Showing logs for date: 2022-10-24
06:31:54 <Kat> OF
06:32:03 <linda> OF
06:32:12 <linda> Kat, :) hi
06:32:28 <Kat> Morning
06:34:41 <Kat> Looks long
06:35:22 <linda> yeah
06:36:02 <linda> looks dark >(
06:36:21 <Kat> Haha - I think it is!
06:36:33 <linda> :)
06:41:13 <Kat> lion
06:41:17 <Kat> ?
06:42:20 <Kat> Can't tell
06:43:47 <Kat> nope
06:58:41 <Kat> Grand
06:59:12 <Kat> :daisy:
07:36:04 <Kat> Bee splashing
07:50:16 <Kat> Nice splashing
07:59:37 <Delta4Heavy85> Morning Kat
07:59:55 <Kat> Morning
08:00:24 <Delta4Heavy85> Most pf the snow seams to have melted
08:00:49 <Kat> Cold this morning though
08:01:39 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah but from the wc, I does not look so wintery
08:01:42 <Kat> bee has been splashing
08:02:07 <Delta4Heavy85> So probaboly no overnight eruption?
08:04:58 <Delta4Heavy85> Is that split cone ie?
08:05:34 <Kat> Looks more like stean from the cold
08:06:17 <Delta4Heavy85> Ok
08:09:01 <Kat> OF
08:14:35 <Kat> Looks short
08:28:41 <linda> nice
08:33:29 <Kat> grotto
08:33:58 <Kat> or Arty
08:34:23 <Kat> Arty
08:35:26 <linda> yay
08:35:36 <Kat> Sawmill quiet
08:56:17 <Kat> :daisy:
08:56:26 <Kat> nope
08:57:46 <Kat> steam tricks LOL
08:58:33 <Delta4Heavy85> :p
09:01:03 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
09:01:25 <Kat> Hi there! Welcome back!
09:04:49 <Kat> :daisy:
09:05:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks Kat .... back for a few days
09:05:57 <Kat> Oh and then we get to play where in the worls is graham?
09:06:05 <Kat> world*
09:12:05 <Dave from B™> Maybe, we should just start calling Graham, Waldo?
09:13:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> haha. no big trips for a while, kittke stuff
09:13:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> at leastmy suitcase didnt pla the "where in the world" game for long
09:13:47 <Dave from B™> I know you meant little but I first read it as kiddie
09:13:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> or little stuff
09:14:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> i have the laptop out now, so different typo's coming up compared to the phone
09:14:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> my suitcase decided not to leave Italy with me
09:15:17 <GO STEAMBOAT> so much for the app saying "bag loaded on plane"
09:15:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> what they meant was "bag loaded into baggage container thats not on the plane"
09:15:41 <Dave from B™> Didn't they forget a whole container?
09:16:23 <Kat> It's an awful feeling when the bag doesn't show!
09:16:56 <Dave from B™> We have recieved an email many times that our freeight is on board and then when we get to the airport it is not....not fun. It gets pulled off at the last minute and system doesn't get corrected.
09:17:31 <Dave from B™> Trying to call an airline is harder than trying to get a hold of the White House
09:18:09 <Kat> Bags in my car don't get lost! LOL
09:18:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> i thin it didnt get put on the plane at all, likely overweight as it was a full flight. it had a lot of gate checked bags too, those customers were mre impacted than me
09:19:30 <GO STEAMBOAT> bags in my car wuld have gotten rather wet on that trip tho
09:20:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> actually the 1-800 number for bag issues was quick to answer
09:21:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> people waiting for the bags and had connections in Newark were worried about missing flights while we waited for the staff to change from "more bags are coming" to "you can leave now and file a claim"
09:26:34 <Kat> GO STEAMBOAT, lol
09:35:23 <Kat> BHI will send text
09:36:43 <Dave from B™> I actually got it!
09:36:48 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:38:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> still witing for my text
09:39:30 <Katie 🐻> Good morning. G, you can expect your text this afternoon.
09:39:58 <Kat> OF
09:43:38 <Kat> :bee::bee::bee:
09:43:45 <Mario> Just got my BHI text
09:44:05 <GO STEAMBOAT> bee
09:46:16 <Kat> Wow- I just got my text too!
10:00:50 <Kat> Have a good drive Katie!
10:01:14 <Katie 🐻> Thanks, Kat!
10:03:46 <Dave from B™> And, of course, I miss it
10:44:35 <Kevin NLV> I got it Dave but on my cell phone on the road
10:47:39 <Dave from B™> You are calling North Las Vegas on the road?:)
10:48:40 <Kevin NLV> I am now on US 93.
