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05:42:11 <Mario> nice to see Aurum erupted last night! :)
07:38:49 <Dave from Bβ„’> Good morning steam watchers
07:39:13 <Kat> Good Morning!
07:43:23 <CalebD(21)> Morning Kat & Dave!
07:43:51 <CalebD(21)> UNNG-GHG-18
07:44:33 <CalebD(21)> Dep looks good
07:45:43 <Kat> UNNG 18 was ie when panned back to hill
07:46:16 <CalebD(21)> Kat, But again, it only erupts for ~1m and it was very late 0743
07:48:59 <Kat> I don't document what I don't see and neither should others in IMO
07:49:20 <Kat> CalebD(21), and you changed your time
07:50:28 <CalebD(21)> I soupose it is possible that it started late 0742, so I will delete as I don't like to post ns or ie times for small frequently erupting geysers
07:52:18 <Kat> CalebD(21), if you first see it ie or are sure it's ns I would document it that way as opposed to guessing. Geysers as you know can change up anytime
07:52:39 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
07:52:56 <Kat> :)
07:54:00 <CalebD(21)> MC
07:54:25 <CalebD(21)> Exact start on that one :)
07:54:34 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:55:01 <Kat> Aurum went last night - maybe again today LOL
07:56:08 <CalebD(21)> It seams to be delevoping a somewhat cyclic behavior, a long interval (1-2 weeks) then a few short ones of only a day or less
07:56:59 <CalebD(21)> Steamy BSB back pool
07:58:16 <CalebD(21)> Dep may be in a Hold-1C
08:02:33 <CalebD(21)> Seams to be pushing now
08:05:23 <CalebD(21)> 1B now I think
08:07:19 <CalebD(21)> Split cone ie?
08:07:55 <Kat> 31 degrees, I think it's just steamy
08:08:42 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
08:18:20 <Kat> OF
08:25:19 <Katie> Good morning
08:25:50 <Kat> Hi Katie, again thx for yesterday!
08:26:07 <Katie> Glad to do it
08:26:19 <Katie> Pretty scene this morning
08:26:46 <Kat> IT is - was all fogged in earlier
08:28:25 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
08:31:46 <Kat> Have a good drive!
08:33:10 <CalebD(21)> MC & UNNG-GHG-18
08:33:56 <CalebD(21)> Thanks for driving Kat!
08:35:46 <Katie> I'm gonna go make coffee. Dind ding ding if I need to hustle back to desk
08:36:05 <CalebD(21)> Katie, :thumbsup:
08:43:54 <Geyser123> wow looking at the recent eruptions it looks like a very biscuit basin-ish day
08:44:29 <CalebD(21)> Dep looks realy dood
08:44:34 <CalebD(21)> *good
08:45:27 <Katie> Now going to pour coffee and load toaster
08:45:41 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
08:45:52 <CalebD(21)> Dep in 1a
08:47:59 <CalebD(21)> Crashed
08:54:21 <Katie> splashy bee
09:03:00 <Geyser123> Wow lots of fog
09:06:31 <Geyser123> Thats crazy how it became so foggy so fast
09:07:56 <Katie> turned off autofocus to keep it from focus hunting
09:11:31 <Jimbo Rides Aga> I'll be back
09:17:18 <Geyser123> Its funny how the fog only is over the hill and not over old faithful
09:21:00 <Katie> Fog is moving that way, though
09:22:09 <Dave from Bβ„’> What erupted to cause this mess?
09:22:41 <Katie> Nothing that we saw. But humidity is 100% and it's 33 degrees.
