Showing logs for date: 2023-10-17
06:46:35 <Betty> morning all
06:52:35 <Mario> Good morning Betty!
06:53:46 <Betty> hi Mario
07:07:14 <Kat> Good morning all!
07:07:47 <Betty> morning Kat
07:08:22 <Kat> Hi Betty - a chilly 67 in Florida this morning!
07:11:34 <Kat> I meant 57! It's fall here for a few days!
07:11:35 <Betty> we are at 51 this afternoon
07:11:57 <Kat> :thumbsup: I really like it!
07:23:19 <Kat> Grand ie
07:23:39 <Betty> nice
07:33:11 <Betty> 2nd
07:33:30 <Kat> :)
07:37:56 <CalebD> Morning all!
07:38:07 <Kat> Morning
07:38:18 <Betty> Guess you can call Grand 0722 ns
07:38:33 <Kat> :thumbsup:
07:38:35 <Betty> morning CalebD
07:44:44 <CalebD> Morning Betty
07:48:56 <Betty> nice bee splash
07:52:28 <Dave from B™> Hi everyone
07:52:44 <Betty> morning Dave from B™
07:52:44 <Kat> Morning Dave from B™
07:54:37 <Dave from B™> What a beautiful morning
07:55:20 <Kat> It really is!
08:00:15 <Kat> Little squirt
08:01:04 <Kat> OF
08:03:41 <Kat> Hi Kevin
08:03:49 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin
08:05:44 <Kat> Here comes the sun!
08:06:34 <CalebD> 18
08:06:42 <Kat> :thumbsup:
08:08:46 <CalebD> Tardy
08:09:17 <CalebD> Riverside ie?
08:09:36 <Kat> I think so
08:09:58 <CalebD> Maybe near the end of eruption
08:10:38 <Kat> I thought near start....
08:10:49 <Kat> Going to chnge to ie
08:10:52 <CalebD> Sawmill Quit
08:11:51 <CalebD> Done now, plus I think it would be steamier if it was ns
08:12:08 <Kat> still steam
08:12:24 <Kat> It's breezy out there
08:14:24 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
08:14:32 <CalebD> Dosen't matter no much
08:14:56 <Dave from B™> It is supposed to be very gusty here all afternoon
08:15:38 <CalebD> Bulger minor
08:22:26 <CalebD> MC
08:24:20 <CalebD> Splashy Lion
08:27:16 <Kat> Sawmill on
08:27:21 <CalebD> Sawmill and rocket ie
08:33:38 <Kevin 🦩😵> Morning I thinkk
08:33:54 <CalebD> Morning Kevin 🦩😵‍💫!
08:33:57 <Kat> :)
08:39:37 <CalebD> MC
08:46:19 <Betty> morning Kevin 🦩😵‍💫
09:02:14 <CalebD> Steamy Spa/GF
09:13:34 <CalebD> Daisy
09:13:44 <Kat> :daisy:
09:24:43 <Kat> BSB
09:24:51 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
09:37:36 <CalebD> OF
09:37:58 <Kat> Nope
09:38:11 <CalebD> Wow nice preplay
09:38:24 <Kat> :)
09:38:54 <Betty> hey, that´s OF ;-)
09:39:01 <CalebD> :p
09:45:27 <Kat> OF
09:45:35 <Kat> Nope
09:45:49 <Kat> Got me too!
09:46:08 <Betty> beehive
09:46:40 <Dave from B™> ...
09:47:34 <Dave from B™> Thanks
09:51:19 <Betty> we head to a short one...
09:51:40 <Kat> OF finally
09:52:31 <Betty> nice curtain
09:52:48 <Betty> a good one
09:52:53 <Kat> Pretty
09:53:00 <Betty> yup
09:53:46 <Kat> wind shift
09:55:10 <Betty> long
09:55:39 <Kat> Good OF!
10:04:44 <Kat> The cactus is back :)
10:06:04 <Kat> :lion:
10:33:30 <Kat> Bulger and tardy
10:35:17 <Kat> OT
10:35:19 <Betty> OT
10:35:50 <Kat> Nice Bulger
10:44:09 <3> Hello. Did the cam miss BH while on OF?
