Showing logs for date: 2023-03-04
06:45:40 <linda> lion ie
06:52:19 <Kat> Good morning!
07:00:55 <Kat> Bulger ie
07:04:24 <linda> Kat, morning
07:08:08 <Kat> linda, Morning!
07:08:10 <Kat> OF
07:51:47 <CalebD> Morning All!
07:56:35 <Kat> looks ;ike end of Daisy
07:57:01 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
08:03:15 <CalebD> Wet Lion Roar
08:03:52 <GO SNOW> 6 Lions already
08:04:14 <CalebD> Doing a good series
08:06:04 <Kat> Might be over :)
08:06:15 <CalebD> Kat, Maybe
08:07:43 <CalebD> Grand ie?
08:08:04 <Kat> Doesn't look likle it to me
08:08:42 <CalebD> Yeah to early also only 11h and 35m since the last eruption
08:08:47 <CalebD> Maybe turban
08:08:54 <Kat> Cam is acting weird
08:09:10 <CalebD> Lion
08:09:15 <CalebD> Or not
08:09:16 <linda> can someone look at my grand video from last night and see if you agree?
08:09:23 <CalebD> Sure
08:09:27 <Kat> CalebD, no lion yet
08:09:44 <CalebD> Kat, :thumbsup:
08:10:00 <Kat> linda, I did and wasn't sure :)
08:10:11 <linda> 20:33 was the time
08:10:36 <linda> Kat, :)
08:12:46 <CalebD> linda, Not sure it could be Grand but may have also been someting from the Grotto area
08:13:20 <CalebD> I would exect there to be more steam if it was grand
08:14:01 <linda> CalebD, thats what i was wondering, maybe ill delete
08:15:07 <Kat> Lion is done
08:16:05 <CalebD> Aggre
08:16:23 <Kat> I think we will get a grand soon
08:16:34 <linda> done
08:16:36 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
08:17:06 <Kat> linda, it was defiitley worth looking at! :)
08:17:23 <linda> Kat, :)
08:18:03 <CalebD> This steam may be vent & turban afte grand
08:18:05 <Kat> A lot of steam from Grooto area now
08:18:17 <Kat> Grotto*
08:18:18 <CalebD> Yeah its hard to tell
08:18:30 <CalebD> Probably should keep grand in view
08:27:31 <Kat> Bulger
08:28:39 <CalebD> Bulger
08:29:18 <CalebD> Maj
08:30:37 <Kat> Ugghhh!
08:42:51 <ToddLori> Beehive west bubbler constantly going, and south is just steaming
08:43:05 <CalebD> ToddLori, :thumbsup:
08:43:22 <CalebD> ToddLori, Do you plan to go over to grand?
08:43:40 <CalebD> I may have already gone but also cound have not
08:44:23 <ToddLori> Debating trying to go to grand, and hope bee holds long enough to get back here..
08:45:35 <ToddLori> old faithful will be beautiful from here,too
08:45:52 <Kat> ToddLori, :thumbsup:
08:46:26 <CalebD> ToddLori, :thumbsup:
08:47:29 <ToddLori> Tilt's Baby ie
08:47:56 <CalebD> OF
08:48:01 <Kat> OF
08:50:03 <CalebD> long
08:57:07 <TomK> Good morning all.
08:57:22 <CalebD> Morning TomK
08:58:34 <Kat> Hi Tom, waiting for Grand and Castle. Lion had a nice long series that ended this AM. Happy Driving!
08:59:03 <CalebD> linda, Thanks for driving
08:59:29 <TomK> Thanks. Enjoy tht rest of your day.
08:59:45 <Kat> CalebD, I drove today.... LOL
08:59:58 <CalebD> Oh sorry LOL
09:00:06 <Kat> TomK, you too!
09:00:13 <CalebD> Kat, Thanks for driving :p
09:02:56 <TomK> Nothing due for a little while, so I'll just take a quick look around
09:03:08 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
09:05:26 <TomK> A little wildlife viewing.
09:06:10 <Kat> :)
09:06:20 <linda> frosty doggies
09:06:37 <Kat> Snowy Bison!