10:50:56 <Dave from B™> That's right, Rainbow Canyon
10:51:29 <Kevin NLV> Yep
10:52:43 <Dave from B™> Is April a good time to visit Death Valley?
10:53:25 <Katie 🐻> I like February - then if there is a super bloom, I'm there at the right time
10:53:56 <Katie 🐻> and while it's still hot, it isn't a broiler
10:56:09 <linda> weeeeee
10:56:26 <Katie 🐻> lost controls (can you tell)(
10:56:29 <Katie 🐻> trying to get back in
10:56:36 <linda> :)
10:57:02 <Katie 🐻> let me in easy
10:57:22 <Dave from B™> We are only doing 2 long travato trips next year due to just being invited to Mexico for a week in March. We were going to Death Valley in Feb origianlly
10:57:44 <Dave from B™> And, we have some family events happening in May that popped up
11:06:15 <Kat> :daisy:
11:21:37 <Kevin NLV> April should be fine for Death Valley Dave. Might get some good desert flowers.
11:22:15 <Dave from B™> I think we are going to cut across and check out Great Basin and Ely as well.
11:22:46 <Kevin NLV> Great train ride in Ely
11:23:30 <Kevin NLV> T Scott has a good Death Valley book.
11:38:25 <Dave from B™> I will say if my wife and I have to choose between colored rocks/desert and the ocean/beach, we will choose the beach almost every time.
11:40:12 <6> did you sell your van Dave?
11:40:48 <Dave from B™> Not yet. We have lowered the price and we are getting inquiries almost every day now
11:41:27 <6> that's good. I thought you mentioned in here last week it was sold
11:41:59 <6> or was selling
11:42:10 <Dave from B™> My wife thought we had some really really interested but it didn't pan out.
11:42:11 <6> my BHI text came at 1045 today, progress
11:45:33 <Kevin NLV> Heading out of cell range
11:48:09 <Dave from B™> My wife has been knocked down with a cold for a week. 2 negative covid tests but she has been coughing a lot.
11:50:21 <6> have her keep testing, hope it is not COVID
11:50:37 <6> is she swabbing her throat too?
11:52:55 <Dave from B™> She was prescribed some things. She is finally able to sleep the last 2 nights which helps.
11:53:18 <Dave from B™> She is as type A as I am. She works even when sick
11:56:41 <6> I thought she was retired
11:57:21 <6> I have a few friends that did not test positive until they swabbed their throat after their noses. Especially with Omicron variants.
11:57:39 <Betty> hi all
11:57:55 <Dave from B™> She is but if she isn't doing housework she is working on other projects. she loves to do crafts. She just made Parker a wooden witch for his front porch.
11:58:12 <Dave from B™> She loves to paint
11:58:55 <Betty> hi Dave from B™, 6, Kevin NLV,
11:59:02 <6> hey Betty. Nice BH video from today
11:59:05 <Betty> Lion
11:59:17 <Betty> or not
11:59:21 <6> I just watched. The basin sure has clouded up since then
11:59:29 <Katie 🐻> tease
11:59:29 <Betty> thx, will watch later
11:59:46 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
11:59:46 <6> still a bit early for Lion
12:01:11 <6> still sunny up north in park
12:01:24 <Betty> 1h 20 seems fine for after ini
12:02:18 <6> oh, missed calculated, though I think 1 hr 30 is more likely
12:02:48 <Betty> not uncommon either :-)
12:03:44 <Betty> need to make raspberry jelly , bbs
12:40:14 <Katie 🐻> I wasn't touching anything when it hyper zoomed - or when it took itself for spin a couple hours ago
12:42:21 <Katie 🐻> :castle: IE
12:44:33 <Dave from B™> Katie, we have to blame you if even if it was your dog:)
12:45:21 <Katie 🐻> Hops is innocent. He is sleeping under my credenza - and looking all baby faced.
12:51:05 <Betty> :-)
12:56:36 <Betty> guess we will not see Daisy if it happens
13:06:18 <linda> daisy
13:06:34 <Betty> yay
13:06:44 <Betty> great
13:07:14 <linda> grand
13:07:31 <linda> nice
13:08:03 <Betty> wow
13:08:34 <linda> the threesome
13:13:12 <6> I missed it, bummer. Will someone put up a recap for me when it is over?
13:14:20 <6> very early Grand
13:14:45 <Katie 🐻> 6, I wasn't expecting it so early.
13:16:59 <6> did the cam catch the start?
