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06:25:48 <Kat> Still snowing! Good morning!
06:26:59 <Kat> Ice on cam!
06:33:49 <linda> yikes icicles!
06:34:09 <linda> morning
06:38:17 <Kat> Good morning!
06:38:49 <Kat> right smack in front of OF!
06:39:23 <linda> if light were better you could zoom through them
06:40:04 <Kat> Trying LOL
06:40:49 <linda> there ya go
06:40:56 <Kat> Can see start now :)
06:41:11 <linda> :)
06:41:50 <linda> took me a long time to figure out you could see through them
06:42:24 <Kat> :thumbsup: I remember that but forget sometimes! Old age!
06:42:41 <linda> Kat, :D
06:43:08 <linda> It's weird that you can see through them
06:43:20 <Kat> so you're going to seattkle for Christmas? Sounds like fun
06:44:16 <linda> Kat, yes. Staying with Niece going with sister-in-law. It's their first christmas in the new house. Staying 10 days
06:45:12 <linda> should be fun. She wanted a do over since the last time I was there the dog bit me. lol
06:45:39 <Kat> linda, LOL
06:45:51 <Kat> Did they finally sell their old house?
06:46:22 <linda> yes, and that was the other problem, they were extremely stressed over selling 1st house
06:46:41 <linda> So I get to stay in the big house lol
06:47:04 <linda> We were in an airbnb in June cause they were showing the old house
06:47:17 <Kat> linda, good times!
06:47:28 <linda> Kat, should be nice
06:47:48 <linda> Air alaska to seattle non stop
06:47:56 <Kat> I'm hoping to get to Virginia after Christmas to see kristian
06:48:17 <linda> Kat, That will be nice
06:49:49 <Kat> Yep - I miss them!
06:50:06 <linda> Kat, when was the last time you saw them?
06:51:38 <Kat> This past may but seems like a long time to me! Haven't seen them since they moved to Richmond
06:52:11 <Kat> Snow is really coming down!
06:54:12 <GO SNOW> morning
06:54:44 <Kat> Morning!
06:54:58 <GO SNOW> Richmond is a nice quiet place for the most part. my parents lived in Midlothian and my niece is there
06:55:26 <GO SNOW> airport is nice and quiet
06:55:37 <Kat> GO SNOW, They live in a loft - the Old Lucky Strike building in Shockhoe Bottom!
06:55:39 <linda> GO SNOW, morning
06:55:40 <GO SNOW> unlike SEA or EWR
06:56:08 <Kat> They ;love beinmg so close to airport
06:56:09 <GO SNOW> ok, thats a nice area too. went to some restaurants there
06:56:39 <Kat> They love being right along the James River - and they can walk anywhere
06:56:50 <linda> hey Newark is lovely lol
06:57:00 <Kat> linda, LOL
06:57:14 <GO SNOW> my sister just flew there to see her daughter. no heap flights from Denver, but United does have 2 non stops daily
06:57:26 <Kat> I guess if you're from Jersey! Aren't you closer to Philly though?
06:57:37 <linda> I have to get closer to an airport philly and newark are equidistant, not close
06:57:46 <Kat> Oh
06:58:09 <linda> Kat, like about an 1.5 if traffic is good to you
06:58:14 <GO SNOW> haha. i spent a few hours at EWR last month, in United lounge on way to Italy and longer than I wanted waitingin baggage claim on the way back
06:58:31 <linda> :(
06:58:55 <Kat> linda, It was almost 2 hours for me either to Philly or BWI when I lived up there!
06:58:59 <GO SNOW> lots of vehicles at N entrance
06:59:12 <GO SNOW> the road crew?
06:59:40 <Kat> Wolf watchers too
06:59:50 <linda> philly is always more expensive especially cause a lot of flights leave philly and stop at Newark, so what's the point of boing to Philly
06:59:56 <GO SNOW> 35min to Denver airport to me and quite preictable if we take the toll road
07:00:06 <Kat> GO SNOW, :thumbsup:
07:00:20 <Kat> I'm 45 minutes from Orlando now
07:00:22 <linda> GO SNOW, nice
07:00:24 <GO SNOW> philly is a big American hub tho
07:00:50 <linda> GO SNOW, yeah I never fly american
07:00:58 <GO SNOW> I have only changed planes there once
07:01:41 <linda> flew out once to yellowstone. plane was late leaving. That seems to be normal for the airport, not sure why
07:02:16 <GO SNOW> i think theres a non-stop to Bzn from there now, maybe?
