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06:45:25 <Kat> Of
07:47:10 <Betty> morning all
07:47:30 <Kat> Hi Betty
07:47:44 <Betty> hi Kat, how are you?
07:47:56 <Kat> Good and you?
07:48:26 <Betty> It´s friday ;-) so, good
07:48:40 <Kat> Betty, :thumbsup:
07:48:49 <Betty> almost done with work
07:49:13 <Kat> Betty, excellent! Skiing this weekend?
07:49:33 <Betty> We booked our US trip yesterday :-)
07:49:50 <Kat> Betty, Nice - when are you coming?
07:50:15 <Betty> Aug 20-Sept 10
07:50:32 <Kat> Nice!
07:50:44 <Betty> skiing weekend maybe in a fortnight
07:51:44 <Kat> Cool
07:51:51 <CalebD> Morning All!
07:55:00 <Betty> hi and bye, bbl
07:55:30 <CalebD> Betty, bye!
07:55:43 <Kat> Betty, bye!
07:55:51 <Kat> CalebD, morning
08:09:47 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
08:10:13 <Kat> Hi Dave!
08:10:33 <CalebD> Split cone?
08:26:26 <Kat> OF
08:27:21 <CalebD> OF
08:38:33 <CalebD> Castle looking good
08:38:44 <CalebD> I keep on seeing tall splashes
08:43:20 <Kat> Nice bee splash
08:48:59 <Kat> Looks like NPS called last OF short
08:55:06 <CalebD> Hard to tell
08:55:45 <Kat> CalebD, :thumbsup: Agree - I'm going to wait abd see.
08:55:54 <Kat> and*
09:38:14 <CalebD> Pretty foggy now :p
09:44:52 <Kat> New OF prediction for NPS - too foggy to see?
09:45:24 <CalebD> Must have been the cons is now slightly steaming
09:45:35 <CalebD> I would say it probably went
09:46:09 <Michelle> Good morning
09:46:25 <Kat> Hi Michelle
09:46:40 <CalebD> HI Michelle
09:48:04 <CalebD> Penta?
09:48:06 <Kat> NO GT OF prediction -too fogged in to see the last one
09:48:11 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
09:48:29 <Michelle> Hi Kat, Hi CalebD
09:48:38 <Kat> :)
09:49:49 <CalebD> Could you look t penta for me?
09:50:09 <CalebD> It lookd like a lot of steam was coming off of it
09:51:14 <Kat> A lot of drifting Sprinkler steam
09:51:43 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
09:52:08 <CalebD> Was a lot clearer a few minutes ago
09:53:38 <CalebD> Well thanks for the zoom anyway
09:55:52 <Kat> Turban
09:56:29 <Kat> ?
09:56:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Turban major
09:57:03 <Kat> :)
09:57:04 <CalebD> :p
09:57:44 <Kat> I thought it was Grand at first oops!
09:58:21 <Kat> Art entered Grand
09:58:47 <CalebD> I am surprised that BrandonC did not enter
09:59:05 <Kat> me too
09:59:35 <Michelle> Kat, whenever you have had enough, i am ready
09:59:53 <Kat> I have enough LOL
10:00:04 <Dave from B™> That looks like Sputnik to me
10:00:11 <Kat> Have a good drive and thx for helping Linda today
10:01:00 <Michelle> Kat, YW and thank you for driving!!
10:01:07 <CalebD> Kat, Thanks for driving!
10:01:57 <Kat> yw
10:06:56 <CalebD> Bulger>
10:07:02 <CalebD> *bulger?
10:08:39 <CalebD> I think tht's penta!
10:09:12 <Michelle> Sprinkler stopped now we can go in
10:09:44 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:10:34 <CalebD> No penta but maybe buger
10:10:43 <CalebD> And also maybe old tardy
10:10:54 <Michelle> Lots of steam and watchers.
10:11:08 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:11:18 <CalebD> Yeah old tardy
10:13:49 <CalebD> Thanks for the zoom
10:23:50 <Michelle> Won't be long until we can see Daisy through there
10:24:48 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:39:40 <Michelle> Wish they would get the static up and running
10:41:41 <CalebD> They got a few frames though 2 days ago but it has been mostly donw
10:48:35 <Michelle> Daisy?
10:48:53 <Michelle> Yep
10:49:21 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:50:36 <Betty> hello again
10:51:01 <Michelle> Betty, Hi
10:51:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
10:51:23 <Betty> hi Michelle, Kevin L™ 🌵, CalebD
10:51:52 <CalebD> Hi Betty
11:08:17 <Michelle> OF window
11:17:57 <Michelle> OF
11:26:11 <Michelle> NPS has short, I was not sure so I changed my to NA
11:26:45 <3> any word on static?