13:17:25 <Katie 🐻> 6, yes, it was wide down basin
13:17:45 <6> :thumbsup:
13:18:01 <6> video recap much appreciated...
13:20:18 <6> steamy day
13:20:40 <6> no Grand on GT yet, though VEC has updated their prediction so someone in basin must have called it
13:22:09 <6> did cam go down?
13:23:09 <6> I have the dreaded X on my screen
13:23:56 <Katie 🐻> Seems so. I've lost control, too. I thought it was just control until black x. Looks like coming back, though
13:24:12 <Katie 🐻> It's in post reboot position
13:24:14 <6> now I see Inn roof
13:24:59 <6> Betty, or someone, would you do Grand video recap please?
13:25:22 <6> glad it was just a glitch
13:28:19 <6> that must be the shortest Grand interval in a while
13:31:59 <6> Looking back, there have been a bunch of shorter intervals, this one was 6 hr 10. Shortest was 6 hr 7
13:33:16 <6> oh well, no video for me...
13:47:24 <Dave from B™> Grand must not be mad at me any longer
13:56:12 <Betty> darn, I guess I´m too late
13:58:35 <Betty> sorry 6, I was out in the kitchen...
14:03:09 <Dave from B™> Betty, American football is coming to Munich in 2 weeks
14:03:14 <linda> 1307 is the coorect time for E timegrand doesnt need to be
14:03:35 <linda> to be E time
14:03:50 <Katie 🐻> What does that translate to in English? :D
14:04:07 <Betty> :-)
14:04:12 <linda> >(
14:04:20 <Betty> Dave, I know that
14:04:30 <linda> to be or not to be that is the question lol
14:04:52 <Katie 🐻> E in this GT context should mean data from electronic logger
14:04:56 <linda> Oh Just that I entered in on chat at `13:07 and that it has an E time of 13:07
14:05:22 <linda> Katie 🐻, ok
14:06:12 <Katie 🐻> OFVEC entered Castle from an electronic data source today, too. Lacking eyeballs, it's great to have that data entered.
14:06:40 <Dave from B™> C'mon! All of you you should speak fluent linda by now:)
14:06:52 <linda> Dave from B™, lol
14:16:47 <Delta4Heavy85> OF
14:18:09 <linda> one of those days I guess
14:18:27 <Katie 🐻> *sigh*
14:18:35 <Katie 🐻> that was a different auto drive view
14:19:00 <Delta4Heavy85> Never sean that view before
14:19:59 <Delta4Heavy85> Short
14:22:57 <no> Election season isn't time for more lyin's?
15:04:31 <GO STEAMBOAT> got my mail in ballot
15:04:46 <Betty> hi Graham, back to US?
15:06:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes, had a great trip to Italy
15:07:12 <Betty> nice
15:07:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> colorado is all mail in voting, nice and easy
15:09:05 <Betty> :daisy:
15:20:02 <Kevin Caliente> Got some deer and geese today Betty
15:20:30 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize you were hunting...thought you were chasing trains
15:20:50 <Dave from B™> And taking target pracitse on the 2022 calendar
15:21:02 <Betty> lol
15:21:38 <Betty> bet somewhere in his car is tannerite
15:21:49 <Dave from B™> NEVER:)
15:30:09 <Betty> OF
15:30:46 <Dave from B™> Have a good night everyoine! Time to go pickup my snow blower from the tuneup shop. Getting ready for winter.
15:31:09 <Betty> night Dave, have fun
15:32:47 <GO STEAMBOAT> enjoy the snow Dave
15:35:21 <Kevin Caliente> Not hunting unless trains count
15:35:36 <Kevin Caliente> Yes there is tannerite
15:39:12 <Kevin Caliente> Snow causes cancer
15:46:21 <Betty> time for sleep, night all
15:58:16 <LindaG> I'll sign in
16:00:22 <LindaG> I'm in
16:01:50 <LindaG> thanks Katie
16:04:39 <Katie 🐻> Happy driving!
16:05:52 <LindaG> Katie 🐻, thx
16:32:10 <no> bee burp
17:10:16 <LindaG> OF
17:10:33 <LindaG> Wow
17:12:09 <Katie 🐻> Sweet light!
17:40:17 <LindaG> I didn't quit :)
17:43:21 <Delta4Heavy85> Lion looks happy
17:44:06 <LindaG> Encouraging
18:33:28 <LindaG> Lion
18:33:59 <LindaG> of course OF due
18:34:49 <LindaG> Ini
18:36:19 <LindaG> Marmots tail ie
18:42:27 <LindaG> OF
18:48:18 <LindaG> Leaving it here
18:48:25 <LindaG> Controls released