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00:11:40 <23> Lot of steam at castle
06:47:25 <CraigC> grotto
07:00:52 <work for free> Good Morning. Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!
07:01:17 <CraigC> morning
07:02:25 <work for free> Look like OF went off a little while ago.
07:03:59 <CraigC> work for free, how do you tell, I haven't really watched how it looks after
07:08:26 <uu> on static Of hs not erupted in the last 30 min
07:08:54 <uu> has not
07:10:05 <uu> LA
07:26:23 <CraigC> what is that?
07:26:33 <CraigC> penta?
07:26:48 <Dave from B™> Grotto?
07:27:06 <CraigC> guess it is spasmodic
07:27:09 <Dave from B™> That may be a tad too far right for Penta
07:27:30 <CraigC> lot of forced steam
07:27:34 <Dave from B™> Steam blowing to the left...yeah spasmodic
07:28:10 <CraigC> Dave from B™, morning
07:28:43 <Dave from B™> Morning! You have a better view this morning.
07:28:58 <CraigC> yeah, a view
07:31:14 <CraigC> sawmill ie
07:32:14 <Dave from B™> As soon as Castle or Grand goes it will be super foggy
07:42:55 <Betty> morning all
07:43:23 <CraigC> Betty, howdy :)
07:43:53 <Dave from B™> Hi Betty
07:44:35 <Betty> hey Dave from B™, CraigC
07:48:11 <Mike J> Good morning all. And a happy pre-turkey day.
07:48:28 <Dave from B™> Morning Mike J
07:48:30 <Mike J> And I for one, am thankful the cam is still working, and that we have it, no matter how cantankerous it gest sometims
07:48:35 <Mike J> sometimes
07:48:56 <Mike J> gets sometimes. (Must be in a hurry for food.)
07:49:17 <CraigC> Mike J, howdy dude
07:49:22 <Dave from B™> Yes, better than only having the static cam
07:49:38 <CraigC> :gt:
07:50:01 <Mike J> I remember my excitement when we first got it. And I used to gather my co-workers around the computer, and they would walk away perplexed at my excitement.
07:50:17 <CraigC> >(
07:51:10 <CraigC> I get that a lot at Grotto Fountain eruptions, when I tell people walking past to check it out
07:51:54 <Mike J> CraigC, I like to show the cam during breaks when I'm giving presentations. I can usually get one or two people interested...kind of
07:52:09 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
07:54:25 <Betty> hi Mike J, good job :-)
07:56:23 <Dave from B™> I know Kevin got his dentist hooked.
08:01:21 <Dave from B™> comeback line from Mike or Craig? You guys need coffee or something:)
08:02:23 <CraigC> lol
08:19:43 <CraigC> :daisy:
08:19:56 <CalebD> :thumbsup:
08:19:57 <CraigC> oops, nope
08:21:09 <CraigC> tardy
08:22:28 <CalebD> False start :lol:
08:23:15 <CraigC> now
08:23:51 <Betty> yep
08:32:26 <CraigC> 3c
08:32:36 <CraigC> nice ones
08:32:38 <CraigC> wow
08:34:27 <CraigC> very busy action going on
08:42:13 <CraigC> tardy
08:43:07 <Dave from B™> trifecta
09:02:15 <CraigC> 3c
09:05:49 <CraigC> wow, 3c is a lot bigger than it used to be when I hung out there
09:06:14 <Katie 🐻🏈> Good morning
09:06:22 <CraigC> Katie 🐻🏈🐻, howdy
09:18:09 <Dave from B™> Morning Kevin, Katie
09:21:55 <Kevin 🌵🦩> Morning
09:22:17 <Betty> morning Kevin 🌵🦩, Katie 🐻🏈🐻
09:27:12 <CraigC> :gt:
09:31:55 <Betty> bbl
09:35:36 <CraigC> tardy
09:40:39 <CraigC> 3c
09:46:10 <Dave from B™> You are king of the small geysers today
09:50:21 <CraigC> tardy
09:54:39 <CraigC> 3c
10:02:20 <Katie 🐻🏈> I can take cam for a while if/when you are ready, Craig.