07:02:57 <linda> problem with Yellowstone is you have to get there early to drive in, but that means you have to get up real early and no one wants to drive you to airport at 3am. But cars are very expensive
07:03:40 <GO SNOW> yea, i have done the 0600 departures, not fun
07:03:42 <linda> GO SNOW, newark is nonstop not sure about Philly
07:04:19 <linda> GO SNOW, for me for some reason it seems to be the routine
07:04:31 <GO SNOW> always had to change planes somewhere, non-stop from Dulles started as soon as i left VA
07:04:51 <linda> GO SNOW, yeah It's all a bother
07:05:11 <linda> nonstop to bozeman was nice
07:05:26 <Kat> Definitley no non stops from Orlando
07:06:09 <Kat> I've been stuck at Denver many times! Late and missing that connection to BZN
07:06:22 <linda> Kat, :(
07:06:55 <linda> I become maniacal when I fly, don't rest until I land at my destination
07:10:41 <Delta4Heavy85> OF
07:11:18 <Delta4Heavy85> Hi all
07:11:47 <Kat> linda, me too
07:12:15 <linda> Delta4Heavy85, hi
07:12:30 <linda> yay
07:12:51 <Delta4Heavy85> ?
07:13:05 <linda> yay OF
07:13:15 <Delta4Heavy85> Was it late?
07:13:46 <Delta4Heavy85> Also long
07:14:10 <Kat> Delta4Heavy85, morning
07:14:34 <Kat> Delta4Heavy85, not late first catch this morning
07:15:03 <Delta4Heavy85> Ah ok
07:15:10 <Delta4Heavy85> No E times yet
07:15:19 <Delta4Heavy85> Of was 4m 7s
07:16:50 <Delta4Heavy85> Visibility is better today
07:17:03 <Kat> dark
07:17:17 <Delta4Heavy85> If not for the castle steam you could see Daisy!
07:17:26 <Delta4Heavy85> Kat, True
07:24:26 <Kat> Had to step away - front awning is down and secured!
07:24:53 <Kat> :lion: ie
07:25:32 <Kat> ns
07:26:28 <Kat> ini
07:27:32 <Delta4Heavy85> Kat, I agree it is inital
07:28:07 <Delta4Heavy85> They usualy do not sustain that height for so long
07:30:01 <GO SNOW> duration and steam phase are the best indicators. some of theseries eruptions can be quite strong
07:30:21 <GO SNOW> this is a long duration tho, so i agree with ini
07:30:43 <Delta4Heavy85> GO SNOW, True but it is a good indication
07:32:00 <Kat> GO SNOW, :thumbsup:
07:32:35 <Delta4Heavy85> Intresting how it seams brighter on the Static than on the Streaming
07:32:46 <Delta4Heavy85> Usualy they are the other way
07:36:04 <Kat> Turban maybe?
07:36:15 <Delta4Heavy85> Could Be
07:40:15 <Kat> Nice light now
07:41:00 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah got better fast
07:45:45 <Kat> Thought Daisy was sgtarting oh well
07:45:59 <Kat> prediction is off now lol
07:55:16 <Kat> Morning Kevin
07:55:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yawn! Morning.
08:02:19 <Kat> :)
08:02:59 <Kat> I've been up for hours- still yawning after 2 cups of coffee! LOL
08:03:43 <Kat> Can see Washburn again!
08:03:44 <Delta4Heavy85> :p
08:08:39 <Kat> Thought is was a rock - but it's moving! Haha
08:08:59 <Delta4Heavy85> :thumbsup:
08:09:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Bet it wishes it was a rock
08:09:58 <Kat> Just got the Energency Mgt warning for the hurricane!
08:10:08 <Kat> Kevin L™ 🌵, I agree Kevin!
08:10:48 <Kat> Swinging that big head for some grasses!
08:12:04 <Kat> It's election day - why am I stil[ getting texts for donations - really?