10:44:57 <Kat> 3, We bwere on OF, Betty caught it on static and we saw part of it!
10:45:05 <Betty> 3, hi, most of it
10:45:27 <3> glad you got some of it, good eyes again Betty
10:45:36 <Betty> thx
10:45:52 <Kat> Betty has eagle eyes!
10:46:52 <Betty> Kat, it has been a long time since I heard that. :-) as long as my stream is lagged
10:47:29 <Kat> I have a hard time catching Bee on static! You're good!
10:54:22 <3> It's nice to see Kevin's cactus!
10:54:45 <Betty> yes it is
10:58:23 <3> looks like an amazing day there
11:04:14 <3> 2 weeks and it will be the last day of the season
11:04:54 <Kat> Time is flying by!
11:10:25 <Kat> :daisy:
11:22:45 <Kat> Hope we don't miss Lion
11:23:23 <3> good possibility we will
11:23:39 <Kat> :thumbsup:
11:28:47 <Kat> :lion:
11:29:10 <3> yay, nice
11:29:30 <3> windier than I realized in basin
11:29:50 <Betty> kind of rainbow
11:31:03 <3> cool effect
11:32:18 <3> that was fun, and we did not miss OF
11:33:53 <Kat> Nice rainbow!
11:34:57 <3> basin wind is so weird. Lion was blowing the other direction from OF steam
11:35:15 <Kat> LOL
11:35:38 <3> it happens a lot that the hill is the other direction for wind
11:35:54 <Betty> yes
11:36:07 <CalebD> 3, :thumbsup:
11:36:35 <CalebD> I have videos of multiple OF/Bee duals with the wind going in diffrent directions
11:38:03 <Kat> OF
11:38:15 <Kat> No preplay Haha
11:38:53 <CalebD> Kat, It got you two :)
11:39:27 <Kat> It did! OF is weird today LOL
11:40:18 <3> I see it posted as in basin time so I was waiting for it...
11:40:40 <Kat> My mistake -I deleted
11:45:10 <Kat> OF
11:45:15 <Betty> boom
11:53:24 <Kat> Sawmill ie
11:53:40 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:05:52 <Kat> BRB need coffee and time to get some things together for work....
12:08:32 <Dave from B™> I'm going to respond for Kevin......."work?"
12:10:03 <CalebD> :p
12:10:24 <Kat> Dave from B™, yep - work! At some point today I'll need to leave before Greg comes on!
12:11:15 <Kat> Dave from B™, like you I do a little work! LOL
12:12:33 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, you are enjoying it
12:14:55 <Kat> Dave from B™, I am!
12:15:09 <CalebD> Aftry
12:15:12 <CalebD> *Afty
12:15:18 <CalebD> *Arty
12:15:21 <Betty> :-)
12:15:29 <Kat> 3 xtimes is a charm!
12:15:40 <Kat> :)
12:15:42 <CalebD> Those silent f's are tricky :lol:
12:15:50 <Kat> hahaha
12:16:37 <CalebD> Looks like a 1212 start
12:17:01 <Betty> not enough steam for arty
12:17:28 <CalebD> I think it is, it is far
12:18:27 <CalebD> Tardy
12:19:18 <Betty> looks good now, :thumbsup:
12:20:31 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:21:52 <CalebD> I would imagine that it will get more steamy as the eruption progreses and covers the platform with hot water
12:22:32 <Betty> and the wind does not help either.
12:22:54 <CalebD> Thats true also
12:25:48 <CalebD> Sawmill Quit
12:29:25 <CalebD> Spatter
12:30:25 <Betty> where is Spatter?
12:31:09 <CalebD> Betty, It is right across the river from Sprinkler
12:31:38 <CalebD> Still going actulaly
12:32:07 <Kat> Someone must have named it - it's not in the system
12:32:56 <CalebD> Kat, It was named back in 1959 but has been dormant from 1962 untill a few weeks ago, it may not be spatter but is in the right area
12:33:18 <CalebD> Nice a ~4m, longest I have seen from it
12:34:48 <Betty> fun, thanks CalebD
12:35:07 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:35:48 <Kat> Thanks Caleb!