10:03:16 <CraigC> Katie 🐻🏈🐻, thanks!!!, All yours, now
10:03:56 <CraigC> Katie 🐻🏈🐻, when is next person on?
10:04:35 <Katie 🐻🏈> Typically at 4:00. Technically, I CAN stay until 4:00, but I'd prefer to be done around 2:00 today.
10:05:03 <CraigC> Katie 🐻🏈🐻, if I am around, I'll try to come give you relief
10:08:15 <Katie 🐻🏈> :thumbsup:
10:28:12 <7> :daisy:
10:51:30 <Katie 🐻🏈> Indy@
10:51:45 <Katie 🐻🏈> .
10:51:45 <Katie 🐻🏈> .
10:51:46 <Katie 🐻🏈> .
10:51:46 <Katie 🐻🏈> .
10:51:46 <Katie 🐻🏈> .
10:51:46 <Katie 🐻🏈> .
10:51:46 <Katie 🐻🏈> ..
10:52:05 <3> yay, good timing to pop in
10:52:44 <3> BH looks ready
10:53:06 <Dave from B™> You need to teach CraigC how to find the big geysers:D
10:53:15 <Katie 🐻🏈> ha ha
10:53:43 <Greg 🤠> Thanks for the email and good morning
10:54:17 <Katie 🐻🏈> And then get on them more gracefully that I got on Indy. I had to log back in a few times and last time I failed to turn on center aiming AGAIN. Then I assume it's on, because I usually DO turn it on.
10:55:35 <Katie 🐻🏈> Yesterday under the same still conditions, the water column was exceptionally high
10:56:56 <3> 2 in a row in daylight, woo hoo
10:58:36 <Dave from B™> wb 3
10:58:57 <3> hey Dave, did you finish your lights?
10:59:14 <Dave from B™> Yes, I did
10:59:27 <3> nice, looks like weather might change soon
11:01:27 <3> though very little snow in the forecast for your region
11:01:33 <3> or Yellowstone
11:01:42 <DanS (working)> :bee:
11:01:55 <DanS (working)> faked me
11:02:03 <3> I must be on a delay from Dan...
11:02:09 <3> oh, false alarm
11:02:48 <DanS (working)> big preplay
11:03:27 <3> :bee:
11:03:28 <Dave from B™> They had been talking 4-8" for us but I haven't checked in the last 24 hours.
11:03:30 <DanS (working)> :bee:
11:03:33 <Katie 🐻🏈> faing steambow
11:03:39 <Katie 🐻🏈> *faint
11:03:44 <Katie 🐻🏈> there it is
11:03:52 <3> nice
11:04:39 <3> a moving steambow
11:04:48 <3> I like that name katie
11:05:23 <Dave from B™> very nice
11:05:25 <kc (working)> bueno
11:06:11 <3> wow
11:06:53 <3> fleeting but so fun, the steambow
11:07:21 <3> will someone post that video for Betty? She will love it
11:07:35 <Katie 🐻🏈> 3, yup. just waiting for end of water to record
11:07:45 <3> :thumbsup:
11:07:56 <DanS (working)> OF static
11:07:58 <3> OF on static
11:11:56 <DanS (working)> Beehive start 1102
11:12:36 <Katie 🐻🏈> :thumbsup: corrected
11:13:21 <DanS (working)> Thx. Think that OF was long...
11:13:46 <DanS (working)> you got it:)
11:14:11 <Katie 🐻🏈> DanS (working), yeah, I rewound static to get OF start time and check duration was long
11:14:38 <DanS (working)> :thumbsup:
11:15:03 <DanS (working)> Glad you stayed with BH!
11:16:56 <Katie 🐻🏈> :thumbsup:
11:37:39 <Katie 🐻🏈> People!
11:37:59 <Katie 🐻🏈> More people on static
11:46:50 <Katie 🐻🏈> Clouds have moved in. Good thing they waited until after the Bee show!