08:12:56 <GO SNOW> to pay off their debts ..... or fund their presidential campaigns?
08:13:20 <Delta4Heavy85> Hey they posted the E times!
08:13:20 <Kat> Yep! Not doing it!
08:14:48 <Kevin L™ 🌵> At least we get rid of the ads.
08:17:23 <Kat> Kevin L™ 🌵, true! They have been awful in Florida!
08:17:58 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:18:10 <Kat> AJ at work!
08:18:48 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice to have E times
08:19:40 <Kat> Bee splashing!
08:19:48 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice BSB steam also
08:20:06 <Kat> See the littel birds?
08:20:20 <Delta4Heavy85> Must not have erupted in a while based on the sow near it
08:20:35 <Delta4Heavy85> Kat, I see the brids
08:20:40 <Delta4Heavy85> They are cute
08:20:45 <Kat> Note from AJ says no overnight eruption
08:21:18 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah saw that but something could have gone wring with the logger
08:21:23 <Kat> Nicole has become a hurricane...
08:21:23 <Delta4Heavy85> nice o be sure
08:32:14 <Kat> Nicole TS - expected to intensify to hurricane. Need to decide what to do!
08:32:53 <Kat> Excelsior steam in view!
08:39:19 <Justice Soc. of> Icicle
08:39:45 <Kat> Zoomed past it
08:40:14 <Justice Soc. of> Thanks
08:46:46 <Kat> :lion:
08:54:42 <Kat> snow again
08:55:42 <Delta4Heavy85> Darn
08:56:06 <Delta4Heavy85> Love snow in real life but not on the wc! :p
08:56:33 <Kat> OF taking its time
09:01:54 <Kat> OF
09:19:27 <Kat> Sawmill
09:27:33 <GO SNOW> lovely view out there
09:30:24 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah great veiw
09:31:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Has something in common with my shopvac.
09:39:47 <Delta4Heavy85> Wow everything downbasin exept for castle in its window
09:39:56 <Delta4Heavy85> Plus Lion
09:46:25 <Kat> :thumbsup:
09:47:52 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And tigers and bears...
09:48:31 <Kat> Kevin L™ 🌵, Kevin can you take cam a few minutes early?
09:48:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Yes
09:49:15 <Kat> Awesome! I appreciate it!
09:49:31 <Kat> Let me know when you have it
09:49:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Got it
09:50:10 <Kat> Thanks so much! Have a good drive!
09:55:47 <Betty> morning all
09:56:07 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
09:59:38 <Betty> hi Perry
10:00:18 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And Burger
10:01:51 <Betty> grand
10:01:56 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Have you ever seen the movie "The Hitchhiker" Betty?
10:02:19 <Delta4Heavy85> Morning Betty
10:02:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Maybe we can get a Daisy dual.
10:03:04 <Betty> hi Delta4Heavy85
10:04:54 <Delta4Heavy85> Hopefully grand will at keast give us a second burst
10:05:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It has been a while
10:08:09 <S> is that daisy a prediction because someone posted a daisy then dfleted it??
10:08:50 <S> is see no daisys on GT
10:09:19 <Delta4Heavy85> Kat had a daisy ie erlier
10:09:41 <Delta4Heavy85> Must have been deleted
10:10:43 <S> 2nd
10:10:54 <Delta4Heavy85> Yay
10:10:58 <Delta4Heavy85> Nice strat
10:11:02 <Delta4Heavy85> *Start
10:11:09 <Delta4Heavy85> You could see the water!
10:12:21 <Betty> can you go to the right a bit? For riverside?
10:16:51 <Betty> oh, riverside icicle
10:17:12 <S> Nice I just got back from voting and got to see Grand, how good is that!
10:18:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Controls being a pain today.
10:19:10 <S> Bosch, need I say more :(
10:19:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nope
10:20:12 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The next one they will get will be from Harbor Freight.
10:24:55 <Betty> riverside ie
10:40:42 <Delta4Heavy85> OF
10:40:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hard to see OF
10:40:55 <Katie ⛄> I didn't move it a lot yesterday (no point for much of the day), but when I did it was behaving extraordinarily well. Making up for it today, apparently.
10:41:22 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah with the icicles
10:41:48 <toad> I see blob and his family are making an early appearance.