09:06:43 <linda> that little one is cte
09:06:54 <linda> 8cute
09:07:06 <Kat> Cute :)
09:07:21 <linda> lol
09:10:35 <ToddLori> Grand
09:17:05 <ToddLori> LC
09:23:42 <Kat> Looks like 1 burst
09:23:45 <TomK> Castle window
09:26:31 <CalebD> Arrg missed grand
09:26:50 <CalebD> THanks for the vieo Kat
09:26:55 <Kat> That's a; lot of people headed out to Grand
09:27:22 <Kat> CalebD, yw
09:39:17 <TomK> We just informed OFVEC about Grand. Someone was on their way out the door to do the downloads and will tell the folks waiting for Grand that it's already gone..
09:39:42 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
09:49:56 <ToddLori> LC
09:51:02 <TomK> Daisy window also open, I'll have to switch to Old Faithful in 10 minutes. :(
09:51:24 <CalebD> :(
09:57:13 <ToddLori> Daisy
09:58:40 <CalebD> Daisy
09:59:43 <TomK> ;) There's an echo in here! :)
09:59:54 <CalebD> :p
10:00:16 <ToddLori> 😁
10:11:01 <ToddLori> Castle
10:11:14 <TomK> Castle
10:11:31 <TomK> :)
10:11:37 <ToddLori> 😁
10:11:37 <CalebD> Yes!
10:11:56 <Michael> :)
10:13:20 <TomK> Still 5 minutes to NPS Old Faithful window. I'll switch back & forth
10:13:37 <CalebD> Fair
10:14:07 <Michael> Hopefully Castle keeps going the whole time.
10:14:20 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:14:34 <CalebD> Nice sunny day today
10:16:39 <TomK> Got to go to OF. Bye Castle.
10:17:00 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:17:47 <CalebD> OF soon already a preplay splash
10:18:06 <CalebD> 10 mins max
10:19:32 <TomK> I'll keep switching to Castle to see if we can determine major or not
10:20:08 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:20:53 <TomK> still water at castle
10:21:13 <CalebD> Contnus now
10:21:15 <ToddLori> Castle still going strong.......
10:21:55 <ToddLori> Tilt's Baby
10:22:41 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:22:42 <ToddLori> LC
10:23:03 <CalebD> Riverside soon
10:24:29 <TomK> Old Faithful 1024
10:26:36 <ToddLori> Castle switching to steam
10:26:54 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:26:59 <CalebD> OF long
10:29:38 <TomK> Riverside
10:30:00 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:30:39 <CalebD> Nice run of geysers
10:30:49 <TomK> Oh well, guess I can go back to bed now. ;)
10:31:03 <CalebD> ;)
10:31:24 <ToddLori> Noooo, you all have to help us with Bee
10:32:21 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:32:42 <CalebD> Just leave it on Geyser hill :p
10:53:28 <GO SNOW> nice to see 1.5h for TB
10:53:49 <GO SNOW> i was trying to get a closed interval in Jan but didnt see one, or they were long intervals
10:54:40 <ToddLori> LC
10:54:56 <ToddLori> :thumbsup:
10:56:22 <ToddLori> Is the close to cone vent in-between indicator and bee?
10:56:56 <CalebD> ToddLori, Yes
10:58:04 <ToddLori> ty, it is spitting about 1-2" up
11:00:42 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
11:17:27 <BenVL> Do we know that CCI blipping was near start?
11:19:13 <CalebD> ToddLori, Do you know when CCi started?
11:20:13 <BenVL> The blipping can go on for hours, so I'd be inclined to guess it's ie
11:24:09 <ToddLori> LC
11:24:45 <ToddLori> I hadn't noticed it earlier this morning. It is very weak
11:26:35 <ToddLori> Not spitting now.
11:27:38 <BenVL> When it was blipping back in sep and oct it never got more than the teeny bit. Sometimes it was only really audible
11:28:48 <BenVL> But it was usually just a sign that you haven
11:28:54 <BenVL> Hven't missed jt
11:31:39 <BenVL> ToddLori, bubblers going anything?