11:47:04 <3> yes, we were so lucky
11:54:26 <3> Turban
11:54:38 <3> Good to have track of it now
11:54:49 <Katie 🐻🏈> Yup!
12:20:46 <Katie 🐻🏈> Hi Betty
12:20:48 <3> maybe Turban?
12:21:00 <Katie 🐻🏈> Don't think so, but...
12:21:17 <Betty> hi again
12:22:01 <3> Hey Betty, a really beautiful BH video awaits you
12:22:21 <Betty> hi 3
12:25:45 <Katie 🐻🏈> :daisy:
12:27:34 <3> what is that this side of Grotto?
12:28:01 <3> Bijou?
12:29:27 <Betty> I think so
12:30:23 <3> No Grand found yet today
12:30:55 <Katie 🐻🏈> Hopefully it doesn
12:31:04 <Katie 🐻🏈> not hide from us in the OF window
12:32:49 <Dave from B™> It's a possibility
12:34:29 <3> could always do quick scans over
12:38:02 <Dave from B™> Thanks, Katie. I know that is against the rules.
12:39:34 <Katie 🐻🏈> When there is an NPS prediction (which is usually later than GT prediction), I figure that's the one I'm bound to. There is no NPS prediction now. Now, I'll honor the spirit and mostly be on OF for eruption window through end of water, but...
12:41:39 <3> Dave M and Michelle pan back and forth quite often during the OF window.
12:41:46 <Katie 🐻🏈> I do know of teachers who do OF timing/predicting exercises when NPS predictions are not posted. NPS does, too. It an letter once, it was one of the reasons for us to adhere to the Prime Directive
12:42:04 <3> :thumbsup:
12:42:55 <3> it would be fun to see statistics on how many people are watching the cam
12:43:27 <Katie 🐻🏈> And if a classroom was watching, waiting, timing OF and we decided to leave it, well...
12:43:53 <Katie 🐻🏈> NPS does have view stats for their page. Every now and then they tell us. It's pretty impressive!
12:44:20 <3> like what is a normal day count?
12:44:25 <Dave from B™> I wonder what the #2 page in the NPS is?
12:44:49 <Katie 🐻🏈> I'
12:44:56 <Dave from B™> Is their a brown bear webcam in AK
12:45:00 <Katie 🐻🏈> I'll see if I can find an old email with a stat
12:45:10 <Katie 🐻🏈> The Brooks Falls cam
12:45:16 <Kevin 🌵🦩> BH likes PT
12:45:42 <Dave from B™> I forgot the name..Thanks, Katie
12:46:00 <Dave from B™> More than you do, Kevin:)
12:47:35 <3> very nice video for you today Kevin
12:50:26 <Dave from B™> 3, did you see Graham's pics from yesterday?
12:52:11 <Katie 🐻🏈> In 2019, by March 5, there had been 995,473 unique views with an average view time of 2.5 hours. So approximately 15k viewers per day.
12:52:25 <Katie 🐻🏈> OF
12:53:33 <Dave from B™> wow
12:54:35 <Katie 🐻🏈> And, of course, a classroom would count as 1 viewer, and that is based on unique IP's, so multiple individuals in the same network wouldn't be counted, either. So it's a conservative number.
12:55:55 <Katie 🐻🏈> (unique views is browser sessions on the same IP and total views is total number of browser sessions)
13:03:26 <3> Thanks for the stat Katie. That is a lot and I bet it has only gone up.
13:03:34 <Betty> looks like Turban
13:04:13 <3> Dave from B™, I did see Graham's latest posts. What a place. Did you guys go there?
13:06:07 <Dave from B™> Yes, I loved Waimangu. Unfortunately, we went to Waiotapu in the morning and didn't have a whole lot time there in the afternoon. It is worth a whole day.
13:06:08 <3> it is so lush. I am amazed that people live so close to the place he was at a few days ago, right next door, like condos next to a golf course.