11:02:22 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
11:02:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I smell fish
11:04:12 <toad> It is election day, we will smell things for a week or longer.
11:04:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> But the ads will be gone!!!!!!!!!!!
11:05:24 <toad> Not the lawyer relief act ones, or medicare.
11:05:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> True
11:06:15 <Dave from B™> or drug ads
11:07:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> At least they don't spam your cellphone.
11:07:33 <toad> I am waiting for the drug add that counter acts all the side effects of the advertised drugs.
11:08:59 <toad> You amazon order for $499 looks suspicious. Call us so we can fix it.
11:09:55 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just send up your credit card number and password and we will put it back in your account...
11:19:46 <Betty> wow, steamboat still in steamphase.
11:20:02 <Betty> hi Dave from B™
11:20:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> it knows Dave isn't there.
11:41:50 <Dave from B™> Too cold to be there
11:50:05 <4> did you get any snow in Billings, Dave?
11:51:09 <4> someone won the Powerball. Dreams dashed for millions...
11:54:05 <4> my weather app shows it is snowing in Billings and accumulating. And it's colder than the basin...brrrr
11:56:25 <Eric> Hiya Betty, Kevin & Dave!
11:56:42 <Eric> ohh, and Graham is here too :-D
11:57:10 <Eric> I saw Katie's snowy bison pic on FB and had to come look at the winter scene here.
11:57:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi Eric
11:57:45 <Eric> Do geysers still erupt in Yellowstone..seems like it's been so long since I have seen one!
11:57:56 <Betty> whoo, Eric hello, hello, hellooooo :-D
11:58:17 <Eric> Hi Betty :-D
11:58:32 <Betty> how are you, my friend?
11:58:35 <4> even Steamboat erupted recently
11:59:41 <Eric> Doing well! Hiking and climbing mountains on the regular and trying to reach bigger targets :-D
12:00:03 <Betty> sounds great
12:00:06 <Eric> Getting my winter camping/hiking/climbing gear all dialed in.
12:00:36 <Eric> I would be happy to setup my tent out there :-D
12:00:54 <Eric> How have you been?
12:01:29 <Betty> pretty good, we were in US in September
12:01:54 <Dave from B™> 4, about 3"
12:02:09 <Dave from B™> Hi, Mr Z
12:03:15 <Betty> which mountain is next?
12:03:26 <Eric> ohh, nice!
12:03:55 <Eric> Hi Dave, nice to see the pics on FB of you guys enjoying a little start of retirement :-D
12:04:39 <Dave from B™> Yep. It's been a blast. More fun ahead
12:04:57 <4> did your van sell Dave?
12:05:06 <Eric> Betty, going to take a few runs at Rainer next year. Tried once this year and got stopped by the route falling apart. Looking at climbing Mt. Whitney, just because it's the tallest in the lower states.
12:05:35 <Eric> Maybe start to plan some international peaks.
12:05:35 <Betty> awesome
12:06:04 <Eric> I hope you had an awesome trip Betty! Did you get into the park?
12:06:06 <Dave from B™> Not yet. A deal fell through because of service didn't get done before this storm.
12:06:35 <4> hopefully it will sell soon. I thought with two interested parties, one of them would grab it
12:07:26 <Betty> yes, we did. Grand Canyon, Arches, YNP, Zion and Bryce. I found out that I´m not made for uphill hiking anymore, lol
12:09:50 <Eric> ohhh awesome! Those are definitely on my radar as well. Uphill definitely takes practice :-D
12:11:03 <Betty> hiking in Bryce was fun. I loved it
12:11:58 <Dave from B™> One flaked out and the other offered 5900 below asking
12:12:35 <Betty> OF window
12:13:45 <4> maybe Kevin is feeding his chickens...
12:14:20 <Betty> or shoveling heat out of the driveway
12:14:32 <4> :)
12:15:02 <Eric> I will take all the snow you guys don't want :-D Snow means water and I don't want more droughts here.
12:15:10 <4> just in time it seems
12:15:13 <Eric> OF seems squirty
12:15:37 <Betty> good timing Kevin
12:15:50 <4> this one seems height challenged
12:15:55 <Eric> Nice that we got a SB a few days ago.