09:23:13 <Art> It rained a lot yesterday into last night
09:23:22 <Art> Hayden Valley is also fogged in
09:26:21 <Katie> Note to self: if you change camera position, it turns autofocus/exposure/whatever back on automatically
09:26:43 <Katie> Turned it off again before we get seasick from focus hunting
09:34:52 <Geyser123> i hope no big geysers are erupting
09:35:32 <Dave from Bβ„’> Korben will catch them if we don't
09:36:50 <Geyser123> ok at least it would be documented lol
09:42:45 <Geyser123> looks like it will be clearish for old faithful
09:46:22 <Katie> Getting there
09:46:31 <Froggy Mornings> ribbit
09:47:24 <Geyser123> Very relatable
09:54:21 <Kat> Looks like the fog is winning this morning!
09:54:38 <Katie> Yup
10:01:17 <Geyser123> cant tell if it is erupting or not
10:01:26 <Geyser123> wait never mind
10:05:22 <Geyser123> There it is :)
10:05:46 <Geyser123> worlds foggest old faithful eruption lol
10:06:40 <Froggy Mornings> there have been froggier Old Faithful eruptions! 🐸🐸🐸
10:07:12 <Geyser123> :D
10:11:44 <Geyser123> i have to leave have a nice rest of a foggy morning :)
10:13:18 <Katie> Still can't see the hill
10:13:54 <Dave from Bβ„’> It is about time for the first snow at UGB
10:16:17 <3> that is thick fog for 1015
10:25:31 <Froggy Mornings> now it's even thicker 🐸
10:37:40 <3> those emojis do not look good Kevin
10:37:57 <Katie> But it's very good to see you!
10:38:32 <3> Maybe you can lift the fog!
10:39:40 <Dave from Bβ„’> Morning Kevin
10:40:33 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> Morning but it isn’t good.
10:40:54 <3> sorry to hear that
10:41:09 <3> are you in the hospital ?
10:41:26 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> Yes
10:43:01 <Geyser Guy> Hello :)
10:43:02 <3> I hope you are on the mend
10:43:10 <Katie> It's getting clearer. Thanks, Kevin!
10:43:31 <Geyser Guy> looks like it was foggy earlyer
10:44:25 <Jenna> What did I miss Kevin?
10:46:02 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> Been in hospital since Sunday
10:46:39 <Jenna> oh no! what happened? if you don't want to say that's fine. I hope you get home soon!
10:50:43 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> Problems with wrist and they found numerous other issues. Working on a blood infection now
10:58:14 <3> I hope they get you better soon Kevin.
10:58:53 <Jenna> awe, yes I hope you feel better soon!
11:13:56 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> They are going to give me new blood and then stab me with a large needle.
11:15:02 <3> yikes, hope it is not too large
11:16:03 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> Have to drain fluid
11:22:06 <Katie> counting on Korben to alert us to anything on the Hill
11:34:56 <Katie> INDY
11:34:58 <Katie> .
11:34:58 <Katie> .
11:34:58 <Katie> .
11:34:59 <Katie> .
11:34:59 <Katie> ..
11:36:13 <Katie> during OF window AGAIN
11:36:22 <3> UGH
11:36:31 <Katie> I received text promptly, though. That's something
11:36:50 <3> me too
11:37:04 <Dave from Bβ„’> me 3
11:37:54 <Dave from Bβ„’> Chance for a DOOL?
11:37:55 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> I got it
11:37:59 <Dave from Bβ„’> :)
11:38:10 <Katie> Dave from Bβ„’, :D :D :D
11:38:52 <Katie> I thought OF was going to go first and yield stage. Still might, but now we have preplay delay
11:43:52 <3> turned into a nice day there
11:47:39 <Dave from Bβ„’> Duals are much more fun in person
11:49:28 <Katie> OF
11:50:03 <Katie> the dual view was better from the tree. but the Beehive solo view is better from the Inn
11:50:06 <3> nice, you can get whether it is long or short from VEC
11:51:43 <50> this is a long indicator
11:51:59 <50> Bee
11:52:00 <3> thankfully for us!
11:52:04 <3> there is BEE
11:52:11 <3> let's go
11:52:49 <50> as people rush to the Inn corner to watch Beehive
11:53:00 <Kat> Nice!
11:55:23 <50> so lovely
11:55:29 <3> Nice BH
11:57:03 <Micah> T-minus 3 days
11:58:13 <3> no shower for Korben today
11:58:22 <3> You must be excited Micah
12:07:50 <Katie> Pretty cool that we can see Rocket water
12:08:49 <CalebD(21)> Katie, :thumbsup:
12:13:32 <CalebD(21)> Katie, You might want to keep an eye on Dep, it is about time for it
12:14:51 <CalebD(21)> MC
12:21:59 <CalebD(21)> Lion in terminal roars I think
12:22:14 <Katie> Looks like
12:24:22 <CalebD(21)> Must have been a Minor now
12:24:27 <Katie> Or not
12:24:34 <CalebD(21)> Ther it goes
12:25:22 <CalebD(21)> ~2m eruption
12:25:31 <CalebD(21)> I would say a medium
12:26:05 <CalebD(21)> Dep looking pretty good
12:26:20 <CalebD(21)> 1b to 1a
12:35:05 <Geyser Guy> Hello again
12:35:44 <Katie> You missed what might have been a new cam geyser for you - Rocket. Check the video links
12:36:09 <Geyser Guy> oooo i like new geysers :)
12:36:20 <CalebD(21)> Hi Geyser Guy
12:36:30 <Betty> hi all
12:36:39 <CalebD(21)> Hi Betty
12:36:54 <Betty> hi CalebD(21), Katie, Geyser Guy
12:37:20 <CalebD(21)> Dep pushing I think
12:37:55 <Geyser Guy> oh wow rocket geyser is cool never knew that one got so big
12:38:08 <Geyser Guy> I watched the recordinglol
12:39:04 <CalebD(21)> Geyser Guy, :thumbsup:
12:39:11 <CalebD(21)> Its a fun one for sure
13:06:59 <Betty> :grand:
13:15:01 <Katie> Boom
13:15:34 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> Nice
13:17:40 <Betty> hi Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘
13:18:05 <Dave from Bβ„’> Hi Betty
13:18:19 <Betty> hey Dave from Bβ„’
13:23:31 <Dave from Bβ„’> How was the rest of your trip?
13:24:38 <Betty> I was able to keep my wallet, LOL
13:25:54 <Betty> I brought the fedex envelope back home as a souvenier. Thomas laughed at me
13:28:03 <Dave from Bβ„’> Hey....souvenirs come in all shapes and sizes
13:30:42 <Dave from Bβ„’> Hugo 2 is plugged in in preparation for Sunday liftoff.
13:31:13 <Betty> guess we missed Riverside?
13:31:50 <Betty> Dave from Bβ„’, yay!
13:32:17 <Betty> are you excited?
13:32:57 <Dave from Bβ„’> Yes, we will be starting to pack tonight:)
13:33:38 <Katie> Seeing some puffs from area around Riverside - not sure if pre or post eruptive
13:34:18 <Betty> do we see pre? I donΒ΄t think we can
13:38:34 <dc> Kevin is in a ambulance?
13:38:47 <Katie> In hospital
13:39:18 <dc> Grand kids give him something?
13:39:39 <dc> Nice lc
13:41:56 <3> Betty, you lost your wallet and someone returned it to you via Fed Ex?
13:43:20 <Betty> yes
13:43:49 <3> how did they know how to find you on vacation? And that is great to hear.
13:44:14 <Betty> Gladly we were with Dave and Michelle, so they sent it to Billings
13:45:06 <3> that is heartening, that someone would return it like that.
13:45:18 <Betty> and Michelles sister also helped. So glad we were there this moment :-)
13:46:26 <3> always wonderful to hear of people doing good things for others
13:46:52 <Dave from Bβ„’> Hey! It happened in Montana!! What do you expect?:)
13:47:17 <Betty> we were at a fuel station in Great Falls, and I forgot the wallet in the restroom. More than 3 hrs later at DaveΒ΄s door I realized what happened
13:48:14 <Betty> I guess my face was a mixture of pale and red that moment, correct, Dave? lol
13:48:25 <3> Did you call the station?
13:48:44 <Betty> Michelle did, and someone saved it
13:49:38 <Dave from Bβ„’> Yes, Betty wanted to drive back to Great Falls and see Great Falls again! I told her once in a trip is enough:)
13:49:44 <3> nice they took it to Fed Ex to send back to you
13:50:06 <Betty> unfortunately now I cannot pick on Dave anymore, such a bummer ;-)
13:50:36 <Dave from Bβ„’> It's okay....I love people talking about deer:)
13:50:37 <3> ha ha
13:50:57 <Betty> now I have to do this: Dave from Bβ„’:heart:
13:51:19 <Dave from Bβ„’> Thanks, Betty. Hope to see you again next year
13:51:34 <Dave from Bβ„’> The beer tour was fun
13:51:41 <Betty> Dave from Bβ„’:heart:, :thumbsup:
13:51:57 <Betty> It was, I loved it
13:52:15 <Dave from Bβ„’> Next time, we can try all new places
13:52:24 <Betty> yeah
13:56:00 <Kevin πŸ€• πŸš‘> With tater tots,
13:56:58 <Betty> yum, had those with Eric in Portland :-)
13:57:14 <Dave from Bβ„’> I promise I'll find a place by next year. We'll search everywhere:)
13:57:33 <Betty> :-D
13:58:09 <Betty> Arty
13:59:27 <Dave from Bβ„’> Betty, did you meet any new gazers while you were in the park?
13:59:57 <Betty> I got to meet Brandon C
14:00:17 <Betty> He took us to the roof of the Inn
14:01:36 <Betty> I met Pat Snyder, and Sue and George? donΒ΄t know their last name
14:03:53 <Dave from Bβ„’> I only know Pat out of those gazers
14:04:15 <Dave from Bβ„’> I'm really happy to got to the top of the Inn...always been a dream of mine
14:05:07 <Dave from Bβ„’> to = you*
14:05:31 <3> Dave you should plan to do that your next visit
14:06:06 <Dave from Bβ„’> I should. I've alwasy wanted to be in the crow's nest, too
14:06:41 <Betty> that is part of the tour
14:07:13 <Dave from Bβ„’> Until the EQ of 1959, you could walk up there
14:08:47 <86> Oblong ?
14:08:57 <3> I think so, just noticed it too
14:08:59 <Katie> Yup
14:10:23 <dc> CONFLUX is suposed to have tots
14:12:03 <Betty> Dave:heart:, I sent pics of crows nest
14:12:07 <3> nice burst
14:14:11 <Geyser Guy> sawmill looks like it stopped for a second
14:16:14 <dc> My crows nest pictures did not cone out, too dark and camera shook.
14:17:30 <Betty> my iPhone did a great job on that
14:17:35 <Dave from Bβ„’> Who is CONFLUX?
14:17:42 <Dave from Bβ„’> Thanks, Betty
14:18:47 <Betty> BrandonC is on chat sometimes, so you should talk to him
14:19:40 <Dave from Bβ„’> I will do that:) Maybe he likes fish:)
14:20:02 <Dave from Bβ„’> Is he a bellman at the Inn?
14:20:20 <Betty> I guess so
14:20:24 <dc> Sorry Missoula, wrong town.
14:25:49 <dc> Billings does not seem to be known for tater tots. One place has sweet potato tots
14:26:20 <dc> Dillon has a place with great sweet tater fries.
14:26:40 <Dave from Bβ„’> I'm not a sweet potato fun but Becca is
14:27:16 <dc> Looks like someone is telling stories at bee
14:27:21 <Betty> We saw tter tots on a menue at a place in Vegas where we were for breakfast.
14:27:49 <dc> Tots and gravy!
14:29:10 <Betty> they were not on the breakfast menue, only dinner
14:30:24 <Betty> it was the first time I saw them on a menue. Even Eric had to ask for them
14:30:45 <dc> Hard to beat McMenamin's tots. Here is a recipe. Doubt you can get the ingredients in Germany.
14:31:10 <dc> Dave could fed x them to you
14:32:48 <Betty> lol
14:32:58 <dc> Well, lost the feed, seen enough circles for a lifetime.
14:33:20 <Betty> I just serched, and Lidl has tater tots. need to go get them
14:33:47 <Betty> :thumbsup:
15:04:23 <Betty> OF
15:05:11 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
15:21:12 <Betty> headed out, night all
15:28:02 <3> night Betty
17:44:29 <dc> Kevin looks empty
17:45:24 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Or dead
17:45:56 <dc> Just not walking
17:52:31 <nn-nn> Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘, have you had surgery on that wrist in the past
17:55:27 <CalebD(21)> Afternoon All
18:03:32 <3> Caleb, are you taking time off school to go to the park?
18:04:27 <CalebD(21)> 3, No I have parent teacher confinces on the 5th & 6th, but I got them resceduled so I don not realy have to miss much school
18:04:56 <3> how long are you in the park?
18:05:24 <3> was that Rocket major just now?
18:05:28 <CalebD(21)> 3 and a half days, I need to be back home pretty quick as there is going to be a eclips
18:05:34 <3> or just Grotto?
18:05:41 <CalebD(21)> Not sure
18:05:49 <3> do you fly to Bozeman?
18:06:17 <CalebD(21)> 3, Yeah on southwest so it was only 287$ for both fights
18:06:25 <3> I think just Grotto. Things are steaming up again
18:06:34 <CalebD(21)> 3, :thumbsup:
18:07:08 <3> is anyone going with you? Do you drive?
18:07:51 <CalebD(21)> Yeah My Grandperents have wanted to go for a bit so I am going with them, my sister ho somewhat likes the geysers and my mom who also realy like them
18:08:00 <CalebD(21)> *who
18:08:13 <CalebD(21)> No not yet, but next year i can start
18:09:10 <3> sounds like fun. I hope you have nice weather. I also hope the park is open for you. I just realized that is after Oct 1, your arrival date
18:09:26 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
18:09:43 <CalebD(21)> It is Oct 5-9 but the weather has been looking good for it so far
18:09:55 <3> good chance things will be locked up on Oct 1 the way things are going
18:10:18 <3> I hope not, yet not much progress being made toward a budget right now
18:10:30 <CalebD(21)> Hopefully not
18:11:25 <3> I hope cam keeps running if it closes. I cannot remember how that went down last time.
18:11:43 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
18:13:55 <CalebD(21)> Usualy stuff is open untill Oct 31 right?
18:14:01 <3> hey, that was Rocket
18:14:13 <3> define stuff...
18:14:18 <3> the roads, yes
18:14:27 <CalebD(21)> And the snow lodge right?
18:14:34 <CalebD(21)> thats where I am staying
18:14:40 <3> stores and campgrounds start shutting down sooner. Snow Lodge stays open
18:15:03 <CalebD(21)> The booking website even said the inn would be open untill Oct 12
18:15:31 <3> Inn closes the 8th I think
18:15:56 <3> always on a Sunday
18:17:32 <CalebD(21)> Well It says the 8th is the last night
18:19:09 <3> just looked at the sight, and you are right, it is open until the 12th
18:19:16 <3> sold out those last days though
18:19:25 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
18:19:37 <CalebD(21)> Thats what I rememberd when booking
18:20:03 <3> that is different
18:20:12 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
18:20:17 <3> nice though, extends the season a little for people wanting to stay at the Inn
18:20:24 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
18:21:03 <CalebD(21)> I love Fall in YNP, I hope to see lots of nice geysers eruption
18:21:10 <3> a lot of guides are upset with the park closing Oct 31 now, yet many years the weather is so bad that first week in November it ended up closing anyway
18:21:21 <3> I hope you do too, you should
18:22:10 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
18:22:14 <3> it used to be the first Monday in November it would close, so sometimes, like this year, that would add a whole week
18:22:35 <CalebD(21)> Didn't know that
18:23:24 <3> so few services though by then that the years it snowed a lot, it was a real mess
18:23:46 <CalebD(21)> I can see that happening
18:23:51 <3> and people would wait for days to get in, not knowing if it would reopen or not.
18:24:22 <3> not a lot of people come with snow tires
18:25:19 <CalebD(21)> We made sure that our rental car has snow tires just in case it snows
18:26:04 <3> good idea. Nice you could get that option
18:26:31 <CalebD(21)> We were booking through Turo so we got a nice Subaru with snow tires
18:28:53 <3> when is the eclipse?
18:29:19 <CalebD(21)> I think that it is on the 13th
18:29:32 <CalebD(21)> Passing fright through ABQ
18:29:33 <3> of the sun?
18:29:50 <3> not total though, right? That is 2024...
18:30:11 <CalebD(21)> 3, Yeah it is is a anular eclipse, where the moon is too small and there is a ring of light around it
18:30:51 <3> does it happen at night or during the day?
18:30:56 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Annular is October 14, Saturday
18:31:13 <CalebD(21)> Yeah it is
18:31:16 <CalebD(21)> Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘, :thumbsup:
18:31:21 <3> thanks Kevin. Did they put the big needle in you?
18:31:41 <3> nice it is in ABQ
18:31:48 <CalebD(21)> I am actualy going to go to Chaco Canyon to see it, I think the pictures of the eclipse and the acient ruins will be cool
18:32:41 <linda> Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘, hi
18:32:53 <CalebD(21)> Hi Linda
18:32:54 <linda> evening everyone
18:33:02 <linda> CalebD(21), hi
18:33:09 <CalebD(21)> Is it your birthday?
18:33:18 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β>
18:33:19 <linda> CalebD(21), yes
18:33:30 <CalebD(21)> Well then Happy Birthday!
18:33:38 <linda> I turned 21 today today lol
18:33:46 <linda> CalebD(21), thank you
18:34:23 <linda> linda, thank you
18:34:41 <3> hope you had a nice day
18:34:43 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> They added a quart of blood and will needle me tomorrow
18:35:20 <3> hope it goes well Kevin. Are you in Nevada now?
18:35:31 <linda> 3, 3, yes I did, went to lunch with friends and birded all afternoon
18:35:50 <3> oh fun, I was thinking you might be birding
18:35:52 <3> OF
18:36:03 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> In Las Vegas
18:36:08 <linda> 3, gorgeous day here
18:36:37 <3> glowing OF on static
18:37:18 <3> How far is Vegas from your home Kevin? Better hospital there than local?
18:38:29 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> I live just south of Vegas. About 20 miles from home
18:38:54 <3> so it is your local hospital then.
18:39:21 <3> well, here's to being able to go home soon
18:40:45 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> Sort of. They transferred me here since this one had a hand specialist
18:41:07 <3> :thumbsup:
18:41:42 <3> is your wrist all fixed now? Did you break it?
18:41:55 <3> glad you can still type
18:42:09 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> If you saw Dan Danna they used this one on the show quite a bit
18:42:26 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> Tanna
18:45:15 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> Wrist infection
18:47:01 <3> and it infected your blood?
18:47:02 <nn-nn> Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸš‘, have you had surgery on that wrist in the past?
18:47:11 <3> Daisy
18:47:19 <CalebD(21)> :thumbsup:
18:48:14 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> No, this was a total surprise
18:53:06 <nn-nn> IV antibiotics 3 times daily?
18:53:57 <nn-nn> for the blood infection
18:54:00 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> At least. 2 types of infections and gout.
19:06:13 <3> well good luck Kevin. Wish you the best. Night all.