13:07:17 <Dave from B™> Rotorua is a large town that is next to the place you are talking about. Their city park even has thermanl features!
13:08:04 <3> I sure hope it does not cost the locals $50 US equivalent to get in to the geyser area
13:08:38 <3> interesting all the places are private
13:09:58 <Dave from B™> I think it does but I'm not positive. Maybe there is a yearly pass. They really aren't crazy for geysers like we are:)
13:10:24 <3> there must be some that have interest....
13:10:47 <Dave from B™> I know there aren't that many books written about it.
13:11:49 <3> I'm glad he had a blue sky day yesterday, hope it is nice for him again today
13:13:55 <Dave from B™> It should get nicer as he moves north. I'm assuming he is spending time around Auckland before he leaves
13:14:53 <Dave from B™> It is 1000 miles from north to south NZ so weather patterns are different in the north
13:15:13 <Dave from B™> from northern tip of North Island to southern tip of South Island
13:17:06 <3> that makes sense
13:17:30 <3> overall he has been pretty lucky considering how much rain some areas get annually
13:18:06 <Dave from B™> If he wanted better weather, he could have went from north to south
13:18:27 <Dave from B™> Sounds like he has had a great time
13:23:49 <Dave from B™> 3, Inferno Crater is amazing. I actually saw it in overflow. It pumps out much more water than Excelsior does. Here's a google link to explore it...
13:23:51 <Dave from B™>
13:24:43 <3> thanks Dave, it looks amazing
13:25:07 <3> did Michelle and you go to the public pools?
13:25:50 <Dave from B™> It comes rushing down a narrow canyon when it leaves the lake. The trail goes along side it. It was very hot. It was almost uncomfortable to be in the canyon at that time because of the heat
13:26:08 <Dave from B™> We did not go to the public pools
13:27:04 <Dave from B™> We spent 3 nights in Rotorua where Graham has 5 or 6, I believe
13:29:16 <3> I thought his photos showed the progression well, before it arrived at the public part
13:30:10 <Dave from B™> There is more of a Maori prescense in the Rotorua region of the North Island. I wouldn't be surprised if they benefit from the admissions in all thermal areas.
13:30:34 <3> even if they are privately held?
13:31:20 <Dave from B™> the main area with the large geysers is actually right next to a Maori settlement. I'm not sure about the other areas
13:31:41 <Dave from B™> In fact, a deluze tour includes a tour into the Maori settlement
13:31:54 <Dave from B™> The guides were Maori in that area
13:32:25 <3> thanks for all the insights Dave.
13:32:38 <3> Do we think Grand is pre eruptive?
13:33:00 <3> Seems like continual steam from Turban area
13:33:23 <Dave from B™> 3, would that indicate post eruptive?
13:33:41 <Dave from B™> It is 35F now
13:34:16 <3> Pool looks full, so thinking it has not erupted yet
13:34:36 <3> just confusing.
13:34:53 <Dave from B™> How big is your screen to see the pool?
13:35:20 <3> I can see steam over it, though maybe NOT from pool...
13:35:34 <3> rethinking it all today...
13:35:36 <Dave from B™> Perhaps something else is erupting on the platform
13:35:56 <3> west triplet area maybe
13:36:43 <Dave from B™> Definitely something happening at west triplet
13:38:05 <Dave from B™> I don't think we missed it but that is only a hunch and I don't have a good track record on hunches
13:38:52 <3> the steam near Turban does seem continual, I wonder if Rift is erupting
13:40:39 <Katie 🐻🏈> 3, oh noooooo
13:40:44 <Katie 🐻🏈> not a Rift delay
13:40:52 <Katie 🐻🏈> pleaswe
13:41:13 <3> I'm baffled Katie
13:41:30 <3> and if Rift started recently, it might not delay this interval but next
13:41:42 <Dave from B™> I thknk Rift steam would appear a little closer
13:42:21 <3> can you zoom at all Dave? If you look near where Rift rocks are, it is quite steamy low down
13:42:53 <Dave from B™> Yeah..I'm looking at that area now
13:43:10 <3> I do suspect it is erupting
13:43:37 <Dave from B™> 3, I'm leaning towards agreeing with you
13:44:09 <Dave from B™> There is low steam. There would be none if Rift wasn't erupting
13:44:17 <3> again though, might not delay Grand by any big amount of time
13:45:18 <3> increase in steam, maybe Turban now
13:45:35 <Dave from B™> Isn't is just the long 4+ hour interval Rifts that cause problems?