12:16:20 <4> Mara is in the park so she went to check out steam phase. Or was in the park...they might have left now
12:19:23 <GO SNOW> Mara said they were driving up to Mammoth. I wondered if they woud stop. then leaving
12:19:51 <Betty> hi Graham
12:19:58 <GO SNOW> i guess they didnt go into SB, just saw the big plume still going
12:20:09 <GO SNOW> hi Betty, how are you?
12:20:13 <4> sorry you did not win the Powerball GO SNOW
12:20:59 <4> only one winning ticket this time
12:21:02 <GO SNOW> i would still checkin here is i won
12:21:31 <4> maybe you would buy the park a new cam. :)
12:21:47 <GO SNOW> haha
12:22:41 <Betty> doing great, thx :-)
12:23:11 <4> the snow is not cooperating in your neck of the woods Betty.
12:23:40 <Betty> I thought you said buy the park, 4... hahahaha
12:23:43 <4> I see they just canceled more races. Where are you scheduled to go ski?
12:23:46 <GO SNOW> if i won i would just have to travel more, haha
12:24:24 <GO SNOW> wow, long BH interval
12:24:51 <Betty> I go to my favoutite place, Samnaun/Switzerland
12:25:14 <Betty> not a glacier
12:25:57 <Betty>
12:26:39 <Eric> We won $10 in the powerball, only had to spend $20 :-P
12:27:12 <GO SNOW> great investment Eric
12:27:18 <Dave from B™> That is NOT winning:D
12:27:38 <Eric> haha :-D
12:27:51 <Betty> LOL
12:28:03 <Eric> This was my Sunday trip
12:28:21 <Eric> My wife made that "investment" :-P I am all for never playing.
12:28:37 <Betty> wow, Sasquatch was found!!
12:28:37 <Dave from B™> Where was winning ticket sold?
12:28:40 <GO SNOW> lovely snow for you there
12:28:44 <Eric> California
12:29:08 <Eric> Graham, it was really nice...we got a good coating of it in the Cascades this weekend.
12:29:10 <Dave from B™> Dang; there went my big retirmenet plan
12:29:17 <4> north of Pasadena
12:29:35 <Eric> I bet there were hundreds of million dollar tickets sold though.
12:29:42 <GO SNOW> gave your snowshoes a workout?
12:29:57 <4> that's a lot of snow Eric
12:30:16 <Eric> Yep, started without them and got about 1/4 mile in and said nope...need snowshoes, so went back to the car to get them :-D
12:30:27 <4> Do they publish that Eric, the million dollar winners?
12:30:50 <Eric> I believe the statistics are published on each drawing
12:31:42 <Eric> I just heard there have been over 100 million $ tickets purchased before this drawing in the last 40 days...I assume the number goes up exponentially.
12:32:05 <Eric> would be interesting number to know.
12:32:06 <4> I had not heard that
12:34:31 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The government gets the money when you buy the tickets and then they get it taxing the winner too. Better chance in a slot machine.
12:37:22 <4> it would not exist if it was not a huge money making machine
12:37:57 <4> and boomers really get hooked on the "it could be me" part of it all.
12:40:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I guess I am at that point where it doesn't really matter anymore.
12:41:39 <4> I cannot easily find a list of million dollar winners though Google does bring up a few stories of recent winners
12:44:43 <GO SNOW> i am pretty sure its not just boomers that think it could be me :)
12:45:37 <Dave from B™> It's fun to dream. I feel bad for those to buy tickets who can't afford to.
12:46:06 <Eric> I always tell my wife she has almost identical odds if she just puts her hands in the air and waits for the ticket to fall into them :-P
12:46:27 <Dave from B™> haha
12:47:37 <GO SNOW> i will occasionally buy just one ticket. but if i wil i will have to come up with an incognito nick like "5"
12:48:00 <GO SNOW> wil=win
12:48:04 <Betty> I know a person who does not think he won: Shaggy - It wasn´t me
12:48:50 <Eric> will know me as "6" if I win :-P
12:49:02 <Eric> Any giantess activity lately?
12:49:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I won more than Eric.
12:49:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Giantess has had hot spells off and on.
