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07:03:22 <Kat> Good morning!
07:14:35 <Kat> OF
07:21:24 <Kat> Nice steam from Oblong
07:25:02 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
07:25:14 <GO STEAMBOAT> oooh where did all the snow go, haha
07:27:59 <Kat> :daisy:
07:28:20 <Kat> Hi Graham! Welcome home!
07:28:34 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks
07:28:55 <GO STEAMBOAT> for 9 days too, a long time at home, haha
07:29:20 <Kat> Looks like you had a great trip! Thx for all the GC pics! Brought back great memories!
07:30:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> yes, it worked out well, going down the second time was easier than the first
07:30:02 <Kat> GO STEAMBOAT, what to do for 9 whiole days!
07:30:29 <Kat> Kudos to you for doing it twice!
07:30:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> laundry, grocery shopping, hair cut ...and an opera
07:30:46 <Kat> Was it hard to get the overnight reservation?
07:30:55 <Kat> GO STEAMBOAT, :thumbsup:
07:31:39 <GO STEAMBOAT> not hard, both Lori Walker and I applied for the campground and both got them. thats why i had the two trips
07:32:36 <Kat> GO STEAMBOAT, I had to wait about 3 days - but that was in June - more people I'm sure
07:32:50 <GO STEAMBOAT> campground was busy on second trip as they closed Cottonwood due to flooding, its the next camp up the N Kaibab
07:33:22 <GO STEAMBOAT> did you apply in the early wimdow, about 4 months out?
07:33:55 <Kat> I can't remenber exactly!
07:33:58 <GO STEAMBOAT> then Lori kept checking for cabins and got one booked the week before and got the second night the morning we went down
07:35:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> theres a window to send in requests and they process them monthly. i think i put in a longer window for my trip and lori had short window, so mine came in a few days earlier
07:35:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> they only let you stay 2 nights in one campground at a time
07:36:24 <GO STEAMBOAT> Mather Campground on the rim was full too, but plenty of options when i booked it early
07:36:39 <Kat> I actually think we would get up early every morning and be at the permit office before they opened up - they only did so many per day!
07:37:37 <GO STEAMBOAT> a lot of people got last minute campsites and cabins. there were water problems and Xanterra waived the cancelation fee for cabins
07:37:51 <Kat> GO STEAMBOAT, :thumbsup:
07:38:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> since you have to book so long in advance, there are quite a few cancellations
07:38:46 <GO STEAMBOAT> temp was supposed to get up to 100 last weekend at the bottom
07:39:03 <CalebD> Morning Kat and GO STEAMBOAT!
07:40:19 <GO STEAMBOAT> morning
07:44:48 <CalebD> Hi Kevin
07:45:13 <Kat> Morning Caleb and Kevin!
07:45:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Morning
07:45:44 <Kat> GO STEAMBOAT, it was 103 in the inner canyon when I hiked it!
07:49:20 <CalebD> Can someone look at the Last 30 video and see if you think you see grand in it?
07:50:12 <CalebD> It sore of looks like Grand at 0648
07:50:23 <GO STEAMBOAT> we had great weather, 70s forst trip. 80s second
07:50:25 <CalebD> Sawmill quit
07:51:03 <Kat> GO STEAMBOAT, thats great temps!
07:53:04 <Kat> CalebD, doesn't look like it to me, plume would have been much larger
07:54:09 <CalebD> Thanks Kat, will not post
07:55:10 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Good chance at BH in the next hour.
08:00:51 <Kat> Looks like a Turban and some F & M activity
08:01:22 <Kat> :lion: ie
08:02:56 <Kat> LC
08:22:30 <Kat> Depression
08:23:52 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah
08:24:09 <GO STEAMBOAT> nice one too
08:24:25 <Kat> It is!
08:27:30 <Kat> Actual start time 0821
08:29:39 <Katie 🐻> Good morning
08:29:47 <Kat> Bee splashes
08:30:00 <Kat> Katie 🐻, Good morning!