11:29:13 <Michelle> 3, it's down!:lol:
11:30:00 <3> ha ha, yes, I was hoping they were going to get it back up today. Earlier this week I saw a comment here saying they were reworking things to get it going for end of this week,
11:38:53 <Michelle> 3, I really don't know anything.
11:39:13 <CalebD> I wish they would get it back up
11:41:02 <CalebD> Huh OF did a shortshort acordig to the nps
11:41:11 <CalebD> I jave nevr seen it do that
11:41:13 <3> seems like they had it back Wednesday where we are now stuck
11:41:32 <CalebD> 3, It ws up for a few minuets and the went back down
11:41:52 <3> Caleb, I think there was an OF between the shorts, just not on GT
11:42:29 <CalebD> Oh yeah just realised that
11:42:42 <CalebD> I am not used to missing OF durning the day
11:43:11 <CalebD> Cascade runnoff channels are steaming
11:43:29 <3> NPS put up a prediction, yet no one on chat posted the time
11:44:15 <3> reading chat log, sounds like it was too steamy for Kat to see
11:44:26 <CalebD> The last one was oringaly reprted as long so the cam went at that window
11:44:43 <CalebD> Then while the cam was on OF the nps predictions was updated
11:44:55 <CalebD> We thought it must ahve been lost in the steam
11:45:05 <3> :thumbsup:
11:45:12 <3> I see that now from reading the log
11:45:52 <CalebD> MC bubbling
11:48:37 <CalebD> Lots of steam coming off on North Goggle Geyser and or Goggles Spring
11:49:23 <CalebD> Very had to tell which from the webcam's peerspective
11:51:12 <Michelle> I need to move my legs. brb
12:00:09 <Michelle> I wish I could turn Sprinkler off at times!:)
12:01:54 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:02:10 <CalebD> Sawmill ie
12:02:31 <CalebD> Very steamy runoff channel
12:05:23 <CalebD> Nice steam coming up from the grotto area
12:05:57 <CalebD> Looks like gotto and rocker are ie
12:14:04 <Michelle> OF window again
12:19:29 <Linda> Michelle, thanks for.covering my shift
12:20:05 <Michelle> :thumbsup: no problem
12:20:50 <Linda> Looks like a lovely day
12:21:16 <Linda> Enjoy, bye
12:21:48 <Michelle> Cold but sunshine!! a whopping 14 degrees
12:22:30 <CalebD> Michelle, Thanks for driving!
12:23:51 <Michelle> OF
12:24:31 <CalebD> OF
12:24:49 <3> poof
12:25:26 <CalebD> Oh nice a little wind
12:25:39 <3> behind it would be the best view for this one
12:26:07 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:26:08 <3> wind shift, much better
12:26:38 <CalebD> For sure
12:26:49 <Michelle> long
12:27:48 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:31:35 <Michelle> Tardy
12:32:04 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:45:20 <CalebD> Could you zoom out just a bit for castle?
12:46:59 <CalebD> Thanks!
12:48:41 <CalebD> Tardy again
12:50:09 <Michelle> :daisy:
13:10:48 <Michelle> BSB
13:12:34 <Michelle> Last night BSB and no Indy for Bee...maybe?
13:14:16 <CalebD> Myabe
13:14:26 <CalebD> Tardy ie
13:15:16 <CalebD> It also acted as an early indy a month ago
13:21:46 <CalebD> BSB
13:22:49 <john> Hello to All! 🖐🏽🖐🏽
13:23:10 <Michelle> Hi John
13:23:55 <john> Hi michelle!
13:24:12 <CalebD> Hi john!
13:24:25 <Michelle> Bee is trying to wake up, she just needs one more cup of coffee!!:)
13:24:31 <john> Hi caleb!
13:24:48 <john> are you on the cam michelle?
13:25:11 <Michelle> yes
13:25:18 <john> :thumbsup:
13:25:50 <john> looks like bee is getting ready!
13:28:17 <Michelle> Bee is getting happy!!:)
13:29:33 <Michelle> Sawmill, Tardy and Sprinkler are happy too! :lol:
13:30:01 <Michelle> If Castle would just jump on the happy train, all would be good!
13:31:28 <CalebD> Michelle, :thumbsup:
13:32:38 <john> yes, love to see :castle: and :bee: !!!
13:33:06 <Michelle> :castle:
13:33:06 <CalebD> Castle
13:33:51 <john> :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
13:34:19 <john> YES!!!