12:50:07 <Eric> Nice...would love to see a giantess winter eruption :-D
12:51:26 <Dave from B™> Eric, We are planning a Oregon trip next Sep/Oct. Hopefully, we can get together
12:53:39 <GO SNOW> here you go Eric
12:54:02 <GO SNOW> jan 29 2014 Giantess
12:54:37 <GO SNOW> should be better on the new cam, OF wont be in the way
12:54:47 <Eric> Nice Dave...would be great to connect.
12:55:04 <Eric> Thanks Graham :-D
12:55:16 <Eric> I think the resolution/bitrate on this cam is lower than the old one.
12:55:52 <Eric> Daisy and CAstle
12:56:38 <Eric> It's a serious bummer they can't sort out the bandwdith issues and give this cam it's full HD quality.
12:56:49 <Eric> It would be spectacular
12:57:12 <Betty> yeah, so sad
12:57:35 <Eric> Btw, not sure anyone noticed, but earlier this year the OF static webcam got a bump in quality.
12:57:51 <Eric> or at least frame rate...can't remember which
12:58:12 <Eric> I know my daily videos from that cam have more than doubled in size
13:00:54 <Betty> ok, did not notice that yet
13:01:02 <Eric> Yep, now capturing 2 frames a minute from that cam
13:01:27 <Eric> hence when you scroll back on the static image with ctrl key, the time is off
13:01:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Almost as fast as this one
13:02:00 <Betty> oh, yes, I noticed that!
13:02:13 <Eric> Exactly and that cam has WAY better resolution :-P
13:02:22 <Betty> true
13:02:47 <Eric> They need to put a starlink up on top fo the ranger station and use that for the webcam. We could have 1080P HD and 30 fps quality
13:03:06 <Eric> and it would be cheaper than their current T3 bundle!
13:04:16 <Eric> and the rangers could also use the bandwidth and not have to worry about poor park infrastructure communications.
13:05:53 <Dave from B™> Eric, Somebody, hopefully before we all die, that will happen. No of us are holding our breath
13:09:27 <Dave from B™> I'm really surprised it isn't a higher priority
13:10:35 <4> they are upgrading the internet connection yet not with Starlink, right?
13:10:52 <4> I thought that was a big comment thing last year
13:11:57 <Eric> Well, they are allow a third party to take over internet infrastructure and xanterra and park service will buy usage...huge mistake IMHO.
13:12:16 <Eric> I told them that during the comment period.
13:13:37 <Eric> Not sure anyone is obligated to buy internet, but I think adding a satellite receiver in the park has to be approved, so probably easier for everyone to just pay more to the provider than go through the paperwork of a new dish.
13:16:48 <linda> afternoon
13:16:54 <linda> hi eric
13:17:04 <linda> Betty, Betty, hi
13:17:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hi Linda
13:17:14 <linda> hi all :)
13:17:59 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, hi
13:18:47 <linda> looks pretty
13:20:30 <4> Eric are you saying NPS employees will have to buy internet?
13:21:53 <Eric> Hi Linda!
13:21:59 <Eric> 4, yes
13:22:27 <Eric> or Xanterra will have to buy it for them.
13:22:32 <Eric> Good luck with that.
13:23:02 <4> has a final decision been made on that?
13:23:27 <Eric> That I am not sure of...but I have never seen an alternative proposal.
13:24:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I know they have to lease R/W from NDOT when they run it and sometimes part of the deal involves service for the State.
13:25:00 <GO SNOW> well NPS will likely pay for the NPS use and maybe pay for their employees acess. they do now and I think its cntracted out, so not a change in that respect. Most government telecom is contracted out to the big carriers via contracts
13:27:44 <Greg (working)> Good afternoon all
13:28:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
13:32:41 <Delta4Heavy85> Hi all
13:33:33 <Betty> hi Greg (working), wb Delta4Heavy85
13:33:53 <Delta4Heavy85> Wow still not Bee
13:34:25 <Delta4Heavy85> Though me leaving for a few hours would do it
13:38:49 <Delta4Heavy85> Of window
13:49:24 <Delta4Heavy85> The snow messes the contrast of the wc up
13:49:29 <Delta4Heavy85> Annoying
13:49:45 <Delta4Heavy85> The static is beter
13:56:21 <Delta4Heavy85> OF
13:59:23 <Delta4Heavy85> Long
14:00:46 <GO SNOW> how many people prefer to watch the static all day vs watch the streaming cam? probably few
14:02:44 <Delta4Heavy85> GO SNOW, It is only for old faithful
14:02:45 <Dave from B™> not me
14:02:48 <4> especially after sunset...:)
14:03:04 <Delta4Heavy85> I have some realy nice shots of Of from the static
14:05:54 <GO SNOW> agree you sometimes get nice shots on static, maybe 2 per eruption
14:06:30 <Delta4Heavy85> Are 2 bubblers steaming?
