Showing logs for date: 2023-09-19
06:24:10 <CraigC> Anyone on cam yet?
06:27:36 <MarioD> 2 am Beehive
06:40:02 <Korben> I am much appreciated that it waited until after I left to break itself :)
06:47:16 <Kat> CraigC, I'm here!
07:39:40 <CalebD(16)> Morning all!
07:45:40 <Kat> Good morning!
07:46:53 <CalebD(16)> Sawmill Quiet it looks like
07:47:00 <Mike J> Good morning. And jealous of everyone who got to see the Nothern Lights
07:47:18 <CalebD(16)> Mike J, :thumbsup:
07:47:42 <Mike J> Saw Micah's pictures on Facebook. Looked fantastic.
07:51:03 <Kat> They were stunning!
07:56:05 <CalebD(16)> Splasy plume
07:56:40 <CalebD(16)> Dep looks good
08:04:23 <CalebD(16)> THat vent above anemone big just splashed
08:12:40 <Kat> Sawmill
08:15:13 <CalebD(16)> No Uncertain
08:15:14 <CalebD(16)> .
08:15:14 <CalebD(16)> .
08:15:15 <CalebD(16)> .
08:15:15 <CalebD(16)> .
08:17:02 <Kat> I'm right here - no need to flag!
08:17:26 <CalebD(16)> Kat, I know I did not flag it
08:19:45 <Kat> CalebD(16), I know - it was jarno!
08:20:23 <CalebD(16)> :thumbsup:
08:20:39 <Kat> "Hey Kat, that was Uncertain" Me- Thanks, my mistake I'll delete it! So simple!
08:21:36 <Kat> Sawmill now
08:21:40 <CalebD(16)> Sawmill now
08:21:46 <Kat> LOL
08:25:47 <CalebD(16)> Lion
08:27:30 <Kat> Nice! Lion on the board!
08:28:21 <CalebD(16)> LC
08:28:50 <CalebD(16)> Nice Cnditions for those on the boardwalk
08:28:59 <Kat> Looks like just a push
08:29:50 <CalebD(16)> Maybe the very end
08:30:31 <Kat> It has cleared up nicely!
08:32:16 <CalebD(16)> :thumbsup:
08:36:19 <Kat> Right on time OF
08:46:07 <CalebD(16)> Tardy
08:47:21 <.don> Sawmill
08:48:02 <CalebD(16)> .don, :thumbsup: Has been going seince 0820
08:48:16 <.don> :thumbsup:
08:52:10 <CalebD(16)> Sawmill Quit
08:54:09 <CalebD(16)> Duration of 30m 26s
08:54:13 <Geyser Guy> Steam coming from the area of the biscuit basin trail?
08:56:31 <CalebD(16)> Geyser Guy, Maybe
08:57:13 <CalebD(16)> Nice to have in-basin people reporting turban now
08:59:32 <Kat> CalebD(16), :thumbsup:
09:01:12 <CalebD(16)> Looks like sawmill was a medium duration (20-50m)
09:08:42 <Kat> UNNG -18
09:09:22 <Kat> and done
09:10:33 <Geyser Guy> I was 30 seconds to late :(
09:10:45 <Geyser Guy> I didnt click on the tab in time lol
09:11:07 <Kat> :(
09:11:59 <Kat> No daisy yet!
09:29:02 <Katie 🐻> Good morning
09:29:14 <Kat> Morning Katie
09:30:03 <Kat> Grand
09:41:26 <Kat> I think ns when I panned down - and 1B
09:54:08 <Kat> Actually 0929 was start time
10:02:43 <Kat1> Katie - are you driving this afternoon?
10:03:18 <Katie 🐻> I didn't hear anything, so I've been on standby. I can.
10:03:41 <Katie 🐻> I logged in.
10:04:16 <Kat1> I haven't heard anything eother, but I have to get ready for work. Thanks so much! Have a good drive
10:23:33 <Betty> morning all
10:23:44 <Katie 🐻> H i Betty
10:23:59 <Betty> hi Katie 🐻
10:29:12 <Katie 🐻> taking Hops out - brb
10:33:00 <Geyser Guy> Perfect timing lol
10:33:20 <Geyser Guy> Wait is this the end?
10:33:30 <Katie 🐻> yup - end
10:33:39 <Geyser Guy> :(
10:34:06 <Geyser Guy> Never mind lol not perfect timing
10:34:48 <Geyser Guy> Oh thanks for the recording
10:35:48 <Betty> :thumbsup::)
10:44:38 <Katie 🐻> having some cam issues this morning
10:50:05 <Katie 🐻> UGHHHHH
10:50:23 <Katie 🐻> Well, NG mostly missed
10:50:36 <Betty> wow
10:50:42 <Betty> nice catch
10:53:52 <Katie 🐻> lost cam - again!
10:54:10 <Betty> bah
10:56:22 <Katie 🐻> and again
10:57:42 <dc> For the most part, it is working fine for me today. Unusual!