08:31:52 <Kat> Have a good drive Katie!
08:32:04 <Katie 🐻> Thanks!
08:53:27 <Dave from B™> Good morning everyone
08:56:00 <GO STEAMBOAT> morningDave
08:56:37 <Dave from B™> Hey, GS. Welcome home
08:57:54 <GO STEAMBOAT> thanks. I relocate to my other home on 15th :)
08:58:11 <Dave from B™> For how many nights?
09:06:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> 45 i think
09:07:29 <GO STEAMBOAT> leave 3 July unless i get kicked out earlier
09:21:12 <GO STEAMBOAT> lion
09:26:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> flower
09:26:18 <CalebD> Hi again
09:26:37 <CalebD> Thanks for the dep video Kat!
09:26:49 <CalebD> Castle looks like a maj
09:27:08 <Kat> CalebD, sure - it was a great depression!
09:27:18 <CalebD> Looks like it
09:27:48 <CalebD> I have been wanting to get a zoomed in video of dep, that was perfect!
09:57:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Are you driving Katie?
09:59:33 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I am going to be about a half hour late getting on. If someone could take It I would appreciate it
09:59:56 <Katie 🐻> Kevin L™ 🌵, I can hang. No worries
10:00:22 <CalebD> INDY!
10:00:23 <Katie 🐻> BHI
10:00:26 <CalebD> .
10:00:27 <CalebD> .
10:00:27 <CalebD> .
10:00:28 <CalebD> .
10:00:28 <CalebD> .
10:00:29 <CalebD> .
10:00:29 <CalebD> .
10:01:06 <Dave from B™> Katie's present for working late
10:01:19 <CalebD> Dave from B™, :thumbsup:
10:01:30 <no> Gat a bonus on the pay check?
10:02:11 <CalebD> Can someone send the text?
10:02:35 <Katie 🐻> Sure, for all the good it will do
10:03:16 <CalebD> People got on it time yesterday, the texts have been fast lately
10:03:57 <Katie 🐻> :thumbsup:
10:04:22 <Katie 🐻> It can be good for in basin peeps, too. I'm just frustrated with Verizon delivery time
10:04:32 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
10:04:35 <no> The cute little geyser seems to have tilted to the left?
10:07:10 <CalebD> Bee!
10:07:36 <kc (working)> ding
10:08:23 <no> Thanks Cactus. Hope you catch the chicken.
10:08:45 <no> Nice and tall today
10:08:53 <CalebD> no, :thumbsup:
10:09:06 <CalebD> The last few have been nice and tall
10:10:13 <no> So with out looking, I am guessing it is running shorter then 24 hours?
10:10:35 <no> On the way to 2 a day?
10:10:38 <CalebD> Yeah it been right at 20 hours for the last 15 eruptions
10:11:12 <CalebD> With at few loger than a day trown in
10:12:40 <no> Well, that was a good way to get a rainy day going. Enjoy the rest of it.
10:14:42 <CalebD> Lion should be in the next 10-30 minuets
10:27:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Logging on
10:27:54 <Katie 🐻> Happy drivin. I saved OF for you. :D
10:28:02 <CalebD> Thanks for driving Katie!
10:29:11 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I see I missed something. :P
10:33:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Login didn't like me
10:33:26 <Katie 🐻> Uh oh
10:33:37 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Finally got it
10:49:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> OF
10:50:53 <CalebD> Took its time
10:51:51 <CalebD> Short I think
10:52:04 <CalebD> Yeah short
11:04:16 <Katie 🐻> :lion:
11:12:38 <GO STEAMBOAT> artie back there
11:13:43 <GO STEAMBOAT> daisy
11:15:07 <GO STEAMBOAT> 1h48m, pretty short interval +-
11:47:02 <dc> Cactus, you did not miss much.