13:46:41 <3> I think so
13:46:54 <3> We need Caleb or Korben to chime in
13:47:11 <Katie 🐻🏈> Or Graham :D
13:47:15 <Dave from B™> Hopefully, Grand erupts before the next OF
13:47:37 <3> well Graham has other geysers on his mind...:)
13:47:55 <3> let's call up HK, ha
13:54:17 <Dave from B™> wb, CraigC
13:54:28 <CraigC> Katie 🐻🏈🐻, want me to take cam?
13:54:34 <CraigC> Dave from B™, howdy
13:54:55 <Katie 🐻🏈> CraigC, sure. I saved Grand for you. :)
13:55:01 <CraigC> :thumbsup:
13:55:19 <CraigC> ok, I have it
13:55:33 <Katie 🐻🏈> Thanks and happy driving!
13:55:44 <CraigC> Katie 🐻🏈🐻, enjoy your day
13:56:01 <Dave from B™> Katie, thanks for driving. Enjoy Thanksgiving
13:56:16 <Katie 🐻🏈> Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving, all.
13:57:01 <Katie 🐻🏈> I'll be watching off and on for a little while longer. I need to do a few more things at the office and then, since I have only had one cuswtomer interaction today, I'm gonna call it quits and go pick up Barley in Lolo and head to Anaconda
13:57:55 <Dave from B™> One of the 55 million who is traveling this week
13:58:04 <CraigC> so are we expecting grand at anytime?
13:58:20 <Katie 🐻🏈> Yup.
13:58:32 <Katie 🐻🏈> Possible Rift delay, but that is uncertain as well as debatable.
13:58:39 <CraigC> ok
13:59:17 <Katie 🐻🏈> We did have some probable Turbans
14:04:06 <DanS (working)> Craig, did you get a bike ride today before the weather changes?
14:05:38 <CraigC> DanS (working), hey Dan, how's it going? I haven't been on my bike for a couple of weeks.
14:06:39 <CraigC> tardy
14:09:55 <DanS (working)> CraigC, thought you might take a last opportunity before winter sets in...
14:10:24 <DanS (working)> Doing okay, just getting over a cold and some brochitis.
14:10:46 <CraigC> I should, but the drop in temps made me lose ambition
14:11:09 <Dave from B™> I struggle with the short days and long darkness
14:11:29 <CraigC> same, and getting old
14:12:00 <DanS (working)> Hear ya - need to get after some leaves before rain & snow
14:12:34 <CraigC> I mowed some leaves yesterday. Only made about 5 passes in my backyard and already filled my garbage bin
14:16:04 <Dave from B™> Have anyone seen anything resembling Turban lately?
14:16:42 <DanS (working)> like now?
14:18:10 <Dave from B™> steam direction maes it tough
14:19:16 <3> think Rift is still erupting
14:19:23 <3> :daisy:
14:19:25 <CraigC> :daisy:
14:22:15 <CraigC> tardy
14:40:36 <CraigC> :gt:
14:58:13 <Dave from B™> Time to go home and do some honey do's. Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I shall return on Friday.
14:58:56 <3> Bye Dave. Have a nice Thanksgiving.
15:00:16 <Dave from B™> Hopefully you get Grand before dark
15:23:08 <CraigC> :lion:
15:23:18 <CraigC> dang, the end of it
16:21:04 <DanS (working)> riverside
16:21:56 <DanS (working)> OF static
16:44:05 <platy> I havent posted any messages till now