14:13:52 <linda> yes
14:43:26 <Delta4Heavy85> Daisy Window
14:56:15 <Betty> there is Daisy
15:28:52 <Dave from B™> Good everyone. I'm going to slide on home
15:28:57 <Dave from B™> goodnight*
15:29:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good Knight
15:29:42 <Betty> bye Dave
15:31:57 <Betty> time for me too, have a great evening all
15:41:42 <Eric> BH time?
15:42:01 <Eric> Night Dave
15:42:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Who knows?
15:42:04 <Eric> Bye Betty
15:42:14 <Eric> Beehive does :-D
15:42:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think it went to the darkside.
15:43:30 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Would you believe they already have that steamer back in operation Eric?
15:58:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks like BH is waiting for Greg
15:58:19 <Greg> That would be nice
15:58:52 <Greg> Last shift was2 OF, that was it zzzz
15:59:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> For sure!
15:59:19 <Eric> Hi Greg :-D BH can commence now.
15:59:30 <Greg> Hi Eric
15:59:42 <Delta4Heavy85> :p
16:00:34 <Greg> Let me know Kevin when the music stops
16:17:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I guess it helps if I push the return button if I want to leave a message. :p
16:17:27 <Greg> that might worl
16:17:29 <Greg> work
16:17:57 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wanted to feed chickens before the rain got too bad.
16:18:20 <Greg> Is the storm hitting you?
16:18:22 <Eric> It rains down there???
16:19:17 <KorbenC> Hi Eric
16:21:00 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wind and mud storm.
16:21:43 <Greg> forecast for me is kold, lows in the upper 30's, slight change or rain, but windy
16:21:58 <Delta4Heavy85> Hi Korben
16:22:09 <KorbenC> Hi DH85, Greg, Kevin
16:22:14 <Delta4Heavy85> Didn't see you join
16:22:25 <Eric> Hey Coop!
16:22:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hey Eric, did you see there will be an annular eclipse in your area Oct 14th 23?
16:23:00 <Eric>!
16:23:38 <Eric> You still climbing?
16:23:51 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It goes right past my Daughter's place in Utah. Already have viewing glasses for it.
16:24:22 <Eric> So cool...we will probably be clouded in like usual :-P
16:24:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Hey Eric, Korben and I peaked a 14k together.
16:24:49 <Eric> haha..nice :-D
16:24:56 <Eric> Were you in a car?
16:25:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nope.
16:25:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> But there was an elevator and train involved.
16:25:50 <Delta4Heavy85> Kevin L™ 🌵, :p
16:26:20 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And he still about had to drag me to the monument.
16:26:34 <Eric> hahaha
16:27:03 <Eric> Very cool that you made it out and up!
16:29:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I have a picture of us there but I can't find it. This was the top:
16:30:27 <Eric> What a cool terminus for a railway!
16:31:36 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just behind that platform is about a 3000' dropoff!
16:31:54 <Eric> Wow
16:32:21 <Eric> Interesting lion behavior lately
16:32:33 <Greg> :thumbsup:
16:32:34 <Eric> The last 3 have been 2 and done.
16:32:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵>
16:33:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Even had a few solo Lions
16:33:20 <Eric> Wow...they pushed that right to the edge!
16:33:43 <Eric> yes, just looking at that...sorry last 4 have been 2 and done, with the one prior to that solo!
16:34:10 <Eric> Maybe just due to darkness I assume, but still interesting
16:34:31 <Delta4Heavy85> Eric, That time the cam was on lion so there may have been more than one in the series
16:34:47 <Delta4Heavy85> *Sorry NOT on lion
16:35:07 <Eric> Makes sense...I assume with these short days and winter, much is missed on the lion series.