11:50:09 <dc> A moose would be nice about now.
11:56:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> OF
12:20:02 <3> Lion
12:20:51 <3> short eruption
12:22:18 <3> aka minor
12:24:18 <3> Grand could be soon
12:27:37 <Dave from B™> I didn't realize Grand has been doing mostly 6-7 of late
12:33:38 <Dave from B™> I think another 15-25 minutes
12:34:21 <3> I thought DanA would be out there
12:35:30 <Dave from B™> Maybe it finally threw in a long; we are looking at a double interval
12:36:04 <3> wish there was an E time from this morning
12:39:32 <3> an Uncertain post!
12:40:45 <3> Grand
12:47:05 <Dave from B™> 3, there's your answer
12:48:48 <3> odd eruption
12:49:30 <3> maybe E wind direction is messing with steam
12:49:41 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Not much steam today
12:50:27 <3> almost looked like what HK calls Sawmill mode
12:54:00 <3> one and done
12:54:28 <3> surprised there is no in basin post
12:56:05 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There it is
13:01:25 <AYates> Daisy
13:09:29 <Caleb> Very cool uncertian is back
13:12:05 <Dave from B™> One of Steve O's favorites. I remember one year he was over 15
13:12:12 <Dave from B™> saw*
13:13:16 <Caleb> Dave from B™, :thumbsup:
13:13:40 <Caleb> I would like to see one when I am in basin in october
13:27:11 <GO STEAMBOAT> lc
13:27:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Lion
13:28:32 <GO STEAMBOAT> yeah, glad Uncertain is back. last two logged intervals were over 300 days apart
13:30:18 <GO STEAMBOAT> was that anoter Lion minor?
13:30:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> yes
13:38:55 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, it isn't another 300 days
13:40:49 <Kevin L™ 🌵> OF
14:04:15 <KorbenC(31)> Afternoon all, good to see Uncertain make a return
14:04:50 <Dave from B™> Happy 31st Korben....Man that went by fast:D
14:08:54 <KorbenC(30)> LOL, Hi Dave :)
14:09:06 <KorbenC(30)> Feels like just yesterday I was 16 ;)
14:09:07 <Dave from B™> Your trip is getting close!
14:09:31 <Dave from B™> I'm 64 days away
14:09:37 <KorbenC(30)> I know! Threw the countdown up on here to remind Beehive not to pull any funny briskness
14:10:10 <KorbenC(30)> briskness? really autocorrect? Business
14:10:14 <KorbenC(30)> Dave, :)
14:10:35 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Is it in Walla Walla?
14:10:35 <Dave from B™> Yeah; spell check has a mind of its own
14:10:42 <Dave from B™> haha
14:10:53 <KorbenC(30)> Kevin L™ 🌵, hi
14:11:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> hi
14:53:52 <CalebD> Hi Korben
15:00:41 <GO STEAMBOAT> daisy
15:04:05 <KorbenC(30)> CalebD, GO STEAMBOAT, hi
15:10:47 <CalebD> Tardy
15:29:13 <GO STEAMBOAT> theres Lion again
15:29:21 <GO STEAMBOAT> time to check on NG?
15:30:15 <CalebD> Lion
15:30:25 <GO STEAMBOAT> another mnor
15:34:17 <CalebD> A restart eruption
15:44:48 <Michelle> Good afternoon
15:44:51 <KorbenC(30)> hI mICHELLE
15:45:00 <CalebD> Hi Michelle
15:45:23 <KorbenC(30)> Camop, do you think we could have a zoom on Giantess please? I wonder if it is still boiling like it was earlier
15:45:26 <CalebD> Looks like you have some capslock issues Korben :p
15:45:32 <KorbenC(30)> Hi Michelle** Annoying capslock lol
15:46:11 <Michelle> KorbenC(30), CalebD, Hello
15:46:50 <KorbenC(30)> Hi Libda
15:46:59 <KorbenC(30)> Limd*
15:47:03 <KorbenC(30)> *Linda
15:47:11 <linda> KorbenC(30), hi kobda
15:47:17 <KorbenC(30)> :P
15:47:24 <linda> KorbenC(30), >(
15:47:24 <CalebD> Hi linda
15:47:31 <linda> CalebD, hi
15:47:33 <KorbenC(30)> Graham, how long are you spend in the park on this trip?
