Showing logs for date: 2023-10-01
08:13:33 <Geyser Guy> Good morning everyone:)
08:30:05 <2> Hi Kevin
08:32:26 <2> :daisy:
13:21:52 <CalebD(T-4)> Afternoon all!
13:31:34 <CalebD(T-4)> LC
13:31:54 <CalebD(T-4)> or not, i guess just preplay
13:34:34 <CalebD(T-4)> More Preplay
14:07:47 <CalebD(T-4)> Sawmill Quit
14:08:09 <no> Not many here, they all think the world is closed today?
14:09:29 <no> Kevin is likely napping today. Most exciting part of the race was when someone ran out of gas, and someone tried to take extra gas with him.
14:09:56 <CalebD(T-4)> Daisy
14:10:55 <Geyser Guy> Nice Daisy in the steam
14:14:51 <3> Arty steam?
14:17:01 <CalebD(T-4)> 3, I think so
14:17:30 <CalebD(T-4)> OT
14:19:48 <3> Ive no doubt now. People have been waiting on it since 0900, so they are finally happy
14:20:08 <CalebD(T-4)> :thumbsup:
14:20:54 <CalebD(T-4)> Sawmill
14:47:12 <Geyser guy> Rather quiet day
19:05:57 <no> Very steamy. Kevin must not be watching because it would make him cold.
20:56:09 <Heheha> Heheha