13:36:42 <Ben VL> 11m bsb interval
13:36:44 <Ben VL> Nice
13:37:12 <Ben VL> Mind if we do a bh check real quick?
13:40:51 <Michelle> She's quiet now
13:41:52 <Ben VL> Ty
13:43:10 <CalebD> Be back soon
13:51:20 <Michelle> OF window
13:53:00 <Michelle> Warmed up to 33 degrees!! Heat wave!!
13:56:13 <john> 58° here right now...
13:56:46 <john> any time you are ready michelle... just let me know...
13:57:10 <Michelle> ok. releasing controls
13:58:12 <john> thank you michelle! have a great friday and weekend!
13:59:04 <Michelle> Thanks John! Enjoy your evening. Ms :bee: is waiting for you!! Bee Happy!!
13:59:48 <john> :)
14:00:15 <Michelle> Bye all!
14:00:28 <Betty> bye Michelle, hi john
14:00:38 <Greg (working)> Thanks for driving Michelle
14:00:40 <john> hi betty!
14:01:32 <Greg (working)> Have a great drive John
14:01:41 <Betty> hi Greg (working)
14:01:41 <Dave from B™> John, your will be the bee winner today
14:01:46 <Dave from B™> you*
14:01:51 <Betty> hey Dave
14:02:16 <Betty> We booked our US trip yesterday :-)
14:02:20 <john> I was last friday... so, hopefully....
14:02:32 <john> :thumbsup:
14:02:41 <Dave from B™> Woohoo, Betty!
14:02:50 <Betty> :-D
14:04:14 <Greg (working)> hi etty and congrats on your upcoming trip
14:04:41 <Greg (working)> Sorry one hand typing, Hi Betty
14:08:19 <john> OF
14:11:33 <7> A short :)
14:13:50 <CalebD> Castle looks like a maj
14:14:18 <john> :thumbsup:
14:51:49 <john> :daisy:
15:29:20 <john> OF
15:56:30 <Greg (working)> John, let me know when you have released the controls., please and thank you
15:57:55 <john> :thumbsup: will do buddy
15:58:41 <john> looks like you are going to get bee buddy
15:59:24 <Greg (working)> That would be nice, the last few shifts were just OF
16:01:04 <john> that would suck...
16:01:28 <john> controls released! have a great friday and weekend buddy
16:01:51 <Greg (working)> Thanks for driving John
16:02:03 <Greg (working)> You guys have a great weekend as well.
16:02:27 <Craig M> After doing stats for the summary it seems that Castle has drastically increased the amount of major eruptions compared to minor eruptions
16:03:11 <john> it has been fun watching castle all afternoon...
16:03:49 <Craig M> 44% minor eruptions from october to november. now it's down to 22%
16:03:56 <Craig M> for december-january
16:04:11 <john> :thumbsup:
16:04:23 <Craig M> for those of you keeping score at home
16:28:41 <john> :grand:
16:30:35 <john> grotto or rocket
16:32:14 <Betty> grocket
16:32:48 <john> grocket?
16:33:33 <Betty> grotto or rocket :-)
16:33:59 <john> LOL thanks betty... I think! :)
16:34:32 <Betty> lol
16:51:58 <Greg on cam> :daisy:
16:55:02 <john> :thumbsup:
16:56:54 <Greg on cam> Dome
16:57:11 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
17:14:06 <Greg on cam> OF time
17:17:55 <Greg on cam> WOOT WOOT indy
17:18:21 <DanS> :thumbsup:
17:18:27 <DanS> .
17:18:29 <DanS> .
17:22:09 <KorbenC> Thanks for text Greg
17:22:23 <Greg on cam> Did anyone send the text?
17:22:44 <KorbenC> I will
17:22:53 <Greg on cam> I messaged Korben, Linda and Kat
17:23:17 <KorbenC> the official one is sent
17:23:29 <Greg on cam> kool beans thanks
17:24:59 <linda> Greg on cam, thanks
17:26:11 <linda> greetings all
17:26:43 <Greg on cam> Splashes
17:29:08 <linda> got my text, wow
17:32:12 <DanS> Verizon text before BH start!
17:32:48 <DanS> So random
17:32:58 <linda> DanS, yup, amazing
17:34:28 <Greg on cam> :bee: :bee: :bee:
17:42:15 <Greg on cam> That was Bee utiful
18:37:46 <Greg on cam> Is the cam in a good spot for ya?
18:38:16 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good for me
18:39:10 <Greg on cam> Thanks for tagging along, have a great rest of the night.
18:39:24 <Greg on cam> Cam controls have been released.