15:48:18 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> 7 weeks
15:48:31 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT (11), hi and wow
15:48:31 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> thats all
15:48:36 <KorbenC(30)> Awesome, you and I should run into each other which will be fun :)
15:48:36 <CalebD> Lc
15:48:49 <KorbenC(30)> We can coerce NG to erupt
15:49:00 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> unless i get flooded out again
15:49:13 <KorbenC(30)> Haha, lets hope that doesn't happen two years in a row
15:49:51 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i am wondering if its had any extended fills with this long series. probably
15:50:12 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i should see a lot of people this trip, haha
15:54:46 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> probably had 9 Lion eruptions so far with some missed
15:59:25 <Michelle> Kevin, whenever you have had enough. Got my coffee and I am ready
16:01:09 <Michelle> Loggin in
16:01:36 <CalebD> Thanks for driving Kevin L™ 🌵!
16:02:44 <Michelle> Thanks for driving Kevin. I can hear the chickens from here!:)
16:08:58 <Michelle> Hmmmmm
16:10:54 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Oops. Trying to log off. Hit the wrong key
16:11:14 <Michelle> KorbenC(30), keep coercing, might happen
16:11:37 <Kat> Depression looking good
16:12:45 <KorbenC(30)> Dep and MC hot
16:12:49 <KorbenC(30)> Hi Kat
16:14:24 <Kat> KorbenC(30), Hi Korebn Micelle and all!
16:14:35 <Kat> oops Korben*
16:14:54 <KorbenC(30)> Lindavitis is getting all of us tonight!
16:15:05 <Michelle> Hi Kat
16:15:19 <Kat> KorbenC(30), LOL There's a nice depression video I got this AM
16:15:45 <Kat> oops Michelle* LOL
16:16:03 <KorbenC(30)> Deep close to flood
16:16:16 <KorbenC(30)> Kat, I saw :)
16:16:24 <KorbenC(30)> Also Deep is autocorrects version of Dep*
16:16:36 <KorbenC(30)> Can I ask who's driving? Thursday always confuse me ;P
16:16:41 <KorbenC(30)> C'mon Dep, flood
16:17:35 <KorbenC(30)> Dep crashing
16:18:41 <Michelle> KorbenC(30), me on Thursday night
16:18:45 <Kat> KorbenC(30), Michelle
16:19:10 <Michelle> OF window
16:19:11 <KorbenC(30)> Michelle, :thumbsup: Thanks for Driving
16:19:23 <KorbenC(30)> Dep held 1a-, that is a fake crash, annoying little geyser :)
16:20:00 <KorbenC(30)> Jarno, if you are here, please see my comment on your Giantess note
16:20:01 <Michelle> NG looks even more intersting than OF, but....
16:41:46 <Michelle> OF
16:42:21 <CalebD> OF
16:44:25 <KorbenC(30)> Michelle, do you think we could have a few mins on Giantess at some point while the wind is mostly calm? We had some large boils earlier today :)
16:44:41 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
16:44:50 <Michelle> long
16:45:01 <KorbenC(30)> Michelle, thank you, you are amazing! :D
16:47:21 <Michelle> small patch of sunshine, but still have a breeze
16:48:08 <KorbenC(30)> Indeed, nice pool level and decent boiling inspite of the groggy weather
16:50:23 <Michelle> :lion:
16:50:54 <KorbenC(30)> Long series
16:51:02 <linda> Michelle, hi
16:51:18 <Michelle> Hi Linda
16:51:39 <Michelle> Daisy in the window
16:51:43 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Wow. Still going!