11:31:57 <BenVL> doing*
11:33:12 <ToddLori> Yes, good water in bsb
11:33:58 <BenVL> Good
11:34:45 <ToddLori> First we've seen water in that since getting getting here 3 hours ago
11:36:03 <BenVL> Hopefully theres a second one soon
11:36:56 <ToddLori> Both bubblers quit
11:38:13 <BenVL> Ideally you'll get bsb again in less than 15m
11:39:09 <ToddLori> :thumbsup:
11:42:13 <ToddLori> West bubbler started up again
11:42:23 <ToddLori> Now south
11:42:32 <9> ToddLori keep watch out for Daisy if you will, it is the same time as OF window
11:42:56 <ToddLori> Will try>(
11:43:17 <9> thanks. Not for 15 minutes yet
11:43:33 <ToddLori> :thumbsup:
11:44:22 <BenVL> Sub 10m that's what you want
11:47:05 <ToddLori> South quit
11:47:20 <BenVL> Over the winter the cam has seen 10m bsbs not result in bh, and a couple very long series of them, but generally it should lead to bh quickly
11:47:44 <ToddLori> West quit too
11:48:07 <ToddLori> :thumbsup:
11:49:09 <ToddLori> Winds have been increasing all morning and the sun is getting less bright😟
11:50:11 <BenVL> :(
11:50:36 <TomK> OF window, I'll switch to daisy
11:52:20 <ToddLori> Daisy?
11:55:30 <ToddLori> LC
11:56:16 <ToddLori> West bubbler back on
11:56:24 <9> yep, thanks
11:56:26 <TomK> yes daisy
12:00:22 <ToddLori> Tilt's Baby ie
12:00:36 <TomK> OF 1200
12:01:12 <TomK> See, it DOES go off on the hour!
12:01:34 <9> :)
12:01:55 <9> will you post Daisy Tom? Todd and Lori are not posting
12:02:19 <TomK> OK
12:03:08 <TomK> OF long
12:05:00 <BenVL> Any subsequent bsb since 1142?
12:11:57 <no> Did I miss the 11 am bee swarm?
12:14:21 <ToddLori> No on the bsb question
12:14:29 <BenVL> no, bsb report at 1133 and
12:14:36 <BenVL> 1142
12:15:00 <BenVL> ToddLori, :/
12:15:39 <BenVL> Don't like that it backpedaled...
12:15:48 <ToddLori> Yes, last bsb was 11:32
12:16:07 <BenVL> At some point I would expect it to turn around but not sure how long
12:16:12 <ToddLori> :(
12:17:04 <ToddLori> I might run over to the trees to warm up a bit
12:27:19 <007> I saw the wedding party. Brrrrr
12:45:48 <Michelle> Good afternoon
12:52:55 <TomK> Hi Michelle
12:54:18 <Todd> Back on the hill, after warming up in the woods. Had to detour for bison.
12:55:02 <Michelle> TomK, Hi. Looks like you were kept busy this am
12:55:27 <TomK> :)
12:56:22 <TomK> I was switching back & forth during Old Faithful windows.
12:57:30 <Michelle> I have found everything good happens during OF window:)
12:57:38 <Todd> FYI--- we did see another Tilt's Baby ie at 12:00:22
12:58:46 <Todd> LC
12:59:42 <Michelle> Whenever you are done Tom, I am ready
12:59:51 <TomK> Ready, Michelle?
12:59:57 <TomK> :)
13:00:36 <TomK> Controls released
13:00:50 <Michelle> Got it. Thanks for driving Tom. Enjoy the rest of your day!!
13:00:51 <TomK> have a good shift
13:01:05 <TomK> And a good day to all
13:02:27 <Todd> ,Thanks Tom
13:02:40 <Michelle> Thanks Tom
13:04:39 <Michelle> Hello beeautiful Ms Bee
13:05:18 <Michelle> Ugly down there!:)
13:06:45 <Todd> BH is much quieter than it was this morning 😟 Weather has really deteriorated out here.