12:38:18 <CalebD> Here's a quick video of it I got while I was in-basin :
12:39:35 <Kat> Cool
12:40:55 <Betty> you can see it from the bridge?
12:41:25 <Betty> or from bw at Tilts baby?
12:41:29 <CalebD> Betty, Yeah but not very well. I got that video about halfway between Castle and the Bridge
12:41:45 <Betty> :thumbsup:
12:42:48 <CalebD> Lion wet roar
12:43:02 <CalebD> MC
12:44:07 <CalebD> Unng-ghg-18
12:44:33 <Betty> yep
12:44:38 <CalebD> Another roar
12:45:27 <CalebD> Roar #3, I think Lion is done
12:45:38 <CalebD> Though Dep does look god
12:45:41 <CalebD> *good
12:47:03 <CalebD> Yeah another Lion roar
12:51:14 <Betty> goggles must be full
12:51:23 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
12:52:01 <3> Kat, will you need to leave before Grand ?
12:52:41 <Kat> Yes, I'll probably leave it down basin or nught view
12:52:48 <Kat> night*
12:53:10 <3> what time do you have to go?
12:53:23 <CalebD> Kat, Can you leave it in Down Basin view? Lion and Bee are both done for now
12:54:09 <Kat> Leaving around 2 - 2:15 your time
12:54:32 <3> :thumbsup:
12:54:36 <Betty> who is next? john at 1400?
12:54:50 <Betty> bah, at 1500
12:54:50 <Kat> Greg I believe
12:55:25 <CalebD> Only a 45-60m gap to to bad
12:55:27 <Kat> Greg staets at 1600 I believe
12:55:33 <Kat> starts
12:55:40 <CalebD> Plus we do not have to go to OF :)
12:55:59 <Kat> CalebD, we are supposed to...
12:56:29 <CalebD> You ahve to leave it on OF if you are not here?
12:56:43 <Kat> CalebD, we are supposed to
12:56:49 <CalebD> :(
12:57:27 <3> I thought you said you will leave it down basin, I am confused...
12:57:28 <Kat> OF will have gone before I leave so....I mat break the rules! LOL
12:57:40 <Kat> may*
12:57:52 <Kat> 3, I will
12:58:04 <3> :thumbsup:
12:59:43 <3> DanS must be in the lower basin today, or at Norris
13:00:19 <Kat> Haven't seen him post today
13:04:30 <Kat> :daisy:
13:05:27 <Kat> getvideo[4] Daisy
13:06:41 <Kat> 1302 start
13:07:01 <Kat> Hi Michelle!
13:07:25 <Michelle> Kat, hi. You need a break in a few minutes?
13:08:08 <Michelle> Just got home and need to scrounge me something to eat real quick, then if you need me, I can take it
13:09:06 <Kat> Michelle, here to save the day! I'll wait then I have to get dressed for work!
13:09:36 <Kat> Thank you!
13:11:37 <Betty> I know 3 Michelles, and all are awesome :-) must be the name :-D
13:12:01 <Kat> Betty, :)
13:14:00 <Betty> thx Michelle for helping out
13:16:37 <Kat> big pre=play
13:17:09 <Kat> OF
13:24:23 <Michelle> Ok, I am back. Thank you guys, you made my day much better!
13:25:15 <Michelle> Kat, are you ready for a break?
13:26:11 <Kat> Michelle, yep! I really appreciate you jumping on! Time to get ready for work! Perfect timing! Appreciate you!
13:26:35 <Betty> thx for driving, Kat
13:26:46 <Kat> Betty, yw!
13:27:18 <Michelle> Kat, no problem. Thank you for driving and everything you do!! You are awesome!