16:52:03 <Michelle> :daisy:
16:52:46 <linda> :daisy:
16:53:02 <linda> im late again
17:06:00 <Michelle> Riverside ie
17:07:13 <Michelle> brb
17:12:40 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Controls were really strange for me today Michelle. Sort of had a mind of their own
17:12:53 <Michelle> Oblong doing something back there. hard to see
17:13:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Looks good. May be a stong push
17:13:42 <Michelle> Kevin L™ 🌵, so far so good. Took off for a brief sec.
17:14:14 <Kevin L™ 🌵> There was an Uncertain today too
17:14:42 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Oblong will do this just before an eruption.
17:15:10 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, did you get uncertain on video?
17:15:53 <Michelle> Bulger
17:16:03 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I posted it but hard to see. I didn't notice it but got a field post.
17:16:52 <Michelle> Tardy too
17:16:53 <CalebD> Bulger Min
17:17:47 <Michelle> Wish we could move Sawmill over just a tad!!:)
17:17:58 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, so it was erupting alone and then sawmill started to the right? is that what I was seeing?
17:20:21 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I think so
17:21:18 <linda> Kevin L™ 🌵, ok. I wonder if that is what I saw the other night. I thought it was sawmill but it started and then stopped and I thought it was strange for sawmill to end that quickly
17:21:53 <CalebD> linda, I can look at the GOSA recording, what day was it?
17:22:34 <Michelle> Bulger and Hole
17:22:59 <linda> CalebD, um hmmmm I guess maybe monday night
17:23:18 <CalebD> Ok il look
17:23:28 <linda> :thumbsup:
17:23:43 <CalebD> Do you remember around about time it was?
17:23:46 <Minissa> Anybody think this is Oblong?
17:24:12 <CalebD> Minissa, I don't think so, everything is just super steamy today
17:24:13 <linda> i don't think so but it is hot
17:24:19 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> its having a push at least
17:24:35 <linda> GO STEAMBOAT (11), hey you landed
17:24:38 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> although everything got steamier
17:24:46 <Michelle> Minissa, looking happy!!
17:25:26 <Michelle> Tardy again
17:38:36 <linda> is it my screen or is that really light, i can just about see steam
17:48:27 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> didnt look like much of an eruption from Bulger, likely splashing or a minor. not sure if Hole erupted, maybe splashes from the side vent?
17:48:34 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> Bulger wasnt a major
17:49:21 <Michelle> No, definetly not a major
17:51:02 <linda> what is the name of the mound straight ahead that is steaming by the little trees?
17:52:29 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> all i see is Lioness and Big Cub on the left
17:52:44 <KorbenC(30)> Linda, Arrowhead Spring?
17:52:45 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> probably Big Cub steaming
17:53:00 <KorbenC(30)> Arrowhead is the one right behind the Dwarves I think
17:53:14 <linda> yeah that's what i'm talking about
17:53:27 <linda> arrowhead spring
17:53:38 <KorbenC(30)> Yup, that one :)
17:53:46 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i am not seeing Arrowhead steaming tho
17:54:07 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> well maybe a bit
17:54:14 <linda> little bit of steam on top by the two trees on right
17:54:41 <KorbenC(30)> Its steaming a bit I think
17:55:03 <linda> I don't usually see it steam
17:55:11 <Michelle> I need to go for a little walk so my legs don't seize up, you want Lion or Down Basin for about 10 minutes?
17:55:38 <linda> lion
17:55:55 <linda> not that it erupted, but I think it will
17:56:24 <Michelle> Ok I will leave it right here.
17:56:33 <linda> :thumbsup:
17:59:00 <Minissa> Lion is tryin'
18:00:23 <KorbenC(30)> Got a text that YNM is back, yay!