13:07:21 <Ben VL> wonder if it is protesting the weather
13:07:23 <Michelle> Go wake her up. She likes to be complimented!!:lol::lol:
13:08:01 <Todd> Believe me, I am talking to her!!!
13:08:13 <Michelle> :)
13:08:28 <9> Did Lori go warm up?
13:08:43 <9> How much longer are you guys at OF?
13:09:13 <Todd> Yes, she went in. We leave tomorrow afternoon
13:09:18 <9> It must be cold typing on a phone out there, I will stop asking questions...
13:09:29 <9> thanks Todd, sorry it is so windy and cold today
13:10:14 <Todd> No problem, nice to know I have company.
13:10:40 <9> we are all impressed with your fortitude
13:11:35 <Todd> Hate getting beat by bee😁
13:12:01 <9> well consider it being beat by the hill, not BH
13:12:13 <Todd> :thumbsup:
13:12:18 <9> that is an extreme place in weather like this
13:12:37 <Todd> Was hoping for three in a row
13:12:52 <9> we were hoping that for you guys too
13:13:17 <Todd> Splashing is much subdued from this morning
13:13:21 <Michelle> Todd, it's coming!! Good things always come in threes!:)
13:13:35 <Todd> :thumbsup:
13:13:37 <9> says Michelle in her warm confines
13:14:06 <Michelle> 9, hey my feet get cold sitting her doing this!:)
13:14:15 <Michelle> here
13:14:24 <9> ha ha, not like Todd's cold
13:14:24 <Todd> Will be hard to see another TB for Graham
13:17:52 <Craig> anemone playing mind games with me
13:23:19 <Todd> Bison blocking my path to the woods to warm up. Will have to go to the woods by Lion. Keep me posted😁
13:27:21 <Todd> Bsb
13:27:33 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
13:27:57 <Todd> Guess I am not going to the woods
13:28:40 <Michelle> She is looking happy and OF window has come back around
13:29:07 <Michelle> I would stay right there:)
13:29:11 <Todd> If that's what it takes........
13:29:16 <Todd> :)
13:29:42 <Michelle> OF window is always your best bet for a Bee!:)
13:29:47 <9> Here's hoping Michelle is correct and we get BH soon
13:30:20 <Todd> Strong bsb
13:30:27 <Michelle> Strong BSB
13:31:06 <Michelle> OF window
13:31:46 <Todd> Bsb quit
13:32:35 <Todd> Bwb quit too
13:33:08 <Ben VL> hopefully we can get of before bsb is ready again
13:34:13 <Michelle> Todd, thank you! You there makes life easy right now!
13:34:55 <Michelle> I sure miss the static cam!
13:35:11 <Todd> YW! Thanks for everyone helping.
13:35:29 <Todd> LC ie
13:35:29 <Ben VL> All 3 loggers that can pick up steamboat are down
13:38:14 <Todd> bsb back on
13:38:52 <9> nice short interval...
13:39:27 <Michelle> Nice
13:40:15 <9> If Caleb were here he would be posting BSB on GT...
13:43:07 <Ben VL> to it was 1133 1142 1327 1338?
13:43:09 <Todd> Bsb quit
13:43:50 <Todd> Yes
13:44:10 <Betty> afternoon all
13:44:24 <Michelle> Hi Betty
13:45:17 <Todd> Hello from balmy geyser hill
13:45:43 <Betty> hi Michelle, and hi, Todd
13:45:54 <Ben VL> I usually don't post times unless I'm in basin but I'll keep them written down
13:46:00 <Betty> hope it is not too cold on the hill
13:46:09 <Betty> hi Ben VL
13:46:24 <9> Lori went to find some warmth, only Todd left on hill
13:46:42 <Todd> It is a bit chilly
13:46:50 <Betty> hi 9
13:47:01 <9> Hi Betty
13:47:13 <Ben VL> hi betty
13:48:12 <Todd> Bsb
13:48:23 <Ben VL> good
13:52:49 <Todd> quit
13:55:37 <Michelle> Cmon OF 115 minutes and counting!