13:27:58 <Dave from B™> A flexible relief driver.....thanks, Michelle:)
13:28:13 <Michelle> yw
13:28:38 <Betty> as I said, all Michelles I know are awesome :-)
13:29:27 <Michelle> Are we watching Bee and Lion or did they both go?
13:29:43 <Betty> both are done
13:30:03 <Michelle> :thumbsup: thank you
13:30:03 <Dave from B™> Yes, I agree. I've know one for almost 36 years
13:30:34 <Betty> she is one of them :-D regrets to her
13:30:51 <Kat> Dave from B™, :)
13:31:15 <Kat> Michelle, thx Michelle
13:31:24 <Michelle> An hour ago I was about as cranky as I could be.
13:31:32 <3> thanks so much Kat for driving!!
13:32:13 <3> did you pick up your mom Michelle?
13:33:22 <Michelle> 3, I managed. She missed her train, had to go into downtown and meet her at Central Station, but we got it done! It is scary down there.
13:33:44 <3> oh no, sorry to hear that happened
13:34:15 <3> Are there local trains around you? Where did she travel from?
13:35:09 <3> I did not realize Utah had a lot of train service
13:35:19 <Michelle> She takes an Uber to the train, Uber was late, missed the train. Next train is an express, stops downtown, but from there no stops until Provo, so she had to get off downtown.
13:35:47 <3> where did she start?
13:37:49 <Michelle> Ogden. I usually pick her up in Murray by IHC, it's a nice quiet station without all the homeless and crazy people who talk to themselves
13:38:56 <3> I had no idea downtown Provo was like that
13:39:03 <Michelle> Yes!! We have a Turban caller!:)
13:39:06 <3> glad it all worked out, and thanks for helping out here
13:40:26 <Michelle> 3, not Provo. Downtown Salt Lake. Not what it used to be down there.
13:42:07 <Michelle> I miss the Salt lake I grew up in. So different, but then again, so is the whole world😁
13:42:30 <Betty> so true
13:43:56 <3> Oh, got it, that is where I originally thought you meant
13:44:05 <Michelle> 3, Ogden to Provo has Frontrunner trains, then Salt Lake has Trax, which is light rail
13:45:17 <3> thanks Michelle.
13:45:36 <3> I hope her ride home is less eventful
13:48:54 <Michelle> 3, me too. Just glad we realized she was on an express train before it took her to Provo! Could have been much worse and for that i am thankful!
13:50:01 <Dave from B™> Reminds me of our last trip to Belgium. We missed our stop and waved at the party that was picking up and we continued on to the next stop. We were rescued there:)
13:51:42 <Michelle> Dave from B™, 😂😂 good they saw you!
13:51:52 <Michelle> :grand:
13:52:25 <3> nice start
13:53:36 <3> and spikes instead of just steam, yay
13:59:30 <Kat> Off to work! Bye all!
13:59:40 <3> bye Kat have a good shift
14:00:22 <Michelle> Kat, Have a wonderful rest of the day, if possible!
14:03:01 <3> when we have no other geyser in play it is always on one burst it seems
14:04:05 <Kevin 🦩🌵> Remember Snelgrove Michelle?
14:04:47 <Michelle> Kevin 🦩🌵, yes I do!! Grew up just down the street from there!😊
14:05:46 <Kevin 🦩🌵> My Aunt worked there. Loved the cherry ice cream
14:06:12 <Michelle> Kevin 🦩🌵, and further on up the road was Fernwoods where you could get a "Pigs trough or dinner"
14:07:21 <Kevin 🦩🌵> Those were awesome
14:10:18 <Michelle> A lot of ice cream! Dang, I miss those days!
14:11:06 <Michelle> guess in basin isn't going to record that Grand
14:11:42 <Kevin 🦩🌵> What was the place that had the awesome milkshakes?
14:11:45 <Michelle> Kevin 🦩🌵, I think I just put on 5lbs thinking about it!😂
14:12:18 <Michelle> Kevin 🦩🌵, Iceberg, if you are talking about the over the top shakes!
14:14:06 <Michelle> I recorded Grand as ns, that way the experts can get it recorded the correct way.