18:04:20 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> yep, i see it. enjoy your fish fry :)
18:06:12 <KorbenC(30)> I put an Event Non Geyser Related on GT, no idea if that is the exact time it came back up, but close enough.
18:08:02 <Michelle> OF coming back around
18:09:02 <KorbenC(30)> Hi Steve
18:09:08 <CalebD> KorbenC(30), the YNM?
18:09:26 <KorbenC(30)> Yellowstone Norris Museum Seismograph - Can detect Steamboat eruptions
18:09:48 <CalebD> An that is cool
18:09:59 <CalebD> Now they just need to get the loggers back up
18:10:16 <KorbenC(30)> Thankfully boat isn't erupting anymore :)
18:10:28 <Michelle> Sunshine and little breeze
18:10:50 <linda> OF window
18:11:03 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
18:12:41 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> lc
18:27:51 <CalebD> linda, there is no uncertian that I can find on the GOSA overnight capture
18:32:18 <Michelle> OF
18:33:39 <linda> CalebD, ok, thanks for looking
18:34:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Tall
18:34:25 <linda> a lot of steam on static
18:34:30 <CalebD> linda, ALso looked at the afternoon on monad also and found that eruption, but the cam zoomed in on sawmill so you could tell it was only that
18:35:00 <linda> CalebD, :thumbsup:
18:35:19 <Michelle> long
18:36:05 <CalebD> Grand time, nice for OF to go long so we can more time there :)
18:37:40 <CalebD> Might be twilight spring
18:37:52 <CalebD> No just realy steamy today
18:38:47 <Michelle> Old Tardy
18:38:52 <CalebD> I think thats turban
18:39:01 <CalebD> Bulger min also
18:39:44 <CalebD> Bulger's Hole!
18:41:12 <CalebD> Nevrmind that's turban
18:42:07 <Michelle> :daisy:
18:42:14 <CalebD> Looks at 18:38:30 sih for Bulger's Hole
18:42:50 <CalebD> *ish
18:44:40 <KorbenC(30)> Graham, what are your opinions on that Bulger's Hole?
18:55:10 <CalebD> Well I have to go, have a nice evening all!
18:55:51 <Michelle> Bye Caleb. You have a nice night too
18:57:06 <Michelle> Bulger, big one this time
18:57:26 <Michelle> Looks like hole too
18:59:04 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> not convinced it was erupting given the steam from other non-eruptive features
18:59:09 <Michelle> :grand:
18:59:37 <Michelle> Kool
18:59:40 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> at 1838
19:00:36 <3> wild plume
19:00:46 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> thats hole, further to the right
19:01:27 <KorbenC(30)> :thumbsup: Appreciate your input Graham
19:01:37 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i think the other hole reports were the side vent splashing
19:02:04 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> this steam is further rigt
19:02:26 <KorbenC(30)> :thumbsup: I don't see any other hole reports
19:04:58 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> the minors are also hard to call on the webcam as sometimes Bulger does a lot of splashing but doesnt get to the point where its a full eruption. some of these today may just have been splashing instead of eruptions
19:05:23 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
19:05:34 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> well there was one earlier and then a questionable one just now
19:06:45 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> a lot of steamy features now. churn is steaming but probably not splashing like Bulger does when its not erupting
19:19:03 <KorbenC(30)> Was that a burst from Peanut?
19:20:10 <KorbenC(30)> Graham, could you do me a favor at look at 1917 and see if that was water when we panned over or just steam?
19:20:39 <Michelle> Don't know. Whatever it was it had my attention for a sec
19:21:20 <KorbenC(30)> Graham I think knows that area pretty well and I haven't been paying attention
19:23:55 <CalebD> I think I can see water now
19:24:03 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> Peanut Pool is to the right of the trees
19:24:37 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> the steamy area is closer to Butterfly Spring but there are other features there too. i couldnt see water
19:24:46 <Michelle> GO STEAMBOAT (11), what is the feature further right in this frame
19:25:42 <CalebD> Could it be the blue pool across the boardwalk from infant?