16:35:46 <Delta4Heavy85> Yeah that time old faithful went realy long and the cam had to stay on it
16:37:22 <Eric> So BHI or miss BH all-together now :-P due to OF?
16:40:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> The cam can get both BH and OF now.
16:42:52 <Eric> I don't see BH :-P
16:49:55 <Greg> We are missing grand for of
16:50:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> yuck
16:51:47 <Eric> Boooo
16:52:09 <Greg> OF time
16:52:29 <Eric> Grand time and BH time :-D
16:52:31 <Delta4Heavy85> Of
16:53:06 <Greg> Grand is already showing her stuff
16:55:17 <Kevin L™ 🌵> You may get two OF again
16:55:40 <Delta4Heavy85> Long
16:57:47 <Greg> Thanks Kevin, you are so kind, haha,
17:40:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Still getting political ads during the Knights game. :p
17:40:45 <Greg> That is just wrong
17:43:28 <Greg> Guess the moon won't help much tonight
17:44:58 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nope
17:52:37 <Greg> Thanks for tagging along, we had a busy shift, 1 old faithful. Have a great evening.
17:52:49 <Greg> Controls have been released, keep smiling.
17:53:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Better luck next time
17:53:34 <Greg> 2 for 2, haha, it's all good.
18:00:33 <linda> wow dark
18:08:18 <linda> not sure we can see bee on this
18:08:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think it is too far to the left.
18:09:02 <linda> i can move it
18:09:24 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Probably a good idea
18:09:46 <linda> didnt go today right?
18:10:02 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Nope
18:12:44 <linda> there we go
19:05:56 <KorbenC> :lion:
19:06:27 <linda> :)
19:12:04 <KorbenC> .
19:12:04 <KorbenC> .
19:12:04 <KorbenC> .
19:12:05 <KorbenC> .
19:12:05 <KorbenC> .
19:12:05 <KorbenC> .
19:12:06 <KorbenC> BEEE
19:12:07 <KorbenC> .
19:12:07 <KorbenC> .
19:12:07 <KorbenC> .
19:12:12 <KorbenC> Nuclear Bomb!
19:12:24 <KorbenC> Ill send text, not sure if it is any good
19:12:41 <linda> :)
19:13:09 <Kevin L™ 🌵> About time
19:14:31 <88> 1911:14 start
19:15:03 <KorbenC> +/- a few secs but agree
19:16:27 <KorbenC> Gonna be about 5m 30sec I think
19:17:00 <88> A BEE at last:)
19:17:24 <KorbenC> I entered
19:17:56 <KorbenC> ArtP, if you are lurking and want primary, PM me and you can have it :)
19:19:14 <88> If you want it take it
19:19:38 <GO SNOW> just got the text
19:20:05 <KorbenC> Well I entered and mine took primary. I know some people care alot about having primary (IDK why), so I try to put that option out there incase they want it
19:21:11 <88> makes no difference to me
19:21:12 <linda> got my txt
19:21:31 <linda> just biw
19:21:40 <linda> now
19:21:57 <KorbenC> that is how it works :) always right after Bee ends
19:22:39 <GO SNOW> or the next day sometimes
19:28:18 <88> linda, would you put Castle in the frame now
19:30:24 <88> or move left to include castle
19:31:22 <KorbenC> would you please** :) :P
19:32:06 <88> yeah that :)
19:32:37 <KorbenC> If you could keep Beehive in view too it would be greatly appreciated Linda, would be nice to know when the water returns
19:33:07 <KorbenC> Enjoyable to see that Beehive is still the same old cold humid weather hating thing, big snowstorm suddently sends it up to 2 days
19:33:13 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well a good Knight for us.
19:34:33 <linda> yes
19:35:59 <88> :thumbsup:
19:36:11 <KorbenC> Thank you Linda, you're amazing!
19:36:22 <linda> YW
19:37:34 <linda> YAY COLORADO
19:39:52 <linda> Govenor
19:40:21 <KorbenC> hey, Polis is back
19:44:08 <KorbenC> Nicole is strengthening alot right now. Forecast track has shifted slightly north, about halfway between Port St Lucie and Palm Bay