13:55:38 <Todd> Tilt's Baby
13:55:57 <Michelle> OF
13:58:03 <Todd> bsb
13:58:54 <Ben VL> 1133 1142 1327 1338 1348 1357
13:59:03 <Michelle> long
14:03:59 <Todd> quit
14:05:32 <Michelle> Going to move my legs. Indy should go! brb
14:07:40 <Todd> LC
14:08:54 <Todd> bsb
14:09:14 <Ben VL> 1133 1142 1327 1338 1348 1357 1408
14:09:42 <Ben VL> any one of these should do it
14:09:54 <Ben VL> it wants to
14:12:12 <Michelle> No Indy? Usually when I step away something happens
14:12:34 <Ben VL> indy might not happen this time
14:12:43 <Todd> Have you seen many of the bsb series trigger it?
14:13:36 <Todd> We didn't see a bsb yesterday when it went without indy
14:13:38 <Ben VL> Of all the bsb series I've seen, only a couple have failed to get bh going
14:13:56 <Ben VL> it's hanging right at the interval you want
14:14:03 <Todd> 😁
14:15:18 <Todd> Sure hoping so, because the rangers are going to fin a skeleton out here this spring
14:15:28 <Todd> Quit
14:15:47 <Ben VL> at this rate I would not trust the indy to last long before bh, or even go at all before bh
14:16:28 <Michelle> I didn't even see the Daisy window. not that we could see down there, but still, i missed it.
14:17:20 <Todd> No way it could be seen. It is bad out here
14:19:27 <Todd> bsb
14:19:55 <Ben VL> 1133 1142 1327 1338 1348 1357 1408 1419
14:20:27 <Ben VL> 11m 10m 9m 11m 11m
14:20:56 <Michelle> Getting harder to even see Bee from this end
14:22:15 <Todd> Water in Indy
14:22:33 <Ben VL> YES
14:22:35 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
14:22:44 <Betty> whoo
14:23:00 <Todd> Indy
14:23:04 <Michelle> INDY
14:23:07 <9> YAY, so glad you are going to be rewarded Todd
14:23:28 <Todd> Thank you all!!!!
14:23:35 <9> keeping warm with those waves!
14:23:41 <Michelle> Thank you Todd for hanging in there!
14:23:54 <Todd> bsb quit
14:23:58 <Ben VL> glad you got it!!!
14:23:59 <9> Good on you Michelle for encouraging him, you had faith
14:24:30 <Todd> Thank you, Lord
14:25:07 <007> Watching ... I don't deserve it!
14:25:28 <Todd> Just me and the bison out here. And all of you remotely
14:26:00 <9> do you have a radio? Tell the VEC?
14:26:05 <Ben VL> solo bh is something special
14:26:21 <linda> ill send txt
14:26:34 <Michelle> Todd, not a good day for a Bee shower!:lol:
14:26:36 <Todd> Nothing colder than a southeast wind ----no matter what direction it comes from
14:27:01 <Todd> No I don't have a radio. Lori can call it from cabin
14:27:20 <linda> txt sent
14:27:25 <9> :thumbsup:
14:27:46 <9> e mail received...if only texts came through like e mail does
14:27:58 <Greg 🀠> Email received thank you
14:28:11 <Todd> I should be good on wind. It has been this direction all day
14:28:13 <linda> :thumbsup:
14:29:00 <Kat> yay Indy!
14:29:12 <007> Called, if anyone is listening
14:29:18 <Todd> I can't see the one from my position
14:29:36 <Todd> cone
14:29:58 <Todd> And I am four feet higher than summertime
14:30:21 <Michelle> :bee:
14:30:31 <Todd> Go time
14:30:55 <Todd> OMF
14:31:01 <Todd> OOMG
14:31:16 <Todd> OMG
14:31:19 <Kat> Wow - bam!
14:31:41 <Ben VL> sick start!
14:32:02 <9> that must have been great up close Todd
14:32:18 <Kat> Nice and tall!
14:32:44 <9> ?? Does not look tall on my screen
14:33:07 <Kat> I have a large sctreen -
14:33:17 <9> :)
14:33:44 <Michelle> Thanks Todd!! You are awesome!!