19:25:53 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> not sure which one you mean. theres Infant this side of the BW, then the Butterfly and others area thats steaming the most
19:26:31 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> .you cant see into the features as theres a ridge and the water levels are low
19:26:42 <Michelle> :thumbsup:
19:26:55 <KorbenC(30)> I think iti is that blue pool
19:27:03 <KorbenC(30)> Whatever it is its boiling and surging
19:27:26 <CalebD> Its to the left of Butterfly and such based on the dead trees
19:27:39 <CalebD> Thats the only thing I can find on the map
19:27:40 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i agree theres a lot of steam, but cant tell whats happening. infant is usually pretty cool and its steaming quite well. might just be steamy everywhere
19:27:57 <KorbenC(30)> I think its Mottled Pool
19:28:04 <KorbenC(30)> I've seen some white water for sure
19:28:10 <CalebD> KorbenC(30), I aggre
19:28:10 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i dont have maps to tell
19:28:47 <KorbenC(30)> #46 in TGOY
19:29:00 <Michelle> Looking in my book going with Mottled too
19:29:04 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i cant see defined water, just what looks like steam
19:29:14 <KorbenC(30)> Michelle, :thumbsup:
19:29:28 <CalebD> Looks right baed on JSJ's picture of the spring
19:29:32 <KorbenC(30)> I'm looking on my recording and I can see the small few foot surges that TGOY describes
19:31:10 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i have not seen anything and not sure how you can come up with a height from here
19:32:14 <KorbenC(30)> An estimation based on surrounding features, "few foot" I think we can say, if I wanted to get an exact value it would take alot more and would not be very good for a small feature
19:32:22 <Michelle> steam
19:33:15 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i see the 1838 BH is back :(
19:33:23 <KorbenC(30)> A big 200ft geyser like Bee I correlated in basin to wc entries and from a few certain camera specs (like how far zoomed in or out) it tends to be pretty accurate
19:33:31 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> or still there
19:33:51 <KorbenC(30)> You had me thinking someone saw Beehive for a second :P
19:34:38 <KorbenC(30)> Michelle, I appreciate the zooming and good camwork today
19:34:39 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> i was qwatching at 1930, didnt see splashing
19:35:04 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> oh, 1923 i see
19:35:05 <KorbenC(30)> and the wind is calm now too which is nice! Looks like it would be an awesome evening in basin
19:35:22 <GO STEAMBOAT (1> if theres a video clip, please share
19:35:57 <Michelle> KorbenC(30), YW and thank you
19:36:42 <KorbenC(30)> Grotto 1916ns Maj
19:37:20 <KorbenC(30)> Spa 1934
19:37:29 <Kevin L™ 🌵> And a Spa
19:39:09 <KorbenC(30)> Sawmill off
19:43:24 <Michelle> LC
19:55:43 <Michelle> Not much for sunset. We will check back
19:56:43 <KorbenC(30)> Caleb, see email
19:59:16 <Michelle> OF window again
20:04:32 <KorbenC(30)> Anyways, I am going to bed, have a good evening all.
20:04:37 <KorbenC(30)> Thanks for driving camops!
20:05:17 <Michelle> Night KorbenC(30)
20:08:42 <Michelle> OF
20:11:42 <Michelle> long
20:14:59 <Michelle> Someone in basin just got Bulgers Hole
20:17:47 <no> 8 oclock and it is bed time?
20:18:13 <no> Could not resist, I was going to ask is it time for the bees?
20:20:32 <Michelle> My bees are all in the hive and asleep
20:23:53 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Here you go Michelle:
20:25:08 <Michelle> Not going to get much of a sunset tonight
20:26:00 <Michelle> Italian bees are good. Very docile
20:26:38 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I would like to know how they get the guy to weigh them.