14:16:21 <Michelle> Riverside
14:16:33 <Betty> :thumbsup:
14:36:51 <Betty> Sawmill
14:43:45 <Michelle> Maybe Daisy before we have to go to OF
14:44:12 <Betty> hopefully
14:48:38 <Michelle> Daisy is trying
14:49:42 <3> it will be a few more minutes....
14:49:58 <3> unless a super short interval
14:50:01 <Michelle> OF window.
14:50:33 <Michelle> Trying to push it, but don't think we will get it
14:51:03 <3> Kat squeaked in Lion today, yet always a chance...
14:51:13 <3> or gamble I guess is better word
14:51:46 <Michelle> She is trying real hard!
14:51:52 <Michelle> :daisy::daisy::daisy:
14:52:23 <3> wow, nice
14:52:42 <3> well done Daisy and Michelle
14:53:17 <Michelle> Hoping the static don't let me down!:)
14:54:14 <3> OF
14:54:16 <3> ie
14:55:35 <Michelle> I am in trouble. Moved it too fast
14:56:11 <3> it seemed like slow motion to me
14:56:18 <3> you got most of it
14:56:55 <Michelle> Cam froze
14:57:06 <CalebD> :(
14:57:15 <Michelle> Bad Michelle
14:57:28 <Michelle> No more pushing the limits!:)
14:57:33 <3> really, you got most of it, no worries
14:57:42 <3> yes, keep pushing, you get rewarded
14:58:21 <Michelle> Ok, I have 1454ie, anyone know if it was a long or a short😂
14:58:42 <3> NPS has long
14:59:11 <3> acting like long
14:59:53 <Michelle> :thumbsup: long it is!
15:00:29 <Michelle> some dramatic clouds moving across the hill
15:01:22 <Michelle> Oblong
15:01:32 <3> nice
15:02:06 <Michelle> Bulger
15:03:01 <3> have you seen any water at Oblong?
15:03:27 <Michelle> 3, thought I did when we first came over
15:03:40 <3> maybe wind keeping it down
15:06:34 <Michelle> 3, maybe. Cant tell even on the video. Looks like a maybe
15:07:50 <Michelle> Well, it just kicked me out
15:07:59 <3> more steam when you first panned over, yet who knows?
15:08:32 <3> I cannot tell if this picture is frozen or not
15:08:40 <3> nope, there is a car, not frozen
15:09:12 <Michelle> That was interesting
15:09:38 <CalebD> Maybe just after the eruption finished
15:09:41 <Michelle> Came back up zoomed all the way out
15:12:51 <Michelle> I think we just missed an Oblong
15:15:11 <3> too hard for me to guess on it
15:15:24 <3> you may be right though, a lot less steam now
15:18:59 <Michelle> Keeps shooting up steam and quite the crowd over there
15:19:37 <Michelle> crowd is dispersing now👍
15:20:02 <3> I think they were just hanging out at that bench, unrelated to Oblong
15:20:09 <3> but yes, on steam
15:20:22 <Michelle> another burst of steam
15:20:28 <3> so maybe no eruption, as it empties after the eruption
15:20:36 <3> just pushes?
15:20:57 <3> at least it used to empty after, not sure what is does nowadays
15:22:00 <Michelle> Nothing in the window, so we cam watch for a minute
15:23:13 <CalebD> 3, It might have emptied, and steaming from an empty crater
15:23:18 <CalebD> Sprinkler
15:23:32 <3> yes, was just thinking that Caleb
15:23:51 <3> but if you look at video, we never saw water, could have been the end of the eruption though
15:24:08 <CalebD> Thats what I think it was
15:26:28 <Michelle> DanS gave me an education about steam at Oblong once, but I can't remember anything he told me.😁
15:26:47 <3> LOL
15:28:19 <CalebD> Massive splash from Rocket
15:29:47 <Michelle> MC
15:31:09 <CalebD> :thumbsup: ie as the cam paned from down basin
15:32:10 <CalebD> LS quit
15:33:38 <Michelle> Tardy
15:36:24 <CalebD> Nice long tardy
15:37:56 <CalebD> ~5m long
15:40:57 <CalebD> Afternoon Greg!