14:33:49 <Todd> bsb
14:34:00 <Todd> Indy quit
14:35:11 <Todd> Eyes are filled with tears. Start was unbelievable
14:35:28 <Todd> bsb quit
14:35:36 <Betty> awesome
14:36:29 <Todd> Can't describe the emotions right now
14:36:44 <Ben VL> :D
14:36:53 <Craig> Yeethive
14:37:08 <Betty> that was one only for you, Todd :-)
14:37:13 <Todd> So quiet now
14:37:48 <Todd> LC ie
14:37:56 <Michelle> Todd, time for some hot tea with Honey!!
14:37:59 <Todd> Heading to warmup
14:38:13 <Todd> Thank you all
14:38:28 <Ben VL> congrats on a well earned quality bh
14:38:32 <9> 3 in a row TODD, woo hoo
14:40:00 <Michelle> LC again but camera wont focus
14:41:33 <Michelle> There we go, sort of!
14:57:45 <Michelle> Controls are sure wonky today
14:58:15 <Michelle> No Sawmill
14:59:01 <Michelle> That was nice to get a little visibilty in there
14:59:34 <9> hey, got my text! Just a little late
15:02:01 <GO SNOW> what text? haha
15:11:24 <Todd> Made it back to the cabin in 15 minutes, and am drinking a hot chocolate, compliments of Lori
15:11:55 <9> Going out for Grand?
15:12:38 <Todd> Yes. :)
15:13:50 <9> Hope it does not keep you waiting
15:14:50 <Michelle> At least you will be able to see it!
15:15:02 <Todd> Wow, that 6 hours was enough.
15:15:29 <Craig> that's a lot of friends out there
15:15:42 <Craig> (bison)
15:15:49 <Todd> Thanks to everyone for keeping me company, to occupy my time
15:16:06 <Michelle> We might, maybe, possibly, but unlikely be able to see it!:lol:
15:18:00 <Michelle> Todd, thank you for the Bee watch!
15:18:23 <Michelle> And before I forget, Thank You Ms Bee
15:21:09 <Michelle> Maybe visibilty will get better down there
15:22:59 <Michelle> OF window coming back around
15:33:01 <Michelle> OF
15:33:13 <Michelle> 1532 start
15:36:01 <Michelle> long
15:43:46 <Michelle> LC again, if only we could see it!:)
15:48:59 <LindaG> Howdy
15:49:52 <Michelle> LindaG, Hi
15:50:06 <LindaG> Michelle, hi
15:52:23 <Michelle> Someone just got pulled over by the ranger at the North gate!:)
15:52:52 <LindaG> :)
15:54:11 <Kat> Michelle, yep
15:55:08 <Kat> speeding through Gardiner ? :)
15:55:48 <Michelle> In a hurry to get a beer in Gardiner!:)
15:56:05 <Michelle> Or hot cocoa!
15:56:27 <Michelle> Donut situation in progress!:lol:
15:56:37 <Kat> Michelle, lol
15:56:54 <LindaG> Kat, hi
15:57:34 <Michelle> Just a warning. No donuts!!
15:59:27 <LindaG> What miserable weather
15:59:38 <LindaG> I'll sign in
16:01:07 <Michelle> LindaG, Thank you. I hope it clears up a little and you have a wonderful evening
16:01:31 <LindaG> Michelle, thanks for driving
16:01:40 <LindaG> Have a good night
16:01:54 <Kat> Thx Michelle
16:02:21 <Michelle> YW. Have a great evening. Bye all!