20:26:41 <no> Chemically processed likely to collapse queen with "attendants". I like that wording. Next time I see a bee I will shoe it away and say go attend your queen!
20:26:43 <Michelle> We only had one hive make it through the winter. 1 out of 3.
20:28:22 <Michelle> Better than most beekeepers. Most didn't have any hives make it this year.
20:28:45 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Just too cold?
20:30:21 <Michelle> Harsh winter, along with mite infections last fall. We have always used Ivermectin for mites and it was hard to find. We tried Oxalic acid, but it didn't work
20:31:08 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Cajon has a great sunset right now:
20:31:13 <no> Some of the time it is too intense harvest and not leaving enough food for them. White sugar is not much better for bees then it is for us.
20:31:26 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Well that is a bummer.
20:33:06 <Michelle> no, both hives that didn't make it still had honey left, luckily it ensured the survival of the hive that did make it because it stayed cold and there was no other resources when they did get out of the hive.
20:33:25 <no> Mites are tough.
20:33:46 <Kevin L™ 🌵> This is a fun place. They have hives next to and even in the store behind plexiglass so you can watch the bees.
20:34:11 <Michelle> Never use sugar water, bad for bees, bad for honey.
20:34:49 <no> You are different then some.
20:35:32 <no> Have you tried open bottom hives for mites?
20:37:13 <Michelle> no, when you order a queen with bees or if you are starting a new hive from a swarm, a jar of sugar water is ok to use. If you save a few frames of honey and put them outside the hive in tough times, that is better.
20:37:25 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I had a friend that raised bees and he would sell me a gallon for really cheap. He got run over by a dump truck so that ended that.
20:38:46 <Michelle> We had a lot this year, I gave it away. My husband sold a few jars to some co workers.
20:40:09 <no> Cactus, you opened the door. A road department truck?
20:41:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> It was a contractor's truck on an NDOT job. He was the favorite for the job I got so he took the field job. Didn't work out well.
20:41:56 <no> My wife likes honey in her coffee. We have a person we buy from that is a ways away. She contacted him to order a years worth. She did not remember how many jars are in a case, so we ended up with 2 years worth.
20:43:23 <no> Local honey helps with allergies. I hear it can even help with poison oak sensitivity.
20:44:21 <no> He is a ways away, but still local as far as similar allergens.
20:44:45 <Michelle> Kevin L™ 🌵, I tried to make raspberry honey butter a few weeks back. It did not turn out well. Going to try again but a different recipe using jam, not whole raspberries
20:45:39 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Have you tried the raspberry honey butter from the creamery in Logan?
20:46:29 <Michelle> Yes, that is where I got the idea
20:46:38 <Michelle> Is that Daisy?
20:47:01 <Kevin L™ 🌵> I usually get about 5 pounds of the stuff. Goes good on anything.
20:47:05 <no> Don't think so, but?
20:47:20 <Michelle> Nah
20:47:34 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Daisy should have a big plume.
20:47:56 <no> Raspberry honey tottie
20:48:14 <no> May cure snow cancer.
20:49:35 <no> Or should I say Hot Raspberry Honey Butter Rum?
20:49:50 <Kevin L™ 🌵> As long as you aren't in california
20:50:17 <no> I bet they have the warning on the stuff you buy
20:51:15 <Kevin L™ 🌵> My model train engines cause cancer in california. Glad I don't live there. Would have been dead long ago.
20:51:22 <no> It would cost a bunch less if they required a label on products that do not cause calaforiation.
20:52:01 <Michelle> Think I am going to call it before it is too dark to find BH
20:53:10 <no> It is not dark, but I doubt we could see it.
20:53:19 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Probably a good idea.
20:53:54 <no> We will get a 12 hour bee Friday.
20:53:58 <no> later
20:54:44 <Michelle> Going to leave it here. Have a great night
20:55:00 <Michelle> controls released
20:56:32 <Kevin L™ 🌵> Too bad there are clouds. It would be light tonknight.