15:41:06 <3> have to go, thanks for driving Michelle, for filling in like that. Looks like your replacement is here!
15:41:36 <CalebD> Bye 3
15:42:21 <Michelle> 3, have a wonderful afternoon. Thanks for tagging along!😊
15:43:14 <3> bye, hope your mom has a nice visit
15:43:30 <Greg 🤠> Hello all
15:44:35 <Michelle> 3, oh no. No visit, she is back in Ogden now!😂
15:44:47 <CalebD> Cascade looks murky
15:45:12 <CalebD> LS & Silver Spring exact start times
15:46:51 <CalebD> Nice Silver spring burst
15:47:13 <Michelle> Greg 🤠, hello
15:52:48 <CalebD> How wierd, the little squuirt entries from all day grouped with the one I just posted
15:52:54 <Greg 🤠> Ready when you are Michelle
15:53:20 <Michelle> Greg 🤠, all yours!! controls released!
15:53:38 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for driving
15:53:55 <CalebD> THanks for driving Michelle!
15:54:21 <Michelle> Greg 🤠, and thank you for taking over. Have a wonderful evening!
15:56:19 <Michelle> Bye all!
16:03:14 <Betty> night Michelle, and thx
16:07:23 <Betty> hiGreg 🤠
16:08:57 <Greg 🤠> Hi Betty
16:24:01 <Betty> need sleep, night all
16:26:00 <Greg 🤠> Good night Betty, sleep well
16:39:40 <Greg 🤠> OF Time
16:40:00 <CalebD> OF
16:40:35 <CalebD> Tiny OF
16:40:47 <CalebD> I would say probabbloy under 00ft
16:40:51 <CalebD> *100ft
16:42:15 <Greg 🤠> :thumbsup: lonmg though
16:43:05 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
16:43:33 <CalebD> Tardy
16:45:25 <CalebD> Diasy
17:09:37 <KorbenC> Evening all
17:10:04 <CalebD> Hi Korben!
17:10:16 <KorbenC> Hey Caleb
17:10:35 <KorbenC> CalebD, scrolling through GT, do you think you could change your Arty from earlier to ie?
17:11:09 <CalebD> I have it on video, first steam over the tress in the last 5m, so I think it is the start time
17:11:54 <KorbenC> Might be the first wc steam, but its not possible to see the exact start from the wc since the pool will flood and thump for awhile sometimes before steam becomes visible from wc
17:12:06 <CalebD> KorbenC, :thumbsup:
17:12:10 <CalebD> Will change
17:12:17 <KorbenC> Not sure if you had a chance to look at it while you are there, but the pool will come up alot and flood when the eruption starts :)
17:12:48 <KorbenC> Thanks! Ben commented on it too, it's like a big Oblong.
17:13:06 <CalebD> I watched ti for ~30m but did not see it or atomizer erupt :(
17:13:26 <CalebD> Yeah see the comment now
17:13:49 <KorbenC> Thats too bad, it can be a pain to catch. The pool fluctuations are soooo small.
17:14:05 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
18:03:53 <Greg 🤠> I like the kolors and shadows
18:19:58 <Kevin 🦩🌵> I love the thumping
18:20:12 <Greg 🤠> Howdy Kevin
18:20:18 <Kevin 🦩🌵> Hi
18:21:41 <Kevin 🦩🌵> It is amazing how tiring walking across a room and lifting legs can be.
18:22:29 <Greg 🤠> OF Time
18:35:54 <Greg 🤠> Kevin, I totally understand'
18:36:00 <Greg 🤠> :castle: :castle: :castle:
18:41:02 <Greg 🤠> :daisy: :daisy:
18:59:00 <Greg> Controls have been released, thanks for tagging along.
19:02:55 <CalebD=> Greg, Can you add "Major" to your actsle entry?
19:04:47 <CalebD=> I guess not :p