16:02:30 <LindaG> fat chance of seeing grand :(
16:10:40 <LindaG> Oblong looks steamy
16:10:49 <Todd> Turban 4:10
16:11:26 <LindaG> Todd, is oblong erupting
16:12:57 <Todd> No
16:13:10 <LindaG> Todd, thx
16:13:21 <Todd> But even from here, it is hard to see
16:13:32 <LindaG> Ah ok
16:13:40 <LindaG> Died down now
16:13:54 <LindaG> think it might have been
16:14:33 <Todd> Yes, I just got here, and have been answering questions
16:19:12 <Kevin iPad> You have to be a popsicle now Todd
16:20:24 <Todd> Warmed and headed back out, so good for the moment. Will be rough coming back in to the win
16:20:28 <LindaG> Lc ie
16:25:40 <Todd> Turban
16:33:47 <LindaG> Going to be a.long shift
16:38:55 <Todd> Good pool level and runoff
16:39:14 <LindaG> :thumbsup:
16:50:36 <Todd> Turban
16:52:44 <LindaG> :thumbsup:
16:55:59 <Todd> That cleared everyone out. All alone now. There were 4 others here, but they just left
16:56:20 <LindaG> :(
16:56:21 <Todd> And I have to say that I don't blame them :)
16:56:35 <LindaG> gotta be cold down there
16:56:42 <LindaG> Lc ie
16:57:00 <LindaG> OF window shortly
16:57:19 <Todd> Yes
16:59:42 <Todd> Bulger
17:07:39 <Todd> Turban
17:09:13 <LindaG> OF
17:18:35 <9> Todd, I bet this is a day you will never forget though
17:23:09 <Todd> No doubt. These geyser are working me over
17:24:21 <Todd> Turban
17:24:40 <Todd> 😟
17:25:05 <Ben VL> nooooooo
17:25:53 <Todd> Will give it one more Turban, then I cry uncle. Water level and overflow was not good
17:26:30 <Ben VL> at least one more is a good call
17:26:36 <LindaG> Lc ie
17:29:40 <Todd> That 25 minute Turban interval worried me
17:30:00 <Ben VL> delay probably
17:30:12 <Todd> Will be out of window soon
17:30:34 <Ben VL> coming up on D4 then?
17:31:34 <Todd> Believe so. Double check my entries
17:31:52 <Kevin iPad> But it has warmed up to a balmy 19 degrees.
17:32:19 <Todd> Thanks Kevin>(
17:32:37 <Todd> Good recovery on pool
17:33:13 <Kevin iPad> Almost time to plant.
17:33:34 <Todd> Linda, Oblong has looked the same since I got here
17:33:54 <Todd> Plant me in a snowbank
17:35:59 <LindaG> Todd, ok thx
17:40:07 <Todd> Waves
17:40:07 <Kevin iPad> Had some quail blow past the front yard Linda.
17:40:16 <Todd> Grand
17:40:29 <Kevin iPad> Yea!
17:40:30 <Todd> Grand start
17:40:32 <9> YAY
17:40:38 <Ben VL> woo hoo
17:41:00 <Todd> Alone again, the song goes
17:41:17 <9> we can barely see a cloud on cam
17:41:32 <LindaG> Glad Todd can see it
17:41:36 <9> might help to go closer
17:41:38 <Todd> Impossible to see turban or vent
17:42:20 <Ben VL> can't even see it form cam
17:42:32 <LindaG> nope
17:42:36 <Ben VL> looks like D3/G
17:45:22 <Todd> Finally got a glimpse of Vent
17:49:26 <Todd> Paused, and then shot through
17:49:51 <Todd> Guessing that means one and done
17:51:40 <Ben VL> well I'm gonna go. congrats on a good winter gazing day!
17:52:33 <Todd> It's been one for the books!!
17:52:47 <Todd> Done
17:53:02 <Todd> Turban quit
17:53:49 <Todd> Putting skis on heading to the cabin
17:55:46 <Kevin iPad> Have a good trip back.
17:59:52 <LindaG> I think im.going to leave cam here
18:00:04 <LindaG> Cantnseena darn thing
18:00:32 <LindaG> controls released
18:01:41 <9> No one posted Grand
18:02:04 <9> 1740 I think it was
18:31:03 <Todd> We can try and post some geysers info later tonight. I will get times from today's chat log
22:34:57 <Greg 🀠> it is blurry or is it me
22:36:30 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> If it isn't I have been drinking the same thing you have.
22:36:59 <Greg 🀠> haha, just logged in and focused it
22:37:32 <Kevin Lβ„’ 🌡> Looks better
22:37:50 <Greg 🀠> :thumbsup: