:56 <Kat> Yep - starting with communicating with entrant
08:43:23 <KorbenC> I understand a flag, or double flagging if you cant get in contact with the person
08:43:59 <Frank> flag?
08:44:45 <Kat> KorbenC, I do too but I'm on the cam so am here :)
08:44:58 <KorbenC> exactly, and Jarno knows that
08:45:07 <Kat> I know!
08:45:44 <KorbenC> I put an entry in with you as observer Kat.
08:46:13 <Kat> Thx
08:46:21 <KorbenC> I stil think a GT messaging system, like you can poke an entrant or something, would be alot better.
08:46:51 <Frank> explain how a person double flags, i thought it took two people
08:47:17 <Kat> I have always had issues with flagging when you can communicate immediately with entrant
08:47:24 <KorbenC> It does take two ppl, or 2 accounts from the same person
08:47:43 <Frank> ah!
08:47:48 <Kat> Frank, it does take 2 people, but why not give someone a chance to correct their entry first?
08:48:00 <KorbenC> Jarno, I know that you are reading this, try and PM Kat next time :)
08:48:21 <Frank> I agree
08:48:56 <5> :thumbsup:
08:49:05 <Kat> or say something on chat - I don't have an issue with that, always good to have accuracy in our entries
08:49:50 <Kat> I'm always willing to change when needed
08:50:03 <KorbenC> Exactly!
08:50:54 <Delta4Heavy85> Aggred you should change your entrys to make it more acurite
08:52:40 <5> Primary is that important. :p
08:54:55 <KorbenC> If Jarno wants primary for that Riverside entry, he is more than welcome to hop on chat and ask. I will always give primary to the entrant with more information.
08:55:39 <Kat> 5, to some it is
08:55:41 <5> :thumbsup:
09:00:24 <Delta4Heavy > Hopefully Lion soon 2 roars so far
09:05:05 <Kat> Wow - no Lion yet
09:05:36 <Michael> It's waiting for me to give up and get back to work. Which will happen very soon.
09:05:38 <Delta4Heavy > May be a one and done
09:05:51 <Delta4Heavy > Wait roar 3
09:06:16 <Ryan> Good morning
09:07:56 <Ryan> I've come to the really unfortunate realization that with these antibiotics I can't have coffee or I will get sick.
09:08:49 <Kat> Indy
09:08:55 <Kat> .
09:08:55 <Kat> .
09:08:56 <Kat> .
09:08:56 <Kat> .
09:09:00 <Delta4Heavy > Wow
09:09:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wow
09:09:11 <Delta4Heavy > 15h 34m
09:09:19 <Kat> .Sending text
09:09:29 <Delta4Heavy > Another Lion roar
09:09:36 <Ryan> Wonder if it's going to have the same anemic eruption as last night
09:09:53 <KorbenC> Ryan, I commneted on your entry
09:10:13 <KorbenC> I do not agree with it being very weak, my math (which has been pretty accurate) put one of those jets at 135.
09:10:23 <KorbenC> but for sure a weaker eruption, but also a nice long duration
09:10:31 <Kat> Text sent
09:11:13 <Delta4Heavy > Nice splash
09:11:17 <KorbenC> received
09:11:46 <Ryan> I disagree on 135. That eruption was visibly smaller, and the water content was visibly less. That looks less like an eruption and more like a wet steamphase.
09:12:52 <Ryan> Out of several hundred eruptions since 2003, that was by far the strangest I've ever seen it do given the combination of the interval change, the plume consistency, and the height. Duration was long, but not notably so.
09:12:58 <KorbenC> Well, we can agree to disagree
09:13:00 <Kat> Darn OF in 3
09:13:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> NPS has 7
09:13:46 <Ryan> And it has its own webcam
09:14:09 <Kat> Nice splashinhg
09:14:12 <KorbenC> Duration was for sure notably long, I think the plume was normal, I could see those big curtains of water. But my math has been really good with BH and Lion
09:14:14 <Kat> lol
09:14:45 <KorbenC> For sure weak tho
09:14:59 <KorbenC> The interval is part of the cycle that it has been doing recently
09:15:16 <Kat> No people yet
09:15:18 <Ryan> So you're the only one not surprised. Got it.
09:15:31 <KorbenC> Surprised, but not like "OMG, strangest eruption ever"
09:15:56 <Ryan> Alright, I'll go watch this somewhere else then.
09:16:22 <KorbenC> Out of several thousand eruptions since 2006, it was out of the normal, but not crazy. That opinion isn't of my own; I talked with Bryce about it, and worked on the math by hand again, getting 135ft ish
09:18:16 <KorbenC> 5m 12s is longer than most of the past 100 eruptions, so worth noting, smaller that most of the eruptions in the past 100, especially without wind, but 135ft Bee is only about 20ft less than what I think of a nice Bee
09:18:44 <KorbenC> I am happy to have a nice discussion, but no need to quit. I am just explaining my opinion while trying to understand yours. Animosity doesn't help that.
09:19:49 <Kat> Amazing theyn didn't stop!
09:19:50 <5> R exits but comes righ back
09:20:15 <Kat> Oops - they stopped
09:20:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Oh look dear. A pretty little geyser for our morning walk!
09:20:40 <KorbenC> 5, :thumbsup: I think my points on BH are good, but not good enough to make someone quit :P
09:20:53 <KorbenC> Indy getting nice a strong
09:21:02 <5> Long indicator?
09:21:22 <KorbenC> not yet, 13min isn't out of the normal.
09:21:54 <KorbenC> I havent revisited the data in a little while, but I think 17min is about average for the last few weeks
09:22:23 <Kat> Hoping OF holds off
09:24:07 <KorbenC> nice try
09:24:35 <KorbenC> BEEE
09:24:40 <Kat> :bee::bee::bee:
09:24:45 <KorbenC> nice try, nice start
09:25:25 <KorbenC> jnice one
09:25:46 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:26:13 <KorbenC> bit breezy, some nice jets
09:27:47 <Delta4Heavy > OF
09:27:56 <Delta4Heavy > Static
09:27:57 <Kat> OF
09:31:07 <Kat> Great Bee and OF!
09:33:12 <Kat> daisy and grand next up!
09:34:28 <Kat> Sawmill
09:38:27 <Kat> :daisy:
09:51:25 <Michelle> Good morning
09:51:32 <Kat> Hi Michelle
09:51:39 <Michelle> Wow, Bee already!!
09:51:55 <Kat> Yep - lucky me this morning!
09:52:35 <Dave from B™> Kat caught everything this morning
09:53:30 <Kat> It's been a good morning!
09:53:53 <Kat> Some days I seem to miss them all! LOL
09:54:15 <Kat> Michelle, are you on for Linda?
09:54:47 <Michelle> Kat, yes.
09:55:11 <Kat> great! Ten I leave you a grand! :)
09:55:16 <Kat> then*
09:55:41 <Michelle> Had to get beans picked before the storm coming.
09:56:08 <Michelle> I will take a Grand, or two or three!!:)
09:56:10 <Kat> I heard snow in the park - but the temp is nice today
09:56:16 <Kat> Michelle, LOL
09:56:57 <Kat> Wish I has some of those fresh beans! They look good!
09:57:04 <Michelle> We are going from high 70s to snow too.
09:57:16 <Dave from B™> Out last day of nice weather is today. High of 70 then our first freeze this weekend
09:57:59 <Kat> Dave from B™, we've a 3 beautiful fall days here in Florida! Makes me miss Virginia fall weather
09:58:07 <Michelle> Those beans just were the gift that kept on giving this year!!
09:58:20 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:58:35 <Michelle> Kat, Let me know when you are out
10:01:10 <Kat> Ready Michelle - have a great drive!
10:02:04 <Michelle> Thanks for driving and have a wonderful rest of your day
10:02:36 <Kat> Thanks - bye all - thx for a great morning! bbl
10:05:15 <Dave from B™> Bye Kat
10:35:49 <Delta4Heavy85> h be having another turban soon
10:35:56 <Delta4Heavy85> Should
10:36:22 <Michelle> Or a Grand!:)
10:36:44 <Delta4Heavy85> True
10:37:28 <Michelle> Grand is waiting for OF window:lol::lol:
10:41:34 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah will probaboly go durn OF
10:51:53 <4> I hope Grand waits for after OF
10:52:05 <Delta4Heavy85> OF window
10:52:18 <4> pretty sure Turban just happened
10:53:23 <Michelle> Some Dome
10:54:56 <Michelle> We need a down basin still cam!:)
10:56:23 <4> preset jumps will have to do. :)
10:56:38 <4> still no Turban report, yet it did happen
10:56:55 <4> NPS was reporting, they might have had to leave
11:02:24 <4> I guess NPS is changing to "what could happen " mode, they are closing Craig and Dunraven "in case" there is snow tonight
11:04:40 <Michelle> What could happen mode would mean we should have Giantess and Giant in the window 24/7!:)
11:05:37 <Dave from B™> I have seen the proactive vs reactive mode the past couple of years with shorter staffing
11:06:45 <4> I guess you could call this proactive mode, yet I'd be bummed if I had to drive around because Craig was closed if there was no snow and I was caught in a bison jam to delay me
11:06:49 <Betty> morning all
11:07:09 <4> Hey Betty
11:07:14 <Michelle> Morning BettY
11:07:26 <4> we are hoping we do not miss Grand, good job hopping cam op!
11:08:21 <Betty> Grand will not happen yet, Dave from B™ is in the room ;-)
11:08:42 <4> ha ha, hopefully it will go anyway
11:08:53 <Betty> hi 4, Michelle, Dave from B™ :-D
11:09:16 <4> Turban should be about now
11:09:41 <4> so hopefully we have another 15 or so minutes
11:10:43 <4> a bit different than yesterday, OF kept going before the official window for Kevin
11:12:39 <Dave from B™> Hi, Betty:P
11:12:58 <Dave from B™> Just call me 9 hour Dave
11:13:13 <Betty> :thumbsup:
11:13:19 <4> maybe that should be your new sign in
11:14:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I just got yesterdays BHI text.
11:14:30 <Dave from B™> And change my trademark?
11:14:32 <Betty> water back in Steamboat?
11:14:51 <Betty> hi Kevin L™ 🌵
11:15:16 <4> my logger page is blank
11:15:40 <Betty>
11:15:54 <Betty> last logger is on
11:16:37 <4> that is the monthly one, so it is showing the past before they stopped the other day
11:16:51 <Betty> oh, that is old... sorry
11:17:04 <4> it does look like something started before it went offline
11:17:13 <4> temp rise
11:17:47 <4> can we do a Grand hop?
11:19:26 <4> you could always trademark 9 Hour Dave, Dave
11:19:30 <4> thanks Michelle
11:19:38 <Michelle> Cmon OF
11:19:53 <Michelle> OF
11:20:09 <4> yay
11:20:12 <Betty> head you :-)
11:20:21 <Betty> heard*
11:22:57 <Michelle> long
11:24:30 <Michelle> Grand awaits us!!
11:27:28 <4> and Daisy too now
11:28:47 <KorbenC> Yay, I didnt miss Grand :)
11:32:52 <Michelle> :daisy:
11:34:23 <4> under 2 hours even with some wind
11:35:08 <4> look at trees swaying by Castle
11:35:45 <4> a bit windier than 5mh
11:35:50 <4> mph
11:36:01 <Dave from B™> There will be a lot less green in this view sometime next week
11:40:50 <4> even Tardy could get someone on bw wet today
11:43:50 <Michelle> :grand:
11:44:51 <Betty> yay
11:44:52 <4> nice start for so much wind
11:45:39 <Dave from B™> It will be intersting to see what the next Grand intervals is
11:45:55 <Dave from B™> I just rec'd my bhi text
11:46:58 <4> from today or yesterday?
11:48:26 <Dave from B™> today
12:00:59 <4> We have Grand 1143 ie, and then a 1144 for start, ha
12:01:14 <4> guessing someone's watch is a bit off...
12:01:28 <4> even the cam had it at 1143
12:42:02 <Delta4Heavy85> Is anyone else seeing double notes from DanS?
12:42:12 <Betty> yep
12:42:19 <KorbenC> yup
12:42:50 <Delta4Heavy85> Usulay when this happens I refresh and it fixes it but this time it did not work
12:42:56 <Delta4Heavy85> Wierd
12:43:20 <KorbenC> Sometimes when you enter it duplicates, I guess DanS is getting unlucky
12:43:51 <Delta4Heavy85> Also OF window
12:44:59 <Delta4Heavy85> For the cam op
12:45:10 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
12:50:26 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice preplay
12:58:48 <Delta4Heavy85> A little more preplay
12:59:10 <Delta4Heavy85> And more
13:00:03 <Michelle> OF
13:00:23 <Michelle> 1259 start
13:00:25 <Delta4Heavy85> Yup
13:01:34 <Delta4Heavy85> Not to tall
13:01:56 <KorbenC> little bit of annoying wind today
13:03:18 <Michelle> long
13:03:29 <Delta4Heavy85> Long
13:09:40 <Michelle> Any day now!!:lol::lol:
13:19:33 <Michelle> A little something from Marmot Cave
13:20:02 <john 👻> 🖐🏽🖐🏽 Hello All!
13:20:27 <Betty> hijohn
13:20:48 <Michelle> Hi John
13:21:08 <john 👻> Hi Betty and Michelle
13:22:56 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:23:00 <Michelle> ie
13:24:03 <4> well under 2 hrs
13:25:25 <Dave from B™> 15 Daisy's in a row between 150 and 200
13:25:41 <Dave from B™> There...that jinxed it
13:25:51 <KorbenC> Thanks Dave :P
13:26:35 <Dave from B™> No problem Korben...always happy to help
13:28:47 <KorbenC> :)
13:32:13 <Kevin Depot> Hey Dave. what is fagri?
13:35:25 <KorbenC> Steamy tess
13:36:34 <Dave from B™> I had to google it...It is in the sea bream, porgy, white anpper family
13:36:41 <Dave from B™> white snapper
13:37:05 <Dave from B™> Mediterranean fish
13:37:19 <john 👻> :thumbsup: nice!
13:39:41 <Betty> infant is steamy
13:42:03 <Betty> and peanut pool?
13:43:28 <KorbenC> Peanut Pool just splashed
13:59:35 <john 👻> Any time you are ready Michelle!
13:59:59 <Michelle> Controls released
14:00:24 <john 👻> Thank you Michelle! Have a great weekend!
14:00:56 <Michelle> Happy driving and have a great afternoon!! Go Giantess!!:)
14:01:20 <Betty> thx for driving Michelle
14:02:07 <john 👻> :thumbsup:
14:02:19 <Dave from B™> Thanks Michelle. Thanks for taking the wheel, John
14:03:02 <Michelle> YW and have a wonderful rest of the day!
14:12:28 <Dave from B™> Kevin, did you have fagri?
14:14:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I just saw it on a seafood menu
14:21:36 <Dave from B™> Was it a Mediterranean restaurant?
14:22:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think Italian. It had pizza and some other Italian stuff.
14:29:29 <Dave from B™> There are a lot of different kinds of fish out there. When we were in Venice about 10 years ago, we went to the local fish market. I had never seen half the stuff before!
14:31:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I wondered if it was a fish or some kind of sea creature,
14:31:55 <Betty> dome
14:33:15 <john 👻> Riverside
15:03:37 <john 👻> OF
15:05:01 <Betty> nice one
15:10:01 <john 👻> :daisy:
15:39:03 <Betty> night all
15:39:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Night
15:40:11 <john 👻> Knight Betty and Kevin!
15:40:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am still here John.
15:41:32 <john 👻> I know. Thought you were napping! :)
15:41:32 <KorbenC> Hi John, bye Kevin
15:41:53 <KorbenC> hi Kevin* Bye Betty** Geez, my brain got twisted around itself there
15:42:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> That is how mine normally works
15:42:38 <KorbenC> :p
15:45:02 <john 👻> :thumbsup:
15:57:34 <Greg (working)> Hi John, let me know when you have released the controls.
15:57:52 <john 👻> Thanks buddy!
15:58:18 <Greg (working)> Thanks for driving today, hope it was a great drive.
15:58:23 <john 👻> Controls released!
15:58:45 <john 👻> Have a great night and weekend greg!
15:59:07 <Greg on cam> Thanks John, and you too.
15:59:14 <Greg on cam> Howdy everyone, happy Friday
16:01:23 <john 👻> :thumbsup:
16:10:12 <KorbenC> Little Squirt
16:36:38 <Greg on cam> OF time
16:38:55 <Greg on cam> Missed Lion, grrrr
16:45:11 <Mara> Obbbyyyy
16:45:32 <Mara> wait no
16:45:43 <Mara> Arty
16:47:38 <Mara> I can't read apparently
17:01:12 <Greg on cam> :daisy:
17:01:14 <Greg on cam> :daisy:
17:40:57 <Greg on cam> Touchey controls
17:59:32 <4> loggers on Arty and Oblong, nice
17:59:49 <Greg on cam> :lion:
18:00:00 <Greg on cam> :lion:
18:02:40 <4> there are lots of cam driver changes on Friday it seems
18:03:01 <Greg on cam> 4 cam ops
18:03:05 <Greg on cam> on Fridays
18:03:18 <4> your shift is getting pretty short now
18:03:25 <4> short Lion too
18:03:36 <Greg on cam> Yes it is, summer is it 6+ hours
18:04:06 <4> in two weeks will John just finish out or will you still come on? It will be dark by 5
18:04:32 <Greg on cam> I will still do my shift
18:04:42 <Greg on cam> I need the $$
18:04:45 <Greg on cam> hahah
18:05:03 <4> yeah, gotta make those big bucks
18:05:39 <4> doesn't look like anyone is at Grand
18:06:22 <4> see some people on bw though
18:07:26 <Greg on cam> I checked earlier, there was a family present, but I think the moved o n.
18:11:56 <Greg on cam> Not to bad of a crowd at OF for late in the day
18:12:11 <Greg on cam> OF time
18:13:11 <4> the wind looks wild
18:14:21 <Greg on cam> How many times did Bee appear yesterday?
18:16:19 <4> twice
18:16:32 <Greg on cam> ok, I heard 3
18:17:24 <Greg on cam> Thanks for clearing that up about bee
18:17:27 <4> 315 and then 1734. Do you know how to look back in GT, it is easy
18:17:50 <4> 3 times would be something to talk about! That has not happened in quite some time
18:42:37 <4> time to call it a night. thanks for driving Greg.
18:42:55 <Greg on cam> My pleasure, thanks for tagging along
18:47:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
18:48:12 <Greg on cam> hey, you woke me up haha
18:49:08 <Greg on cam> Rain and snow is moving in
18:50:26 <Greg on cam> :daisy:
18:50:28 <Greg on cam> :daisy:
18:50:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> We get wind. :p
18:54:54 <Greg on cam> :grand:
18:55:27 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Does that include tax?
18:55:55 <Greg on cam> I am looking at SML rates for next year and I had the same thought OUCH.
18:56:41 <Greg on cam> New owners and they raisesd the rates. Old cabin price was $175, next year, same cabin $330
18:57:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> New simple tax form: 1) How much did you make? 2) Send it in.
18:57:25 <Greg on cam> Gld we bought a camper,
18:57:37 <KorbenC> Evening all. Nice Grand.
19:05:24 <Greg on cam> Korben, can you log Grand please and thank you?
19:05:34 <Greg on cam> :lion:
19:05:39 <Greg on cam> :lion:
19:08:17 <Greg on cam> Cam controls have been released, thanks for tagging along.
19:08:49 <Greg 🤠> Enjoy your night. Keep smiling
19:10:12 <Greg 🤠> That was a nice Lion, light was good, considering it was after dusk