10:57:59 <Katie 🐻> I'm just losing control
10:58:19 <dc> Were you ever in control?
10:58:44 <Katie 🐻> Yes. Am again now. It's just having hiccups
11:02:42 <dc> Betty, have you tried McCain's Potato Pops? I guess they are the German version of tater tots.
11:03:31 <Betty> dc, not yet, I try not to eat too much fried stuff
11:04:08 <dc> It is permitted when you wash them down with beer.
11:04:38 <dc> I believe you can cook them in the oven.
11:04:42 <Betty> hahahahaha
11:07:32 <Betty> :daisy:
11:07:37 <dc> flowers
11:11:18 <dc> Well, enjoy people watching.
11:33:53 <Betty> Bee is splashy
11:34:25 <Katie 🐻> It erupted this morning. But I've seen some splashes, too.
11:34:57 <Betty> time for a short interval then :-)
11:35:23 <Katie 🐻> that would be fun
11:57:46 <3> Howdy Kevin. Hope you are doing well today.
11:58:04 <Katie 🐻> Hi Kevin!
11:59:02 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> Hi. Did survive another night
11:59:34 <3> well done
12:01:18 <3> hopefully you are moving toward getting out of there soon
12:06:48 <Betty> hi Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β€πŸ’«πŸš‘, I should send you some Lebkuchen to make you feel better. They started to sell them here last week
12:08:27 <Betty> OF
12:08:37 <CalebD(16)> :thumbsup:
12:16:03 <CalebD(16)> I wonder is Little brother is still active
12:16:33 <Katie 🐻> Looked pretty quiet
12:16:44 <CalebD(16)> :(:(
12:17:04 <CalebD(16)> I was hoping it would stay active untill I got there
12:18:46 <Katie 🐻> Cam hiccuping on me again
12:21:55 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸ˜΅β> Yes on the lebkuchen Betty
12:22:43 <Betty> how is your arm? any better?
12:24:51 <CalebD(16)> Dep looks good
12:25:17 <CalebD(16)> Pushing at least
12:25:52 <Betty> there it is
12:26:02 <CalebD(16)> Dep
12:26:03 <CalebD(16)> .
12:26:04 <CalebD(16)> .
12:26:04 <CalebD(16)> .
12:28:56 <CalebD(16)> LC
12:34:47 <Geyser Guy> Hello and good afternoon
12:35:35 <CalebD(16)> Afternoon Geyser Guy
12:39:31 <3> perfect fall weather today in the basin
13:35:40 <Geyser Guy> My wifi went out lol
14:08:31 <Geyser guy ipho> My school is doing a security drill right now and we’re allowed on our phone’s
14:10:42 <Korben> Afternnon all
14:10:58 <Korben> Hi geyser guy, nice! Can I ask what grade?
14:13:31 <Betty> hi Korben, how was the time in the park?
14:14:56 <Geyser Guy> Korben, 7th lol
14:15:10 <Geyser Guy> im still in middle school
14:15:32 <dc> I see they are still sawing logs for boadwalks
14:16:46 <Korben> Geyser Guy, nice, that is about when I got started. Enjoy middle school while you can :)
14:16:58 <Geyser Guy> Korben, Well i try :)
14:17:56 <Korben> :)
14:18:11 <Korben> I'm still a highschooler, although this is my last year.
14:21:36 <Geyser Guy> Korben, Nice High school sounds fun lol
14:21:49 <Betty> BCCI is ie
14:22:19 <Korben> that is both early and late, important and unimportant all at the same time LOL :D
14:22:21 <Korben> Hi Betty
14:22:22 <Katie 🐻> May Bee WILL treat us to a short interval.
14:22:39 <Betty> would be nice
14:22:56 <Korben> It hates nighttime so would not be surprising
14:24:27 <dc> The bees have swarmed at night quite often.
14:26:57 <Geyser Guy> Is there a false entry on the eruption? It says that Beehive close to cone is erupting but i don't see anything. Mabey Im just blind lol
14:27:20 <Katie 🐻> that was 9 minutes ago. Doesn't last long
14:27:53 <Korben> It is very small, maybe an inch at maximum.
14:27:54 <Geyser Guy> Oh shoulda looked at the time before typing sorry
14:28:22 <Korben> All it really does is blip, you can kind of see it if the wind is blowing the right way, but most of the time when it is ie only in basin can tell.
14:29:04 <Betty> I did not see Brian on BW
14:29:36 <Betty> guess he just walked by
14:29:42 <Korben> With bsb back vent still dry, it might be a while
14:30:09 <Korben> I think we are back to the mode where BCCI means almost nothing, water in south means closer, and water in west is go time. That is how it's been trending for the last few weeks I am pretty sure
14:47:54 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Daisy
15:02:26 <Katie 🐻> It's like they are taking turns
15:09:21 <CalebD(16)> Perfect Conditions for Grand
15:16:10 <Betty> enjoy OF, night all
15:41:48 <Katie 🐻> Rainbow
15:55:58 <Katie 🐻> Hi Greg
15:56:08 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Hi Katie
15:57:22 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Nice OF with rainbow
16:01:17 <Greg 🀠 🩼> let me know when the controls are release
16:01:42 <Katie 🐻> The wheel is all yours and happy driving!
16:03:52 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Thanks for the coverage Katie
16:04:26 <Katie 🐻> Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘, glad to do it. :)
16:04:43 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Thanks for driving
16:04:59 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Kevin how are you doing?
16:05:10 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Guess this is the mash cam haha
16:09:01 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> I am making slow progress but looking better today. How are you?
16:10:27 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :castle:
16:10:48 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Surgery was Friday, muscle tightness and swelling sucks!
16:11:19 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> I can relate
16:12:00 <Katie 🐻> Are we taking turns? I'll have a surgery on Oct 24, if not before (I'm on cancellation move-up list). But not before Oct 10 - my employers will be out from Sept 22 - Oct 8.
16:13:24 <Greg 🀠 🩼> yikes. PT is the hardest
16:13:47 <Katie 🐻> I wanted to schedule it for Oct 12. Oct 13 is good, too. I'm told 2 week return to work, so that's perfect timing - no Griz home games until the end of October. haha
16:13:50 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Katie hope you will be ok.
16:13:55 <Katie 🐻> Yes, I really did try to schedule around home games.
16:14:33 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Priorities....
16:14:36 <Katie 🐻> There isn't much PT when they remove a uterus. :D So at least I don't have that to look forward to.
16:15:15 <Greg 🀠 🩼> WE will be praying for you and Matt
16:17:33 <Katie 🐻> Thanks. It's an outpatient robotic surgery these days. 2 hour surgery and I'll go home the same day. Then Matt will have to babysit for several days and then I need to continue to take it easy for 2 weeks and restricted for 6 weeks.
16:18:06 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Nor been a good summer for camops
16:18:53 <Katie 🐻> We're all just getting it all out of the way, right?
16:19:08 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Right.
16:21:02 <Greg 🀠 🩼> I hope I can stay awake to finish my cam shift tonight. My meds make me drowsy
16:24:17 <Katie 🐻> Greg 🀠 🩼, hopefully the geysers will cooperate. :)
16:24:33 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :thumbsup:
16:26:06 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :grand:
16:38:11 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :daisy:
16:42:28 <50> hopefully get Beehive this afternoon or evening
16:43:14 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Then Lion and Aurum and I will call it a day haha
16:43:27 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Thanks for saving them Katie.
16:43:55 <Katie 🐻> :D
16:44:38 <Katie 🐻> Keep a casual eye on Bee, too. It erupted this morning, but it has been kinda lively. Possible short interval? Could be a nice surprise.
16:45:05 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :thumbsup:
16:46:00 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Possible northern lights tonight
16:48:54 <50> Beehive looks pretty quiet right now
16:59:32 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :lion:
17:01:23 <Katie 🐻> Pretty pretty pretty
17:01:39 <Greg 🀠 🩼> I czan not zoom grrrr
17:02:13 <Katie 🐻> Greg 🀠 🩼, I had several hiccups today - lost control and had to reload the app and then eventually buttons became clickable again
17:03:15 <Greg 🀠 🩼> That worked grrrr
17:28:52 <3> BH posted
17:29:10 <3> so from quiet to erupted
17:29:57 <3> OF just started, right?
17:30:34 <3> BH is done
17:30:38 <Greg 🀠 🩼> yup
17:30:39 <3> 1718
17:30:54 <CalebD(16)> OF
17:30:55 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> BH will do that
17:31:17 <3> indy at 1708, not posted until after BH
17:31:39 <3> nice shorter interval
17:31:49 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :thumbsup:
18:18:51 <Korben> I love how Beehive pulls a short interval to stay out of the dark
18:22:43 <linda> evening all
18:22:51 <Korben> Hi Linda
18:22:58 <linda> Korben, hi
18:23:02 <Greg 🀠 🩼> hi linda
18:23:10 <linda> Greg 🀠 🩼, hi
18:23:11 <CalebD(16)> Hi Korben
18:23:19 <Korben> Hi Caleb, Greg
18:23:34 <Greg 🀠 🩼> hi korben
18:24:49 <Greg 🀠 🩼> :daisy:
18:35:17 <CalebD(16)> NG Extended fill start
18:40:26 <CalebD(16)> Lion
19:09:09 <Greg 🀠 🩼> OF Time
19:15:00 <Greg 🀠 🩼> It is PT time, so I will set the cam here. IF another cam opp wants to take the controls, have fun. Otherwise, thanks for tAGGING ALONG.
19:15:49 <Kevin πŸ€•πŸš‘> Good luck
19:16:28 <Greg 🀠 🩼> Thanks Kevin, oh so much fun LOL not